Warriors Wrapup 3-16-18

Warriors Wrap Up
Friday, March 16th

Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz broke down Warriors vs Kings on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The lights around the team is over. We're just getting started here. Four years brown. The Bay Area sports station 9570. Okay. Is several orders rabbit here on 9570 game from oracle has brought to you by. Barlow Smart home security. Well tonight was just a flat out stink here for the Golden State Warriors say blues to the Sacramento Kings. 98 to 93 Chris Townsend Matt's time it's with guilt. And it's a first time since 2003. Big kings have won two games. At oracle but you look at this game meant. You try to figure out you know with the the Big Three be it out when he talked about. Step curry Klay Thompson and now Kevin Durant near misses like 73 points there how're they going to. Make up for that not only were how they are gonna make up for that who was gonna score in the it'll they really need to put some points on the board. And they just couldn't. Find that person and I know it looks like the warriors are gonna have to. Try to repeat as the number two seed in the Western Conference this is a loss that. It really puts a little too much distance I think between them in the Houston Rockets especially because we go play and staff won't be playing. At least in the next two games. And Kevin Durant maybe out for a little longer than that so I think. I think the warriors know that deep down I don't think they're particularly bothered by it. But at least I was an opportunity for some of the young players to play meaningful minutes and it was a game the yes there were a lot of stars miss and a lot of great talent was it was not on the floor by both teams played. With a lot of intensity and it turned into a pretty entertaining game. And I about the bright spot for the warriors obviously was Quinn cook immediate 25 points in in forty minutes. And it. He's obviously playing for jobs next year. If not for the warriors maybe for some other team and the other thing touting that queen cooks play fours maybe your spot on the playoff roster. Because. If stuff curry. It's feel the effects of an ankle injury at all I think he's got to throw another point guard on this roster. Come the postseason so we'll see how it plays out. Maybe armor cast be who injured himself tonight. That could be. The kind of injury were maybe. He goes down for a few weeks we'll see but all in all it was it was a pretty good effort I thought by both teams and it was it was a team it was a game where. Sometimes you think both teams. Might go through the motions we'll play it both teams played. Very hard tonight and it turned into a good game down. Stretch than ever Tripoli not 579570. That's triple 89579570. You heard it. The news before the game now you finally get to react. As it came down they Kevin Durant has an incomplete rib cartilage fracture. The numbers triple 8957957. B just how you feel a warrior fans where. Just every single time. You're coming out to oracle we're getting ready for game there's new news about an injury cast we went out tonight will live with and ankles he landed on David West footage just. They're dropping like flies around here triple late night 5798578. I've read up a little bit because. In L Wheeler dealer warriors warm up. We had no clue like well I'd never heard of an incomplete rib cartilage fracture. So reading up on it says. That it normally takes around six weeks or reevaluate him after two weeks but he usually takes around six weeks for it to completely. Il. A wonder if that means. You know what he play when he eventually plays audit in the playoffs. Kobe play and with a knotted a 100% and maybe in a little bit of paid. Steve Kirk talked about it a little bit after the game because. They had announced that used to rent was going to be out for two weeks. Storing. Steve Hurst press conference so we addressed that in the post game. And I tell you what Steve occurs either. Not worried at all or east put on a heck of heck of a show because he's. He's saying. He thinks it's all gonna work out. Where everybody should be back. They should be able to get some games under their belt and then by the time they get into the post season and played their first round match up. They'll be ready to go but. Think we were talking about the pregame tyranny is now we're talking about 33. Players and if one of them has a setback. Now maybe they're start to think they have to go to the post season. Minus some big time player but as of right now Steve Kerr still optimistic that this team's gonna get. Healthy when they have to where they have to do is it about one month from now. Yes through your reaction AAA at 57 ID 570 that's triple 89579570. Now everybody has the bully. Then everything's going to be okay. That everybody with their ride you still have the right amount of time. For everybody to be. I don't know if you're ever gonna be a 100% when he got through a full season but healthy enough to definitely make Iran at winning the title. But it's just what what we keeps thinking is you know. It says that's rough I mean this is not this is not what you want to be doing heading into the post season is having a bunch of guys out not playing. Because there are teams especially the Houston Rockets you can throw we mentioned the Portland trailblazers. Who are playing a really good basketball there jelling really well you wanna be having those good vibes heading into the post season. And the warriors are going to be have a revives let's just get healthy and they'll just get rolled again and you know this is the best team in the world there's no question they have the most talent he has still want to reveal little bit off their game. Not a that you bring up a good point about the rockets the rockets. They're playing very well right now and it. I think they're getting better too and they're getting more confident. Like the the silver lining for the warriors is. They'll have time. To up their level of play by the time they play the Houston Rockets. But I know this. Even when the warriors were healthy. A weaker to go how quick they were played well enough to win at all. So when they get everybody back they're gonna have to establish a new level of play that I think has been. Missing for most of the year I want to say they had a little stretching after the all star break where today. Put it together a little bit put put Y at large the warriors. If they win it that means they played their best basketball post season because I think I think this year. I don't wanna say they've been on cruise control but they've been focusing on the post season for most of the year and now it's gonna we're gonna find out of that pays off for now. Keller read this to me it says it's an article from this doctor is reacting to what. He cared about Kevin Durant it's on now clutch points dot com I can't name pronounced the doctor's name I'm not even gonna try. But the doctor rights to be clear this is different from a fracture of the ribs. Usually it's diagnosed as a fracture their ribs but it. This that's solid as the cost of cartilage is to issue at the front end of the ribs it aids the elasticity. And structural support. Of the rib cage it is extremely painful injury every time. Your rib cage expands and that's what Kevin Durant was talking about like quietly Lassiter it's. Or activity involving upper body torso movement you feel it. That general timeline for healing of an incomplete rib cartilage fracture can be up to six weeks. In the case of a full fracture which we don't know it could be up to twelve weeks. Move kind of a bizarre injury. They re read further town. Because that that's where he gets into the timeline. In derail its case he set to be reexamined two weeks it wouldn't surprise me if he's out until the playoffs. Which would be about a month. So there there's a chance maybe that Kevin Correia. Has played his last game until game one of the post season. That's worst case scenario well let's put our worst case scenario courted this doctor but. Again the warriors. Seemed pretty confident that there will be fine basic package that everybody will be five. Yes as with the amount of torso movement chest contact generally with the ribs exposed. Like when shooting a jumper driving the lane blocking a shot. Combined with a high level of pain in your ability of this injury the warriors will likely be extremely conservative. So you remember what they said now. And this is why we want to sort out their Tripoli not 579570. This is the story of the game. They're not saving CN. You've got to look at the wording. They're saying he'll be reevaluated. They're not saying he's going to be back they're not gonna say easily do a basketball activity. They're saying he'll be reevaluated. In two weeks now Kevin says he'll take a couple days. Patasse seems this there would generally the way the warriors operate when it went when talk about injuries are you Zia a positive spin. And I'm not saying there shouldn't be. I just you know when you read things about an injury like this and it's a situation where it's not like your normal guy who sit at a desk. And you eat you can carriages Baer threw it to a heels. You have the type of job. That's gonna cause of stress and if it's gonna take six weeks of me is to start looking at the time line where we are march 16. And we don't know is that so I doubt it's the full whats this this doctor says would be twelve weeks. But the last game of the year where we haven't it's the April had something like April tent that you talk. So and so he's going to be reevaluate two weeks is going to be march 30 they're gonna take on the king's march 31 is going to be in Sacramento Al. But that's just real idea we don't know when he's going to be back. No we don't know we go and now the warriors are kind of a commercial of a few injuries hadn't into the post season. So the questions going to be I don't questions going to be so much. Will they be back for the playoffs to be back for the playoffs question is how healthy will they be once the playoffs start and I think depending on who their first round opponent news. I think that may. That may be the impetus for weather. To be even more conservative what I mean by that is if the warriors. Oh put up with let's say that the New Orleans pelicans which is a team they've handled pretty. Pretty easily over the years or with the LA clippers a team that they've played very well against. Maybe you don't play Kevin during the first couple home games. Whereas. Yell put up with Oklahoma City maybe you'll put up with the Utah who can be a tough team work. Or perhaps she opened up with this version quiet letter healthy. Well that maybe there's a little bigger sense of urgency even early in that series so we're dealer with a lot of unknowns right now. And that in and of itself is gonna make this post season. Probably. Probably more of a nail biting post season then that we've had here in the Bay Area for awhile. It's not being here for me the fans AAA not 57 out of 57 he brought to buy nation's giant hamburgers keep it real. Making it nations is gonna I've been in San Francisco years that you aren't. Warriors wrap up a pilot and cough. A lot of bad mannered stated it is right now not making me mad even look forward to watching the game. I know about bad. More on the leg I mean but lawyer and I'll play this been an unbelievable. I mean. That there and the provincial. Where is not about the appointment of people buying it is now back right. Because the you know the magic or the force. And it's only going to be widely viewed. What that name journeyman green in need an average the other ad that it is they don't play arm so I had to stabilize. It's going to be is going to be a battle of the product in. You know we in the you know further in the future's going to be raised that point. Yeah I think he'll be disappointing until until the playoffs start now I think these guys. These guys are gonna come back and play but I hear what you say about the fans although. This and I'm gonna stick up for the team and the players. Think these are injuries and he can't do anything about injuries if if if the warriors were resting guys right now which they may be doing one at a time of the injuries. Hadn't happened. It's part of sports. Every team goes through it and you know wars have been pretty fortunate the last three years when you really get down to it and if they get everybody back by the start of the post season that's pretty fortunate to so. I get the point where the fans. Maybe some fans come out tonight and they're disappointed or seek curry Klay in derail it which so it was a fun game to watch and and I'll tell you what the crowd was into the game tonight they really work. And so the warriors second unit it's gonna have to. Try to pick up the slack and and and keep the main games until the Big Three comes back. Edit I. I don't agree with that our dream our dream by the way it was it was a lot of fun to watch stream on tonight it when you see dream on really all the passing away plays defense and really be in. The leader trying to make it happen out there. And you just really see his great skill and has basketball mind there's only difference there's only different ways he effects they gave me now as. I dream on green. I coming out of Michigan states and its tournament top. That's six got 500 blocks Ari as career yeah and facility amazing though it is birdie I whose black like out policy really. 67. 8675. Letter box second round pick. I haven't looked not treat migraine. We get 500 career blocks in his career let alone how fast he's been able to do yeah that one of the things you'll see with with three Mike Green maybe some other players to. But particularly green because she's the scorer a meter really isn't. Can't score and there are times when he has to score but that's not that's not as number one characteristic sort of night. Like tonight when you're missing three stars. He's got a he's got to try to score more. And I think what happens is what we see tonight he goes five for fourteen from the floor. Similarly with Nick Young you know nick young's forced to play 36 minutes tonight. And then. The more you play the mower the more you work show as as a player. And Nick Young tonight five for fifteen. And I don't mean to call out Nick Young because I mean did. Go through everybody's line Zaza Pachulia has got to do a little too much now he was one for six David West. Comment back from not only. Since the injury but also. He's playing in. With a different group than he normally plays he goes one for six foot you know it's not a surprise that without their top three guys. Nobody else really shot well other than queen cook. Drape my didn't shoot well Iguodala didn't shoot well. Livingston did issue well that's because you're asked to pick up the slack in the and it's hard for players to do that let's go to Darren and San Francisco good evening Darren. Hey good evening are you got the bomb Chinese and I think in my opinion they've and I think the warriors. Art and eating Beckham played they know that they're gonna rot active art burn. They're gonna take that game in went out and their dispute knee injury that they're player and I'm all about how often well. I think you're absolutely right we have no choice yeah I mean Al. You really had no choice and by the way like this is not representing a really the story here a look at the top headlines. For ESPN Dak promises to rant out two weeks. That's our story is a story is he's gonna be reevaluated. In two weeks or so I mean I. I understand I I totally understand what you're saying Daryn but here it really. Well when winds die says new year really you're deal injuries Utah fractured thumb here I mean that easily taking care of you now have. This bizarre rib injury. The pitch him play through it. And every did he'd be stupid to do like is there's only gonna make it worse I save paper Klay Thompson is not. Never staff curry obviously he needs time morass and hopefully whatever they're doing kind of strengthening that that. That ankle could they play yes but if they would playwright now you're really risking. Making whatever your ailment is even worse. And let's be honest. There's no reason to play right now because even if you. Decided. You know what we're and I don't know how he. But if you decided at that number one seed is something you really want. You might get it anyway I mean what do you behind the rockets now two and a half games which is really three and a half games. Thought that the number one seed that ship has sailed. But I think it's good that that ship has sailed away because. Now there's no pressure on the warriors. To even try to make a push here at the end. And this is all bow. Yet these guys healthy and so we're out or different bite the bullet for the next week or two. Because they're not gonna see the warriors they're used to seeing it. Why I make myself perfectly clear here. There's a difference between you say suck it up get out there climb right verses. The injuries these guys have. If the injuries keep getting worse. They we'll be able to play in the post season right if this thing with Kevin Durant this thing with Kevin Durant is worse than what we thought. And if it keeps getting worse if he kept trying to gut this out play he can get to a point where he can't play the post season. If Klay Thompson went out there with his fractured thumb and he goes out there in the ball it's the tip worry hits on somebody's buyer letter and it just gets worse. These guys could be a situation where they're not available so. These swing you're truly this is Libyan this is injured when your injured you don't why. Right no doubt about it and it. I don't think there can be a warrior fan out there that that doesn't like that the strategy of being ultra ultra conservative. Which is what they're doing. And we got to wait and see now in the warriors are gonna get the number two seat. We're gonna see who they match up with that number seven. And depending on who that opponent is. I think it's gonna bring the concern level either up bored down there what I what I mean by that again is. There are favorable matchups in that first round and they're not favorable matchups in the first round. And I think you would be. I think with the warriors would like ideally is to have a very favorable matchup in the first round. So that they don't have to feel like they got to run these players into the ground. In an opening series because to put my idol worship played without Stefan in the playoffs. Here and there and that they've been okay so the warriors to survive a couple games without player to pull what you don't want. Is a player to could be out for the entire playoffs because now I think then. If the warriors lose any of their Big Three for the entire playoffs I think they go from favorites. Ten Dodd favorites just like dad. So we look at two weeks two weeks is going to be march 30 the tank and then like I said they're gonna take John McCain's ends sack. That's going to be on the 31. Now you say like four. Basically. Last three weeks takes you almost to the end of this about three and a half weeks takes you to the end of the season right. Right I gotta fill this thing for Kevin Durant has got to be. Is it's got to be Lola comfortably for that first round because if we're just going off what that doctor had to say who's evaluating obviously he didn't see the X rays Pisani with the injury is. If he's saying it heals and six weeks six weeks that's. That's it oppose these well and you know what. A rib injury. For a basketball player. I mean you realize how many time times the opponent has their forearm. Or their hand. Attached to your midsection in some way be that's the way you. Always keep track where your mantis. And so you. JD was talking about it back kind of chuckled but he's right I mean. Teams collapse that teachers at the wrist of clay tops in the teams are critical. The ribs of Kevin derailment that's going to be thirty. Which dark right you're going to be more physical with Kevin Durant as the warriors would with any player on another team who's got. An injury of this guy and so unique and Nichols a different a different animal stuff gotta get that ready get that right he can play. But when you're talking about a hand and you're talking about a rib cage. Wolf then. Then your opponent and the other team comes into play it's not just something you're controlling. Like an ankle so we'll see what happens. They never strip boy not 579570. That's Tripoli I'm 5795 said he will continue with your phone calls and John tickets and is gonna join us from the locker room. It is warriors wrap up presented by our low Smart home security. Got pressured by font. Lately he's been doing the street takes a three straight god he's got. By a quarter point. I could go straight away. Who have pulled them off dribble off his break. I knew he was about to break all he's an unbelievable teammate and worker and he adds a lot to the character of the team and I love coed these he's a long term NBA player in my book as a player especially as a young player you have the courage to play your game. Helped tremendously is just a conference on games from everybody and we'll listen. You are listening to warriors. Rap rock on 956. Thinking. And we heard from Steve Perry that's brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. We're saving is simple on line. At Walnut Creek Jeep dot com John Dickinson joins us Chris Townsend Matt Stein Mets. It is the warriors wrapped up presented by Carlos moral security let's go to Charlie in New York Charlie welcome to the program. They were up fellas. I. Quit because of these injuries now a group. Me personally because obviously. Looks like the word lock in it and number two seed. Will force me to watch these other teams you know fighting for the 78 C 56 and that may keep. These games that I probably would have paid much attention to. And so the industry because they think that first opponent that we're like Matt says the first opponent I think it's going to be important I don't think we're gonna see the rain and so. Oh maybe the second round of the just because of my experience to rip injuries. Playing football. I I just that's just. That's just an amateur is guests from personal experience but I it's gonna force me because like my game I was listening to while working. But I really wasn't engaged into it until late in the third fourth quarter and we will tomorrow night's game. Saw it on December just it's gonna force me to focus on these matchups as. Get in towards that into the end of this more than two people receiving the award really like that. I guess that I really think that first round opponent is gonna determine a lot for the warriors play talks. Thank you. Appreciate it. It's interesting they have gotten it's just different I mean we're we're so used to. Warriors crews and being healthy. And it's one thing our partner Matt assignments is really hit that the nail on the head for years saying you know they didn't really lucky in other than. To grant those what nineteen games last year with a mean they didn't really healthy and and this is what happens in reality. When you deal with athletes it's it's just bottom line. There's going to be times where these guys get hurt in the war user experience at their experiences at the wrong time but. It's our hurl that they're gonna have to get over. It's now time being here from John Dickinson brought you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors and got to tell you John. You know looking into what we're now hearing about the injury you know you can't say two weeks he's just being read Kevin aren't being reevaluated. Odds he's not back. In two weeks now he's not going to be back in two weeks which could be what the thirtieth of march and and the 31 to mark the warriors are going to be in Sacramento to close out the season series against the kings. But Steve occur after the ball game was asked about his level of concern in and he said it's it's not very high. And he feels that Durant is going to be able to come back. Before the end of the regular season and again have a little bit of a lead time where they get everybody back in the fold. And Tryon ramp up some momentum. For the playoffs so here right it probably isn't going to be the 31 of march when we see Kevin Durant on the floor. But the season doesn't end until April 10 and there is still a handful of games to go that that final week and a half where the warriors are optimistic. Barring any setbacks. Barring any more injuries let's take act comes back and re enters something different or or react or creates an injury the area have. That can obviously change things but yeah for now war huge staff to figure out. How to get through the time they have in front of him until that point and it. For all intents and purposes it's gonna lead do and get the Doocy. USA night I said in a game KG MZF famine HD one. In San Francisco. You know one thing I would say about Steve Kerr not. Acting you're seeming concerned. Ever hear pro coaches they. I tell you disregard that that he's not concerned and the reason I disregarded is because. Coaches aren't concerned about injuries. Because they've learned over time they're completely out of their control it's the one thing that coaches can't control at all. And so. Every coach learns to cope with the kind of in their own way they don't like to talk about injuries they don't like it's up to register eight. Who's making the trip I don't know curt doesn't know. Purchased at tell me what they're ready to place so the fact it's the curse not concerned I don't really. Put a lot of weight in that I think he's almost not concerned because. That's what coaches do they don't concern themselves. With injuries that they can't do anything about. And I think that's a great point a fair point to me it's more about the second half of that witches. He feels that they're gonna get him back in short order with four weeks ago before the playoffs start. And a two week re evaluation period there's a belief that. Not only are they gonna get the rant back in net in between time but they're also gonna get curry back he's gonna be reevaluated on Tuesday. And they're also get a gay Klay Thompson back is gonna read be reevaluated five days or six days a guess now on Thursday. Before they determine what the ultimate course of action is for him so there's still enough oval window where you mention NATO warriors have been lucky. Well go back the past couple years they've they haven't been as lucky this year but I still think we can look back. 34 weeks from now if everybody's healthy going into the playoffs even if they're the two seed. And say while the warriors actually were fortunate because they do have everybody back and these injuries are taken a guy out. For a playoff series or two or at the end when you're trying to win a conference final Saturday BA championship. Guys we all been doing this a long time right and we've covered different sports I've covered a lot of different sports are a lot of different teams. This is what coaches do they're not gonna give you the doom and gloom they're not gonna give you the panic. They're just not gonna do it and less it's a situation to where guys out for the year. If if we were at this was the sharks they'll be saying oh it's an upper body injury will let you now. Right Derek Carr goes down with the fractures in the back. And we found out not till after the season it was worse than we thought they never wanna let you know truly how bad it is they always. They ought I don't care if it's a head coach if it's a manager. They will always make it. They will. Idol saying always err on the side of being positive even more positive in this situation really is. Steep curves I can go the podium got off. Governor etc. it. This is not gonna happen so that's why people listen to it that Allstate curse not worry here Bob Myers we'll show he's not worried well. That's what they're saying to the public we don't know exactly how they feel behind closed deals that make sense. And the reality is with a all due respect the way they feel doesn't matter yeah I mean if they're optimistic pessimistic or somewhere in between it really doesn't matter. The question. That that the most important question now is when the playoffs start. How healthy where the war will the warriors be. Ace is in its sense to me like Kevin Durant even in the first round of the playoffs if he's back might be playing through little bit of pain. That's one thing that that sounds like. Curry. What were hoping for is he comes back Friday against the Atlanta. And you essentially plays the rest of this 7810. Games whatever it is injury free begins to build up the stamina. And he's fine in the playoffs and that's. Walk knowing what Demi tweets about Atlantic came back tweaked it again I mean at this point. That's not why he did re tweak it the last game he plays Iraq that could lead to a two week issue. You're right and that's that's why going into the playoffs this year you feel a little more uncertain than you have in years past that also. Claes fractured someone shooting hand. You know that is another thing the big JD you've brought this up but I was talking about it before it got up but you don't ankles one thing I mean. Seth Curry's can work on his ankle and and the opposition really. Can't really do much it's like he contracts out exactly ankle but put ribs. And a and a hand. I mean. I mean how many times are you checked on and on with the guys for our brighten your chest there's your hold the brightness chest. That's the part that can be interesting they're they're not there at the mercy the other team with those other two injuries. They absolutely are tiny team to gonna go after upbeat and positive that you're you know what they are the kinds it injuries were it's easy as you mention I mean you can smack down guys and rocket elbow you can get a little sucker punch the referees aren't going to be able to see it they you know. If your player another team what a free college because the name. Is were the potential. The potential to injure is worth. More than the now or two or three you might weigh out somebody in that in 45 game series I mean. If Klay Thompson who's driving to the basket and he's got the advantage. I mean you got to go for strip. So hard. Then he might feel. That's I mean it might sound. But it's not really dirty it's what everybody would do. Tripoli not 579570. It's warriors wrap up here on 9570 game and what to the warriors need this year that they had last year will talk about it right here. It's quarters wrap up presented by Carlos moral security. Back of the room I've tried to. They gave up there. Young to drink a lot Fremont makes it fires have freed the right way that's the good. And the ball saved by west that this GA president Sacramento. When you show me where there was homeowners over defense plays live from outside. And then I was in rumors or prevent the song. You know. Principle for. Clinton's. Who you're listening to warriors wrap on I 95616. The best of both worlds but it's cool pretty funny Gerri migraine after this one. Where the warriors lose to the kings 98 to 93. Drain I got career blocked number 500. And the first time. That the kings have won two games at oracle since 2000. And three warriors wrapped up brought to you by low Smart home security Chris Townsend. Matt's time minutes and John Dickinson while Dallas during this streak of I believed. Ninety. That was. Yeah Sacramento. And just hammered the warriors for five years after XP in here in the Sacramento Sacramento beat a lot of people back to embarrass them. I mean Bayless I mean Sacramento back in the day would come in here and they knew it would be like the Harlem Globetrotters ice it was in coral unable to take the building no they would. They would anyways today. With a Webber in deep bots they would just pay. Asked cut. Tony Maceda Arquette know if they play listen. At knowing they play a lot that the the early kinks in the early 2000 played a lot like the warriors were their collected in terms of pass the ball would move the ball shoot the ball and they would come in here routinely. And just lay a beat down on the war. Yours and the warriors did it throw that back the other way I think until last year wars at 113 in a row or something like that. And the kings beat him once slash security it's funny at Sacramento little list now keeps that it beat the warriors why he's. With what the blazers in the rockets are in the as well I mean obviously an odd. Set of circumstances without Korean Durant playing in the game in November when factory to rant and clay Thompson. Pointed in the ball and I eight. But just similar games tech data tech studio I thought there at times the worst played well had guys step up but. It just goes to show you how important stars are as wrap this conversation about. Get star players healthy. Start with you the game at the end of the game stars win you games like they did have an answer it again. It know to go out drink and stick it three you try to run back that's a quick because he was the hot and I when you're doing that. You become really easy did this man. And yeah you you level yourself out in the gathering and it basically made an even game. That's offers talent wise down the stretch but they'll start that game because curry. Curry gets in a pick and roll and cook somebody hits a three or it gets buys defender and kicks it out to play for a three year terrain it just hits a pull up jumper from the elbow. You gotta have stars. To close out games and tonight it was it was missing in Sacramento was able to prevail. And the last teams before the kings to win two road games at oracle. In the same regular season where the spurs and nuggets. And 2013. And fourteen. And delegates now. Was a mark Jackson's last year now. I don't remember that well enough and however this first company here and have a success up until. Maybe a year or two ago. I don't remember the nuggets come in and went into well I have been with what for read those guys yes they blatantly open. Maybe that you're they play the playoffs Gallinari. And then and that you look at San Antonio and others it is a game where San Antonio had a bunch of guys out here was a national game. Marked it was one year Mark Jackson was coach and he came in and it was early in the year and nobody plane. And they beat the beat beat the warriors like 7875. Was one of the ban there a lot of little bat right lewis' right it ate in that was one of them that they really frustrated management frustrated the ownership. I think that was one of them I go back to the the twelfth thirteen year make it lost the Rihanna in Austria for Sacramento that you're here. You're they made the playoffs sites in they are rare but. And at a loss to the clippers was this was the coup rock that was that was the one that I think. That was to a with a photo. Was taken with member Mark Jackson on the sidelines as they go and Myers were behind him. And the photo was taken right at the time we're like lake it was look it up that time. It might not that you felt this way but it looked like you know I was couldn't believe would Mark Jackson was due. And that was game one of that series I believe in the words actually won game one of that series now wound up losing that series. In seven games that Dan it's people's standard and Mark Jackson was fired a couple of days later and Steve Kirk comes in and it changes the course histories and orders go on win. Two and three seasons and now they're trying to win back to back in three and four in a dream on green made an interesting point. In the post game press conference he was asked about. You know who's got to step and everything it healthy that's the question of the day health vs number one seed all that question every day with these guys right now. It in he said he now. Day. Or Ian Dobson and arrange it. Would all be playing if they had. So if game one of the playoffs was Sunday at 1230 in San Antonio was coming in here. He thinks AD why he takes all those guys to be played it would be a 100% doughboy. But they'd all be able to get through it I still think that's something you have to keep in the back your mind. These guys may not be a better person but that doesn't mean they're not. Gotta fight like you nailed it to go out there and be on the floor and try to win. I don't I by the way I don't buy that. And there is why don't buy is is if you if your job at a game seven are subject up right now you're dealing with with Kevin Durant when he really sector read about this injury. If he makes it worse. He's gonna be out for a long time. All right if if something happened with Claes dom and made the fracture or worse. He would be out for a long time. So could pick amount got out I mean when you're injured you'd need to not play in healed. That's where they are rats were those two players are they could find themselves in a position where there'll allot like. The spurs ran with -- letter where they have to net debt choice and and they had to do that with the rant last year the first race current deal with curry years ago where they would sit him out for. Play with a series right if you're ahead I didn't see if you're up 20 Europe to really give the third you know you're up to. 21 baby's gotta come back in the fourth and by the way that's why they need. To be like last year's team where you sweep have all these days off sweep have all these days off and sure that's. This issue and what they ordered after this year they need that. You're right you're right but I also think you know the warriors. They're the ones that decide. Their own sense of urgency nobody dictates that to them and I can actually see let's say they open up with a pelicans. You don't play during the first game like John says. Maybe baby let's say he's the one that's lacking you don't play terrain that you still win the game one. Sit out game two. Well guess what you win game two and you sit out game three that they used it three and four. I mean an and that's and that's where have in the roster that the warriors have allows them to do things that no other team could do. I mean you can't Houston can't play without hard. For for more than a couple games they just can't but the warriors. Could theoretically wood a series maybe even two without one of their big guys. I don't want to let it be allot harder. By. I mean you take playoff the warriors who still beat the pelicans. Quickly. Phoenix tomorrow down the valley of the sun you're gonna be they're JD yeah. Overcast beat by the way he's not gonna make the trip and about you raskin who's gonna make the trip who's not rich. He sprained his ankle he's not gonna get to the words are going to be down and gathered at a bar in addition the U bitch about the air date and they've been a couple scuffles and they want chastised pretty hard back home if you follow the Phoenix media about what happened with the whole. Steve Kurz knocked it a coach or players and a coach that we all thought of this great innovative they got roasted back at home. The basic called soft. What do you think happens to mark. It's not the suns I'm not your tomorrow as the night that I hit the drying. To try we'll be guys you want to get her not every client any idea got a team you've got one more time in your building in Phoenix I think it's April 8 the final Sunday it is at this season. And they're gonna come back here I think on Easter Sunday which is the Sunday before they get two Sundays and the first in the eighth of April. The warriors are playing in plain and hear a plane and in Phoenix against the three games total. If you're gonna make a statement late somebody out and say all right let's go. I don't think you're doing that tomorrow night at a Q wait until they got all their guys' backs that we might be talking about that one on April 8. I think you're right you know you you were talking about. Stars win games. And the thing that always sticks out to me. Is on a night like tonight when you have so many players out role players have to kind of be stars or they have to play. Minutes like stars and it's no. So surprised to see Dre my green five for fourteen. Pachulia one for six Nick Young five for fifteen. There's a reason those guys didn't shoot well it's because they are asked to do more than they normally would. And let's hope that's full role player they can go once in awhile but. Not every day. People ask us all the time about are low because we talked about Arlo only toy how great it is but you wanna see it right all we're ego. 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Look Billy's at the front door Billie beat it were not home while the Tahoe. I've done it now at Tahoe and Hawaii in 2018. That was crazy you know being in a lie and I can talk to somebody who's out my front door I did that it was amazing. Arlo dot com and check it out of best buy that is going to do it. Fur warriors wrapped up as the warriors lose to the kings 98 to 93 will be back tomorrow with warriors basketball against the Phoenix Suns right here. Although hall to the Golden State Warriors 95 cent of the game.