Warriors Wrapup 11-13-17

Warriors Wrap Up
Tuesday, November 14th

Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz recapped the Warriors 110-100 victory against Orlando on Warriors Wrapup.


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The lights around. Over we. Just getting started. Yes sports games. We pain. That's right we're just getting started is warriors wrap up here on 95 point seven a game of course warriors wrap up. Presented by Arlo Smart home security Chris Townsend mats diamonds John Dickinson will be joining us adjustable bed. Coming up from the locker among boy have we seen this game before. And we wanna hear Padilla AAA 579570. That's triple 89579570. Stop me mad if we haven't talked about it team coming out and out playing the warriors in the first quarter. Giving him everything they got. I don't I don't know of the magic can play better than what they play as they led 2927. They go to have tied it 56. And then here come the Golden State Warriors in the third quarter we have seen this game as the warriors are now 113. They won this 1110 to 100 but we have seen this game so much last year and this year. Yeah we really have been the only difference tonight was it staff curry didn't play but. The one thing you can't say tonight is born the warriors looked awfully different without Currie. The reality is they look the same as they've looked for the last five games and he led a team hang around. But but again I talked about this a little bit last game I'm ready give the magic some credit too they did play well. And they they they were competitive in the first half but it's just so hard for teams to stay competitive for 48 minutes. Because they don't have as much talent as the warriors and what we sought a night without staff Currie was in the same thing we've been seeing in with staff curry. A team that takes control the game. In the third quarter. Well yeah out I I thought it was interesting the way Orlando really wanted to defend at the three point line. And it seemed like it worked early but in the end that's not gonna work for it. While it looked like early in the game the warriors were trying to be a little too fine with their passes. They they turned the ball over oh say four times in the first five or six minutes. Which kind of you know set us said a suspect Tony if you will. But they also. Got a lot of contributions again. Durant scored some buckets when the warriors. Really didn't have a lot going Tre Mike green was very very good tonight. You're twenty points county four rebounds latest five assists. So he was all over the place Livingston gets the start for curry gets to sixteen and six. So it was another naive where the warriors got a ton of contributions. Than when we see 12345678. He played thirteen players again. Sure AAA at 57 ID 578 extra polite not 579578. There isn't very interesting comment by Steve terror. After the game about that we'll get into that test a little bit it just comes from Steve Kurds background comes from his time with the bulls. We'll talk about that right here on warriors wrap up we have some really interesting numbers more youth the warriors have now won seven straight games. They're plus or minus. And that third quarter in the last seven straight wins his plus 88. So they come out and they they take it to three in the third quarter. Yet they came in averaging 32. 32 points per game in the third quarter which was most in the NBA. So obviously that's a quarter now that they feel like they can turn it on in and and and tourney game in their favor. I was I was. Kind of impressed by Orlando at least in the first half. They are actually trying to. Petr remake their reputation if you will French locals. Known for being free T rigid. Kind of controlling your likes to slow it output. We had a guest John Denton on before the game writes for Orlando Magic got comedy said you know they're they're trying to play more up tempo and it. It seemed like that is what they tried to do it later taken a lot of threes. I don't know if they keep keep playing that way though because I don't really think they have the three point shooters. Just sustained the way they've been shooting the ball to second in the league right now and three point field goal percentage to the warriors. Which over 40% but tonight ten for 32. And I expect more games like ten for 32. Then. Let's say what fifteen for forty which would get to about 40%. AAA at 57 ID 570 going back to this point differential in the third quarter sell in this seven game winning streak. Just go to on the games plus four against the clippers plus eleven against the spurs plus 22 against the nuggets. Plus five against the heat that was a closer game the heat got on in there. Until the fourth quarter but the T wolves plus eighteen sixers on starting plus fifteen plus thirteenth at night. And that's where they put the game away it's like big and they go when they make the adjustments. I don't know of Kirk and I you know kicks him in the you know a lot and they come out may they look like the Golden State Warriors again. Yeah I was talking to Kerry Keating about this in the pregame and I don't know if it's coaching I don't know of Steve Kurds motivating more more making adjustments I just think it's. It's the team and that is the warriors that no. They have more talent than everybody else in the league in so I just think they get into halftime. There in a close game. And it's almost like nothing has to be said they know they should be winning the game by more. I don't think anything has to be set I think they just go out in the second half and take over games because they know they can't and they know they should be doing it that way do you pick yet Latinos and half that this is common. That's a good question. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know if you would ask the Orlando Magic tonight if the warriors were. Super great in the third quarter I'll bet you they would say well we came out a little bit flat. Or we weren't ready to play in the second half or third quarter so I was you know I don't know if they think it's coming I what I do think is. I do think if you play the Golden State Warriors you got to know it's comedy at some point. If it doesn't happen early in the third quarter. Then it's probably gonna happen later than that but it is it always happens. And sometimes you can be in the first quarter and those nights the warriors. Take a 3718. Lead after a quarter and sometimes it happens in the third other times it happens later in that. Let's hear from Steve Kurt talking about why are they so good in the third quarter. No. I'm in Iraq I I don't think I did I don't know I think that that. That I see as we start taking care of the ball you know we've we've just seem to be more. Yeah careful with the ball and I'd be at pursuit might be interesting to look at the turnover numbers during the streak they during the third quarter compared to the other ones limits on it right now. Twice the best cars out there. Label that you. And it. Raman is the vast and coach curb. Rajiv why won't it creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram where saving. Is simple online at Walnut Creek Jeep dot com so Steve Perry was asked the question why it's so good in the third quarter. He has an over the reason why I ask you mad about the other team as. We live in a world. Other analytics. We'll have a world where there's so much information given to the coach is given to the players. How would you not know. Like right if they know all these different things about every single player and what every single player does well he's on the floor. I would have to think. At halftime boys. This is where they turn it on this is where we have to be our sharpness is where we have to play the best feat that is where we have to box out we gotta get boards of Bob Bob Bob Bob law. This is where he fundamentally have to be your desk is this is when they're at their best. I would think with all that information and all all the data that we have a professional sports Ozzfest the NBA how would you not know. Yes well I mean I think he can you can pinpoint certain things for example the information that Steve Kerr was asking for. In the third quarter the warriors I'm not sure if this is torn the seven game winning streak court for the entire season. They only averaged three turnovers in the third quarter. They forced six turnovers on average in the third quarter spoke what does that tell you. That tells you when they take care of the ball they don't turn it over they're they're gonna be very hard to beat but we knew that already. The question is why did they turn it over less and why did they force more turnovers in the third quarter. I don't know I guess maybe the third quarter is the first time. In a game when maybe they feel a sense of urgency. They feel like they came. You know feel feel an opponent out the first half they get to halftime and maybe they know what they have to do at that point and I think sometimes. What they have to do is just. Ratchet up the intensity a little bit. Hold that spot is I think you just had a word that summarizes it best. Also. Tripoli not 5795 Seve we wanna hear from you lawyer fans and there's a number that you look at. Under Steve occurs leadership when the warriors get to this number in the regular season they're pretty much. Un beatable. It's warriors wrap up right here on the home the Golden State Warriors at site five points out of the game. Four years. The V alias for speed should not be five point seven games. The funniest thing that I just yeah. Yeah really brain generator is an area where is that an arraignment we tell us occurs. We'll follow that. KDL. Finals and staff. Of course Canadian second place Al wasn't here is an hostile sort time value and it's not you know followed Knight has not being good and then rain it's had well. Where NATO bubble had resigned bits if you courtship well thought I. It's not that funny I thought it was funny in any of the line of the night near triple 89579570. But before I get the calls. We want to play of course they'll play of the game. Sport netting the first. Batch of the viability plan got him down lake no doubt that it had. The wave like no way that they're gonna. Back to board crossover dribble. Just around the leg and. And keep playing the game rides you buy American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors and before we get the phones of Tripoli not 57 ID 570. That number want to give you the warriors won 24 and seven under Steve Kerr in the regular season when they have at least thirty assists and a game. They had 35 tonight. What's our record. One Tony four and seven. It's pretty good. You know why. When you get assists that mean to score. The winning score. That means using win. If you score more points than the other team he should be a pretty good shape I'm just saying yeah let's go to Alex and Banesha Lee is out tonight here on warriors wrap up. On all know what Lloyd oh look you guys yet okay gotta post in ballpark. Thank you and Gingrich never to alone would tell you why don't forget every T care less we got the third quarter. The number one we get a game on every team no matter what. But the chance it won't be drawn. Third quarter comes out we come out of luck. Federal rumored to. Without curry that's wonderful moment you show you our vision that dope to a point where we'll always been beach yet. My handbag intriguingly bought yeah. Theology that that person curry is deter them. Election that what you don't think about the game dude Erstad. Walked we dominated police throughout the way that he's dead yet. Yet there's no doubt about it of course we like to hear from the fans brought you by nation's giant hamburgers keep a real vacate nations and you know whether it was Cady was out whether it's staff who is out. And his team has so much talent top to bottom any game in November. Well they have what are their pipes are accurately as a matter while this is where. Their bench comes and this is where. Their ability to self motivate comes in. Because a night like tonight is is it gave more a lot of NBA teams. Will lose home teams live their movies listen their best player they won't really have it together the other team Mohammed and playing pretty well put the warriors just they have so many players on this team that can contribute. That if if their best players are playing pretty well and tonight. I'm looking at Durant who was solid I know we only had 21 but what he's nine for eighteen. That's called being pretty efficient. Trade my green with one any what clay finished with clearly a fifteen up until five for eleven and three for five from three point range that makes him appreciate you. Even a play making a play tonight how we started he did Loretta you know he's getting better at that. What you have 125 assists yeah especially and I would Curry's not here. What will we see is that when though when curry doesn't play solid the warriors. Point guard in there aren't any that player runs the team what we see is living the place form. He'll bring the ball up sometimes and initiate he'll play the point guard role. Clay can play the point guard role in terms of bring it up and start and offense and so can derail and so contrite myself. They just have so many players that can do various things and then they can always go to their bread to the thing about their benches. They have five or six quality bench players. So every night. It's guaranteed that two players at least two players will probably play well and contribute. Other teams wish. May be only two or three really good bench players some nights they get no production from their vantage but the warriors always get production from some portion of their bench maybe not everybody fought. Tonight you look at David West I mean he was amazing tonight when you have four points eleven rebounds and five assists. In just fourteen minutes and not contribution. That's a big time contribution. Let's go to new Francis in San Francisco go ahead Francis your orders wrap up. I tried my collar guys that love you and ask. And I want I'm warriors and if they're against each other air act nice and edit yeah plus thought about it. That best fits. Eight NBA right now and I don't yeah there's. I'm kind of annoying when I hate and I literally watch NBA saw that and they did all the right. And it did the opposite obviously. And does the I don't know there's a became nowadays they're always right about did a bit in the NBA right now you got to have the best record you know about it. It barely. Don't dominated debt at the delponte's like the quiet days you know oh if you talk about that little bit. Well the other Celtics with. You gotta give the Celtics a lot of credit. You know I don't know if they're saying that the I don't know who out there would say the Celtics are the best team. Make that statement that there are better than the Golden State Warriors at the same time. They've lost their second best player for the season. And they've got eleven brand new players on their team and they've won twelve games in a row you have to give the Boston Celtics a lot of credit. And the other thing is. We'll find out Thursday. We'll find out Thursday who's the best team between the Celtics in this than the Golden State Warriors because the warriors play in Boston on Thursday and that'll be. Especially the first marquee matchup for the season if you don't count let's say Houston Golden State the flu season opener here people supposed. Aside I mean seriously outside where we live. The survey says say well our teams really get whatever they still Plame for saying as the warriors and it's November. I think you got it. If somebody's wedding you got to give them their due yeah absolutely and the warriors. They didn't play well the first two weeks of the season more than three and three some like that three or 43. I don't remember self. Yeah I mean anybody who does that power rankings for example. You know you can see where I'm talking about I mean and email as well put -- the number one right now. Because probably don't we QA can appeal to put anybody at number one other than the warriors so a lot of times you can just. Do those rankings are you say who the best team is with how they're playing at a specific moment but again you're looking routine the warriors who won. What is it seven very in a row I Zell a senator row seven in a row and they're now 113. So we figured out that in this seven game winning streak there plus 88 in point differential. You heard Steve Kerr bring out the turnovers in the third quarter. We actually now have that number we may have the answer right here on warriors wrap of orders wrap up presented by. Arlo. We love our little stymied. Like a lot. They'll get into a little bit of our our Lola delayed its new stuff about my hourly see tonight's ran in my house right now. But lawyers wrap up presented by Carlos Smartphone security we'll continue their phone calls a triple A 95792578. And we found that stat Steve Kerr is looking for right here on 95 cent of the game. Yeah. You're listening to warriors wrap up. On Monday every sports station but. The defense. Pulls up makes. He's lovely thing all the way. Is that good. Are fulfilled by all the kids and with great 48 you know the Ford down forty seconds left Livingston the ball. Waiting tripping the light side feed like down to double the very much Jamont and bobbled the right. Pretty good night for Charlotte. Had sixteen points. Juliette six assisted. And elegant for some to replace the numbers of staff Perry get pretty unite their only twenty minutes till. You gotta be careful with with Livingston especially Curry's not. Not playing then you're gonna start him. Because. You gotta monitors minutes because he's getting up there and sometimes I wonder if knock wood if curry word be outlets a couple weeks for whatever reason. I wonder if the warriors wouldn't have to for Nagel a little bit. If not. Maybe. Have cook play a little more. Because livingstone's minutes are gonna be limited because of these. That because of his age and there's still gonna have some left over minutes there they don't really have another point guard on the roster that guys can handle the ball. Make plays. Initiate the they don't really have a point guard outside Currie but accomplice Terry migraine. Erica I mean they could play turn him on there I mean not a point guard but they can be handled them all yet they can they can skin the cat in many ways. But they the main thing is to make sure that. Everybody's healthy come playoff time and that includes Shaun Livingston and that's why they're not gonna. Over extend him this early in the season so twenty minutes for Sean and he got sixteen points in those twenty minutes. You panic question people didn't get to hear it for you had a question off the air about. The wave there warriors utilized their entire roster. Not many teams in the history of basketball. Parts not all thirteen guys played tonight we see that all the time and land of the season's early their eleven to three on the year might. That doesn't happen all the whole heck of a lot. No it doesn't and I've. Wish I had the number in front of me but I bet they've now used thirteen guys in. Five or six straight games Steve Kerr stunned that. You know I'd like to say what I can't continue but I'll start to think it might be able to continue. For most of the season because. I the warriors are going to be a lot of games where. They're up big in there's going to be minutes for garbage time but I also think Steve Hurst gone out of his way right now to keep everybody involved. And I don't I don't see how he can keep doing that but. He keeps doing what it he keeps playing thirteen players even if a couple guys are only getting 57 minutes. It's going to be interesting to keep an eye on because conventional wisdom says that at some point you're gonna have to cut this rotation down. Maybe not for a few months so we get closer to the playoffs but at some point you gotta figure it's common. Steve Kurt after the game was asked about using so many players. Any talked about his own career. And Phil Jackson it's one of the reasons why he doesn't. I think. I think playing everybody. Here is there's probably two reasons. Number one as we have great talent and were able to play a lot of people because we. We're comfortable. Treading water at times during the game were we we know that we can make a push. We can throw a lot of combinations out there because. And when you have guys like Katie and dream on and stuff we call had been that you can you try different things and and it'll still look pretty good you know but the other thing is is my a my own background as a bench player. You know I was on some teams were tied in place for like three weeks and I didn't feel like I was part of the team you know and and I learned. Learn a lot from Phil Jackson. In that regard film rarely. Let guys sit. Her fruits and longer than a week or so you know you might go a few games without climate. Actually you know you're out in the second quarter of a game. When you're not really part of the regular rotation and soul is. Genius without terms of keeping guys engaged and motivated and and there's a Rick there's a real power I think him. Playing a lot of people because that everybody just feels more were part of it in more engaged. That may put a perfectly you know I didn't play for three weeks. I feel like I was on the team. They basically you're just collecting a check and at times you gonna help people practice. In a very little time to actually do practice. By playing everybody everybody's infested everybody's a part of this. Now it's it's easy. When you have a great team like the Chicago Bulls somebody have a great team like this. And you're not coaching for your job. And you're not on the hot seat to be able play thirteen and have. Some of the greatest players to have ever played all right and your team. It on media coaching for your job you're probably not doing that so tired it's easier said than done but I do wanna give Steve credit I think he gets that he. I think the thing for me that I love about Steve so much it is his ability to understand people and to communicate with. People that's another reason why he is such a greatly. Yeah I mean he's got some philosophies that he believes there and he tries to. And here too many tries to implement them and he has the kind of team where he can he can try a lot of different things. Because. What's the worst thing that could happen I mean they could lose a game. And what is that gonna impact down the line probably not a lot. So. Might be able to take chances and BA by being able to play more players. If you're developing everybody more quickly. Then some other teams are developing players and that is how you kind of stay on top you look at a player like. Patrick McCall. Mean the fact that Patrick McCall was able to play all last year in his rookie year or get at least consistent playing time. Mean that pays dividends because now he's in his second year. But he's probably played more than a lot of rookies he certainly played more than rookies who were on good teams. And so. That the development helps. And so moving forward they they have a good chance of developing more players and have a more players that they wanna keep around because they comply. During this seven game winning streak we keep talking about the third quarter were tonight they outscored the magic. 32 dude at nineteen. So what's plus 88 in the third quarter point differential during this streak. Reigning gave us the numbers on the turnovers. During this seven game streak they're averaging only three turnovers in the third quarter two worthy opponent. Is averaging six. So they turn it over a lot early but they come out of halftime and he's at they come out at halftime they sound turned the ball. Yeah that's all they make concerted effort. Amid I think that's really. That's really what we're talking about here like there's a lot of things at play I think I don't necessarily think the warriors are ready to play in the first quarter. I think the opponent is ready to play in the first quarter and I think you have to give them credit. All the teams that we've seen whether it's Minnesota. Or whether it was the Miami Heat who hung tough for. For most of the first half or whether it was Philly the other night who was. Who was right there at halftime. If these these teams are coveted ORACLE Arena and keep in mind the the magic are pretty young team I mean this is a big game for them they'll come out here once. Once this season and he you better be excited to play the Golden State Warriors. The defending NBA champions and if you can't get up and play. Emotionally hard in this arena. As an opponent. I got to question your you know your competitiveness. Any user earlier tonight use the word urgency. That the warriors don't have the urgency coming out of the gate. They haven't probably coming out of halftime that's why we see this surge. In the third quarter I like that they don't have the urgency early they can meet they can be. That's the best way to baby's mother sloppy at times they're thrown the ball around their turn it over. And it says also they don't happen in other pilot crown all right guys let's clean it out and they come out they don't turn the ball over they take it to me. Yes I do think it felt a little bit ten night like they did miss staff curry the first three to five minutes it seemed like they were making. Uncharacteristic. Passes. I felt like there were some players may be committing by jumping in and looking to make the pass and and Orlando Magic player would step into the passing lane but that lasted maybe half of the first quarter maybe three quarters of the first quarter. And then slowly but surely they started to find their groove but I. It just felt like for the first half of the first quarter they were trying to figure out what it meant to play without stuff Currie. And a Golden State Warriors tonight 35 and SAS they've had at least 35 assists four times. This season the rest of the NBA the rest of the NBA has done it three times. It's a pretty credible number there really is that really is and that's gonna trend now for a few years. Excited to have that 56. Bit thin but at the access to allow. I know you just I mean we're just. Looking over this box score and he's. You know they're just numbers on here that. For example the warriors didn't shoot the three well tonight they were eight for 23. They want convincingly. So they're not a one dimensional team that if they don't have their three point game. Behind and they're gonna have necessarily lose what they do well they won the rebounding battle fifty to 35 tonight. Let's go to Eugene and San Jose you to senior. Our warriors wrap up. So they would sort of guide. I did hear that Yang. My conclusion. I really did we just beat. But he worked out that the vehicle without JD and salary that he's in this way out of the game and everyone tried to follow like a real win. That nervous you now it's like that spurs. Mindset of like it's just an appetite there or maybe even the glass of water that appears at the restaurant. And because that audio and apps is one personalities. On the staff put in place so that the bummed out but that the bigger majora belt. And for me I I want to be I think when I watched about play. I love dog I loved JaVale. I don't see them playing in the final in the last four minutes when we're pushing everything but. Why you don't play he has that potential of you not just don't senator but he had art than a and that's why people what do you think is a potential how 48 C go stitcher comical. Yeah thanks. To good question two real good question. I don't know what he is a trying to figure out I think for sure he's going to be a rotation player. Then the next question to ask yourself as well can be a starter. I don't know if he can be a starter I think he. I know were in position was basketball now. But. Heat I don't know what he is I don't think he's a sinner. He's probably more of a power forward but in this day and age he's gonna have to learn to step out on the floor a little bit. He can't step out on the floor and shoot he can step out on the floor and pass. I think you'll find spots to play. Over the course of his NBA career. Any might be a heck it might turn in to be. A great pro. I don't know though that he will. I I don't know right now whether he's a rotation player a starter let's say five years from now. John Dickinson is back from the locker a look at jet down everything that happened after the game lawyers what the land of 12 and a 100 they're now eleven and three they've won seven straight. The numbers AAA I'm 57 ID 570 year old listening. The warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smartphone security. On the halt illegal say lawyers night nine point seven game. You're listening to warriors wrap up. On the 95 point seven G. Maybe that's why time. No. As they leave by seven. We wish you guys know why Sino land holds up a story and no good left offensive rebounds. War on the night six recorded a great spot the you again. Found Torres gets the ball. On this 181 now that's for about what it up more. At this one. Now firmly in control flight Golden State frame up got forty points Theodore had 41 of the while those two tonight. Process though. We will associate that once it's funny supreme FaceBook. Community we did make an adjustment and it's okay if you started it would you about a sixteen turnovers you finished thirty bonuses that's pretty good ratio. And voted great judge threw the ball tonight. Unit and now most turnovers just. Mets players. Woman so Assisi is our promise to mentally you better about it. A photo we show about that and he seemed survive. Despite the high number of turn over to Chris Townsend Matt's night Mets with the its lawyers are out of John Dickinson joins us. From the locker room after the warriors win 110. To 100 but desist. I'm out he's out his JD under Steve turn the radio or season of families thirtieth says they're one to 44 and seven yeah. That's pretty get. That's pretty good and that's on top of a lot of other pretty good records and at that's kind of though that's the one way you can. Overcome the sixteen turnovers and inform those turnovers were what the first five in a right yeah tonight so really for the rest of the game let's say 44 minutes yourself. They only had twelve which that is it a terrible numbers he wanted to protect it over 48 which can't do that. And that was kind of the theme tonight in the locker room in his post game press conference. What's going on below the third quarters why why is it why it is something click. For the warriors and you know I know you heard from Steve Kerr he thinks they stopped throw the ball around. A little bit yeah Kevin Durant had an interest to take on that he thought that the warriors challenge shots he peaks. Teams get out they make shots they shoot a comfortable percentage early. Indicated an especially the first half edge coming out of the second half because the games close because the opponent is. If flow offensively he thinks that maybe they challenge shots at a higher level. Right out of the gate in that third quarter because they know they have to go. You know because the games close and and they're challenged at that point that those two things. Go hand in hand in its doors are thrown our way. And then. They're forcing tougher shots which leads to mrs. that the warriors get out on the fast break. And they're able take get on a big run in yen yen against her talk and three point shot wasn't there tonight but. They got plenty of other things going forum in that third quarter and down the stretch to pull away and another blowout win. You know what's that you say we talk about why and if we talk about well they don't turn the ball over in the and they forced more turnovers. That's not really why. I mean that that explains how old. But the question is why did they do this why are they coming out in the second half and I don't think there is a reason for it I just think. That's the way it's gone for the last six or seven games. They do I think the warriors are gonna dominate the third quarter all season long. Probably be pretty good the third quarter but they're good the first second fourth quarter still. I think this is just a short term trend. And sometimes she you can look. And under every rock to find an answer and there won't really be an answer. I mean my theory is that. Teams to play on top the first half and it's not the warriors let him hang around for the warriors are ready to play. We Orlando played a heck of a first half tonight they really did. But the gains of 48 minutes and then things begin to. Become what they are in the warriors are are better than every team when it they play 48 minutes. Yeah I think that's in line that's a line with Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant and and it took a step farther. Face seekers original answer is hilarious it was just it yup question can you pinpoint it. And he just got out because shrug it. Now can't pinpoint it. Off the track and figure it out and and he came back to the turnovers which obviously is always. One of the first things he looks at on the stat sheet that assist to turnover ratio or they move the ball. Are they thrown it away at a given away too many easy chances. But on a night where they don't have Stefan curry and had a Shaun Livingston was really funny he he's you know what shot what's your. And what's different when you got quiet and its staff and carries out and he he says. Well it's first Leon the starting lineup because carries out but you know that that means that we're going to be without between. 25 and maybe fifty both athletes who think the public to get sick but I did betting about what carries gonna go for. But I don't Livingston just I mean. Gil you almost forget that he can't score right because he's not a three point shooter. And he had really get to the line a lot he's fourth quarter night. But he can get out of transition he can take guys down low a little bit having he's got that. You know the old man gave Mariah the other midrange game. And he had a he had worked content I comedians that sixteen points is a plus sixteen. And if you had said it be before the game. Kerry socket a plight of livings it's gonna give you sixteen I just I. I would've said no he's giving you sixty might give EA. Right might give you might give you six on three for three shooting. We want to giving you sixteen of six of twelve and was aggressive. But warriors really shared the ball obviously it attesting to the 35 assists and they just figure out a way to keep Motorola note Iran and a probable figured out. Bill Curry yeah it'll probably the figured out. The one thing I did think and I told Tony this. They did after four turnovers the first 45 minutes I actually thought that was a little bit because there was no Currie it it just felt like. It guy's word. Guys had a ball all the positions they didn't normally have have it in. We're couple plays for guys seem to drive Lou Lou leave their feet with no word go. But I thought once they got that. Kinda under control. The turn overs work really that big a deal tonight after the first format and. On idol there was ever learn Pointe work Klay Thompson at eight he'd cut. The wrong way and laid out cut off Turkey by agree I it was just right idiot and haven't attached to pat they'll pass went to them but Eddie was goaded her Avon ladies were. Just all out of whack at thickening in the early going to do much to be expected. I at the other thing that we saw a lot of tonight any we knew we were gonna see it going into the game just for being the shooter around it and Steve Gerber for the game was. Kevin Durant. Of as the ball handler Kevin Durant. Tried to make plays in and get to the basket and just feel forced the issue a little bit and he kind of downplayed daddy he didn't think it was. Too much too much different from his normal game. But I I think you know the warriors just it was just once they got it rolled it figured out. There resist it was it different slow right because you're used to carry ice hit threes in. And everything is going all that but there was a different flow to let but it was it was really good basketball mean. For not having that element of shooting occurred provides. An ad that many assists submit that. The more impressive things that this warriors team has done right he can win this year. Well. You know it didn't after the turnovers and I was thinking this to an act. I almost feel like we dwell on those too much and I. I'm 35 sickness don't know I heart nobody arsenal turnovers more than me but even I think the warriors did too much T. For their turnovers look they play game without more possessions. On average than most other teams the other thing is they run an offense that's very different than most other teams. It's all about moving without the ball confiding. Back cuts reed junior defender. And look if you're gonna if if you're gonna be able to go back door to get lay ups you know why it. Couple times you're gonna think you guys going back door he's not gonna go. And you're gonna throw it where he isn't or he's gonna end up going back door would you didn't think he was gonna go and you're gonna end up. Look it's gonna look like a terrible turn over can you gonna throw it right out of balance split. That's the price you pay for play in the way the warriors play and I eat you gotta make that trade off you have to do because. The way they're playing offensively is completely. Special. Shaun Livingston JB after the game was talking about what as you're saying. Analysts and I was very interesting remind said he had going into this. Art. Exxon got thrown into the starting line up. One a new stuff so so. We're miss and about 215 and fifty points again you know kind of what he does but there's so this is really about being aggressive with some mindset on obviously it's a different type again. You know our team identity changes so it's really try to move the ball play inside out a little bit more just stops. It's obviously going to be more of a maybe acquired leader. But has been aggressive and hopefully it'll open up. Some shots and and and thanks for the ten minutes. Right on the money. John Dickinson. Was right about. What are you saying you know it's funny because a lot of times. Here's what they're worth the NBA is different when a starter goes out in the sub comes then. Especially somebody like living thing he's just gonna commit and try to black means. You come made any. You play your game you try to be aggressive. And that's what Livingston did tonight and he had you have had more shots than anybody in the first half. But. And that's what you gotta do and you looked at it yet the second most shots of anybody on the team yeah terrain at eighteen. And Livingston twelve dream on and Klay Thompson. Eleven. Which is pretty amazing I love finally at five in the first I want to I would have thought clay would wind up with 185 tonight to split but they didn't play that kind of a game they shared the ball. And Klay Thompson kind of joked about you know the fact that he's got to be a little bit more the playmaker. It was Steffi Kerry not in there as well you know dizzy like that we've that question was asked he said now it's us it's harder. It's good to have a classic. That's what it stops it dead damn minute. That best practice. Thefts of of spends like eight do you like he'll like do it more now I think I like units that are playing good recruitment I think everybody was pretty fun as warriors team likes what's desperate if this is the while we do we those of us around and thought it gave this week. If you'd like to throated beyond what the warriors didn't have a guy for a long period time and I still say carries the one guy today they would have the most trouble. Waiting what out. Long term right now. Playoffs would have Medicaid have difficult they they obligate it went well in the playoffs for an extended period out there were five or for the playoffs two years ago they didn't have them. And Steve Kerr keeps pointing that out but. I mean wow I DA just eight. For them to be able to play as well as they have it it's still kind of blows me away. Without curry because he. He's the MVP he's the he's always seems to me to be the catalyst. For everything else that they do derail its valve that is all act. And drape my dream is. The inspirational leader of the hard sold the defense of leader whatever. They play tops it is quite Thompson the curry still is the original diet it kind of makes it go. And when they don't have him I just I think the whole things is just gonna be different if tonight it was but. They still figure out ways to win I mean the reality. Is this that that. If anybody misses a game they still have three bonafide stars and to overwhelm. Arctic you know for its direct courier play that's two superstars. Really. And clay and drain mine if they're not superstars they're stars on the verge it's one superstar probably two all star yeah dialing. So there's still didn't have an advantage most. And one of them is the best defense is player in the league there and the other one is. One of the best three point shooters top and top 52 way player right legally yes good point. Well it's been a great night so far I can tell you this it's going to be a wet one on the way army on a line I don't. Four because I really in my Arlo camera. On my name iPhone I see at my house it's pouring rain right now now down in San Jose I'd say some of these are low. I ain't it. These cameras are actually unbelievable 1080 Ph.D. The night vision I could see it might be you can see the raindrops. Coming down from my. Arlo camera and you know it is so lucky to have them to be a a part of of this whole deal because it is such a great product so easy to use so easy to set out. And basically you worry less simulate more when you have that. Since he had that sense of security at your home with these are those Smart home security cameras. Yeah that's really cool that. You sit here ORACLE Arena watching the game and you'll get notified. If something. Is up at home if if the cameras catch some then maybe. You're at the game and you get notified and see your wife's home or your kids are home from practice just reassuring it's. It's a great great product and I've I've been spent a lot of time dealing with a Connecticut's it's. Useful in a big way. And Harlow has seven days of free cloud storage for your recording so you can go back and see. You know something happened to his 34 days ago you wanna look at something that happened because it's all going to be there wait for an. Yep JD got to give it my friend Arlo dot com yeah I'll tell you it. My parents are actually interested and believe or not listening to this show they go you know I. Because it Chris a man. Out very serious job seriously that I am that day in my mom the other day is this really think that she texted me he says I think we need to get Arlo figure out what you know kind of what's going on in the neighborhood. Thought there in Sacramento Carmichael area not least it sees as the it's it's not all Lee. It's a fun guy and it's true and put it's also very useful am I mean it's great when you see your kids come home and you know their home and they're saying to get that detection and even go. You get the look at the video Lockett in the front door there it's it's a really it makes you feel good does a parent right to know everybody is foam. And everybody is safe just like the warriors went tonight once in. Until 100 Maggie you're going to be back tomorrow it's from my tendon in her serve got Kevin McHale tomorrow law. So yeah hall of Famer Kevin McHale from. Hall of Famer from Celtics from coaching the rockets who Aussie coach Minnesota and it was GM Minnesota's long time drafted Kevin Garnett. This he did I Jolo and gives will be on from six to ten Vinny Cerrato will be on Kelenna Azubuike John Clayton great pop up. Michael's children Anthony Slater as you said you'll have the hall of Famer and you'll have John Dickinson I got bumped for cam I got bumped. That they say you're still on the list. Are you sure got bumped by Kevin McHale I'd die are all valid I think you're still on my friend I. I think at the role put that on top of thought Ed Romaine heads a funny story I'm actually. Wow I got above for Kevin McHale I think that's a pretty cool story and then you get mad at Jim Barnett will be omelet. Lo and Jeff Garcia the football our. Cam Inman forty niner insider all be a pop that Damon Bruce got a huge show for it as Diaz Garry saint Jean he's got Bruno he's jackass three and he's gonna have Klay Thompson. And don't forget the Crist thousands show. From. After beyond the arc will be on from eight to eleven. That's gonna do that as the warriors led their seventh straight from oracle. Once and a 100 fox Sports Radio to get us away will see all tomorrow right here on the Hubble lawyers at night five point seven again.