Warriors Wrapup 4-14-18

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, April 14th

Chris Townsend, Matt Steinmetz, Daryl Johnson, and John Dickinson recapped Warriors vs Spurs in Game 1 on Warriors Wrapup.


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He was over. Warriors wrap. The game. That's right and his cyber warriors wrap up here at oracle from the Crown Royal club after the Golden State Warriors. Absolutely. Dis mantle. The San Antonio Spurs have warriors wrapped up his presented by our low. Smart home security Crist out of Matt's time it's terribly good route jobs in the final 113. In 92 guys. I'm gonna say yes we feel this site on our FaceBook live look forward and not tonight. This mean look like a fight that we hyped up. We've seen a lot of these fights we we try build up the matchup. And then once he starts in the fight. You realize one fighter has no chance against the other fighter and that's what I saw tonight that old state warriors were superior to San Antonio San Antonio does the athletic. They look old. I don't get three games left at least three games left but right now this article they worries out today to the San Antonio Spurs. Italian no. Not saying I predicted everything accurately. Put. There was nothing really surprising that I saw on this game with the exception of Iguodala get the start Qaeda out of nowhere. What. On the one hand you're right I don't see how the spurs. Can beat the warriors in a four game series on the other hand. I've been around long enough to know the game one doesn't necessarily tell when tiger story of what's gonna happen. In in a playoff series but if you close your eyes and try to imagine how that's how the spurs win this series it's hard to imagine I. I don't really know I don't think they can score enough. I don't think they're athletic enough. And they just don't have. The talent the warriors do period. 113 nine B two is not indicative of what we do is watch this was this a lack in this is why predicted for. Games this week. And from those from the job. The warriors defense suffocated. What's left of the San Antonio Spurs office I mean who out there for the spurs to create the role shot. The warriors put it down and it's not the county I believe they sent a message. They're not playing. And about that move. We talked so much Joseph it's Quinn cookies starting he's starting if for coach carded just. Go to Andre Iguodala I loved every minute of it in saved the rookie from being put the a big spot to where he can get over went. That never strip the late night 579570. That's triple late I'm 5795. Saturday. Warriors wrap up presented by our laws our own security so if you're leaving the arena. You're still on the party line haven't you on your way home or you didn't count the game you're just listening here. On 957 we wanna hear from you Tripoli not 57. 9570. And I look at that move. Where we talk about it it was it was out as we after we got down to show. We got word about hundred dollar starting a nicer thing about it without starting and I went well you know I. Normally and we start watch the game a new Ross sit next to you and I said. If they had an athletic defender. I would challenge him. As he's bringing in the ball the floor especially by half court that they don't have any athletes so you can get away with this move we could call it good move. But you get away with this movie Kaz. Who would make a check out Patty Mills and I agree athlete. Murray is is a long defender but he's a superior athlete the edit superior athlete. To contest on aggregate Alec has let's face it early there was some sloppy play by the warriors past the ball but this. Erskine take advantage of now. Well. The warriors a lot of times. Don't really need a traditional point guard they just need somebody could bring the ball up the court and make their first pass. And it was liquid solid tonight at least at the start of the game but. County if they get into trouble with pressure. And all of a sudden Iguodala can't bring it up org struggles to bring it up. I mean that's kind of the beauty of the warriors direct could in theory bring it up to remind green could in theory bring it up like Thompson's initiate the offense. Every once in awhile. So. The notion of stark new Iguodala. It death that was the one thing that called me a little bit by surprise simply because he's been starting Quinn cook the whole. And the regular season and it seemed like it was. It was a low stakes type the series. So that you could start Quinn cook in game one. If he showed that he didn't have it. Well he's still got plenty games are played series left but I guess what we saw tonight was Steve currencies. He's in his playoff coaching mentality. Where. He's got to play with dollar because it with dolls one of his top five players and I mean the guy who was obviously the odd man out tonight woods. With nick young and Nash does opera Trulia I mean he just. He. Young was garbage time Pachulia was not playing at all so. I think the Kurds already started to pared things down even though which is game one of the post season. The goals they worries about thirteen and one in the first and first round game since 2000. And fourteenth 2015 season. We talked about the last ten teams have won in BA title of opened up their first round with a win yes it's just one. But you want to get out to a good start and really for the Golden State Warriors and we ought to hear from you Tripoli not 579570. That's triple A 9579570. To you'd just field that are. You know some people are panic mode. Some people weren't but it was feeling great the way this season and it your last seventeen you know seventeen and it just watching the team Canada get back to who they are just got to give real. When holes sire early. Could you solace panic and currently up thought it was going to be you know warrior players standing around watching the great Kevin Durant. And you look at the field goal attempts nobody had more than seventeen shots so you gotta come in Kevin Durant for involvement the rest of the guys. But I think it had a lot to do with the opponent and the warriors again I give him what he would. A perfect score in remark to go now it's match him in inferior opponent off. I think if there was heated this game and it's tough to say there's one key when you win by twenty points. But I thought JaVale McKee release set a tone. Defensively. He hand. Do you can take what they've away from a market soldier terminal markets orders the reason he's a darn good players could could face up and make an eighteen footer. And that he can post up but still score some points down low. Well when JaVale McGee was in the game. His back to the basket game was ineffectual. Couldn't score in the low post on JaVale McGee. Now he got a couple of face up jumpers but if you can take one of those two things away from LaMarcus ball LaMarcus Aldridge. I think you're off to a good start already because he's their number one scorer to take AFC's offensive game away like Mickey. I did during the short stretches that he really give yourself a big advantage. And looked. LaMarcus Aldridge and how console are not athletic and they are not athletic players they're skilled but they're not athletic. And I've seen the warriors do this for years now to big men who are either. Past their prime or who don't have enough skill. They don't hurt the warriors and I'm not talk so much about Aldridge are talking about. Palca soul I don't know if he can play in this series and he's just he just looks like he's a glacier out there. He can finish inside when he gets spoon fed. But I don't know that powder souls going to be able to be a positive for the San Antonio Spurs in this series. Well Daryl and I watched a game together we are look at your like watching him move up and down the floor really not watching him. Really be able to move all that much. It's just they have quite a few players that are so long in the tooth. You guys talked about it in the pre pre show about how you know with the warriors and some of their veteran players and you start looking at the match. In house thank you you got a lot of mid thirties guys out there you start to wonder. How much is some of these guys have left to their careers and I looked at one guy and I went wipe out assault did not move well at all. The console wasn't good Tony Parker wasn't good to know we was OK you know what you're gonna get for Ginobili that's for sure the other thing is I think we saw. So Greg Popovich plague Rudy Gay probably more than he wants to start the second half but he's got to play Rudy Gay because Rudy Gay. Scores a little bit and they don't have enough scorers and they just don't have enough scores if you if you look at. The games the warriors have played against the spurs would've been scored 92 they scored 92 today they scored 89. They scored hydrated I mean they don't the kids go off against the wars it's really that simple at a file intelligence company and from three. The spurs would have shot 41%. To the lawyers 45%. I was at all know we got a ball game but that's not where the game was one to me. You look at the rebounding. I mean the spurs had thirty rebounds to the warriors 51. And to me that's because athletically. The big hits for San Antonio it takes a year form to jump in regard to all Riddick assault. And the warriors just like crickets. And never. One time in this game did I think San Antonio even though they started fast the second half. They have a chance to win this ball game the warriors crushed them on the boards AAA. Not 57 ID 570 S Tripoli 95795. Cent he had 51 at thirty no question about that and I mean. LaMarcus Aldridge he talked about all this year was a different year for him and how good it was you this year when he averaged. Tony three point army came out today at fourteen. Four had fourteen. Rudy gap the bench was fifteen points usually score as we talk about the pregame we're number one scores Aldridge is second best Rudy Gay. That just doesn't add up to one up. To take down the Golden State warrior. They're gonna have trouble finding its score in the series and one way you can score when you're not a good offensive team is the pound the offensive playoffs. They had three offensive rebounds spurs tonight 02 chance point that you think about that perspective. Not one time that the spurs missed yet their own rebound follow it up not want to. Like that can't win like that especially when you play when you're shooting 40%. And you get no offensive rebounds. I like the other team advance into action and I know we talked about quietly and I'll put him arrests less to say he does come back it looks that way. It's not what can pop but it's nothing went on to meet you Bob Monday it would confident they're not this is old. And that's why it was so well passionate about. This being a four game swing I don't know that it's going to be a sweep it that the spurs are very good at home they won like 32 or 33 games at home. There are really a lot of adjustments to be made it just gonna have to try to win a game at home when they get when they get home but you're right I don't see. I don't see a lot changed in this series they see the spurs get more competitive then San Antonio. That's about it I mean. I don't think it's going to be quite as easy. As that I was entered the rest of the series but oil think it's going to be a nail biter either. Yes you just gotta think that this is all going to be about. What effort you're gonna get from the Golden State Warriors nine nine out and it's something that we've been doing it all season long tonight you got a fantastic. At least effort from Golden State. If you get the effort to aero. I just don't see now. It's not easy anti about San Antonio fart they stink on the road they're really get announced but if the warriors Q used effort in the next three games. I just put the babies but the keys to sleep it's over. If study makes good points about you know the lawyers being on the road. But when it's not about the opponent in their steals that it is just about the lawyers you you know hang it in the air. Played in that building and this things done because that's all they took me really got to look forward to because nobody on in the spurs' uniform scares them. Yet AAA at 579570. Wanna hear you're cancer it's Tripoli not 5795. Cent meals sets early. Just locate that that that's my basketball team that looks more like my basketball team wanna hear from me at triple 895795. Sanity. And Matt in that's the thing it's like. This is where you want to see when we heard so much about. Meaningless games now as its name from means that in the pre game is okay now we're talking about meaningful games. Kinda get the edge back static Nat kinda get that I had the tiger that we're we're. I wanna see them get back to especially in a series like this get back to you know what. Were better than them were gonna come out working man handled it about Clemens say it flat out. C'mon kicked rats I wanna see it for the next three games pitched you are so. It. I think we'll see it on Monday I think it's harder to do when you're up to vote just because. Human nature news. Is built the kind of let down a little bit less. Well we always see is when a team goes up too well and assuming the word go 20. Game threes always and don't fight it just always is because it's almost the last gasp of the of the team that's down too low so. I do expect things to get more competitive. In San Antonio but I also think that over the course of the game the warriors. Will basically establish themselves as a better team and I don't I don't see the spurs being able to keep keep up with a 44. Quarters. It is always odd. Basketball. This early as we're so used to being 730 is still lots of fans here at the act Crown Royal cup. Round royal club always fun to watch people few Beers you heard regularly here we are now it's only 314 and I. There pocket and here's bill. It's just so you know normally work we're doing that shout at like 11 o'clock aidid does so it seemed to do it at 3 o'clock at the numbers triple like I my 795 Saturday. It's not hear from you the fans brought to you by. Nation's giant hamburgers keep it real. Make it nations Jeane in Oakland lead us off here on warriors wrap. Ballot. Pick my call again. Though I got this upper about the great coaching but first of all I any sound like you're finding becoming available in. The and I think one yeah. No game at me I'll. And that particular. Night anyway good to. I. I. Love the way current coach this game by my main concern going and what I know. Throwing. When caught in that. Fire negating or a lot of them aren't. Eight dollar and board did admit it yet I think I know that current said that. Ebitda for the fans agree and I think EO but it'd kind of leave the young fellow in game because it could be shot put. A little time. Built little awestruck. But it he'll he'll be fine I went again and that starting lineup but they really trick. I mean that there's no doubt about it that there're couple signs in this game. What is that that Nick Young yank it applies unless it's garbage time at least unless the wars get into some kind of trouble where he. He thinks he can go to women and China kinda changed the complexion of a game the other thing is he's not going to be afraid it's it's odds off for a whole game. And you know the thing about Mickey's game tonight is good as it was. We may have to get. It used to maybe not see him he at all in a game that Kirk thinks Pachulia is better. Suited I don't I don't know that's gonna happen. But clearly. Clearly. Kirk saw that he added advantage when Mickey was in the game and it's probably because. San Antonio's bigs are that athletic. So Pachulia and might not play a lot in this game in this seers and Nick Young I mean to me that's a sign. Nick young's been committed in the second quarter of every game all season long. Every game he's given the younger chance. That I needed put nick in Nick Young until till the game was over. I think that that's something to read into all so. Jordan bill was part of that group to bid to get off the bid to tool. Think Conn add a hand. But to take about the delicate they just rolled in here last Saturday McGee you would think would get to play atomic gets a big like Anthony Davis we didn't see him. Coach Kerr he's played chess not checkers the fact that he started he would dollar and all the wanna be coaches me included new mood be Quinn cook. I think that set the tone in the gay Monterey. Just the keys to the right to to to bring that intensity and they suffocated San Antonio to me in the first quarter. Well JaVale Mickey had a season high fifteen points four boards to block shots. And you look at something out I guess he gets say we don't see a whole heck of a lot the warriors dominating the points in the paint. Yeah 34 to 22 I mean that's something you would think about usually with a warrior team up against the spurs you think about. The warriors being a public completely out shoot them from the three point line to where San Antonio made 922. Golden State made. Ten at a 2.2 really the difference and what made this game a blowout was the. Points in the paint. Yeah and and the efficiency of both teams I mean you look at plays eleven for thirteen to five for six from three minutes it's a big time game to rent. Exceptionally efficient. Night for seventeen for 24. On the sometimes you don't have to look. Too far in two warriors shoot 54. Spur shoot forty spurs don't rebound spurs don't win the turnover game by enough. Below allow it just added up salute to the EZ warrior win and they they were never really challenged in this game. Tripoli not 57 collapsed leaving oracle who looked like an absolute bananas today and his warrior Alfie joins us here. On 957. I love look like a been there and I don't do what I'd like brighten my adult life I. All I want to. I'll get that out that I guarantee you'd never be shot. Aren't I hot I optical hiding in in Amazon jungle near that the country. I don't. Know about it. Though. And the one hour a day. I got over it. There are a little a little more output. Why can't say. I want. 0% worried about what was gonna happen in the playoffs because I wouldn't. Worried that a lot about what. It is in the play. The had been playing for a while the one thing that stood out. It is car wasn't coaching at all during not appear it's you occur today he put up on the sidelines. He was coaching. That the message. When you saw the starting lineup out there with it would dollar mark in the port. They do not care about don't want all they're trying to avoid any other injuries to actors. Going into the playoffs because once you've got off or you're being paid your big war. One period. Only. If it is this year what went Arctic. Wore out of the gate we were. Of what if he during the regular season at an actual. So although it. They were trying out all want based on a second and you know while I don't people say what about on fears that there. I'd rather them not try. Pretend 1517. Days and it get. For that we got today and the rest of the playoffs could. Import most important. It's six team in that you get to the regular season. Thought about what Arafat today I love the fact that people were beginning to eat crow because everybody that was up there talking about it. That they can switch product which was an optimal. I collect Ayala to hang up connect with and my answer why right around and really you know I love you collide. Com the flip the switch in game one against an inferior opponent on their home floor. All right this is game one. I'm not say the spurs are gonna win the series are you hoping to be able to challenge the warriors. Bought. If the warriors had beaten a quality opponent. Playoff opponent tonight I wouldn't say what they just flip the switch is who knows what's gonna happen in the next fifteen games where the next fifteen games they have to win. It's a great sign there's absolutely no doubt about it. But. The playoffs or are almost two months law and OK they flipped the switch on well now stale. Gotta stay on for much better have. There have a lot of lot of age and that ball is what I'm trying to say county. I just. I don't look I understand booklet work let's count on from I just don't like it I because to me. Know you hate I and I hated it I just has to mean that's if you're telling me any basic because I don't agree. I know where where he's coming from for a fan's standpoint that work. Which we're all professionals. Any fear tell me you're coming into a professional game where your gay okay. And here this here is not. You're not going after it I mean that's just that's a lack of professionalism. And I don't think any player that warriors locker room. Los be called unprofessional. I get real little broadcast on Acheson of the Grammy icon to do my job and Steve Kerr got cotton that lets be honest with Steve Kerr came on after that game and really laid end on Kevin Durant did like it. So it would mean we weren't given after what you mean we don't air here you start same people don't care you start taking a shot people's professionalism. Yeah. The Tony. Use the comparison to you I mean. Yes you're gonna do your show but that doesn't and you you might even mean well but that doesn't mean sometimes you won't have a good show. Even though you wanted it to be acute shell you know I mean yes you come to work and you're ready to go but. Sometimes it's just not there sometimes. You don't have a even if you have the best. And that's where for slot never had a bad show but for but not. The reality is yes not every show is as good. But I goalie and trying to have a great Shia. I don't it's called professionalism. I don't I understand it these are human beings and you're not always gonna have your best effort that to me times on our Airways. I hear people say. They didn't care they don't try I don't agree with that at that to me is so ridiculous that's what pisses me a lot to me is a if there's not a player in there Q magical and it had to go into one of these guys on. You really don't care disrespectful that would beat these guys. No doubt about. And an ultra that's too hard of it's too harsh of an assessment. It's way way more nuanced than that it's hard to be wound up over game in the regular season that. Doesn't have any implications doesn't mean they don't care it just means. It's harder. To care as much as you normally do that's the way I look at that night we saw our team in the care. We saw a team he cared about the gets unfair like to lead is probably a lot more VM. The lawyers all they ball out today and we have to be in the home and I think it's unfair for anybody to bring up. The end of the season because today the bill was wrong and they took. Eddie's geyser hey. All these guys San Antonio Spurs everybody else even the bad teams not deal robot you're the only human beings and these units came out. And got it done today 113 the 92 to take a one nothing leading Klay Thompson did something pretty special. Only one other warriors Don we'll talk about that and take your phone calls at triple late night 579570. Right year. On the warriors post game show warriors wrap up one not 57 game. Just wanted to put our best defensive line up on the floor from the beginning I think the whole point. Of these games here early in this series is to reestablish our defense you guys know over the last month or so hard defense is. Sub par so you can't win honestly classless and and they defended tonight. You listening to warriors wrapped box on ninety five's. Warriors wrapped up here from or golden Crown Royal club of course rod do you buy our low Smart home security are taking your phone calls it Tripoli that 579578. You heard Steve terror there talking about defense. And the spurs. They're starters finished with 33. Points. Tied for the lowest total this season. Now. An act I think defense helped but they are very hit a lot of open looks. I. I don't know what to tele Aaron that this is gonna be difficult. Typical road hope for the spurs who the is. They try to switch ever and which. Some times when Durant beat matched up against the anti green. And they're also time they were brand in isolation against patty medals and on the one hand. It's easy to say how can do that what a dumb to Popovic speed but that's part of it Don Nelson's strategy. To encourage a match up that. I don't want they might say why that is why would derail while the public what the ring at the plate it's a smaller guy. Well so maybe holds the ball a little longer so maybe the warriors get into a little more isolation. And now all of a sudden Kevin Durant is becoming more aggressive than he normally would. And sometimes a team will go out of their way. Two. To go after a match up. But it's really he'll wait for what they do well at all and that's what that was one at Don Nelson's old tricks he put a small player. All on a bigger player who didn't think was. Was a great offensive player in the hope that obvious deterrent to great offensive player. But we saw which rate migrate to guard put guard pat put Patty Mills Andrei mine green. They try to trick the warriors in the going to date rape my green and making him a score. And oh pace it right Mike Green scores a lot. But that's different than the warriors are usually going about skid in the hat again and it's up to Popovich tried it didn't necessarily work. There are no magic answers there's there's no there's no way Popovich can coach to assure that his team's gonna win the game. Mean he's not all powerful he just doesn't have enough. He doesn't have an uphill. And today outs up we have brought up is the refs let these guys play. There was twenty free throws between both teams and the spurs just look like they could handle the physical aspect of the game that the war he's brought to warm. Because opposite next to you tab at all that's a fat in the regular season that's now not today they've got eight. The spurs had eight free throw attempts and the lawyers had twelve so to me that tells me they're let them play. And they let it play out at any time you shoot 34% from the field you deserve to lose and about the regular season. If you follow the spurs they slipped up more than a few times so this is not just. You'd you know one example of them have been a bad night I just think they're they're desolate when it comes to having guys been able to greet their own shots on. Well. The question is what it without coli letter with one letter played nine games misty 147. Games is that about right. That's about right is a 47 win team without awhile latter way to watch the warriors where they're sixty plus win team tonight. It's so we saw what we figured we would see if we got the effort that the warriors said they were gonna give. And if the warriors. Play hard in this series and are. Gotten their I's and cross their t.s. The only question left then is whether the spurs win zero games are one game. Let's get a jam and Martinez good afternoon Jim welcome to warriors wrap up. A guy took Stanford game. I can hardly pop and yell and amp clerk from coop. You can't journal with John it's called speed then and I thought that today and don't opt them. It back everybody volcanic you know I would call outs but they've been quite gain the needed to win and you can be turned down a little but that you know if everybody turned down a little. With parent would be add up when your of people who need it but think back that we do want to lap it match anything really. Oklahoma City. An award when Americans all those guys. I think there were points that yeah it's. You know it on the man dominate that it would be injury they'd have. They were short term lockquote. It brought that point but we're never gonna win it. All out and a quarter control. And at what point he. Yeah Yemeni guide to the plate he said on everybody on the team. But it may well opt out and I wonder what ever. And your name and don't wild op. And then clay now you know Clinton ever did not op with a bat. Out. Of a pop. Yeah acolytes ounces of first warriors player with 25 plus points. Well shooting at least 80% from the field a playoff games since Mitch Richmond did in game three in the 19891. Round. A marksman. The as a marksman and again in the shot distribution seventeenth from the we're going to see 22 point five to thirty. And they spread around and play it was fine Adelaide coach Carroll has brought to by far yet check out far yet dot com and discover a new way to sell your home. That's completely free to sellers Tripoli not 578570. That's Tripoli not 57. 9570. As well take your phone calls right here on warriors wrap up. Let's go to will rarely. Iraqis collars you wanna get to brake work order break our will get to Wal-Mart has got a gem and Martinez go ahead Jimmy on 95 cents. Discover a whole and old not 8080. All. Quite. Eight. Oh a couple how old everybody. Nice. I'll like young basketball fans building the future of the brand all would let me ask you this because the warriors struggled late in the season were you worried about how they were gonna play coveted of the post season. Play off. The island homework and they are playoffs aren't they have curry. Right. Part so coming back and about it when he. But nor are they they don't. All right thanks so thank Zuma who grew Lou you're involved. Start allowed to group called suite we actually got to see step jury today we can talk about that and Ross gonna hear from Klay Thompson as the warriors take game wanna get to San Antonio Spurs. 113 and 92 right here. I'm not a five cent of the game course warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smartphone security. Oh. You're listening to over forty years rap pop up on 956. Thinking. More sick a one ethically here at oracle with a 113 92 victory we wanna hear from the fans. At Tripoli not 5795. Sanity as the emotion was back at oracle Crist announced it Matt Stein minutes. Darryl did do room Johnson let's go to DJ in San Mateo good afternoon DJ. Good acting alone such age I'm incarnate thank senator Lugar and. Went five and then. Run the table and knocked it might just sweet because of all the talk that they were okay I'm that there are coming into China shot so the world that there are still the champs. Ancient art or injuries happen in our bench. Got shark you know they got sharp and ready so query are leaking doesn't within the table and and do what we didn't actually be even better. Jay-Z DJ you're looking at 68 and no. I'll tell you lot want to stay on the line I'll give you my cell phone number we put a little wager on that. Our. Notes nobody had a fit after an opponent. Guy. You know after breakaway like today your I. That will live in DC this comment. ID. I thought it would vehicles game may be their legs are being ordered out for the guilty and it took place this blowout started the first eight minutes of the ball game to me. This happened right away. I thought we'd get to have all power that's right well I just I thought it would happen at their quarter. Of early fourth San Antonio man you look at this team I don't know whether goal and it's not acted yet. The net it's got to fields at the they watched the spurs put up this effort in there are no Watson well yeah I can with I think withdrew wrote let's do you guys don't realize it. It is only one game well I gotta analyze this game. I can't write it all hurting you guys are already talking sweet note chain I just I made looked feeble. They looked terrible. Our member when the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers won 48114. In game one of the NBA finals and lose at Johnson and Kareem and worthy Lockett through that door they stomped in game one out and tank. This team is old and this effort tonight. I mean s.'s. Yeah I mean. I did it and we may be talking in about a game five or maybe game six whatever. I can only analyze this Damon you battled time offered a little time to prepare little time to think about this thing. And who bought it in a tough thing to at first San Antonio is. These guys there's a lot of great champions on this team. And they're older and they're one guy who's their guy their go to guy to help ball these champions. As we said where's Waldo where's coli we alien notes. Eighties and it we gotta remember Popovich almost had that talk in its letter to stay in San Antonio because he was so soft. And he is who he is a great player he's a great but nets player. And in this series against Golden State it was Galactica. Herculean effort Michael. Aldridge and he's just not that guy I'm not disappointed that's too strong but going up against right mongering. He wilted. And as he wilted the spurs did they had nothing is pretty sad to see the state that their rage and yet they made the playoffs but they're not going anywhere but home. Three more games left twelve quarters left for the stars. We're talking Rudy Gay for that or he's one of our better players right now. What does that say. I to say and Rudy Gay is when a few guys on that the American score against the warriors and any great veteran coming off the bench. But. You know let's got to Zack and Oakland's Zach welcome tonight fives out. Want our technical. So I don't act I'm not little you know why do you build out the prohibited spartans in a little way outwardly. Didn't the if you. But sovereign debt incurred. While back glad you're up there like every time he's in the army did a lot of volleys are a lot in the what is it about you build it yet occurred did not want to head over to learn how to get that you know that. I'm on a given in my opinion only give weight. I made the key is is more high risk reward than any the other senators. As good as McPeak and play at times there are other senators that Zaza Pachulia. Is better at defending. I also think I don't think there's any bill. That this asthma thing McKee has. Prevents him from playing more than eighteen minutes a game I mean I. I think that's a big part of it he knows he can only play McKee nine minutes ahead. So it's just the matter whether it's gonna start leaky or whether he's not gonna start McKee. I agree we via I think over the second half of the season it really hasn't been close McGee's really. He's been better than Zaza Pachulia. But the reason that. You know what the reason that curse that crazy about JaVale McGee is the same reason that every coach who's ever coached JaVale McGee. Never was crazy about it and that's because. He's not consistent he can sometimes make mistakes on the defense event. When he's not good he's really not good when all that's that he was terrific today he was terrific and if you can get that JaVale McGee. Out of pivotal career he would've been a starting setter in the NBA the last year and a on the biggest McGee. Supporter Scotty you are correct but there are games in centers that have a low base a big but. And they give McGee problems so that'll be a game like today a sinner like Aldrich who can't jump over newspaper no laps led the schism. When JaVale smells that. That's when you get the best JaVale McGee but there when you get a sitter. Are you know the same height. But moral weight the and you see the deficiency and to bill's game defensively. To where you know guys back him down used to pump fake it today we did see that and I do like JaVale McGee and I do think Stein. The reason heating get that contract he lived for this past summer. Was his asthma and the fact that he can't give you 25 to thirty minutes of that that hybrid types and that we see a eke out after a very good start start. And it and it's one the reasons why when you look at. You look at the box or you see. Golden State 34. San Antonio 22 points in the paint and it adds to McGee how it is you're it's not the ball out of just blocked all breeds a couple times but you saw spur point guards like tangle in the air. You know off limits. Now I'm happy for the I am too and you know he's we've debated it AGG is Jean and Oakland. There's been column columnist for the past couple years it out seen in the praises as he called in today about JaVale McGee and use that you got back and forth but. There's this guy's now at NBA champion he's golfers second championship at chance to start thinking about. And and had a season high importance of fifty. Can't ask for anymore. And I guess the question is can he put two back to back games together. Against the spurt team and obligated to spur roster nothing's gonna change Bob Monday night he should be able to continue this momentum that the gas. I think this this series where he's gonna play a fair amount. Like I said because his athleticism. Gives console trouble and it gives. LaMarcus Aldridge trouble. Next series assuming the warriors advance. Will see whether they play the pelicans are the Portland trailblazers upright dictate. How much playing time. Each of those guys gets in the series. But there's absolutely no doubt that JaVale McKee set the tone. Today he absolutely set the tone he was very very good. He didn't allowed you he didn't allow markets ought to get off to a good start. Which I think is important when you're dealing with him. And he was engaged I mean he was active so anytime you get back on JaVale McGee. You gotta take it runways are you shocked. On the I mean. They asked JaVale McGee to do a few things and to please try to do them well. And tonight he did that he stayed down on LaMarcus Aldridge in the low post. Aldrich hit a couple face up eighteen footers against the which you know what you gotta give some open up. Against Aldrich Khamese he has a great player all his great flyer and the reason he's a great players because. He can score in the post and he can score face an up and to build a cumulative score. In the low post so he still able to go out at 101450. Points from the from the field. But now I'm not surprised that McKie can do this he's done this at various points over his career he's just never been able to pull it. Games weeks months together word's been consistent. Let's go to believes in Santa Clara. Welcomed the warriors wrap up presented by our lows mark on security. I think. What we're. Seeing turnovers that. The Euro well bought leave. Yeah that the logs you acknowledge that. I wanted to hear these exit into the scene but I got to really get that the thinking like this. There are the only team in the lakers in nineteen. To make the play out with only one guy roster and while. So mean technically here is that burst out no offensive fire power at all and he made it. Letter did average twelve game and it's nine games. Well at. All accounts. I know me I'm very literal a very literally all of your literal I think as a point nine games with the opposite side face. Exit slow. Maybe now he's at twelve points. But I actually. Think something everybody qualified to be among the league leaders scored. On albeit do art. And I wouldn't make a lot of assumptions that the warriors sweet because you know disperse or dispel man. But I liked the effort today finally. You know after the embarrassment last month or so so you know hopefully they wrap up and about four what he without background. Great stat late. That asterisk. With an asterisk. Give them no we gotta we gotta we gotta give Ku rue we got to. Q who scouting report as we know a lot of these callers to the regular messy. That's correct I'm guru Lee is. Right described him he's very thorough. Yeah he's got some good accidents fingertips and he's. He's got basketball knowledge I'll definitely give leave that for sure he brings so we like to come showed Nike now yeah bring the markets yes indeed the absolute schism than it maybe I need to say your real quick. The fact that they have. The spurs don't have that much firepower. This may be pop it is best job coach in. Because they haven't troubled get the ball just to the polls. Now at CNET expert in wall. John Dick and Santo will be showing up he is here from the locker room we'll find out what they had to say after this game one win 113 tonight who warriors wrap up here. On 95 cent in the game. What went wrong for you guys tonight and it's what went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry I lost when they played better than we did. You're listening to warriors wrap on ninety spikes at the team. Good talk good topic. Is lawyers wrapped up presented by Arlo is Smart of security warriors win game 1113. 92. Chris downs and mats diamonds they're ignorant Johnson year. At the Crown Royal club that we're joined by the man that that talk with great pop. I always find you never know what's your day with him after the game Jon date and out pops one of my all time favorites got a there's no question here beat him for a glass of wine at the end of the city may be able dinner I think he's actually not call off practice tomorrow we might. Picture. Play golf with you know the latest series started off today I think you might call off practice my aunt watch maker breakfast lunch and dinner. Tomorrow pop having aegis. He start he comes NNE ease in their before a lot of media or even in the room and I was one of the people get set up early. That was in the air so I knew somebody's gonna have to ask a question otherwise would eat it blaster in the conference finals. Literally for ball games in this building was he quits he quits sit down there and nobody asked question in the first puts it fifteen your tweets at its he'd like aren't as good. And back he literally like got up and walked out and an all of the San Antonio beat writers and reporters with Arctic and the and it repeat nobody in the room because it's no players. Or speaker wasn't there yet and they'd be like. Wears off and a couple of us that were in the room would say La ZERS. Game and gone. And so it was kind of a similar exchange last year. With Gregg Popovich where you know I was one of the few guys in the rooms he got asking them to keep them there right and the most basic questions you can ask when your team gets it handed to them is what went wrong I knew he was gonna. And I knew it was going to be that kind of answer course. Because I. Dealt with him for over a decade legal back the my days Sacramento to come visiting locker room and and he was he was that she and the even. Last year when there's a lot I was with you I walked in with you last year and I'll never forget it's all an act it's all crap. What you see is that he would have personality him he would after last year rate grad Alley made rattle look bad nervous Snickers. And and as he walked out. And I went around the corner he had his armor around rattled her lap together like this all week it's up there. Any degree of media people he didn't want the cameras are Rauf is buddies with these guys hit. It it's all just an. I like the act Niagara breakfast on I'd rather he be that way really. You know I mean to be real. Not rest. And I mean it's really an M I'll artery the record companies the sidelines he has an op would do that. And higher rates enemy. At one attack might pop thinks you can't sustain me what that's act. He tries to play that karma Canon's Smart. All. With the media guys out behind closed doors he has approached the line if his team put on an active day in that of one of the man ability. And luck they are not enough. So what Jewelers stadium then. In. They play well well I think Steve Kirk it's a lot of credit for something it I almost threw it out there when we were on. In the 80s week this morning when it went Coke is at the starter it's we it. Pretty much talked about it like it was a foregone congestion about a week or so ago yeah for about a month or so that Wally they've got when Coke they're just gonna have him be the starter. And Steve her re laying it. Treatment columns get this starter and and you want a two inch or more than. Relaxing Quinn cook like giving him an opportunity to play off the pitch he wanted to ensure that the warriors started the game with the best possible the offensive line up make an apple starting to gain. And starting the playoffs beat that by starting to feel McKee who was lying around everywhere. In the first couple of minutes of the game. And by starting it Ali music calming presence and a great defender at Everest link all over the place in the super doubles partner and on athletic bunch. In addition to a group that it doesn't knock out shots consistently well now are opened. And we keep bothered LaMarcus Aldridge and the op thing it's ignite their defense ignited the offense and before you knew what the warriors it set its own. They were able to carry for 48 minutes do you think the quicker it moved Iggy moved cup the spurs off our Gregg Popovich said. He was expecting it or it wasn't a surprise to him. Is the way he put it however I ask manage you know hopefully if it was a surprising he said yes it was a surprise but it. Really didn't make that much of the difference in in manager know Lee's mind. Do you see that on you know with that in order for us to beat the warriors here we have to play better than we even think we. Now at honesty I didn't its total honesty now. I do expect things be different San Antonio and who knows what's gonna happen in game two I was these guys are. Predicted this week yet these there are a lot of lawyers in two so I. I don't know but I'd open you do if they do but all I'm saying all decades. The war. All I don't like the wars are gonna win three more games by twenty points bell but I go to funny line would be like I'd rather go by that are. By. This will tighten up a little bit instead it. I think it will put the one thing I did put out there during the game and I do you think it's it's something to keep in mind as the series goes on. He gave it get out of hand in the second half before our time. But I do you think when you look at this thing. It's going to live in the range of eight to twelve points I think a lot in terms differential. But with the warriors ahead but it's going to feel like they should be up more or they are more. Because the spurs. Are struggling to school. So Nader at twelve point lead. It's almost like capita twenty point lead against the spurs and eventually that dam breaks and that may be more difficult for the warriors without Stefan curry and eventually. Eight Jews have too many weapons. To where I see a lot of these. I see a lot of these games being similar to where they'll lead is eight to twelve and you go out should be more but yet the war injury complete control. You know we can't play in the NBA. Laughs. We've got to play at a high level and you know what it's like we can't be answered team yeah right there I mean that's. Starting immediately played ecology are going up against somebody is realized. I saw it it has to be pretty demoralizing because. You you're looking around here group in here you see the other group that Matt I mean. Yeah. Beat these guys. Well. You're basically right by. You have to believe that you can beat him if you play your best game which are capable apply it. And they do their work time. Didn't try to win a game first that's the first thing they have to try to do I will say this. JDR cortex and during the game there was a point the second quarter. Where I said to him. I think it was after I said you know the spurs have no chance. But I did say to him you know I'll say this. It feels like the warriors are up 42 in nineteen. When when you looked up we're only up 3526. Or something like that. And that's a commonality that the spurs have with a you've taught chads. They. The crowd's into it it looks. Feels like a blowout but you know what we got nine. Those teams have a way of even when the wars are on a big run it's not as big is a really really special. Warriors were. And it also does it mean county that you're gonna win negate exactly. And I think that's where one I looked at this pianist sweep or what might jokingly say warriors in two. It's because ice the a lot of haves in this series be exactly like the first where he added up at the end of the first half. And you know all the warriors are up sixteen I guess but it's anywhere and that eight to twelve range what you feel like there in. Much greater control. Kevin Durant didn't even go off immediately and have that that's a compliment to start game. And they still suffocated. The San Antonio Spurs and when you have it's levels to you know the great week males that is levels to this. And the lawyers in the event this was a set it on a scale wanted him for me for gold stay where you basketball in the playoffs. And I just don't see now. Popovich can. Do you know institute some sort of plan to witness bar Steve a game JD this is over in three mortgage well. Quarters the one thing I will say to it Matt's point and Matt I think is. He's thinking like coach in this thing. Is Steve Kirk did reference. The fact that San Antonio got hammered. Going back and played Houston last year in this second round of the playoffs. Thirty point blowout game one San Antonio comes back in and beat him four out of five and ends up. Winning that series and playing the warriors in the Western Conference finals that quietly it was playing. For the most part right out of the the last couple games. I still think that's first team was was much better at it much better your lack straddle I don't think that's going to happen but again Steve curve. He was like yeah one game we gotta do it again. Right and currently we're talking about earlier. We gave at halftime with a sixteen point game I it's what 5741. Spurs start out pretty well the second half and you look up and it's the third quarter at 5950. An uptick in it means it's 5050. At this you feel like the spurs are. You know ticket. Clay it to three it's twelve they get three stops it back up to sixteen it's it almost felt effortless for the warriors. It almost felt like. Maybe not necessarily mean they can score any time they wanted. But they clearly have the mindset they can get this stop anytime they want it really feels like it. Appears that she'd be. Offensive rebounds for the San Antonio Spurs 332. Chance points zero. Now one time did they miss a shot. Get the rebound and score. You cannot win a game like that if you shoot 40%. Over when he gave it that she 58. Not wart. Well on Easter thing what kind of adjustments to Ian made him an USR percent from three Pittsburgh or. They were right where the warriors and he's the one thing that I think you could see you sought to start the second half and ask top twenty. So often they'll open it exit gate played well for yet. You stardom in the second half. That's not that you can note too he was very complimentary. Rudy Gay he said it was too soon after the isn't that what he says he says it's too soon after today stated I. Is too soon to heat he was complimentary toward gay but he said that he wasn't sure it was too soon after the game to make a decision on what did you for the next game. They meet somebody that could score no doubt op that you read that certificate but distinct from warriors point of view. What you look at forty you can hit it from whispers saying 08 could be all right Rudy Gay who you know. Fifteen points. In in a blowout loss ball averages for his career. Up fifteen points and blah losses. He might be and it's starting lineup for islanders okay well. That you can start exposing Rudy Gay on the other because aching Carty. So I think that opens the door for the warriors to him on cuts. Months easily. Lets see how he can handle. Commitment. Is long but it is like to really get in there and and mix it up with any blood cell technique. Gregg Popovich wants to go that route I think the warriors can easily counter at. And take advantage of brigade presence on the floor if Rudy is going to be out there for more than 22 minutes he played. Yeah and no one thing about Popovic and. It's not it's not a criticism of them by. I can't I net. Ers think Popovich without picketed there on bills because. Popovich learned under Don Nelson and there's just something about pop the pitches demeanor. When he. When he knows deep inside. He doesn't have a team that can speech yeah he just. He's he wasn't it a bad move he's not order a mean he was is. He was kind of cool as he always is but but it was it a nasty it every like. He knows he know Don Nelson knew when he couldn't beat another team he knew it. And Gregg Popovich does too for example last year. After they lost game one. He was you know he knew after they lost collided no chance. And the next day when he ripped Pachulia. That's what I really think it hit him. After the game we did what he did slept on it overnight realized. Well now we have no chance so I'm gonna go after per chew because I can't stand that guy he's done it more than once. But in essence the seat he knew the series ended when we Cortland hurt last year. Yeah and I think there's no doubt about it and look at me this team is it as talented as that team wants to close and you know Jonathan Simmons is excited moved on to Orlando who bothered the warriors it at different points Rudy Gay is essentially in the John cement spot now. On the team Tony Parker is back. But I just think you look at it. If the warriors are playing in the way the warriors are capable of playing and that was they act they answered every question to me. You know we were we asked will whose gonna start at center was JaVale he would sensational early on in the game he helped set the tone. How is Quinn cook gonna play if Quinn cook gets the start point Hartley took that completely out of the equation but what Andre Iguodala into the starting lineup at point guard. He take pressure off acquaint cook. You start the best possible defensive line at eight and he set a tone not only for this game but for the remainder of the playoffs that this is how we're gonna have to play. Championship level defense so that question was answered what they'd be engaged obvious question answered. How would they operate with Kevin Durant being the focal point of the offense Kevin Durant has himself a real nice 24 point game be sufficient. Klay Thompson officially it. Knocked it down every shot in the flow of the offense enough that forced. The warriors answered every single question if you had a checklist. That you wrote down at a sheet of paper before game one as far as what you wanted to see it and I think that I wouldn't be on your checklist is points in the paint where they dominated. 34 to Tony to. They showed a championship pedigree day forget who they played forget the spurs this was about the warriors. Slotted in the number two spot for the last two to three weeks warrior fans were getting a little nervous what's going on and just like JD echoed. I agree with every sentiment he just said they answered the bill they were Dominic. They steal have the domino step curry who who will come back the next round. And right now this Saturday evening warrior fans need to rejoice. Enjoy this one and they get after Monday because. I was a little nervous Houston trepidation about I don't know. We saw the rewards today. The other thing is the only way the spurs have a chance. Is if their role players. Contribute. The problem is now there's track record that the news birds role players can't really contribute consistently against the wars. Patty Mills is now being no factor against the warriors in any of the games this year and now it's five. Patty Mills as kind of an X-Factor for whispers. We're Patty Mills in which eighteen. Point eight of fourteen and three for five from three. You know what the spurs are a heck of a lot better but when he can't score. And now he's out on the floor haven't to defend eatery with dollar plate tops and well now you're you're just women in mud if you're if you're the San Antonio Spurs because now he's not giving anything offensively. Any already know you're probably gonna pay the price at the other and so they're. They're asking for so much out of so many players. And they needed to all do the same game. And then if that happens then that needed to do it happened three more. And I just can't see that happen realistically. Warriors at the way I want thirteen denied it to its warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security Crist announced that mats that mets' Darryl liquor Johnson and John Dickinson. Is with us from the locker room I JaVale McGee a season high fifteen points tonight he got the start. Yeah and you know rollercoaster type season for JaVale and neat. Was asked about that in the post game press conference just the fact that in his name was was floated around in some it and the trade rumors was there a role for him. On this team and I speak to you see as things go on and get into the playoffs how their really as a role. For every one of these big men in ninety fail we deal with the fact that he stayed ready. He knows he's going to be the starter right now that he even made a point to reference the next series that might not be the case depending upon whoever they're playing. The volleys these guys that can play some power forward complacent center. Clearly the warriors have a lot of confidence in him at football that those spots. Zaza Pachulia. Did get in there as far as in any meaningful time we thought maybe he could start to we've still got a lot of options but I think what the other keys in this thing. Today it was just the way Steve girl they're the rotation of it too obese on the west in the game of the first quarter. He saw Shaun Livingston in earlier he saw a guy like Nick Young not play at all until the game was completely decided. I'd kind of wondered would even be possible. For the warriors to have enough. You know they'd Abbott admit it's still enough minutes without happens right Nick Young or somebody play some problem it figured now. While the other thing to news. Dot topic Trulia are he hasn't played and I like Turkey tips that. But there's a difference between being upset and check in now. And this is where I don't know if it's. That the warriors have acquired certain kind of veterans or that once the bed with the players get here. They buy into the system by. JaVale McKee has had many. Chances to check now. What for some reason. And I'm sure JaVale McKee which has not been happy with the playing time this year. Which you don't lie at the minute you get sixteen. Minutes he's he's ready to plot. It's so Zaza Pachulia it's so easy to discard him and say well acute in place that. Thought Robert George got to plug at some point the post season. And I'll bet you if the warriors win at all will look back at a portion of the post season and say you know what Pachulia helped them. In this series or this stretch of games and when it's all said and done if that happens I guarantee we'll go up and down the roster and say that about ten or eleven players and want. Quick thing here too you look at Iguodala and you look at a guy like John Livingston the warriors did all this and the game was a blowout so you look at acknowledge he placed 23 minutes. You look at shy Atlantic City place twenty minutes it's right around in any solace case probably even less. In the warriors would want a player overall and I peek at it day tomorrow practice day in your back data. On Monday night before couple more days the warriors were able to shorten the rotation. And still. Not over tax city but he which I think is key. For the big picture here we're gonna have the play of the game to stop for the gaming ill will here from clay and Javelle as we roll on right here it's warriors wrap up from the Crown Royal club after a big winning game one. Over the San Antonio Spurs won thirteen to 92 warriors wrap up present about are those Smart home security. You're listening to warriors wrapped box on 95 C sixteen. It is time for the play of the game rats you buy American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. Anderson. Makes his move why I would. He just looked all right so flippant to avoid war from the back court. Bad bet they'll be great plot driven out to play don't wire bra break. Now the play at these games. But you also need to stop the big game that big stop on defense to stop the game is brought to you by quick stop markets. Fill up and load up act quick stop. You know we would have trouble working up to rant throw the lob pass to Aldridge low white left after the for the box. Face like Buffett Buffett goes up walk. There you go. And you know our guys had a huge game tonight and neither did have a big game because of winds that carries out like Johnson needs to step up and we get to see that and. We did eleven to thirteen five of six from three. At least as efficient as he could possibly be and what QB who's got to step up and fill the void offensively with. Steffi carry out its the other two scorers in the 02 scores here. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and you look at it and it's quite 27 on thirteen shots and it's Kevin Durant 24. On 78 shots it's just that's exactly what you need you do you that and he played a level with defense the warriors played the series is going to be over. I'll take it a step further. McKee played pretty well guys helped them off the bench much beyond this this game was won by their Big Three. It was to Rand who was. Very good it was clay who was great drama was great tonight to rebound from a triple double yes so they have they have their three best players all play. Very well. Well then if he is first why I think if they have those three guys played very well they're gonna win regardless but they did get some people chipped it and and that's why I think that's one point ball. And it's all about the Golden State Warriors fellas room for the warriors where the home of the lawyers. But I I gotta gotta be honest I I was used and I still land disappointed. In the effort. It was San Antonio bra because I would drive home tonight wondering. Is the dominant performance from the Golden State Warriors one Roger perceive it. They hit the switch was effected their play in the dark access to spur so as we progress through these playoffs and they get past this series because they we'll. You know those questions will be answer here is quite jobs and after the game talking about how important was. To get the defense gone without staff Perry. Low stuff so the games non BSP flowing so. This commute more methodical and with our team. Our defense slipped a little bit and reduce season but. Our intensity was so great and I and our focus was there without those two things there we communicate almost possible score on. And we. They're great job obviously hold them to 40% if you. And yes so many guys Hoover's or not to play guard or position. That's our biggest strengths and can't be complacent though can't be satisfied just one game and we know the spurs economic adjustments from London. Clearly look at the box currency were eleven for thirteen do you wish you got a few more shots that very just happy with the efficiencies hum no I'm very happy if you. We were much when he won every game and I did ten shots or four shots. Who cares. Clay did you guys feel was specific urgency to. To make a statement and then in game one considering the way the regular season ended up. Absolutely I mean and mean what makes taming gained two as well I mean. We nine this season I know. We kind of pollen in the playoffs. But we know how to how to we are you know do we are we've been here before the postseason you know what it takes to win. So like I said before as long as our intensity and are no communication is a far. We're really hard to be and that's who we wanna do the rest this series. The decision to start Andre obviously worked. When you first heard it under was gonna start today what went through your mind what what were your thoughts about that move because Mosul the source covered her ball. Yeah well. Fareed is a so much on both especially defense than his ability to guard every position. Just in the best hands that are seeing. And our ability to switch I think disrupted them. Another make just it's Monday but we're would've. You know clog the lane and get back to shooters and Andrei initiates and the point guard position. And he's such a great group glue guy community to everything Weathers took the ball to board and be just as great core knocked open three. Pain he was huge for us tonight. You know I took four shots. But on his intangibles as a rebounding as well as play making or we're great. Clay the other big question coming into the game was who was gonna start at center JaVale got the nod their just what can you say about what JaVale brought. I mean you don't there's a great threat to room. My reinvest and reserve played uses phenomenon on both ends. You just such a great presence. At the rim on offense and defense destructive shots those finishing shots so. Oh because the semis are Monday and if he does will be great in great shape. Because you've had so many teams like this where you shoot the ball well even when you don't have the ball necessarily for a long time with capture what's kind of do the signs of being able to perfect fit so it's a support. Not caring about your status. Is as simple. Thank you just focus and play free minded. You know knock down shots just because you don't over think it. You don't. Second guess yourself. And I sort of come to this point Microsoft went. Clearly a defense side JaVale obviously it was a force tonight is he is a communication is a big party as defense document. Then Benito knows he had a big part of letters he just kind of a quiet guy who. Does what he's supposed he he's great communiques got a lot better about it obviously I was trained month. He is. I trust that I'm -- there in the pick a rule he's done so much better throughout these these two years of play with them. And so government grow scary. So you. Today you were really patient is sometime in game one for postseason guys get keyed up and wanna get from going early on. Do you have the tutors are the B patients a little bit art is that just something that's natural and how that process work for you. Because it was evidently nothing is gonna be natural I'm very lucky this month six straight post season so I've been through before. I mean I do have jitters last night so so excited to be here. Debt goes the other experience and we are very experienced team in this part of you're so. I trust anyone that locker room as well as myself. I love that. That's a playoff to get jitters it all starts I mean you you think about. What these guys went through in the offseason. Anything about start the season began with a target on yeah. And you go through all these months of playing basketball traveled all around the country and that okay. Everybody gets their scene and then here we go trying to win the championship again and you know if you win this championship. You submit yourself as a dynasty you want three out of four modern day sports you you you get the dynasty label. Well and the thing to me my fever parred that hole four minutes we've listened to a clay woods when he was asked if they were. Trying to make that statement in game one and he immediately said we want to make that statement needs to you it's on the net it's consistency. It's not one behind yeah. And saying to win the championship you gotta do it three more times in this series. And fifteen more times totals just like he did to date with the effort the result may not always be there it certainly won't be as easy as it was today. But it's that kind of effort. That. Win a championship. The game can be it was three minutes left in the first quarter before tickets for Sutley tops on the word out might get beat up but he was patient. Let the game come to him in the ended up with 27 points. In. County you were big time pitcher in college right now well I don't know I I've I. That night he all right different better again. Either the night before the game of the day you pitch I guarantee yen at. For big game yet butterflies. I there was always. That anticipates and don't that there's always get to the art there was always lock it down warm up and you know what that means. It means you were taken it's seriously nets and it meant so now if you don't have those that means it's just another game. Just another pickup game. Oh. Even at even at this level Klay Thompson. And probably a lot of his teammates were like are right let's go and when the warriors say let's go it may happen played well in awhile even they probably what Betsy. Well. How do you make Santonio. Is gonna few months. That question. Now today. I think bodies go to bed overmatched. Popovich is going to bed I'll know opted out. Chance Popovich probably low winery I'm not sure Popovich will think about the warriors till Monday about. Five there. Pia because he knows they can't. And am looking at right here to the roster. LaMarcus Aldridge 32. All out assault thirty cent. Rudy Gay 31. Any green thirty. Tony Parker. 35. On Nugent noble or. Well. All you gotta do is. Plump one player into the middle of that and there are complete they're unhappy but it takes awhile latter because one of the best players in the NBA. You take your right you take him off this team that you look. And it's really. An indication of how great a player he is when he's healthy because he's a great player we saw it last year firsthand. They are up 25 he got hurt they lost the game they weren't factor anymore and it's theories which they beat the warriors require the whole time. And now. I think it's easy to say probably not but who knows where it is. They were hammered the wars with last time these two teams played Nikolay letter played. The words get hammered a 2.5. Whatever spurs wrote to call me naive the only drama left in this series is come Monday. Game three whatever that is is that you would eighties vehicle like them back that's all this birds have. This the air was let out the rule. On disability. And I tell you there's a part of me saying why haven't they ruled him now does he pull the Willis Reed if it's now Monday. I'll magic if he comes on the affluent San Antonio. For game theory but why would he risk his career or whatever element JD but that's all the drama left in this. You well it to me I just wonder how effective he even be if he decided to do that. I mean in in the spurs allotted to I mean how effective can he be in not playing at play nine games all year long. And I think off your close enough to be able to play Thursday why wouldn't you be played today or why would you played the last three or four games the regular season just to see. Wear your hat. Before deciding what you wanna shut it down or so. I just I don't think there's a whole lot he can do because if he could he'd already been deal. I agree and I I also think. I agree wolf look. I should feel guilty to his guests and but everybody's guess in what it comes to whispers that he did their beat writers know what's going on. But. I'd be willing to bet that pop it probably told only about him that if you yak guys. Get it right will not yet next here and oh by the way he can get it right wink wink. Yeah get it right will talk the in training camp and oh by the way were gonna ship you some more miles before that exactly ball like Charlotte. We've all been around that's a long time when have you never. No one knows we're years. Well I mean maybe make maybe inside inside but as you said Matt beat writers people covering the team. We don't even know what stage he's inning you want me to believe all aside he's gonna pop company uniform and go all right everybody let's go well. John and I have. A favorite writer frank I sold at a not a fair and Gary brought up a point and maybe it's an easy point to make. But LeBron James were hurt. His he was cleared by the team. But his doctor said no they went to the playoffs he wasn't client. But he wasn't even with the team. You don't think LeBron James would absolutely be getting filled right now in the media or even this derail. Our what do Kevin Durant was cleared by Chelsea lane and the staff. But Durant said you know lot like I'm uphill driving the number one on Matt are good guys I mean. Collides demeanor is what's help them load balanced note why you've got you're supposed to be a spur a lie lie. And it's also fair market. Santonio even know it's what the fourth largest city in the country population wise is a very small medium market. This wouldn't be happening somebody plays for the lakers this would be happening some place for the warriors or the polls. The mavericks as salary Celtics. Really means a bigger media market here in this market that only as a couple beat writers and that's openings Popovich has always been the big fish in the small on what these guys have all kind of has done their own little thing counts and it's here's the other thing that experts the only team they gave awhile littered the super. Because he's there. He was there. On the traded form obviously but they had its draft it's like the warriors and staff and curry draft rights in the eighties gave them. The super Max over 200 million dollar extra year. Maximum contract. Burst it can do that form. So if Kauai Leonard is not in good standing with the San Antonio Spurs based on the way it's yours all played out. The spurs who literally hold the key between. 205 million dollar contract hotter for your fifty million dollar cut it may be saints so why egg or he may be about to help ease but. The spurs a lot of money guru to. 660. Million plus back on the table for. Now you are correct but. When you hear that he's not happy with the shoe deal in the San Antonio is what ails co wife from. Did that big shoe money with Michael Jordan and then you hear about the local. Take it over the business or you know be this PR guy. You start to scratch your head like is he BM brain washed but I'll tell you this his demeanor has helped them up into this juncture the people are starting to question why Leonard. Is it do we know the real cool why in why they hail are you not on the hardwood. Well I I don't want to overreact. But when all this or talking about with coli and nine mention all the ages. You mentioned pop of its age. Units in the player's age. This could be you know they've made the play ask for the 21 time it's incredible. With this committed these aren't a look at the end of this great run this and it Tony whispers. Yeah it depends on what date yet if they treat one uttered it depends on whether pop that they once did the heat coach and which I think all that remains to be seen as I work before you got copyrights that you know I'm. My hot take a pot takes would be back with the year. Popovic. I guess she got but I think pop which also knows that the money directly but I true that is at any going to be the Olympic coach I actually that's that's the big day. But you don't know ethically. You don't have you don't have to you don't have to be active you don't you don't have to be even if he strike you as the it's so bitter you talk about him being here. Euphoria happy go happy go lucky with the media adored. That quote unquote down times he would walk away. He doesn't seem. My keys in disgust well you know I think you walk away or could walk away is if OK before last season. Popovich had to meet with the markets altered Cheney said you know I was in coach and LaMarcus the right way. First I can't match departments say that fifteen years ago so I believe on the heels of that. If he goes that. Why Leonard is the problem. With it while it's got a problem with him I cutesy pop mixing up like Nelly and away camp if it. I don't need to coach that guy anymore. No it in two RC keep them here you have to trade about leave. I could to Popovich knew something like that if he really thinks that Hawaii's trying to stick to. Like. And there is a time Emmys obviously as different interest. They are not Briscoe outgun. Now dominant you know hang out Napa and I can travel anywhere parliament. That is something that would bring oil have started we solve your lap it up 45 in a playoff game he got hurt he got hurt again. I just wonder where that turmoil or disk you know disdain would be with that is why would ease the because you have a compact that would be new. But. While the celts everything is all. A match may have been an eight. Things change. When you come out of college. And you're just that cater to this point it's Diego state. And it Cox arena where he got into the internment under Fisher caught top kind of feeling the in the next you know your millionaire Aaron. Next scene now he got a lot of things changed for these young kids as they start stardom and money things change. We see it sports it happens. And it's it's going to be. It's got to be at fortunate that this group of the things that I feel bad for this group. Is that you've got these guys that have been through it so much you think of all the times. They have battled in the post season when you think apart courage and noble. These guys have played so hard it. Once so much and you don't want the last ride give me one last ride it. And the guy that was supposed to be the bus driver didn't want me on the right. It's not JD do you wonder if he if collide knows he can't beat it quietly there that. Where we've known and we're accustomed to it maybe there's a little if he's afraid to come back it showed that. We see injuries robbed the best of apps I have. Of their stardom in their prime what do except to go on outlook Hawaii where he knows he can't be that same guy but we all the media talk about him like. He's gonna come back 100 campers it. What if he's 79. And he knows that maybe that's what's that would keep them off to keep probably believes he can come back in the upper Egypt can't come back and via campers it without a couple more months. And make absolutely 100% sure. And I are the and I take a lot of this too is we talk about this all the time warriors it terms of now. Guys have. Gotten paid or about to get paid. Well quietly entered is about to get paid in Anwar in walker for me so I tried to act. Itself from re aggravated something even a playoff game it costs 607080. Million dollars total money. All Murrow Walter here before we get out of here here's trade monitoring and addressing. All the hate. They care where what else does or not saved me. Blase Blase Blase blah blah blah you know we know we're capable of and so you know there has been gays there we want without stuff. Series say it was Kevin. Myself you know we want to as Roma so we want there's no place we won games are their coach you know and so. So we're confidence than I think a lot of people often forgot oh were kept beloved widow. We're gonna show that. It's drill and not without everybody's truth which you know it's not true nobody says the warriors. Nobody said the warriors aren't cute. Think it's that's happened is people have observed they haven't played well last three or four weeks and that. They better get things going otherwise they're in trouble so that they get things going and if you brought up the fact that they have been playing well. Your hate them well and I but I understand they try to find their own motivation I guess that. And I also think that it's a situation where. You look at it and they deserve the benefit of the doubt and made it market that to me. His I'd say this over and over maps that can hear me say it exits at it for four months because it feels like it doc about it. For four months. The warriors deserve the benefit of the doubt that they would give it to gather. Until they lost the playoffs until they went down 01 series it's only got down to one on the road. And it was a little bit of trouble and may be that are not coming back so about 11. One want to go on the ropes for that's trouble when out Perry. It was my attic the whole the whole they lose one they look like the team that. They word April the end of march I'd be tracked immediately. Everything changes. Immediately ever cheat that's out of the rubble possibility. I don't think it's gonna happen but it's not impossible that it that it hasn't but you don't need ever panic. Yeah Barlow. As have our low you have the ultimate security Mets diamonds. And not to tell me and you can check Arlo dot com that's Arlo dot com as well there's the regular season or the post season. You're always covered by Arlo Smart home security cameras. And 1080 Ph.D. is the best you can find Harlow has seven days of free cloud storage. For your recordings that two way top you can talk to Aybar advocate your door right now. You could talk to people act. Your front door from ORACLE Arena find out why you're out my front door. I have been doing this all year on this press is now as it was they want great product Arlo. 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