Warriors Wrapup 12-22-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, December 23rd

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 113-106 victory against the Lakers on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The legs around. This overhanging. Just getting started the day. Hey everybody welcome to you warriors wrap folks. Presented by Arlo Smart home security the Golden State Warriors that's eleven now. Eleven wins in a row for Golden State they beat the Los Angeles Lakers the united oracle real 113. 106. And the story of tonight's game. Rookie Jordan bell he started alongside ray mine green today. And he had twenty points ten rebounds three assists. And it. Once again which is the bundle of energy for this team. As they staved off a late rally by the Los Angeles Lakers who at one point to take the lead in the fourth quarter 8988. But that was. Short lived as it were and the warriors ended up winning 113. 106. Kevin Durant finished with 33 that was a game high was nine for twenty from the floor and the other the one thing we saw tonight with the warriors. Particularly early in the fourth quarter is when they don't have staff Currie. And Kevin Durant it's awful floor. They do have a tendency once in awhile to go through dry spells and that's what happened against the lakers. In that fourth quarter as they gave up. A third quarter lead and then this the lakers came and it took that one point lead before. Golden State to rent and Jordan bell brought it home and if you look if this the lakers team. This is a young team. That might be a problem down the line they've got. Brand and Ingram who's a solid player they've got Alonso ball who despite. Some criticism despite. All the attention on his father. The fact of the matter is the kid ain't bad he ain't bad at all. And it once he starts filling out his body a little bit. I think he's gonna be even better. And of course the story of the night for the lakers rookie Kyle coups Mejia 27 tonight 27 points fourteen rebounds. He's now had 25 points. In three straight games and that's the first rookie to do that since Jerry West he was coming off a 38 point game. On Wednesday night against the Houston Rockets when they snap the rockets. Fourteen game winning streak so if you look at. What the lakers have done their loss for the warriors in overtime they. Then beat the Houston Rockets who have a fourteen game winning streak and then tonight it looked like the warriors. It looked like the warriors are gonna put anyone who golds they led by 23 points in the second quarter. But give the lakers credit they kept coming back they kept fighting. They kept playing within energy. And they not only stayed in the ball game but they gave the warriors. The little too close for comfort scare if you will. The war is also got Klay Thompson. Sixteen points straight mine green make in his return after missing five games because of an injury he had thirteen points eleven rebounds and seven assists. The Warren. Blemish her dream on was six turnovers tonight. Including four in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter and that would allow the lakers to get back in this thing. It became a little bit. Closer than the warriors one atlas just put it that way. Come off the bench Julius Randle had 21 also for the lakers he's an interesting player. Trying to figure out whether he's a starter or whether he's a heck of a sixth man. I think he's got to get a little more consistent if he wants to be. A full time starter in this league but he's awfully athletic and when he's playing hard. He can be a factor Ernie was tonight. On the interior and again finished with 21. And tens of the Golden State Warriors. They beat the LA lakers tonight 113. 106 it's their eleventh victory in a row. And it also started a stretch of six games. In nine days were Golden State. So they're gonna be busy from here through the new year they play the Denver Nuggets here tomorrow. That's a 530 starts so we're going to be tip off. Again. Right here in this building in less than 24 hours of the warriors are gonna try to make it twelve in a row. They'll obviously be without staff Currie. Tomorrow and it looks like through the Christmas Day game. But they did get Andre Iguodala back tonight. They did get train mine greenback tonight they were still missing Shaun Livingston and they were still listens Zaza Pachulia will wait to hear on their status. For tomorrow night's game probably before tip off but the warriors win their eleventh straight. 113. 106. And if you wanna jump in to talk about this one. Will do so right after the break 889579570. Is the number you're listening to warriors wrap up. Presented by Arlo Smart home security. You're listening to forty years rabbi on 95 cent gain yeah. About everybody gold stay or. The Los Angeles Lakers tonight here at ORACLE Arena 113 106. That's always been straight now for the warriors who raised their record to 26. In six. And that is now the best record in the NBA they've been trailing Houston all season long Houston is now lost two games in a row. So the Golden State Warriors are 26 and six. Are now the league's best team team. When it comes to home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Of course we're not halfway through the season even just yet but. It was unusual to see the warriors. Without the best record especially if you see them the last three years when they've been. Flat out spectacular. All right it is time for the play of the game brought to you by American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. Three months outside left fast to bounce back. There was. I just can fly yeah. Had Oregon Ducks Jordan bell and he had twenty points. And ten rebounds today a double double the first of his career he was also a team high plus 22 tonight. And he just happen to be off the floor earlier that fourth quarter when the lakers went on their run and actually took a brief lead. 8889579570. If you wanna jump in on the conversation right now it's time to hear from the fans brought to you by nation's giant hamburgers keep it real make it nations. Let's go to Antonio and Oakland what's going on Antonio. I'm out of money if you win a race here. And Kevin Durant who wanted to post player leaves you money and compete. These people as a player of the year candidate controversial and heavily laden you know block parties almost every night ordered night. Challenger bill enough. Welcome to that organ you are we want to work to get them here and I never thought it would be it would give them. But I think somehow didn't. Follow plays Michael Pollan dream on you know our mark leg straight month might he's really shown you know from us and the lawyers or find themselves without curry out there is little while back you know we are finding themselves. Not a cat he's been nick young and everybody's complained console have a nationalism came you know. Hey you will get my street back on top of the western India and so. I was very fair. All right thank you Antonio good stuff as always. Kevin Durant defensive player of the year. And now I don't know I'll tell you what though. That's something that probably if you would've said two or three years ago. People order rolled their eyes and now the bottom line is Bob. He might be in consideration for that so. We'll see will seek. But if you look at some some aspects of tonight's game. We had Anthony Slater of the athletic on. Before the game on the warriors warm up and we're talking about Jordan bell starting tonight with a trade my green alongside of him and he suggested. That. This is going to be next year's starting lineup. Starting Frontline at least with with pellets that are possibly intra in my greener power forward. I gotta admit what I what I heard that I I perked up a little bit. I haven't really thought of Jordan bell isn't as a starting setter I think he's got all the makings at least right now as a rookie of of the super. Energy guy but you know what after you see him play what he played tonight 25 minutes. Nine for thirteen scored twenty points ten rebounds. They may be we are looking at a starter in this league and I just think that if you just if you think about. How good the Golden State Warriors are and you think about. Jordan bell being acquired in the second round. With a with a trade from the Chicago Bulls. And somehow. He has found his way. Into the warriors rotation. And even a night like tonight he is in the starting lineup it's pretty remarkable. Jordan bell became the only rookie. That's a second round pick this season who had a double double so there'd been no second round players. In the NBA this season. Who have had a double bubble that is up until now. Because Jordan bell got one tonight of course Kyle crews will also got one and the one thing. The one thing about coups when he looks like he's gonna be a heck of a player to. And it was very easy to try to make jokes at Alonso balls expense. Talking about how coups mud isn't the player. But the lakers drafted of their two picks that Tuesday was the one bit let me tell you I think both those guys are gonna be good players. Likud was already pretty good and and Alonso ball. Very good feel for the game and like I set I just think he's got to get a little. Bigger and a little stronger and once he does that I think he's going to be fine. Let's take a listen right now to Jordan bell. He was on the post game show. With Karen Burk of NBC sports Bay Area and she asked him about. Finding his role on the team. Brutalized in new. So I I assume the light skinned dudes are clay Thompson and staff curry and then the skinny dude is Kevin Durant. So Jordan bell obviously knows where his bread is buttered he knows who get the ball to. And he describes it very very interesting way. Let's also now take a listen to have that sound of course courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area. Let's hear now from Steve Kerr. All on that Jordan bell play in the five in today's NBA. No way the league is you're just getting smaller and faster and a more more three point shooting. There's still a place for the big centers and when we need all of ours and there's going to be games where we're gonna have to. There are battles. Big guys down low and then there's going to be a lot of games more games like tonight where she three point shooting everywhere and to drive and kick in when you need that's smaller senator. Yeah and the warriors have all kinds of senators they've got tall setters they've got. Short setters they've got sake setters they've got all kinds they can play many players at the five whether it's McGee. Whether it's David West whether it's Kabbah blew me at times and of course. Jordan bell and Tre Mike Green can also. Play the five if need be the warriors are doing all this right now without staff curry. He is. Expected to be reevaluated. The day after Christmas which would be Tuesday. Ended Dora the pregame. Availability session Steve Kerr was asked. If it were possible. That Seth Curry could possibly come back for the Cleveland game on Christmas and he basically said. And he doesn't really think there's any chance he almost thinks. It would be irresponsible to play and so early and he basically said 99.9. 99. Chance that staff curry will not. Play on Christmas and you can't blame the warriors is there really need to place Seth Curry. If he's not a 100%. I don't know anybody that would answer yes to that question why we come back we're gonna be joined by John Dickinson he is emerging from the warriors locker room. You'll listen into warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smart home security will bring in. John Dickinson right now who just is emerging from the Golden State Warriors locker room and the first thing I wanna ask you. A since we just played a highlight of Jordan bell. Did anybody happen to mention that he walked. On that play and nobody mentioned that he walked it I drink my green. Did get reference right out of it gave him getting gas stopped by the rim when he went out for a gets us attempt that I think you knew that was. Coming from somebody and does that was I actually ask scream on green you know right off the jump in what did you think of how the three guys played together Jordan they'll Kevin Durant drain on green play together and that's starting front line. And before he even got into an answer. About anything else. It he he referenced the fact that yeah he got. He had handled by the ramble but they're pretty did get the ball back to put it back in so was like it was a waste to possess. Left handed to you finish that the funny thing was is that that the played a game where he went essentially coast to coast James Harden. Yeah I'd be out you have only did you see Iguodala then there again the lakers called time out there with dollar was making them. Quite often traveled. The traveling side so he thought to. I thought he wanted to take him off the board Iguodala had taken off the Bono and dollar wanted to do it. I hated the one thing I acknowledged the one thing though that both of those things tell you is how much the warrior players really liked Jordan now. Because if you're not if you're not joking with a guy. It on in he's in you go all rookie death of this group and it's interesting because he's playing more and more of an enhanced role here as time has gone and I think tonight is in eight. We might look back on and it's. Maybe the birth of that's front line playing significant minutes and critical minutes together. Median playoff games and eventually you know secrets can ask about. No. Get more excited once curry comes back to maybe play carrion Thompson with that front line toward balance to grant dream on Greece and yet some we're gonna look at you. You know be able led to use a little bit more mean if Jordan bell can stay on the floor and provide energy was before all star players. Just his body tighten his versatility in his ability to switch. That might become the new. Just one out in some ways because those three guys. All would have the capability of protecting their ran up front it really doesn't matter who's the Centre trade Mann's been the senator a lot. But to be Kevin Durant we've seen him protect the rim. Much like senator would you are much like a guy to grants actually reminded me of a lot defensively this year. Early on and it surgeon bock. Early on in his career it seems like he could be a before he gets three point happy and and just became a god it's more an offensive minded player. But he would just always be at the rim and you never thought I was that bigger bat all. But he was so long. When he was wait now I knew he'd just send the ball away I mean that as a compliment not really does it down not you know that not a foot diameter it's a terrific player better player than. Serge Ibaka just the way he winds up position. To make a play defensively. It reminds me of a young. A boxer when it was a block and a. Yeah yeah back in the day when he was mostly an interior player. Golden State Warriors today beat the or should say tonight beat the Los Angeles Lakers 113 106 that's their eleventh straight victory. We come back we'll wrap it up for the warriors wrap up presented by Carlos Marmol security. Employers didn't dribble pass inside the bills get to the song gonna go. Flyers need. It's great to have straight on back after his absence. He brings so. And energy to the game and otherwise I was lacking I think last game and both he and Andre. Coming off an injury and illness those skins we need to go for the you're listening to a warriors wrap spot on 95700. Games. That was her talking about Drake right. Marine who came back from the shoulder injury tonight in his first three. That we suffered any ill effects from the injury did did he have anything to say a matter was a native a topic of conversation injury. Why is he was fine as far as the shoulder goes the one. It's Steve Kerr brought up in the trademarked product as well as affected his lungs were hurt when it actually being units and you know up and down action. You know it's always whatever you haven't played basketball media but it's ever played basketball their wife and if you haven't played basketball awhile and then you wanna run up the debt run epidemic court wants yeah I don't care who you are. He hit it real feel like the greatest work that you've ever had your walk a thin and maybe even be. A bit overwhelming in and I think guys dream on was really feel that it in his lungs early in the game and Steve Kerr thought. They've betrayed mind if played really well and then got a little tired and they gave a little bit of a break there in the fourth quarter. Abbott gave everybody break out at that was inevitable keel it was a two point game with 311 ago. And Steve Kerr yeah Cali got the impression that people in the arena have divided the arena was. When Helio back to these guys with David west was out there a long time when's he gonna go back to Jordan balancing gonna go back to dream on green once you get to go back to clay Thompson. To try to finish this thing in the game got closer closer is that the lakers are coming back. And you knew it was going back to the least idea I was confident he was gone back to but I think. With that pace that the lakers play and that the warriors wanna play the lakers for the fast plate pace of anybody in the league. So I really thought he wanted to get them that extra 23 minutes tonight to make sure because three minutes against this team tonight. Would a guy coming off an injury and not run an epidemic court. That might feel more like five or six minutes I thought he gave him the extra time. And I got it really paid off because immediately when bell and in green and those guys came back in the game Klay Thomson they immediately went on a run and put the game. I completely out of reach but they gained enough breathing room. To carry it through in the final minute. Swallows 9997. And a warriors scored on seven of their final eight possessions in this Booth the possession they didn't score on was. The possession were green missed and then missed his own follow and then Durant missed but other than that they. They brought it home pretty cleanly Jordan goes out the only rookie tonight who played well. Won't what do you what do you think Mikhail Kouzmanoff. And even Alonso ball I thought tonight was pretty good. Well Steve Kerr had that the line of the night you know when he said that the console ball apparently only likes to shoot it well against the warriors. Teddy he's a 50% clip against the warriors in three games and he's about thirty to 33% against everybody else. But in the NBA overall but he he really like Alonso is game the way that he's able to dictate to pay the ball's going to be pretty good I think he's going to be. Well he shot will be the last thing to come and look I'm not saying he's Jason Kidd that your multi Jason Kidd he really does just the fact it. He can play of the game and he's got an all around game and he's a true point guard. Eventually you'll figure out the shot and for the most part into its career he wasn't a great shooter. He he was more the end with some of the other attributes may be left them a little bit. But while the ball Smart he understands the game is it good athletes get sneaky hops I thought yeah you know little that you forget you're rebounds for his positions yeah. Not like I think Alonzo balls actually going to be fine. As long as the stuff of his dead just. Panic goes away at some point maybe he's focused on the other to some funds open right now where they're gonna play. But I want to is getting Kuchma is to smooth. And he looks like the kind of player that. The warriors what attracted to tell where that later than everybody thinks that he can beat you shoot it. He can pull updating it seems like he's a hard worker as well again it's gonna continue to get better so those two guys that so that's a heck of a draft really. And live lakers are still I think the learned how to win they need some more pieces etiquette times their defense is pretty awful. Yeah and the warriors exploited that and there are three or four possessions really just ran the forest down lane. And got an easy way out but maybe improve slightly over what it was last year. But look I I think wants those going to be pretty good. I think Guzman is already pre look at what you'll hear from Steve Kerr. Just about Alonso and and that shooting a paraphrase of what's your from C. Alonso ball likes issued against us apparently he can't shoot against anybody else but he shoots against us. Every time and you know we played in the seems like you know pregame people are so you know saying what's up. It was probably shot my I don't he makes he makes all these threes against us so. I really like him he's a really good player he generates a beautiful tempo and pace to regain his unselfish. Well I'll tell you somebody who doesn't make shots against the warriors that's contain villas Caldwell Pope. Four for sixteen on Monday four for sixteen tonight. Including one for ten from three point range. Batavia Caldwell Pope I remember I thought guys who defend. I thought he was a bird or player isn't well he's not. It's hurt it turns out there's a reason yeah so you always when a guy you think he's gonna sign. Was somewhere else why it's a foregone conclusion of what the pistons are deathly get a sign that gas spray and then he winds that. Not signing Indians had to take it deal a short deal with the lakers like he did. If you go cash what is going on there and now you look back. And you go OK that's what's going on there and and Stan Van Gundy did the decision maker there and they're better perhaps and Avery Bradley. Then that no doubts Caldwell Pope laugh but the beach career highs for Jordan belt tonight. If Kevin Durant tremendous again 33 points. Over Caspian had a little quiet night death for him Mitt as far as a quiet and tense time he's been a double figures and overcast he wasn't playing a lot. At the beginning of the year feels like he's got a bunch lately he's he's been a real contributor and oh by the way the number one theme of the night for me. Overall I double talk a lot about this on NBA this week tomorrow we're back here by the way we're back about eight and a half hours. Because there's another game tomorrow it's about it's going to be a blast. But my big takeaway. For everything it's all of the warriors they have the best record in the NBA the close of business tonight there are 1222. Under four months to go rockets playing historically great for them. And the Celtics got off to the great start to cavs figured out. But we're gonna go home the night in the Golden State Warriors are gonna have the best record in the NBA I think they're getting now once he. Yeah I don't I don't I think it looks I think they're gonna pull away and end up getting now once he buy for five. Games plus rusher Chris Paul's gonna be out for any length of time for the Houston Rockets he got hurt the other night again but I gonna do it for the warriors wrap up presented by Carlos speaker of our low. Smart home security. Continues to dazzle league continues to dazzle and amaze me. I got the camera set up. I have notification set up for my phone. Everything's on my phone the app is easy to use. And do what it does is it will notify you any time that there's movement our motion. From that camera. It gives you a lot of security. I've got kids I've got pets at home. And it's just nice to know that you cannot only. See what's going on. Outside the house or inside the house with that if you need to you can you can talk to the kids with a two way communication. It's been. It's been. It's been great for me and our family it's just given us a little more security where we're not worrying as much and that's up to nine. I can do with the best of himself are low. Smart home security. I have to do it we're back here bright and early to know more row. Or the NBA this week and that's restarted none and right from ORACLE Arena we're gonna have. Tim bon Temps of the Washington Post Fred McLeod he's the cavaliers. TV announcer won't have Richard Jefferson. Denver Nuggets forward that you probably gnome as the Cleveland cavalier. Then of four and the voice of the warriors Tim Roye and then on Christmas Day. Christmas Day when the Golden State Warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers. That game starts it knew John and I will be on the air Christmas morning. At 9 AM with a special hour and a half NBA this week. Before we take you to the warriors warmup so. Get your coffee and open your presents. And listen to Stein Mets and John Dickinson talked basketball nothing says Christmas. Like Matt Stein mentioned John Dickinson a schedule everybody thanks for elicited.