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Gianna Franco and Lorenzo Neal talk with Paul Recktenwald of The Mission Dolores Academy about their amazing school and upcomig fundraiser, "A Night on the Town." Find out more at /mdasf.org/anightonthetown


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Welcome to the podcast I'm Gianfranco along with my partner in crime today none other than the Renton Neil I'm AG on that he'll show me excited about our first one and I would support to the I didn't feel I am to you and everybody is a list need is gonna learn about a really great school here mission Jewelers academy. But the whole vibe of this podcast is to brain. A positive spin on what's happening in our community and about making this world a better price wise X and let's dive in and week whose efforts are right our first guest is Paul wrecked and while he is the director of mission Jewelers academy. Aren't real. Or. Did so first of all tell us a little bit about the school and where it's looking at. National academies is located. Extort additional portion silica. The school as a product to schools merging in 2011. Primarily based initiatives to help you know resource to have a high capacity kids in the area. I have a pretty diverse group here 260. Years so kids. About a 40% Latino a 22%. Of American about to preserve Asian Filipino. And the balance primarily multi ethnic. 00 it's him so it sounds pretty interesting which route to winning sound like versions school news. Let's go back about twenty years ago so ICG camel from finance world to cover up. I just like this is like salt and pepper did you get this thing such. It did make that date transferred in what was some of the reasons you thought process to to you know to switch partners. I'm met that now probably near to the time. I've spent twenty years and finance and enjoyed the competition quite a bit I was. Very fortunate in my career to have some tremendous mentor reserves tremendous and we unit to help me along. I am and it was time to do something that would mean meaningful. So I was so filled with hubris that not sure bottles old school and do everything wrapped airport but I doubt into the classroom in the south pars and just apps would love that span the rest of their series has been mr. So so you took this concept you know you're in new working in the you know give you travel to San Francisco so you felt as it. There was a Q I know there's a huge need in New York as well throughout the US a throughout the world speak cranked frankly you've had a why San Francisco. And gently moved out here we've moved out 2009. And I it was a very fortunate to have some plans former. Industry who introduced me to. I was not good for academy at that point in time. I'm OK I just wanted to help and mixing you know lime. Teaching math and not on the assistant principal and I had a brief hiatus await to help open school in Richmond California. That the kids here are just so full of joy and energy and as an artist Erin went public announcement to come back to India have a school. As fuel consumed by about it's very difficult signal accommodate him and what about the kids it was back portraits vision program. And pike your students go on to do very well the school is K through eight but of course you prepare them to. Excel and even get academic and athletic scholarships at summit the best schools in the Bay Area. I am dips perfectly stated. An and I went over the last six years. In all of steady progression but we're averaging around 90% marketed. Graduating and going on to. About our schools in the area. You name it we have to have a place where. We're able wonderful network of donors and people who helps support kids not just from here but into our school. I looked about academically socially as most fiscally. Well then there's a lot goes into this in this whole thought process and to make Schwartz systemic sustainable. Adam's background small community more California Fresno thereto and where you know it. We're different TDs and things are high in this into product or capital probably the most in California I don't know if you knew that. But how do you go through an Indian look at these young women young and kids men and young girls and young boys. In Faris you know it's just stats are also of kids don't have the proper meals when they're coming from certain so certain backgrounds they don't eat right too right nutrition. They sometimes and tend to struggle in school. Is there something that you guys have errors or something in place where you're able to feed these young boys and young girls to make sure that we give them the best opportunity succeed. Yes we have because of first Baptist to address that we open up at 7 AM and we are here to 6 PM. To transport the working families are sentence of stow in the Bay Area. We provide the actress for everyone and we do. Practiced in the pre produced what program were about based on the information we have about it sort of our. Kim was qualified to suffer through reduced lunch. I am in addition. Oh in. It's great to talk about things from holistic SharePoint. But we really Parse a lot of data we've followed from the academic side we need design this spoke lessons to meet kids or her individual learning needs. And don't pick our classrooms do appear to be large we have average in my high twenty per classroom. We do a teacher at an associate every thing in our blended learning model. Curriculum has done online. Allows us to do quite a bit if not recorders are structured there's a small group. That's for in Phnom our product it our I. Mean it it very cool. It can instantly when you look at you know with. With these young kids in trying to make sure that now and long left behind. You know like kids with their. They leave their house and for whatever reason when they come home where they're at school that's when we get the majority of education you know and an example developed 25 but when they're young you know between three to five channels things attained. Are you guys making sure that when these kids leave if they come from a family with a mom and dad may be Madison Lichter. You don't have those type of work ethics parts helping their kids be able sustaining me would keep up caddie Amy Chua cute left behind and at what some things that you guys have in place for that. There there's quite a bit I am first thought from years. Back it was just had predicted into the butter our school's little worked up from barracks that's so we. Really do a lot of bigger analysis to find the right schools for kids. I'm not a Crawford and that's and that's socially. As well personally. I'm so we've spent a lot of time working with multiple partners and our schools. There and we just have an environment here work at a bit of parliament to back to visit. Are part of bit. So we we can track map there point I'm also looked at pebble support we do have committees who track where kids go remember particularly about to college. And you do focus a lot on fund raising efforts because that is really how you keep to school Colleen and it provide all these one of opportunities for these kids. Tell us a little bit about what the money goes to you and some of the events you guys have. So we have to primer event of the year we. Development and of them fourth and out on the town which is out again. Event. I mean it is designed to order a different crowd who connect about during the day. That means hundreds or it is election that we have every year. Basically what the monies used for is. To put simply we spent about 111000 dollars per child and we take cared about less than 15 of that integration. So they're go to to have these these are programs that we have a quarterback to your teacher and associate every class term. And the possibility of there being teaming. Our technological advantage you served 21 chrome books. I admit their counterpart terms of turn to read money to do that. And it's just a moral imperative that we. We just don't think it's fair that. The appointees schools out there that have budgets ten times buying. But Barry. Said I'm pretty comfortable in particular about against anyone. As a parent you know like I have a three year old an 8 am I'm at that point remic OK he's gonna go to school very soon and I think it's appealing when you have a school like this where it's. Integrated its multi culture there's a lot of diversity and also you guys two great job of trying to give as many resources as possible. Like the technology and I Anderson you guys also have a brand new gym. That was helped with that help with help to bildt's with the fundraising. We can have a talk about what her pretty important to tore school as well civic community here virgin has agreed on which are tremendous benefactor who came men men and help us what that. Yeah maybe it's great to see people who have been living in the Michigan people who have been dropped coming to this school our mission Delores school at the time. In Europe before he even fifty years ago come back and two were around there just blown away at what they have what's going on it could be the physical plant how wonderful record books. Paula if you had a wishlists and you were going to start with the U. Yeah six. It's building block to make sure that society we live and it's not going to continue to hit down the slippery slope what is someone building blocks that you see. You know beanie being at a school with so much diversity that you would say god if I had I wish I could do this this will be a better place. Oh boy got that perhaps I can talk about I suffer a couple of hours. Apparently the root and default value I will it could talk about that for a couple hours. From the what do we want to do is to use separate treatment where. Our kids feel that it's okay. To fail it's okay to take risk. We need to seven environment here. Have the right quality of future. Would get complacent apartment with the kids learn but respects. Unfortunately somebody's markets have substituted a larger typical things outside of school. He tried to stay perfect in the moment well in school. Outside of that. And we continue to what is. To just continue to provide the access for these kids that are quite honestly they they would necessarily have the opportunity to get into any school like this or could be given to some art about art school here. And currently don't know where he can guard every newspaper. Sentences goes getting more and more expensive. I am in it is it is an parents who just worked with regard to the ball the ones were being squeezed artists here. That's kind of daughter answered your question but. I really fuels probably disband. Just a an inordinate amount of time just trying to back compartment where kids feel comfortable. And when they feel comfortable they feel that they can make mistakes they feel the debate Wednesday. They feel that they can. And it's natural great advice pop wreck and while it director mr. Diller's academe joins us I'm Jeff Finkel on clearance O'Neal. But it's a really could differ we let you go you guys have an upcoming event a great American these kinds so excited to get to and CD event. That's on November 4 I manage and mitigate the reds to come out maybe hang out with me but I you've got Peggy that's which is they treat you began to Tom Petty. And then also shot Ryan will be a pinup of the show to tell out of there by everyone out to come support this amazing school right here in San Francisco. Please come on out in our publishing it appeared just a tremendous amount of fund. I've shot ragged boot with this event laughter he was flat out entertaining and hilarious. I'm excited to see them days it and I got a great crowd it's going to be great army and I can guarantee you interpret talks. No question no question Paula personally. I'm Lauren don't know when I tell you it's been treat it has been an honor the words of encouragement in just what you're doing keep being great it's awesome which you don't. I can't thank you guys are not thank you very much from time. Yet they are coming on public talked tees are back. I thought. So losing a seat here are some wonderful things happen out there in our community and I honestly I didn't know about the school until a friend of mine. Damon was going to be the MC but he had a prior conflicts so he's like can he do this for me as it absolutely. And I met one of the people on the board of directors named Sara and she'd just the passion and love they put into these kids there it was on board a 100% yeah. It's absolutely amazing do you and they couldn't ask for a better MC and really believe what you want to bring to the table is you know what your background you've been in super model I. San Diego you know you. You had to do go to things pressures as a pageant when you're doing certain things you've seen so many different obstacles and things to optical threw it in just as a young teen and young adult. And I think that these young people need to Cecil and it's. In the community that's when a great dream job in radio and also off at ought not to Israeli over just in the community in general salt and it's great pitcher and go out there and a and really deviancy so excited he got to material to get like yeah can we got until forced to tell us off with Joseph got forced. I guess I'm just I've got out front I I I'll have to I'll tap your brain for urgent as I'm sure you've done it's a million times it. It's just. Have a passion after our community and wanna see with these kids and their future and where they done. It was like when your little anything's possible terror you know whether it's silly you know you just have to have the right tools the right people and get them out there and help. These kids 68 and I think it's what mission source academy is doing and it's huge not great no question people need to come out to de mission Dolores that's going to be pretty impossible event special which you do that in CNN. He's here you'll you'll you know you're you're hearing appalled at things that he was talking about just his. Transition from the finance world to. You know to school into helping kids and helping young people become better people in society. Is their individual person you can remember any young gates that. Kinda had a sphere of influence in your life teaching on the economy helped you and your development. Yes I had a teacher a high schoolteacher miss a Sobel and she is also my coach for my album public speaking into the class and things like that plan. And she and I mean I feel a lot first because I was very shy to speak in front of people and publicly. And little and but I would have passionately to be a broadcaster I kind of I'll get over that. And she just she pushed me to push me and she helped me and she taught me that. And it goes right axle Paul said you are gonna fail you are gonna have those moments where it didn't work out as planned which you can get right back up again and when IA first tried out to be missed Childress sent an amateurish and in a second runner up. And win and I hate dots myself OK so exactly things that mr. Sobel is talking about in high school and I went back tears later what mr. Ellison went on to list when the San Diego represent Polk County California so for me. In my world in my perspective that meant a lot to me it was a huge achievement for myself so. There's teachers if I was doing what I did now I would be teacher. Like the teachers make such a difference to our youth and we need to sports schools we need support teachers. And they do for pennies. They didn't they release there either of them do you're absolutely right and you think about that one and kids in school from eight to three and meaning that you go home from. We don't you know took four from four to six or eight your wits only four hours. In your your dangerously consult the majority of the art art or you know it's been more times around the teachers so. And I think that's what Paul was alluding to it's so imperative to grab the right teachers to grab the right mentors the right coaches and great people that are going to. In power not just entitled but in power and they can help them to be able to grow in that way so. I'm honored to now be 21 show it to him excited by the stomach only when we got an X what's next for us it's our first podcasts I'm excited about it. I mean it's we put our goalie to sleepiness. Atlantic emailing habits but it's letting the best of. And I will look accurate to everyone listening you know a few hacking of a great organization or community or person is making a difference we'd love to have them on the show. And you and I just absolutely focus on that we got to come up with a name so helpless with that as a well let let yeah ran it taking this is avert a very good starts the event is November 4 grade American music can't come support mr. Diller's academy and support our podcast is there a number that anyone can call I let website hockey final will put on 957 game. I 957 game haven't on the social and click here to get tickets in all information sounds great so I it's. It's so we'll do against it down.