The “Grind” of the NBA Season

The Damon Bruce Show
March 22, 2017 - 2:42 pm


You know who could use a little rest? Here’s an answer sure to upset your boss … you.

You work hard, at least five days a week, at least eight hours a day. You measure your time in weeks, not minutes. Weeks of work. Months of it. In a row. Sure there’s an occasional mandatory holiday thrown in, but that’s by law. You work tirelessly on behalf of your family, or for your own survival. Oh, to measure a night of work in minutes, not hours, for multi-millions of dollars. I’d agree to be kicked in stomach for about 36 minutes, for around for $11 million a year, 82 nights a year. I’ll bet most of you would too.

I’m not a big hashtag-bro, but #GRIND, #OnThatGrind, #DoinWork applies to more regular Joe’s & Jane’s than it does current NBA thinking. 

Here’s what I presumed was the deal … (stay with me) … You, the pro athlete, team, coaches, trainers, the NBA as a body, get paid millions, and generate billions of dollars, to finely tune your teams for the season. We, the fans, the media, whomever, give you our time and attention, while thousands of fans pay through the nose to consume your product in person. Deal? Deal. Did I miss something? Where was the fork in the road? 

The NBA season didn’t just become a rugged endurance test. It’s supposed to be that way. It always has been that way. It’s supposed to test a team’s body & mind. Rolling into town, burdened by fatigue is part of the equation (one you signed and agreed to in the last CBA). So come on, get on the floor, and play the damn game (unless you’re hurt). It’s as simple as that. Roll LeBron’s, or Steph’s minutes back to 22 for the night, but give fans at least a few star-powered trips up the court. I’ll bet there were nights Ringo had sore wrists, but he went out and drummed his ass off anyway. It’s show biz. 

When was the last time a single-mother had access to first class amenities? Room service? VIP everything? A masseuse? A steam room, sauna, hot tub? (The holy trinity of relaxation) Thousand-thread count towels? A chartered plane? Maybe once, twice? On the honeymoon? That other one big vacation you splurged on? There’s no standing in “Boarding Class C” for NBA players. It’s bus, to tarmac, to “would you like a water before we take off?", to four-star hotel. It wasn’t that way in the past. Guys who stood 6-feet-11-inches would eat their own knees, flying coach, before checking into seedy motels. And they played 82 games, without ever even asking for a pillow. #GrindThat

The NBA regular season is a ton of work for those involved. And we appreciate it. Don’t believe us? A pair of court-side seats at Oracle for the next Warriors home game, will ding ya for over $6,000. Now that’s puttin’ in work. 82 or bust fellas. Consider it the bill for the price of fame. 

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