Warriors Wrap-up
Saturday, April 8th

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You know. I'd agree. With Steve her. For the first 79 games. So Merrill warriors wrap up you hear that after every single game and wraps up. Throws it to us Steve Kurt knows yet how everybody's going to be fired up to play the warriors. I have blocked that for 79 games hearing game made me. I I think it frequently denied that the New Orleans pelicans were out there really game on tonight economical state warriors. Well they only had nine healthy bodies that's what happens they're not playing at their two best players cousins and Anthony Davis. I mean they gave it the old college try they hung in the air for a half. By. The warriors are on a different level obviously in the New Orleans pelicans maybe two or three levels while the pelicans. And they had something more at stake tonight integrating Kevin Durant back in the thick of things and I thought he looked. They thought he looked solid. He didn't look like you'd have added trouble movement ran out of the shot was a little. Sketchy especially three point shot with deaths could be expected. And all of all great night I think for the warriors and derail. But also. To me the other player who stick it out like a sore thumb is Autry now it's almost like the warriors made a trade. Around mid season and acquired a new player because he doesn't even. Looked like the player look for the first two or three month he's knocking shots down he's confident. I mean he is. If if this is the way he's gonna play in the post season these legitimate. What the he's their fifth weapon now it's so they just looked really good right now they look like there. There get ready for the post season. That Evers Tripoli not 579570. That's Tripoli not 5795. Sadly just now it's an aria. To have Kevin Durant back and how about if he had any like. Okay how's he gonna look. What's the single look like tonight is because that read right out of the gate the reversed not to go right back. Yeah I got to reverse dunk to start the game he had a nice path that you Leona pick and roll. And this is really about. Just get him home purple again. He played 31 minutes tonight which I thought is that nice healthy amount I mean he averaged 36 minutes and he's almost up the woody. Normally plays. He looked good like I said. It's all good right now for the Golden State Warriors who really is could a worked out better. After the injury at Washington. How this is worked out with the re coming back. And it looks like now they're going to be play the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland won tonight. At home against you thought debut Willard with 59. It still looks like the warriors will be play of the Portland trailblazers and if nothing else that should be an entertaining first round series title the Portland trailblazers to beat the warriors but I think there's going to be a lot of points scored in the series. Tripoli not 57 ID 570 its triple 89579578. Warriors with the longest winning streak this year in the NBA. Apparently sitting at fourteen. And if they get a win their last two games no one's ever gone as opposed season having won sixteen straight. You wanna win sixteenth straight ordered the post season you can hear. I don't think you care about here noted. Well yeah. I could see the game Monday's going to be tricky because you saw really needs that gave that they want home court in the first round of the playoffs so. They'll probably get that jazz really good effort on Monday you're also gonna get a really good effort from Kevin Durant who lost to play well get back and it. I'm here. Maybe you clay Thompson the night off so maybe the orders won't be at full strength. But nevertheless I don't think the warriors yeah I think they're saying we go to the playoffs of the sixty game. Winning streak break at all. And I think if they lose a game on the way and they're not gonna care either today. They've done a great job this year of keep in the big picture at the forefront. And out the gate exit change. Right now the L I get back to which you sent out Andre Iguodala and has Jim Barnett was talking about it. In the second quarter numbers Tripoli not 5795 savvy. But I'm a little shocked that you are not shocked it may be. I just didn't think this would happen that. You know Kevin Durant thank god for nineteen games. If you remember when he first got hurt they thought he was done for the year you know we are so worried about the bone bruise. And in CL sprain. I just a little shocked his first game back he leads the team. And it's. Yeah. Players who could play a lot of minutes and it also tells me Tony tells me might have been ready weaker ten days ago. Because I agree thirty want to be is a little bit on the high side but there's no way the warriors taking any chances. None at all soul. I know he site. You'd be really careful and that always said OK his first game back he eats that he admits rapidly it doesn't seem like it's gonna go out not none. There. I guess they feel pretty good about it as you wore your experience. All right Tripoli not 579578. Golds date with the win at 123. To one O line were gonna kick your phone calls. And also very interesting just watching Audrey who now on the floor elicit a warriors wrap up right here on the home the Golden State Warriors that's night five point seven game. I know it's from Jimmy green. Not really designed. Zoom way. The only. Relief and you know I was. You. I agree yeah. The red White Lake drive give it to the rat hole. Love the fact that played 31 minutes you know insurers. How many minutes we plan. We're kind of facing you know enough. How tired he looked and those conditioning was was great and now. I thought as the game went on and he found a good rhythm and it's a really good good night for us. And the coaches interview has brought to you by opus art club plays Smart. And play at a hoax. Now Steve Kerr did say after the game that the X rays on Matt Barnes float were OK but what are you hearing camera from the locker room. Well I just saw. But we buy him by attempts of the Washington Post of course is different in 95 point seven negate the fact we out of the NBA this week. Earlier today touted recruit full hour. He says Matt Barnes and walking boot and according to him he was limping pretty noticeably so we'll see what happens with Lawrence. Although cursed the X rays were OK. So maybe it's a sprain and needs. Gotta be out a little while but. They really don't beat him until. One week from today essentially so. We'll see yellow period a sprained ankle sometimes QB. Few days are few weeks. Triple light not 5795. Cent its outside here from the fans brought to you by nation's giant Amber's keep it real. Make it nation let's go to Colette believe in the game going up I eighty welcome antley a sop here on warriors wrap up. The government that it would very fun. Record. If you could talk about required. You do. Katie back. On the his replacement that we sign get injured you know I'd. That's. It. You know K you hit the jumper kind of broke him. But that would be expected but toward the end Easter program over the Arctic content within. You guys mentioned Andre would. The point that you made that it seemed like we made its fees and trade pick up the new player. We we we traded Andre without a contract it would. You know contract it would. Is played for a huge contract after the end this season. And it looks phenomenal I was kind of looking around the court to see. Whether Allen Iverson out there because. If you look at bringing it would routine yeah if you look at really do what I don't like that would we saw. In Denver. The year that we. And we can become over here toward. You know. It was nice we will see Katie Lott that the 31. It was kind of surprising. To see you wait long is the bride. Quote we did go to Rhode coaching stop for the training. Well a lot of big oil and longer than. And it would all birdies on the back that I think he was ready. You know like you guys that we depend it would come out here by the air on the public option they step in the six weeks scheduled is that that they were. And now. Don't work out those are pretty we're waiting on down gained from jabs stepping. Simulating the mood but he he would be gay. Materialized in the game the and it won and knee injury now is responsible. Because of that adrenaline and all that out that way today. The more likely to be released. In in May be coming into the next game let's hope that's not the case. Let opium. And keep building needs it. Yeah I take. It's it's such a good time are your goals they warrior Fran Lawrence. A little spray notwithstanding with the array of coming back. Perfect amount of time to get him back into the flow. Curry's playing tremendous basketball. I mean this is the fifteenth the thing. And the big time favorite. Because there's not a team out there right now that got as much talent as the Golden State Warriors. And it's not a team out there that together as a Golden State Warriors every team. Out there. Is to some that a little bit askew. And when you're going to the playoffs. That's usually the difference in somebody's gonna have to play. Extremely well for a 22 and a half week period to beat the Golden State Warriors I just don't see anybody do this point. No doubt no doubt at what I would say Monday's game it's huge. Edit out to be enormous in my opinion because. You really want it. But the reason. Is you've got a theory quite often that's very hot coming here. That annually without first game against Portland would be like you'd be even higher caliber team. That what you're gonna think about current round. I think the warriors should take it seriously and make it the last game that they take seriously in the regular season. Excited that that title and sent the message to Utah who we may actually you know in the next round or follow now you know job. And let them know that you know whether it's gained 81 or it's the second round of the playoffs. Get ready to get Jerry you know watching Hannity you. Because we're comet for you were ready. Thank you glad appreciate the phone call I don't agree that. That that money's a big game at where we aren't season wider I don't what he's saying and I don't collect saying. I just. I just think the warriors have been through this now. For three years. And whether they get you to cause eight game on Monday or non. They're gonna know game one against Portland. Is a playoff game without. Having its simulated five days before I nobody say it and I do think Utah's gonna commit here. At play very hard because they have so the play for. But the warriors are on a different. Level right now they're worried less about the individual game and they're worried more about making sure everybody is exactly where they need to be. On the plot post season and if that means that the losing game. I think he'd be will even lose a game what I mean by that is if if the last six minutes of the game against Utah or tight. And he looks at the minutes of his players and he's got the ran over thirty and play and step over thirty he made just ride it out with Ian Clark. And the Shaun Livingston's. And you know James Michael back with David West. So as to preserve and make sure those other guys don't get hurt. I never liked the pilots' contract times and now a guy's gonna play hard that's that's not the nine I liked. Respect the elect a lot by. And it's ideally hydrated l.'s movement and once again and he hits the jumper the buzzer. At the end a one and then right after that I added Jim Barnett was praising him for his movements. And how we just looked so different there isn't one Emery. Job market rebounded. Since they passed it and it was a shot he went for the rebound if he was all over the war. And that's something we haven't seen in a while for him we've seen a better Andre Iguodala and it's been nice. Was extra. Extra special springing up lettuce is them you know. I don't wanna hear about a vehicle and ego level at all. What he's also doing now is creating its own show. Which. Yeah he used to be able to do not all the time but he used to be able to do it to a good extent. I didn't I didn't know we still had the ability to do it day. Ed beat he hasn't been aggressive enough to even. Wanna look for his own shot. So he created some of these old profits that nine. One on one he feels like he can take a dribble and raise up overs opponent that's that's a that we haven't seen it with Dolly do. Mean maybe it is whole Golden State career. In terms of really forcing the action really look in to be aggressive offensively. So it's it's a different Andre Iguodala I don't think there's any doubt about that. Triple right now I'm 5795. Samuel continued their phone calls after the doves rolled the pelicans 1232101. Chris Townsend mats climates warriors wrap up on right five point seven game. It's I went were gonna gets mine got a Kevin Durant pulpit Buffett built up over it get to go to ball flat out like yeah. For the shot clock to direct face like Jeff was good for KP. Moved out to a seventh for the war. We are likely to get help make off the dribble three. But there are now. Reuters we'll take up. I know this is warriors wrap up at what you do is still that is that. Yeah yeah and that's it's not is not there you're not excited for our tiger now. Guys that are walking through that door. I'd say like today it was fantastic and tomorrow's masters. Is shaping up to be at the ink was still meet the names there. It's it is gleacher IA. Each day while ago warriors wrap. And it Oakland County with that name was not stay with. Epidemic. No doubt about that at Padilla next time we don't call them sports game that Phoenix I didn't have to miss the next home game December. I hate you don't talk about it yet somber. Well he played golf in Phoenix. That he scored 23 points in the first quarter. With. And aside. So so holiday and a step back into the starting lineup he's met the book is a bit doesn't. And everything that's quarter of the warriors going to put it. Come up with were around. Can get back. Been properly party. A good team that could talk with Mike soda caller talked about money be an important. I think Monday is important not put that read between 68 games. I haven't played in the history the India and the regained. And the warriors 11 of last year and it went XP it happened. It's feasible war. I haven't read about it that ultimately years. Natalie and you've been completely out there can stand. The only putt that went teams yet to receive in the half and the second time around traded away the but the one team and find dean over at the just it would expedite may be 500 and the underdog. But this. Would thought. A bottle that beanie is indeed in NBA history I thought about it yet we assert that closely but it got the clothes. You know at conned is when things go wrong and K people now. The root them out. That you know that would do well Matt Barnes and of course that it's been there. Men as and believe can be yeah. One of them as. India. And at six went back into the night. It. And then we can find time. Repeal earlier in this game is a debate about what happened that they don't. Did I hit the path. For them not to wait and or how they complete it possibly. Without the bad guy who one year. Ago. This is just believe the ultimate great. It was. Yeah a bleach you talked about over dog which is an interest in term and so I just aren't they go off the top of my head you know I can't put this Celtics. Or the lakers in that category because they both had in the eighties because they both had each other. To play against that there what they were always favored to get to the finals but what they got to the finals it was a coin flip. The team that comes the monitor the bulls. Because the bulls. Were fortunate. That every time they got to the finals not every time but they had a new opponent almost every year a team that was get their for the first time whether it was. Whether it was you saw whether it was Seattle. It is Phoenix. The lakers at the end of their run I realize they played you talked twice a might be for yet another team. Bought the bulls in the eighties were the closest thing I've seen to the warriors in terms of just. Have a more tell everybody and be able to shut a team down in the war. How about this first teamed on the best record for three straight seasons and it's. Since. Bulls Boston. 83386. Account yet Celtics won and 84. And 86 so they wanted two out of three years when they had the best record so that's that's the that's the warriors are trying to deal with it throughout the three with a great three year rug let's go to Drake and central California getting redirect. Yeah Eagle County bank taking my call. No problem. Iran would really smooth out there is such wasn't the greatest night you know what's gonna fall. Then he'd put the this team looks slick. Curry in the comeback. That you do over doc. That was a good terminology like that. And I would like the other night when. The cavaliers. Will plan against Celtics won the Celtics to win and cameras in the form. Myself you know what I want to cavaliers win. And with how well. The warriors somehow curry for the it's wet spot the. Play optional they get to play out help be a woman the catalyst for the third time straight month the better team wins. And I don't want being homers in his the only home. I've really you'd think he has the better team weighs it down. I do I think that the better team and I would escape likely with Andre because it's never happened before in NBA history. At the same two teams have met three consecutive years I wanna see it. I wanna see it for that reason I'll receive because even if the warriors are better than the cavaliers. There's nobody needs that can even give the warriors a series. Except the cavaliers. So I'm I'm with terrain I wanna see how would you. Not wanna see LeBron again. Exactly I'll see the warriors Belmont I want to see the warriors have to play. Huge that. Or San Antonio. And have some tough series. To not make it that'll make it more worthwhile. But I think that they. Outspoken tickets today he's like what. What do you think the odds are that the warriors won't get to a game six in any theories. I was thinking you know it's possible. It's possible I would never battle it's up there like that but. Looking good it's going to be tough to beat the wars multiple times disease. Yeah I got a question for you guys nine over lakers when I was stream I think that we lost one game playoff series in its U. What did the pictures to sixteen no question that all. No they the big statement that was the first the ball. That they didn't play as many games because there were a lot like when the lakers. I think coming up to double check this but a virtually certain to their member look it up a little while ago when the lakers beat the sixers they went fifteen at one. In the playoffs in the reasoning goes sixteen awards at the first round series of five games here so you want after three games. It's correct so and I and the deathly. Can not an actor and so are saying why did your game in a lot of acting on. Yeah I was I was act players and that's what everybody would like talk about right now. Warriors wrap well I mean my Korea it really get sneak only start talking about Franklin and Marshall diplomats. Let's move thank you drank. Well diplomat loops. Well I think is too. When you're out. I don't like years from now Nolan will care it's it's were in the moment. It makes you raider it makes you a better team that makes you look better when you play and beat the best out. So if Cleveland doesn't make it let's say the Celtics made it weird eagle the warriors apparent Celtics right. So the words go out there and sweep them it's it's going to be a boring finals. But it take on LeBron three straight years and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And get the revenge beat them two out of three years. That's something people really remember. They well what if the warriors and up played Boston the raptors three at Washington and they were in the finals. The warriors are still be remembered as a great great team. What I say is I don't know ten years from now people out last year Cleveland got knocked off. Because Cleveland doesn't make the finals. To me it shows me they're not capable of beat the warriors you don't let me. Because no team that's gonna get beat by the Celtics or the raptors. Is it team that can beat the Eagles they wars and will be assigned. That they're having trouble and that even if they were made it to the finals they're not going to be team like the warriors were click and all so. Lawyers take down appellate gets one to 432101. Will continue with your phone calls. At Tripoli not 57 ID five said he Ross getting here from Kevin Durant. And how he felt about his outing tonight that's all coming up right here on I five points out in the game. That ever Chevrolet not 57 ID 570 you're gonna hear from Kevin Durant moments let's go to the warrior taxes here now on warriors wrap up. Thank yeah me no pleasure worded to talk a chance spot these standards that Amanda do often this year. Anyway it's great for me it turned show law and Peter teacher Dave filibusters for awhile. And I don't want. And I'd love lead to date and our boys Milan and Adam augment the land. The the regulars that. They get to say their peace. Eight this may not mean you know but the war. A lot of not seen anything in enjoyed being. Bigger opportunity. You know proper ops might. I was will be out outing at the end mavericks and and its first gain its beauty you'd do against -- oppose county Padilla the Austin spurs meteor for these Santa Cruz. Well warriors as. I think in. Certainly. Knows that likes six. We yanish photo that was parked earnings Omnia. On the bench there's still nonetheless was conceded need. It is stale because he Popovich and in the we're all the mavericks do it will load up thirty points in the second half after. This score sixty Q as the main reason lining ordeal when. Pick is gamer wanted to chance do will be in the against doubting that it was it was good luck might get in the past mark. In appear to be able. I get a in my prediction about equal degree will allow. Full buyout bowl poll. And that the candidate for the warriors lose one game throughout there's playoff I would sit down period the last time that even 16716. Sixty sick I love this team. Make of the fact that you know their star player can go down and go back and in the name. The only thing I don't like is acting in it dammit. Two times in three seasons I gave a little bit irritated when it's been good money this year colonial has been good money in Dallas. And he said the suit he Jordan and I and I hate to have this debate he is now about the it tune it in today let's look so pretty cute I appreciate things that ties back it's always a pleasure. Downing popular baseball while later on this season. 500 after the land today. Yeah I'm available Rollins said and done these tours ground. The agent bureau appreciated it day you get buried. Dank and order you you've got is he off the vote. You gotta tell warrior. A bleacher gave it led they're part of the team. You don't rip teammates. Everybody calls me and this RR and amp part of or fail that's right it's dysfunctional family but it's our thing that is north and soften that up about the lead in bleachers gave. More important. Late Kevin your assets topped the media after the game here is AT reflecting on being back after missing nineteen games. These as it is basically to Kevin I do think it went and where you're nervous going into it to that you play. Off so good though I would say I was nervous I was excited. What shall we play a good thing women refusal to bargain. You you were all smiles before it gaming you shouldn't let that secret for a started to pull what was that moment like you. Lives. Are decidedly as normal as possible. Super warm tea I've been doing all season. Smoke and play sleeve or laughter. But that goes good me on this show us an awful like. Normally make put aside and play good defense in regard to woo. But it correct plays you know distraught literate way you know everything else for a lot of them. Republican. Coming interest right there a little bit better. Too little bit better but it needs a little time a little bit of just two games beat. Once those guys toes players all mixed mrs. you know well wasn't completely torn about sesame. Obviously elect to score the ball like suitable go to in that bush has chided and other things. Give us board game. You know that a calmer what's the process to start playing defense you know contestants regarding did not break so. The last my shots so great they just go in early adulthood you know sex stars second half a focus suitable logo program a food group it. Although we go to rug you know we went up twenty points I think that was that was a key part of game start to do. You know a little better as the rest I don't know. How big it was just to get like 31 minutes because I don't think anybody in India must Purdue and thought you would get buried Kirk talked about. Giving short burst that you played some pretty long. Since 89 minutes. The other question I have for you was so you got knocked to the floor there early in the fourth quarter and you got up smiling was set. We would set a good hit for you to take. At that time. And it's menace was a focus of a world. Public other people ambush or studios games are. You know we got to slow C locked up who go to the playoffs with a good rhythm. But I haven't played in total load so the influence via their mobile coaching staff as a big picture with thirty what is that I menace from the after a month and a half and play ambush. So great. So great horse got to go to get better get more conditioned for the game each and every day. But if you must tell you what she bounced back to get knocked so you kinda you more confident standard things aren't. Cabinet and are never one to try to do. Forces opened the game which got that you know isolation pro or in game about the dollar cut to quick pass to Pachulia was it nice to kind of get that out of nowhere fast and kind of get some quick moves and. Yes I mean. Muted don't the first flared again about how long you've been out of two's good. And to get some stuff together you know little sis it so great you know. So this party gala is IFF so group of monitors over notes C. Ultimately applies to so we felt normal again so. We don't vest while Claire loves live basketball that's my favorite thing to do. You know sort of to feel like come apart between reflect on the part of this. You know this energy we for those children. How how difficult was it fighting off the incidents that she must have sales of you know. You wanted to get back you thought she could've gotten back in May be a week ago I don't know here and and also second follow up on that playoffs coming up how anxious are you to. To get into that you think it's good right now that you were able to get back in the groove tonight just the weekend. The playoffs. First question. I was really answer you know that is try to be patient. Note. They take my mind off of it a little bit it was who's who's pretty go to look to facilities for the last five and a half weeks. And I think two of us who have you know slower than those good just to get away just. Kind of commit to vacation photo. And you know when I get twos are more focused on just get better keep LT that was my main concern. There with the playoffs coming up in college translated into you know today was. A good day forces seem tomorrow we had to come back and you know get to work and accurate for you talk. And but still you take or their retirement analysts are African rooms of. Before the game on court cover ask. But buses expectation from you today he said defensive rebounds and today you picked quite a number of defense or rebounds did he tell you anything. About that for after the game. No. It is. But I notice them you know we play small enough allies and you know without. Florida and that was a big emphasis is redundant and did not order a break. We regard things look pretty good so we we out rebound them things 36 assists. So that's so great you. Did back into the groove with pain and and we would normally play off related by force anything tonight news or do window world. Like that and smaller middle part of you wish that put you in a viewer out. Most definitely most definitely. Those two. Tyler how level players who know a lot of talent and they compete at those two would have bestseller the immigrant to go to them good. It is what it is. You know what Dana what do you when you look at this. Box or in the end I mean it's still kind of almost 31 minutes for Kevin Durant. And he led the T he missed nineteen games he comes back and he leads the team in minutes in the game becomes back. Again it tells me he was not only ready was more than ready and what I wonder it is. How old suit Cody of come back if the games. We're playoffs. Would he have been able to come back two weeks ago would have been public about three weeks ago. Or. Would you come back at the exact same time which idol thing by. It's clear. He looks pretty good I didn't notice any lit the rating favoring. Of that neat. He is the only good guys. Saw just a little low with just Ross thought as three point shot not really that his mid range. You looked a little off balance sometimes retook his threes. But. Look that's gonna comebacks. Here at him. On Monday night. And it when he when he right out of the gate did that are urged not Q land this. Analysts and that was the whole thing when he went down it's like you know where he used at his aides. And the fact that use it against the best possible medical care that being keen to it he was going to be fine who's going to be okay. There. Your right at least not you know man when he you know we sought when he was. Starting to do the agility drills start Iran the next you know roasters to jump shots and Duncan and everything I think you're right they really needed. You know let's say this team is where they are record lies they really need him for something that play out and a I can come back X games ago are right that ever Tripoli not 5795. Said he warriors with the win at 1232101. The man's mental legend John tickets that is coming up the stairs right now from the locker room. We'll find out later the same about Kevin Durant right here on night at point seven. Great luxury catches up to look supplied to ramp right way. Drives I'd give it to the rat hole. It would welcome back. You why quibble with the backwards quite effective at. Rather her Golden State. The war is about 56 and Ortiz. Now have fifty game. Was 34. Assists no more. The second highest total in NBA history. Now that it's county Stein I'm not five point seven the game. First team all the best record three straight seasons as the Boston Celtics back. In the eighties John Dickinson witness after the warriors take down the pelicans 123210. Line. And it is a special night we waded in he wondered how long it was pointed today. And its managers on go out there it is fine editor Alec well what with the dunk or the past Juliet. Like right on the first minute. If you dunk for he let me ask you greatly cubic your hold at the box where. I guess from I was shocked at his first game back he leads the team in minutes and he's out there for like 31 minutes actually what. Surprised at that and Steve Kurt said he would wanna play anybody more than thirty. With possibly the exception to rant because he wanted to get him a good run and I think you all week he would. Talked about all five minute bursts while he was out there seventy and it's not been right almost that it time. I think he wanted it he wanted to get you know these wind under and he wanted to see how wild week ago. Without being tired and while. He didn't wanna play you irregulars a lot of minutes you quite constant tweets have been great month when he won Curry's state and an iron off the need Marie's. But derail the likes playing a lot of minutes he wanted to play more Steve Kerr said he he likes playing in. Forty plus minutes. That was even go back to the pregame Steve Kirk mentioned Neil what they were get him to come over here. In the offseason to sign he said you know can it was kind of jokingly and I liked what. I act ICL you guys can't average 3637. Minutes. For the stars I wanna play forty plus us that kind of thing so. I think that was a good thing this isn't played 656. Weeks I'd let him get out there and get around and has these games you can account here in less than a week. Yeah I I I hear you also leads me to believe that had they needed them a little while ago he probably could have played. But obviously they were being in very conservative which they should have been you know being. It meaty you if you played no I'll lead the outplayed that he played all while. They gave it even if you're in good shape. Once you you know you little little idiot figure also. If you lose your balance a little bit and I that you're not as strong as she used to be your timing. I thought during that looked. It's actually like himself but for two. Facets. Of the three point shot with a little bit. Off. And there was a played here in the first half where again. Up underneath it looked like he immediately. It was just one play and then he looked fine. The buying. Throughout the rest of the game idol. I don't think we have it. That the world to one thing Steve wanted to focus on re rebounding. Apparently written note not missing assignments could get the sound byte of European. Reporter asking here actually in the routes that he would talk to me about it yet it injury. Here's and it it's not. Here's ten more years of player right. We talk about. Because he's completely different player now talk about treatment. If I said this a deadline acquisition I mean that's what it seems like doesn't it. Katie he's he's creating episodes shot now if you can pretty cute though now like never before career he has done it with a the warriors. In fact I don't even think he's been this topic was his Goodyear won the warriors. And he's terrific I. GC I just remember. I mean EDT on Nazi you know but I remember him as being at. He was a dynamic. Is consistent shooter but he was that dynamic player. With the nuggets and sixers go back there reporters she was up in your Q well it wouldn't Q well. But eyes. Wanna guy that's in the match. It's usually the consistency goes with you know he could still do it. The camera there with a timer quarters it's nice how it all and get it right when the warriors of the miles. Heading to without the rain or the Pelosi statement from the looks like use kind of bestseller or a little bit. These weeks ago and he shortly leave it be Eagles. And you'll see play thirty plus. And the warriors may need to do that in the post season. But you know we always like to worry. You would run and it's gonna take it pole when Steve given right off here and there needs. He's treated him I think well this year in terms arrested he won a couple of guys that probably needs it. Home more than other. Animal and he won't have anymore back to back next year ago you would be some of Marie get even two days off in between the round. When it is good news is offseason as a freeagent. It's going to be it's off season for. And I think the warriors are going to be a position where they're gonna. It. It I think it's going to be tough for what options going to be you know what. That's. What can that connects. Yeah night it's. It's tough to see him coming back on what he won what it's well it's cute champions. Item back for more now. Okay well we're asking the question I don't know I don't have the at least articulate I don't. The answer he got to speculating. And it took me it would make perfect and what you pay I would say team lawyer one more feet and added I think you've got to take it. And now with the news. You can go to it's I think. Eking go to a team now. Kinda like he went to the warriors four years ago you know help them play and can help them like important that everybody. Are you Portland Eddie might expect but they Osce which they don't ya all locked up that the players what I would reward yourself though is news. He can't be on on average to below average now because I cannot get you can not risk. It not play long stretches if he gets her. But I could see I think a guy like Audrey a dollar fee they would or title this year. Now he's got two rings he's MVP. Of the NBA finals. I think he got to go for that one. He did at that point. Which is our team will be pretty good that he goes through felt like. You know nobody's gonna twist his arm that you have to go to Brooklyn. So he's going to be able to do every one. And they don't care costs so many years if he threw four year deal. To handle it 3637. I mean I I eat. And not look at. I don't have all the numbers that probably was cipher for forty years and I got to. Be able to get more. Not outside the realm of possibility. To get that. Or maybe somebody like him announces and all take all the make it 31 it's 3530. It. Report and I felt like crazy money. But you know casket will be up at 101. In spots via a few little bit higher that probably hurt the warriors a little bit early was projected to be at about one dose of it. But they just released the numbers it's going to be us. So that Mays got Robert warriors have he certainly is now. Well likeable lot more like our our little dollars today against now is greatly treated Audrey dollar for. Contract Dockery who now. You know abilities needed. Today and there's probably some truth to it but if but if they are. Exactly clear that Iguodala. That you played well they played well. By night so it's is whispering. How about this now. So they've won four team around you in the last two. At sixteen and or play out that will be in the record the record right now for most consecutive wins at the end of the season. Is fifteen. Applied that powerhouse Rochester. Back in 1950. Yet they they didn't let him beat you now say we got everything got next year I got there are you serious it when it I was trying to make something up about again this stuff there's. A frigate. I'll acknowledge Rochester 151. It went it. I. I got. I thought when you had a tiger it's a 51 now freed up the notes on that Rochester has noted that the one that wrote it when the title if they wanted 51 and may yet be the next it's that. It. For the growth ADL outlook. And now gun and a daughter now that'll Kerry state he's here yeah. The does that rate in basketball like with the media because now I don't go away your ability through. I. Yeah it's. Yeah it's a fun Saturday night that after tomorrow boys. Act. We're. Not. I like Altman lot lot masters. They can be a steeper. Now well land day off and everybody enjoyed it feeds on the same page. That there's no question in and out you look at it come back and yet shootaround Monday as Monday want sixty cursed you may rest like Thompson. On Monday night against the jets Raymond green was happy with in the 21 minutes city not get arrested but he Wednesday. All I quickly Matt Barnes yeah I'm Matt Barnes. X rays negative on a cult that it's an ankle foot sprain. And you know it seems like he's gonna be okay we get booed I hear that but that you know he might be out in in the funny how things to me crazy you know. The rant goes down right as he comes available because Sacramento decided they're gonna trade with thousands. And they wanted to cut Matt Barnes as you know can they brought him at the parent you know be a mentor with doc but this quarter cousins they OK we'll cut Julie to go transfer and is a playoff team beyond. And that's right it directed. Injured so he finds its way to the warriors and after comes back and it's almost well now part of it. He did what they needed to do it now he can take a step back in the ill. Animals in the playoffs simple. Aren't sensitive for warriors wrap up we'll see you boys on Monday night it's our ads and the warriors will be taking your phone calls of Tripoli not 57. 95 cent a Golden State Warriors now 66. And fourteen after there 123101. Win over the pelicans enjoyed masters Sunday. A's baseball giants baseball them will be back. On Monday talk a little hoops right here on all of Golden State Warriors that's not a five point seven game have a great night everybody.