"You Can Go Your Own Way" Greg Papa's initial thoughts on the Las Vegas Raiders

The voice of the Oakland Raiders, Greg Papa, shares his initial thoughts after the news came down that the Raiders will relocate to Las Vegas. 

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The autumn wind is arranged. Early June just for fun. Upside down and laugh. What he's conquered that one. Try to find. A solution that we can all be proud of and all the forward. In a way that was very positive for both readers and European community. Unfortunately. As you know we didn't get that are memorable disappointed. We're particularly disappointed for the fans of the Oakland Raiders in Oakland that this is something that I know. We'll be seeing with a great deal to support him by them we understand that. And we work just tirelessly as hard as we could try to find the solution and we just couldn't effect on. Right in the nation. I'll do it baby name was still oil bandwidth to support regardless if not all of the month on the record. It's about the team beyond you you're gonna get. Mom and hopefully hopefully it. I part. Fourth of look what it. He's got the person who. While the other rumors reality that sunk in on December 1976. Lindsay but in hand not to vagaries in the next. He can go your own way and after 22 years the raiders were born and Oakland in 1960 played for 22 years left for thirteen. And they played the last 42 of these day and we are not as unity is going to be actually authored a phenomena 24 and Tony fit that. I think we have to change the name of the show today not today from the afternoon delight because there's nothing delightful. About this afternoon welcome Greg Papa Vontae Taylor and 95 point seven game. And we knew this day was coming. And we noted for a long time. That. And the inevitable. News comes down. That they are going to be the Las Vegas traders and probably. The very latest 20/20 which would be the sixtieth anniversary of the AFL. And the 100 anniversary. Of the NFL. It is just difficult it is a difficult day forty spay or our hearts are broken. For this community. When the raiders moved back here in 1995. It changed my life. Supposed to go to work for hardware that first year record were cut contract eland. Jo Myers had for company years and I did come back in her come to the raiders are now. In 1997. And so it's just change everything and obviously with them coming back but there was never a sense that they were here. For the long haul and and I honestly we will get into all the ramifications of this. What they do in 2018. They do and one in nineteen. I do you honestly believe that this is a move that Al Davis would have done. I've been critical of mark. In a couple of instances reconnect reaching out to my chain of Munich coach generators bringing. Marcus Allen in delight Al davis' torch. Was difficult. But I I do believe. That Al Davis would have made this move today he loved Las Vegas he went to Vegas a lot of summertime so off seasons and a the statue on my desk from July the fourth 2004. Loyalty. Passion. Friends now and Carolyn Davis it was July the fourth 2004 a 75. Birthday party was in Vegas Las Vegas. I remember going down to Las Vegas during one. Baseball all star break with my family and I actually thought either way they could move somewhere equal distance between Oakland Vegas and LA and putter right now middle of the triangle never thinking. That the NFL would allow teams to move to Las Vegas they never even allowed their game officials to step foot in Vegas without written permission of an emergency. Of some kind and now you're a player actual football games there I think there's going to be great momentum to put a Super Bowl there whenever. Number we get to but. The Vegas angled just kind of came out of no where we didn't think it would really happen so quickly especially in the NFL in the NHL the two commissioners in the most opposed. To this but today is about and we'll get into the Vegas angle. In the coming days. But today is about Oakland and its about. This football team being ripped away again every 22 years it happens. Seemingly. And just walking through that tunnel I know the Oakland coliseum the Oakland Alameda county coliseum is Howard it's a record out seasonal dump. But it's been the raiders dump and the open days down and I do think the age being there. And and I I really blame this in large part on three people Jean Quan a former mayor of Oakland Lew Wolff. Who is just not agreeable it would the raiders communicated with him for a long time about what to do years. Now to be kind and say he would constantly send them nonsensical emails that it knows how to work it out. It was kind of squatting thing you know curiously there just in other and staying in Oakland and being here for the long haul after there were going to San Jose for. A long long time and have Floyd Gephardt and his travesty of wasting a couple of years there was a momentum. Market bottom of this team I know he is doing it. Today that he did not and I remember being called in August and July the all star break of 2013. Marketing called me mr. in the baseball star break in Italy and vacation sick and come back a couple of days early wanna meet. And see a meeting in the raider facility in Alameda. In the auditorium where sales and so many legendary press conferences after fires players. Coaches who were the team they still have audits at all squad meeting they have and an auditorium and market gains and have Mark Davis brought in. Mayor's top city officials from all around the Bay Area I mean there were 3540. Men and women there. Angie Klein was sitting right in the front row day. We needed have any idea I left very skeptical you're not canceling this year you're light about a half a Baylor maybe three quarters of a bill. But there was such energy to keep the raiders in Oakland we want to stay here you want us to stay here utterly work. And it just never it never materialized now the case being their I think Wednesday an impediment. And Carson deal. Came up and then I remember. Well was Atlanta right Iraq a year ago at this time when they had that vote Houston march attic of the 2016. There was great revelation here in the Bay Area that the raiders are gonna stay they didn't get the Carson of it that well. That does that mean they're gonna stay in Oakland. That just means they're not going on LA for now in a play out that they go they are a year or two. But there was no reason to be in a celebratory mood here in the space at the officials data. I think they circuit in a list of politics and deal making in the acting president of the United States all Utley every agent. Now it's about making a deal with people. And I think there was a deal that he made but the city of Oakland officials seize that moment when the Carson vote went against them and the chargers went to the rams. To see the leverage now. Andy they issued to mark spoke about a Mark Davis spoke about it today at the press conference at Phoenix about a five page letter and how they try to extort the raiders and raise the rent. And there was a point I knew there was a point where all things Oakland were off the table and we found that out today. Win that point was and it was actually earlier. This skepticism really began to race to a level where they just enacted this done just enough and maybe they should dot. To allocate these kind of dollars when. Open each other resources financially I understand but there was a point that they moved on writing the Carson deal. What's in play all current policy was out of the sun Friday about Cheney said. You know there was a point there were marks still could open shall could've gotten back in the game and they just never did so for the mayor Friday to come up with this letters and you know her a little better there PR. Journey over the weekend just laughable I'm not gonna blame her she she got into it late. I think she could have been a little more proactive and not so much re active but it's Jean Quan. It is Lew Wolff is Floyd Gephardt that that put us in this situation now we are gonna be joined by Scott they're coming up in moments it was in Phoenix. As the Biltmore Hotel this vote went down 31. To wonder relocate the raiders the irony is Al Davis abstained so many. League votes it would be 32. Nothing but one at 31 and nothing and one abstention. And at the jail and it was Stephen Ross is in new owners surprised me even reading his comments over the weekend the order of the Miami Dolphins just at a a problem. With this as well. But I do want to speak to the to the raider nation has got there's gonna to ask them about that later on maybe at. Well maybe now they which offered at any point to a SP two to Oakland. And then the raider nation. And I notice is hard this is really hard it's hard for all of us and I think those moments. Coming out of that tunnel and it's a crappy walkway from the raider locker room down a that terrible walkway down yet to go through the a's clubhouse to get out of the playing field it's terrible the players have to walk about a a hundred yards is not as bad as the temporary deal they built in Mexico City that was actually better. Once you come through that tunnel. And it's interesting because the opponents come from the other side and the visiting clubhouse at the open days and the raiders come through their their their tunnel. Once you come through that tunnel and you walked out of that playing field. There is no then you like it in currently in American sports that he Yankee Stadium was like definitely part. Is like that but Edwards baseball it's kind of nice and very critical of friendly game of baseball a long row. When you walk through that tunnel. And Yankee Stadium and the same feel. A Boston Garden at the same field. It was just your walk in and three hours hail this is not it is the easy generators cutting back in Oakland in 95 they've only had four. Better than 500 season since they've been back in 22 game years for. The three in the early two thousands when they won the AFC west 20020012002. In this past year. So what has a bandit daunting home field advantage it should be. But it's still can be and I think this this the way this is gonna play out and I know it's hard. They are leaning. We know that in 220. They're gonna be the Las Vegas traders and it's gonna be really difficult. For those of us that are built that are built their lives and live your life here in the span many here for more than thirty years so I know your pain. But I think now this season goes 2017. Will determine. Where there's a state in 20:18 and I am reaching out to leave the ship in Oakland that you would deal for the raiders to stay inch one in nineteen. Because the reality is for those of you old enough to remember. The raiders moved. In 1982. And they flew back in sports they still. Trained here Indy Spain flute out today 82 year was an elegant and there was a strike years well. That was really a difficult year. But I can't imagine. What it was like to live in Oakland. In the early eighties when they moved down to LA and they won the Super Bowl there. Their last Super Bowl after the 83 year Super Bowl eighteen was as the Los Angeles. Raiders. So I know it's painful. But I don't think this story of the Oakland Raiders has done to be told here. Let's make it 25 years year not 22 since they'll bottom back in 95 and let's let's see if this franchise can win. A fourth Super Bowl here and I think it's very very possible. To win it here in Oakland if they can turn the black hole of the black pit. That it is bandit throughout its history when the place open in 1966 the irony is we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the day. When the stadium opened against the Kansas City Chiefs back in 66 at home game. Earlier this year. So I know it's painful and they are gonna be gone. But they're not going to be that far away it's a very short plane full flight in January in January or in the country can get to Las Vegas. Without a but that changed planes that's just the way Vegas rolls. And so I I really want I would like to see the football team and I think mark mark spoke so well on a lot of issues today and one thing that he said. His dad would've loved it I agree with that. And don't blame the players and don't blame the coaches blame me and he will he addresses a point coming out. But. I really feel as though you have to make this a celebration generators in their history for 1718. And encouraged. The politicos in Oakland and and the raiders themselves to make a deal to stay in nineteen because it is a matter say it's likely. But it's quite possible. That they win their fourth super bubble here in the next three years in Munich your a lot of pain today in March 27 to get the news by a vote at 31 to one that. It's not a football score thirty want to watch what the hell's that. Automate the 28 to force something your twenties that something more football palatable than that. But it didn't go that way but in any event. I think yeah after a see how the reaction is and others going to be a lot of venom. There are a lot of anger and hopefully it will dissipate. As spring turns to summer and summer terms the fall generators Rebecca and on the field because the autumn wind. Is generator that I know this is really hard. At this moment but I I'm just hoping that they can play 1718. In nineteen right where they are inside the political before they leave. Published take some calls fans wanna hear from us for you especially since you've been. Part of careers for so long here let's go to rob in San Jose. Rob bureau with pop and Vontae here on our price over the game's going are up. They're really appreciating got some pretty really disappointing when that whole cart with a. Basra the loss rob let's let's go let's be disappointed disappointed as India. Is a woefully ineffective or did devastated crushed. And our uses and I am speaking Andy and if for east bay. For the raider organization though I mean they're gonna pop champagne. This is a quest they were trying to get to. For years to have scatter revenue stream and to generate in Las Vegas for they can compete. With pat Boland and that stadium here in Denver. India what everybody else knowing Lennon Bob Kraft I mean if you're gonna compete with a revenue stream and I don't you wanna make it out to be all the money comes from network TV that's not true they get a lot of money. From network TV that a lot of that plays the pace the players' salaries. The vibrancy of the franchise is what you generate locally. And that's why you pay your coaching staff and the raiders historically at the lowest paid coaches forever and ever. A lot of it was they just did not have the revenue history generators were dead last in the league it was. That's Cincinnati. And the raiders were at the bottom and I think the raiders have fallen to dead last so I know you're disappointed. And we dollar in the east favorite from the raider perspective the raider franchise I know that they are celebrating today. Rather our market is she soon as press conference he. In offering what I hear that he you wanna be you wonder stating he wanted to stay in Oakland skews means loss for word should because I'm not even a rigorous tramp pop and fill some type away about as a fill a feel free east bay fans are becoming a raiders. A lot the past two seasons at CNET team rise to relevance again and be in Iran opened faithful there's no fan base like that an NFL pop is just. It's what you wanna get out of out of football game is the perfect atmosphere. You know what I've always felt I always felt the raider nation was stronger when we left Oakland and I know that circus and it's it's unfair to say. Because Oakland's got great fans that there are in the team was really crappy. And I first came here in 97 jovial host team never game against Jacksonville the rain defeat the bald Timmy brown to get them over a hundred. Catches that year and it was dreary and they would get 45000. A mortar no matter how bad they are but it wasn't. Just sometimes you felt like the the real passion is there real fanatical. Raider nation. I wasn't here at all that it was too for some people that may be other reality as you moved to LA for an 82 through 94. In a 49ers become Natalie the best team in the NFL with the best team in American sport. During that decade they want a super bully at fifteen straight years. Where they won ten or more games in a lot of the raiders nation left and I think honestly. They never could recover from leaving for her for those thirteen years they went to Los Angeles. The the marketplace shifted and it became a forty niner. Town it became a site town here it's in the whole Bay Area series of towns and municipalities and I think after that. It was never the same iron ever America and back after the raiders played super ball 37 in San Diego they lost they got hammered. But there were 30000. People there for the pre season opener 03 and I turn to Bruce Allen said what that balances. Audit states. In a lot of it was the animosity between now even NN. Now I have forever Oakland and always you know bringing up the LA but it just. I honestly think that leaving for thirteen years made it really. Difficult to come home again and really be home forever they came home temporarily for 22 years and now it's got to hope it's 25 years. You know Pablo so fast forward to the season here ran a lot of expectations for this rigorous income went up in 2017. Theory get off to a slow start act howls why I went back last night and I watched the NFL let network the Cleveland Browns won a football life from Cleveland Browns when they had that last season Cleveland. And it got off to a hot start in on a sudden our Modell announces to move to Baltimore. Images got ugly the browns tanked. And then you saw fans their last game repeat seats up the stadium in what's solo career so my question to you is. What the readers get off to a cold start how do you see these scenes. This is this is this is not Cleveland and we all due respect to the dog pound this is not Cleveland. You know this is a different fan base. They they have a a favorite fan base there but it's completely it's nothing like they have an open even at the old mistake by the lake. Plea inadmissible stadium in the new place. And it opens different and I think the open fans. Are different and I I made this point this morning I was on the morning show. What what city. Is saying their team. Lead twice. Not once but twice there have been franchises that have moved multiple times the the rams started in Cleveland. In his thirties and forties then went to LA went to saint that was came back to LA. The old Rochester royals. Moved Forte actually we're from Rochester Cincinnati to Kansas City Omaha and and ultimately to Sacramento. So they've you know they've moved often but. As far as my research goes in the four major American sports no city has lost the same team twice. So this is difficult but I think the fact that they lost the raiders the first time after the 81 year and they moved down to LA. And they want they want a Super Bowl in LA the second year they Wear their hair. Which had to be really painful. So I just think that it's it's a little different situation. In its knack of terrible to all the other franchises have lost their teams Cleveland. They they think they're a great football town and they are but they're not on the level of the biblical. And their raider nation and the love affair when a Cleveland Browns travel. They don't get the fan base at the raiders can't. Hey it's the Pittsburgh Steelers it's the Green Bay Packers it's become the New England Patriots this year. It's the Dallas Cowboys the last several years but New England it's not the Cleveland Browns so I understand what you're doing and trying to research this and live. Twenty years ago we're living here in the news here now. And the raider fans that yes span desensitized. To this whole deal. And I think their whole different fan base.