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DRK - Short Show

Tuesday, January 28th
DRK with a 90 minute excursion for you today! Michael Irvin joins the show as the guy spend the hour and 30 minutes talking Super Bowl Week!

DRK - Hour 4 - 1.27.20

Monday, January 27th
The final hour is dedicated to Kobe and the guys take calls as well! RIP TO THE BLACK MAMBA

DRK - Hour 2 - 1.27.20

Monday, January 27th
Hour 2 spent once again in honor of Kobe Bryant. Former Warrior Jason Richardson joins the show, Espn's Marc Spears also joins the show

DRK - Hour 3 - 1.27.20

Monday, January 27th
DRK spend hopur 3 talking to Jim Barnett about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant & the guys also take calls on Kobe

DRK - Hour 1 - 1.27.20

Monday, January 27th
This whole hour is dedicated to Kobe Bryant, as the rest of the show will be. This hour includes Mychal Thompson joining the show