Warriors Wrapup 2-12-18

Warriors Wrap Up
Monday, February 12th

John Dickinson and Bonta Hill broke down Warriors vs Suns on Warriors Wrapup.


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The lights around the team is over. You're just getting started here. Yes sports station 95 CNN. Inside ORACLE Arena the Crown Royal club more specifically its warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smartphone security and John Dickinson. Joined tonight by Vontae hill after the warriors. They beat the Phoenix Suns won 29 to 83 this game was a one point game at the end of a quarter. The warriors they lost sixteen in the second plus eleven in the third and they wind up close and it out. With 838 at 124 quarter in route to the 46. Point victory but this story at this game tonight but today. It's something that started earlier in the morning at shoot around Steve Kirk. Handing the team over to the warriors players as coaches tonight. Andrei it would dollar range shooter ran the JaVale McGee ran that the film in the video session at shoot around. And everybody from it would all. To David West to dream on green had a stint in helping to coach the warriors tonight to a victory. First of all bright idea was Vista era altogether. Forward wrap your I mean somebody to backed out of work and from noon that Marie not late I don't like fifth fleet treaty but no seriously here. All the COLT is all. Let's in Phoenix to practice we have summer or by a lot of young guys that I have a couple that I share a year ago. What is the purple in this move. Tickets were stroke went if you would just who is the timberwolves get away with the like this because it. Although it's off by the data that it is if we don't disrespect by. Or like to suspect would be the three players that sells and cult certificate by at all. It doesn't happen because it's. But knowing that the Phoenix on the pace at a treaty that got away with its buy out a little walk away with it one with the bills were like disrespectful. What you and I had a similar thought during the game when we discussed we were sitting next to each other and we can. Here from the fans at 888957957. Note AAA. 9579570. Warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security with John Dickinson and bond today hill. Steve Kerr. Defended what he did in not that he necessarily felt he had to defend it but he explained it. By saying that he told the players and felt that the players were tired of hearing his voice that he needed to switch things up. Seems like Vontae we'd been talking about for the better part of a month to six weeks really. Since the calendar flipped it January the warriors got off that on road trip after all the home games to close at 2017. In this building. But talking about the dog days have been talking about the port starts and it knocked it about. The team just not have a the focus that they need on a night in night out basis. So Steve Kerr turned it over to the players I don't think he would it done it if they were planned and other team but I think whether it's the opponent. Whether it's that the time with one more game to go finally before the break. I think he felt he needed to to lighten the mood a little bit around this team in it and it it's more about his team. And what he can get out of his players of what he feels right that it is about. Any kind of disrespect go the other way he's got to worry about his team at the break and threw it. And ready for the long haul right and wallboard gave it to the all star break back in the beat Portland Wednesday night here. And you know it is the dog days they've given up a lot of points here because the first 13913. Games they haven't given up on points what Phoenix are perfect for back because ticket shoe can hit outside shots they can't do anything right there are literally a glorified expects to need your. So to seat the players called to themselves. All of the white who appear there but you can do it advocates. He got that it's there as well eat this it's sorority tilted so you don't back the night off. It's for that the police themselves now hopefully it does turn around because these cattle for diplomacy what is lately is slow for sports arts with Fiat about a slow first quarter advocates edicts but not enough. That's a guy that's low usually few doubts in a first quarter like if experts like it's okay but even if that. Dallas Mavericks erupt in a supporter of the decade. Go to the second quarter wide. Still what do you know about 780s. Phoenix on. They're gonna or quarters which you can count on aware of but I have to I mean usually blow team the way it put the game batteries so far is that pledged to night or quarter despite the plus why avid. Or corporate really as a second quarter where it really. Broke this cable open plus 68 is second quarter so wherever she Kurt did it Tebow to the players worked at least four. 889579570. Tripoli 757. Notes John it's about you know warriors wrap up by Arlo. Smart home security from the Crown Royal club in side oracle Rina. And it and I think it worked. Or were talking about it through the dot aids in aid kit that man in. And white the mood and Abbott everything. After the team just feel better about themselves now. With one more practice tomorrow which by the way. Is now optional practice liners at. And they're gonna fly to Portland tomorrow take on the trail blazers on Wednesday. But we talked about it during the game and it. It made me. Wonder what the suns' reaction would be two way and I can see it viewpoint I was late for the suns or if I was coach in the suns. I have an issue with that work both skidded Twitter constantly get an action in different things during the game. And it was the classic and I worked majority warriors fans they thought it was hilarious and they're so used to this team. Cloudy on other pull it speaks at the regard or Ayers that this was just and others depth to it. As far as just happened a little bit of swagger and keep things light and fine so I think it. The warriors fan. Auto club probably says look all this is great. Drink months Colin plays in the third quarter walked in as soon. Why I like Elvis on line you get it would ala. Drawn on the on the board David West you looked. Serious as a heart attack obviate the what he got his one time all eyes on. Yeah they were very tentative with David West coach he can clean it up decrease port there a date aggregate of Phoenix coach at but he gave. Your job though and asked about pressed about it in due to what to expect ago bell. I did vote but it by lately which advocate for the if body language is by the liquids for the whole entirely different age eighty where it looked like he was bothered by a little bit we will. Hear from Steve curb we will hear from. Who disrespect it Hoover if it buddy and Steve Kirk did by the way stated he meant no disrespect at Phoenix Suns he actually went as far to say that. He talked to a tree on a post game. Explain to him that the other players were tired of hearing his voice and it was a situation where he bought for his own team good. He needed to switch things up and it was an attempted to rob a team that happen. Reports season and a pretty poor week they got blasted by the spurs last week they've had. More blowout losses at think any other team in the NBA so wasn't disrespect more than try to get his club. Back on track we'll hear from all parties involved in there to hear from you at 888957957. Now. It's warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart held security role on John tickets and box hill. On 95 cent in the game. Police there are taking. And I think that's one of the first things. You have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team Scott Bob Myers team is not Jolie could seem a long night and told Joseph that. That's some players teams their team and they have to take ownership of it in and as coaches our job mr. nudge them in the right direction and guide them. We don't control and there they determine their own faith and I don't feel like we've focused well and all the last month. And it just seemed like the right thing to do and I thought they communicated really well together and they drove some nice plays in the room who's a good night for the guys. You're listening to warriors. Won 95 cents. Orders wrapped up by Arlo Smartphone security just exit on the hill from oracle retail orders when it. 12983. Over the Phoenix Suns and Sam you've heard basic coaches interview brought by Walnut Creek. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram works eating is simple on line while the creek cheap dot com. You hear Steve her explain it bare spot stated that he felt hey this is. The players team he wanted to give them a little bit of freedom that he he thought hey they did its job. Called some plays drawn a few up that looked like Steve Kerr with setting. The lineup as far as the rotation and who was going to be on the floor coming out of each time out but he was like the players actually get in there and and drop the plates come and I'll. I'm a little disappointed we exceed Nick Young a case like EP. Drop play him a little disappointed that I hardly buy outs and nobody called the fight. Klay Thompson and drop any plays or what about pat a call through the whole team only cats beat we had nineteen points by the yet he shot a reporter tonight Katie who. By the way start as well. And places her Mark Green so I wanted to see the whole team it beat it. Hit it at coaching here but as the merger Margaret kind of halt. Decreased sport in the second half there a picture of bill McKee but he was this was an assistant here but it does with the tactic by Steve Kurt. Lighten the mood up and help the player about the way it worked the debate forward and it in the right here in otherwise dreadful game because I felt terrible. They were at the earthquake recorded to a that certainly in the upper quarter so it makes the game entertaining at least from Mars and expose the talk about what the talk about your breakdown ticker rolls if the Phoenix that's about it. Well it clearly work because not look at it. Step and carry its usual 22 overcast beat up the start cast beat three separate for the first time in 2000. He was seven for ten. He was a plus 218 scored nineteen points. Nick Young. Expect to be treated the it. He's back executed hit it spot today is if this stat that just tells the story and I as far adds. Steve girl allowing the players to essentially coached this team. Nick Young was eight team high plus 34. Was he lost 34. At sixteen point it was five and got shots at 3%. He took some shots to you give it shots. How about this JD group quickly about that call wouldn't play in the second half. He made his first three. It's going to gates gave this fifteen straight. For a night and he was aggressive tonight it's almost like he was back in Las Vegas plants normally bats bomb on notice loses basically spit game at 590. Request should go back down a Santa Cruz where in the G leak here it was aggressive. Hopefully we see that touch call here after the all star record Spartacus and confidence back article slacker either he was targets in Iraq we kept direct action. Estimate bought it that quarter of their respective quarter each shot with confidence there was no hesitation using sheep actually caught kind of think about it. Let it go nothing but net tools could seep out and caught at least gain some confidence here this. Yeah it was and it's a good run in that. Early party even the first half. For pat caught up this huge game for all caps beat. Because there's been murmurs about the warriors really explored the buyout market and looking for players. That could maybe help them down the stretch of this season and overcast we just hasn't looked healthy. For the better part of a month to the point where you start to look at. This warriors team and is. OK if there it adds some but he on the buyout market note Joseph Johnson and Marco Belinelli signed elsewhere it's Tyreke Evans or somebody else. If at a player let me yes attract the play right. And questions are asked who is that player going to be an ID Caspian was himself on the short let's give you a cost act. He apparently though he's got it and Nick Young. You know. East a look at your pain five million dollars to this year and I pick a lot of the players like happen around and locker rooms I think. Well maybe Nick Young would've been on the short list. May be over Casspi would have been at the front of that shortlist AP proved himself to still be physically unable. To perform tonight Casspi showed. That he had a little bit left in the tank. The big question though coming out of this one is disrespectful. Or not that there. 888957957. Or etiquette to call in just a moment but I know we heard from Steve Kirk let's hear from Phoenix Suns head coach jade tree on now. You hustled down to the suns' locker room. I'm as you do it typically at united night out basis of the visiting locker room. And you've got the question off but Digi tree on gallop out. This being disrespectful or not let's hear that. The amusement when. Through everywhere there goes your you have to do you have the build your own. If you think that helps them. It's sad to me the suns were not a thing. At least it coach Dietrich Ottawa not what are ties with the collapse Cherie don't leave it its batteries there. That you know we everybody FC announced quarter. Talk about its editorial spurs now pop it's sometimes gets reports its physical well let's assess decode it's it's what if Mike Brown went cold in the night. Straight mockery of Andre Iguodala in the first quarter. In other with David West in its ability in this warmup doing it so I own goal. You know with body language to meet eighty exits open as the before that it had your instincts like that it became Eagles now that. Have nots in itself. If she's in this back and play as they lawyer that is typical air that is up to lie Erica split look. It's got bigger issues here they're yanking the case blown out every day with us that lucas' dropped who has. For former before I did if that's what our offices by forty or more pointless. The rest didian BA hats for losses it ignited edited without doubt that a book about to put up right here. Eight points to a warriors team they story to report to if towards. 20180. I mean they have bigger issues airplay. I would feels like the files were Phoenix. Uniform and. 888957957. Note Tripoli 579570. It's warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security. John Dick accident Vontae hill from the Crown Royal club inside ORACLE Arena let's get to the phones in Tokyo. In Oakland Antonio you'd join us here on 957 game what's up Antonio. Katie. Yeah I want from the suspect's army has the chance to do in order to. Futures swing factors include thirteen Carter. I mean you know the right game do against Phoenix you know I mean they wouldn't have been so much mr. king of course play out on the team. But I mean maybe this would be the spark that would mean there and a three game. Fifteen. We're about 15 eastern united spurred by at least it's in between now and martial arts between. I did much org six or they've been in on the group. Not right by tension wears along but at least fifteen now they went to reform their own man panic Mo on. In all swear by it has split. Sold out now they went back 46 and it's disrespectful right. On our right is solid competent now it's something you know. Worked their way anyone who wins. Don't go quickly. What do the Phoenix it's. It's got to remember a few years ago when Iraq to corporate report record and its sequel gate where record it's back aboard Jackson days. Any day into tweet about Somalia you certificate or was it basically two totally opposite you're not gonna break records not to when it. How to FL. Well yet government and or that. You felt this spell it right. I Antonio Bennett the comment. I had a deployed the flip side if you aren't happy that an elaborate yet. If that's the flip it open. It up all that that's expected but. That's what a lot of people where these notes about it is now. They didn't and then after the ball game like you say teacher out of body languages side. He owned it he said hey if that's with speaker feels he's got a view that's fine and Steve are explaining it we'll get to this momentarily. And Steve Kerr sixteen just flat out I haven't reached them for. Me you just economic coach use our secure enough. To be able to do that that we heard from Antonio. And we hear from the fans it's brought to you by nation's giant camp workers keep it real. Make it nation's 88957957. Note Tripoli 95795702. Things surprised me. Two things surprise to me. Actually won that one of them really surprise me one of them didn't really surprise surprise at all that much. It was up that speakers that are it will tell you about it or is wrap up rolls on percent of by Carlos mark on security and by seven games. Horrible actually. Gonna play in an effort in the second option had two guys in the wrong place on the board. And I actually got delaying game could have shown this scrambling so. He's kind of I guess of IS and appreciate the process of revealing just a little yourself politicos. Controlled the game they gave the game plan. And lock in and tendencies. Phoenix players and there's just no guinier Mira to put. You're listening to war years rap on 957. To gains. And we are presented by our lows Smart home security warriors wrap us John assistant and Vontae hill with you the warriors when it. 12983. Over the Phoenix but you hear from Stefan curry there staff had his shot with a white sport cub an out of half time and and how about that delay gave add a couple of guys in the wrong place on the board gives you differed appreciate it you can beat it. You could be a two time it's good to get a PP you can beat a great show. Off on. It definitely you could draw upper level quality that they're Fredette what they always say the greatest players make it worse by the work of it or two year. Ask Michael Jordan hare yeah policies that curry ever become the coach. It becomes that stayed home that maybe what is its. All the players for what about so that curry who eat the guy's history. Of the best of well because the worst mark in probably at the August here as as a coach tonight but all of that this oats. They're best Tutsis while it. Trademark green had the job for a good portion of the second half I'm just looking at the second half score. And it's 67 to 38. Civil war that way I either realize Phoenix or experts will point to the fourth quarter yet though no date date date. Again and that's the other thing you look at all these guys I mean it did speaker make the right call of course he made the right call. Casspi played well Nick Young played well pat caught at a revival. They had a huge lead and they didn't give up the wheat and made all of the puck to go to for the warrior the only at twelve spurt over right. I did you look at this thing may hit eleven threes they defended the three at. At oak avenue look it was the right call or not all of the usual problems. For the Golden State Warriors. Or not problems that. What took these JD maybe they don't meet Steve Kirschner a coach that can go ahead with a tentative about Steve her. And as I agree producer Lucas just thought at Texas. They're now know what doctor Mark Green so maybe they don't need to Mark Green the play just atom cults does that Steve Kerr kind of be a consultant on the silent. One thing about dream on dream now. He looked the part he dug at you yeah it is with the game where he obviously wants to get a play due to the injury look at the coaches spiked to eighty the high grade B boy to point out that it's our right there. That's. Box and I'll sprained left. Expect your kept him now that he was used to that fingertip they call it. Walking up the Dallas sideline but I this game was strong it was wrong coaching game was strong. My biggest surprise though. JaVale McGee on the MacBook core anchored the best computer week. That it would outrage and the shooter ran it would tolerate it was the guy. On the film taken guys threw it. Was that more was a commitment of wire walk. A lot of walk for development in the films that are out lap. The rule does not. Erupted in laughter here is that's a couple of things that make sense now distribute it to you this morning. She ran its Hartley in these eight these racial granted 4511 o'clock. And usually when you show a lot. Org practice they'll duke it here. Through the doors guys running around shoes squeak and occasionally it'll be you know he'll hit Il here's a that advocates the wall that you hear what sounds like a basketball practice go on through. The doors well. Today it was quite at one point simply to announce it and it started yet in this was probably close to claw so clearly now. It makes sense that Steve Kirk had a product together and told a couple of guys this is what were cute today. Answer he gave some time to run through it in get organized and put it together and indeed it the other interesting thing was. You do that dream on probably wasn't gonna play too because the warriors are going to be careful with the academy injury. But whatever but he was let in shootaround this morning off that aside was speaker. Chat which rate by injury in my junior was with them either they are evident in or have a chat. And it looked like it was kind of a series yet unthinkable talking about technical 1008 talk about make it juries rested but I'll bet. But they were actually talk about. Coach eke it out until the second quarter excited about it into the whole first quarter which all of for the game in this sweatsuit and outside. Quarter break first quarter and secure Mark Green walk away for us locate him to Tokyo to execute. It would just as surprised as well experts Sandra ala. Articles in the first order and wait wait OK at Lanier and it is kept on on on. David West or go to public focuses on the court order out butlers oh. A fun night frequency words advocates in the two tickets defeated. It step quicker that he was the worst coach at its between dream on and dollars that that's coach my personal favorite park debut my personal favorite was David West ought to radio series builds boats here with that Demeter woody at the clipboard. All right let's get to our why it gain which has rocked by American Express route partners of the Golden State Warriors. Granted the streets sixty seconds reported to prevail. It was a good night for JaVale McGee another bird dogs I have lost their team is seven points in a while it's interesting to. You would get us JaVale McGee his good nights he doesn't blow you away all on the stat line. That he hears a lot of a lot of his better nights have been two for four. In 067 points couple of blocks. He always Dixon that twelfth the four minute range he got to stands tonight. I got that first run there in the first quarter effort Zaza Pachulia David West got his normal run but that's a JaVale decertified is way back into the rotation. Much the wake of the bomb blew it was in the rotation. Before that. That topic to a Saturday night after the spurs game where you know he had that says hit seven points as you mentioned JD played seven minutes to the tune the Gregory barracks. Good energy efejuku McKee he's flying around adults still make some mistakes on the defensive end of the court. But he's bringing that energy that we saw from JaVale McGee last year does talk to a Mercury game Saturday night after they beat San Antonio awards that is. It felt just talked about staying right how he's not lose our focus our own self motivated. And I think after the tree daylights that he was going to situated pivot out of concern Burris a picture of a legit concern that. I may be out of here because he did silent diplomacy lawyers wait and see it look like he was gonna have to move on from Golden State but he still been around. It out of the rotation but the bright and not being treated at ease them up a little bit. Help the relaxed now he's playing with that energy the last couple games here so good seat belt McKee because they needles minutes was not awestruck and at times eighty. Haven't else. Nice little reform of the personal Javelle McKee and help team tremendously last season. It was that it go to C lawyers championship the second in three years so she development keep bringing that energy was a good time eagles' first play off the bits of. Warriors wrap up percent of by Carlos Smart home security John tickets and bunting hill after the warriors get it done against the Phoenix Suns at oracle tonight. 129 to 83 is your final score 889579570. AAA 9579570. That's warm Mike in San Francisco checks in on the phone lines Mike you're a 95 cent in the game. Yeah I'll take director Michael like Japan casket during the warriors and I stirs a world where I stay or get denied. What could be argued at great ballplayer. They're great basketball mind and they have mine. Got him to do with organization and what kind of your dream about it and deployed in the energy commission can intercepted here like that Jameer on the coaching level and the world war now. What did you bring out. You acknowledgment either don't know or you did bring. Put out to seniors are pretty classical ensemble. And doubt. Ensemble music go to war where it's not having conductor. There's been. Educational accurately or not I'm not saying that because teachers at that level curriculum out joke part but in terms of letting her classroom in itself. For a while in the designated subject. It's an experiment where I think it's quite why don't we have dealt one man that the to owning on all you want and look what happened. Sent out. Mike thanks for the phone call it looked it clearly worked hello pot music that doctor gourd. Steve Kerr of the Meister these kids there with the conductor. There. Steve Kerr having looked Steve Kurt has the pulse of this team he knows I mean he's been through it before he's been through it before as a player. He's been through it as the warriors in he said this last year. This warriors group. The guys that have been here since 2014 to look it it's Stefan curry and ops he was here before Q that's quite concentrate on green. It would dollar's been here for the whole championship run John Livingston here for the championship Ryan. Kevin Durant who's now won a championship with the warriors. You look at it in those guys have basically seen. Everything. They've set an NBA record in terms of wins in a regular season they won a championship. They lost. In possibly the most gut wrenching fashion. You possibly could with a 31 lead in game seven on your home for war. Where the game's tied with a minute and a half to go if I mean I don't care or maybe give me but point is they've seen it all good and that. Would you have a team that scene at all ball good and bad. I think it is harder to get up and continually. Oh. Absolutely and as of February game it gets worst teams in the NBA not the worst year. The Phoenix so yeah this topic you know when we talked about this all tied JD. We inflated retreated BA finals played Ortiz beat our regular season games always beat our polls indicate. Who have played them for not giving up about you know it's their job to get up and play hard every cable. You can't release and that message every single night will be staying played over her gave each of the last four years. So get up for game because of Phoenix but that takes a little. It takes different tactics here and try to do it in epic that's what Steve Kerr has expressed here but we gotta read this quote Cheney. Christening its its interest with this out. He spoke Jerry dealt the Jericho we said this about Steve Kerr a lab and its players a coach quote. It's also lacquer respect our opponent and maybe right now we don't deserve respect when you keep getting beat by forty he won't respect you but it's up. Up to us to change that. Yeah well. We figure that don't we tries did you ever will take it as disrespectful your battery in the NBA would take it as disrespect our Sam Mitchell on the PA TP go ballistic. All of British tactic here assault people cross to lead to a degree looks he hurt it at night but Steve Kirk opens to eat better than anybody out there yet. John tickets and Vontae hill warriors wrap up percent of by Arlo Smart home security will hear from old pre cast beat. It's John Dickinson boxing hill rolled on your after the warriors won twenty I 83 win over the Phoenix Suns. McCall looks ahead great pastor can really. Non. 88306. It's time. Actually has given go down to cast straight burglary. The town. Doreen. Marines normally. You're listening to years rap pop on 95716. That might be. Ecstatic that I rate the facts you know ask you know three pointer. At December. About a month a month in December for. Two days ago. December it. Our spots where that's at. I thought oh it's late night club a little one on. Yet we import your thought on monster working out and KGB December 14 my goodness what when what the heck am I look at I am trying to figure out who the heck they played so much for fourteen months without a reporter. But nearly two bucks Valentine's Day but were fourteenth this Wednesday. One out. Or I've been yet Dallas Mavericks were at oracle. Warriors went at night. 129 to 83 over the Phoenix Suns. And the orange still have a few more games ago against the Phoenix Suns the wheel or back. Against the Phoenix Suns and that's a team that they've just been able to wallop. Andy do it again and I won when he 9083. The final was a get well team. For a number of players. I think he go up and down overcast we certainly want. I think it was a Nick Young get well game and it was also Patrick McCaw will get well game tonight four of six looked confident with a shot. Only polygamy and it's because this was the fifth day in a row. That after a college point between the Golden State Warriors on. Thursday Saturday night plates in occurs on Friday and Sunday. And if this lights that indicate that gets a few players on track advocates call on track. If it shows the Caspian Nick Young are still playable. That it's all worth it. House staff we whales could you call the aggressive at some point about the percent in nine points there. All of the first half seven minutes 44 seconds. He played tumors grew from a call for Caspian get the start nineteenth and that really sort of work. Worry about him how is still injured is there's something that's really nagging him to where he's now. Up to be in a 100% here treaties so if he can't speak about the Smart we know Nick Young lives for games like this I mean we've problem all season long he still people for. Marijuana is the blow out teams more sort it will plates I've sort of took a shot is connected hero like. Kill a lot of basketball that's why TP four yeah slight EP plus 34. Highs plus one at the vet plus byte of the night plus 34 it's like the. That's actually replace the only cast be it as adamant. As nick yacht that I noticed what I agree more Nick Young or older or. Circle that highlighted in Orange. Age right orange. And see that box score and articulate. He lost thirty report recorded act on apple here and ask. I thought about this protects the pop loses. I don't know way ticket about the buyout market a lot of water for its outlook for the past week. Brigade of Marco Belinelli back out west typical Aussie warrior but the other guy. Who's out there I wonder if he has Jews left. If you're not asking this guy at least fifteen minutes or whatnot but he's down to Brazil right now planned professionally. As Leandro Barbosa. I'm not sure but now one Nazis laugh. And I just don't see where he would add him to attract somebody else. And it no disrespect to Barbosa at this point but. Are you tell me or post is going to be better than no recast better than Nick Young stuff this and I know that as the most Nick Young really struggle right here. The Barbara Olson is probably just that it's even though he products Chrysler on the I'll stick but because we're talking about all these days about by now players in this patent mark the ballot that we really does depressed. About that sparkled. He's similar to Nicky out. A lot away rights I mean he just becomes in the Andy's got a better handle. I get a better handle the cookies. Government shot he didn't like a 18 in India at an almost have to be reined in and in that respect so I don't. He's probably a more efficient players and nick young and a great defender either. My whole thing when I look at the just the roster composition. I would ten to one key cast. By who you'd getter eat it for eat it at guard but if you want to get guard. To be almost Meade Casspi is an insurance policy because he can play. The three and the four spot it's kind of like it. Kevin Durant goes down like it last year and all of a sudden they were happy haven't called her out on the team right but what Durant went analyst going to be down. They didn't have a 34 that they acted. Divert from the original one and great aunt walked Matt Barnes out. Because they just need a body they feel that type of position and overcast he feels aren't. Let's hear from all of recast the post game it was a tremendous game for him nineteen points evident and shooting at ten rebounds a couple of this this. A plus 218 the warriors win over the science here's overcast. Who hounding you was this every game where you get a spot start to get a lot of minutes succumbed to try to run yourself back in or. He's always it's always good. You know last month or so. You know analyze you know accord with injuries and things ignored and you know it's tough to him is running through my oil and you know I had to make some adjustments and then. Is spotted on open them felt like guys found me early to some some easy ones to go on and you know put a lot of effort into. You know cost is in the form Warren and shoot him with a reason he has here has come to practice you know simulate an equipment on issue more and get back into. Being more toys used to do you know and then. And it it cunning and wearing a so so you know time you know on the wrong on the fly and it's been it's been you know tough. But it is what is boring game and I'm happy that you know of course tourist close trusted me today and to walk out there and and compete and you know focused. Perugia think of Steve's decision to turn over the two players I was very. I'm just. And double. You know morning session and video and com. You know we talked about it up. Teaming up sitting and men in any always say you know in his in his words that this is our team and we should take accountability for everything is going on firearm. You know on an hour or greater guys only have so many Smart basketball minds in our our teams are. These guys really used that for there. Great opportunity to just to run things that I can and see different things it was great. That caught your. Your performance at a meeting. And just Hickory kids out there and you look at the Athens and how about making actors. It's great because it's so you know it's. It's amazing isn't so gruden Horrow. Amazing human beings there are you know it's. You've seen this on TV and if it well maybe it's statements about those guys are amazing and and to prove its clever guys alongside them and in order of mourning to practice since the hours they work and and so. Put them you know they they made the game easy for me and for all of us and no means does that sort of program and in. The third. If you know the real thing was were on this program is Earl and risen and all stars and and be champions and in his doesn't present one another and shooting at pocono so it was fun. What was your online with a clipboard front hat during the Clinton value. If you run that ended it as an decode there again fighters. But that you know. You know that I appreciate the support and respect you know probably wouldn't catch. It was quickly you know and one of the eviction action news when he Philippine. That could have a future in the real. Have a lot of different things and almonds for a human being you know. Smart and a lot of different things going on in our you know as the game better than anybody I've been around and have a lot of different ages. Hopefully it will pay equity ounces so it's different. Good stuff there from all recast me on a positive night for him at 27 minutes just under 27 minutes point 645. The nineteen point night in warriors won 29 83 win over the Phoenix Suns. And want portico pot today 44 in thirteen with one quarter ago before finally we hit the all star break it's going to be up in Portland. Debut weather's been playing it well. It's always a fun atmosphere up there are a lot of warrior fans like to make the trip up to the Pacific northwest it and check out the warriors and the blazers chipped it got what my question should. Be a fun game as you mentioned Libya where I was playing well dropped it in Sacramento. Late last week that it is get blown out by you talk you talk to ask. Went up to Portland and this is probably what the hottest team in the NBA right now led by rookie. Donovan Mitchell out of Louisville sort of be a fun one before the break towards using play well they're Portland but before that widget. Yet be a lot of fun that's gonna wrap it up for us this show flew by while I wanna thank everybody. Involved in the program tonight wanna think he'll lose Lucas Alexander. And Alex Scott and Tommy call was it their help and out as well for Ponte hill I'd jot tickets and you can catch on tape back obviously with pop but to. RO like six hours ago nude itself why aren't. As well hopefully because of the accidents and I wrote your book are these sweet people. But it's gonna get some sleep warriors take tomorrow off that means I get to take tomorrow off so it's a good day for me as well. I've fake everybody warriors wrap up and by Arlo Smart security.