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Steiny & Guru - Hour 2 - 6.14.19

Friday, June 14th
Steiny & Guru continues as the guys talk about the Warriors tough loss last night in the last game at Oracle. They break down the game and talk calls from...

Steiny & Guru - Hour 1 - 6.14.19

Friday, June 14th
Steiny & Guru kicks off today as the guys are talking about last night's heart breaking loss last night as the final game at Oracle didn't go out on a high...

Steiny & Guru - Hour 1 - 6.13.19

Thursday, June 13th
Steiny & Guru kicks off as the guys talk about Game 6 tonight in the NBA Finals and the final game ever at Oracle Arena. The guys talk about some of the...

Steiny & Guru - Hour 2 - 6.12.19

Wednesday, June 12th
Steiny & Guru continues as John Dickinson is in for Guru. The guys continue to talk about what they expect to see tomorrow night in Game 6. The guys also...

Steiny & Guru - Hour 1 - 6.12.19

Wednesday, June 12th
Steiny & Guru kicks off today as John Dickinson is filling in for Guru. The guys talk about tomorrows Game 6 of the NBA Finals as the Warriors have their...