Warriors Wrapup 3-18-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, March 17th

Matt Steinmetz recapped Warriors vs Suns on Warriors Wrapup.


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The lights around the team is over. You're just getting started here. Four years rap. The Bay Area sports station 957. Okay. What is going on everybody welcome to warriors wrap up presented by our lows Smart home security. And I got to tell you what these last two ball games. Have both exceeded my expectations. Without staff curry without Klay Thompson without. Kevin Durant the Golden State Warriors have managed to keep it very interest thing. They've played two very entertaining games in the past two nights. And tonight they came out with a victory over the Phoenix Suns won 242109. And a couple stories emerging from tonight's ballgame one of course point guard Quinn cook. And then also come bond looney. Who played very well for the warriors both of whom are getting. Playing time a substantial amount of playing time that is because of all the injuries to warrior players. You wanna jumpin. All U 8889579570. Is the number if you wanna talks and Golden State Warriors basketball. The Penske auto sales dot com tax line always up and running 95795. Quinn cook. Another career high in and day. That's two nights in a row Quinn cook tonight. 28 points on eleven for seventeen shooting. And I'm just gonna cut right to the chase with him. How do you keep them off the playoff roster. Mean he is absolutely shoe horning himself. On this team you would figure. Now he's a two way player. Who goes back and forth. Between the Santa Cruz warriors in the Golden State Warriors. And so the Golden State Warriors want him on the playoff roster they're sexually gonna have to sign him to a contract if they do that. Then they're gonna have to waive somebody. So the question is. Will that happen. It's definitely. A situation that Bob Myers and Joseph wake of probably don't wanna deal with right now. And you can't blame them because they don't have to deal with that right now the warriors still have three or four weeks ago in the regular season. And so this decision won't have to be made until April 13 which is. A day before I believe the playoffs start on that Friday. We'll listen Quinn cook. Is showing that he is an NBA player he played with a pelicans last year. And this year he has news. Been back and forth like I said between Golden State and between. Santa Cruz and the question is. To the warriors need. Another point guard more than they need let's say another wing player. And I think this could come down to. Bob Myers deciding. To ready queen cook in the post season or doing need homer cast me in the post season. And I their case to be made for both players but I think it's a decision that the warriors perhaps didn't think they were gonna have to mate. The pride and cross their mind and now. The way queen cook his client I think the warriors brass has to be thinking hey. Maybe we gotta get this team all on. Rather get this guy on the team for the post season US and 957 to gain KG and ZFM. In HD one. San Francisco you're also listen in to the warriors wrap up show. The Golden State Warriors won 24 the Phoenix Suns won only nine. You're jumping on the phone lines 8889579570. And again and the Penske auto sales direct contact slide. 95795. It was a ballgame tonight that got off to a slow start. And as you would figure. There wasn't a lot of urgency. For either team really. At least that's the way it felt. But the warriors have a player by the imagery mind green. And Dray mind green. Doesn't allow his teammates. To mail it in too often. And it the warriors had broken down a few times in that first half defensively. And we sought re mine green. Play the role they often plays and that is the emotional leader this team. And you could tell he was getting a little upset at the nonchalance that was going on. We'll with his teammates and the next thing you know. He starts getting everybody involved. And by the third quarter. Even though the warriors don't have. Klay Thompson staff curry Kevin Durant they had one of those third quarters. That. They had after the all star break where. They simply dominated teams who warriors outscored Phoenix 42 to 25 in that third quarter to take control of the game. And Quinn cook had sixteen. Of his 28 in that. Third quarter. So the Golden State Warriors. They winning game that. Well some people might say it doesn't matter. Some people might say look this team is is locked into the second spot. They're just trying to get healthy. And in essence these are practice games for some of the substitute players some of the role players. And I can kind of buy that school fought the warriors are in essence locked into the number two spot. It doesn't seem like they're gonna have enough to catch the Houston Rockets. And it's improbable that the Portland trailblazers are gonna LeapFrog them. To get into the second spot so the warriors are looking at being in the number two seed. In the Western Conference and they're gonna wait to see who they play and it's probably gonna take awhile to figure out who they play in hell we might not know until the last game. Of the regular season who the warriors first round opponent will be. But you can also look at it another way. And the other way it would be. Now is a perfect time. To get Coke bottle looting. Plenty of playing time Jordan bell plenty of playing time Nick Young planning of playing time Quinn cook. Plenty of playing time. Because when you give those guys big minutes. At this point of the season. It gives them confidence. You cannot tell me. That combined Flutie. Is it a confident player right now. I'd say he's probably as confident as he has been as a Golden State warrior and one thing we're gonna probably be discussing. Moving forward. Maybe not tonight maybe a little bit tonight. Is the fact that about loonie is now and on restricted free agent at the end of the season. And when the warriors didn't pick up his option for next year. Nobody really thought too much about it because come on looney hadn't really contributed. There are whispers before the season began. And at the early stages. Of this season where people fought. Loonie was probably playing for his job. And instead he's turned into a pretty reliable tenth man herself. And I think he's also turning into a player that Steve Kerr won't be afraid to use in the post season. He's kind of a perfect. Post season player for a ninth or tenth man. Why. Doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Doesn't take bad shots. Solid defensively. Very good rebounder. And you saw what he can do tonight in terms of blocking shots. Looney with six blocked shots than nights and a six block shots it's another thing to have six block shots and only 24 minutes. So kabob looney. May have played his best game as a warrior tonight Quinn cook certainly played his best game as a warrior tonight and while war. Doling out the compliments let's throw one nick young's way. Nick Young with twenty points in 42 minutes and he was a team high plus 29. So the warriors got terrific contributions. From their role players. And their mainstays also chipped in drag my green finished with 25 points by the way 25 points for train mine green. You know the last time. To re mind green scored 25 points or more in game. You know what I'm not Italian I'm not gonna tell you right now the game. You can text me if you want techs who put your name wanted to give you credit for. The Penske auto sales that context and not 5795. Say like. Harry from all the creek thinks it was this game and then if you're right I'll say look at Harry from Walnut Creek. He's really Smart warrior fan. But I'm not gonna tell you just right now. But. The bottom line is Dre my green was very very good tonight he finished with 25 points eleven re pounds. Eight assists. And chipped in with a steal to go along with it. So all in all fun night for the warriors and and again and the one thing that. I always. Was fun. Was it to go window game like tonight. And I was talking to John Dickinson whose gonna be joining us in about twenty minutes he's in Phoenix and I will be given us a report. Probably at the bottom of the hour near the bottom of the hour and we were just talking about roof tonight's game could be brutal. It could be one of those games that babies one of the worst of the year there's nothing at stake. Buckle up it's not going to be. What we hope etc. etc. etc. And by and large turnout to be a pretty fun game. It absolutely turned out to be a pretty fun game. And let's go to rule we get we get. We got the butcher boy game seven of the NBA finals I need you more specific. Straight game seven Drake game seven but Matt from Union City is the first one to do it. Precisely. Racing game seven in 2016. Although I guess if you say game seven. It's got to be 2016. Right. Because none of the warrior championships were won in seven games from that mistake. The one in 75 wounds. Was sweet. The one in 2015. Will as I wanna say five or six I can remember it's been so long. And so areas surgery in my green with his best offensive game since game seven. The NBA finals in 2060. 889579570. Is that number start taking some calls let's go out. And here from the fans and when we do that it's brought to you by nation's giant hamburgers. Keep it real. Make it nations let's go to Jean in Oakland gene will probably not be talking about. JaVale McGee tonight what's going on Jeanne. You know what article that anyway. But I do want it back up what you've already there to cover you guys that went up and go on when he. That. For at all Quinn you know I think they absolutely should. Keep him and and let that test we go. They have a lot more kestre has been up and down. In less valuable in the wing player than cook is. Cook is proven himself to be in NBA score in these replicate. Curry as much as anybody and I think they need something someone like that. He can play the point that you can even place shooting guard was living at that point I mean he's he's. More flexible more far far more valuable I think that and then cast yet to me that a no brainer I think they've got to keep this kid. He's reminding me a little bit of yeah Thomas only bigger and better defender than than Thomas so. Probably better and me and also from everything we've got. Yeah absolutely. The hole and looney I mean it's important is that harder. And dip and that takes some opportunities and it's. All awhile ago I really think. That he's going to be a much better matchup between the play out and then Pachulia. Against comedies these. Younger bigger more athletic. Players on these on these other teams so. I really wanna see them use him too so that's that's when I got. Did god thanks for the call Jean has always appreciate gene you know I wouldn't. I wouldn't kid with idea unless I like Chia unless you're one of my favorite call yourself. You'll love JaVale enter. In that are likely to build that much that I can't even he only played three minutes OK yeah he didn't start. OK so turn over the deal. You know people think that I'm hard headed and and I don't give and let gene has been persistent. As it pertains to JaVale McGee and you know what JaVale McGee. Has delivered the last two or three weeks. Wary fits exactly. I don't know I I. The thing about JaVale McGee is right. I know people wanna play them a little bit more and more and more but I think you have to kind of put JaVale into a game worst start him. And it really kind of measure how he's playing. I I think if you have to go into a game flat out counting. On JaVale McGee yeah you're gonna get disappointed put if you think of JaVale McGee. As is gravy. Kind of or as a player who when he gives you something positive it's just a big bonus. That I that you look at him a different way but JaVale McGee not really the story of tonight's game obviously. Quinn cook wise and and Jeanne brought up the point and it seems pretty obvious that if the warriors won a key Quinn cook. And have him be a part of their playoff run. Obviously somebody's gonna have to go and it would seem like the logical. Person would be Caspian to be replaced and I can't think of anybody else they would. They would get rid of for Quinn cook you can't you can't say goodbye to damion Jones you have to give him. Another year to develop and so the reality is were really only talking about can't speak. So now I ask myself OK it's coming down the cast speak it's coming down the queen cook who like keep. Well I'm trying to think of a scenario in which. Something would come up and you'd say. You gotta have to half speed there rather than then nick young and not Nick Young a sword. Quinn cook. But the but the warriors. I mean yes if they lose three wing players. Clearly they're gonna they're gonna need Caspian but I think that's unrealistic I think. I think it's more realistic that the warriors. Might be in a situation where they're protecting a lead in the fourth quarter. And they're playing with their small line up but maybe somebody's in foul trouble but Jeff Quinn cook or on the floor because. He's a point guard one he's pretty Smart he makes solid decisions he's gonna make his foul shots. And that's kind of where I think Quinn cook could comment and I also think now. And a wealth the warriors have this kind of player I think they thought they had it in Nick Young in Nick Young can certainly. Give it to amends for it at times that he has this year. Boy let's be honest Nick Young has not come in off the bench. And lit it up as much as we thought he would this year. I think we can all agree we thought he would come in and light it up more than he has OK I'm not criticizing Nick Young what I am saying news. If you keep Quinn cook on this team. That gives you another player now. Who's capable of coming off the bench and scoring. The one thing the warriors don't have a lot of on the bench is scoring outside a Nick Young it would dollars not a scorer he's a stabilizer. Living students' scores a little bit but he certainly not. Someone who goes after shot and somebody who's. Ultra aggressive at the offensive end Jordan bell is kind of a Jack of all trades. Not really great offensive player yet. David West OK David West more of an offensive player than any of those guys I mentioned. But queen cook's got some explosiveness. And he's got the ability to hit three point shots. And that fits right into what the warriors. Try to do and the way you warriors try to place so. I'm. I don't see. How well I don't see how you can keep them off the the playoff roster at this point now it's gonna mean. But the gonna have to say goodbye to Caspian. Bought. I think it's something you may have to seriously think you do when the the only reason I can see Steve Kerr not doing it. Is. If he knows. That everybody's going to be a 100%. Come playoff time. And he feels comfortable. With curry at point. Livingston backing him up it would dollar can do it if he has to go there and even to remind green can do it at times. But I really think at this point the the only reason maybe you don't. In you don't want Quinn cook on the playoff rosters because you just don't wanna. Make a personnel move. Right at the end of the season. And I don't know that cast be. Exiting this team late would would cause chemistry issues I don't think it will it. But. I mean there's just something to be said for a player who's been on the roster all season long. And and he's he's come the post when he came in so. It's going to be interesting to see what happens there but but again Quinn cook is making the kind of case for himself that is gonna be hard. To keep him off this team once the playoffs start 889579570. Is the number the Penske auto sales dot com tech slide. Is 95795. And it's see we got here. Mr. shiny some songs echoed Oscars some on the game are saying that. Coach curry is resting players on very minor injuries. To prepare for the playoffs do you buy into that they can play now but rest is more valuable. I think that can play now. But I don't think they'd be a 100% now. And sold. If that's the case then why do you you player right now. I think if if the playoffs started tomorrow. They would probably play but with that's ahead. With that said. I don't think any of those three players would be a 100% if the playoffs were to start tomorrow. So I feel like I get exactly what the warriors are doing with Steve Kerr. Once the do. And the one thing that I noticed over the last two or three days when Steve Kurz asked about these things. He's not worried about it. Mean you can tell he he thinks that they're gonna have everybody back in time for the playoffs once said war of course he's gonna say that he's not gonna say. Boy were in trouble these guys might be hurt we're gonna go to the playoffs under man I get that he's not gonna he's doctor ghost city that. Steve Kerr isn't but. He's very calm. He's absolutely very calm about all this so. I think it's good news for the warriors I really do I think their make in the best of of the tricky situation. And I think they're gonna go into the playoffs as healthy as they can possibly be. And that's all you want and if the warriors are healthy. They can get it done from the number two spot I think we can all agree we agree on that Houston's playing well Houston's a good team. But. I'll take my chances with the warriors even if they have to go down to Houston for the first two games. Because the pressure I do believe will be on Houston in that case. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Talking about the Western Conference finals I shouldn't say Lance on the only want to get ahead of you guys aren't dead in on the talk and write. But if the playoffs were to start today. I was looking at this in what we're gonna be all the play this game. Day in and day out for the next three weeks but if the playoffs were to start today. Warriors opened with a set the tone of us who were in seven were who were in the seventh spot right now on the pelicans are in the number eight spot. The Denver nugget it's. I got the Denver Nuggets are gonna make the playoffs but I think they are in big big trouble they lost tonight at Memphis Memphis have lost nineteen straight games. They lost. In Memphis tonight. Which drops them to tenth. They're now in game and a half back. Of the New Orleans pelicans who are in aid but it gets worse than that. It gets much worse than that. The Denver Nuggets tonight. Started a seven game road trip. They played game one of a seven game road trip tonight in Memphis they got B they have six straight road games facing them. That's gonna be tough handwriting on the wall to a race if you're Denver nugget it's. And then you look at the night team it's the Los Angeles Clippers their 37 and 31 there also a game and a half back. Of the New Orleans pelicans. And I'm starting to think maybe. Those are the two teams that aren't gonna make the post season the clippers and the Denver nugget it's. Denver's given the warriors. A little bit of trouble over the past couple years. The warriors. I don't think would have any problem with the Los Angeles Clippers. So. What I'm getting that is the teams that are gonna make the playoffs. Are by and large teams that. Will give the warriors more competition if you know what I mean I mean I think if you Minnesota right now is. When they there's six. Now they get Jimmy Butler back they're gonna be a good team had into the playoffs. We're all waiting to see what's gonna happen with Cole why Leonard. I mean we're down to twelve games for the San Antonio Spurs. And earlier today on on the NBA this week we were talking to Jabar young. Of the San Antonio. Express news and he thinks there may be a point where. Gregg Popovich Jew says you know what it's too late in the season. Co Y. Won't wanted to do shut it down for the rest of the way in and give yourself almost a full year off so. We're gonna see but I know that did the spurs are going to be a dangerous team if they if they limping into the playoffs in seventh or eight position. But then they do get. Co Y letter back that's not gonna be good for any of their first round opponents but it could just as easily be the Houston Rockets. As it could be. The Golden State Warriors 889579570. Is the number the Penske auto sales dot context line 95795. We'll be right back. Would more warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security. Listening to the warriors wrapped box on my. 57. I met along with him. After the Golden State Warriors defeated the Phoenix Suns that I won 242109. They raised their record. 253. And seventeen. It's time for the play of the game brought to you by American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. You tell about despicable he flies and it slant that they have felt lonely dog and I think out of our new governor I was thirteen boards. He's an elevation sensation. Blue. Blue is an elevation sensation. Oil were stretch and then we'll stretch and now a little bit. I don't really consider Lou the high riser but through that went down. Assignments along with you after the warriors beat the suns tonight by the way happy saint Patrick stayed everybody. Saint Patrick's day of course. On mount amateur night more in. The parting world Newton New Year's Yves Saint Patrick's Day Halloween and anybody's 21 birthday party. The cynics who we got our main man John Dickinson who was in the house tonight. What is it walking talking stick resort arena I can you know I used to be America west what's up John you doing man. Yet used to be America west used to be what US Airways arena and now talking stick. Resort or read Eddie talking stick resort outing in Scottsdale. By where the Diamondbacks in the Colorado Rockies have their spring training facility. Wait a minute it's it's one downtown right. It's the same Rea but the actual walking stick resort. No cells can he go there again which is what which is what is named after is out in Scottsdale. Right by the the beautiful facility where the Diamondbacks in the Rockies share. For their spring training facility it's got out in the distance it gets all lit up at night it's it's yet it through its site down here in the valley. What were your impressions of tonight's ball game JD I was telling before you joined. Join us always tell our listeners you know we knew that you and I were kind of talking about how. Not the kind of game you really look forward to but you don't want it turned out to be pretty. Pretty far in and that's two nights in a row where I really think the warriors. I gave the fans their money's worth even though their star players more involved in the game. Yet it once they got role in there in the third quarter meaning the warriors looked flat. It looked disinterested in playing defense for the most part in the first half it was like a pick up game. You know with a bunch of bench players I thought in the first half but in the second half that Phoenix played very well they. They deserve credit they hit a lot of three pointers in the first half Josh Jackson really got role in the game. But to me it was the third quarter and it was Quinn cook's third quarter in particular. Scoring the basketball. And it was straight month green though I think sat in the home and quick hook with sixteen points and a third quarter two Raymond green setting the tone with his leadership. His defense. His ball movement I mean he was just physically directing traffic on both ends of the floor offensively and defense of Lee. And I think he set that alone. That really heed that 42 point quarter which which turned the game around and put the warriors in a position vacated. They can almost crouse and it felt a lot like and mortal warriors game when they have ever but he tonight flip that switch in the third. And carry it home to victory. JD stick around and allowed to take a call here because it's if it's Greg can separate Cisco and he's gonna bring up something that I than wanna get into you. Wit thing after this what's up Greg how you doing man. Greg there. They Greg what's up. Greg eight element. I can't find Greg you are what Greg was here's here's what I'm looking at on the tax line. JD. As it relates to Quinn cook. Somebody wants to know is it possible that it Quinn cook could be on the playoff roster instead of cash speak. And then there's actually somebody from 310 saint did you see a scenario in which they cut McGee. For cook and then I even have one for rich that says we need to keep cook how about releasing my caught off. And then Gregg was gonna bring up how he thought all recast beat. These valuable and should be kept on the team I mean. If if the warriors wanna have Quinn cook on the playoff roster they're gonna have to sign him. And then their going to half to release somebody. And do we know any thing on on what they're thinking is about this because. I didn't think it was going to be a decision that but maybe it's something that they got to think about now. Yeah I. I think you're right Matt I mean he's forcing their hand and injuring my green said after the ball game he said he believes that Quinn cook is forcing the warriors and to add into that playoff roster. Career highs it back to back games. And I think the warriors just from kind of Reading the room and the things that Steve Kerr and Bob Meyerson said. When they've been asked about this issue Matt. I get the impression they really don't wanna wait for anybody. To add Quinn cook to the roster it's not a slight on Quinn cook I just think they like all of the guys they have and feel when their full strength. Quinn cook is the one guy it is the expendable guys that two way player. And it guided that wasn't guaranteed to be on the team you know throughout the year so I just I get the impression of speaker was asked about it a couple of weeks ago and said well. We've got enough days to get him through the regular season. And that's kind of acts that were good in and he was almost. A little firm with that like don't ask me again about it you know find in the spot because I think coach Kirk. Ill he doesn't like it down that road of speculation. As far as. Who you're gonna cut the right time there's like a cloud hanging over somebody might have to get waived or released or cut from the team. He doesn't wanna go there and we in the media and the fans or do and it hurt a little bit. But were the warriors are in good position. Is they don't have to decide on this thing until right before the player. They don't vacant seat who comes back who doesn't who may be re aggravates an injury who doesn't and didn't figure out how to proceed. That last week of the regular season leading up to the playoffs on that Saturday or Sunday. Yeah no that isn't that is a good point JD and on the tax line here from the 707. Hey guys have heard a couple different things about these two way contract players maybe you can give me a final definition on it. Will Quinn cook be able to join the playoff roster a two way players are not eligible for the post season. But. That's easily rectified by simply signing. Quinn cook two to an NBA contract. But if the warriors signed queen cooked to an NBA contract. That'll put their roster it's sixteen which means they're gonna have to waive somebody. So that's the way it's gonna work or it would work. With with Quinn cook but the 510 says may be queen cook is the long term backup solution. I don't think that's far fetched I really don't think that's far fetched. You right now your backup point guard Shaun Livingston. We love Shaun Livingston but he's getting up there. He's getting up there and he's got one more year on his contract after this year and then. It may be time for Shaun Livingston to move on and though. Maybe he'll play longer than that but the bottom line is you always have to start thinking about the future and maybe Quinn cook. He's somebody who could back up staff Currie at least for the short term. Is he starter in the NBA. I can't say that he isn't right now. But I'm not gonna say that he's also. The next coming of Isiah Thomas I mean we we we got to wait to see what he issues. But. I sure like what I've seen the last two games. And I like the way he plays out like the way he. He seems to have a maturity about it. And I like it and the other thing is I can really you could really tell if you watched Quinn cook play. In the games before the past two nights okay. Shot he was over ten from three point range before. Last night. Which you know what you are already there. They were all right Dan. And even Steve Kerr said he wasn't worried that at some point he was gonna start. Start making shots and sure enough. When cook made shots. Yesterday antenna. I think a lot of it not a lot of that but I think some of it has to do with the fact that when you're without stuff courier without clay tops and without. Kevin Durant it's easier for the role players. To step up. 88579570. The real last chance to jump into the phone lines and talk about this one. You can always hit me up on the Penske auto sales that I can't text line. 95795. He'll listen to warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security. Three month leads to a kimberlite dike yet to suit that's what the parade had. That's not part why not 8674. Lawyers. Led to a bouncing up but down. Our team has given me a lot of confidence in or whether. Is dot talking on buses he west you know odds are talking me before every practice staff know Kevin on every guy in the locker room. No has helped me. You know every day and I've been a fan this thing you know for for years now and to actually be here and be as far as around these these days and these coaches. It is being the best part for me. You're listening to warriors wrap on 957. To gain. That was warriors guard queen cooking after scored 28. Points tonight in the warriors won 24. 109 win over the Phoenix Suns down in Phoenix tonight. And let's get to our coaches interview brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram where savings is simple. All online at Walnut Creek Jeep. Dot count. As great second half we really buckled down enough. A lot of the veteran guys for keeping us going. The second half just talking of the younger guys in the really good half of basketball. A lot of great intrusion individual contributions but I like how they competed together to. Is there and just please don't fully Oscars this guy forcing his way into the end here now. Oh well he's already been in the NBA in ninth place for New Orleans last year I think was armed. He's proven that he can out compete at this level and the last couple games you're seeing what he can do mean he's great shooter and so we've known that you know we've watched him in the U lead us to score forty points and he's a good show it was just shoot these it's not just his ability to some maturity and very professional. Tells whatever announced the guys love them. You know he they wanna go to war with them so he's you know he's as. He's a guy he's an NBA guys are reluctant. Particularly from from dream on in the third quarter its first kind of imposing his will help leadership the way was. I think. This opportunity for him with so many guys out telephone form because he's taking on he's like the three. Quite a bit and handling the ball more than ever and I handles it quite a bit anyway Vietnam without. There are other three all stars. He's taken on a different. End up playing a different position. Running different plays from those positions which is you know doctrine most like to be challenged intellectually in this game you know. And I think this stretch right now he's energized because. He's he's doing something different and she's not taking on masks and slightly different roles it's good form is good for us. Steve Kirk. Talk and after the Golden State Warriors fifteen point win once when he 4109. Over the Phoenix Suns. The words now 53 and seventeen their next game is Monday. In San Antonio. John Dickinson is joining us from Phoenix. And JD the one player. I wanted to get into before the show close that I it was c'mon looney yeah had a career high thirteen points career high six blocked shots. And you know he's east herded into a solid player and I'm not gonna say that he's turned into a solid six manner. Or. Great contributor off the bench but right now when you look at it ninth or tenth man he's been he's been pretty solid. Well in any eat somebody about it he you can quote did it you know you're gonna eat or buy it for it. Do like ball position you know they like the quiet at the five obviously we eat it like two or as well. And he just does all the things or your life and the EDT April. To switch out on. The Greek rebounder eat it's comparable knock it out shots which he talked about after the game. I think he really you know or start it. It got that the org spot. They were getting when they trapped Adam out eat apple injury issues. Yeah no doubt about it I guess that. The thing to keep an eye on long term would looney as the warriors didn't pick up his option for next season. Which means he's an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and but when they didn't pick up his option I don't really think anybody thought twice about it but as the season's gone along. He's certainly another player who is an obvious NBA player and now. It's cycle it's gonna take is one team to two to be attracted to looney. And it could be tough for Golden State to keep them. Yeah it really did and I think that's one you know I go back to eat before that separately. I did he get it called a rock like he you know what BP really fully achieved even went back to. This summer only to be equal equal behind short ballot that point and I needed jolt to Adam Scott Black sheep. At that point it's time. You'd bought it at Forex IP is not a lot. Not only a lot Eric. But looks like it it might be the type of player that the order like that around for. A few more years ago at that. At street eat it really is that a strict the other gonna have that he would be up its patent doesn't I think there at the ex top choices. On guys that maybe they don't eat that caught your right at the top of that. Yeah I think one of the reasons Flutie. It has had trouble staying in shape is because he's been hurt but he finally had a stretch of health. I guess over the summer and that's where he came in. What he was he came in great shape this year and by and large he's he's stayed healthy cell. You know I also think the other thing about looting that I would I would love the far lower coach is. Yeah make a lot of mistakes and that's the kind of player. You want on the floor in the post season especially when you don't have to worry about stuff like scoring. Because we think he'd need to. Any pick that he trot. That's that's what it out you look the order or that players are high risk players it. It to be that curry. External or they just made it make you wonder what Ellie what the heck he knew about or straight bunker eagle who they think oil exit shot that. You know you're like what is he electorate mockery this is an excellent passer and he is an intelligent player but he'll pew. Think on the basketball court you go what. Heck with that I think it's important for all players that. Not be at high risk. And that's the one thing that caught. People you but it. It went 38 they are productively it's like it would whack you know it would last. Opt out shot. He'd get make that right past it's been a little bit not particularly think absolutely kills. Yeah they don't the players did wanna ask you about was then it was it was Josh Jackson. I've seen a little of them this year. He hasn't stood out to me in in that the games that I've watched him but he sure stood out to me. Tonight I think he's got to be careful sometimes in a game like this. To get overly enamored maybe with a guy like Josh actually even with a guy like Quinn cook but. It sure looks like Josh actions are pretty good how offensive player. Yeah no doubt this is what is best game to the east. Further done that. That beat you start to look around we get the bottom of the west he start the what you got Al you know who got. Who'd got. Me out it would watch Sacramento last night. Well don't they don't have a lot you know maybe box but on the edge. You know is there a whole lot they're beyond that it's eat eat a debit Booker at play. Eddie you look at a guy like Jackson Jackson start the flash you know. The map witnesses that off the score on state they almost start to look at the exit out there. They're having an awful see it in or out of the net charge right now but they have eaten like don't you guys. Maybe they are still Barbara wall of those that are scene that day at the bottom opt for that they're right there are that they. Abort it it's well so they the proper leadership that G have been coaching is about it. They might be achieved its action position to turn around a little more quickly and out of. Yeah Mickey might be right there hey JD thank you for joining us tonight and enjoy the rest of your time down and the valley of the sun have fought its spring training my man. Argue. We are right that's John Dickinson who was at. The Phoenix warriors game tonight given us his report. And the warriors. They beat the Phoenix Suns tonight 12420109. They are now 53 and seventeen. Unfortunately no closer to Houston Rockets they seem to be entrenched in the number two spot right now. Next ballgame Monday against the San Antonio Spurs and we'll have warriors warm up and wrap up for you than. You've been listening to the warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Smart home security thanks for listening and everybody.