Believe it or not, the Raiders still have life

Silver and black’s season on life support, but not over, after lopsided loss to Pats

Bonta Hill
November 19, 2017 - 5:38 pm

First of all, this will be one of the only "benefit of the doubt" pieces on the Oakland Raiders this week. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t lambast the offense, nor am I deterring you from ripping the mind-boggling blown coverages.

All I want is for you to do is take a deep breath, look at the AFC conference standings and realize one thing: the Raiders can still make the playoffs.

Yes, the Oakland Raiders can still make the postseason.

Still there?

For the four of you that are still reading this because you’re looking to drink up any positive bullcrap I’m spitting at you, thanks. Somebody has got to do it.

After being volunteered to go to Mexico City for the second consecutive season, the New England Patriots torched the Raiders, 33-8 at Estadio Azteca.

So you’re scratching your head at the idea of me claiming that a 4-6 football has a chance to make the playoffs. Well, mathematically, they do.

I mean, they’re two games behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West, who just lost to the New York Giants. Yes, those same Giants that lost to the C.J. Beathard-led San Francisco 49ers.

The Raiders are also one game behind the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills for the last playoff spot in the AFC. Although they lost to both of those squads, in today’s wacky NFL, a playoff berth is not totally insurmountable.

Even with blow coverages like this:

Hey DJ, cue up the Spanish broadcast and show me how the Raiders left a rookie safety in Obi Melifonwu on an island to get embarrassed by with Brandin Cooks:

Yeah, the defense is who we all thought they’d be: a unit showing up to a gun with plastic butter knives. Whether it’s injuries, inexperience or coaching, the fact is we all knew this defense was a weak link.

Altitude issues? Yes, the Raiders defense had those eight plays into the game. Check out Melifonwu sucking wind asking for a breather:

By the way, Raiders defense hasn’t come up with an interception since New Year's Day. That folks is a damn shame.

Up to this point, the performance of the offense has been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL.

The running game actually churned out some good yardage — 109 yards to be exact — but that’s because Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia basically let them. They dared to let the Raiders beat them elsewhere.

Well, the Raiders beat themselves with nonchalant ball-handling like this:

What would a Raiders loss be without a terrible play-call from rookie offensive coordinator Todd Downing? Well, guess what? The Raiders never seem to disappoint!

Great fourth-and-one call, huh? Predictable? Yeah, I’d say so.

However, the reality is after an ugly loss that saw Raiders’ receivers drop six passes, Tom Brady and the defending champs, the season still has some meaning to it. A record of 9-7 or 8-8 very likely will get you into the AFC playoffs.

If you’ve made it to this point in the article, I’m here to tell you, after a predictable loss to a superior team, the Raiders season is on life support, but baby, it isn’t officially dead.

Welcome to the 2017 NFL season, everybody.

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