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Hosted by Gianna Franco on 95.7 The Game

If you love sports, you love food! Food is now one of the highlights at every
ballpark, arena and stadium around the country. From little league games to
the majors, fans are expecting a new level of culinary delight when they
enjoy a sporting event.  The Sports Dish, hosted by Gianna
Franco, highlighs the best and most popular stories, dishes, and sports
celebrities that fans cheer for! So come dish with us!
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Raiders Punter Marquette King

Thursday, April 6th
Raiders Punter Marquette King joins host Gianna Franco and talks about his eating habits in preperation for the upcoming season.

Best Wines at the Ballpark

Friday, March 24th
Monique Soltani from Wine Oh TV joins Gianna Franco to dish about all the great food and wine options available at our local ballparks and stadiums.