Jack Del Rio says he's to blame for the Raiders struggles

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, joined Damon Bruce for their weekly conversation, and things got a little 'spicy'

Gianna Franco
November 20, 2017 - 5:21 pm

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio joined The Damon Bruce show for what turned out to be a 'spicy' conversation about their loss to the Patriots and their struggles so far this season. 

Damon began the interview with a simple “What went wrong?” Del Rio’s response, “We didn’t score enough.” This set the tone for what was a tense Del Rio, saying if anyone is to blame, it should be him.

Del Rio was also asked if he had any regrets about firing Bill Musgrave last season, and he said no, and wished Musgrave the best this week. Musgrave was promoted to offensive coordinator for the Broncos today after the firing of Mike McCoy. Raiders host the Broncos at the Coliseum on Sunday.

Listen to Damon’s full interview here:

Jack Del Rio

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, November 20th

Raiders head coach, Jack Del Rio, joins the Damon Bruce Show as Damon tries to make sense of the Raiders 4-6 start to the season and 33-8 loss in Mexico City. 


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Head coach Jack Del Rio brought to us by. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance just visit us at Geico dot com or call 1888947. Auto. And I Dolan is lumber doors and windows your green building experts visit Dolan lumber dot com. Raider head coach Jack Del Rio joins us once again here coach. Well wasn't exactly would anyone hoped for there are coming off a bye week you're held to eight points to buy the New England Patriots. What went wrong. I. There's no doubt about that what's is also. Going wrong week to week when he comes to preparing for opponents seems like the root that this offense just cannot find its feet did get a rhythm to. Well I think it feels that way. When yet when yeah you know we don't have some of the catches desolate drops that we had yesterday in the first step in particular. You know you'd it feels that way but that's a loaded would be actor I think we actually ran the ball. In particular the first well very well yesterday. Yeah you didn't have a going out on the early yesterday Marchand was running it well but. When you guys went down her lead you couldn't really keep going back to one minute just all sort of slipped away from you what's a little bit of a theme of this season. Going on that at the running game gets abandon and right now you guys are being betrayed in the in the passing game way too many drops is it. Is it and I think Derrick is doing differently. Well I would I would just say that you know if you just look at. The things that occurred. In there was an opportunity. Just before they have. To give it to get a scorpion type so despite the drops instead we have the first. I can't forget passed down and close that game to 147 a bad. And instead. They're able to get 860 yard field goal up and then scorecard that happened so. You know you're looking at about seventeen point sorting. You know and went from a potential fourteen to seven to 24 to nothing after that little flurry. And especially members claimed claimed really good football because we did those. Those things go last year several times we'd score a run gonna have come out scores first I don't have been doing exactly what New England did to us yesterday. Independent and backed the idea amend that statement bitty bit skewed exactly how you want to and that is that your idea that the way we work there it notes that figure exactly the type of flurry that does that we've looked to have him and then they. And and we took it yesterday. Are shown on the chin. A fine line between trying to make. An extra play and then losing protection of the ball and then what set Roberts he's talked only about it I mean I'd BBC news trying to stretch for. For more yardage even when you had the first down he's got to protect the ball they're coach. Yes no question does. Yeah we won't we actually address that during the week and you would talk about. You know the need practice well took. The play well and you know that was something that actually that bald losing your home and practice during the week it was a dressed in a very weak and you know almost like. Verification of you know don't don't wanna get an I told you so long long day but that's when they wanna look. What's going on with the job Todd downing is doing for you this year I mean it it's such a regression from last year's offense that. And I know everyone needs a chance to developing and get there their they're sea legs underneath them but here we are deep in the season and you just don't have it on offense like you did last year. What's going up. Well that's that your interpretation mean that's I understand all of Novak can be out there to prove prove to be thought of that way I think. I think good good good the reality of statistical. Evidence would be otherwise it's no end. And I understand the end of the day you wanna say look your score between points when you lost the game but I I and I know what. We don't know what we're doing now I know what we're capable logo and dom. I would just say good. You know what a guy in that position has to do his shoulder at move on. And got my position can't really explain it away but. I don't necessarily agree with. Who would who will be assumptions that are being made. You don't agree that you. Had these six ranked offense in the NFL an hour in the twenties. Well it could develop global cut could just picture look at that. Well you know there's there's game day production there scoreboards their standings in your own division I mean this is not the raiders that we saw last year. Not right. Let you do exactly right. You regret firing bill must grace. No I do not. The sack did you question no question about this week. I wish them the best you know rally. It is very much like a Hollywood script I mean Jiri is. Being promoted offensive coordinator. In the same time that you just happy to get the Broncos on your schedule wall it's pretty interest singled to review. Talk this week leading up to the gamer will be radio silence between the two are you leading up to the game. I would say I was its strong likelihood for. Also. Oaks and on. Our home team dream and our own issues in our own concerns in our own preparation. Let's talk a little bit about the defense which had another rough day you know OB malice on Wu obviously was thrust into the starting spot duty would a healthy body issue as much as any thing. It's kind of tough out there for him how do you make sure that young man doesn't lose confidence when he gets. When he gets a little roasted out there. Yeah I mean first person ever to be. It did happen in this league. And blow. These so it will bounce back in and and continue to work in developing. Will be a better player going forward. Jack Del Rio the Oakland Raiders who is your leader in that wide receiver room and is he doing his job this year or since as a receiving corps. The production is down from last year. Well look at me you know I'm not sure what kind of what kind of show you what I have today but you know I'm doing the best buy Canada. We want to talk about you know our football team and in the end it sound like you wanna try to pin it on or turn around somebody who I was offer up my own Beckham who want to know somebody display didn't go in general debate. I do appreciate that coach we're just trying to find a little understanding here because. You know it's just a week after week it sits the you know the wide receivers. Went from thousand yard guys to. Very little contribution I mean we're we're seeing and we're seen Jared Cook is your leading receiver so far this year and I just think these guys got too much talent. To take this big of a step backwards from one year to the next don't you know. No I wouldn't I wouldn't have so many good I think I think are also you get dropped the glove perform on Sundays and oh we didn't perform the way we want to yesterday. What kind of home field advantage should he get out there in Mexico City Aaron a lot of chanting for. Tom Brady they're town had to rubbed the wrong way out. Well we know was a road game. I think the crowd was actually you know pretty good you know loud bolt weighs a little bit like last year we felt like. You know like fruit of the music that we play. During the week to get ready we played a trucker they have be fair because we collect a crowd would be. All out all the time and that's really what I love so we're glad shutting last year. Less to lose a little more. Sure raider fans in attendance maybe 75% or so last year. This year was pulled sort of 5050 or 6040 or so. While that might be some dinner. Get used to I mean when the raiders gonna be on the road going to Las Vegas side I don't know how many home field advantages are going to be not every guy some serious. He's got he's been doing a great job we talk about staff changes we can talk about. The road from here you're hitting home runs than they've been doing relevant enough. Well I think you're doing pretty good job playing defense to coach because we're not getting really any real answers or her direction coming out about. Where this team is going you got a show coming up at home here out how's he gonna get better housing gonna get better would no margin. Of error left in this season. Yeah yeah well it gets better by actually put them work. And not by sitting around trying to figure out who to blame next console. The best the best thing that we can do is work towards getting better. People would abolish. Don't. Don't fall prey to be. You know to an avalanche of negativity that bit is that exists out there when you win people get their feelings hurt. Only react with. What character we need to react ash drawn men. And we need to look good to make sure that we all have to eventually do better and do it better and and put in the work to do so so to me is about continuing to believe continued to work. Is not about sitting around whining about what isn't or what wasn't or what should be it's more about putting in the work. Committing to it believing you care and going after it that's why I've been a part of this week for over 32 years because that's how I've always approached it. Always appreciate that you prime won't believe me if I tell you I wish you happy Thanksgiving right now coaches is. Most back and forth I think you and I've ever had wasn't meant to be that way. But I do wish you the best this Thanksgiving and I hope you guys can can turn it around with little time left in your season to do so. An awful lot more raider football needs to happen in the win column for this reason for the season away and in the playoffs thanks very much for joining us we know. Questions you Sendy Rleal happy Thanksgiving and there are a lot to be thankful for him dumb and so when when we get it turned around and we have on this those last six weeks and I'll tell you so much to be enjoyed the loose. You've got to thank you very much coach Jack Del Rio here on 957 the game.


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