Warriors Wrapup 12-29-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Friday, December 29th

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 111-100 loss to the Hornets on Warriors Wrapup.


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The lights around the team is over. You're just getting started here. Yes sports station 957. Good evening everybody welcome to warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Smart home security. That's died Mets along with you here at ORACLE Arena. Eight ended. Kind of a crazy one tonight when he certainly didn't expect the warriors got beat tonight by the Charlotte or as 111100. And the warriors were sluggish. A world lethargic. They were can careless. And that they were out hustled and they were outplayed tonight by Charlotte team that came in. Twelve and 22. And the number one reason why. The Charlotte hornets won the ball game tonight was because senator Dwight Howard was the best player on the floor tonight he was simply. Remarkable. He finished with 29 points that led everybody in this game we finished with twelve rebounds. More than any other player in the game and finished with seven assists more than any other teammate in this game. So Dwight Howard goes forty minutes tonight. Scorched 29. It's twelve rebounds seven assists in the warriors really didn't have an answer for him. They really didn't have anybody who guarded him well tonight Pachulia. Wasn't able to establish any candidate defensive presence against Dwight Howard Jordan bail for one of the few times this season looked. Look small and looked overmatched and maybe years against the player. Dwight Howard's size and stature. Play an unexpected outcome believe. Most people would think. Were tonight 111100. Loss 888957. 9570. Is that number if you wanna talk about this one. That the one thing. Has stuck out with me while stuff curry has been gone. And it might not be something that you've you've you've harbor. But I actually don't think the warriors have been playing that well since their factories gone down now I know they're nine and one. And it sounds ridiculous to say that they really haven't been close it but I think they've. They've gotten some favors. With the schedule. They play they play Charlotte they played Dallas they've played the lakers grizzlies lakers again they play you talk and then tonight Charlotte. Those are all beatable opponents tomorrow they've got Memphis coming in here so I I think that. Talk about the warriors as. Team that has learned to play without the factories or a team that's become a defensive juggernaut. Look when they play without staff calorie they're gonna feel. And they staved off that feeling for a long time during this Ron but they need to step curry. It tonight it was obviously he didn't look like themselves offensively. And they heard the ball over goodness gracious there turnovers tonight were. Very very costly eighteen turnovers. Led to 32 points and if you. Devices scenario. In which Charlotte would come in here it will ball game. I think. I think to produce the kind of numbers that Charlotte. Know what I mean by that Charlotte shot 46%. From the floor. Side six for twenty from three point range. Up in special 23 for 34. From the free throw line 67%. So. It's not like Charlotte came in here and played a perfect game they did. They came and played scrap game they came in here and played. A tough ball game and they play are but they didn't necessarily play well tonight all late did was play hard and play harder than the warriors was what got done. Tonight. Klay Thompson the warriors looked like they were gonna try to feed him early he got off to a great start tonight. I felt like they went away from them a little bit it'll almost looked like early in the game tonight. That the warriors were trying to yet clay go early. To the point where they wanted to see how high he could get that in. He came down when he quick points put. It's just kind of story. That could never get in saying there was always turn over. Around the corner they didn't shoot it as well as they normally do they only shot 46%. It's so they played in fits and starts. For most of the night tonight and they paid the price. And it was the second loss they've sustained without snickering in the Y yeah. Or at least they should say whether it's after starting line what line up doesn't matter. Ron. Too many games in too few days tomorrow against Memphis and Steve Kirk talks about the schedule line. And he's been pointing to the new year for the last few weeks because the warriors. Have played games. In Hillary lately. They played a wanna say six gains in nine days after tomorrow's game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The warriors you're gonna have worries off Sunday Monday Tuesday. Maybe three days off Sunday Monday Tuesday. At Ellis so it'll give the team I think good rate. And also they've been home for so long. They might be out of their routine a little bit. Because. They haven't left the state California students 134. Weeks ago. Haven't been on the road awhile maybe they need to get back on the road tonight. The road actually in January. On track ethical state warriors. So for a tough loss tonight 111100. It was a game in which it was tight for the first half. A year earlier in the second. Charlotte made their run out of 89 and the warriors never really were able to make a run. Where they channel in Charlotte tonight and I'll tell you what Charlotte did not look like a thirteen and 22 team tonight. They got some contributions from frank Kaminsky. They got a contribution from Jeremy lamb who had eleven. Nicholas Batum was solid with fifteen Kidd Gilchrist with twelve Kemba Walker didn't shoot the ball particularly well. Five for sixteen finished with sixteen points which no one hit a couple big threes when. The warriors. Needed stops they needed stops get back in the ball game and then. Campbell walker would invariably hit big shots so tonight was not one of the warriors better nights. And he showed in the final score. Let's let's listen to Steve Kerr and he talks about the turnovers tonight the warriors had eighteen of them. If there's something wrong with our offense it's almost nose turnovers and them what's discouraging is that it just feels like so many of them are careless and them. And silly and and you know pointless so it's so. You know I I think we try to pound home with our team is that if we win the possession battle we generally in the game because of our sooner or tell loved. That we got crushed on the possession battle tonight. I'd that's coaches interview brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram were savings is simple. All online at Walnut Creek she. Dot com. Well the warriors tonight the one. Bright spot is what they had over thirty basis by. They lost the game and it doesn't happen very often but the assist to turnover ratios would got a tonight. 32 to eighteen to agree with sixteen assists tonight and I got to tell you so that. I'm not sure that I notice sixteen assess I'm not saying he didn't have sixteenths this or that it wasn't which yeah. But I just didn't notice that he was. Facilitating as much as he did and I look one timer early in the second quarter in the already. Eight assess. And most of those came while feeding Klay Thompson who's making shots early but then it disappeared and I wonder if clay disappeared or. Whether or not the warriors kinda made in this appear a little bit so 889579570. Is the number. Well throughout the gene in Oakland what's going on Jeanne. A standing happiness is still. Being your soul. Yeah so yeah of the team and show up tonight but not that that the coach now amnesties have been running on fumes from we are so. They really needed an infusion and and it music critic got that two more players that didn't get to play. First one with Stefan curry why not plan. The guy's been out for ten days he's got plenty of energy he's very ago physically he played back to back all the time. Secondly I mean they had no answers or Dwight Howard. Why not you know. Pachulia was may have been his worst game. This year mean looked old and tired and slow. One active JaVale McGee chance in what's going on with would prevail again raised trade him. I mean this is a guy that usually and it yacht the bench. Something they really needed time I mean he couldn't damning words and Pachulia so why in the world that that they not at least give me China. Well all I can tell you is what's the Kirsch said before. Last. Last game against you taught that that he's he's being out played in practice. He's eighties it's a planet in essence by Jordan well by looney. By Trulia. He played very well against could follow about a week ago. I mean you know an actual games situation look. I mean he's had moments no doubt about and I just. I think Steve Hurst got to try to Whittle down his rotation a little bit but I I don't necessarily disagree with you that JaVale McKee might be given himself that tonight. But for whatever reason I think Steve Kirsch trying to issue or Jordan bell in the air Jordan bill played what twenty minutes tonight. That's a fair amount for him no doubt about it the warriors didn't get much. They get much at all about it Zaza Pachulia I do agree with you Jeanne thanks for the call that that might have been. It's. Worst game of the season to right I agree that was career. High. Sixteen assists. OK. Okay there are tied they tied a career high with sixteen assists are OK. I just didn't. I just didn't notice. Noticed that we'll pick I'd normally notice of what's just put it that way. And I just remember looking at the box score and see in that he had a real high number I was naked man wind it'll happen. That just didn't just didn't. I thought I've seen him play. Better play making games that he did tonight I thought. There's been playing more games where his past led to direct baskets or they led to maybe more noticeable. Assists that he had tonight so I do know that he. I do know that he had. He was hit Klay Thompson earlier in the game and early in the game with. I mean the five turnovers were to rate mind. Actually a little more. Then the sixteen basis let's go to took from the fans that brought you by nations campers keep it real make it nations. Let's go to Eric in Berkeley what's going. Hey Matt one question I was watching tender and not get in the game until I've left. One to figure out bankers rotation and not getting into an. Yeah well you know why he should tends to I mean if there's went one criticism of Coeur it's that he sometimes a wait too long to put his starters back in the game I mean we see that with. With staff Currie a lot worse hill. Wait till maybe 56 minutes left when a lot of fans would like to see him come back. With seven or eight minutes left I. I don't know why didn't go to. Derailed early I think you probably wanna that's second unit to CBC. Then placing ticket she the end of that lead. And maybe bring to re back with five or so when it was. You know what it was within striking distance the problem was by the time he kept the ran out that run it never come and then. He's got to put the ran in there with five or so minutes left in the risk got to make something. Crazy happen along with this for other teammates and he just didn't happen tonight I mean ages. They just couldn't get a stop when they needed a stop they couldn't get. A big sequence offensively when they needed one and it was. I don't know I mean this was with his game worst in the Denver Nuggets game I think you have to say it was. Simply because it's Charlotte came in here at twelve and 22 and at least that Denver Nuggets. Were on over 500 team. When they came in here aren't we come back we're gonna take more your calls at 888957. 9570. The Charlotte hornets beat the Golden State Warriors tonight that's right you heard it. The Charlotte hornets beat the warriors tonight 111100. You're listening to warriors wrap up presented by Carlos more home secured. You're listening to warriors wrap up on 95 Santa. Welcome back everybody the warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. The Charlotte hornets behind eight monster game tonight from Dwight Howard beat the Golden State Warriors 111100. Dwight Howard ten for fifteen from the floor and 89 for twelve from the line he would twelve rebounds. Seven assists and he finished with 29 points or so through the couple's deals. To go along with that. That line that's pretty darn good that's one of the best games I've seen white power play against the warriors. In a long long time yet some nice post up moves. Which we haven't really seen against Golden State before. And he showed little bit of a face up jumpers tonight he was making his free throws. So Dwight Howard put it all together tonight at ORACLE Arena and leading the hornets to victory over Golden State. Let's what he would do right now it took from Steve Kerr right now. Who's talking about one of the problems with the warriors were they were trying to be too perfect with their passing. I don't think it's trying too hard to make the extra pass I think it's trying too hard to make. The great pass what we preach all the time is make the simple pass just throats of the guy is open we have playmakers everywhere but too many times we're we're going for a home run. Assist. And you know the beauty of our team is the assist get spread around if we just Sheridan everybody can make a play good. We've we've got to just make simple passes and plays. All right that was Steve Kerr talking about the warriors turnovers tonight they had eighteen of them. And they were trying to make them the perfect pass with a home run pass according to Steve Kerr. I today it's time for the play of the game brought to you by American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. Walker facts of the frequent like guarded by grant. They wanna hit the ball to Howard liberal Gazeta Marvin Williams home make over dream I'd feel good tip those good news ball Howard goes up prep might break my. They get Dallas got 44 seconds ago but they're quite good. They let Beckett did go. Labonte green with a right. Yeah and that Andre it would dollars dunk. Made it 5353. Right before halftime and that's the way. That's the way they went into halftime tied with the Charlotte hornets and then you wait for that third quarter run for Golden State. You wait for the come out and do what they did you talk into it tonight against the Charlotte hornets it never came. And in fact the hornets. Outscored the warriors point 622 in that period went into the fourth quarter up four points and that's something that we haven't really seen before the third quarter's a quarter. That's been flat out owned by the warriors. Not tonight. Let's also talk about the Golden State Warriors who have. In playing home game at their home game after home game and Steve Kerr says you know one. It might he might be time to get away from ORACLE Arena. You know we've lost two games on this home stand. It seemed like it felt like old times we were. Sort of rudderless you know just to not playing with a purpose and maybe when we get out on the road we have have little more focus two. Doused it was too bad resistant. To bring it. No they didn't but the Charlotte hornets certainly did they got contributions from a lot of players. And that's the way got to beat Golden State Warriors. It's the way. It's got to be unique contributions from a half dozen players on any given night. And then you need one or two guys the really bring it home and that's exactly what happened tonight Dwight Howard. Was the best player on the floor and then Kemba Walker with some timely shots and then Michael he'd gill crest. Frank Kaminsky. Nicholas Batum all sprinkled in good play after good play. And it led to a victory the warriors didn't get a lot of positive contributions Patrick McCaw. Didn't really follow up the seventeen point night with anything positive tonight played twenty minutes and only scored two points. And he was a team worst minus nineteen in just nineteen minutes Nick Young didn't give the warriors anything tonight. Jordan bell was very very ordinary. Andre Iguodala. Usually gives you a lot even if he doesn't score he was just so so again tonight. Missed his only three pointer. About looting got some garbage time late but but the warriors have been relying on their bench in a big way without staff Currie. But tonight the bench didn't come through and quite frankly the starters war. Exceptional either. Kevin Durant had 27 points but it was a quiet 27 points that's certainly the way it felt he was eight for nineteen from the Florida and I. Finished wish. He rebounds for the only four rebounds tonight for Kevin Durant no blocked shots in the warriors as a team only had five blocked shots. Which is below their average of eight plus. Stuff curry is expected to play tomorrow night against the Memphis Grizzlies and Kevin Doran is very excited to victory that. Some he's our leader he's a point guard he's kind of rose show ought to socialist. Definitely miss an amino we have so many. Quick scores first because his movement is three point shooting has bought. His vision. So we won't. Definitely be another team different team he knows that we're excited about having him healthy again. I'm excited he has complete game any of those yet so I Hutus anxious. Yes a staff curry will return tomorrow night here ORACLE Arena. Against the Memphis Grizzlies remember that C 530. Start all Saturday games. Starting at 530 year ORACLE Arena. And again tonight's game belongs to the white power play in one of his best games against the warriors in a long time. And when you see two white power play a game like that. It just leaves you scratching your head thinking. Man why can't do more of that. And he's yet now they're a little bit but he certainly turned back the clock tonight. And he was so good you start to think about how how greatest centuries to light when it's all said and done. It seems to be. No doubt that he's probably headed to an A Smith basketball hall of fame. It's funny there's a there's a lot of people out there that don't think he he belongs in the hall of fame but I think if you look at the numbers start to finish. It's going to be tough to not vote. Four Dwight Howard to make the hall of fame now when you talk about him in terms of the greatest centers of all time. To me that's a different story. I mean is he a top five Saturn now as the top ten senator writes no. Have a top fifteen Centre right say noted that two. I'm just. Make it a list off the top of my head since Sanders that I think. I have been more consistent or had been more consistent. Dwight Howard and feel free to chime in here if you agree or disagree with me but here's some senators that I think. Have maybe had a better career. And Dwight Howard not that he is little hall of Famer because I do think he's gonna get to the hall of fame. But here's some guys I take over Dwight Howard. Willis Reed west and so they've challenge Robert Parish Artis Gilmore Wilt Chamberlain Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bill Russell. Moses Malone Hakeem Olajuwon. Take Jackson ma over. Dwight Howard Bob Lanier Nate Thurmond David Robinson Shaquille O'Neal interviewing Bill Walton Alonzo Mourning you have more. Or do you think some guys on this list shouldn't be on the list 8889579570. Is the number. You're elicited the warriors wrap up present about Arlen Smart home security. Yeah. Crowds big game. Forward with a ball like cyber walker to bring off a screen being knocked it down it gets it right back just like them. That's a fresher right nearby Kemba Walker. You're listening to warriors wrap up on 957. Dignity. Go back to warriors wrap presented by our low Smart home secure we're joined by John Dickinson 9570 games. Reporter he's coming out of the locker room and the press conference area and JT. Turnovers tonight the big story of the game not only the warriors have eighteen but those eighteen let the 32 point to that put the warriors in all of from the yet. Yeah and really it was a game where Kevin Durant just flat out said what you can't app that you can't have. Eighteen against any but he doesn't matter who you're playing and it doesn't matter who the hornets are planned. It just can't happen it you know steep curve but actually came Adam and played. With the right intentions. Early in the game. But they allowed the hornets to paint in the game and get comfortable and that is the second half went on the hornet's it would make shots Dwight Howard was feeling good about himself. And they just couldn't stop the onslaught really it didn't have enough going offensively themselves under the Klay Thompson who was hot early. Edit Kevin Durant wanted to be in their leading scorer but there was just enough turnovers and negative plays going the other way were it dictated that the nights that Thompson. Not enter ramp where happen sticker really thought the key was the first half. Again they they got back the only time they really played good defense and his mind was the end of that second quarter that lead into halftime. Didn't have the third quarter magic that were used to either. It felt the warriors. Went away a little bit from Klay Thompson early it almost felt like they were going to him. With a purpose maybe that first six or eight minutes of the game and then he just kind of disappeared I don't know whether that was clay or his teammates but. He he had a bunch of those points early and not too many late. View that it looked like they were attempting to get him Roland immediately. In the game tonight and I almost thought. It was gonna continue. At that point he had thirteen in those first 56 minutes of the game was kind of funny that the technical foul. At the rant looked back to Klay Thompson like that you gonna shoot the tech. At the ranch in have a shot attempt at that point he winds up. Knock it down the free throws for his first point against self was off about clay tonight you really wasn't happy. It didn't seem with his team. There's a couple of times or how look at the pitch to his real intense and and deal for him he just seemed anchor seemed agitated. You speak after the game that I and he took this loss at any dream wondering who the night where. You get Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant in the press conference room and and Shaun Livingston spoke in the locker room along with Jordan bell. And socks up actually. But I think. On an. On a night like tonight. This is one of those losses that that exits with the warriors when you look at Charlotte's record. And that just the belief that they. In many ways gave they gave away literally. Because of how careless they were with the basket. Well look at it train mine greens associates sixteen tonight. And what what's struck out what stuck out to me was I didn't notice sixteen basis but I noticed the five turnovers. And yet. You know I don't know why that is I'm not saying he didn't have sixteen assistant if it's as sixteen yeah at sixteen. But it was the turnovers not just from dream on but from all over the that got to you know what are the things that's going on right now is who warriors you're in the midst the player in nine of ten games at home their bailing California. For all those games and tomorrow they'll play their seventh straight game at home and what do you think do you think. These tax might be looking forward to get out on the road a little bit yeah. Except that carries also coming back to the perfect time but you know you talk you'll win the canopy. Is to get a V you know maybe he ended last week before they played a cat's going to be jazz game could be tonight at Charlotte. It sounds like it's going to be tomorrow bargaining at a major setback but yet that was one of the Shaun Livingston was asked about. On the road there's just different challenge every night whether it's a different opponent different feel in the crowd. And it just seems like. The warriors are more aid to age more consistently on the road. Livingston thought. That the only hole and things get a little monotonous. You're more apt apple let down at home even without curry. That provides a certain challenge but I think the orders are able to to win so frequently. And play well enough. That I think. At some point they start to take a little bit for granted that they'll just figure out a way to do it even without Perry and I think what we've seen. Here in the last week with the loss to Denver in the loss tonight. Sometimes elective politics going bad you can't stop you can't just turn it off aid and flip the switch on your ended and stifle them on the other end. And run off fifteen in a row our big run that put seagate I think they were trying to they always think they have the capability to do it but but tonight it is really. It wasn't meant to be in yeah it's definitely very common back at the right time I think he's kind of the other theme at this night and knighted too without him. Some inferior competition. They were kinda up and down I don't know they played great basketball and that's a that you alluded to. But they find a way to get knighted too without them that you take that. Yeah I think you take that without stuff curry for sure. Jordan bell tonight probably was as ineffective as he's been all season how much of that. You think with having to go up against Dwight Howard someone that's got him by what four inches and maybe forty or fifty pounds. Yeah bell looked at it's a good experience that's what he says any I have to learn. Some Dwight Howard's tendencies. It typically bells played against Leiter Sanders centres that play out. Top of the key year he gets switched out on a lot of pick and rolls this is really the first time that that they'll got matched up with a guy it's it's bit. And I think it times. You forget that Dwight Howard still has the capability to beat Dominique he just doesn't do it has consistently he would obviously. When he was in his time. But. It was just a matter of Jimmy Howard Adam by the fifty pounds or so maybe more and it he took it to him he really did. He was eight. It also seemed like he didn't really totally know what they want it yeah I agree that the warriors a team it's not used to doubling so I actually kind of thought once we started double and they work. It really don't holly wanted to do it because they look like team that worked on it a lot I guess what I'm trying to say and they would. Kind of double and cutters were you that it cutters he was kicking the ball out. He was chartered to score and IB yet at Roland and I hate it even hit it jump shot I mean look like yet. It's post moves were working it was a different Dwight Howard alerting experience over Jordan now if he's going to be one of those guys that they can guard. Those that are bigger than him at that sinners. While it's amazing and I I mean this apparently seven assists were Dwight Howard's career high. I would guess that he would have more than seven assists in the game. During his career that number. That number shocks me effect I need to I need to double check it gets right out of yeah. I would Saudia gamer to more than that more than so are we come back don't talk more about Dwight Howard. And know what happened tonight you'll listen to warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. I wasn't revealed or related should do that it was OK have me to do both of them will diminish us it was so. Communication was always their own defense blow put. If you give him confidence later and the candidate or started some of those shots that you know they normally minnesotans who commits you to trees here it is. General. Which like we don't learn the way army conjunction. You know so it's like giving confidence or start committed to access them. It's kind of hard to to give it about. You're listening to warriors wrapped box on 95 cent picking. Yes Kevin Durant talking about what happens when a team starts hit shots they just start hit them hit more shots and all of a sudden the warriors. Shots get a little bit tougher you. You get down six then eight and nine in those shots get a little bit tougher. And I think Q the flip side is true about the ports throughout the course of this game mean may elect eyes get comfortable. Currently in you know especially that first half and then in the third quarter relief role in the company Kaminsky it. The three from deet in it Kemba Walker was doing his thing we Dwight Howard was even knocking down jumpers. Tonight when it was like Tim Duncan a little bit baseline. Mid post banker yeah exactly and and before you know it you know even when you are played good defense there's still hit this shot I think that sexism it's happened. But a couple of times to the warriors this year home. Where they've Catalan team. It role in the open on them in the eighties they can't stop on its not happening it's Denver. Here I thought although the rant and curry did it happen Sacramento game kings gain confidence game one on it and he got mr. action. If you got yelled at the rookie but got a pitch shot a recurring migraine that was actually well defended well why guys. He had the confidence from the way pointer of the game even take that shot. Let alone knock it. You know the warriors have not been scored a whole heck of a lot lately be it 97 points against Memphis. They had. 96 against Utah on 99 against Cleveland tonight they just got to a hundred attorney concern about the offense. You know Steve Kerr was asked about that and he he said now just point blank he said he's not really concerned about it. And the reason that he's not concerned about it is because each time you start to analyze what's wrong with the warriors offense. It always boils down to turnovers. In some former fashion and possession game if you will. And it's turn overs that. Maybe with good intentions but the and I know you played a little bit of this earlier it's good intentions to. Make no make that. Supreme play and make the home run play more than good intentions to just make it right and I think what it becomes is. The warriors just need to make this simple pass keep the ball moving. And they've got playmakers all over the floor that was Steve curse point is if you just make the simple pass eventually somebody will have an advantage. You'll either get an open look or somebody you'll be able to. To take somebody off the dribble the open around the basket so to answer that question no I think the other recent answers knows because number thirty in point. That's true RJ we will we will see you tomorrow morning at nine. For the NBA this week will be doing the show from here. And now ago while more data gathering for get a little break. Might be heated ED I a I feel like it's. BDR Iowa thanks for join us and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow that's that's gonna do it for. I'll warriors wrap up of course were always brought to you by Arlo Smart home security. And it. The Carlos more home security system is one that is. In great from my house it is a security system that's given me a lot of peace of mind. Set it up on my iPhone app is very easy to set up at what you do is install some cameras. In and around your house they're very easy to install their weather resistant you can leave them out there. It in the moist air. And they're still gonna show you what's going on in high definition it's gonna keep that high definition video. For seven days and the bottom line is any time that motion is detected. In front of your house maybe it's mailman maybe it's a but he drop an awful cocky maybe it's a solicitor wringing your door. Or maybe it's something that's not quite as innocent as any of those things don't worry. You're gonna get notified right on your phone in real time what's going on. And you confide now and deal with that time facility great peace of mind apparatus that's our low. Smart home security I that's gonna do it for warriors wrap up. John and I are gonna see you tomorrow for the NBA this week at 9 AM and then the warriors tip off. Against the Memphis Grizzlies remember that's a 5:30 start at 4 o'clock I'll have the warriors warm up with Gary he. Thanks for elicited everybody.