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Rick Tittle - Hour 1

Sunday, November 17th
Rick Tittle breaks down the Warriors rough start of the season and what the vibe is like around the team.

Rick Tittle - Jeff Deeney - Hour 3

Saturday, October 19th
Rick Tittle is joined by analyst at Pro Football Focus Jeff Deeney as they discuss if the 49ers are for real and what to expect from them this upcoming Sunday.

Rick Tittle - Russell Baxter - Hour 2

Saturday, October 19th
Rick Tittle is joined by co-founder of ProFootballGuru.com Russell Baxter as they discuss the evolution of the NFL over the past 100 years as well as the 49ers...

Rick Tittle - Grant Cohn - Hour 1

Saturday, October 19th
Rick Tittle is joined by Online Columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Grant Cohn as they discuss the 49ers hot start and if they can finish this season...