Warriors Wrapup 12-30-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, December 30th

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 141-128 victory against Memphis on Warriors Wrapup.


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The lights around the team is over. You're just getting started. Yes sports station 957. Good evening everybody welcome. Who warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security math assignments along with you from ORACLE Arena. Where. Quite a show was put on here by staff Currie in the Golden State Warriors they beat the Memphis Grizzlies tonight 141128. But that was only part of the story. Most of the story tonight was the returner Stefan curry. After missing eleven games and water return it was 38 points in 26. Minutes for staff curry. Thirteen for seventeen from the field from field from the field and ten for thirteen from three point range. Staff curry came back with a buying and also what he did. Is he lifted up his teammates. They scored a season high. They score 141 which is the most points they have ever been scored against. The grizzlies franchise and it goes back all the way to Vancouver. So the Golden State Warriors played one on the grizzlies tonight curry wasn't the only one who's good idea why he had help Klay Thompson with 21. Kevin Durant with twining Zaza Pachulia tonight seventeen points eight rebounds six assists he was six for six from the field. And if you get him the idea that the warriors rolled tonight you would be absolutely. Correct 59%. From the floor. 55%. From three point range. And they were 23 for 25. From the foul line. In other words the warriors shot shot the ball pretty darn good tonight and you know war. What's amazing is if you look at the Memphis Grizzlies statistics. You would see that as a team they shot 52%. From the floor. And from three point range the Memphis Grizzlies went fifteen for 21. 71%. From beyond New York with 21 attempts. And you know what they were never really in the game they hung in there. It was double figures maybe ten to eighteen most of the night but they never threatened. And yet the warriors could never really put it away in fact staff curry had to come back into the game late. To stave off any kind of shenanigans that the Memphis Grizzlies might have been up to. 8889579570. Is the number word take your calls and talk about this one. And talk about it a lot because it's worth talking about. There was something different here tonight at ORACLE Arena. There was just some then about staff Curry's return so that when something about the way he played there was an excitement here tonight. That was missing. For most the last two or three weeks. And usually when you anticipate. A game like you do tonight a lot of times you disappointed. You knew curry was gonna be ought to minutes restriction. Maybe you thought he was gonna be rushed the baby thought he eased his way back into. Into things a little bit but not at all 38 points in 26. Minutes he was ten for thirteen. From three point range and ask and it begs the question. What what would make staff curry rusty. How would he become rusty play how long we have to sit out. Before. He played a game and it's me and you know what I was rusty I gotta I gotta get back at it. The bottom line is the shot didn't look any different. He didn't look any different he looked. Every bit the staff Currie. We knew. Before this game the ankle looked fine there was one play. One play in the second half. Where he got caught up underneath and then he took a fall near the Spansion. And it looked like maybe there was. Some kind of tweak or something like that. But that he buried a three and ran up to the other end. As quickly as anyone on the court. And so there was no need to worry about that at all the other big story. Right mind green he was ejected with 945. Remaining in the second quarter. He picked up two technical fouls. The first one. Was a technical foul because he did foul player but he wanted the felt would be before the shot and they gave they gave the the player to shot now. Straight months archer but a little bitty got a technical for now and that on a play. Shortly there after he got called for a foul and he gave the the wave the wave off of the official and a lot of times that won't get too technical now. But it did it got during in my agree technical file which was in second which is an automatic ejection was equipped. It was quick I thought. But then again. Sometimes in a player's reputation precedes him and Raymond green picked up two technicals that night he's now got ten. Which is the most in the NBA aided 89579570. Is the number but take your calls. Right after this break you listen to warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Marmol security. It's. You're listening still four years wrapped box on 95 X sixteen. And welcome back to warriors wrap up presented by our Los mark home security the Golden State Warriors beat. The Memphis Grizzlies tonight 141128. It was behind their current 38 points and it's time right now for the play of the game brought you by American Express. Proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. Yeah. Drury. Dribbling out this old man came up. And it's. Mark as the old man. We're very wise. All right Seth Curry. Did to mark your soul tonight what he did do Rudy go bear. Earlier. The cease that I believe put him in this so called blender. It was the playoffs it was a classes. You know listen. Curry was phenomenal tonight unbelievable 38 points and ten for thirteen from three. Or markets all I mean. Isn't that what it guard like staff curry supposed to do to the law center like Marcus hall and shouldn't shouldn't have expected that. I mean I blame GB Vickers dale for. Allowing markets soul on the island that he let a mall on with stuff curry there are mixed after he can do that. This small forwards let alone. Big cells. But there was absolutely no doubt that would step Perry did tonight was brings something to this arena that's it's really harder to describe. House staff curry makes things a little bit different but let's listen to Steve Kerr because he tried to tell you why staff curry makes this the special. He brings something different than anybody ever asks to be honest with you it's been funny guys who. Dominate a game in different ways. You think of Shaq her. You know overpowering people at Michael Jordan. Combination of power and skill and tenacity. But nobody's ever talk to the floor like stuffed so at such a deep. Range. Men with such incredible ball handling skills so it's it's crazy what. What he does to the defense you know as a coach you try to come up with a scheme of forcible and a certain areas and shrink the floor and got all these expressions are coaches use. It's just kind of blows all it's about the water schemes kind of go go awry when cents on the floor because it's hard to account for. 35 feet. Perimeter space rather than Torre finally most people I don't remember anybody ever. Impacting the game the way that stepped us in that regard. And then you add juicy entertainment value you could hear the building tonight and and Terry just looks better. The food and there's entities that are tonight. I wife's Kennedy's even better looking than she already is my kids are going to be happy it's. Staff just you know he has that impact. You know it's just. The story it has he's a franchise player for a reason and it's it goes. And you know on and on and off the court and what he does for its franchises just crazy. That was the coaches that are you brought to you by Walnut Creek creek creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram were saving too simple off line at Walnut Creek G. Dot com with all due respect. To both staff recovery. And Steve Kerr I can think there's one other player who tilts the floor like staff courier or who tilt to the floor like step curry. And that would be meadow lark lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters if you can remember it Emeka. Look shot from half court at a pretty high rate so that's the only other player. That I would be able to compare to stay factories in terms of range would be meadow lark lemon. And I say that half kidding Lee. But not really. Because there's never been a player that I've seen. Who could shoot the ball as accurately as factory from as far away from the basket as staff period when he can do that. It makes. Him virtually on go portable he doesn't have to have Allen Iverson quickness. If he can make you guard him for 35 feet out on the floor. That that shot that thirty footer 25 footer thirty footer is the foundation of his team. And if you let him shoot it. He'll beat you and if you try to take it away from him he's got ways to counter. Let's go to you I hear from the fence right now brought to you by nation's giant hamburgers keep it real. Make it nations let's go out to our dates dates league ORACLE Arena what's up Dave. Wall of water and yeah and I that. I mean it was pretty pretty amazing. A twenty year season ticket holder in a lot of game is together or in the in the oil wanted to banquet is that. How lucky are we to be warrior fans right now we've got curry in this incredible collection apart they have. I mean that was something else tonight and it really is indicative of that. Big incredible thing going on of that team in general I think Curry's are from the C with a credible. What I gain tonight I felt so fortunate to be there. What you know what are fortunate but you know also as a twenty year season ticket holder. You burned it because twenty years we take you back to what 1997. And that was right at the start of a long trial. That the warriors and it didn't end until we believe in my feeling is that anybody who lived through that period of time was affair of the warriors then. You have every right to enjoy. It deserved this one because these these seasons because. You put in so long hard years back in the late ninety's and early 2000. It's coach rubric Curry's game really you know you'd follow all poitier Curry's game really it's something elevated something yard gain big game and we're all really lucky to be witnessing here you know. Yeah I mean you and your right thanks for the call Dave I mean. It's. I just. You know I've watched basketball for effective dates in decades. And I come the ORACLE Arena 41 times a year and a night like tonight. And tell India I shook my head eight times tonight. Just. And it's it's out of it's out of law. It's out of it's just out of the end mesmerized by how old war this guy can shoot the ball from the basket how effortlessly. He can shoot it from thirty feet out he's issued its reach the skit from that far out. And he's able to do it he's able to do it offered dribble he's able to do it wanna catch and shoot he's able to do it. Quit so that he can get the shot off over players his own size hurried and players. Who were bigger than him. And the thing that that's the hardest I think to explain. To maybe. A fan who. Never played the game is that. With staff curry brings the ball the court and he crosses half court. You have to start guarding him there and the mere fact that you got to pick him off right there. Is different. Than virtually every other player that's ever play the game I mean this is the NBA. Usual pick up the guy until he may be. Starts coming up on the three point line. And you might say what's the difference will two huge difference because then that defender is forty feet out on the floor. Instead of him being 25 feet out on the floor. And so if he's twenty feet further out on the floor ten feet or fifteen or whatever it is it means that everything. Is more spread out than normally would be the case. And the more you spread the game out the U securities disc war. Five or five is the toughest. To score in basketball. When you play four on four it gets a little easier when you play three on three it's. Much easier to score when you play two on two it's simple and when you don't want player one on one with somebody that's the easiest but still Currie. He. Bastard guys is the game is what he does that's what he does when you're playing five on five the warriors. It's almost like they're playing four on thwarts truly truly remarkable let's go to Blair Blair is in Maine. Like Bangalore. Nadal almost in me. Denver's got a and Tom Friedman but as I walked outside and be negative. Forward rate now. I was. You know I think for. Stuff during warm joked that I hunt. I don't. Additional highlight they can't watch it because then need to be didn't do leaky and aren't going to be area. So absolutely bombed because that satellites to Denver Nuggets game but I did some highlights it will only take one thing you talk about Perry. Eight nobody can guard will not. See you don't want gardens because these guys are very pro choice he felt like is that. And it just curry put on a show for anybody. And then I I just I can't waiver. Within players Celtics or Purina. And that's an additional I mean everybody's got to show up they're gonna dot org or arena. Courage in the put on a show and all. They Blair got a question for you. Questions for you to Denver win that game. Yeah it lasts. Really liberal they were like well I. Yeah they lost I believe they have lots I mean you know one thing I want to ask you is there. Don't quit yet actually know where. They. So we just played Boston. It begins it's going to be note Nellie in saint. Last wise is curry missed a lot of shots while I don't know in the slot but. They do is get me I don't know I want to do I want curry did do what it does which made. A budget create shots that I would never say to myself and I. Now of course you would I but got chuck Blair gets you. Ask me questions answered yeah it's going to be close game like it's going to be close game here oracle. Although the wordplay like it is tonight. They can be touched. I would come back we're going to be joined by John Dickinson 957 the game reporter Ross who takes more your calls you listen to warriors wrap up. Presented by Carlos Markel security. Kurt hasn't on the far side gets very easily put takes a three match. Doubt very ramp back to curry on the base site comes in dribbled lovely petroleum bounced back with its very vocal. Curry is briskly out there. Eleven points the second quarter eighteen in the game three of we're going to put up put down. Most guys you're saying you know when they come back maybe he'll struggle a little bit to find a rhythm he you don't. You don't say that about staff. Because all it takes is one and he can be Hilton. You're listening to warriors wrap up on 95 separate McCain. Welcome back to warriors wrap up presented by our lowest mark home security about five minutes now joined by John Dickinson 957 game. Reporter and we're talking about staff Curry's. Terrific terrific performance in the warriors won 41128. And over Memphis. JD you know. We talk so much about the warriors and we try to dissect every. Possible thing we can and sometimes you and I. Talk about how man sometimes it just sounds like. All you do was praised the warriors all you do is say this guy's great and that guy is great. Which you know hood. On a night like tonight staff Currie the warriors deserve every bit they did and then some because what he did tonight was just. It's it's almost preposterous to have this kind of shooting night on a night when you just came back from injury. Look like he didn't even miss a day. And unreal Annika I was out for weeks that look like he'd even missed a game. Not only does he go for 38. Least 13%. And you know he's. Ten for thirteen from three guys who can't hit and had a thirteen from the free throw line. With nobody garden of he hit more three pointers that anybody's game it sees it. If you'd BA in his first game not plane in nearly a month it's absolutely amazing to all building at a different energy to it tonight. And I think it's a situation where. The warriors were Shia start to rack I think last I heard it about had enough I think last night and needed an infusion. Everything that he brings to the table last minute pregame show. With coach keeping you sit will appeal what do you expect what does he bring it sits whacked. Out. Tonight was just full blown staff and carries whack which leads to joy which leads to positive vibes inside this building. Yeah I mean. You just watch a game like tonight and he's he's he's virtually on our bull on a night like tonight because he's he can get a shot off so quickly. Even when it's contested it doesn't necessarily change the shot. If you know again I mean it to come back after almost a month off. Maybe three weeks or whatever was and they go ten for thirteen and your job market here and this but I always thought it would the other team did. Purpose was fifteen for 24 from. It's deeper joked that he said it's that victory makes. Everything better everybody better makes his wife more beautiful all these different date he said. Even made the grisly shoot the three ball better at night that the it was just raise. You know in every fat. Yeah it's pretty amazing the Celtics and call JB that's gonna Matt Sandra fell scored on Matt. I aria. Doesn't do great things. First. You know it's they've they've played so bad it was that there I think in large part because. They don't and defender off the grill I mean call it looks so much smoother shooting the ball and it because he's a couple he was contested pretty strongly that a lot of the time. Get the kind of looks but he didn't get is that there are any justice that prevalent. This thing is and that is sort of I guess but it's possible negative. Do a couple games. Seem to be in the quality offense. The way it usually is I think complaint or iso all the steps and instead of color. And the last night Evelyn what about that tonight I know it got twenty. But it didn't it didn't look like he was in the quality in the way a lot of the other guys work. Gaza lies in enclave particular I don't know but maybe caddies played with step again. Well what but that was the one sort of things technically what grade and watch him at that does them and other guys. The one where it's like 7172. Port twenty games 75 when it. Our bases special. What we're saying and I saw my dynamic is like he's done and about just how fortunate we are. Wanted to people I would compare that do it this is not really Erica you played four games as cyclical problem bring that niners that sort of get prepared that the team and I know that it a big difference between the duke at the duration but just don't think it's certain players certain. Teammate to bring to the rest their team and it's really special when it happens in and out of that package that it was owned you'd get it may want to quarters. Yeah thanks a lot of the call Matt appreciate yep drop bloke in. As long as terrorism niners are going to be in the business that's for sure it's amazing unity today to have that kind of comparisons. Being made all ready. About drop below to the point but you just look at what Curry's been you know it's done at this point in his career and really these last four years. But wait he's raised his slate it's kind of funny have. You know curry compared to drop below compared to care right right at it you know I asked for the ring. I don't wanna make a big deal out of two games I think last game I should say last night which was last game just a little bit it just a little different. That the warriors as a whole were just sinks on fumbled the throw that went out last night. And you know in fairness. Sometimes when a player news. On fire like stepped couriers and let's let's be honest knew he scored 38 in 41 minutes. He scored 38 in 26 minutes so. When a guy's going like that. Well if you're good teammate. You're happy to just roll along with them until he cools off. And he didn't cool off and so each yeah I mean it's it's. John iced out over two point such. Yes John nice to have a he's playing or basketball when your kids what you played gains cut by yourself that you beat both teams. Why you always put myself on an NBA team beat that team's point guard. I'm the only other player that I've ever seen in the NBA who put up numbers like curry and I did it in minor games. I should that's kind of worry when it's like with the kids played a UK or whatever immense. This is. Oh what he's doing it and it's. That cannot play the or a month. And scored 38 points in 25 minutes to play apt to gain. Of seventeen shots and parents at and T shops and equities. Points per possession points per shot. That's over two points urged. Every shot it. It was basically buck. Yes there was let's go to Collette Collette collectively been oracle I think yet Qatar and a what's up Colette. They don't get over have partnered to your boat. Wanted to point something out everyone keeps meant to lose the track that structure is ankle injury cut back on. What what you Wear it and the more that rap that was round that was anger. And that was kind of liberty before it got back so when he got up on the board you'd probably feel better than he did. You know even before he injured his ankle and you know he was playing with so pat some fluidity. When he played one game. Which the left came it was the first lakers one day when you went out first entry at the majority of thinking it was going it was left is yet to alarm let it has. He was constricted with the action without right. And you know so he would gain was elevated as a result feeling better. And if you also look at the stock at Indian on the floor. Removed from the ball out better than. But last week definitely. The one the one place that is you're seeing if all that's that's been gone. Gibbons on oh in the courtroom but first top opera all between his legs could be viewed what that would wrap around. To get the three point line in using that the screen. It and passed it between his legs notebooks. Steps right there or more in depth in the report and we haven't seen that type of fluid in that out of them or they just. They just knew better one with opera whether shooting. Whether he's. Being double teams and setting up reform threes for them to be wide open somewhere. Are you are talked about in in the club where are you. Talk about so wide open he would shock. And it will do well for a second and one in the state of screening should. It just took it and with nobody. Thought. Via courier. Back a good note and yet it takes a lot for the call Colette appreciate yeah what you know he goes takes pressure off everybody else on the court one we watch out watch that which would care he said. I wanted to pass that keep matchup that it care they get. It's go on. Your act right that that he brings the house speaker. Didn't turn it over I don't know him well it's along the lines of what were talking about but it's a long light conversation. That we have from mark and it. In the early going sees. He single handedly in one game. Race it is three point 00. About forty. What wasn't and so we went from 38 line. You're up two points in one game tick over four. I mean that's next and from there that are we come back. We're gonna wrap it up from ORACLE Arena elicited the warriors wrap up present by Carlos Smart home security. Wow. Flying over. So it's always great. I'm going them offensively. A lot of that had to do with the gravity stuff in people. Jumping out of stuff deep on the perimeter and KD for that matter it's also his opinion and a pocket and doing a nice job. Catching swinging the ball scoring. And he had six assists. Despite so as those this fantastic in this. It's too bad it's just all this mine looks and the Zaza as long life he's just he's just saws we we like Arizona's. You're listening to warriors wrapped box on 957. Big game. Because Gaza and that was the voters because Gaza by the late last game. When they were. Promoting the warrior all stars the four all stars and they had the big heads. Yes and then Sox a two frigates timeout walked up next to a pretty funny Larry I was kind of like that it makes. Economist and make fun of the size of his opponent. He's got a Koreans and humor that really gave out so raven group to the warriors PR director was up here JD and stuff curry had one. Better shooting night and tonight his career and it was at Charlotte. He went fourteen for eighteen. That was the night that it bothers yours yet and then he went and he went eight for eleven from three that night so he was thirteen for seventeen tonight not quite as good overall but he was better from the three point line amazing to two more threes. Ample ten for thirteen. And the warriors into death sentence team yet Allen for a connect 83 and nineteen. Now the struggle this year calendar year. Oh that's right they had a great finish there had a great finish the last year during the regular season. They did it and yeah playoff loss yeah into that six stood at sixteen. It took twelve loss yeah right. It was yeah that's right well will now gone in at nine for the wealthy enough. Fifteen and fifteen in the college tour from curry he did some talking after the game what's your problem. When a logo does more new hours don't play basketball I guess that's a great show and have nothing to injury president respect to how blessed we all are gonna play this game not to take you for granted the opportunity that she gets it. Play gave that you love them for me especially just wash of my team is is Loeffler they've assumed assess our team and just want that feeling again and news on Ministry's press. Yeah it was pretty special he gave it to about 181000. Plus here and oracle and that is one thing again JD. I'm always. Reluctant to over praise. I don't know if you know that about me but. The building different tonight it was he just electric. It was actually what show but now. He's a shelled the areas he's he's a great player he's he's game changer. He's. A two time MVP. Champion. He's all of these things but above all of it. He's a show. You really hits you OJ theater. Hey yeah he had you know JD sometimes you talk about how their games during the regular season that are that are big gains in for example is the game. We're Philly played Oklahoma City they played and beat three overtimes it you know so it's a big game because indeed what. I expected him for it it's probably still affecting them to eat it exactly and tonight might be that kind of game for the warriors not. Not that things are gonna drastically change but it's kind of a reaffirmation. That. Not then to take away from the rant but this is Curry's team and and maybe the questions. Finally been answered that you know. Hurry is the guy that makes this thing go and clay is great in three months Creighton terrain that's great but the warriors are the warriors have Stephanie Wright the man. Well maybe it's time where curry isn't that guy anymore maybe like Tim Duncan won in San Antonio. But he's not given it up just yet there's no doubt about it. And I think it's always get a piece that we just by virtue of the fact that he was drafted here. And he was here when it was that and he went through the strike Delhi and Keith Smart. March accident and all all that kind of stuff that was a lot of great point so I think he's always gonna be. That guy and he's got it looked up the you'd never know professional sports mean Michael Jordan played on a different team but curry could be easily won those guys that played the entire career year. An end and is that. He is the face of what the warriors were error. And what they've become and maybe. What they go on to remain for a number of years it's much like. You know. Magic Johnson comes it'll lakers are winning championships will almost that you looked up thirty years. Later. And the lakers head. Two under 500 seasons and third I live right or two times dated may be the I would miss the playoffs like 35 years right win. And to this day people are comparing great players to match. Well people are going to be comparing. Players 25 years from now curry and people order and you know what. And I want this is a lesson for the younger generation right now help that that. Well when you compare her to somebody from the past mistakes Curry's much better a what you remember that 25 years from now when the next. Somebody like curry comes around and they said that was better than stuff curry you. Uh 025. Year old warrior fan when they're fifty. It's get a stick it up for a very tepid at exactly and and and rightfully so so then they should know what. Maybe guys moral outrage I think it. You just keep it on high notes are you wanna you wanna touch on two people agree you're no longer worried about the warriors often it's right now know was. Up. They know what they haven't had a roto white guys up. Let's go this and and what it while Perry camps back off. Start over I want from. Well I'll I need to see more I need some of the mayor now now there now obviously the warriors are different team was. It. Guide you it talks enter it on we can yeah you know here. Gaga get too technical and I got rejected I felt a ten on the season. Be honest I thought the second one was quick. Bought. It's it is and it is case where reputation precedes him and I think he's got a she can't win it he he's not gonna be able to win. Whiff. Rationalizations. Are saying he's being hit on the only way. Ray mine Greene wins. Is if he can somehow. It's keep this intensity. And yet not get on the officials. That's the only way can wait they're not gonna start. Changing the way they wrapped him. Because. He says they're ref in the wrong way he's got his start to go about it a little bit differently. Yet he does it speak tonight a prime example. A low. You just got stopped. You get the first technical Egypt have to stop. Can't wait your arm and that was the what was the reasoning given with the cattle waived his arm that because it's. Fair or unfair we had this conversation force it's sometimes it is. Sometimes it is unfair but the one thing that dream on green asked the past I don't wanna settler because it gets it but it's just. Bill that you are getting the benefit of the doubt because of URR. And Hispanics. But that's that's reality. Unfortunately he made himself. It's at that kind of a quarter were easily easily giving you think about victory boundary and ax the markets cousins as eight. Kevin Durant as eight. Eight Kevin Durant at some relief. Thoughtful words about the relationship between players and officials. It will notes that we like on the line. But the united need to be respect couple ways it forgot it as eight tax that he was measured and and it's just called purple and appropriate. But he. Though showed me last year in the playoffs but he's not gonna come unhinged to point were ever gonna cost the team. What matters most. Because he knows he may happen to that sixty. All right that's gonna do it for or warriors wrap up present about our low or Smart home security and and Barlow what a year it's been for Meehan or load JT I mean like improving your three point percentage. Yes that's my point by 2.2 percent curry went from 38. Point one to forty point three tonight one game so. But Arlo harms Smartphone security. You get notification on your phone you can find out what's called it your house when you're not there if you wanna communicate. With people in your house you can do that. Via the two way audio. Of the Carlos Smart home security system. Like I said it's easy to set up it's got a simple app can set up I've done it and I'm not a big guy but it's even easy for me. These cameras very simple to install. A very user friendly they're weather resistant you can put him outside your house inside your house seven day high definition storage. And it's just given me a little more stress free life and who couldn't use a little more stress free life. That's gonna do it from ORACLE Arena the warriors won 41 Memphis won 28. We'll see everybody next year thanks for listen.