Warriors Wrapup 1-12-18

Warriors Wrap Up
Friday, January 12th

Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz broke down the Warriors 108-94 victory against the Bucks on Warriors Wrapup. 


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The lights around. Team is over. She just getting started. Yes sports station 957. It is orders for about the united front seven game Chris stands immense diamonds and lawyers wrapped up presented by our lows Smart home security the box. They did the lawyers of the warriors usually do they had a big third quarter they outscored the warriors 33 to seventeen you'd think cannot Albert then here come the Golden State Warriors in the fourth. And they outscored the bucks 28 to twelve and I get a victory on the road 108 to 94 great way to start Matt this road trip. Real solid win by the warriors tonight. Terrific way to start the trip. No negatives that I can see out their other than it might make tomorrow's game against Toronto a little tougher because this was a good ball game tonight. Expended a lot of energy but. I saw. A young group of players contribute to the wind and that to me he is huge they go to Milwaukee Milwaukee is a good team. And they go in there without staff Currie. And they get a win. In large part because of Patrick McCall plays pretty well because a combined loonie really gives himself and unexpected off the bench and even Nick Young I realized Nick Young not young player purse say. Like those players are but off the bench Nick Young game a spark tonight. So that to me was the best part of tonight's game is that the macaw and alluding to a large extent and to a lesser extent young where the guys who. Were pretty responsible for this victory. And you talk about Nick Young he needed to respond because last game he was absolutely brutal the number. Is Tripoli 957 ID 570 extra point 957957. He will want to hear from you right here. On the home of the warriors 957 game. Yeah Nick Young is as we talked about with Tim Roye. And you and I talked about after the last game the last loss that was a game where this is why you brought him man. You brought him man not only to give you points when you have the regular roster going. But if you do have somebody hurt and you need offense. He's got to step his game up and he didn't do that last game. Now he didn't and he hasn't been consistent this year and we had Anthony Slater on the warriors warm up a couple nights ago. And he even acknowledged that. Nick Young season has been disk disappointing enough up and down. But the thing about Nick Young it's been a part of his basketball career. For his entire professional career is that he's streaky. And if Nick Young shoots 32%. From the field. For a ten game stretch. I don't think it has anything to do with what he might shoot in game eleven. He he'll get hot for no reason they'll be cold for no reason but you got to stick with him through some bad times. Because he does have a history of paying off maybe not. Maybe not a one for one returned. Between effective and ineffective but there will be nights when he's effective and tonight. He gave the warriors a boost. The Golden State Warriors tonight outscored the bucks and the paint 58 to 48. And they only made 53 pointers and a swan and Klay Thompson's streak what was it 95 straight games with a three point there is now over. So not a whole lot of three no threes reclaim and not a whole lot threes for the warriors tonight in this road victory. Yeah into staying there. Think clay gives a rat's behind not at all yet not a bad about it. Public every time somebody told them about up until tonight. Got to know only. And I can understand that there was it there's also a big theme at tonight's game was was the game within a game. Between Doran and octopus called Paul. And career. I thought won that match up. But it was it was interesting to watch that game within the game and I think that's one of the reasons that the ran he looked a little bit more. Intuit little bit more emotional tonight and I could see it because. At the Koppel is somewhat like the ring that they're both 6117. Feet they both. Our perimeter oriented in terms of where they start. To play. Entity Koppel obviously is not a great shooter so he's got to. Depend on getting to the basket through drive of rebounds but they have the same kind of build. And it's a question of how good is it to the combo going to be me how good is he going to be. He's already pretty darn good the question is can he take his game to the next level. And what does that mean well he's got to become a threat from twenty feet I don't even I don't even know if it's got to be a three pointer. He's got to be able to two draw defender out to the perimeter because he's getting to the line. And there should say get into the paint even without him being able to shoot so. Very intriguing player but I thought tonight. During its experience got him. And maybe that's the compost inexperience hurt him a little bit. So in the first half he was six of salmon in the paint. Over six outside of it what he's just I mean he's won easily written he just turned 23. He's terrific he's. A long way to go our soul I mean this I. Mean you can see it already. If if you have to play against him. And he's twenty feet from the basket you're just gonna sag off him and can you do you do just that if he's gonna take a nineteen footer. Dynamite. And you know what he's gonna make a nineteen footer that might even be better because then he's gonna take another one. And even if he shoots the ball. Relatively well from the perimeter. It means he's not an easy buckets in half court pace not get to the foul line so even if he does make some jump shots. That's still not the worst thing that can happen to you from the opponent. An average Tripoli now I'm 579570. That's triple A 9579570. Warriors with a win on the road to start this road trip. 108 and 94 and now their head and bill. Since this is the kind of trip by Toronto. Great city. Ever a good city look too big for me. Totally new Yorker of Canada. I prefer Vancouver maybe a little cold this time the Airgas has really called Milwaukee. It was only nineteen. Tim Rice and I was eleven that was a wind chill I was this that was. It was eleven and you're big Mo why don't have been tonight it was in nineteen this afternoon. You like a lock all right Milwaukee. Love Milwaukee it's great city casino great city I always love your stories is a beat writer gets you've been to all the city's mayor Daley's guy got to do and New York you gotta go to Chicago. You're more the small town you're more the small market guy. Hey let me be honest with you at the big cities they Connie dial me up Tony. New York choose me up and spits me and I have no way. I can function in LA if I stay in one. Neighborhood one district you know from down in marina Delray for example and I have to stay right marina Delray. I can manage that a little bit or. If a man whatever Venice or something. To say he's their man and he yamana has stayed there but don't try to do too much and Elway stay local have a Chicago does that swallowed up Chicago swallowed. Chicago's nice great town because Chicago's like Chicago the city he'll swallow yup but the people look out for. Like the people of Chicago. Like I truly believe Chicago is. You know I knew you got New York on the one side yeah LA on the other that Chicago is. Right in the middle it's it's half like New York came off like ally. Well I think is is that it's a big city with mid western values yeah it does so did of the people are different than what you're you're gonna get New York or Boston or Philly. The thing about Chicago is. And what are good things about B&B can actually got back there. I mean to you hit a city once a year at least and a lot of Western Conference at least twice a year. So you know the course of ten years you get to a place 10152025. Times. A lot of times weren't you know when those first early years you just kind of go to the tourist places you know or if the hotels where. You usually go around so Chicago's city I never really. Explored enough club. If I told people where I went. Who are from Chicago they would probably say Ali you didn't go to the right places you know I mean so Chicago is a place had never really. Locked in on. The numbers AAA not 57957. Already give to your phone calls and one guy who really stepped up other than we talked about Nick Young but one of the starters turned his game around. And Timberlake gave me an absolutely not it in this game. I cannot wait to play for its warriors wrap up presented by our low Smart home security. You're listening to warriors wrap I'm on 95 CNN. It is time for play of the game brought you by an American Express proud partners. Of the Golden State Warriors. For the grants below the hash mark Whiteside hit chip plant that Google Wave good base crossover drill hole plugged. It was this statue they don't go with a right hand coming down the baseline. On the Google looked up and said where did he go exit. Degree street cloud people on the defense DC auto sales dot com tax line coming on after the Greek free tonight. Kabul overrated. Point 183 just he just turned 23 December he's a baby got a long way to go. Yeah I wouldn't give on to give up on and cheer us yet and it. Mean he was an all star last year and at 22 years old so I would. If you know he's he might be over hyped. I don't know that he's overrated he's he's good he's good. Guys have learned as. We've seen guys have learned to shoot. I think of one guy and they are talking about a mall outside the broadcast. As he's now the head coach of the box. Maybe you remember Jason Kidd now. Was like here sitters talk about a silky stroke back in the day and then and then all of a sudden you start to look up then. He's a top three point shooters at least made. Me now guys are trying to pass is there shooting more than ever. Jason Kidd changed his game absolutely became. A catch and shoot three guy and it made him. I'd allow him to play later his career and allowed him to exploit his ability to drive a little bit so. Jason Kidd he's already not available right now he's number nine all time in three pointers made yell let me tell you saw me they never get any higher than nine. The thing about. She it is there's a lot of players over the course of their career should get better no doubt. Who get better look at some really dream on green and I know sometimes ray model takes some threes or we're not crazy about him. Think about how much better three point shooter drama on green is now as opposed when he came in league. Everybody can you can get better shoot the ball if you work at it. And speaking a dream Montell your battery down game from last game 21 points tonight it's ten rebounds seven the says he still lit up tonight. Garza's last last week the last game just. I was an absolute stinker you know we're out and oracle alleges was that that was a rough one losing the clippers won 252106. They needed a game like this gives you're going to be applying for the top ten teams. In the MBA on this trip. Yes tough trip really tough trip. And tomorrow's going to be a tough game against Toronto Toronto playing. Played really well the Cleveland game it's funny. If you look at the schedule now Cleveland my easiest game they play they're playing worse than anybody that the warriors are gonna play on this trip. The actually the loss tonight despite going 1220. Run in the first quarter. It's the second time and LeBron james' career that his team went on a toy any zip or more Ron and lost. Last time that happened was 2012. Mean they were there they were gone good and all of a sudden. This team's Mo Jo is bad. That's funny and you and you don't know what to make of it as they go through one of these every year it seems. This one seems a little more serious than the ones in the past but the ones in the past we talked about. Whether or not they had kind of staying power. I do think there are a little bit of trouble which no one I think everybody's in a little bit of trouble in the warriors I really do though. You know we just you look at Cleveland they're not in good shape right now. You look it's. Even San Antonio you know. Popovic told the story about how LaMarcus Aldridge want it now and he he went up the Popovich he said he wanted to be traded. And they ended up working it out to second hand. Marcus Aldridge doesn't seem happy there. Hawaiian Leonard's Hummer he's been around awhile Houston's guy. Harden now Chris Paul's been bank it's just. I mean the warriors you just. Ahead of everybody right now. Because other teams. Like their head of in two ways one prisoner just better. And two because all these other teams. Marsh struggling right now with some that are the other and the warriors aren't either their only missed itself. Curry four games in a row the chasm loss from which they have had at least a 22 point lead. And overall there just three and eight and their last eleven game camps. Am. So LeBron getting all wound up when the on the sidelines last night so. They're struggling no doubt about it. Yet here we are in January. And all these teams in the off season. Who you know they were making moves to do what they're making moves to be able to stay with the warriors. And now here we are just a little over the halfway point. And you start looking around the NBA we'll figure from Gaza Tripoli not 579578. That's triple A 9579570. The warriors are 33. And nine now. Celtics still 34 in ten. Woods is really when you start to look at the class a league Merrill the rockets had a nice lead over the Golden State Warriors now that's gone. The warriors right now. I think heard a good spot town in. Because I think curry. Short term and long term the short term is they play tomorrow in Toronto and I am looking and think in. Be tough game expression on the heels of this one why they may get staff curry back tomorrow. And it would be the perfect night to get curry back. Just because of the circumstances in the fact that Toronto is a pretty good team it's better etc. But they need it for the long term how it's set up. I think people don't look back at this time with curry and kind of forget how worried we all car and warrior fans are about whether he's serious is it. Not they just being really careful. And I think everybody's gonna look back and say just did. What a Smart move not pushing it with curry because. If he has let's say terrific playoff. I can easily see. Curry looking back saying you know what that that break in December and January helped me. No doubt about it the numbers Tripoli not by seven ID 570 we're gonna hear from Steve turner. He was happy with something tonight that he was not happy with. The previous five games you're listening to warriors wrap up right here on 9570 game. After the warriors start their road trip with a 10 late 94 win at warriors wrap up presented by our low Smartphone security. Yeah. Numbers now John Mack mega OJ. Did. Bucket right there drink trying to post up catches the foul line. That's the basket 7 o'clock left ten dribble fadeaway on the one blood got Canada France outfit to have bucket there. For Cady. You're listening to warriors wrapped box on 95 cent thinking. The numbers generally not found 795 cent needs sound you hear from the fans rusty by nation's giant Amber's teeth every ill. Make it nations let's go to Ryan and Sunnyvale Lee is off tonight here on warriors wrap up. Yeah I want to talk about the offense and bikini team. If indeed you mean in you know this year's tag well partly Barca back after this season. Which led to carry. Just we are about a year. They don't it's his entire career in people over eight inch screen green on two different Cheney who and I. It clean and urged Iran to Miami Delonte wedge in wherever she brought them here and now here overpaying. And constant source you'd go over pretty in the notre. You are getting in Russia. Into extension and wherever it. Well pretty comical or indeed the Olympics that are that are that are. Indian people fired Lipton very. It's couched in with him. It's not and you know non experience guy years ago I mean. It's not. Might be any form in Cleveland would he can go somewhere word to skits on another really good team. I mean I guess or I didn't hear our last show or are trying to figure out how LeBron potentially catch is Kareem Abdul Jabbar for the most points all time. Like what he would have to do. You know if you really think about it LeBron can determine how many more rings he wants to win. He really just wants rings. No the warriors. I mean it's a joke but coach pretty absolutely could if he wants more rings but he wants to. Earn more have some self respect. Then maybe he does go to Houston and gives it a try. So when LeBron LeBron went to the warrior whose June. How would that work they do you would just take their mid level exception and he would just what well would he be the five he'd beat it to. Doesn't matter what he'd be so he you'd have staff you have clay. You could start and it's cratered terrain mine and UKZ LeBron. You can do anything the united we basically have to step in clay at the guards and then LeBron drain monitoring and they can play me anybody. Any of them can play small forward power forward or center at any time that would be incredible you know it wouldn't be very fun for the rest of the league. I mean that that that could be LeBron. You want. You wanna get the rings and get that rain total. To change it because it at some point you're thinking okay. This this hole and at some point but it brought a player like that to go at these guys are mean. That's really what need to say not five not six you could really start looking at like that you know an incredible pretty funny. Real real far do you see him go to Los Angeles I don't mean the clippers I mean the lakers now I don't. He got another home down in Los Angeles may be wife he likes it down in LA Southern California. I just think that. They're not ready I mean they're not ready yet and if he goes there he's almost conceding that he's not gonna win the title. Hurt them I mean if he goes there he's concede he's not winning a title. The following year and then even a year after that you would think he's gonna be really really hard codes. The warriors should still be intact at the very with the warriors should be intact at the very least the rest of this year or next year. Now I could come apart at the end of next year but there's no reason why you shouldn't. At least continue for the next two years. So I don't know why he would go to LA to tell you the truth it's it doesn't make any sense to me where do you see him gone I don't know I mean I well what do you defense. I mean we're talking remarks spears about this I mean the beauty of LeBron. In the greatness of LeBron is yeah you can put him on any team. In the NBA and they'll help them. They'll help women in ways that. You need him to help because he can do a little bit everything. Talking remarks Beers and he brought up New Orleans. And at first you say New Orleans well. In theory you could draw a line up of LeBron James Anthony Davis. And DeMarcus Cousins withdrew holidays as the point guard you know it. That's not bad man that's pretty darn good now Willie go to New Orleans. I mean my instinct would be probably nut. Now we go to Houston Houston all have Chris Paul James Harden LeBron James is that enough to do it. There might be but you don't want Chris Paul's you know he's getting up there he's already up there's an up their little more LeBron cannot there. In the spurs obviously goes of the spurs in the outcome action with Aldridge LeBron and Kauai that's really good. There's also the argument that LeBron. Lol wanna stay in the Eastern Conference because. As long as he stays in the Eastern Conference. He can at least. In some way guarantees. That the that his team will get to the finals. And you know what. I mean it's the pot like think about this if in a Cleveland gets it together they get to the finals. Still very very possible and the warriors get to the finals. But they have an injury. Well you don't want Cleveland could get them then. If the warriors haven't injury to one of their three or four. Big players I think Cleveland can beat him for sure assuming Cleveland is healthy. But dame but then LeBron is relying on something outside of his control. Not to win a title I don't see him want to do that either going to be fascinating. Yeah no doubt triple A 957957. Is the phone number as go to Alex and San Francisco a year on the game. I think it Michael I can talk a little bit about dream on and I like that another dime. I questioned whether or not he's really ought I know a lot of reporters that that Iran area they agreed that he would. But then get that it would might what my own personal it would not perish. In all start to meet sobering. About the ability team. Either primary or secondary corporate person. And during my commute either. I mean he's definitely acted to be keen to make it can better. But I think from what we saw yesterday when it was the second player or the second option. You didn't do very well it would pay back on it very well. So out is wondering. I mean if he'd been in the all star and now Alltel a player. Question I. I think it's a fair question and I don't know exactly what the answer is to tell you the truth because. I do think there's something. I'm a believer in that if you take any warrior player off the team and throw home on another team since million times everybody would be worse. Put curry on another team he'd be worse. Because I think this is the rarest of rare teams where everybody makes each other better. Now if Dray mind we were. The best player on the team a second best let's say your best two players were curry and drain mind. Say you didn't have terrain and you didn't have clay. How would drain mind be in that situation would he be an all star. It's I think it's a fair question now. If drama as the second best player and team you know he's got to score more points. For sure and he's probably gonna have the same amount of assists and rebounds. And offensively he's going to be involved in a lot more plays now be more efficient to probably. But he can remain great defensive player all this is just I'm just battle right now to avoid the is he an all star is or is he not at all star I think it should I think it's an interest in question I I don't know the answer to it. I know that. I mean the way the warriors work with a every player is you know curry is great for his teammates and his teammates are just great for him. You know the Dre mine green I mean he wouldn't be as good. If you were playing with the rant and curry. Why curry and Durant wouldn't be as good if they were playing without archery in my so it's all literal locked and that's why. That's why the warriors are ahead of everybody right now because it is all in her locked. There's a Canada. The lame argument. I mean who. Women's championship teams great teams have great players all around them like little one scene that you can always look what the warriors. And excitement. You look at the showtime lakers. For God's sake she had Kareem Abdul Jabbar arguably the greatest player of all time and Magic Johnson he got word I mean these teams Cooper Scott they have great. Then who do you think one pick Michael Cooper. You know what great player. Notch below those guys irons knowledge of a player he was but he was a notch below those guys and it's a knowledge. That he's not the only Byron Scott thinks he was as important to the lakers dynasty. As magic Kareem and worthy immunity that guy's. Incredible that way but he wasn't. So. The warriors though can you say curry. Array. Klay Thompson. And then there's it then straight months below those guys. Like you can with Byron Scott like you can with a Michael Cooper. I would only probably say that because of the numbers. You know there's certain people that are beyond the numbers. You don't look at the box score tonight in new they have this right now on ESPN stats and info the warriors were seven of seven off dream on green passes tonight. Including five for five for Kevin Durant. So there's certain things in sat like that the what he brings we talked about the emotional leader of the fire of this team. That he brings toughness to this team that's out of the box score. I'd and they and they what the last car Alex from San Francis the Indy. That's what you're just looking at numbers. Can you say that his value can go beyond just numbers how great he is defense. Absolutely. Absolutely you know what can this team when I'm being close is good without muscle in and we we may find itself. Because he's a free agent. In two years. Not this off season not next offseason for the offseason after the a's today. Scenario. Where the warriors. May not want to re sign him. Because they'll cost way too much money and maybe they think they can get the job done with Jordan bell and kebab loony or whoever. I carry two if somebody's got to Pedro in my green. Mean there's no doubt about it and from the 408 says Ramon is an all star because of his impact on both sides of the floor and he makes everyone on the team better he would help any team. I don't disagree with anything there. What I would say is I don't know if he'd be as good on any other team as the warriors but he would still help. And he still really helps the warriors so. That's just my feeling on but yeah I mean listen Abbott this town you picture in my green off the warriors. And put them on to any of the next five best teams the warriors are no longer the favorite. In other words if you dropped straight take time out off the warriors put him on the Cleveland Cleveland's the favorite picturing mine green off the warriors. Put him on the Houston Rockets they're the favorite the rockets. That's what I mean so that tells me that guy's got impact big impact. And there always is that after he won a few titles. Some guys will say and they may not say it now but. Honest to rinks. Let's say they win the next two years you've got four rings and someone comes in with a monster contract. No don't. Notice. Not to listen man that everything comes to an end everything. The New York Yankees back in the fifties and sixties the used to say rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for US steel. Then you millennial holes probably don't know it US steel and. Wait a minute wait a minute later that all you millennial. You know Roy you know you're not tonight all you millennial. You don't know what you're not alone and I was like the most rock solid business year after year the year in the fifties and sixties. So yeah but you know mantle Maris. All the boys they finally get older Boston Celtics body every GUCLA. Basketball. Montreal Canadians and hockey you look at any of the great dynasties in the last of the question is how's it gonna end now is it gonna. And for example. Like the bulls run ended where. Jerry Krause who regretted that he broke up a year to two worldly that's would that's what all the players thought. Is it going to end because. Play leaves in free agency next year. Is it gonna end because. Yes somebody gets hurt. And misses significant time and by the time they come back things just aren't the same. Who knows. Who knows you just try to rise. Well that's YE. It EE EU like to tell people. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy this because this is going to be the greatest time. And warriors basketball. And then after this ENC with the San Francisco Giants. You saw with the San Francisco 49ers after you have this unbelievable success. And all you do is chasing. You chase trying to backed aren't so tough to maintain. And keep that axle to me the 49ers won at least ten games for sixteen straight years. What looked like about the giants county they won in 101214. Correct. They didn't make any drastic mistakes to fall off the map. They didn't. Oh or they didn't. Don't mean I mean yet you could say well they. They've been sickened by pants too long and and Matt Cain who it was a giant which you don't want that kid. The giants didn't do any thing where you point to and say. That's the start of the end of it for the giants at least I don't think so. So even if an even if everything happens perfectly. Well they're still gonna get older and eventually it'll land so father time is lost and nobody you're right you're right. Although I said father time's gonna get his. Money's worth assignments. And I said when guru said how old you wanna wherever we he says anyone lived 85. I said and I shouldn't. All I want to be rock solid in 92. And I think I will be. Okay win we win we'll father time did she when your backyard ear at your group where Stein answer is no longer assignments and remarks. While we retire from shooting in my backyard. I would say probably eleven years. In the eleven years eleven years. This I'm hoping to play golf definitely in my eighties no away absolutely wow how are Josh the manager of the year you bet you've ever great back. A few better if possessed the actually get silly swings NN filings diamonds does as I will admit having been there before a very nice Basque. A legit it's like a real court. It's good core it's good the glass backboard it's the real BS. I was very I was very impressed it's dude it's a good court absolutely it's good tour it's a you know helps keep and keep myself and you know re doing a couple shots. Did a great perspective on life and you just media deciding your backyard to do a putting green in your house now than anything he's got to wait for the little in the get to about eleventh grade nugget that trampoline. I Tripoli not 57 I'd advise said he will continue with your phone calls. And we'll hear from Steve Kerr he's happy about something. That he wasn't happy about the last five games before this one warriors took the win 108 tonight before you're listening to warriors wrap up bright. Here presented by Arlo Smart home security. Turnover category did that Iran wants to go all the way conflicts others somehow between two defenders. Kevin Durant got to go again more boys to transition for Katie Middleton got. Takes it down the lane Middleton goes chop block lied didn't last night he says no thank you now have my watch. You're listening to the warriors wrapped box. On ninety mindset. Thinking this study here from Steve turner brought to you by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. We're saving is simple on line. At Walnut Creek G dot com. Tonight it's hard Palin was tremendous. And I wanted to get them in the game. Given that he's from here but it it was much more that he was a good fit for this game of all the switching. We're gonna do and you've got to be able to protect from him the same time and no. I thought balloon was he's given us fantastic minutes into the were particularly India for 6% to kind of defense and home from the unit you need to say on the yeah I mean our defense was great for us. Three of the four corners I thought in the third quarter I saw Milwaukee came out with a great game plan and the they were anticipating our switchers and they were shooting behind. Switches and we just getting lazy on them. So that's the thing with implying that kind of defense you get you have to stay aggressive and the tendency sometimes is just too. And get a little passive and they sort of rising up and shooting behind. Those those switches and caught us off car a little bit and you're able to. Get back to our defensive mentality in the fourth quarter being the aggressor I thought they just came in and just punched us in the mouth in the third quarter and we weren't ready for that. Musicality the first quarter first half went so well. And we thought I was gonna be easy and obviously wasn't. If you've been back on your wheels instead of around. What is throwing error and like going to play. Well did you know it particularly comes into play when stuff is out you know and stuffs on the floor everything's chaotic in a good way. When he's out we have to X. Better and flows and so moon as a guy who I know I can count on. In terms of that knowing every play executing the schemes defensively. And so even though I'm not playing every game there are certain games it just feels like balloon game and you know Houston a couple of weeks ago hump. Tonight for sure that's what makes him such a valuable asset to us that he's here he's always ready and he's kind of a match up guy for us. That's a bridge. I'm not okay you can't yeah. So whatever material and he went out last month our whole focus was. Be the best defensive team in the league and take care of the ball and so. That was a message sometime before every game and ultimately that's what happened we Helmand I think 42% shooting and really turn it over ten times and that's from Tallahassee because we don't have that same level of explosiveness would step out. Said McClendon who then booted up and really quickly do the rest of the offense this. Cussing him and yes they kick him out quickly to handle really well. All right thanks won't. There's Steve there after the game happy that the defense a little bit better the last five games. Blah. The defense came around I mean they'd been struggling defensively. No doubt about it let's get to the call's gonna Chris and less so colony on 957. Hey guys. On it earlier I got the call talk about straight month green and all our. Make what you see you know so. I think that the three more years now. Don't want the lack. What won't watch it at all. Bit like urban wiped out of it anymore. On everybody better off for that we're out the well maybe a couple of years Al. Mean complement the other what what what went. Out. White out is like right that it now. Like apple. That we want to you know awful. They're they're. Rewarded with it but. Of a lack of ego and the way to. Here on the beat it beat joke I. What about my whole life and yet I pulled it prematurely. All I hope they can do great. The outbreak but be careful what you wish for because it at. All. On paper it that there. You can screw it up or not. I heard it's better Iran. On what would rule out one at a few minutes ago where it's about the well. I'll pick. Year later run. Our rock solid at 92 means that I still have. My wits about me. It took two relatively solid degree. I still have some kind of mobility. And that's. Are waking up every day looking forward to my day for example. To forward to. We have a lunch with some friends. And then after lunch doing a crossword puzzle for an hour to then maybe taken a nap. Then getting up at about 430. From my nap and spending time with my wife and may be my grandkids come over and then it'll be 7 o'clock in the times shut it down. That'll be very laid got a little cocktail. Idea what I'll have I have other cocktails in 92 at lunch. Because first and giving them and get up at 3 in the morning. To hold. I'm really bummed I miss this conversation today from Jenin in the foods today or yesterday I can't remember I'm just I'm hoping to make fifty. Hate to be in Debbie downer on the on it and and policy after fifty were discontinued the model year by year. Pivotal year by year rip you've heard Rick parry right Rick Barry Rick Barry's goal is to go fly fishing when he's a hundred years old. I would not care less let's go to manual in Dublin's. Click. Hey guys you know sometime back any party that believe McLaughlin and order candidate to. He can and 10-Q not not not to not carry Keebler. Month he'll come independent Parker the people it is hard I can't. It might be ignorant to understand better tourniquet beyond and a team that Hillary we should be back to back to back but. It is hard to believe but my question what what exactly did a nude curry ankle back that they can it debate. Reconstructed. And I'm. I would have a lot and up now and lately and hot topic at TK he could development as a quote but. What they do exactly Curry's ankle when he had surgery. Now to great question and I'm not sure I have all the exact answers I think they did Hillary and I think there's a pin in there and reconstruct now realizes there's a hand in this reinforce the ligaments aren't you and you know I and and I'm like soccer or tonight here on orders rap I'm also pretty sure he doesn't just give TT wearers. These. Hard plastic what are they called like a brace Salma well back on his case like football you'd where they'll they'll other. It would be like a leather break yes this yes exactly and you'd you'd. Let you know yes I knew you'd gee it'd be so time exactly. I think now what they have ever. It's. Hard plastic on both sides with a little elastic for the front and the back although unused and a memory from ten years ago they may have updated it in a big way in ten years but he's got special shoe on you media better he's got at all these guys. At all for sure and that's why when he does get hurt it's always like the union leader gets hurt in practice and it's like it's just it's always scary now as you talked about. You know ever since he had the issues he was pretty much an Iron Man it's you know for the first time but that's one of the things that. Has been so good up to now other than when Durant missed nineteen last year. As Dan they've been so healthy this is really liked the first run where we start deceit in under rants announced has spent out. That's why you have become the unbelievable depth in real looney go home back home I mean. He's got a guy you never now I mean Walt play one night they comes out the next night. 43 minutes. No we probably should have brought him up earlier because he was phenomenal. Tonight in a short stint and he's a player who as the season goes further along is quietly becoming a little bit more intriguing. And I don't know what his end product is. But and we all know about his game BC solid you know he can rebound block some shots put. The thing that I think is most impressive. We've loonie is he's 12425. Years old. But he plays like he's 33 players like David West in terms of Ian Smart and when did you say H rice I thought Tony four point five. Lose twenty want a bottle he'll turn 2.2 in February Doris I don't why I thought. Threading only played one year at least UCLA and a so I played one area so even better all the better that. So he's 41 plays like a thirty year old daughter of the Greek free mean young and Tony three just turning Tony three Linksys 21 years world yeah. Yeah and now you and well you know the funny thing is the warriors didn't. Didn't give them qualifying offer. Which means he's unrestricted. So we'll see what happens when them you know they they they didn't want to. They were picked up his option because they want flexibility this offseason. Is during and they got to deal with the ran again. And now all of a sudden loonie is going to be an unrestricted free agent but though you can't. I mean noble what you know you can't you're absolutely right he can't. But one team I mean I'll tell you right now if this continues like it is. I seen these were fifteen contentious these little burst. He's gonna he's gonna get an offer too much for the warriors and it's actually be devastating. Not it's gonna be the loss of a young player who. Who's a young player you gave up a young player. To keep things going now and you never know how that's gonna work out. He had it says when he when he got to keep the ban together there's going to be the guys at the bottom of the roster they're gonna be sacrifice it is how it works and a salary cap there. Yes and I mean I guess the scary thing is you know you think of looney as the tenth eleventh man. But now you start thinking well geez he's in ninth man on the warriors. What does he went somewhere else he might be really good sixth man or half maybe he could started for for some teams. You know I mean. Is this going to be Tony to this February he had no idea what he'll be like in 67 years have no idea. By the way we need to update you on Arlo. So as I told you probably two games ago someone stole package. Off my front porch UPS showed out. UPS left and also an Arlo catches this guy. Common down my road and taken the package well we made the dvd. And we're gonna make an appointment with the police were to take you through that whole ordeal. I'm probably no one's gonna have the Middle East we got this guy. On camera and the reasons why we have as RL has seven days of free cloud storage. Of your recording so you can go back in you can see Agassi to get directly at this Dallas cowboy. A jacket on and that's one of the great things about our low that you know it's always on it's always watching your house motion and sound detection. And you think about how clear I mean you didn't it it's so clear. I'd say you showed me this race he's got blue eyes he's got brown hair he's 511. All right he's gap khakis on he's got Dallas Cowboys. Got a pair Berkett stocks are you see everything the details are so precise ten. AD Ph.D. Cameras. It's our lows Smart home security cameras to check it all out at our load dot com trust me. It's not going to disappoint are you trying to tell merely even. We the citizen running. By now. You have like you have by your vast lawsuit seven hours of programming tomorrow and light and life got the NBA this week with John taken out. And then we've got the warriors out the Toronto Raptors so. Fun times and then and then Monday is Martin Luther King Day with the Cleveland Cavaliers now and it are you doing and free on that I think it would do ravenous shall NBA this week. On Martin Luther King Day. I will be with you for post game. Sweetness and love sort those holidays to bank debt naked absolutely will pay tribute to the good doctor look at this that day. We have breaking news in near San Francisco forty niner fan now I'm not gonna saying. Hit the panic button but there is just let me just say yes. There is a big difference. Between. The Bay Area. And Alabama. A big big difference. Something has happened to your star young linebacker weren't talking about that and so much more Crist now to show coming up right here. On 95 cent in the game.