Warriors Wrapup 12-23-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, December 23rd

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 96-81 loss against Denver on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The legs around. It was silver. We're just getting started in the. Yes sports games. I'm sick and. Good evening everybody. Math assignments along wit you for the warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. And the warriors tonight. Get beat by the Denver Nuggets 9681. Their eleven game winning streak is snapped. And sometimes you have to watch game. See how it and see the final score. And its today that you know. That would need to be forgotten. I don't know that you can draw any sweeping generalizations. I'm not sure that you can make any. Poignant statements about a player. With somebody Peter didn't do the way I look at this what is they were due for this they were due for a game like this the warriors they've been. Decimated by injury that could play it without Hillary they played without dream on a little before this. There's still without Livingston and Pachulia Iguodala coming back from the flu. I mean you just can't win every game we hear that beat up and I think he caught up with them a little bit tonight. I think it was a combination of happen. The gate so. Quick. From last night to tonight and I realized that are new but it's kind of sandwiched in between. The game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas. And it. Just one of those nights for the warriors. 889579570. Is the number if you wanna give me to talk about this one. Of the Yeltsin the warriors play like this very often I'm looking down the entire roster. I don't think any but he played well tonight. Not one player on the warriors can look at the beard so you know what I I wasn't bad. Kevin Durant. Didn't shoot well six for seventeen. Re run green. Finished with ten at five foot. This night was mostly a frustrating one for him Jordan bell. Didn't do much either Klay Thompson couldn't buy one at times. Patrick McCall was okay. Patrick McCall was okay finish with seven points in 23 minutes it would dollar's been struggling and it. You know if we haven't seen if we had the scene. Archery it would dollar. Played well in the second half of seasons and into the playoffs. You be worried about it with dollar right now I don't think there's any doubt about it I mean he's getting up there. He hasn't really played very well this year. He's not playing well now. And yet. The beauty of big with college age you can count him out come march April may June because. As long as he's been a warrior archery with dollar has delivered at the most important moments. Right now he's not played particularly well although we did have seven assists in 24 minutes tonight. I'm Nick Young didn't play very well cast the didn't stick out like he normally did David West. David West didn't play well so like I said. If you're not gonna happen these games office. And it's the kind he gave that if you have. You're three cities. Each year it's just what you have to live with the the reality is the warriors don't have many of these at all they have fewer. These than any team in the NBA. And tonight they just that once it happens. And I got to give dead pursue Greta I really do. They they came in here and they. Play the kinda game you need to play against the warriors are real the warriors went. One stretch tonight where they missed 23. Pointers in a row they were three for 27. From three point range. Now. Not all that. Is Denver's defense. By. Some of it was. And I think you've got to give the Denver Nuggets credit the gold stay wars shot 38 point 6% from the floor they went three of 27. From three point range the warriors to hurt it over nineteen times. They they forced to shot clock violations. So I think Denver did a real nice job defensively and I don't really think he can play the warriors. A much better data into the floor that they did. Now the words of course services staff curry changes every dynamic on the court. But nevertheless you gotta give Denver credit Denver now eighteen in five. And a telling me I Spartan alike. Denver more and more maybe for this year. Maybe not for next year. But they have some interest in pieces and I know everybody goes first and foremost in nickel Yokich. He's a hell of a player no doubt about that there's there's columnists who threw his game there's. He doesn't rush it seems to be under control he takes his time and the nuggets. They certainly have so that we Yokich there's no doubt about it. But I'll tell you what I think the strength of their team is their backcourt. Gary had Hurst Jamal Marie and will Barton. Those are positive type players and they play pretty well tonight not great by. They're the type that guards that can give you a chance. And Gary Harris tonight. Six for fourteen from the floor he finishes with nineteen Jamal Marie had fourteen. Will bark off the bench with nine point 27 basis. But Barton a plus nineteen on the night that was a game high plus nineteen and other baseball game trailer files the former Utah Jazz forward. He made some big shots with the warriors were trying to make a run trying to get back in it. And he finished with fifteen points on seven for fourteen from the floor. We give Denver credit. They. Played well enough all night. That. The warriors never really made a rod they never made a significant run in this ball game they were down. Twelve points at halftime. The warriors looked like in the third quarter they might get back in the ball game I think the content that's happened at one point. But sure enough as you head into the fourth quarter it was. Still. An eleven point game and then the nuggets. It's a timely shots just as the warriors couldn't buy I want in the next thing you know lead ballooned to sixteen. Eighteen points and eventually hit nineteen in the nuggets and a winning going away. So the Golden State Warriors trade my green came out knocked down the first three the ball game for the warriors put up three nothing. They would go on to list their next 23. Pointers. And that's what I mean what I say how much do you really wanna analyze that aspect of the game. You do if you listen to be in the past you know that if there is one thing that bothers me it's with the warriors don't shoot well. And it warrior fans simply say they didn't make shots and they just do not wanna give credit. The other team. To the way the other team maybe contested shots or force the warriors out of their rhythm. I don't know what it was tonight I don't know Denver's defense was that good out of the warriors to shot the ball terribly at would have shot the ball terribly regardless. But the game to me is such an out wire. It's her to three point shooting. That I I just can't worry about it I'm just not gonna worry about. A kept entering O for five from three point range I'm not gonna worry about a play tops in one for ten from three point range. They start stringing together. Games like that they start stringing together games where they're shooting 20% from three point range then I'll get a little bit concerned but one game. Out of the first one thirty some odd games. Not gonna get knocked and get worried about this 1889579570. Is that number. I know warrior fans. Are pretty good at Russian awful loss and this is one that I and more than willing to. Essentially. You know let you let. Let you realize the warriors. Are gonna lose games like this occasionally. But. If you saw something if you saw something out there that you didn't like or you thought you think that maybe. They may have trouble down the road that this game means more than just the one game. Go ahead call me updated 89579570. Are usually the guy who who'll pick apart some stuff to nitpick. And I do that because the Golden State Warriors are such a great team that there strive for perfection. It is. Something that I give them credit for it and that's why I picked them apart a little bit when they are less than perfect. But. Nevertheless even autumn night like tonight. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna making sweeping generalizations undocking to say. Well there are a little trouble because this is there a little troll because of that the the reality is this game was clunker it was terrible. Might have been their worst game of the year. And we move fallen and the Cleveland Cavaliers coming here Monday and the warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday nobody's gonna remember this day. Nobody's gonna remember this game at all tonight. Some things that that stuck out with me a little bit. -- Mike Green tonight was clearly. Frustrated he was frustrated at a few different times. And it was obvious and there was a point in the third quarter where. Trey mind. Didn't get back on defense after he made a play at the offensive and Denver came back and he backed down I think Gary Harris and three. To make it about a fourteen point game in straight mine green. While the timeout was being called. Was shouting it teammates as they went over to the time now and that's trade model do it that's. It's not a big deal. Now it's not a big deal at all but sometimes it was straight in my Greenwood picked better times to do that because what happened on that play. Was he chose to yell and call outs and teammates. Dorgan sequence in which he just did not get back on defense and I realize he can get back on defense because he was frustrated. And he was frustrated because his teammates. Who worked delivering early work extra cute and they were defending like he likes to defend. But you know why Riddell to the other end. Hustle and then blow your stack to can't blow your stack when you're the last guy up the court and they just hit a three to go up. Something like fourteen. It's a dream on was definitely frustrated tonight it'll happen every once in awhile and here's another piece of news you may might wanna keep in mind straight mine green. After the game had an X ray on his left elbow so he was not available to the media didn't talk to the media after the game. And as he was having an X ray on. His left elbow and of course we know we've already got shoulder issues that kept him out of I believe five games before the last game that the Golden State Warriors played. So the warriors get beat tonight 9681. By the Denver Nuggets. They're eleven game win streak goes by the wayside. But how about this for some good news staff curry worked it out before the game. He looked pretty good he did some defensive drills and some. Individual work. With the warriors coach. He was go 100% during those drills I thought he looked very good that he took he took his normal shooting routine did some of that. I think. It if you put a gun to my head I would say I don't believe stuff eatery will play on Christmas. But I tell you I'm even open sliver of space. And I don't why it's just a hunch it's just a bunch watching him. Working out before the game I mean he looked he looked pretty good what your right thing to happen. Is what I think is happening just after I think you want supply I think he's trying to play on Monday. Because I think he thinks he's completely healthy and he might be completely healthy. I'll betcha he wants the play and I'll betcha the warriors. And their coaching staff and training staff percent in. Now we we just cannot let you do that. You think you're ready to play now that's great we're gonna keep you out another week and they'd get back to it. The reality is that stepped Curry's ankles. And his feet. Are. Hugely important to the Golden State Warriors and I don't know that there'd be a warrior fan in the Bay Area. Who would say. He should play on Monday even if there is one iota. He might only be 99.9. Percent. And that's where warrior fares to me are. The very intelligent. Team that's won two out of the last three NBA finals they don't need to be messing around with play in their superstar player. Perhaps a little bit before he's ready. 8889579570. You'll the chalk this up just the one of those nights are. Did you see something. That may be alarmed here for down the road if you did are all ears because our our but it just chalk this one up. As to something that happens during the course of an 82 game schedule. Elicited two warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart. Home secured. Them. You're listening to warriors wrap up. 1957. Dignity. More for a moment and resentment are alone Smartphone security assignments you're ORACLE Arena and after the warriors lose that Denver Nuggets 96 if he won't. 51 sort of felt like. 9681. Maybe 681 the warriors lost and it. Probably the biggest clunker of the year for Golden State I would I would think three for 27 from three point range. 32 free three for 38 point 6% from the field they turned the ball over nineteen times. In other words there work a lot of great place from the warriors which you know why. Here's one. Of the great plays of the game it's brought you by American Express our partners at the Golden State Warriors. I. Glumly guarded by your rants. Wants to go right here trouble comes middle stops now nowhere to go behind the back group like the drama dirt over here go straight month lob bail. I've done good why. That's die this seven. Lawyers is down by two that was nasty. Dean. Yeah that was that was nice. Nice little value to. Draped and George sells Jordan belt control with one hand through it. But that was about it that was about it tonight. And so Golden State Warriors get beat 96818889579570. Is that number let's hear from the fans brought to you by nations John embers keep it real make it nations. Let's go to bill in Fairfield they've bill I don't. Great I'd I'd rate appropriately just. Play about how light by Jordan bell. I don't know that it say unwritten rule in team sports that you can't luge starting job because of an injury. But I. I wonder if Jordan bell should not be starting over Zaza Pachulia when he gets back and now look at his athleticism and explosiveness. Is quickness on. On both ends of the court. Populist he's the lead replied this was a threat offensively whereas. Everybody back by the end and guard the the trade when does not not got the all of the elbow mean. What what are they you'd think that Jordan Bill Gates were starting out. You know. Thanks a lot for the call bill really appreciated. Boy that's a tough one for me it really news. And an initially. I would say a few weeks ago I was in it now no chance. And not only no chance but why why would put Jordan bell. In the starting line up from my perspective. As a rookie in particular. He's perfect come off the bench as an energy player I would disagree with you care about the offensive game. I think Zaza can make the fourteen or fifteen footer when they sag off him. Bought a follow me here I think I think Zaza as a better. Better offensive type player but belt and they'll score more points because Mel can get you more garbage in side. OK and finish at the rim significantly better than Zaza Pachulia. But I do think it's clear that Pachulia. Is much more solid defensively. If if you if you're starting. Jordan bill. I think you're gonna have to live with some mistakes. And that's fine I think door the regular season and you can let Jordan go play through a lot. But as the season goes on you're gonna have to tighten things up a little bit I you know what I don't think it's as crazy. Of an idea as I thought. Maybe a few weeks ago. But I still think it's gonna be Pachulia at the end of the day Kirk kind of signified her signaled that before the game tonight it. Zaza was probably gonna go back in the starting line up when he got healthy. I will say this though one of the 81 of the reasons bell is in play anymore is because he's a rookie he's gonna play your time ahead of him. And I think he's gonna get playing time of late this season and into the playoffs. I just don't know with Cooper once I seen what I think is. Is if you move spell back to the bench. You're gonna lose anything from him you know you you still going to be effective coming off the bench. But if you all of a sudden start L and now you bring that you Leo off the bench. I'm just not sure. Actually is the energy type of player. That you want come off the bench now he might be old aunts and stability. Or some. You know get things under control or be part of a five man unit that's under control. Most coaches want some kinda infusion of energy sulphide O Steve Kerr Heidi key is gonna go back to Zaza Pachulia. And I gotta believe the plan is is probably. Looking at Jordan bell as a starter next year. But look there's no doubt that. He showed flashes that he's going to be of very intriguing player but I do also think over the last two or three weeks we've seen. The young man is a rookie and he's not a perfect player. You're looking at night like tonight led the team and turnovers four turnovers in 22 minutes that that's too many. It's just too many I'm not I'm not picking apart the four turnovers. Because. I wanna pick on the Q I'm just saying and he does some really nice things but he also does some things that are a little bit problematic. Here's the other thing that I said before the game and I thought it came to fruition tonight. And it's this. When you don't have staff curry. You can't run the risk of going through dry spells offensively. And that might sound like something where you'd say well no kidding. But you look at it night like tonight. Curry's not playing in. Clay can't buy one and now all of a sudden Serena is just okay. Where you know what that's not good enough. That's just not good enough. And so you you can see how much Hillary affects the warriors offensive gains its practice the twenty. 2530. He's gonna score you talk about staff curry. A thicket of bowel thicket about the fact that just him standing on a basketball court at the offensive and is a way that he can help this team mates. And ended by space in the floor and Mike given everybody else room so there's no doubt the warriors are missed and stuff curry right now. But I'll tell you what he looks pretty good. And he looked pretty good before the game. And and I don't know if he's gonna play Monday but it if he doesn't play Monday I think he's going to be. Back sooner rather than later. The other HD thing about Jordan balances. Before last night's game against the lakers. I'm talking about how we only had three rebounds. In fifty minutes in his previous fifty minutes while he's gone out gotten ten rebounds and each of the last two games. So maybe the ball just wasn't finding him. Before the lakers game. Are we come back to be joined by John Dickinson you are listening to warriors wrap up presented by our Los Smart home security. Season two games and some tangible goal sometimes when the ball doesn't go on the whole it affects the body language and energy of the guys and I thought that happened though that we has really good shots early that didn't go and you know I just didn't happen for us but I'm really proud of our guys you know eleven and rove given all the injuries. Health history can. And we flush this one down the toilet we move on you're listening to warriors rap pop on 95 seconds to change. I welcome back everybody don't ORACLE Arena match assignments along with him now joined by John Dickinson that was the coaches interview. You heard Steve Kerr talking about. The low energy level in tonight's game that was brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Where savings is simple all online all that Cree chief dot com. JD at the last half hour I've been basically talking about how. I'm willing to just. Wrote this one away. Yeah it's it's a rare night or the warriors. Just didn't make shots and what you wanna stated that gates. Contested those shots or the warriors missed open shots it. It doesn't really much matter and I think you know Steve currently dude it's a little bit and Kevin Durant. Mentioned it I think it brought a little bit more clarity to it tonight just the fact that he'd bought. They really did get a lot of good looks but the shots not falling affected other parts of their game he really thought it. Some of the shots because they were so open it in and out. Just when they were about to make a run at that. It can't zap them of their energy year just. It just kind of took away there there there will be keep going it take it the highest level they felt that they receive Jews. That should have been there from a couple of those shots going in and add it in there. Now they would have been able to make stronger random mr. Well it's funny because I didn't think of it like that the unit now but now I remember specifically to rant at one that was halfway down from straightaway. I can't remember the exact situation but it was. Guarantee it was one of those times when they had a 109 and got it to six it was tank and gotten it to seven. But it never really breakthrough that barrier and and they have opportunities because it wasn't like that the nuggets were. The score on every possession. They were just shooting 42%. Through three quarters. So. Wars as they they have they were due for a game like this because they've been so banged up and yet they've still been winning. And that's another reason why. Not raise any red flag yet. Now I mean absolutely not I mean look at Aussie team in 26 days and it is going to be four weeks to game. If they've got to Christmas here against the cavaliers the last lost on Monday night. Sacramento here Oracle's so. Now I think Kiewit if you were gonna say aren't deaf and Kerry's gonna miss. Now two games in a road trip and you gonna come back home in Indies get a missed a couple horrid. And not gonna be back until potentially after Christmas the org you can have one loss audited game against the cavaliers have meant the Q the warriors would. Absolutely take that and if he did you just look at it what it take for the nuggets to be able to win this game and win it comfortably. That's tonight by fifteen. But it took. Historic. Were shooting beat 320s. Have. From the warriors have tried it. Look if if Stefan curry had been quiet you know he probably would at least three doctors say maybe they go four for 39. You know who knows if you know I look admitted that the city would want news adequately they've won play games without him and that that's not. It really needs to be brought up tonight one other little. Mean he. Casualty tonight it's not really big deal it straight month Karine dream on green. Fell in the fourth quarter and Wednesday elbow they need to be X ray left elbow X rays were negative on that. I'm not finesse forest concussion protocol every thing obviously he took that elbow. From Yokich pretty color joke which got them. I'll order for Kevin Durant later on about that the dream on was it tended to that's being here for dream on green tonight. In the post game press conference or in the locker room because he was in the factories there he was obviously pretty upset about it at the moment. It will hear from Durant coming up later but essentially it said. Hey Alley. It wasn't intentional but it happened it will not happen it was a missed call and you move on from it and you know obviously didn't have an impact. On the game but it's up and it now you're warriors and you wanna see that that call made just because it's dream on that he took active adults there. Well interestingly I didn't see the replay but I was listening to him or oil on the radio. And he said that it trademark may have. Accidentally hit Yokich in the face before the play as he was start to make his move not to the extent that yolk which ended up elbow and drive by random act and not. You know not that not betray my hit him hard but there was a little contact before its deep. Speaker. Asked him what he saw on Nat and and he said that he really didn't see it. But based on you know what other people were saying he implored the officials to to take a look at to review and I actually was surprised that it didn't get reviewed. Just because any kind of blown that face our cuts are thought to be assessed. A technical foul at the very least did so I was actually a little bit surprised. While unintentional. But it was it a flagrant it's still a technical foul isn't it if it's unintentional I think it still is supposed to write. But they didn't as a blow to the head but they didn't want the N eight date didn't feel that it needed. The computer market while you know there was also played the first half where David West accidentally elbowed Yokich. And I thought. That play they might take a look at but they didn't so not really sure what's going on there are not sure it was. Altogether that important when it comes down to what what happened in this game tonight a turning your attention to the to the knock it. A player today and talk about it because you know. I could talk about Barton trailer wiles played very nice Yokich is clearly there. There's better piece put. This is a nice win for them you know we were talking before the game I told you and coach Keating at bats and I had the makings of the game the warriors might lose. Just in that it was a team that. It's playing pretty well overall and start define themselves as the season goes on. I think you'll they're thirteen that put in the category is getting better yeah as the season goes on and I don't she'll think there's a lot of teams in the week that. That I can put that on at this point it like to meet their significantly better. More to gather more organized to terms of their roles and their talent. Than they were even at the beginning of the year when they had Paul Millsap and ought to get on the set back to figure out. But I think they're they're playing well I think they're well coached team they they beat and they get Yokich is. Gary Harris is a guy and he will Barton to guide it gives the warriors trouble. Every single time he plays against that he was a plus nineteen tonight Yokich was solid tonight. They're they're just an interest in team their their kind of first of all I've always liked straight Lyles and we talked about that I cannot account might. If you hit a couple of years ago. He's pretty good. What are probably talked about tree while more than anybody's ever talk about at least in the Bay Area yes exactly at least that area but he cannot announce shops and so I felt like this team I thought was that the team playing well. And athletic enough and enough players to give the warriors trouble. At times in. In the course of the season they've they've beat the warriors last UC the foresees in a row that got at least one exactly in the they had to edit here elevate nearly done it here a couple of not so. I'd like to take curry way. You put it. At the end of this eleven game run and you have Denver media's buttoned up as they'd been in the last three years. And it all just an added up before the game as it as a game that I could see being lost for the warriors and also back in the game before the game. I think and I am not saying they overlook. You know the nuggets or anything like that I I don't think that was the case but the game before the game can be. One of those that that let me Hewlett slip away often accused kind of works out. Out yet and I I didn't look I don't I couldn't name all five games on Christmas but I more than willing to guarantee Denver's not plane on Christmas. So there's no games tomorrow in the NBA. They don't play on Christmas so in a way that nuggets are comedy here tonight saying you know it looks. Let's see you all we can tutor we get two days off and then you know Chris we'll get back to debt meanwhile the warriors they don't have that. About making excuses for but they they had a game like Denver last night but they got a game Monday on Christmas and it's the marquee game and it's the one everybody's talking about. Yeah an error and the warriors to Italy the other aspect that this is there actually capital walker bar note no media availability or anything like that but. Real there have a don't want their evident not practice. This upper that'll walk through real odd because well it. So it's kind of an I'm sure it'll be something relatively YE right now. And again it will be a date for the immediate comment after the last two days after the games at again I I don't think it happened. A real practice after two games and no team would do it right but I actually think. Wouldn't it CPA that something they may not be allowed to view but given the special circumstances the game be it. So early. That's his earliest game can be at twelve noon. And I just. They're gonna caddick get together tomorrow is a team you know before you know before going their separate ways for the evening. And go through we know what they need view. Against the cavaliers on Monday. And it looks like the worst I'd be healthy here on Monday. Maybe not Stefan curry but they likelier to get Livingston. And Zaza Pachulia. When we come back from the regular askew little more about Seth Curry because I understand there's been. A little bit more talk about his situation and it happened after the game wanna ask you about that. Also wanted to ask you about you know pitch but. He looks to me like maybe the real the real deal. And I know on the first one save them probably late in the party. But he's a nice player aren't we come back that's been discussed you listen to warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Marco security. It was a joke is in the hands and face did. That play you call it a life sentence policies. So this is cool man who carry so team and thought it was the officer's file would. Absolutely that's Sony invested the rest. And I just plain old press room crew listed split it can't be perfect analysis party and. Discernible from there. You're listening to warriors wrapped box on 957. Big game. I was Kevin Durant talk about a plane which typically go. To remind marine. Inadvertently within. Bo. Didn't get the calls a bleak joke joke it's actually stuff. What he really hit them yet any eighties they cannot candle that was. Oops that's profits of fact I go to the way probably gonna get reviewed and then yet. At any actually kind of gathered in that make it nice pass right for a yeah or pass that led away yeah exactly and the warriors yen that was it that was kind of deflating moment Andy to with a warriors might and a another round. Yeah although boy they didn't have many runs and tonight they really did not like to know with their biggest rod was because I'll bet it might only be in. Nine to three years something like that you know they they just couldn't. Get anything going. Consistently. Seth Curry was working out before tonight's game and quite frankly I thought he looked very good news is doing individual work. With one wars coaches trainers. By the drills he was doing he was going at 100%. For sure. And I want you guys the listened to what Steve Kerr had to say when he was asked if curry might play on Christmas this is before the game. I watch of after practice and I've been really encouraged by his work outs. Moving well. Looks like he's gained confidence in them movement. As far as that the first question Bob myself training staff students and staff and that's who's involved. In the decision. But I can tell you that. If this were not. Christmas in Cleveland tomorrow. Whenever two days. I don't think any ambiguity and be asking me it just happens to be an hour what's up. Maybe you would but now with this and servers in the guy hasn't had even at 33 game right. So if we were playing Cleveland on Christmas and I told you. Staff hasn't played in 33 genius and had any contact at all on the game is 48 hours from now you'd say. It's just like play but because it's the magnitude of the game you you know everybody wants to know. But we cannot let that affect our judgment he does he kept it would be completely irresponsible he did. Today now I mean there you have it and it L Steve courage in the most polite way possible. Tried to quell it again and I think eke out love Steve Kirk is actually that was the first time work I cannot body was a little sick again question. And not and not that it you know about that he was agitated about it but it was like look. I get that it's Christmas and it's the cavs but. We go through this all the time in terms of evaluating injuries in the information I give. It's this what if this was march 5. You would need to be worried about if curry was plane or not you would even be asked the question. So you don't think he's got to play I don't. Percival like us that I had gotten my there's no way I would say he would play. I think I thought what I that's what I want I think it was the plates do I think he wants I think I've got it once and there may be a conversation. That. If he may say hey Allen knocked it. I want hockey coach thought if Bob Bob Meyers our top of the trainers let's let's all meet. In the training room after the walk through tomorrow and let's talk about this does it feel good feel on a person he'll play limited minutes whenever you start me yet. You know six minute bursts you know whatever five minute burst. 20/20 five minutes I still think cooler heads prevail orders Smart as anybody and I think I think the worst habit bird. Twice that's already true they'd been burned twice already. A little bit by. Kevin Durant want to play in Oklahoma City. On an ankle that was O. Sore enough after that game to work yet in this and an entire week and following nets have 34 more games and it straight mongering. Dream on green at issue where where he missed the game in Charlotte. And it came back wanted to play game. In Detroit because that's homecoming game added he winds up not playing at it tell what Friday night last night. In his return so. I think that's almost got factory and a little bit the fact that the 08 at two guys re aggravating injuries. Because they let him play in. Meeting a more meaningful games. Then you know or games that are perceived to be more meaningful more meaningful gains. To the individuals they haven't taken the picture approached the usually eight. And I just don't see him in May be carries Israeli electorate not like it played let me. Maybe says that I don't now. Well I don't think he's gonna. I take what you can take that back securities you're ready he's coming back on the 29 against Charlotte. So that everybody back home to watch more because he missed the game at Charlotte. Before their their ego that's my prediction. I I don't know I kind of think so too that's that's actually I think Eddie it's reevaluated Tuesday ants in the in all likelihood just because they're not taking tomorrow off right there they're gonna have a loss there are gonna get together tomorrow walked Utica way to game. On Monday. Mikey I'll bet they take Tuesday off that maybe curry comes in or maybe it playable three on three may be places three up three with the guys and the plane. But our fourth the coaches. But I would bet that they'll take Tuesday off that and it have shootaround on Wednesday. They gave model win state they'll get the practice on Thursday. And I they that would set it up. Possibly for a return on. The one player I was talking about a little bit before you came. JD was was Andre Iguodala. And I don't think he looks good. And. But. He's done this before where he hasn't looked good the first half of the season. And it. You start to worry about it and sure enough when it went everything matters he's always. Been reliable. It's kind of like. Gosh we'd like disbursed if you keep thinking this might be the year that they fall this might be the year that they fall. And I'm asking it again I wonder if this might be the year where Iguodala takes a step back when they need him I mean he. And he knows his body better than anyone who are you are you at all concerned. At a dollar now I'm not because I know that I know that he knows what he needs to do it right. And I think they'll give them an opportunity to write and I actually wouldn't be surprised if once the warriors get healthy whatever else if they shut him down for a lot I wouldn't be surprised if they keep in two weeks off. It just can't accuse him recharged at some point maybe it's not coming. Right after the new year here in January disputes surrounding the all star memory or is that there's one it gaps in the schedule. It's amazing Jessica about this eight. Thinking about Christmas added three more games next week. And they're critical that road trip that first weekend of the year. She's a half over at that point I mean and if you think about it. All the games and it feels like just in from the from this point it. The season started. It feels like there's just been game after game after game it's amazing he does it seem like there's been all this off time for all the the conversation that's been about. The news schedules so to speak up I think they'll find time to get him an extended rest to give him rejuvenated. As they start to your optimistic after our here's the last question I have for you. Who was the best warrior tonight. It's a tough I know it is that's why I asked me David West didn't even know David West it even I mean he missed a couple of those seventeen footer and missed an easy one in side it. Boy that's a tough though the real thing. It. Boy. And it was JaVale me. It wasn't McKeon no. I. Iran I said I said McCall. Just because. He wasn't noticeably. OC did it. I was probably to rant and even they get to rant on about immediate hit it three true but it ran out a bad night six of seven team. I mean it's. Jordan Belle. De Cuba are. JD well thank you for joining us. As always that I will see you on Christmas Day bright early by the way we have a special NBA this week. Version of the NBA this week it's going to be on Christmas Day in order be on the air at 9 AM so open presents. Pitcher Greg each coffee put Stein Mets and JT will take you to the warriors warmup and then will. Also take you to Roy and then we'll have a game at noon so. Spent some Christmas Stein and come in Dickinson and before or that's gonna do it of course were brought to you by Arlo Smart home security. And as we are nearing Christmas. I'm very appreciative for my or low if he's. A wonderful home security system that allows me to check on what's going on. In my home I can contact. My kids if I need to through its two way audio and I don't know if you know this out there in lists that are world but it's. We just got a cat. In my family and we have a cat now and it dog and it's very nice to be able to look and see how they are interacting when nobody's home. You'll all be relieved to know that they they're get along pretty well. Wrecks in jacks they are and so are low. He's kind of like one of those Swiss Army knives you can do so many different things it's weather resistant it's easy to install. High definition video. It saves. It saves things for a week and she's been a the real nice acquisition for the assignments house our let's go do it everybody. We will talk to you on Christmas Day Christmas Day at 9 AM on wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays. And thanks for elicited everybody.