Will Colin Kaepernick make an NFL roster?

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, March 28th
According to a ProFootballTalk report, Colin Kaepernick wants a chance to start & a $9-10 million contract, but Papa & Bonta wonder if he will even be signed as a backup.

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And does that Malcolm Smith for your guys really had to play that highlight. So it's I predict like what about this every yard touchdown runner once again discredit my brain around my expense of 49 and you have project is currently unemployed. Doctor Smith or just a by product that was Richard Sherman tip and that ball. My mediocre. How dare you treasuries mediocre service a sources are either report today. That Khaled can't predict is as for nine to ten million dollars per year. Now later and that that report has been ripped apart is being completely false but the the purposes of the discussion we talked about this all last year we talked about throughout his time. Would somewhat employ him as a starting. Quarterback or. Where they bring him to training camp with the possibility of competing. To be the starting quarterback so that's when you hit the nine to ten million dollar mark you're saying. I wanna be a starter. And starters make even more than that that would be you know on the low side for starting quarterback you'd probably have to build in incentives for him to get up a little higher if these are starting quarterback so. As far as the salary. Will work it out later. But let's go around the NFL. And tell me which franchise would even call him and say will bringing in with a chance. To compete. To be a starter enamel structure a deal if you are the starting you'll be pay. No no way Atlanta no no Baltimore no. Buffalo I think they would because it Tyrod Taylor. But those fans in Western New York now this is where the black balling in the protest for the Marion comes into play so buffalo know he got booed in his first start this year as a matter when he went to buffalo right from buffalo talked about it when he went there is not gonna go well equipped for him. Carolina Panthers I think you could make a football argument to bring him man. And run some of the stuff that Cam Newton runs and journalistically they are similar. And I just had its world could rotator cuff surgery so they say he's gonna be ready for training camp but what if he's not. He's gonna let their stadium is just off the the bypass of the Billy Graham parkway hello. So negative bring him he's now probably not enough today south Chicago Bears just gave Mike Glenn and a lot of sporty they're really they're starter like my plan offering him that much but I like. No Cincinnati Bengals and you have the right to red headed right red rifle no. Cleveland. Browns. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Cleveland or the New York Jets also only it was like Italy Cleveland there that don't have to do it now right if you're always so much she loved kaput caps not the same cap that was coming out of a re now. University in Havana and now if they make a play for your drop below I think there'd be analyzed they may pick a quarterback each well look. They can do a lot of things there are so in any event I should say Cleveland's in May be right you know Dallas tale now. Denver held though Detroit home for invading the starting quarterback and there aren't you discount double check and I know can't predict Houston Texans. You would think if they don't get Tony Romo and Jerry Jones plays hard ball and holds amount shall June 1 economy. To spread the captain John Romo goes to CBS and TV right but I I don't see he's not he's not capable of running bill O'Brien talked about so lastly I would are the Indianapolis Colts thank you are a lot of finger fixed for now Jacksonville. Arrogant portals the dialogue and I'm a fan and others they are reworking his mechanics now he's. Wait too long and receive a quarterback alive repeat his drive on the ball Obama takes his left and off the ball. It takes so long to pull that right hand back he's like Byron Leftwich. A lot like jeopardy he needs to tighten up his mechanics so. But I don't think there in a position to do that I think they got a right morals not one more time hello Tom Coughlin has said. It's got to compete for our 55. Kansas City Chiefs now brought that up or changed it's that you know Michael Vick reclamation project that he could not run the complexity of Andy Reid's offense but are you telling me. In our quarterback room we're gonna reunite Alex Smith. And invalid character. Is in July and white cap predictably is better quarterback Alex you're you're you're Alex really English predict K a lot of illegals and I do not what he gets the better quarterback the verdict is better quarterback Alex Witt really separate assist counties where we're not going to throw who like Smith is not winning a playoff games and it was a great what is it what's his won loss record since he went because if they had some cocaine schedules are now looking at those ball handling his footwork you Harold and I that's just ridiculous that's are people as the start of fall down the field as superficial. Conservative. I doubt but they're not gonna bring him in this after Bernard LL ELA rams. You could make an argument to get rid of golf again and like Tim coming out either. I don't think they're ready to do that. The LA chargers is that weird to say the bigger guys that are idled and rivers relies on Miami's that's and a hail Minnesota's got to. New England's got to New Orleans has Brees New York Giants Eli New York Jets may be. But it finally got a birdie at cap predict a starting job or gonna offer of one to Jay Cutler. I know you don't like Jacob Lebanese army is way better I would like you don't like Jay Cutler is a back up here Oakland makes a lot of since the guy he's like a good ticket I can just about EJ Manuel could outlaw bags back he's a bad back up he did study as a starter are your numbers back up he would never studied. He's got a he's got a great arm. But he's got bad body language and he is that studied as you prepare but he would be way if I'm the jets I bring Amanda. They just signed Josh McCown rightly so there's millions just because obviously bring Cutler let them play together. Obviously raiders know Philly no Pittsburgh no Seattle needs a back up what happened and it Boykin got popped we're very. Whom we wasn't just the reason there's a lot of things a lot of things with the starter but The Who leaked to various -- -- to recall him again and Nicole will be done with a spouse how about that cavity back Adam Russell Wilson I'm doing an excellent job now OK okay commercials I could see that if you want your team that's a back up Jeff as a backup job jazz have back back up the niners you could start for the nuggets are for an hour is what it also baca from Murray yelled in Tennessee because they run some addressing some of the same principles and he has Helio for the anthem via grilled ushering I'd go hard on ourselves going through this exercise washing. To hell no. I mean from a football standpoint you could say Tennessee. Buffalo Carolina but I think because of what he did in the fall cover time magazine letting his hair out love that fro. Yet do so are really what what but we take everything out we Cleveland. In northeast Ohio. Analyst at recess the New York Jets possibly Kazan your shifts its so it is far as. Just get them on the horn and say what lexicon to camp and you could compete for more not gonna guarantee and saying. Your base is going to be low we could touch you he could go home. He could be or third you could be or back up we'll structure deal if you do win the job and you are the number one will pay deal in the vicinity of nine to ten. Because that's that's low whenever probably structure we could make 1213 fourteen to Max if you play great to meet all these and sent residents are unlikely to reach that. We'll make it so you think you can reach of so I think this is where we at now that the middle class has been shrunk. In a word I could give you a starting job and I'm not gonna make that so he's waiting out. To be a starter like Adrian Peterson bright like Marshawn Lynch Diaz likely Angela Williams we Garrett Garrett blondes. So ease is selling you read this report that he's to me what he's saying here is gonna started mislead or are alive to hold the clipboard is gonna end all service. You know come to camp in turn it up but I mean a lot of these teams are gonna say no no no no no. And only a couple would say may be. Now if you comic compete will be the Asia so I think this resentment.