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Raider Nation Live Hour 3

Wednesday, January 2nd
Former Raider John Parrella joins the program to discuss the future of the Raiders heading into the offseason.

Raider Nation Live Hour 2

Wednesday, January 2nd
Austin Gayle of Pro Football Focus joins the show to talk about the upcoming Raiders offseason and draft with Rick Tittle.

Rick Tittle & Ray Ratto Hour 3

Monday, December 31st
Rick and Ray continue as they talk about the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders as their season came to an end yesterday. They discuss possible draft...

Rick Tittle & Ray Ratto Hour 2

Monday, December 31st
Rick and Ray continue as they discuss the Dubs as they play in Phoenix tonight. They are joined by Editor-in-Chief of Hoops Habit and Phoenix Suns Lead...

Rick Tittle & Ray Ratto Hour 1

Monday, December 31st
Rick Tittle and Ray Ratto are together today and start off the show with talk about the Warriors as they get ready to take on the Suns in Phoenix tonight.They...