Zaza Pachulia exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 12th
Zaza Pachulia exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade!

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And now the big man Zaza visually it joins is there touring now three for all the the Larry women. Well that's right place outside. All the soft soils and the department minutes or Detroit to mineral. Two to four in Cleveland. We've get through reviewing go to a in a hiatus and you know. Pull my wearing remorse for Maria and benefits if you machine. This removed him Ahmad a more diverse move ahead and throw your average observers agree warm you know we're entering. Thanks guys. Yeah yeah. Are your favorites for say enough and easy put do you root rot now last year was easy come off. There really isn't there wasn't news to us through the news. Which is meant to accuse you Rhode revert to our work. There are a lot of certain supplies slow us. Good days bit there Islam film. Probably have more often no less who have issued. But you know. To fool you got through to the terrorists who were chosen to view and you know and you know we are are known flying around in. Playing good defense dream next to. Running jumping right making shots. But how we got to report right I mean this is stuffed not on. Took these two students who do you know the older homework to know the truth and guys who were about six or more indoors in June. Pressure twice today to return subdued. So good to close to go out there in the room you know quite a news briefing you lose. You would do. Did you do fans. You know what they got it Teva the fellas as the warriors are selfless there's no I guys. So I'm like do you bring the physical presence but there are times when different players on the team their numbers not call. You don't ever see empower say they think to the media and they get number's called to give it's like you never miss to be. Tim let's take a stunned at how do you mentally stay prepared so when you're number's called. You go I mean who do you know that's that's true it's not a the kind of guys in the locker room where. Please stay ready to do you work your delay their vital support all for watching guys dorm who built their record. But you know we understand this is a team in your own re never call to warn each entry children. He's suits who stood ready word delusional physically and mentally because we know also wants her name is polo blue dog during a help to team too worn tradition so. We've we've. Was fighting your players for this moment for parade for. Popping bottles should go in the locker room if forward. Put her ring on you know so we numerous trophies so. Because it's it's informants who have become memento to go there and like this should be a good teammate and our current supreme overruled because. You know what Google's doing these Sugar Bowl experience you know who who who knows well how many municipal government against his daughter Dorian. Bonus points whose work. Literally remember stowed in the last four years and Bruno warriors walk through two infants and so to execute. And this shows the character of the giants earlier from the true. Let's bring your teammates colonies and in here us. I mean let let others rushed it and how.