Will Reeve Jr

Rick Tittle
Sunday, August 6th

Managing editor of RaidersWire of USA Today SMG joins Rick Tittle to talk about all the position battles at Raiders Training Camp.


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Thank you very much yes you have another hour together area talk a little foot Molly Aron has camps are underway and we are in your home of Oakland raider football there are 957 again yes they are still though generators. And we'll be covering them like a glove like we always do and someone else who does that. Is will Reeve junior managing editor of the raiders wire USA today. And John. You know I'm thinking about the rather than Donald pan holdout. And I know Mike's well over Mike sold retreated today that he had spoken at hand and he remains dug in and he said that he wanted a new deal. A year ago I have very little sympathy for someone that puts a name on a contract and then changes their mind but I do think he is going to get paid. What do you think. Well be the team has the ultimate position of leverage right now Rick and indeed they can find out. 40000 dollars to eight at the report. Outrage beacon you need it very clear that he wants to report first that they will negotiate aggregate the heat get state. I might think that he's keeping the raiders of that year's this career 34 years old. This is probably going to be his last year with the Oakland on the attracted to young talented apple looks like they're preparing for the future already. That he they got a cheap can't that they eat literally out human of the best years in his career. So I understand you know he wants to make sure that whether this is last year read it yet to left. That he get paid court because the level of play I get. But I they're there at the other site at where you know when you contract. You know you inside jacket like you and I were by the contract. Only actual network more right now okay eagle eagle eagle he would negotiate edited out pocket guy Cutler ridge really want or anything is a dirty. Familiar app still familial atmosphere Rattner mayor now. And down I'd speak out once they actually sit down and speak he will it work. I can understand and looking at tackles who are inferior to him that that make more and and I'll yes it does look to his right and it's the two highest paid. Guards in the league it's the highest paid sinner in the league and I understand his frustration. But on the other hand I also think you need to be a man. And you need to I'll stick with your with with your contract that that's just me but I do think also that. At some point he's gonna give pat I have and I think that can thinks that he has the leverage here because they don't really have anybody else on the they wanna start. David Sharpe there I don't think they wanna put Denver Kirk Leonard Chauncey. Briggs and there are move Marshall Newhouse over there are so I guess this is just see who'll blink first time. Well it had been that you out Ian Alexander actually at let bright apple respectively. And now. Yeah that's not the company's legal in your five negate all your quarterback. You out didn't you hit it very well spoken. Worked very hard keep it like a beat them with 146 years in me that I can't let apple Easter they cannot be duplicate let they're are back there. You're asking for trouble especially if he Lackey got Miller and it hit the city she's a Mac way and needed it shipped and then. You look at the chargers. And the wind might it be in one of the best at not a POP3 the National Football League with eager among both got to protect quarterback. Yeah. I do understand. Alexander look pretty they're right that would be altered you do out. Is it that simple work issues you're there at a terrible. Com but we consistently see and back at back up back to back please CC rookie entered a beat even art and and ultimately right here on injured the highest patent your life and you look really good rookie on the potential line I'll cut deeply in the hole doubtful or what will end with him get paid him more money. They get that. Alternately okay India's peaking at well they capped it they can make it happen. Armed but we are or at least right now we're currently work eager to come in these negotiations or street you know extend all bridge and we're kinda weak he. Yeah I'm not of the dollar Alexander guy at this point hopefully he can we get better about think he's a part man's Malick Watson a metal like Watson was atrocious it was a swinging gate. So Woolsey on that keep our fingers crossed fertility will reach. Not eight. It certainly paid by virtue of being on not that high at the break up in the line not because it does play a lot of that is I completely agree. Yeah I know DJ Hayden got paid I don't know what people are thinking. And they don't think just one assign somebody new and say here's some money for you it doesn't matter that your lousy. Well let's talk about the the DBs because we know Conley is not gonna get suspended by Cadel because he said whatever you did you were a a block guy at the time. But a word we sit now because unfortunately this is hanging over our heads I know that Reggie said he did his due diligence but he didn't because he never. Talked to the young lady who made the accusations. Carrying Conley can still go to jail. So when is he gonna have his moment in court Ers settle are the charges dropped do you have any idea what's going on. Well that was that that it is actually exit to create your consideration for chargers. The Turkish writer but this past week yet they bit on. That would be sustainable life so injury that dot. Com. So it now the stable when it comes to crime like that does that a little that are legal research because it was up like this portable Heil at. Twenty years well when it comes to kidnapping or sort of sexual assault at a crime to make K so although we don't right now that. In due diligence that breaking it Weber not he spoke with. That young people look at the buyer for very well to locate or feature in general. Or dot com Egypt that like Eckert at that the greater decided. Not to indict Turkey is so like is believed to seek your comp you rather that later I don't we get a piece that it. And the more information Serbs is about it will certainly be interesting to hear what the story actually that legal will calm. The circus that at some point as well you. Yeah I don't blend the young lady for being hard to reach so what you're saying is. If it was gonna happen it would happen now but. For the next twenty years that's the statute of limitations that the state might actually come after him if they find some evidence that is not available at this time. Now because they beat Roddick for a great jury decided not to indict him on charges that that shipment Asian but actually be much shorter. Local beyond that. The original statue limitations for the picnic. Nick Cage for shark like that is twenty years. OK I hate courts I hate lawyers I hate all that so let's let's move on I'm I'm ignorant anyway. How close are we from Sean Smith becoming the ball boy at this point. Open up a little surprised. Paper that three forestry is. The other week. That he'll record got bombed you know what score out there and you know and I finally I ask what the readers traders trait that I know it was cute and they're greatly Lejeune and and that is the way that we're at right now they released fuel like that that you want young core defensive back hospital bought on the defensive backs. Got gotten. Footage just watching that general. During news you know that what. How how cheater correction it there instinctive ball skill and play makers. A bucket ticket Salome the audience seventh round at ease or it picked up his ball you'll think evident. I'm sleeping with OB like he he's been somewhat limited Ian on the field for every victory at practice what I saw him. There are some work begun airplay on the raw skill you got it absolutely battered boat out there wouldn't eat at your secondary. So there's a lot of old you know I don't how Chris few an undrafted free agent look. Really early on city at 8% and TJ carry it in chop it rep on the first team. But it's. After younger annie's but what happens is shorter so at least the audit would be defensive back we built like W could work out I'll be outside so. You know I think it politically that is gonna be able that's that's where you're going to be an. Archer. If he's and that being relegated to double oh wait that would not surprise. If we see in new continent all wars that we shall hunt them down on some packages. And maybe get a pipe in public because he's got trouble Pete Seeger is not that younger. Yeah he's he's you know he's so big and I just hope that he gets back the way it was with the chiefs when the act. Raiders brought America more questions for our will Reeve junior managing -- raiders wire on USA today ritual with a nine if I seven game. You mentioned show along the Lawny the rookie out of laws zoo who's already I think 23 years old he's a mature guy for. A rookie and I think like you know Reggie likes that. The prospect I mean these projects Jack Crawford and and and Watson both those guys are born in England and I know Lawny was a soccer player for American some mullah. But it's funny when he was draft that I looked at the film. He looked pretty good so you think that might be a little gem there in the seventh round. He's got I think he's gonna make a roster planes specialty but you know the year because of the nature Opel has in a decent people get beat up. Is it lightly I'll feel that the unit three at geeky at the Unix. It you know it is indeed this year when he got an opportunity you had to get that feeling player played really hard and very competent. Very nice guy that you eat eat eat a plate. And that's exactly or Reggie McKenzie saw him we drafted him of high value you know a high ceiling guy. Eight a lot spend you know what's to get them is already pitcher got their work very hard of people of relief that him Hume. On an eight people released surprise as well rial borders to let your car spoke well. I don't second gear is well to it brilliant beacon continues to impress that undrafted picks are undrafted tight he definitely optics for sure. I am right now mortars as the starting Sloc corner and you know I'm all for I'm all for a GM that lets the best people play we know that. You know Reggie made trades for. Guys like Matt Flynn then and match job in between those two they made one start so I like the fact that he'll change his mind if guys. Are playing well wanna ask you about the receivers and it's a two part question. I'll look KJ brand last year loved his size but Andrei homes kind of like the tall guy he's like the tall guy now but I thought it was between him and Johnny Holden. And speeds gonna win that combo I think it's probably still between those two but I wondered also about Seth Robertson went all the drops he had last year. And that Paterson can also go on the slaughter as well so where to we said. With brand holds in Paterson and Roberts. Brent got the add them all agree on scene all the crowd couple on hole. I see rent and income and let out girl. Shot of the little original part you know laid out it was a legitimate it and see pat on the on the ball or saw Ian. Track and other people all day at a cut catchy that you can eat that it bought it. And hold hold up yet worked really hard to get to where that he's got a lot of speed I don't know. Where are like in New England Patriots released CNET reader line up and running their slot receiver or at least what's underneath routes. You know that that not release howls built scraper and often I don't believe that Al outlook run offense. Up from what I've seen entry can't four. So I think they got without higher real relief to lightly at sea and KG Brent again at a like like alternate route because Ian good side. A little thin you know will be at eight years ago or put it bought all evening on the ball but it with a big victory they bought. Goodspeed in. You know I think that they'll keep your cool with that player right L from what I've seen it it would be credible. You know you mentioned that downing he takes over as the we'll of them only one talk about sorry Seth rob says south Roberts makes the team ranked. He doesn't get cut. Until I believe edict that you were secretly Paterson. Our slot receiver preacher. All right Mary get got in the their give obvious somebody said that they Mikey cat eye I found a little hard to believe. Bomb chart moving along to let Todd Downey mention new offensive coordinator of course quarterback coach last year and the raiders had a fantastic offense by it. I thought they were held back a little bit. Why musgrave and these prosaic calls of fades hitches and screens which to me are kind of defeatist calls or calls you make when you don't have a very good quarterback. And the raiders do coveted quarterback so are we still gonna have to suffer through those hitches and screens and fades basically 50% of every plan. No I haven't seen a lot of that he's seen a lot more 17 on seven and eleven on the web girls. Brutally down field a little bit. Any or a bad out in the truck as quarterback would the world why it was due on new and play your hate him you're you're in your car at. And he's proven what each group and ease off. Lee not Smart enough to that process it that it may wreck that you can make every row and she'll tell all let off platform will now. Com you're treat you so far it looks real legal. Is it your all you know when you're that athletic. You don't use it too much but he did pretty good but his career at. That this year are really you laugh at it a lot screamed out. Are a lot at they'll opt out flat on the tree can't thus far until plot of the world lot of red zone from twenty art and public I didn't I had so a lot. Eight rout Percy I've seen that scene at eight rout. That didn't practice all want to debate that the Atkins meeting one. Car that route and he also. I do believe you let them that it's going to be. You know that you have so much talent on the opposite the line in public calendar back you'll now everybody. Life would be a lock to get sharp our shop which I'll take place. Edit it at op at the likely level of the ticket last year you know they should be able to run up right but but but at this in the being the adult and back there. On and I think that their life. We see the defensive line you know. Be a little bit stronger in the opposite won the last couple days but. There there's been caught his effort to work on the run game out summit site as well is that they see. A gift for dial they bought them wiggle out with a little better strategy for the play calling that the open Heatley network certainly he practiced out there. All right very well what we do know that the main problem with the raiders was the defense still on the bottom third in hemorrhage a lot of yards last year they brought and had gone out to look over Ken Norton's shoulder will see that how that works out but. Want to ask you about to Lawny Jenkins who is brought in from Miami. To play the will and I know we had a knee injury last years of the kind of thought they got him on the cheap Bakken. In March that I haven't been to camp since last weekend and I hear that is it trial Adams he's not actually starting right now what's going on a Jenkins. They're the epic at spiral out of that radiate out there they did what vote lead. With the change in arc LB with the ones now for the most part so that gives you an idea what the coaching staff. I'll think about the linebackers right now they really want those young guys that can be the second your got a lot of speed. Yet he's got a lot of raw deal street explosive athlete mark LTV guide me. With the first keynote about you know and I think that that's the exact with a linebacker. That beverage can eject Al real wants I will be but that's what they're hoping you can beat are starting in them. On the NE pretty rotated Jake and and keep you guys fresh out you know out there not been a lot JaJuan you like the ones right now. Up and even though not mark LT literally route investment outlook. Corey Gaines last year but how much he likes those players is credited area so they're gonna have to showed up you're the creepy and building but still believe. It it leaned against Blake you know they'd they'd shown all year but in camp and the pre season. But it can happen make one more that a lot back get back. And in beat trusting mark healthy or eating a big deal really laps increase the bike and got it. You gotta get better out there I'm not sure that it is or not beyond that you really haven't teed up. Jack Cory James I thought shed many times and he just plain can't tackle saw I had that fills me with a fear to know that he's starting right now mark L Lee. You mentioned sons are guns out I saw him at rookie mini can't be he's. He's definitely passes the eyeball test would love to see him now become a steel where they got him. Out of wake. But what do what is the deal and Perry Riley junior arena when they've got come on I'd I'd Tuesday and have started on a Sunday. Is it just a financial thing or did they get sour on him while all what apple apparently junior. Some. That good question and Ella and a lot of that at bat recollection a mediocre. People that you know we're in the panel and in the situation and mystery you know he'd carry played well. Keeping your veteran linebacker he certainly become millionaire and he understands that will be able to step in and help would be that you would think theoretically. But it got something out there that we don't know because. He didn't play poorly. It worked great against Iran but he does what that there was into dropping into coverage linebacker and what you really he got the urge your linebackers and the eight well. So there's there's definitely something else they're 8081. Is play against it up Nady didn't out you know the circus out certain level. I have an attitude that mix and yet no real work eat pork but they're trying to return to greatness it is very very clear on the ground there that the big relief. They have a different air the disputed and yelled baby be at the but ask are the the theater information on that it is much to the mystery immediately you. Me ask you Lamar questioned we're speaking of course of the well re junior from raiders are USA today that the raiders brought in Ned Jarrett could act in the tied the game at two year deal. That you played really well the playoffs for this one season with with Green Bay I think like you know they like Lee they'll likely Samantha as far as blocking. They still like Wofford even though he had a couple of drops out is cooked fit in with the downing offense. He looked really good though Clark you'd either run everything from which it is. That is that route out it deeper out and I had caught. I'll call eligible all ground that he should cut. And galactic is not paying attention in the are working to get her car at an eight year you know if they're very. I'll blocks that communicate what where perky. When he electorate part of the break. And woodworking ought to come out sharp you that your doctor. Cancel that communication. And then the next rep it was a slow walker look at Q and he used so what you're right he's set trouble drop what you. Is an athletic guy we know that he's a big guy on every bit at all a little bit thicker than your book. It he can and EE book prop he looked really good. What route that he lays thus far in training camp I had I that he will be at the eighties. Three rout. That you release at least it. But you know that's the key is very well respected. It took a pay cut for the team everything and acted as they'd be well. Before I let you go anybody or maybe an unsung kid an undrafted kid anybody staking out that maybe a raise an eyebrow or two for him. I've you know everybody talking about pre I'll borders is that he has latched on now but there's one more quarterback. It. The raiders and keep it on the ticket preakness so art in his. My guys out there right now. Chris Hughes a draft free at picking up a roster that simply cannot. All right great stuff from well reed junior fall on Twitter at will read junior managing hatter of the raiders wire USA today. Well thank you timing your insights we'll see epic camp. I.