Warriors Wrapup 12-27-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Wednesday, December 27th

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 126-101 victory against Utah on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The legs around. He was still burning. Just getting started. Yes sports station. Hey everybody welcome to warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. And the Golden State Warriors follow their Christmas Day win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. When they won 26101. Victory over the Utah Jazz here tonight at ORACLE Arena it was a tale of two halves tonight. Warriors were sluggish in the first half little bit lethargic. And then all changed when the third quarter rolled around. Warriors out scoring you to off 4222. In the third quarter. And they shoot 71 point 7% in the second half 33. For 46. From the field. And they got contributions from all kinds of players. 8889579570. Is the number if you wanna talk about this one. All the funniest stuff to talk about tonight. Could talk about the contribution of Patrick call the bank she had eighteen points in twenty minutes. Jordan bell played 21 minutes interest. Put up some crazy number five points twelve rebounds seven assists. And a block he did that in. 22 minutes Nick Young came off the bench tonight. Scored fifteen points in 22 minutes and overcast beat. Who left the game a little bit early with a sprained ankle still found a way to score ten points. In fifteen minutes of the Golden State Warriors win this one. 126. The 101. And it was a game. In which they just simply came alive in the second half. The warriors had gone two for eight from three point range in the first half. With ray mine green hitting both of those. And when the second half opened the Rand hit a three Klay Thompson hit a three and the warriors were absolutely off to the races. And they raised their record now to 28. And seven they have the best record in the NBA the Utah Jazz have now lost ten of twelve. And they are fifteen and 21 they've played half their games this year without starting setter Rudy go there. And while they found that jam in Donovin Mitchell. They have lost Rudy go bear which kind of changes the makeup but their team to defensive oriented team when they're healthy. But when they lose their man in the middle. It's a team that doesn't have the rim protection. That it normally has for the Golden State Warriors what they have tonight seven blocks. And Kevin Durant had the real bomb and in the post game locker room after this game. There was a lot of talk about Kevin Durant and whether he's a defensive player of the year candidate. Ray mine greens that you know what I think I'd vote for him. And stalking about Kevin Durant so we're talking about a player that. Was an MVP. Who led the league in scoring four times. And now he is being considered as possibly the best defensive player. In the NBA right now so the Golden State Warriors put six men in double figures tonight they were led by Kevin terrain it's 21. He scored 21 on just ten field goal attempts he went seven for ten. On the game tonight the warriors 59%. From the floor 47%. Make that 48% from three point range. And the warriors once again. And go low and now the Utah Jazz won 26101. Are 8889579570. Is the number. Now we come back. Will continue with the warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security. You're listening to warriors wrap I'm. On 95 separate the game. All right everybody welcome back doing warriors rebels and by our look Smart home security. And right now it's time for the play of the game brought you by American Express route partners of the Golden State Warriors. Just Lifesavers no goody good Dow back for the rebound. Silicone he wants to line drives on neighbors' troubles innovative frozen out there. Now I've favoured. Somehow got his arm locked up would favors. Left arm. It's still have the wherewithal again after the bump to throw it out but it went ahead. All right there you have it. Played against. Frosty by their breast right now it's time to hear from the fans brought you by nation's giant hamburger keep it real make it nations let's go out to collect allegedly been ORACLE Arena what's up Colette. On Obama articulate that day with the not too much grip the ball last tip the cap to the gentleman that you know you're right stepped curry did not play out of their. I thought into it you're right but I got to bear on the air that that you were correct. You'll. Well wasn't tough prediction. All signs were born into. You know. I don't philly's a couple of Friday or Saturday there will see Wilson. You know I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll put another gentleman well I think he'll come back Friday may not only become apparent. A little bit that went on Saturday night it would be fitting to come out against the team. Unaware his first game and pepper before he got injured. It would surely it it to play golf with the which were depressed that it because about ever since then and it becomes our. They played Charlotte would be kind of equated comparable level. Yeah now outside and I think he probably wants the play for the fans are we watch the game back in Charlotte but we have Bob Meyers on earlier today. On. With but a hill and in. Bob was saying that he didn't accuse got to play Friday. And if you didn't play Friday. You really wanna bring him back this Saturday we have four days off after that. Either these are great problems that they'll feel the war. I. First world problems as you know if this is. An injury like that of back like six years ago there that would be real. Everything but the warriors gala. You know when you're when you're able user marquee player. Where and what now to work out a lot fourteen outflow of perky. Gave us. They're pretty good shape now what what I'll say that spit out in the game. It is. Our market local borders I mean it when people talk about them by. I really liked your trailer and I've always liked him and I think you're likable by Egypt. He's just a B why know out laid out little poster. I feel properly because you need a guy who's been well. And I stayed with them as part time. And you know they will be in the book expert come off the bench you know aren't open area. They are young nucleus for other bacterial. In the when you got Ricky you know Ricky Rubio at point guard on the war court where it a bunch of young guys I would love to see. This guy get rewarded somehow end up on a roster like the warriors. Could be able to treat the content of the battered backpack and warriors. You know and the unit that we would happen unit that we've got a big bodies that. I think the warriors would really. The benefit from you know more so than any any other big yeah. Well take a lot of running after this so thanks for the call and I will tell you that yet. I take favors instead of JaVale McGee and it Debian upgrade I don't know that you talk is gonna trade. Or get rid of favors although they do have a decision to make out that you can play favors and go there together I think that's the problem. That the Utah Jazz seemed half favors and that's a big games boggle they are now but the two of them. And meet favors to hit the face up jumper a little bit but mostly interior players and they have two players who were near the basket offensively you know a lot of space and I think that some than they are. Trying to figure out in you talk aren't we come back we're gonna visit with John tickets in 957. Games reporter you'll listen to warriors wrap up. Presented by Carlos Smart home security. Could end up with a tap Ricky started buying. Mickey past Mitchell back to foothill drive on your bail without a break goes back. You doing after the way the team with a block the warriors six blocked shot look on top tonight breaking. After the fall. This standout game get eighteen points on seven did you see. We're dead last in the NBA in three point shooting percentage over the last few kicks dead last would guess both were by far the best defense team. And so I love what we've done since desperate now in terms of kind of morphing into. This defensive. Juggernaut grinding teams. We haven't had the same page we have had the same force without stuff but we're finding ways and tonight we broke free and I'm hoping that'll carry over. You know the next couple games but we just we looked like we finally got into a flow and we've just been out. You know we've been in a little bit of a run offensively but you know it's just not there to rev the engine and he does that better than anybody. You're listening to warriors wrap up on 95 separate the team that. That was left her talk about warrior defensive effort tonight beat you talk you have one point 6101. They did it without staff Marie. Whether curry place Friday gave Charlotte or not remains to be seen. And then of course Saturday against Memphis will also see about that joining us right now John Dickinson 957 the gain. Reporter and Steve cursing to be. Pleased with the warriors defense at least the way it's played defense the last two or three weeks. Well you figure they're gonna have to figure out away. To win one out Stefan curry and relief from night one. If you go back to that that very first game at Charlotte they were really really good defensively. And it seems like they've had a really good defense if quarter. It just about every game there's been a couple of exceptions. But you just look it. That run there in the third quarter tonight that translated some office which hasn't always been the case for the warriors during the stretch but he. It's just it's such a mark. The greatness of this team that they can all bulls play a completely different way went out. Stefan curry and still figure out how to win at an extremely high level on lost and gain since he spent now. Yeah I think they've benefited obviously from the competition which is still can't take away. What they've accomplished without. The player a lot of people feel is their best player. The thing that sticks out to meet there a bunch of stuff that stuck out to me tonight but look at the shot attempts. Twelve shots for Klay Thompson was the most anybody till ten for Durant tent for green twelve for tops intent from call on nine for young. So. Balance. The shooting balance was who's pretty impressive tonight. Yeah I was addicted came from cost and I really get a game that caught needed and how many times it looked at the box score. On Patrick cock caught in the Patrick cock column on a night in east. Wolf two stories one for four or he's you know two for. Two for six or something like that but most the time there is even that many tents. To idea to put ten attempts he's been more aggressive. Attic or to the basket he's been finishing at the basket. At a fake you know sometimes we forget. They he's a pretty good he can be a pretty good scorer. Wendy's blocked the he could put the ball in the basket but. Whatever struggles it's typically. Due to a lack of aggressiveness so I think Ted and I hate him be an aggressive. Was it B keep the ball found him and he acted like he knew one what he wanted to do with it and it paid off. Yet seem like he got the ball lot of times. Tonight. Either after someone got double team so he got a little bit of an opening or he received the ball in and but the federal be running toward the kind of Wayne for him to drive and he didn't hesitate at all. He was go to the basket aggressively in the 13 made at the top of the circle mean. Guess it's a good thing you knew we was gonna take that shot but it just looked like it from the minute he got the ball that's the one thing that he hasn't really done. But let's surfer pack caught here who we can do that talking about the warriors. Defense in in what Steve Christmas to a half. We're planned defense that translates so often and so we're pretty scared on the defense then reluctant. And a coast registries at times is now cut back on the turnovers but in defense of the and office come on the Washington know we always has a great you know halftime speech from this news in I think that's what they got to school. Yes there's Patrick McCall and right about the warriors defense and you know you'd I don't know whether their defense sparks their offense or whether there often sparks their defense. Bought. Tonight in that third quarter I thought they had it both going in when they have that going like that I mean you saw what happened 4222. What it was more than defense spark off it to me to be a lot of times would Curry's plane it's debatable but it seems like key. He'll hit a couple of shots at Nokia Theater checklist on the defense of and it indicates the east orbit team need to swallow botany. It kind of makes the opposition when it maybe take some bad shots it's easier to defend. The crowd gets into the game to beat tonight felt like. One of those nights when Curry's go off in a big quarter just that the inner G in the building. Was different in the third quarter compared to the way it was the first half but just wanna play slot of the game. In nine straight Mike Green at one of the things he said was you know they were really grabbed it and hold in the first half and in the orders for planes candidate they're playing like they were looking for foul call. In in that third quarter that came out to forget that can be aggressive get after it. And if they keep it felt almost like one of those runs the victory. Usually is right in the middle of by hit a couple of three pointers. But tonight it was to. Dunk after dunk it easy baskets. And we did it really broke. The Utah Jazz will in that quarter just stifling them on one hand it in using it to get easy buckets them yet. While the other thing I mean usually it's it's going to be uranium or play or three in player play in staff for staff enduring yet but tonight. The rent was you know 821 he only took ten shots clay with fifteen but look at all the other culture. You shouldn't yen pat a call was interest and he he said you know Steve Kurtz always get a great halftime speech. Well Steve Kirk didn't seem did take east did anything special. I don't think restore plan that. I thought. Defense in this in the third quarter was. Tremendous triggered our office but I I just saw it better pace in better. Movement you know everybody is gonna play us the same way that unit. They don't try to be physical with us and hold us. I we can't just die in two. The screen like we you know we we we get a guy being physical with us if we don't move and try to get out of his grasp then. Rest aren't gonna call I think we're not gonna get anything going so I thought we just had a better job of moving and cutting off of off of those screens. That was Steve Kerr talking about. What made the warriors go to what he said yeah that Jordan bell became the first play here West Coast history. To grabbed thirteen rebounds. And had seven assists off the bench for the Golden State Warriors Jordan bell in the league 36. And it it if you bury five you mentioned in the bench about the bench scoring and I overall like him is 63 Zeller was 63. Bench points. For the warriors tonight. And yet Steve current eat eat at a joked asked about that he joked and said hey yeah right I told the guys accurate mental those guys about it it's sixty. So waves and good mood he was it real good move enter enter in my green was being asked about it out dancing and during Nazi he was feeling good tonight. Guys whose dancing on. Cop bucket fully licensed seat sell lots and I instant. Tennessee was in in in that kind of a mood he joked about you know getting a triple double a sales shoot at. Coached or played in the fourth quarter Q he really gets it stick to rack up the numbers like McKee would like. But the big topic or maybe this is so that we can we can get into you. As the show continues here is Kevin Durant defects and Kevin Durant just continues to. Blocked shot after shot he's he's protected the ran he innings Macon the flash play to its not just. Yo ho hum blocks swap people. And make him any he's energized the crash every time he gets a blocked shot. Everybody gets on their feet and one of the questions after the game has thrown around little bit. Could he really be defensive player of the year could Kevin Durant really be eight defense of players the year well. The reigning defensive player of the year Raymond green was asked about that. Boesky. I think you do if if not deep heating. All patriots. It's really a race right now in ways to play defense ball. That's spectacular. So. It's a pain now which is which is impressive because it always say like it was possible. Birdies in sports it's Puerto. And obviously movies opened our customers with the ways and that's law school. I had to vote. The apple world right now. That's straight in my agree talking about. And then Korea when he gets scores in the league. I'm gonna tell you what I think about that right on the other side you'll listen to warriors wrap up presented by our Los more home to. Well I think you. Either gravity don't I don't I don't think it's possible to teach somebody vision and awareness. You can. Show them patterns which is what we do with JB. NBA patterns you know everybody's sort of runs the same stuff and you see similar actions you see similar concepts and so he's figuring out those consoles but his feel and his ethics outlet a schism combined. Make for all these great. Opportunities here for himself for his teammates you're listening to warriors wrap up on 957. To gain. I got with the coaches interview and that of course it's the that are brought to you by Walnut Creek. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram were saving too simple online at Walnut Creek G dot com. The ring it's the fence well first of all think Jordan ballot seven assists tonight 22 minutes and the got to pay offs and the guy the guy knows where the ball should go. And he's always looking in the right area he. He's got a knack for making that extra pass on the interior. Where it changes what might be a little tough finish for an easy finish for some video. You know I've noticed too it sometimes he'll look for something and and it's not there and rather that foresee a kiss. He'll he'll hit somebody else with right he's not miss it. Maybe he realized too late or maybe it's not really the best law and he'll even make almost crosscourt pass. You know if that's open after he doubles they can dribble. Kind of Jerod defense and use that to set up a pass. Back the other way which I think it's impressive as well adjusted terms of ams in the residence. Cabin no word but he is at all times it it really for his skill set to have that. In the bag so to speak he's is really impressive and it's so valuable ones this team to have a get its athletic. That can block shots they can rebound. They can run the floor when he wants to but it also can. In the context of the profits hit the open man consistently well all that talent he's gonna be quiet way of scary I think how good he can be with this group. Yes and I'd just get back to the rim and the defensive player of the year award and whether he's in the running for I think if you just. Look at it logically he's got to be in the running because. Who were so over the other so called competitors well Hawaii Leonard would be one but he hasn't played very much. On Rudy go bear is always going to be near the top of that list. As long as the writers are voting and he's missed half the season. So. The rim has got to be ahead of both those players. Nobody else has come to mind immediately how accurate moniker well straight month says it's the rant that I guess it's got to beat yet. We had air. Later on before the game and asked him about trade mine in Durant he thinks the straight months not quality as it is not quite as. Dominant or is effective it on defense this year is last year. I think there's been times where you can tell that. Drink months ability it's helped rant now mighty there's indeed you know there's individual place were you can you know trade model make the play and almost. Almost funnel player tort or securing it can make the clock and they are it's almost like to rant has improved. At the sacrifice. Straight month a little bit maybe three months not make in the play but he's make in the play. That leads to the port faded during it it estimate right everybody sees the blocks in the challenges at the rim and he's been. He's gonna credible he he really has today been incredible I guess Michael Thompson. Place dad right jokingly said it's. During its turn of the bill are. It's. Another Bill Russell shot the three like theory and I a Kevin Durant has. Let's sit at the rant talk about. How he's played without staff career over the last three weeks ago. Those that's where. With toll toll to contain it appeared to step on course for how we play those. Is. Shooting four inches draws defenders you got to guard. These death ultimately successful the simplest force now. Who stuff or not it was a slow different so we had to play maybe. The different the different temple a different pace and use different plays. You know he's though so it was a it was for a it was pledges figured you know. All week we went to school we have five or six treason ballistic missile it was definitely fun trying to figure put. It's always good to him would be facilities we come knuckled down and started just focus and even more because. Office would be tougher. That was Kevin Durant itself to me like. When they get when they get Seth Curry back it's going to be in nightmare on offense and a kind of know what to do. I mean well it is let's Def going to takeover. I guess Gaza it's comfortable and you filling filling the gaps. After that. Oh by the way I wanted to ask you who was earning news on past the scene this spring in his ankle I guess in the fourth quarter the end sprained right ankle I don't think he was gone for X rays are thing play. You know it look like it was relatively significant. At the time. But yet it doesn't appear at this stage to be cute series. And you know what's funny to JB is we're talking about JaVale McGee before the game. And Steve Kerr talked about how he's been professional and he's out of the rotation now and Steve's told him that. But that Mickey is remain professionally don't want it. He came in tonight. He played hard he was effectively blocked the shot he scored six points and eight got a three and a half made they get up with three X the curtain not like that three. As Steve Kerr leaned back in was kind of shaking his head but then. McGee makes the blocked out the one daddy it's a little baby jumper at the other end and and you can see Steve Kerr was like that's yeah that's that's what I one I don't want that three point shot to law. Yeah and I think you know it's funny is that happened. Everybody got the laugh out of it now on the bench I happen to be walking downstairs at at that moment and it was a banner he's full. Sometimes it is as sound a little cynical. But you know I'll start out sometimes I think. That. The warrior players really really wanted JaVale McGee back for moments like. And idiot Nick Young hit a couple of threes whether action comedy in a couple of threes he did a couple of threes in the game was blown out. It was a blowout and wound up with three for the game and it counts just. It's that lighten the mood to hand stuff that makes guys like Nick Young into ailment he. There most valuable I think to feel he wants to via legitimate contributor on steam. More than he has been here more like he was like a year ago so I'm not I'm not trying to make it out easy Joker anything like that. But. I think that. The star players in the rotate regular rotation players. Like haven't those guys around because of the joy that they bring to the table and indeed just the things that they'll do on a basket. Yes I'm looking down this warriors. Roster tonight. It would dollar the only. The only hat stretcher one for seven. It's obvious JD u.'s struggling with a shot right now in fact I thought there was a thought there was a stretch tonight where he. Almost purposely to hook who were three shots that he would never take interest to see if he did get one. To goad their own way it would solid never looks for you shy. If it's very takes me for a couple times tonight and the only way. I think he does that is because he knows he's in the slot but he's got to try to make some shots. And the interesting thing about a dollar as is usually the case even on a night where he shoots it poorly. It doesn't seem to have the Jews. He's on the floor and good things happening to lost 22. He's a plus 22 and you could make Casey had a a bad offensive game that we did at seven exists. So he was three he was moving the ball so he does a lot of things. And I think at times we locked in on the shooting when it's not there a particular. When the athletic system may not be there as well. And chemical what's going on all. But then you look at a night like tonight. And other than Kevin Durant. I mean he led the team in terms of plus months it was right there with Iran which they would dollar plus 22 into rant plus 23 so. Even on a night where he doesn't shoot it he's always in the mix were good things happen for the warriors. He didn't have a great game tonight. But which they could Donovan Mitchell there rookie to guarding the six for seventeen finished with seventeen points seven rebounds. He's a Gunner. Me like shoot it he I think he likes attack and it I mean it it's not not like it's all for distance and only to get at 631 for six. There's going to be games or he's gonna hit shots he's a school or it's an addict it's gonna be games he's gonna look like. He still trying to find itself in L a little bit but he can he can. He can get a ma and you know jeopardy you know player like that you need to play jazz need a player like him so you know it. It's funny it's just almost need a player like him last year. Note two to come in with some of the other more but players at George Hill when he was playing well Hayward. In those guys but. You know. It's just hard to debate the jazz play hard. But you just get the impression that on most heights. They can start gonna have enough profits even with Donovan Mitchell you know get get the job done its score a lot of look memory and 1520 line and now. There had for the mid thirty's yes and you know our two wins and head for not be in a playoff. Yet I don't think there's any doubt about that this thing is. And I'm not. Taken a shot here Rudy go bare but how much different does he really makes them he doesn't make them up higher scoring team. Yes he's good interior defender. I don't know if you can be good enough that I I just don't think he's gonna come back and all of a sudden. But things dramatically changed although the horse to get it together when he was when he came back. The last time they were seven and four with him Al. Then came back they struggled a little started again go exactly and then anyway candidates come apart they've lost ten of their last well. But yet he that you talked jazz are a team that. They need contributions from 345 guys. In and night in order for them the witty and gathered a team that you know they played better home. Obviously in the view on the road on the roads are then find consistent. All right that's gonna do it JT thank you for join us and you've been listening to the warriors wrap up. And that's sponsored by or Los Smart home security system live more worry laughs. And the are low smaller home security system. News something that's given me a lot of peace of mind and right now. I'm able to look on my phone my iPhone and see what's going on around my house right now somebody let's say order ring the doorbell. I can actually see. From ORACLE Arena who was at my front door and whether I would want held to beat you earn or. Let's say I'm in the house animal on the third floor and I hear the doorbell ring. I can look to see who it is if it's a solicitor chances on not coming down into the door. If it's my best friend. About it get the dorsal Carlos more home security. Gives you a lot of options it's got to wait communication. And one of the best things about it. It's you get seven days of free cloud recording. With a basic subscription that's a huge huge difference between our low. And the competition weather resistant it's easy to install. Start Livan more and worry at last art that is gonna do it for the warriors wrap up the Golden State Warriors beat the Utah Jazz. 126101. Thanks for listening and everybody.