Warriors Wrapup 1-13-18

Warriors Wrap Up
Saturday, January 13th

Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 127-125 victory against Toronto on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The lights around the team is over. You just getting started hey. The video yes sports station 957. Good evening everybody welcome to warriors wrap up presented by our low Smart home security. Wow what a game in Toronto tonight the Golden State Warriors. Hang on to beat the Toronto Raptors won 27125. An absolute. Regular season gem tonight it was. Maybe the most entertaining game of the year if not certainly one of the most entertaining games of the year. And it was a game in which. The warriors probably played their best offensive half of basketball this season. They were simply remarkable. In the first half score and 81 points they took an 8154. Lead. After the first 44 minutes they shot 73%. In the first half they had sixteen. Assists no turnovers. That was actually up through about the midway point of the second quarter. But the Golden State Warriors. Wound up going into the half she didn't. Seventy plus percent absolutely incredible display. Of offensive basketball. Tonight they had 22 assists in that first half and that of course the second half rolled around. And that was a little bit different. The warriors. For the second straight game got warriors in the third quarter Toronto came storming back. And outscored Golden State by eight in the third and then in the fourth made a frantic run and cut the warriors lead 21 at one point after Golden State had a 27. Point lead so much to get into. Tonight with with the ball game so many different aspects. 8889579570. Is the number. And we're gonna start after the break talking about. The greatness of Seth Curry. You're listening to warriors around laughter. On nights Alexander and. Welcome back doors rattled presented by far below the Smart home securing the warriors once 27 the raptors won 25. Tonight. 8889579570. If you wanna talk about this one. Wow a lot to talk about. There we're gonna get your calls in just a minute but first the play of the game brought to you by American Express proud partners of the Golden State Warriors. We're down at 29 seconds ago period between the circles come black now white was. Need to rant and doing it with a jumper job they can do and it went well. I'm 130. But boy it's got a four point lead and won 2512. Weekends I'm out Toronto. Yeah. Tim royal McCaw and that was your play of the game. And right now let's go right to the lines we'll hear from the fans brought to you by nation's giant hamburger keeping it real make it nations let's go to Jean in Oakland what's going on Jeanne. I don't any. Taking my call and Seth. I try to crawl few days and again this morning couldn't get through that want to make a case for starting c'mon ruling. The center position. And I guess because whether to cut patrol pursuant plan alone may news foul trouble. It finally got a chance at least to play important minutes and with the with the starters. And I think he showed he's he's by far the superior. That are you know comparing them that you and I love to see that start this guy at this point. Let me ask you this Jean. What are what would you rather see him start looney than say David West as cool or maybe not David West who would you rather see you start. Looting your Jordan bell or do you think looting in specific. Now I'd like if he Loney with the with the oral that they keep fit on so well and moves quickly. Provide the defense of president he's there yet to be accounted for on line. The term. Who can guard guards as well as big man. Any any more quickly. So athletic so light to me he just hit it from the blow. You know and I and the you know that via the attitude of the other starters. Yet now and I know I think you gotta go very good point there thanks for the call gene really appreciated and the other thing about looney. You know he's going to be out there with a four starters. Jeanne. He doesn't need. He doesn't need touches. The things that he does it fit into that group offensive rebounding is one of his foretaste. This team didn't rebound the ball well tonight and rebounding is always something and they. They concern themselves with because. They go small so frequently he's also very good pass or not the Pachulia isn't. Look Clooney's comments I don't think there's any doubt about that he's come in and right now we supplanted Jordan bell. And I think the question you have to ask with loonie is where where are we going. Long term with Javon loonie because I don't know that he was really in the plans. Early in this season but he has interjected himself into the rotation and he's become a factor. On this team so c'mon loonie is somebody to look at movement forward. And the thing now is he's going to be an unrestricted free agent. At the end of the year so we'll see what happens there warriors won 27 raptors once 45 won't get into some nuts and bolts. Right after this. Kick it over to euros in Austria for free throw out download history. At their roads and fast this crowd back in the game down. It's a fourteen point five fiscal fourth 56 to go the third. To ramp up down off the street violence gone. Crossover Drew Brees is up another three that otherwise. There grant from downtown. At the white here's a bit disaster Mark Wood to thirty to go for the third quarter gets 187. Eighteen. Don't did you get much credit. Yeah. That's given them credit is another reason is that the reason why I was on television. But he does break ahead. He does bring a different elements of the game and someone has sold close to the organization into the city in my room realize it went completely neutral so. It was a fun Democrat is always amazing here I'm glad. It was a solid turn out and vote at W. Yeah I was Kevin Durant talk about the win. How much fun the game was straight sit there has always warriors won 27 raptors won 25. Today what if you watch this game which you have it on. On tape I go watch it it was that much fun warriors played. A first half for the ages tonight I mean it was it was a flat out clinic not just offensively although yes it was an offensive clinic. But defensively to Golden State. Was up 8154. At halftime there was a point in the game they were shooting 73%. With sixteen assists. And zero turnovers who was. It was an exhibition it really was and the Air Canada senator. Is usually a place that jumps and it was very very quiet. In that first half not give the raptors a lot of credit for coming back. Not quite all the way they couldn't get that 27 point deficit. To zero they never doubted even but they didn't cut it to one and that's where I wanna start. Staff curry. He's missed two games because the ankle were all worried about it we all wonder what the future holds he came back tonight. He had 24 points and nine assess. Only one turn over to by the way was six for twelve from the floor two for seven from three point range. Made ten of twelve free throws 24 and nine and 34 minutes that's that's a nice ballgame for staff curry for anybody. I mean. We get so used to staff curry put no monster numbers. 44 and nine. I mean that is pretty pretty darn good in 34 and a half minutes. What I'm getting at is that even though 249. Is a hell of a game staff curry has done. More amazing things with less numbers. And so. There might be a tendency to look at tonight's game with staff caring say yes he was OK here eight. Why is it's 127 point 15 you know you would have thought curry might a gotten 42 well you know Wyatt. Sometimes it's more important when you score. And how many score. And I'm a firm believer in that and I know. Sometimes. The in this day and age with analytics. And the way we measure. Basketball in the new statistics we use the reality of the situation is. That many people consider a basket in the first quarter the same as the best in the fourth quarter a basket a blowout is the same is a basket and tie game I don't believe that for one minute. And with three and a half minutes ago and tonight's ball game. They very nice young player named Fred van believed buried a three pointer. With three and a half minutes ago and they cut the war years. Lead to one it'd been 27. On van Fleet's three pointer with three and a half minutes ago. Seth Curry came down. Pulled up. Buried a three pointer of his own and the warriors go right back up four wood about 321 near 325 left. That shot right there to me was a big shot of the game. Because. That's a shot. That if you don't make. The raptors are in all kinds of business. All kinds of business. When he makes that shot. And you go from one to hold. And a chance to take the lead to it down for. And you just thought you hit a big shot you just thought you hit a big shot to cut it to one. And less than fifteen seconds later backed down for Chris curry came right back and that's what kind of blocked it it's a demoralizing bucket. That to me. It is more important. Than just any old basket in the ballgame so I think Seth Curry. Even though he wasn't spectacular tonight he was just pretty good. He still had the biggest play of the game as far as I'm concerned with a Big Three point are a little inside three and a half remaining he did miss two free throws late. That could have sealed the game the warriors didn't have to. They didn't pay the price for the mrs. But it was just it just an incredible game and absolutely incredible game they get a 27 point lead they give up almost all of it and then they end up when in the ball game one. One point of concern Andre Iguodala he didn't play in the second half because. Is he. It's. What is at hand strength. Hit lecture this time it's a hit reflection strain this time. So Iguodala and play in the second half because of Padres agent. Just how big how. Imported is take everybody always worry about it would dollar warriors next game of course Monday. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Martin Luther King Day let's go to Drake in central California what's going on drag. Thanks for taking my call. You write about Kerry when he when he had nailed that three have to go and try it at three. You really silent crowd gave a little momentum. And I thought when he would have had to lay out. Would you like it when he does it we are all. He had to ear you know and I can't believe this in the human. The last. Follows black position. There's actual them all. You know eat each contact refuted talking I don't regret. These letters scratch is that ball and DeRozan came over. And DeRozan got caught out of bounds on the replay inaction host her show you all around player no doubt about it. It easy makes winning place he makes absolute waiting place. Staff Currie does. And he made. More than one. Tonight. We'll talk about officiating a lot. The people sometimes get on me for. People criticize the officials setter but you know and some people think that. I tend to focus on the way the warriors complain. Or. Calls a go against the warriors but there was a played a night and then this is in this is a big problem with the NBA right now. An absolute big problem with the NB. Tomorrow looting has the ball on the interior. And it seemed kind of a crowd and he's about to go up for a little bunny in the lane. And CJ miles comes from behind. And. Reaches over a shoulder to try to strip the ball. And you know he stripped the ball pretty darn good. He really did. But. He also. Completely. Came over. Looney he's back he almost closed lined them on the play. And if you watch the play. The Toronto bench. A couple of her assistant coaches in particular. Oh absolutely nuts is that the officials made a bad call. It was such a foul it wasn't even close if you watched it on the replay. Mean look any looney got mobbed before the ball was hit cleanly. And you know the refs take a lot of grief. And maybe rightfully so but that's the kind of play where officials. Get annoyed. And that's where. That this kind of stuff happens more and more and maybe it does play into the officials. Get more and more sensitive. Because they got to take it from the Toronto bench. For five seconds about how they missed the call and how can they call that all ball clean. It was different. Not only was it found an obvious now. Obvious now. Point is is the wreaths still are right way more than their wrong. And yet they're going to be wrong at times but. Americans see I can see both sides I can see why. These young players get upset. But I can see why sometimes. Officials. Don't respect the players because sometimes the players have absolutely no credibility. All right when we come back we're gonna hear from Steve Kirk in the warriors post game locker room you're listening. The warriors wrap up presented by Arlo Smartphone security. We would then vote down strict night. Vrabel might happen to the far side we played Thompson's. Welcome to be captive back to direct goes against the red ball pulled it picked up by 4 o'clock. At the flag did it got the floor for loose ball up. It gets to final call flipped 12 ago. And I think it will review this buses drop down to our would have to. The ball ended up out of bounds look at the rule tour. While still ball they will take a look. You're listening to forty years rap pop on 95 cents. They took a look and it ended up being the warriors basketball DeMar DeRozan had. And he's back was out of bounds in the ball it is for a close call but they went to replay the warriors ended up. Getting possession and the raptors didn't have a chance for one final. Three point play the Golden State Warriors hold on that I won 27125. It's their twelfth straight road win. For the warriors and it that is the second longest in team history had a fourteen game winning streak touring there. 1516. It's not fourteenth fifteenth season 1415 seasons carbon that you get a mixed up. What do thought they would had a fourteen game or during the seventh frequencies I guess that in. Why it's time for the coaches interview brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram we're savings is simple on line. At Walnut Creek cheap dot com. What happened here. They played great I mean I give them credit they were physical I thought what happened overall the game was that we played phenomenal first half. Probably the best offensive how abouts I can ever remember him and we have twentieth system one turnover and shot. I don't know what we issued its I mean it was crazy so you knew we were gonna do that the whole game and you knew replied yeah. Really good team on their home floor and they were gonna respondent. And they did they got really physical got a ton of offensive boards. I thought all the following early in the third quarter buyouts change the tone of the game we just kept fouling the same thing that happened against clippers the other night. And then we lost our pace as a result retrieve the ball out of the net on free throws them they they controlled the pace in the temple in the second half and they gag on. You yeah. Are you add the three point line. But the challenges they. Which one. Now well yeah I mean we have clear on most of the game and we we changed it up and put cagey on them to just get that extra lengths on him. Did a great job. It's. That happens. It happens to everybody. So did my job didn't drop me it was surprising that. You know it's his first game back. Stuff like that and yeah strange is. Hip hip flexor. Strained relations. I didn't feel comfortable throwing them back counter its in house we talked it out with Chelsea and halftime. Wish him. It. Not late in the game because I think it's unfair to put a guy. Who hasn't played at all. Just from a doctor at the end of a really emotional. Tough game so. This was more just a game where we stayed and stayed with the regulars would David you know it's. Went to David and me down the stretch we knew we had to stay big because of total there's an air hammering us on the board so we stayed big. But we just decided to stay with the guys who have been. First half we only have one. I think we had six in the second half presented with seven according to him to my statute by. That's all right I know we've we've established. We we weren't trying anything crazy you know. Simple we we talk about an all time just keep hitting singles. No need to go home runs just keep hitting singles first job was absolutely devastated when we moved the ball moved our bodies. Cut to the room. And then you know three quick and easy passes there was an opening on the weak side and sort of management. That's all in the second out fortunately we didn't turn the ball over much six times is pretty good number and but. But they're being close to him re gaming zone. And yeah. As the game gets stagnant if you just. Pick and roll over and over again and and obviously. You've got. Personnel around those two that estimate that. What makes sense and if you do it all game the other guys don't get all we do relate you know we do relate games around funny stuff between the two of them but on. I know everybody thinks we should just wanted to replied. And than the other the rest of the guys on the team will be standing around and obviously so. But it sounds good there. Steve Kirk. That was the coaches interview brought Cuba won't creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the Golden State Warriors win 127. 125. Twelfth road win in a row for the warriors and asked if there was one. There's one thing that was a little bit regrettable about this one is that the raptors are amazing comeback. Is gonna take away from the warriors first half. Because at halftime this came I was thinking man I am just gonna. Dwell on the first half of this game because it's one of the best halves of basketball I have seen in a long long time the warriors. Had it dialed in. They were. So efficient. They were virtually unstoppable the offensive end their defense was. Also very good they held the raptors to 43. Point 8% shooting in the first half and it was just a wonderful wonderful first 24 minutes. Where the Golden State Warriors led. 81 to 54 couple. Couple strange things happen in this game. The last minute. CJ miles and over 90% free throw shooter misses. Two of three and then stepped curry with 45 point two seconds remaining as a chance to. To put the game into a two score game. Any missed both free throw staff Currie. Missed both free throws with 45 point two seconds remaining and I'm pretty sure that's the first time this season he's missed. You're in a row at least on the same. Free throw set if you don't mean so bill Golden State Warriors ended up prevailing it didn't end up. Hurting them and they win tonight and raise their season. Record to 35 and nine which is best in the league and that sets up. The game that was supposed to be the highlight game. Of this trip Monday. At Cleveland. The only problem is Cleveland has been playing awful basketball right now they've lost four games in a row. In which they've had a lead of at least 22. Points that you think about that. Four games in a row they've lost which it had a lead of at least 22 points and you'll have to try to do that. You almost have to try. To lose a game. Or four games I should say Iraq hole after leading by 22 points overall they're three and eight in their last eleven games in. And depending on Cleveland's mindset right now. The warriors are either going to be the best team. Possible to come into play Cleveland northern going to be the worst team possible to play Cleveland maybe to leave little see the warriors and and put together the kind of effort they'll need to beat a team like the warriors or maybe may be. They see two warriors and say man we haven't been playing so well what's gonna happen tonight but anyway the warriors. Will be playing Monday Martin Luther King Day. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers game three of this five game road trip that's gonna do it. For the warriors wrap up as always were presented by Arlo. Smart home security. And we talked all year about Carlyle. And all the many things you can use are low for but I found another one I found another one. How about this when the my my nephew is visiting me with his wife and there's. Maybe one year old one year old baby. Then they forgot their baby monitor. And so are low. The Smart home security system also could be and has been serving as the baby monitor our house. These cameras removable if you light. Other high definition so we just put a are low high definition camera into the baby's room at any time. Debate when the baby started disturb to get up. The motion. Sensor went off the notification went to my. My nephew marquis and his wife Caitlin and they knew the baby was up. TCU got to watch the baby while he was sleeper and crystal clear high Def. I mean that the cameras are weather resistant bridge could also use of ensign if you need to. And yet again Harlow covered through. Just like the warriors did they beat the Toronto Raptors won 27125. Of like the thank everybody for listening and and we will see you Monday when the warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers. Curry went.