Warriors Wrapup 12-25-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Monday, December 25th

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 99-92 victory against Cleveland on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The legs around. It was silver. We're just getting started. Yes sports station. And everybody welcomed the warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Smart home security. Good ball game today ORACLE Arena. Golden State 99 the Cleveland Cavaliers 92. It might not have been the prettiest game of the season. Like. Hard fought absolutely. And the warriors come through with the end getting a couple key stops behind. The defensive prowess. Of having to reign and he was spectacular the defense event. It got a little help from the officiating by. That's what happens sometimes in the NBA. We're gonna jump right into it let's get right into our play of the game from this when this has brought you by American Express our partners at the Golden State Warriors. This. Back to the quarter shoots the free stuff but no good is he gets now with a rebound in traffic. I'm real bullet coming right down one way to go ram. Have gotten very reckless. Well if you do that more often and that beautiful play. A lot of fear. That these 65 warriors. Hundred dollar coast to coast job. He didn't want to give it up in fact he wins. Intent on getting to the bucket on that when you can tell 8889579570. Is the number if you wanna talk about this one. Like this that I thought it was a real good ball game. We will be here till 4 o'clock today and then at 4 o'clock I'm gonna throw it to Chris Townsend for the raiders' opening drive. They play the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. Ten nights tonight they play the Philadelphia. Eagles. But. The Golden State Warriors they got 25 from the ring at 24. From Klay Thompson. And they end up winning in this one and it was. I just thought it was a good ballgame is the funniest part today. To me. Is hearing. The players. And the coaches. Talk about how they treat this one like just another game they treat this one like one of 82. They don't get overly wound up about this. You know what that's a lie if you were in this building today watching this game. This was not a regular regular season game this was two teams that once they get on the court and see who their plight it. They both picked it up but now both teams there's there's just no doubt about it. Arena and try to mine green two technicals in the first quarter that shows you how wound up they wore. And LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers obviously played extremely hard to. Both teams played very very good defense it was playoff type game. It was absolutely a playoff type game art we come back we'll take your calls you listen to warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smartphone sector. You're listening to warriors wrapped up 190 vine Santa and the team. I'll start Zaza next game against this is tough matchup game. Because he's hurt him. I plan to please us. Gets Tristan Thompson but it didn't bring attrition and until. Beginning of the second quarter which is David slot and a soul at top point and say yeah I just felt like it was smaller faster game. When David was out into. And stayed away from from the matchups there. I'd that was Steve Kerr and that was the coaches interview brought to you by Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram or savings is simple online at Walnut Creek G dot com time here from the fans. Brought to you by nation's giant hamburger keep it real make it nations. About the Oakland bleacher Dave what's happened bleacher. Leaked sure. Pilots go to Shelby let's go to Shelby in Oakland what's going on Shelby. Eight batting argued not elevate our front. It our all interest to hear your take on things you're very clear definitive. And you know that they're big Jack game I think war is into art thirsty for competition that war. I hate to say it's from not the target date they might pay played in their competition. And so you know we end up waiting for game like it's been just to be out there are squad. What you're. On. And the warriors vs Cleveland after the game Bob even a little. Leaner smaller more steel players. They look more like. Warriors trouble in the final note early it's not about well. What Richard gave no not not there and in I think about the year by. Yes they know which are. Thanks for the call she'll be appreciated. Happy holidays to you also. You know why it just kinda reminded me of a regular. Cavaliers warriors game where it it's not the prettiest game because both teams are playing defense I think the warriors are still the better team. I think it's obvious that the cavaliers are down one scorer. Because Isaiah Thomas is in there now and obviously that carrier ring last year. Obviously the warriors were missing staff Currie but they have more they're more scorers. And they can absorb the loss of curry better than Cleveland can absorb the loss of carrier ring slash. Isiah Thomas because the warriors have more people can put the ball in the basket or is also still have more. Players who can play both offense and defense. Reach remind green was absolutely terrific again. Haven't ran eighties. Giving you something that the defense events I don't think that anything's changed. In terms of the cavaliers in the warriors are still view of the warriors the edge. What you see what can happen on a game like tonight it's ugly it's ugly it's ugly and the next thing you know you'll look up. And there are two minutes to go and it's a one possession game. And that's where you can be out the mercy of a LeBron James at that point now tonight fortunately. What to rent. They wouldn't say picked his pocket but he forced to turn over. On the one possession and then on the second one. Blocked the shot in the warriors got the possession after the video review. So they they did what they had to do down the stretch but overall. My opinions of both teams. We come back we'll talk more about it warriors 99 cavaliers 92 you're listening. The warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. Granted bail Delray while back. Active bale quit but yeah Grand Slam where Jordan bell. That was a factor for lawyers today at both of the boys. It what they had to change. LeBron James then that that's life thing on the floor. You're listening to warriors wrap up. On 95 set epic game. Welcome back everybody to warriors wrap up presented by our Los mark home security math assignments hang out and ORACLE Arena on Christmas Day. And a jump back to your calls and once but I I I have one point him. And it does involve the officiating by it it's not even against the officials against the warriors or anything like that. You you've got to fix the replay rule. At the end of the game when they review this session you absolutely must because what's that what that is doing. It's it is absolutely hanging the officials out to dry and I'll tell you why. LeBron James drives to the basket on that last play with Kevin terrain and the rivalries. You know why. They're trying to do the right thing they don't wanna make Tiki town hall they don't want them make the call that will determine a team. And so they may be allow a little bit extra they are from the rain. And then the ball goes out of bounds they call it to Cleveland. Where you know line. That's the way to do it I'm sorry you cannot penalize a team. That gets fouled and then loses the ball out of battled it just it just makes absolutely positively no sense. At the same thing happened in the Golden State Warriors I would be say in the exact same thing. It's it's it's making the officials look bad even though I think they have officiated that last play. Very well won't joke like this scene a call on Kevin Correia out front. Where was a little bit contact this arena drove by. As LeBron drove by him nobody wants the seat that Paul. Anyway there is Margaret let's go to bleacher Dave who stiffed me the first time now he's making jumble what's up bleacher short showed. Club. Would that make up today and I you're. Being today it went abroad. Popular topic you don't but he is the program. They'll look at that and make it happen. But the new attitude toward the it the boy. And other equipment and a rock becomes a heated game. Definitely and crimes in which one about called. That applies while it does that make that. Thanks a lot bleacher Auburn make clear on the thing that the warriors. Nothing we've got screwed. At all not that's not even close to what I'm saying what I'm saying it is the rule be changed. Because it's not salute. Positives. Joseph the warriors got it gets in contributions out of there rotation players Iguodala showed up today in a big way Patrick McCaw through in ninth and as we two dates at Jordan bell. Who. I mean he doesn't. I mean he hasn't hit a point yet where you say maybe he's. If he's a little over hyped right now. I mean this guy. Did not look like a rookie playing in a pretty big game let's go to Galileo he's in San Jose it was uphill layup. What I think Marco. So I'm coming back from oracle out and out. Games shot and a great player out in a courtroom a pretty. Or not relook at about. Yet in your right and Korver played 21 minutes and if corporate only taken three shots and 21 minutes. Chances are he's not gonna help you in other areas no you're right JR Smith did nothing tonight. Crowder was okay. Crowder was OK I should crowd was pretty good which you're absolutely right hey Tristan Thompson again. And he hasn't been a factor lately against the warriors. So yeah another warriors the war has got good efforts from from a lot of different people that I Galileo. That's report by Galileo. Not he's in he's also right about the game. Fun game extremely fun game. And came down to the wire by the way the cavaliers with the shoot today 31 point 8%. That was the worst. Shooting the patent two years in the game since Christmas. New years ago. Against the Golden State Warriors when they shot 31 point 6% from the field this is a game we have to. You can look at it two ways you could look at it as though. Of the warriors are missing Currie and they still were able to win the game if you're Cleveland fan what do you say. I think he got to see what she's we only shot 31 point 8% from the floor means we wouldn't just mates of shots we've got available to win that game. So I I mean you whether that's right or wrong almost doesn't matter. Cleveland hit at least. Hang their hat on that that they did not make any shots today without the warriors defense of course of course. And the one thing I do notice. Is. When LeBron James drives that the best use the warriors. Just have people clot in his they have people clock in and out. They force in the make tough finishes but more often than not they forced him to hit it now. And it's because they got not only good defense of players but they have players who can block shots and those aren't necessarily the same. Discuss your pitch shot blocker doesn't necessarily mean your good defensive player magic who shot blocker but the warriors have players who can block shots and play defense I. Welcome back for one more segment will wrap it up before we take you to the raiders' opening drive your listener warriors warm up built by dole wins lumber doors and where. Outside PD quick release it's no good with a rebound. After drama clubs like play free I don't lag. An offensive rebound by George bell in my grade flat for the effective way to go look. You're listening to warriors wrap up on 957. The team. Through four coloring award. Show. Our Lowe's or home secured and be joined by John Dickinson right now. JD you remember that play specifically. That we just came into what stands out about what. That's the that's. The story of the game really mean that that's a good starting point for us here because speaker thought that was the most critical play of the game at offensive rebound. And the warriors ability to really get timely offensive rebounds they got pounded on the glass. That one in particular leading the clay Thompson three essentially put the warriors up for good. As they prevail. In this game and waited on 99 in 92 you. Yes actually. LeBron it it'd drive with two minutes left to make in 929200. Missed the three on that possession got the rebound and they played with some three with three. And it it it changes the last minute minute half and and now all of a sudden Cleveland got to be perfect. LeBron turned it over. Really nice defensive player look like from here. The brought to radical left on eight he and Katie just stood his ground and it looked like LeBron just lost the ball and I always. Always looked to see if the players is complaining wanna play like that and LeBron didn't say much on that place that tells me. The rim made a real nice play. We can talk about the one after that if you want or you can jump in and make another point. Was talking a little bit about that replay rule. I think the NBA will change that at some point. Because I just I think to hang officials now the draw is what I think that they're flat out hanging him out to dry because. The referee doesn't want all the tick tack foul on terrain there. But it what happens is the ball want to go out of bounds off of LeBron James and back. Part of the plate gets reviewed and when you go back and look at the replay you go wait a minute everybody ought to replay says that now while he can't. Assessed a foul on a replay. On a plate like that because that's a judgment call not a determination of what actually happened as far as while out on. See see this all the time and I think that's actually worse artery play I agree is when there's nothing that official can do. They're almost needs to be on a light specifically like that. The official this much is it in turns it into a judgment call after the fact which. Can get. Tricky and become a slippery slope I think. You almost have to be able wanna play like that to assess. A foul or maybe not assess that now but at least give possession. With. That's what it good. That's what the that's what they did essentially because. That's the classic call exactly it at the column though. Well and even ran the ball deep and derail it no I mean he knew it was going to be awful and or on. Will bribe because it was. If you would have known there's a replay review. I guarantee he wouldn't have been. He wouldn't complain. Because he. Probably knew we got away with one my point is is nobody in this building what do wanted to see the rift that called for a fat Al. The free throw line when LeBron was making his move nobody would've wanted to see that yet but yet. Now the now people are gonna look at the rest into Alicia all that well they should call them wolf its called have a feel for the game and I. I mean listen you have nothing to do very little to do with the outcome of the game. Warriors earned that with better life. One thing that stood out to me about the warriors missed all the blocked shots ahead of time at least the offensive rebounds word that the block shots I thought were especially timely weather was Tristan Thompson down there. Were to rant got him injuring nine green helped out it seems like with a orders are blocked shots. It tends to just lead to some great opportunities the other wage standard energy in the building hit it tends to change it blocks a guy. In this game warriors wound up with eat out one other just quick thing. Jordan bell really praised. By Steve it was kind of an up and down game but he's praised by speaker. Praised by Klay Thompson as was Patrick cough and much like we talked about in the pregame show Matt. Zaza Pachulia is gonna start Wednesday. Movement speaker went out of its way in the post game press guarantees asked about it you know stick with belly and he knew he says now the Julius get a started it was exactly how. I had broken it down for you guys in that it was Kevin Love play in the center spot. And he said that he was going to point Pachulia gets Tristan Thompson but the caps it interest tops in the game. Until the second quarter and that's what David West usually place David West who's gonna keep it normal spots of the team dictate aid. That Pachulia it just wasn't his night played tonight in Jordan bell. Oh was going to get the opportunity based on all the role switches it different things around it while playing in the five. But he says the Julius back out there Wednesday night. It's Utah. One of the reasons the cavaliers didn't block a lot of shots or don't block a lot of shots. That's what happens when you play Kevin Love at five but he's not a big shot blocker material on this the Kevin Love played in. He's forget that I actually I think it was forget. Was. I don't that was actually as good games he's played it the warriors believe it or not. Why. Does he score doesn't match I had scoring nature of the tab yeah scoring against the war keeps score any rebounded and others the two things that. Well I know those two things that it's easy to say guy had a good game but here's the thing if you had some but he opted it was played defense and not scoring. Okay well what's your opposite there began a month at thirty wants if you have some yep that's gonna score eight. Is that other person can prevent 23. And he probably now. And look for me if you break this thing down the reason the warriors at wired against the cavaliers. Is anxious to have the ability to score. A little bit more freely and it more players that can score a little bit more freely make it in two states. At a greater rate than in the cavaliers are able to do against them. Cavaliers make a play. Against the warriors they're getting met at the ram him to settle lay out or they're. Turn it over trying to kick it back out the warriors are just more pot they're more fluid. So I mean. Kevin looked like great. But he played really. Well kitty cat fight at the I didn't fight it anyway he went 60 and he made three you made six of eleven threes. He was three for fourteen otherwise let me know factor scoring inside. He can't score inside against the warriors an eighteen rebounds that's your job eighteen rebounds. Nice to I I just I just I absolutely get which are saying and if you're gonna play truce if you start Tristan Thompson that's not going to be any better life. As good as love was he's he's actually got to give them a little more he's got a he's got to finish inside better. He gets a shot blocked so frequently against the war. He does I just think it's he's bill Ellis ran out to stretch the defense on the on the outside. In its ability to pass I think they have to have that. To open up other things in profits just. Any kid you're right it's if he's gonna be out there there are deficiencies in his game that can be exploited. And the warriors often do light but that is get why the warriors. Pat everybody's number across the Wiki it's because they're able to take advantage of more weaknesses that the opponent. That they present for the opponent to take advantage of and I think what we're talking about right now is just. It's a perfect example of that heat scores but you'd need more oil if you like that it doesn't score will then probably you're sick you're talking about it. OK eight we're talking about a game that ended up 95 to 78 or 93 days EE. Instead of 8990 to open it. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Yeah I guess you know he was nine for 25. But the team shot 31% of the actually shot better than his teammates shot. Or in the course of the game. LeBron was a little funky tonight I saw he's got to score you know he does and he doesn't like that he doesn't like the score. He's a passer first and foremost if LeBron James could come into the game start distributing. The caps get up twelve. He comes back in in the second quarter up fifteen. Would be perfectly happy on a whole game without taking a shot it's I think sometimes when he plays the warriors. He lets the game come to him but he can't do that I think he's got to try to exert from the beginning. Well we'll see outlooks and Isiah Thomas and whether Isiah Thomas can carry the load and brought to beat facilitator but I just think. Look if if the caps are really gonna give the warriors a run for their money. And I really don't think they're capable of it but I'm open minded enough to it that lets see how Isiah Thomas looks but they're really gonna give the orders. A run for their money the props got it going to takeover mode successfully. More frequently. Eddie guy to rant can do it curry can do it. The cattle don't have anybody that takes gave over the only guy that ever really wolf it was carried surfing and he's gone now. Well you know why it is I. LeBron can only take it game over I think against the warriors from the perimeter. When you start making threes because goodness gracious. Every that they wait for him at the rim the warriors just wait for a. In reorient dream on green Jordan Valley or in on. Every play so David West. So he's either got to make a really tough finish. Or he's got to hit that which is what he did most of the night so. Yeah you're absolutely right but I thought it was a good ball game JT. Both teams played very hard and I've let judges thought it was a real good. That you we talked about. It's the pre game and on NBA this week you tell me that this game carries no embarrassment and so it took three minutes to realize that this took up and down out. I'll get great score baskets yet. The first minute I have two minutes of the game and you can tell that meant more do you. That's why. Actually went oh for five as he treated this like a regular game and everybody else's treatment. A little more Portland that's gonna do war warriors. Wrap up JD thanks for joining us appreciate it word wrap up always brought to you by our low Smart home security. And right now. Before I throw at the moment Chris Nelson. Nobody's home at my house and yet I can seem like Christmas tree cutesy pants. Feel safe and secure this more home security will notify me any time motion detected outside my house or inside my house. If that's were I choose to put it. It's they weather resistant camera and it's very very simple to install. Your voice I Mets could even do it I cannot only installed camera but I can also set up the that is how easy it is that's gonna do it next up stay tuned for Tony would raiders' opening to.