‘For real? you ready?’ — KD had a hilarious reaction to Steph’s proposal plans

Durant found out Curry was popping the question before Ayesha

Karl Buscheck
December 28, 2017 - 11:34 am

During a wide-ranging sit down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Stephen Curry revealed a funny anecdote from the early days of his NBA career when both he and Kevin Durant were teammates on the Team USA at the  2010 FIBA World Championships in Turkey.

As Curry explained, a group of Team USAers were eating dinner when he divulged to the table his big life plans...

Curry: “I just realized, in Turkey, you were like one of the first dudes I told I was about to propose. That’s a backstory that nobody knows, I’ll give you something right there. We were sitting at dinner, me and a couple other teammates…”

Durant: “Right at the dock, I remember that.”

Curry: “And we were talking about it. I was stressed out cause when I got back from Turkey I thought I was going to propose to my wife. And I told him at the table and he’s looking at me sideways like, ‘for real? you ready?’”

Durant: “We were young. We were 21! Go ahead, I’m gonna do my thing. Have some fun.”

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