Warriors try to go up 3-0; Clippers without Blake Griffin; A look at each playoff series

Matt Steinmetz
Saturday, April 22nd

JD and Steiny debate whether Kevin Durant should return for Game 3, how Blake Griffin's injury changes Clippers/Jazz and bounce around with thoughts on each NBA playoff series.


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Got tickets and Matt Stein at or beyond the numbers podcast for five point seven game comity again looking ahead. And the police are 1638. We'll EO. AA. As a means you haven't. You think tonight's the night or Tennessee eighty back on the floor warriors the little more careful. With that they're gonna need for the long haul when it. Originally. Don't know that I thought yes and now back to I don't know. The warriors were tape in this early Saturday afternoon. And the warriors just get out shootaround. And to remind green did an interview where he seemed to not know whether terrain that was gonna play iron I tend to believe him. I think that decision's going to be made before the game JD when he. Goes out on the court takes some shots runs around a little who go meet with the training staff they'll say how's it feel the leaders say. Feels fun. I don't feel anything out of the ordinary. And they don't play oral say you don't want to. Not quite there and they'll say well no sense in pushing it we'll pitching game four. I really think that's it's as simple as that I. JD I gotta tell etiquette is one of the easiest decisions teens can make a really do I know. We've gone back and forth about it on talk shows and it is hurt whether Correia is got a player not that certainly worth talking about. The decision itself is easy. If he's not ready he doesn't play. If he's ready to place it's really as simple as that I almost feel like. The decision's gonna get made for the warriors. Ransacked had to make a decision the decision going to be made four. John tickets and that's diamonds. Our warriors beyond the numbers podcast for 95 points and in the game itself. Do in this we do this couple times a week you're talking about warriors and in BA. To rant with a ice pack. Wrap around his strained left calf right now from Monty pool from Horry shooter rally in the last 45 minutes in this is early afternoon about. One clock as we record. I don't know I don't know if that means he want you care day care in a just again from note yes I don't know that point that you're here. I'd say. I'd say I can tell you what I thought of first but it doesn't mean anything my first thought was he's get nice now. Maybe he's dug for summaries I was quite icing where's the last step. Of the day. I saw them as Josie players icing after the game. Ice for ten or fifteen minutes I sub sunk they take off the ice and it means. That's it for their day. So my first. Inclination would be hollow word of this is his last work out of the day but. That's just what I believe it's not necessarily correct thing for all I know exposed to get ice now. You take a break he'll work out to be file plight. I Kevin Durant officially questionable now march on Livingston questionable as well will they play or not that remains to be seen. But into clue whatever but he added I'm recording this podcast this is where were comment from you find out. Or writer we wrong if you listen to this Saturday not Sunday because wouldn't talk a lot about other. NBA factors. Lie and things going on you'll find. But let's face it JD and we've seen this. Position a million times where. There's in 99.9. Percent chance we're gonna fight it out until. 645. Yeah. At least at least 6 o'clock I would say right o'clock probably the earliest her wilt was the girl talk at six somebody they'll say is Kevin play tonight and leaders say yes or no. Or he'll say. We haven't made that decision yet as we gotta talk to him after he works out before the game or possible nobody's gonna know tilt quarters at. Yet the warriors are very good it they don't usually hide in England's official announcement comes out I think the lineups are due at 645%. Thirty game. They have to be submitted it once there submitted. Once there officially submitted usually it's that that's the line there but you know they're not wanna east teams they'll say that you can't do that boat to rants and and and right before tip off phils today on utterance about beyond 20 he'll walk he's not warming up the walk street clothes rack. 730 right exactly exactly. So that's who we have to keep our eyes on whether or mattered can play it doesn't seem like Dirk which is gonna play tonight and if he's not playing tonight I'll think he's playing in this era unless Portland it. If Portland wins this game without Dirk pitched I think he's got a chance to return if they lose this game outer Extenders. No real sense to do it and that's to be in the biggest disappointment. Of the series JD is that we haven't gotten a chance to see. If Dirk which affects the dynamic in this theories. And I think as warrior fans it's very easy to say. You know circuits isn't going to be the difference between winning and losing war. You sit Dirk you how's he going to be the players that causes the warriors all kinds of trouble but not necessarily saying that about partner kitsch but. The most fascinating thing. I defied about the Golden State Warriors at least over the last three years. Is their small lineup at what it does to big players. It just. It just. Hate so many big players out of games. I always like to see which big players can play when the warriors go small. We're back and be able to find that out about her and that's that's what's had to disappoint me especially when you hear things like Syria acres in Portland say. Dirk which has a little. Now highly skilled I wonder if you can hang with the warriors go small just because they they run right when that happens you gotta be. Able to keep up and and just look at it his body type of maybe a little more athletic than I've given him credit for. Because maybe you know the belief is that he would potentially be able to stay on the floor I was situations. I have a hard time believing that he wouldn't just be asked plane against that wars small line and not know who he's in the. Well all I can tell you is talk to carry acres. From the Portland Tribune he's seen her pitch all year at least when he came to Portland we have looked more hurt on yesterday who's the lasers analyst. At both those guys gave the same height as scatter report regarding her pitch and up and down. They think he's not a bad writer. JaVale McGee went to bill McGee is its. Well doubt but they seem to think it. It wouldn't be cases. Keeping up being a problem it would be more a case of whether he can function once he gets into the half core war whether he can function. Defensively rebounding the ball away score after a mine green with an assist from the top of the key they didn't seem to have a lot of concerns about. The pace of the game overwhelming him although he hasn't played a while and I got to believe created shape wrap shape is a factor at this point. What are. Make it the warriors game three struggles there there to a six the last two years in game threes. They didn't win a single game three last year in the 2016 plants that loss to Houston Portland. They lost to Oklahoma City and then Cleveland in the NBA finals whether it's 11. Whether it's too well their op. Fortunately for them they have been a position where they've been down note to our IP truck all right. Eight to lose a game three day. Why do you think the warriors have struggled in game. You know. It's something that I don't think we're ever going to be able to put a finger on telling the truth but it's couple circumstances that have added up to it that's that's led it to happen. I think one thing which is obvious to me is this team's had home court advantage. The last three years and every playoff series that they've played so that means every game three. They've played is on the road it's going to be to not only is it on the road it's the first game. At home for the opposition. And we all know that's a tough game we dope or let's get him out tonight and give it. The old college try knowing that if they don't win tonight they're back with a series is the team's comeback from Dario to win four straight games. So I I think that you know that's obviously something that's going to be that's got to be taken into consideration. And I do think that it does have some that do with the fact that. In what they were there to a six. So what five of the series they were up two games that done in three they were tied 11. Yet they were tied one to one against OKC conference final last year and in the two series gone back to 2000 at fifteen. Or 11 series against Memphis and also Cleveland in the NBA finals of the warriors went down to one and won the next three and a series each it's. I don't. You know when you're up 20 there's no doubt about you go. To a different venues and Europe two games to one do you feel like you have a little bit of a comfort level there's just not. You don't have the sense of urgency in game three. When Europe two games in the as you do even at the game one. Mean even at a game while it. This game can play wit let's face it if you're up 20 series nobody will ever admit that no coach will say it but. We although the warriors lose tonight it's not the end of the world. John Dickinson that Stein Mets are beyond the numbers podcast for 95 points out in the game talking about the warriors and pleaser at the game three. Looking at why the warriors have struggled in game threes. It's interesting how teams view to groceries and Steve Perry was talking about this practice for the warriors left for Portland he's essentially said. Anytime it's too low everybody thinks it's going to be a sweep. And then you get into that other teams building as the favorite. And they play really well and video news and everybody is astonished at the fast act almost that it this series now well. There's ebbs and flows a mean not every series in the majority series. Don't ended its week these are playoff teams were talking about. Even the Portland trailblazers who finished it even 500 with their overall record they've been a really good team down the stretch that you're just. What do market these issues the EU. Demand for a hot today after every play on your Johnny equity talked about love that well I just I can't see. Like even though. Let's say what was another two OK here's. When the rockets were up 20 on Oklahoma's series so. Ease and give hard Neeon VP. Candidate that thing that I mean. Shares is not over too well now warriors Portland's a little bit. The number one seed against number eight seed they dominated in the last three regular seasons they eliminated him. Last year in five games. Shore. The blazers are in trouble they're down 20 there's no doubt about it when you look at some other series going on. It doesn't mean you're done. You'll means you got a week gate 23 yeah that's what it means that I just. And I just don't like the dog now all of a sudden. Are there other of the spurs in trouble they lost game three to Memphis though they're not trouble they're still all against the wall. Look around just look around each of the series. The cabs were up 20 they go to Indiana Indiana gets him down 216. Simple your thinking that series is going to be 21 and it took one of the great comebacks. Maybe the greatest comeback it'd be history from a halftime perspective. The cavs and up went and gave my point is it in happily you've got the cats took idiot as that shot it still wasn't enough that knock them out. Any idea and it couldn't finish it but you look at that gave it it was highly in the pacers favor. But I what I say it is let's say that the pacers hold on that game and whether they win going away or whether they whether it's the war I guarantee you. People would say. She's Cleveland's up two who want the shuttle lost that first game a dud of an hour. It's like they should it be the cavs are in trouble you one right on ahead but apple well but if if they had they lost game one. Which everybody says they could've should've they come back and win game two. That they go to India did with the game they just dated Indiana. Yeah it's close for comfort but they're back in control of the Ceres you know I mean. They beat out that note that if they have law I agree if it lost its huge trade out in Cleveland would be in in Detroit a lot of it has to do with who won the last day yet or who won the last two games mean that's that's one thing I'll always hear is that a lot in theory is. One predictor is the first team to win two straight. A lot of the times and know that there was again it's the 20 but it. You know it's if it's if it's too well. Those on its 3%. Rise it's a it's a 0010 series but the team. It loses game one and wins two and wins three times that the predictor of underdog team going on the record playoff series the team that was after you look at it. Atlanta and Washington haven't played their game three yet it's too low and I. The warriors Europe to other and later game three tonight from the time recording this podcast the spurs lost game 30. Beads of that happens. Houston was up to oh. Oklahoma City wanted and it's happened all over the board. And in Cleveland even though ended up winning all 320s. So. It's rule it is for the east teams that well when are you and go home especially in Boston. Boston's going on the road Austin booklet they were public with an outing was in for a Boston goes on the road and Chicago were lead or. For example I picked the warriors to beat Portland in five games. And I'll admit even be after watching the first two. Up and spend all day thinking about this but I thought you know. Which you call it sweep right now feet hood. They probably would now it's like. Have to come off my five game prediction. That it again it doesn't matter but. It's it's completely. Within the realm of possibility. That Portland's gotta wait one of the next and here's the other thing. I'm not a believer in well the warriors get up 308. Wars a lock. That's when you can relax it meaning if you're pushing you're going home anyway and that's a brat. Exactly so I just think. There is no doubt about it. I. I learned my lesson back in June 1985. When Google went via Boston Celtics. Beat the LA lakers in game one of the finals 148114. It was called the out of the memorial and Memorial Day massacre was to get mixed up. Whether it's the Memorial Day massacre of the Mother's Day I but the Memorial Day massacre and of course as we know the lakers back and that's it and wanted to six minutes. If they did it absolutely did so. I think blow outs are completely overblown in the playoffs in other thing I was thinking about when we talk about the playoffs. And people's I've heard this about or the other. Quit a little. Nobody quits to you quit sees. Quit his way to play pick up basketball there's one ball there you see them go all you walk off the court you know play if you're playing basketball. Or you're on the page according the only equally as if you'll at a theory. It stay that. People think players quit occasionally here's the other thing I think in the playoffs. Which you don't. It's Smart to pull the plug it times. When you get that Lanny it's late in the third quarter you gotta say yourself today we get. We get this out of fifteen headed for May be will give it ago but if it's 2223. Forget about it we get bigger fish to fry. That's not quitting. That's Smart that's actually giving giving your team a chance that the possibly win that next game I just don't like what it's. When it's perceived as either quit or that a blow out help for two seniors at the way it's just the way that's. Yeah I never believe that there's carry over from from one game and next year I think it's rare I think you see more baseball I think really it didn't do you. In the NHL or certainly the NBA. A ticket times it demoralizing loss. Carry over effect. Respect in the NBA doesn't happen often. Especially in blowouts. I think maybe close loss can have an impact if your plan. You know again especially maybe in the same city your plane again and then the next game boat maybe an off day and I think those games affect. Teams more than blowout games each time as you wrote blow. I can't get out of hand where your team like the laser oracle and it's a road game in depth now thirtieth so that. If you're gone home for the next game I don't think you're right you've forgotten about that gain. By the time you're on the air. I actually think what comes to a close game whether close game can carry over or about what's it close loss. I think. A close loss only carries over. For the underdog. I do not think a close loss carries over to fate. And the reason I say that is because when you're underdog. And you lose a game you should've warned. It essence it's gonna cost this theories because your underdog you have to win the game he can't do it again that you can't see yourself but exact spot. Your your absence. Now being asked as an underdog to win five games in a series. On the other hand if you're good team and you lose at the buzzer. Loosely ethnic tends to refocus you and say all right guys. We just lost the game network now a water line but let's go back right away get home court that I too great point I think. But but for a underdog can be demoralized. Adding it's a great point John tickets and Matt Stein nets are beyond the numbers podcast ready five cents in the game let's wrap it up these final couple minutes and look around it it's some of these other series or. Let's go to. Let's go to the warriors likely next hole yes let's all question yes Blake Griffin obviously gets hurt Friday he's out for the series he's out for the season quite frankly. And it's just really too bad. JD can you imagine will we may have to match but the warriors may. Play you saw in the second round without open air where they may pay play the clippers without Blake Griffin it's just it's. It's just really to bet you want teams to be at their back this time a year. And it looks like the warriors may not yet the best clippers team if they play them and they might not yet route eagle there purse it. I want to see competitive series. I want to see competitive series preferably without a ton. Without a false. And I think clippers series of falls right. When even without what are you look at the warriors. Facing because of the rival Ian and no it's not really rivalry much anymore because the wars. Have dominated him back to when the clippers playoffs in 2014. But I think that there's still. Some height and bad blood attached to without any chance if it really being competitive series that that that's my least favorite from just entertainment. In coverage of point of view. I would love to see competitive Utah team. Just just different will destroy haven't really seen the warriors play the jam as these last couple years and the jazz have elevated to another level. We haven't seen him play the warriors I am I wanna see. Full strength competitive basketball because you know what maybe that becomes a new rivalry for the next couple years so I'd like to see that. It's why I look at it now I'm out Kapalua for Utah I'm absolutely pull for you to video I would vote for the clip. If you look at the way it plays out and it's. The clippers lose Blake but did they win the game so it someplace they've increased their chances of winning the series it's certainly after a 21. Maybe without them. And you know. Look at the warriors are beaten both of these teams either way that I'm I'm open Utah market apple now. You think they'll still be height that the warriors play the clippers but Blake Griffin's I play him I do. I can thank the clip the clippers inevitably you'll systems Steve. They always do what we can still be other art are. Doc Rivers or Chris Paul rivers likes to gain speed even if it's like self upper. Until take little shots at his own team but they're really little sneaky shots warriors right Bible I you know I don't know ideally lower blood. Like he'll start a they'll start. Ask him because he's wanna team beats you about your teams in championship act demanded things like that you'll be equal. Two tires or yup so he'll say it's not then. Future look like it'll be on which Julio has to it was a team two years ago he's big and now is it seventh or never won a title right. Exactly so I just an act. I think. The warriors face the clippers Ike is the best of all worlds and here's why I CNET clipper Jersey. The past in the warriors. And in the clippers are incapable of beating them even if they play well fed. So it's the basketball world worried ticket people indeed and the clippers and had no shot and it. I actually think that's a 40 or four points theories hands down no questions. Me ask you this. We've seen Blake Griffin go up against the warriors quite a bit. We've seen Blake Griffin go up against the worst quite a bit drape my greens got a terrific job against him I don't think Blake Griffin really hurts the warriors. So quick question. If you X so a bit. Just give all Blake Griffin's minutes or as mighty as we can to most states. God play Speights in the artery Jordan together how much worse aren't. I their against the warriors and their significantly worse against Utah I think maybe you were. Item about states that Blake Griffin simply states can go three point eight. The country tour it's actually have more thing ago. You. Like let's better states that maybe maybe. I'm not I'm not well. Let's let's let's finish it up this. Let's run. Clippers jazz who's gonna who'll give me your right now yes jazz went to Syria okay jazz in the series in six since that to happen. You like the jazz in seven I'm get ago clippers and sent them at this point to make it on face the warriors rockets. Thunder. Rockets in six. Rockets gonna win that series but it's builds. Privacy statement on home team wins every death and I think every game how many gain. How many initiative meant for static adding the grizzlies got one and that's it for once a 641. I think the warriors are gonna sweep leaving Portland again one I do support. You think Indiana will salvage one against Cleveland down 03. Game four cents. What you would talk about it doesn't matter yeah let's give them. Idiot as Italy and don't let him play because you know Cleveland is. The situation figured we go. Washington that too low on it and a I wouldn't be surprised if Atlantis battles that I think Washington wins they win in six and a eyes it is now. I don't know what to make some years. People really like Washington. Come along Washington obviously watched it just because I never. I don't you Dwight Howard to Milwaukee and Colorado and an antsy right there when it six and a lot of wins games boards and are gonna win and they're gonna win it in six at home. 42. And last but not least the Celtics. Bulls series I think the Celtics are actually gonna sweep refer it's going to be that back door sweep they're gonna lose the first two they're gonna win four straight. I like Boston in six with three wins Patrick. Celtics are gonna win it's happen. Because there's something change there they went from war they went from literally morning what does. I think it looks like now they're using galvanized. So I think the celtics' comeback with theories. It will. It was Milwaukee to. I am I at Milwaukee and well why they're gonna win an away game for. I saw it late eighties he was talking about light changes. We just talked about a couple of maybe they'll match. Us in trouble I think there for a little. I'd jot tickets and that's not that's words beyond the numbers podcast for 95 point seven again.