Butcher Shop redux

The Butcher Shop with Covay & Shasky

Weeknights 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Catch The Butcher Shop each and every weeknight from 6-10pm with Ryan Covay and Joe Shasky.

Ryan Covay is a Bay Area native with nearly a decade working in sports radio in San Francisco.  His goals are simple: Have fun and tell the truth. Ryan doesn't mind if you have an opinion that differs from his, just make sure you bring some solid data to back up your stance! He firmly believes sports are for everyone and is supposed to be FUN!

He has extensive knowledge of the history of sports, a love for classic rock, Liverpool Football Club and a particular affinity for 90's Bay Area gansta rap. He loves his fiancée, his family and of course his beloved dog, Knuckles.

Joe Shasky is the embodiment of the Bay Area sports fan when he sits down in front of the microphone. A former butcher on Ocean Avenue in The City, and a proud native of the Excelsior neighborhood in San Francisco, Joe turned his passion into a career in sports talk radio. 

"Butch," a dedicated 49ers, Giants and Warriors fan, will never shy away of a strong take, and will fight to the death to defend it. His spirited, yet authentic rants about anything from the 49ers or Giants, to San Francisco's best burrito will quickly turn into an incensed frenzy — and is the reason many of his listeners coined him "the voice of the people."

Away from the studio, you can spot Shasky on a golf course with his father and grandpa, or along the sidelines, coaching his neighborhood's youth basketball team.