Warriors Replay vs Utah 12-27-17

Warriors Replay
Wednesday, December 27th

In case you missed the Warriors 126-101 victory against the Jazz, check out the Warriors Replay!


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Eric Oracle's starting lineup tonight. For the lawyers that's not affiliate gets it got his start against senator. Alongside great bond great Kevin direct flights out of Charlotte basic getting a start. At the point guard position was that Perry still sidelined Derrick Favors to close at fellowship Jill Ingles the Australian. Along with a Ricky Rubio first year now playing in Minnesota and Donovan Mitchell. There are very very nice rookies navigate great month of December. Lawyers will be opening typically left to right ladies of the ball blue field goal to bridge gets it up top played counted jumper on the way up and no good. Julia and Mitchell got tangled up on a street both went down. Gas wearing royal blue with white letters to gold numbers in the backside. White letters spelling out jazz up but with a GA being a note. If you give the ball to favors left side got to step below should guided by his former Oki CT date to rant. Takes it left baseline thirds accused ovaries as that misses everything. Read analytic. Please move blue numbers letters in the backside relied greeted with Julius stepped up top of the circle. One dribble looks at 53 months the left cash needs to the ran the bounces well the yeah it's not that they'll turn and face in the plot. Taste is bad downstairs with the we get a defense of the reality zone. Technical found. They were trying to guard Iran it was rubio must let's. Reveal sporting the full beard this year. Who's you who are. It just it. That's tonight and their throat in the far side. I did but it was too close to one word and I couldn't. It comes to apps that taps of wheels with fourteen in the clock middle of Florida's NASA NASA turned back the plate giving yell at dolphin silent except our first playoff. Nicely done by fiat and the lawyers are out before. Good ball movement Michael Wednesday. In the three nothing after the attack and go free throw. Was hit by Kevin Durant. Angles on the bounce to favorite back Eagles who have taken aren't left wing stops and pops over the Juliette back rim one bounce though good. Utah played last night in Denver and really did not have much energy directly straight month. Dream on inside Livingston a vocal for the most of the ball slapped out of Mitchell wanted down to a two on one. But I ballad plea Sampson first and now will halt proceedings the crew chief John Corbin blew the whistle Karl Lane in Britain Hansel. Are the other two. Kind of agree with Fremont though on that that two minute thing up I I like the spirit of the idea but I think it puts. With C officials and a very bad spot. And there's nothing you could see the change. We have a really controversial call it can't explain it but I don't think we need to do that two minute. Report every day I think it really puts a lot of pressure on hard working officials favors gets free it's I with a dark. Of a pass from angles and so 32 count. We usually I want to remind green on the floor for Livingston. On the bounce to the ranch to ramble a way to her two way street my cat just outside won't shoot up opened three dribbles to the surface he does not not. That's not deep real quiet man put that good fifteen anyway if it were but Ceglia a foul ball. Besides I able the term white shoulders. And muscled his way in. The chilly it to the free throw line. 41. Homestand continues to another one of those Friday Saturday home back to backs. Charlotte 7 o'clock with a pregame show and at 5 o'clock pre game on Saturday that his two game less than 24 hours for the dubs. Free throw good for for Julia sixty beginning lawyers leading by four. Sefolosha to rubio chest pass to angle. Now after neighbors lost it not a violent means that deflected like Tampa's got idea at the likely letters that back to life. Played back if you wanted deep in traffic it trouble exit out to the right we would like to add dribble my dream my middle lob inside Iran would back to. A white man. To eighteen start we'll moyers good night thirty to go with the first. Rubio bill got to step slow shift now would commit to back its influence that you have we'll move the ball lie. A lot of athletes at more Wall Street that the other team Italy revealed opened three won't shoot triple digits on the go bank shot of that. Slapped out by three bond was down by leveraged it. Livingston left elbow makes little herky jerky move it to a jumper and it. Sit down. Hit to start you thought that those seven to go with a first the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network reached at why wait staff is speculates. Well the warriors. Did things start lawyers leading by 8907. The goal of the first quarter gold stake getting you to not caught slick is that they have punished Ricky Rubio the basketball actually in the ramp. Over the top. They got used on a defense of three what they are driving health revealed that that you with a ball for the jazz are attacking the basket to our left hand off favors handoff bagels. Dribbles it Iran shall we look back up after that Mitchell. Double T five singles left side back to midfield that you wobble a straight month with two on the clock Ingles takes a tap the heat jumper it's not the way of Slidell home. My goodness. The upshot by Joey goes right there. But sometimes when the clock is winding down your release futile but better view of the shooting it you know this. Really no pressure you have to shoot to ramp dabbling church and fired up the good and the rebound angles. Ingles the most durable jazz is. Started all 34 your favorite down the lake it's another wide open down his lawyers would be good to break down there. Nobody helping sass that 107 account. And the warrior eight point lead now three play taps it dribbles up job. We've focused feet stray mutt cuts passed over does that not guarded by rubio asked deliveries to downstairs still shoot over favorites it's not the rim Nokia. Ingles with a rebound. Angles to the time line yet you tell us to play better than what they did last night they got down double figures to Denver really never made a line. Sefolosha wobble with Iran civil rights I find Mitchell Mitchell slips out drive goes up over Durant blocked by Iran and Mitchell throws the ball out of bound. But. Mitchell body was going to be able to get to the rim and their rented in. All the arm that wingspan Kevin Durant. Playing great defense. And we're noticing it more he's always been that good that his nose in more played down the left side. Dribbles by Mitchell I'll put not your lap dance group or roll off the rim those goods up lotion with a rebound. Lawyers still up three Cephalon should dampen your side they give a wide open three they knocked it damp the tie the game. So close yet they came down the floor knowing he was going to get that look. And then maybe a little bit easier for addicted to level like 109. Is scored Fremont street. Intervals in due time ago it's awfully good tough floater byte drive on over eight goals and that the while the nine school. Like five minutes to change reveals what's the step lotion he drives it goes up overtime as don't get out here. The jazz well schooled my Quin Snyder if found something that they can affect which effectively get guys strictly to the right side of the lane to the ramp. What exit the Juliet the drama after in my opening it to the relook at its good to remind him that. Great public back to back pockets boy usually fifteen to eleven. It two walks up. With the dribble bright yellow cake son. Number middle left can't dribble now -- officer rubio map by Thompson doesn't drive into the angels Mets Mike Thompson on the switch rotation Mitchell. Moves Livingston wants to go wild one picks up his dribble past the cutting rubio cheetah fifteen footers addict with a buzzer sounding. But jazz setting another shouted above the static. They loved around the clock down. Kevin Durant. The crossover dribble and a balance of lotion. Central Los who hails from Switzerland 108. International players on the jazz squad that's number one the end yet. Substitution for. The Janice. To me riding hood. He's got the green like killing off their bench. Averaging over seventeen unite the ranch far sidelines very much dump the Olympics to. Let me to watch history must try to post up he was held by Mitchell about the found. And even dream I was surprised at the ferocity of the whole financial. Thirteenth now like Vuitton. In my humble but the ball the flight line but the jazz then it's a town Livingston. Struggles middle bounced past the Juliet that two theaters of faces. Quick move handoff to announce that tops and outside of my favorite double team rotates to drama. Drew my deep three short. Read how long it went down by Mitchell off to the races right side angles as simple ocean Vista goes back to Mitchell for three and he's got it down. Utah's got the lead lawyers again after it. Do snapping big. Summits of energy and focus of fourteen to five he would not run it's a sixteen defy you to Ali time out lawyers 533 to go the first. On the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff because the wings off the warriors. Fourteen to five jazz run three minutes and eleven seconds giving them a one point lead they chapter six verse six during the run. It's up to the lawyers now map because in Ed Jordan Belichick's it would Durant. Johnson and that. Dribble off very much pressure by angles of tapping the try to reach him one dribble pass deflected away from a Durant and it's batted. Ford by simple Lohse out of bounds to the warrior. Wednesday will not have. The luxury of time though they will have only eight seconds on the shot clock. Plates after it takes and I abouts takes across midcourt just pulls up takes a great no good angles with a rebound. Angles to the front court. Far side flip to the Mitchell. Mitchell and golf simple Oceana we. Out of Ingles Ingles tap tap back as simple as you go bump they got bell. Dribbles into trouble feeds neighbors off ballots up though good gap now. Gordon Beal that time. Went for the pump fake Steve Kurt is he going over to belt morning till today EST down the floor that. Lohse is a non shooter if you will. It's Derrick Favors couple of free throws. First put down the oil is still cool Boston's second right now station identification on the Golden State Warriors radio network. Favors second return rattled home he had both in Utah's got an eight point lead. There Riley's sixteen to five. Claude down in the near sideline and the bounced out of that they ran the ran up to app with bell. The red double T underhand Brokaw asked a bell we'll eight foot floater out though that rebound favors at the hood. That now coming middle goes behind the back. Spins back left. Napoli in the Egan now doesn't want that feeds apple if it goes up free if Iran gets knocked it away now on the right. Drives it on Eagles fager rolled it up so good tip my Durant a good and neighbors will clear it up to Ingles. Eighteen to fifteen still using the penetrating that they've. Let's get it back outside the arc of gambling all the way left can't do too strong tip my favorite nobody gets now back for the rebound. To Brokaw he wants to line drives on neighbors' troubles it they have broken up. It purple gone up now I've favors. Somehow got his arm. Locked up with favors. Left arm. And still have the wherewithal after the bump to throw it out but it went man. So actor but gone gets the bounce and has chance to tie the game. Nick Young will come in for Klay Thompson. Who caught a young to rain into Dallas and down to rant the only starter left with 406 to go in the first. Beirut we'll sit down. And welcome back to FA you know the former lawyer. Checked back in for the Janet Jackson for the jazz first Abbott. It's back oracle real. Lot of fancy don't realize at there was a warrior once this. The golf for two years played overseas in Turkey free throw built Obama gone still 1870. Jazz lead hood dribbles into traffic. It's that data bird experts will feed Mitchell not afraid of fire behind the markets a brick at a rebound to the rants that that draw iron to about the near side. Hate the transition crossover right here together and goes out partially blocked by FA you know those long arms and here comes good in transition. Drives in travel locals got to Mitchell Mitchell to the couple. Now what good defense forces that Jake the shadow delve got the rebound. Great defense by bell go off to drivel backdoor pass to the ramp handoff bell goes off without her personal gut couldn't get the rebound. The rout by the jazz is simple lotions that now Smith died young double team that's a bad from a forgets that he's now by Mitchell in the backcourt. Some sloppy play out both sides. Re twelve. We go in the quarter still you to not AT Golden State seven people but the defense like Jordan Belle isle last possession. Mitchell came in what you gonna he would throw it down and belts went up. Vertically. The now by the way. Let's move on the free throw line. You'll get. To hear first one good don't forget Saturday that another slate sideways worried their charcoal grade that she down that Jersey that's down jerseys. Marco was sold in Memphis Grizzlies come back to work out remember 5:30 PM special start time. If you verified official tickets away exactly. Two free throws were caught any one point lead for Golden State 1918. We're the three of thirteen from the field the last 555. Foot in deep. I'm a flaw dribbles goes reversed and scored it now that was. Nice move by live with the lawyers were slow to help out that time and all data make that move. I cut off directorate will back in on him on the right side double team by FA Udoh and they shot felt good like Kevin Durant. Wanted to move the baseline knocked it down when he wants money. That you'll find simple lotion the hood. Would waiting. Let's pick and roll outside guarded by Dallas would. Put backs up wants to drive my belt get surrounded down the late feeds over to the open man its first a three nothing there slapped off the glass to grab. In the by bell bell that you get now. It now fraud were lobbed at the ramp the right side. Ripped it through on hoods go away but with young Israeli now belt coming back hood goes up slow motion move off the red tipped around it tipped around again. Had bills try to get a bit of bounce off his chest. And hit the baseline. You'll want left. And Joseph Jackson Jackson Johnson really struggling. From the field this year is seventy year out of market's up 36 years of age he's shooting 17%. From outside the arc career low. All the hood hood. And then goes out outside the Burks jabs at Johnson dribble handoff to that you. Mitchell gives its divert to rock to a dribble drives up the ranch double that up but it over the top of KV we haven't see two big guys do that this year. The call will bring it up before the mid forty go warriors down one in the first. Cobb bounce mass mail that they get now on the far side. Dell goes history for young is it now awaits for the rant catches tonight most data macaw macaw and it's a lame but gave it up. Would the terrible feats to rant terrain with three of the clock back about Bob Bob makes wiped out Broadway off but neither apple ripped open he gave up a wide open jump shot to take a much more difficult driving shouted the draft. A virtual police just wouldn't have liked were the final 65 seconds Burks and has dates of the left elbow throes of topped the hood. He'll fire to three its offer for rim off the glass and hit the deck in the cause as a the it now. You get now. NASA director grant we expect Andre base like double speeds over the corner there's young he's open he fires three ball off but no good. And the rebounds Alec Burks. Or the time line drives and get down tries to up about the way it drops of now. We'll foul calls that he. Now look at you wonder because it's Burks coming down the lane crashing and Andre and not forget gulf without the lottery didn't reach the at the very last moment. Polls that's out back out there entry in my green what's Gaza toward they'll bring to the floor. Well that's a start we weren't quite a bit who's Gaza Bill Walton if that's the cause us more uses a bruiser he disabuse you wouldn't. More bruises and soreness is caught up and down everything's terrible obviously more athletic and they both bring something different bush. Both guys that we really need so you obviously don't think we've this would be so we Jordan there. Jordan has played very very well two free throws for Burks makes it 44 when he want you to all lead. Forty seconds to go to quarter what are we get to four want to rant double seat belt now one dribble writes I've caught a call holds a downstairs speak about. I'm through with thirteen in the clock ticks the jumper to air ball belt got the rebound shot with a look awfully graphic. With a white man. But the lawyers to do it still wants that favorable to the one they might get the ball back with over four seconds to change. Which you to not gonna wind is down they wind down anyway the short game. Burks that apple logo. Waiting for the terrible. Lawyers don't have a phallic you know obviously needed a few off the table. Birds gotta buy don't not the way I felt fell doubles can't hold onto it deflected off it and it goes out of bounds with nine point two ago. Hotly denies Jordan built able to deflect the ball away in this young part of his career from guards that big men. From guards. Johnson in the backcourt got through hood hood pulled that is being crippled by McCaw. Shoots a folder satellite no good if doubt hood gets another chance to Sackett want Sackett just over my body felt good and the lawyers will have to be content doubt want. At the end of one. Was that tend to be good for Golden State that they could not sustain that hatred you've got 4443 at the other one. On the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wooden staff the official wings of the warrior. After games ever brought to buy about in my speech that good about Michael keep that dot com. And right now the way down by 144 to 43. At the end of one. Jazz missed their last four shots or shoot 37 point five died at 44 warriors. Knight 4437. Point 5%. Not much to say other than lawyers got a great start tend to and they gave it up. They knew dealt with a ball looked a lot box for the chance former warrior gossip job. He bird expert to Joseph Johns Joseph Johnson wearing green sneakers finds a wide open ride the hooded and now I can issue that. Very much agree with the rebounds out there with Johnson. Young west Annie get now. Play the front court picks up the dribble. Looked at the drain on middle of floor. After a lot back its options Thompson who's behind the back with a terrible goes off is he'll write to hood at the lawyers second turnover of the game but to the streaking Ekpe Udoh them for crude dropped it out of bounds get stripped by it now alliance you topple. And they evolved and a huge trade for the direction of the warriors franchise that Monta Ellis deal. I today and it may Kwame Brown went to Milwaukee. Clark or Joseph Jackson left after blunt play taps it. Johnson Faxon now back to doubt they'd double live up to NAFTA Bur experts with a jumper and it rattled there. Burks was wide open as poorly seven the 434. Point lead for you to off. Young takes the handoff got the dream Mondale before. West will screen for Klay Thompson Thompson weights now west pops out clay try to get free from the clutching grabbed the strategy of Alec Burks was blown up. If they Lugo went to Milwaukee. Of course the ways got Andrew Bogut in that trade but they also got Steven Jackson went to San Antonio for the thirty pick in next year's draft and that turned out to be best as is the yet Bogut in this Heatley in that deal went after the drama that David West a beautiful ankle math might break my grave for a done. 27 the will be fine. Of course the other important. Component in that deal one's every got to be the starting point guard keep its team rubio the Johnson Johnson back to rubio. Rubio picked up the dribble get to the Johnson pressured by west. Revels in not quite switch back to dance to the paint exactly away awful one leg jumper and it doesn't drive anything. Likely get down hot drink lighting up the floor to the left elbow tries to turn the corner Burks again. With a round. Utah's a very physical team we saw that. Last year the report that under Quin Snyder. They're twelve to six and one of the top rated defense to teams on the home floor but there's three of fourteen. The role. Defense has been lost on the road played taps into the dribble off the about right wing that you get now. Want to do it creates off the program rubio has it wants to push. Rubio down the left side. Weights and skipped it over to Johnson who's opened his jumpers out but to back remiss if tipped around drip mud green is the one who grabbed it. Accelerates the hash mark. Waits for Klay Thompson makes the catch takes that drivel takes that jumper top the back rim no good and hood with a rebound lawyers shooting now 37%. Good often nasty screen by FA it's enough south to Jackson. Just to travel though call not got to hood hood down the lake goes up to get back out by David West. Hood it to the free throw line. While he heads there quick reminder that the new Chinese heritage jerseys by Nike do more than paid tribute to Bay Area culture they were designed. To honor dubbed nation but lawyers weigh a basketball and the prosperity. That we are doing today. Represent the bay with the new Chinese heritage jerseys available online at lawyers dot com. Jerseys don't signify any particular year but it does have a dragon. Design says the bay over the top and they are golden. At some green in the island. Hard do. To describe on radio. But it's free throw first one is good. Sackett free throw it hops around and pops out. David West with the ball on hand to Audrey get down on through walks without. Gather their side not very waiting waiting and now feeds the post goes to bring laundry. Drew in my back Godfrey who players up top to the top of the key of buries it to. Lawyers now want. Ticket five threes it made one. Jazz tickets evident made Marie. Rubio. Passed over to jazz have back to rubio. Rubio were not very much tries to drive on your last chance duke does it go rebound west to Kathy Kathy last night play golf make. Exit dribble kept it for it to knock it down. Quit Snyder calls time Voyager rack got out boy nine point eight Golden State aid to be free to go the first half. On the warriors radio network breach why wait staff these situations. The warrior. Jazz in the book coming out the time out. Lawyers little one point lead 2928. As of the lives of assisting coaches there they're Clint Snyder. Coach got to get the screen for rubio. And shooting at the north and in the first half jumper by Joseph Jackson over David West. And that's good and it is still one one will. Move off the dribble into a jumper thirtieth forty guide you to off. All of those two last west holds at the box waits clay taps of back cuts that he is guarded well three mile with a jumper it's no good. Rebound goes to a O'Neal who is checked it the first time in the contest. He brings in outside the birds. Really Sony a lot of Baylor undrafted rookie. Ricky Rubio pulls up jumper on the way to do it over only cast these are two guys that you're. Not all that displease shooting the ball jobs are rubio it back to back jumpers and 32 point nine. Fremont green with a dribble. Waiting five west west of the elbow drives and on Bhutto takes a one hander flipped on the rim no good and rubio with a rebound. Rubio. Comes to the middle of floor hands off the birds. Perched at the far sideline the right wing. At the Johnson back to rubio shot clock if Tim rubio sets his feet the three is no good dream on green with a rebound. 32 point ideas to offset a 45 ago. First campus cast he has it crosscourt due west to the base like snaps it quick release off the rim though good fight for the read that they get now. Roosevelt tapped the west west right side to cast me. Cast be drilling crossover dribble takes it down Elaine rotates with open Graeme body won't to. He wants to drive thirteen o'clock for A-Rod goes an escort. Lot can squeezing between two defenders. Scandalous that a way. Revived seven points. Four rebounds and four assists. Welcome to our staff and they you don't get that now the far away. With the dribble Burks got the job suggested from the lawyer branch. Rocks into a rainbow three it spins off the iron exactly what the players not looking to push here early on. We're so slow Tampa the jazz like to play part of that Fremont create the box cutting through taps a ball deflected away it's not about last touched like clay and to turn over a Golden State. And will be number three. O'Neal 66226. About 24 years to pay. Played with the warriors several league back at 2060. Started college at Denver. And my love to Baylor. He rubio directing traffic favors is checked back in gas to get to the high post. Now takes that Johnson the far side down rubio rubio at 9 o'clock. Dribbles left. Handoff get that up to apple O'Neal O'Neal on Livingston big drive handle favours little flip for the right nick. O'Neal did exactly what he wanted to do he drew dream on a way. Firm favors a game an easy little baby hook. 3430 want you to not that NASA for about stolen by rubio. Rubio. Why sidelines skip crosscourt to a deal. Left him baseline drive right where rubio won't shoot dribble middle hand off the jabs at Johnson back to rubio acted Jackson left way. Working families to the right hand verbal puts his hand into a doubled five rubio he's open won't you've got to the quarter full deal is there you'll soon they'll be at the foul. Andre mud green crashing into Royce O'Neal. O'Neal will shoot three. Well go to the jazz Quin Snyder its title of the jazz have to do better after losing last night in Denver. We've been on schedule dictates it. We feel better. Every facet of the game. Shoot the ball. We just hope shots we don't shoot well. You have to be even more determined to. Our resolve. Tell us. Talk about this capacity war. Potentially could tell. O'Neal hit. First to make a 36 of 31 he's now one more with Steve Kirk calls time. The lawyers radio network presented by wings Daffy Phishing links all of the warrior. 3630 want you to always believe both teams shooting 39%. Thirteen of 33 Royce oatmeal up the free throw line. It's one more he had already made two. Miss that rebound deflected jazz get it. And Donovan Mitchell has it right side he wants to drive seat belt. Comes up to silver bells don't polled by favors. Nobody helping the helper in its authority thirty want you to Ali if you tell play with more battles than the lawyers right now given the ranch. Grant way to lock the Livingston from the utes not bad screen by bill that the rope belt goes up gets out and got out again. Now by O'Neal on the front hood in the back. It's always interpretations free of charge. Kaiser Permanente scoreboard. In Sacramento the kings and it would. Just under way third quarter have a seven point lead on Cleveland 6255. Minnesota wins in overtime against Denver won 28 to 1:25. O'clock player with 39 points free throw by bell is no good. RC Davis has all the scores coming up at halftime. 3831. They'll hit the second free through at the lead to six. 505 to go second quarter. Step below should have Richard for you to off. Eagles wielded upfront the favorite back Ingles. Left corner goes to Mitchell guided by bell rookie Al rookie pump faked up staff bagels out of hood hooded durables were Sefolosha throws a bat that's crosscourt. Mitchell Eagles the life. Ingles in the front row and make sure way to exploration air ball three with the shot clock buzzer sounded. That will now be out the end of the year jazz highlight real. Four turnovers for Utah. That sort of a nondescript first half natter lots going on here with what you saw once fell with a ball. These nasty pressured by angles and now by angles about 38 feet from the bucket. Fourteenth found the Janzen and and where to get the ball the rim here maybe get another found. One way to get themselves going to start knocking down free through. Livingston yet to see it bounce from Durant answered right back to TV and cable TV those aren't yet found its last its. He's gonna go to alive had a chance for a three point play. Kevin Durant. Using them body control. So now the boys will be shooting the rest of the way 83 and won the of the half for Golden State. Free throw you heard the net move and it's 3835. 430 to go. In theory is here he's in street clothes watching the warriors life they treaty that you'll Ingles it's a three and it's Li. Strong and wide to the right rebound bell handoff to arrive to read the front court stack of valves off and under. That's up inside by Eagles last words rebel now. What that was about. The Eagles not happy the former. Warriors some really star. No one up. Look like Eagles got them in the midsection there. It's him right the other bathroom down not sure what that was about. No free throw up but no goods rebounded by favorite 3837. Utes on. For the six nothing burst of 55 seconds. Fifth the seventh straight game the home. At that might make it look like it's old like nasty FaceBook off a lot drift right jazz also back on defense to rant with a yet. Look for Kathy Kathy in the they'd sealed off singletary. Burning white shoulder got the lay of the warriors are back cuts up 3938. Neighbors dancing in the boot back Eagles uptown. If you like that bounced past that they responded with a white half we got deflected it to grant Iran weaving its way cross the timeline hit that stolen right back quite Mitchell. Two while once a blow to Mitchell goes it goes not blocked by Iran a it was sort of foul. And over. The joke with the official. Crowds season briefly you've heard their reaction. I. And that is professionally if he could make to you for free from. Lawyers are learning this year on the job that. Let their frustration get the best of them early in the season. Mitchell's second free throw those local volatile readout we're tied at 39. We have 345 to go sick people working under applicable fees nasty nasty crossover dribble out Eagles Natalie didn't help. We'll break history. 4130. Four years crowd being asked to speculate did they respond. Mitchell rookie holds it. Drifting to the right side to give to behave so effective that film moves athletics it gets to the middle of nowhere to go feet hood. It took three of the hood flops that gets the crowd gone Kevin Durant. Hood. We'll head to the free throw line for three shots I believe. Him again give me three. It would Iran would back to back fouls here. Players are looking for an iconic contact actually I adds that he thought he did them. Even those appear in the cyber policy broadcast Booth and sometimes he cannot think beautiful. That the free throw line for food the way it's being. Fremont green whether that she answers surprising in the last. A lot better than everybody thought they were being that's what this process. Of course it's. This baby talk and some experts predicted over. Vocalist both. Nothing good requires Crosby would remove it because. Very very right very emotional of days. Well it makes two of three works at a 41. And a lawyer snap the ball. In the front court after this the miss was rebounded by Golden State to ramp from Lubbock that's a great program no good hood as the board. Slowed him down on the near side. Left hander. Eads over the lights added that the backs of Kathy shoots over the Capitol Hill it tipped in by favored. Neighbors got inside out on that now nothing. He could do nightly Jake is now about bad passes averaging around but it goes the deck frozen traffic ends up in the hands of rupiah. Rubio. Why side comes middle pulls up eighteen footer that's no good casting with a rebound. Outlet to Livingston would exit cavity airway takes it to the top of the key handoff cast me. Does look at The Who hands off to the law. Outkast been posting up rubio skipped it to the choir side and it's out of bounds. Maternal. Plates now sit through in my grief come in look law. Out. And nasty note. We'll be starting five with the exception of NASA but Julian out out there. Don't look now at bill had that it would favorite points off turnovers while for bravery. You've gone gold it was 71 half turnovers settled for the rubio looked at the favorite back to rubio reveal that drivel Germany it's got to step lotion they feed favor favorite not the way by levees to fall on the deck picked up by play captain Michael at least in the near weighing jump master drama. Three months you've overstepped lotion at 88 footer no good at favors will clear the Mitchell. 4340 want you to off Jonathan Mitchell turns it just call his own number misses the three in Livingston snatches the rebound. Athletics at the front court. Makes it writes I've cruised to straight month. Remind. The bell bell pizza ranch direct guarded by Mitchell stats pass deflected out of bounds last that's far rupiah. With the dad hasn't adjusted period. It was and exuberant pants. Fremont was on the clock. Emotionally to the pop out the far side. They looked at lob within the bell now. With her hand off the directed can actually directed to backe got fouled the before the shot of south on the floor either way TDs gonna shoot free throw. Kevin Durant to the free throw line eight senate tonight for the season to give priority wait list. And receive priority over the general public for warriors season tickets and planned to chase center in San Francisco. Join the priority list. At what your stack our call triple AG SW lutherans press one represented standing by to assist you. Third ballot Derrick Favors for you saw. Heard the net. What you're there for Kevin Durant. Your Quin Snyder a coach that yet you're thrilled. You think this is exactly the type of tempo we want like the speed at which we won't play at. The score is right for them to win Kevin Durant hit both free throws were tied at 43 was seventy seconds to go man. The warriors may have the bank on the fact that they're the highest scoring third quarter team league at thirty point 79. 43 all. Jazz haven't Mitchell worked out belt throw the pass to set the Loescher run off the live like Fremont a close up. Bill got a piece was bald look like it's got to the Bayside Sefolosha hit the shot. And it may Bhutto kept them alive and it's 4543. You to off. Fifty seconds to go for the lawyers to get it to want. The ranch. Heath Bell bell rips it through. Bounce passed out not to wait they'll deflected it who don't have that data they had the hood hood fly fit for that done. Steve Perry got caught timeout with 39 point two to go on math. Not happy. 4743. Of the warriors put another turn over. We'll take a one bit of break the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient ways of the warriors. By the way their priority realist I talked about a moment ago 42000. People want us. 42000. That's good that's filling up Oracle's slice and about 4000 people about the goals. Mason Kevin Durant with a bowl 39 seconds left we're down by force chief you're going to time out was very happy very much free pass to derail we've whistle of the falcon. Jasmine holding the warriors it's another hole. When Snyder's pointing up the scoreboard. No walk over in this pace the floor. Plates after the free throw line. Play lawsuit apple here to very quiet ORACLE Arena it's that quiet half all the way around. Thompson on the way first one's good. Clay one of six from the floor. Now one of one from the line he's got three points Rodriguez now we'll get this course table. Kevin Durant gonna sit down he's the only warrior with 2000 I think Steve Kerr. Is going to protect a little bit. Very. With a look on his face asking why take it now. And other recruitment reply to 33 point three in the half Joseph Ingles to handle now. Wheelers have that had a field goals is at 318 mark of the second. Ingle fireside. Penetrates got to a wide open Sefolosha it's a three look at it rolls out now with a twenty seconds to golf. But the jazz shot dead early and so now the wave of bloody attack is set up something here. Livingston for the time line but on the brakes that apple logo down attempts at its lawyers down to. Straight months at the screen takes the snap straight month for the lead at dump but yeah. 4847. Lawyers let in the back toward the terrible blow hot very hot breaking up nothing. Makes the jumper but they're gonna call they connect. And I'm not so sure that was a kick more than bullet is terribly off the boundaries but. You don't get the bull Ingles throws a pass out of bounds he threw it out at bats a low. Hard fast ball out of bounds that it hit. Fans that they do the warrior bench. But the lawyers will get the ball back in the front court with one point six ago. And was little Lou good it landed fans because this village. We'll see it saw the chance to end the half with a bucket here. It now to throw any. From the front court twice. Bell rolls lights out to try to get three to play with a catch. Herds to get it offered time and the first step was over but the lawyers will take a one point lead. 4847. Stanley Jake is Ford's eyes. In the first step Iran has yet quite through Bob Greene the same with four boards for a fifth. Derrick Favors lead all scorers with wild. Where you've gone coming up RC Davis that they have to report the Golden State Warriors radio network brief I would doubt it but the way. The war 4847. Boy your sleep wild one at the break. And the lawyers struggled in that first half at times but they did end up shooting 45%. They were in the thirties for most of that half. And only eleven assist on eighteen buckets. Took only forty shots he thought 245 they were seventeen of 4537%. Ways to fit the three well. Three of thirteen 43%. And native that it wealth to the terms of letting certain people get looks at at the three point shot. And it. The scouting report for the Warner pretty well. Followed they are half of the wild with the exception. On the off that event is taking care of the ball turn overs and they shoot eight tonight resolve to get fourteen points for you'd gone. You've gone without him forcing turnovers in the association. But they where you need to capitalize on the jazz lack of confidence on the road. Jazz offense ranks seventeenth at home. At 26 on the road. Their defense number one at home at 46 on the world there are nine point seven. For 100 defense of numbers in the pace much quicker for you to on the world and hall. That's tonight bill. Jeff Kubel opened the second half rubio. And that those streaks down the inside favorite flop like Thompson favors at that back throws and outside to close at seven to shoot to rubio three short. Rebound drama. Remind looks ahead. Jazz wall off the three point line at three months picks up the dribble feet to rant to ramble to third base not the way from him by angels. You're ranked it was a little guarded by the rookie Mitchell. Takes into the right side not guard of my favorite throats over the Thompson Thompson five to shoot got to go takes the pivot and down up to play with a two. Fifty to 47. Plays at a 388. Straight games ward for the streak in NBA history. The hits were leaked highs did embarrassed look third log history. So below fifty decide favors bigger goes off got out they'll shoot it. Juliet to rant Livingston green and Thompson against tingles. Rubio favours. Simple lotion and Mitchell. One minute gone by the third by the way up and Sacramento. The forty year old guy on the floor tonight. Right Vince Vince of Lamar Carter has seventeen points in that game a season high. Sacramento leading legal bind 98980. Neighbors misses the free throw. You. Alan easy years still only 26 years of age. Drafted number three overall 2010. Came over. And trade with Devin Harris the two person. And money. Which appears to person money for Darrent Williams. Makes circuit breaker fifteen to 48 gold to the two point Lee. Katie with a ball. Currently no options wait for not enough screens that's not not ruled Haiti fired good hits every ball for their ran. Lawyers jumped out I hit ten to in this game and that has been their largely. Rubio. Stops in the front court jazz never it never takes a left side picks up the dribble. Had gone to step below. Yelled back out to rubio rubio between the circles. We'll sit down at Donovan Mitchell's lawyers have clamped down here and they'll spin she over played no chance rebound off or go to Fremont. Straight out to the front court what's early offense but to we will then gavel goes the other side of the. Plate maps and Rivaldo let them play at. Straight games right now is that an eight point lead for the warriors that's kind of what you. You don't like to obstinate. Reading central. Communicate collaborate connect. 5648. Down and out dungy applicable Mitchell penetrate that's crosscourt still abides it's not who's falling out about it looked at the straight month. But Zaza. Brakes were but it takes awhile slowdown. Stepped elements. To death much momentum going. How about that about the footwork in the quickness to get out the passively and he's not gonna lie. Jonathan Mitchell left that off the street. Loss of job thing out of rubio drive Livingston goes base like feet to step below seasonable but Davis stripped of the ball while Livingston out of bounds. Would tend issue. You've solved will call play here. About play. Rubio. Flashes Napoli and took the chance Ingles back. Cut players outside guarded by three month tried to thrive on it throws a favor seventy footer good for Derrick Favors. 5650 to score. 940 to Gillick the third glad to this to have our trivia question coming up front splitter similar treatment of our Twitter questions. Wall outside the Fremont drew much double it up it's good for the broken circle up but good for grandma. 585945. To go. Rubio down below way. With a wide intervals possibly love can't drive television let camps to build a readout there ran growing cadre Montrae Obama they can't pump fake pump fake and trouble. Throws up tablet extant Livingston now. Penetration I'd like golf locked away by Faber typical fan. It favors looking around. Didn't think it was a goaltender. Goes all the way up. But we still get credit for two points and it hit the glass and they conflicted off the glass and that's that's an automatic. Rubio to settle lotions. Flying singles Ingles waiting to get it back over to step blows it tries to break down the ran off the dribble shows up over the town mystic good defense by. JD who has the rebound the ball down the right side television. Lies in throws out the straight month up Rihanna read them off the rim real good pitcher with a board sixty to fifty lawyers 84040 Gil in the third. Rubio thrives on clay cap that goes up looked it up and AM. Not shocked by rubio living securely the other way while the sudden the worries of gas that temple where they wanna go Livingston seventeenth where that does not pool. Sefolosha with a rebound. Sixty to 52 rubio left sides head shake up into the underhand scoop up but good for Ricky Rubio. Back to back buckets was. Spaniard. Them straight month grief for the time line. After the ran it wasn't looking at it down a fancy Kurtz has made the top PDB looking when he's wrapped up with a bear hunt. He's not happy without at all. Wait what their hips turn over. That chance again is riding its. Neck down was there. Tortoise like pace Ingles to step below shifts back to England shot clock at that tent. Rubio breaks down shoots over Livingston on the primary and it bounced up and battled in. Ricky Rubio shot that one so why they hit the program bounced up but when AM. Sixtieth 56. Played Johnson backs up. We've had ten point lead a moment ago but that can't be very separate announcement with the driver it's up a plot by Mitchell's play this time these jobs. Mitchell its transition goes to rubio to step below show opened border create static. A live Q as. Nine nothing run. Towards a time out for the lawyers to have a 45 big hill is the third sixty to fifty god lawyers Levi wants. I'm the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network present I would stop to think away. Thought the war. Sixty to fifty guy the warriors lead to five. Why they have the ball. Stations that we owe you an idea what it is NASA's mechanically Temps in the backcourt dribbles up spot Donovan Mitchell's been through into the far side behind the fact that removed. That's sort of like play yet to good health my favorite movies that inside that they'll pump fake plastic goes up the right side. As jockey to the other side of the rim at favors couldn't get over there it's time. With Julia was five points in his return to lawyers basketball Ingles those left way. Five favors his deeds goes up over Iran at school. The chance much different tonight than last night last night they had no energy tonight. They've been fighting all over the floor plates out with the three a topic get away. So rookie doubted that though got confidence green. And play able to make him pay that tab 6561. All of a sudden like that I played captain has twelve points. Rubio left wing backs up faults they ignored issues not get to the angels exactly rubio shot. Watch it live. Dribble tonight that's not enough my Pachulia. Massive sample alone send those that missed the layup. And the rebound says that's not got delivered that cavalier way outcast with Julia bill Jeff Maceda rant loads up but three right side. Okay. And at one point lead is now 76861. Lawyer client 59 to go in the third. Rubio with a dribble. On this wet snowflakes not a fight through it goes up and walk out piece of it though good rebound grant grant dates if they don't. Past left waiting and they racked up now by Cephalon to. Claiming victory after it was. We'll. Substitution for the warriors. Patrick because gonna come AM. Or he was going to come in he jogged up. Took up the slack so then that John Beck and sent them. Livingston Johnson it. Not that Julia and the athletes down. Johnson two triples pizza tonight. Not the way can't Nast Riyadh to set the lotion lob bit till they catch it up once. Hung in the air waves that nasty get to a the end turn over her in the warriors chances. Forty points off turnovers for the gas Julia comes up about the girls want him with a catch back it's not sound like down we'll lay. Breakaway hooded with a save in the quiet border. Another turnover that number well with a night like that rubio Brian had great plot goes up against the layoffs. Rebounds they've received by three of my ability loss to. The ball to rant about a what makes it behind the back inside surged twelve players. Now what draws at the stores table was now. Alec Burks viewers to check in for you to off Mitchell. Middle floor waits for favors. It's been township new that's very rotates to reveal open three run off the line walk the walk got a jacket that double there are here. What's up. Just didn't look right. Iowa and lost we'll go from there. Rim right now. Enforced rubio looked turnovers. Andrew Von grievously in the life. On local. Rebel towns and at the ranch. A lot the bell with the Yankees now might favor reduce jobs about about. Favors me largely and that is worth now. So lawyers right now has three players at their rotation is. Either drafted in the second round or acquired in the second round off. The prearranged trades with teeth. In the caught three month greeted Jordan belts remarkable when you consider. You know them in war with gas. Now that it ruled Iran LP they've got quite. Did you know but the jazz forward helped me. At 7263. That you go through it we'll have to prove it now we need that stuff. On the bounce to the good work it out of the wrong now the lake goes up reed's jacket like Kevin Durant no thieves were able. Labonte now. In the open floor. And the lawyers Crawford running there. Fourth blocked shot of the night wore gold states. Jordan build this time that last pass to dream up that don't. It perfectly. We'll call Johnson. Above the hash mark on the 880 sidelines. And now drag tried to fight to get free and now it's a valid Joseph Johnson the fat question is now. Whether that foul. Occurred before mocha off through it again. Maybe shots of the ball for old state so this. Review is brought she was always buyer friend to ring central privacy was communication and collaboration experience. For a year modern workforce right central communicate collaborate and connect. Both coaches call over their teams. And coaches have already figured out. That they get an extra time out this. Which coaches aren't always so unhappy about. We've played lovely flavor this is the replay happen because everybody over and they're talking you know. But I think at this particular case. Called the Wafer played back. So yeah. First round 2000. 141000. Words speak Kevin Durant to the line and they get the ball back. He'd be at this drive at sixteen point five of the world where she was six rebounds to lose this make it viable fly from France with 7363. And the way ignited the bull you know. In extra point the steel ram throated. He was the one now would probably won't ago announced plans to build quality drama back to KB. Good night out about play for the lawyers again the guys avoidable hated it always be the most dangerous that the before. Lawyer with a wise we want to go. Are we well a one time it was your hood for three this quiet group on our program. Roosevelt built stops into active through my right ankle Reno gives it the Canadian right. Down the lane. There's no ramp at the lawyers have moved it to a fourteen point. Time out or Utah. They rioted wanted to oracle and the lawyers. Started it is that group mere 335 nuclear 7763. Golden State what the lawyers. Radio network presented by weeds out efficiently. Yeah the big scoreboard they just kept it very. Try to hide behind but Reuters. To go to. 7763. Golden State with a lead. Seventy to four run 331 of clock time. Her will be reevaluated on Friday. Jazz with a ball attacking the basket to our right. Backing up good with that left side goes right William Mitchell Mitchell driving outlook on notre that would offer because. Put deflected away it was a good foot drive not bells this topic goes up well all I have now caught fell. And that it was a tough call it George bell there was contact the air but it was the MBA from the immensely. Just. The ever so slightly a bumps there. And good will take the free throw. Lou that the strike. Recruits nothing good for around the hood. Three point play of the week at 211 just like that in the Catholic credit what they have shown. Great tenacity in staying power your rant catches for gridlock going out about seatbelt Belden we'll glucose to look off. Fremont back KD KV baseline leaving the hospital on a lot quarter free up the way Hoffman bill good Joseph Jackson with the rebound. Stats. Guided by Nick Young both wearing number six Johnson hi dribbles Terry to travel game it to build. Coach got to 47 back. Thousand minutes of NBA court time in his career. Tired of seeing if you love miles. Very very very good player you've been asleep for launch them clutch player you get down to the rank. The ramp waits. Doubled five spell bad NASA's need it now. He is now the militants point lead to 33 to go in the third 7 o'clock crossover dribble leaves did got they hit it. Through the crowd from FA you go in and it goes to the free throw line and get down there. Q2. You get now to distract. It is a blast hands. Miracles do not your prayers goes may get the ball near sideline wade Williams will be across it's an elephant street. Partly balls down barrels guarded by Cali Williams of the double team to Ellis that he's doubled look like boy you're scrambling up the floor barrels now watch it go all out break and I only got hit ballot jackpot Y eight down from what Scott gale barrels. In a bears had the third longest streak in NBA history have made 89 that. He had made a three and 89 consecutive games played taps is tied in second free providing a down note of but the jazz knocked it out of bounds that's what 7866. And the lawyers will relatives. Long time ago that island my first few ways to market on the club. That the Nick Young. You know bring to your side head fake to exit left or drop the ground feet to rant gets nasty it now won't make it's that rhythm dribble jumper air wolf I. But. Under the bucket. That the air balled targeted a few points. Lawyers and their largest lead of the game eighty to 66 Mitchell drives it pass deflected off the rat bite is now rabbi or at throwing at them now. Good jordin now. Twos 66. And the warriors never asserted themselves yet again in the third quarter moved fourteen of the eighteen in the third. The lead is sixty. Hood between the circle. Behind me. Alice birds back to the airway retreats got to play develop read issue. It tested three bounces bounces bounces off the rail bill for the rebound out of your rant. The rants lightweight stop speed bill. Well let's have a caught it one dribble goes it's nice. How might that do. You thought about it. This sixteen. The 59 with 745. Big bill over there. About magic book not got a chance give the lawyers and nineteen point lead. It's six minutes in three seconds. The lead but was sixty to defeat now at 85 but this 66 to 45 to seven foot. Remarkable at just over six minutes. Eagles out of bounds got a good mood weights off the screen. That stuff now gone by bill. Bell we're trading goods makes him downstairs pump fake fifth of that beloved dance or. Some lines Rodney hood 8568. To ramp back door because I. Another example earlier. Actor but minus thirteen point. Giggles between the circles. Feeds a day ago. Tap bagels. If it back those left way. Feeding hood hood flyers built itself back for the rebound we dig at now not very up the floor 38 seconds ago. Feeds over to the call open three right ankle doesn't get a defensive rebound for the chance singles on the south of where experts goes thing goes that's got now. With 27 point nine ago. 87 to 68 Bergsten of the free throw line. In the temple there. We feel first what do. Well today and this. Loads to sit through here. Com has scored the last seven for the lawyers. Were missed his second straight through its 87 to 69. 44 seconds ago there's a difference of for a change between the two blocks neither team without activity get down right at Capitol Hill. Ingles about five feet approach him contrary waiting to ramp flashes through Andre Whiteside beyond launches a three with a. He's a threat coming back up the floor. Our lawyers not quite what they want her to speak to crowd they weren't drive down goes everything I could not go. Under the knob of the Yankees that's got off bits and not sure that was stellar Durant but it was grim look protection. It was a one point game. 65 decade the lawyers close the border out of thirty gets hit close. Shooting seventy deploying three of the third and they start the Ford up what they want. On the Golden State Warriors radio network we could have I would stop it picked away. All of the warrior. Gold states got seventeen. Of 183 from the field in the third with twelve assess. And they closed the third thirtieth to have close at least ninety days sixty that this type of work. Home party game seven brought it up about delights me to get about Mike's pizza dot com. Worked at eighteen field goals of that damage seventeen in the third quarter. 42 points in the third season I was 47 a crazy game affiliate David left open. The court with a seventy footer straight up it's 9260. And now foot jumper at the other end for you to jump. Livelihood answered back with a three exit ninety T 72. And now like snaps of the west can't be wide open it cycle typify the way that he wished him if you ask these movies world based night tonight. Cleveland lost of the Sacramento. One old guy that 95. The insanity of Sacramento yet point four points that I five boards and three assists. Good dribble create heroes deficit late scores that makes gun. So all those. Plans were inspired a play that forty overly long he couldn't be the whale then that. They get now takes it middle. On the balanced against the wall on Vince Carter SP two hands off to west right elbow today nothing good game last flew back to back pockets. Or excuse DC and the surrounding cast feeling in the nineties except the pool. Would directly trafficking experts. He's now played their way no matter the score perks up with a jumper go to snatched out here played it now advances quickly down the far side. He now throws in the west he's manhood and leave did look good. It's going to be an offensive now. On the last through wrapping around within elbow. It's Kevin Durant up off the warriors fans. At least 67 before 1045 ago. The games will be played and the free down in LA. Los Angeles Lakers 76. Memphis 76 with a degree of these here Saturday and that out west. Back and forth awhile here his birth driver nine David Wells to score. Lead down to wanting the Whiteside Nick Young fires away point. It. Second three birds dribbled baseline out last there was not a little fade away missed the rim off classic goes to get Dallas that he would now bounced nasty young for. Reverse lay up guys. Warriors just after having wild ride down and they lead by 45 the largest lead of the game. 10176. Bert Lance and I want to make it to have made slipped at fell by a great deal puts again but can't be on a great job with a ghastly reverse. Wolf wolf. It's all Golden State and local police and the big thing. Break in the action on the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wake up efficient way of the warriors. Where's outscored the jazz 42 point two in the third fifth time this year they've outscored its team by. What are your more in the third quarter it's at 840 point quarter of the season. We're in the second have a 23 of 49 shooting 78%. Gas twelve of 29 to. Ricky Rubio back on the floor beats favors over the ramp multiple. Shot blocked his tenth straight game as Donovan Mitchell gets a jumper from the right wing and that makes it 103 to 78 lawyers. Leading by 25. He's done ten straight games. And longest such streak but the lawyers since Adonal Foyle April through November of 2005. Blasted the move makes the world 578. Opt out or goes to bits of. I was young now what you do midget goes I said last looking at Nick Young. Now as the two goes in the school world. What skits with now. And Mitchell has the free throw line. Because the Sacramento Kings by the way. Richard it's true that the only team to be. Lawyers and the cavs. That great power they could have the bikers bush urged attribution obscuring under the Kurt and laptops and phone calls and texts. Mitchell goes who's right. Am liver. You want to police both. Now 105 ED. You sent 25 west of the ball down. Can't awfully tough to Thompson. Two dribbles gives it up to Kathy touch pass batted down by rubio who runs it down if roll the warrior bench. Flip. December's just been in nightmare for the jazz third scheduled. Thought he those who know the jazz they thought maybe five at ten that's what would be good record they took goes inside using the inside and scores over Nicki on. Very highly touted promising rookie down on the Mitchell. We're held to four wheel city tonight and now he fouls young. You try to make the move in the right way. The chance start out against new world lives in Washington would wins early in the month and then went to. Oklahoma City Bakalar for Houston at Milwaukee caught Chicago in the middle of their run at Boston at Cleveland and Houston. Oklahoma City. That is one tough road trip right there played taps in to A get down. He gave Dallas takes to jump around the way to free it's no good Mitchell one hand the rebound high in the air. 10582. May still pulls up data long distance for the call that receiving gas beat as the defensive rebound. They get to our Twitter question brought to that mountain might be seeking to be a plot to literate warriors. Black's lawyers feel lax is you get down comes middle flipped it up off the rim almost at the worst. And going to school. Sitcoms but to look like sort of review back to Mitchell missile stops with the dribble down the lay off balance off last those west took the rebound himself. That you get down don't send me email Tim Roy TIAA RO YE a boy you're Stackhouse. I agree get down rocks in the woods chased off the back grip from the top of the circle and favors at the offensive rebound. Here tonight angels Ingles waits his best for favors stolen by west. West of rolling at the gas gas we brings it middle goes up but clipped it and hopefully. 10782. Warriors. Question tonight what fourth gift that you get for Christmas favorite looked at jump look at faith that does ago we get down with guarding him deflected the ball last gets it back. Contrary we'd be dabbling fouled by simple oceans. It now. That's your thing SE was gathered over its side now. What's yet did you get from. For Christmas and tell us where and how are you listing the rockets also beat the cavaliers in the warriors. Now caught in a gun to sit down young. Would ten points. Very crews were five shooting night. All the gasping out west. Right wing of the Cong. He's over the plate out to Thompson now raises up jumper all the way over Sefolosha from the whites I lied no good. And you saw with the board of the ball. Here lately Sony. Undrafted rookie fixes to the drafted rookie Donovan Mitchell off the dribble three. Bill good sample ocean with a rebound pulls up for a bank chat that. Tried it dissident off the blasted that deal west players to get down chest pass attempt to quick release spy. I totally plan. One. These silly but tonight it will go on another time out. It's OK to go in the game. And the lawyers blow this wide open the Golden State Warriors radio network brings that plywood staff if we can weigh toward. On Friday December 29 lawyers those to be showered hornets and other authentic fan Friday. Presented by ABC sports Bay Area or where their classic uniforms this game all fans in attendance. You know authentic fans cheered for argued here by the certificates of weird to act now. Jazz who have all lawyers that app once and 82. Golden State with 21 assists in the second half it's a fifteen to 23 segment over the last thirteen minutes Rodney hood with the ball. It's that the large sides have floated down the lake goes up it's now it's not gasping. Let's get the Twitter a Twitter question where and how are you listening to lawyers radio tonight and it what you get for Christmas gift check in early. As he is diseases and BK RT wine. Danny says he remembers every you know talented. It's almost a plus minus with a way when he was would Golden State. Because Jackson is is a fan of the counter appreciate download from India needs a fan of yours Chile and also Jim Barnett. Javier has got an FM radio alarm clock for Christmas not when it was you begin our right now. There's only analog. And those analog that I be really really its. Second free throw good for. So pollution. Let her fight is handed my stuff for a couple more years on have violin teacher. With the ball on the far away the violin he's now ended Jordan bell Bellwether. And now to be old found to be assigned out. An email to employ it. Lawyers dot com. Elly Jackson heard the data bear those balances Steve Kerr didn't bare that out to a stalemate. In the first round the NB three point capitation February 10 1996. It's very good three point knowledge there. Nick Young catches the about he's back on the floor. It's hard to the right sideline pulls up for a jumper for the way events and air balloon rebounded Donovan Mitchell. 11084 warriors Mitchell's down the lake goes up every few quiet now. Now wait for them. You know that to hear that it will for a moment. Cecil Jackson for globally probably get a good look at down the Mitchell last year as some nice thoughts. About the broadcast for shade death Cecil. And now you Wasilla to Libya wait the plate now on the warriors that you don't get a shot the ball. Ails us and got NBA league audio NASA NBA dot com reasons and only Lewiston Idaho. Most of rant there right near home. Snake River breakthrough is good for. Royce O'Neal for you to on. Fallen to lowest in the Houston. Stanford Washington State Gibson years gone by. You talk. As the possessions Mitchell that middle floor bounce pass to hooked foul line popped early they'll get rebound goes. To Jordan doubt. Bill with a. To the golf. Call waiting. Throws Writely to belies outside the arc holds it waits was to distribute takes it they'll throw left signed by the book launch shot clock at night look not dribble that's up from Los tickets off. Wait a rib eye off the way bill it's off at 11285. Golden State's. Bill McKee has the story here. Seth lotion. One dribble Whiteside got it up testimonial cat people that he's hurt. That's not rolled an ankle. Flip lotion. Over down the jumpers up with a good book on the rebound we're gonna call time out here Caspian limping badly and looked gaunt. Called time out. What we gotta get home it will take to play all week athlete. Gets out almost going down all wars. What 1285 lawyers on the Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by wait staff the that you wait for the royals. Here at oracle velvet he has championed cast me. Going house. Is he out there were young that would qualify has the ball Whiteside the young off a double street big shots up though that it's going to be. An opposite balance while loading. Hands. Cancel bring it up Mitchell handoff to. Sefolosha. Could end up with a tap of the keys guarded by Mickey pass to Mitchell back to hood hills drive on JaVale looked on the right goes off and prepare for it. Are you doing now get away the key with a block. The warriors a one shot looked gone factory. Standout game we get eighteen point seven did shooting. Mitch who breaks it from the far away noble pull up jumpers. What it's good. And now. Mitchell goes to the free throw line. Went fifteen to 87 the lawyers. Broke this open. On email by objects to any from his grandmother's house in he utilizes now you to update music started listening to the way dropped one another up. Big city is a good luck turned so recruit good for Mitchell won fifteen to 88 lawyers. We'll stick gets ready for back to back at home Charlotte and Memphis JaVale dabble lane motors but let's see. Without that game. Stadium route to their 18 victory. The chance to its. Have thirty wins before the calendar year turns jumper a good variety hood. That would. Forty points now seven and eighteen shooting them to the may teach gasket when he point young Turks. Crossover dribble down the latest scoop from the roof that stuff but good. The boys which are now it was so much difficulty in the first down. Coming easily here in the second metro. Flying through that dunks it. And it's truly sad time now. 1511993. All. Far wing loading five young who almost falls down stumbles and gets up with the dribble. The turtle kind of held his balance off the screen by bell young throws to Mickey Mickey for three itself but it there. And it's grabbed my voice O'Neal. O'Neill Europe stepped down throws the right baseline feet you go back into the far away to good. This half lotion one out all the movie it's upload it was terrible that event. Outburst of this doubted that you will sit down against seventeen points on seventeen shots. Seven rebounds and three assists. Gone to the time line Steve Kerr. Play because it's the screen by McKee. He rolls the car picked up the dribble Steve young's shot clock hits again. Mickey off the screen young stepped through a double team NAFTA rail back beyond young wasn't expecting it down about touch by you to off. It's going to be Golden State. Hitting the ball over the Utah with two point. Six on the shot clock. We'll stick gets it near Santa basket to our last. We'll call over to young wheels fired its top the top the program Alec Burks has it. Burks. Hit transitions. For the quarter O'Neal inside foot fly superdome. Won the 1995. Down the final minute 45 this game. The word will be that chance. Yet again. Words and now who have won fourteen of sixteen against you to off. McCall weaving his mask blocked by FA ball comes out to a O'Neill you'll drive it applies in for a don't. Thank goodness. All time season series will go to wolf for 74 favoring you saw what the lawyers wolf 151. At home. Compared to 39 with a gas. Billups out. Clients young young rocks into a three that's good good. Want to when he teamed in 97. Old state lands at one point it was sixteen to 59 and the lawyers all the time out livelihood. Easily patting his tools here. We have Rodney and your fantasy team your love in this he's got 24 points. Ask my belt to making flying good for a guard Jordan felt would be assessed. At 24 tonight he died. Alec virtually fifty seconds left there's billions and found out going to be download the horrible. Now we'll put Rodney hood the free throw line. 49 point five ago. Down in Los Angeles Memphis as a twelve point lead. The lakers 188. With three point nine to go and have one. Makers of kind you know little rough patch for them. You lose tobacco drafted. Eleven games under 500. It's free throw for when you. Many who have skater now grabbing their coach is trying to hand out tonight. And gold let's see we'll bring the ball back to two made free throws makes it what 24 to 101. Livelihoods get the S 26 people look at the box score tomorrow and he was a huge factor for the jazz put on those points at for the last five minutes. Speaker of the play call on the sideline. In the call we'll throw him. On the bounce to repeat to bell. Now looks we're McKee in the right side the tickets when he cooler topic. They'll make you. Six points to four minutes for JaVale. Want to only 6101. Filed 45 seconds. Jumper on the way itself but they'll get by O'Neal grabbed my simple to put back. Why would be the heat shifted to the quarter the only event that Vicki L won't get it across the timeline. And this Rivlin now and the warriors rule. Hit TV do live as homestand. They live like 45 tonight once when he 61 hole one. It's sad. If you're a lawyer for Iraq and employee aided seventh at the jazz and unbelievably tough. Bought the December.