Warriors Replay vs Toronto 1-13-18

Warriors Replay
Saturday, January 13th

In case you missed the Warriors 127-125 victory against the Raptors, check out the Warriors Replay. 


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Stunning landslide for the raptors who head coach Dwane Casey. Start again at the small forward but the rookie it Vienna. And that is OT on Adobe. Turkey certain pockets that's powerful words but you must now choose to act as cynical of the way of averaging eleven points eight rebounds. A game to board the roads it starts on the yard line and we get a lot of white starting. If place of the injured Kyle loudly its third year pro out of each of the Brothers to real life hole warrior exotic was definitely Kevin Durant grip on. Late that aunt step period last Brothers reunited. Courtney Kirk global throw the ball up with Toll Brothers. In the minus the brightest in the opening tip goes to black clad raptors with raptors across the front in white letters white numbers went letter from the backside red piping down. Besides the pants it to a a raptor clawed a lot right to had tossed crosscourt skip that's a tap it's a lack appropriate fiscal. Let's fix the Toronto was affable. Crowd fired up here. At the year candidates that are always allowed a good crowd here at Toronto her root ball notes and I posted to remind green white wing backdoor cut to ranked yet you can't. The baseline at two and life for Kevin Durant. Raptors will want to put a half quarts at the warrant roasted with a bull. Raptors like to get the ball to the cup they drive a lot now Jews looked it up tonight. Got two right behind discreet he'll drive growth model you know running quite cater to the field with Julia flight to Toronto with a yearly goal. The step Perry came out of warmed up but he is. Ready to billions they handle the far side of the fact that of the remarks quickly left which is like tops tops of the chest pass to Kevin Durant on the bounce but to be a tough job cents a waits and watches traffic goes through one dribbled out the self inflict enough to provide them. They tell suppressed appalachians to the going tough shots a folder that something good for play. Lawyers trail I want. On the fly with Derosa hit the street gets a free pass to the river toward civilians I can't have a lot to have a bucket and at seven before Toronto. Raptors getting good shots here the early going Perry's pass deflected goes Writely to apps at a jobs that's in between the circle for backdoor cut can't find it. Goes to Fremont green launches a three it's not awake good graybar from downtown ties the game at seven. Apple team to hit their first three shots right to it scurry around now circled back up tap through a balance use green down to a block of the wide angles. Michael with a one dribble. That movie. Our cycles to the grosses. Lot of side galaxy is big step for rim around the ranch. Again the raptors getting everything right at the rift through my Greek lets us. Out signature Bruce crosscourt to curry curry stepped around it's opened fire originally a three Volvo could control the clock with a rebound kind of back in the rose to. Russa. To exit the street. Feeds Ibaka Terry to fires jump shot short recount drama he wants to push right down the middle jumps to the top of the key. Brunt of the carried the trailers with Juliet will take the test. Want to go to the right side jumps back between the legs Zaza now bounce drastically Johnson and flares up to a three ball that money in the bank for clay. Have a ways to get to hit the nightly. Like Casey. Suggesting illegal street there Courtney Kirkland. Room to vault with a your sideline throws middle to right. I don't by the guild the first cooler warriors leading by I want Dallas choose what dribble he is fouled buys that's up to. No we picked up that was the way it. Much to the crowd's delight you the year Candace and a big building housing both the raptors in the Maple Leafs. Toronto it bounced far sideline now choose to right. Light holdings Derosa top of the circle lowers his head down the lane and does what he does best which is. Himself to the free throw line drops of ballot curry. We're gonna give him two shots. Apparently the exchange rate on the gathering go here's a little more favorable to the Canadians out. It's just throws it to the strike. Lawyers continue with a road trip this team to. Head to. Cleveland tomorrow. It's one of three teams are ranked in the tap tenable long offensive rating it deep threats of rating the other one beat the Washington Wizards. Raptors currently companies for 58 to sixty would that will be a franchise record. And it Derosa hits both. Free throws in drive leading by one word of cease opposition here the first toward a little debt. Very often street lights out stuff that disaster victim rolls I think it's graphic left hand scoop for Pachulia. Goes up strong and nice who buys a house that at the lawyers to back on time. The lob right accelerate Clark sidestepped around to it throws up an angled look every doctor curry. Dixon high steps across the record strike. Throws the court Fremont green is little push shot for about six or drape my Judy very well Pete January from. Two point range makes it fourteen to eleven. Roads at 2 o'clock. Within six of the first seven shots. Right with a ball. Rose to a block a good pump breakdown lane. Skipped it over to the glory and until we get traffic speeds valid Kuhn its galaxy this goes up strip might bring about baseball great. Updated pics away Perry gavel marks tonight jets' pass crosscourt to rant. Makes around the bucket dribbles little throats of tapped the straight month. Back the TV it's that deep three for the right ankle it's good for Kevin Durant must set but nothing while the lawyers leaked seventy. 211. Rosen on the far example called timeout to get the hash mark was set at 45 ago. He had the first score of the warriors come out blazing seven of their first eight shots from the field. They're up to up 7211. On the defending champ but don't say lawyers radio network presented by wait staff evacuate. Of the warriors. Raptors who want to attack around full throated glove right. With a high post about just very crested about Jews could have easily been now. Dribble handoff to the rose at prospect about what Judas he's about five feet away this over the top over three months. Nothing you do about it. Well well plea for the raptors in 7013. Golden State jury catches in the yourself. Takes to the baseline got to buy a bond rose to Fremont straight month. Cross court to clay Thompson Thompson pulls up flyers in late jumper good whites have a circle replied. And a good look at it. Johnson has quick seven point in this game and the lawyers lead by six. And coaches look like in feet and it don't be left alone reporter on the way off the rim. Rebound near sideline him like it to a first. For Toronto off the screen right to the pay kick it to the quarter and they'll be again you'll want to quarter creative work through. Less likely to have to hit a quick pass fighters away from downtown doesn't get it deflated by the roads and the roads it takes the outlet pass down the writes I come to middle guilt fire for its reach out that back nervous and the rebound tip of the ramp. The ramble ticket brassy big court. Ranked Qatar at the police like all of would want him that's due to the direct just outside the pay Golden State 21 and Toronto sixty. Back at what would go the first cooler. The road to the white answerable to two below the hash marks swings to the pay down heavily the floater over great Bob won't go out tipped the rebound out does Gaza and they get the ball back in the control right now accelerates the paint lost the ball goes right the Pachulia who late today. The white spotlights ivories that's. His second bucket. The old state backed up by salmon. Rosen but here wait to man to Austin right. Right off the clock is retreat Rex comes to the middle. Handle that side note to the stress they can't fight for fun it goes out of bounds. Petroleum baseline right crowd want to found. Lot right when the play on the bounce to the roads. Roads and throw to attempt to bucket blocked a week. It's a Mac the rows of global. Drifting like cooler fadeaway jumper up they'll you'll with a buzzer sound like Dallas to his office to rebound after that let that goes for all that stuff like it was a heavy scores low life. In the little chippy at night Perry does not what are the floor like uncle like fluke with Julia. Is beat that all Jews down the other and it's only five ET Golden State. Heads up play by Zaza Pachulia. Now choose. Dribbled over there and Adobe takes it down the lane slow boat to boo thanks Jacqui way this rookie looks very poised. As we have the last few games and Ronald drastically down to about 48 quarter that's good quite straight out for three. What a wild first cooler now play taps and as Ted points. Raptors never able to our side. Right downstairs about what students at the box. Terry gets passed. Baseline it's that down. The rookie was seventh so far kept the rank goes quickly the right side. Rose to beat Julia. Frantic pace here the first court. Playtime to catch is another two it's up though good for a bus tipped the rebound but it goes out of bounds in the court. Substitute for the lawyers to viability of Pat's book not a may have. But Julia sits down with six points at two rebounds and three months rework his first quarter rest. Warriors. We couples up to the game to round two. Will the next time out for those of you who appeared to break has to surprise. Start your tweeting right now I don't know we've seen the growth rose almost travels over yet. Exit off the street pulls up jumper over come up with a nothing but the bottom of the net for the Mark DeRosa and it's 2844. Warriors. Fortnight ago. First quarter of life. Kevin Durant. We'll keep shooting over 50% the warriors are 1250. Perry left side backs up shoot the jumper over a black. For the warriors or read how. But they probably 86 point advantage. 81 point 3% the floor for Golden State to growth applicable definitely it's I can't around the problem gets up but. Well a couple of tough shots right a role like support erodes that he's now a double figures with him. Period a book call one the first tour this is gone far away bounce pass to leave the poor movie. Looks looks and now needs help. Have no way ankles feet down and it was a little to help them balance shoes. Now Tony Brothers get them over the maybe they'll ballot may be a timeout first. And with Blake case trying to help them out. Generally time out. Time out first for the warriors. Tim was shot clock read 31 to go in the first quarter will take the break lawyers have 32 rob don't want the six the offensive explosion did to eighties. You're the air can as the other we go to lawyers radio network presented by winds down the official weights of the warriors. We'll keep shooting very well warriors 81% 61%. For Toronto warriors leading by four very little ball to Lee. And it's not like sidestepped factory like her she's drawn CJ miles might rebound a deflected away at the roads that comes up with a the roads it's doubtful. Grows over of the farm league of miles. Outweigh its discrete bio box cut the growth of dynamite to ram pulls up but fire delay but just for the fall. The market rose with a two. 630. To 28 book gone and lofty get down. It now waiting backdoor cuts look volatility of the. Not delayed by yeah. Rejected side he could get up there he's got like the roads that announcement can't leave first three feel good rebound goes to carry throwing at you get down with a great catch those updates traffic again. Yes now Bentley hit the deck and I agree with you got hit in the midsection. Active myrtle averaging over a block it gave I don't think people realize just how long he is he's he's a big customer. 72 or thirty pounds of my remember pac twelve days. You've seen you zone. Ninth pick in the sixteen draft. First Austrian player in NBA history. He's now apparently it's okay now is getting hit the free throw line edition council here. All untrue waits will look. On that second station identification on the Golden State Warriors. Radio network contrary rolls down the first. And said it wanted to happen and it's as well. 3228. Wanted to show here the first quarter fans getting their money's worth here at the ACC but. We're the little ball reversed and it down dribble handoff to the roads that. Roads have been before working out on the topic pop they looked safe down that goes up a third that good he got. Nice to build a life Steve Kurt got happy with a ball like Courtney Kirkland he's very upset. That's three below what fairly by. Wake Casey. Rudy was vertical says Steve Kerr. Louis looking up at the board trying to see the replays see exactly where he was. Bill have a TV monitor here. If you rely on the school board. Free throw by Derosa for a brief lasting good week decent speaker share each got gold label those frustrations. The FB 830 to 31 boy you're scurry behind the back deluding. Looting dribbles the rights I've got a brutal pump fake goes up let's horrible ride intelligent move there. By. No liability he knows of hurdles gonna go for the block shot. Showed on the ball. Little left his feet deadly. Turn the corner at least lob it sadly it was a little falcon got Perry for ground but. Yeah that's going to be the now on staff. Very holds up his hand to seek assurances. Please leave me in. Speaker says. They'll. Fairmont prewar comment period to sit down. 207 to go first cooler waters up by three CJ miles but nice career. He drafted out of high school off the street the rose to pull off. Would've may have leaked may have lead things triple draft. Stick it to the right color there's DeRozan it to Korea's short rebound on the deck picked a fight it Rosa goes up why I was a little found Derosa is nothing. But draw like not that he does it all the time. And that's why he's one of the best in the association. And getting to the free throw line. He averages seven point seven free throws brigades these will be four in five and we're not even out the first quarter that is six in the association. And give it credit he was not a great free throw shooter USC his numbers were not very good there. He has worked and worked those free throws down at 82 point five this year ET when he career it's evolved. And the one point game again. 34332. Really good teams going at it here he can't this seven nothing on the second chance points may resume rafter for a while I agree with 14 o'clock. Might give direct Napoli left can't finish high off the window it's up and yes. At the right give way to a three point lead again he's got nine in the court. Derosa to growth and drifting drifting back up guard by alluding shoots over the top of him in and out tip my fertile both good rebounds Fremont just ripped it away. Take two up the floor straight month survey looks passed to the caught had gone to ramp to ramp back to the golf baseline drive. The ball way left what are pass deflected it goes out of bounds to build state. Mentally last to touch. Speaker who played golf with. 74 seconds left to the cooler. Owners where their home whites to I would Bay Bridge the gold. Blue circle blue letters and numbers to back secular Israeli jets double T plaster in my three dribbles I'm Earl goes up got about the shots up the good. And that through my to the free throw line. If not talked recently about the impact. Juries. Put. Work. Is very impressive you know we disease these fast and well. It. Pretty strong enough on its network so. Let's be. Extra weight faster. Use. Up fast so. Fast it was fast. Simple essence. Think that that that's a possibility the feature read really. There's a chance if the two free throws for Fremont warriors up live raptors attack the basket to our right. Roast it takes up top down Appalachia to look at Florida good hurdle with the offensive rebound he does that so well we have lead up to half miles for three. Bill good readout tipped it to bond movie erupted d'antoni you get down. Yet now it transition Pete to ramp back the basket. Exit to the but the key to drink migrate the three ball goes down for a great bond. And the lawyers have opened up an eight point lead their largest of the corner again it's another forty point quarter for the warriors this year. 39 seconds to deal with the first Derosa at office street down Appalachia it's over straight month. Roads themselves out he's got the eighteen point first quarter. 4135. Point back and forth we go Kevin Durant for three doesn't get it at the rebound he'll supply side the roads at warriors were going to want. Off before that mr. Rosen stops that they were struck. On top of the raptors logo. Lady with the dribble low right. You left him. Down to heat up the shot clock now moving to the street for myrtle pulls up with a three pointer it's no good rebound goes to the rant. Iran holds the ball with five seconds before we reach now you get down to the real want to finish of one point seven ago. Now ball floated a babbling takes a shot at got quiet though. The warriors who have their that its first quarter of those seeds it put up 44 it took until having lead 4335. At the end one that. Where at least cyber policy broadcast Booth lawyers at the raptors go about it. I'll be defending champion don't think lawyers radio network presented by went staff efficiently. The warriors. Or brackets around Attila the fireworks are not from. The pyrotechnics. Were about these both teams story. But Dubai at 78 whites of the first quarter. Lawyers putting up 43 their most of the first quarter of all you're 73 point 9%. From the field seventeen at 43 Clay County with Pittsburgh Mike Reid has that given the rent with nine Harry. At this at Stanley the first to bounce nineteen points for the market rose. Seven of 1403505. Shooting and the lawyers will have the ball to start the Circuit Court. Livingston with you get down David West clicked after the break my agreed. When you're in the quarter Roman night that two run they already have twelve the system seventy but. Fremont remarkable job back door cut David West gets block takes they get its course with a left him finish. Lawyers have a double digit lead right now. Miles at the top of hurdle CIA and now we're Toronto was you know often it's found. It's not deadly. We have a reasonable. Now wanted it to remind green gets through that Clay Johnson. The bomb widely different month practically writes Isaac from the west west of the like quarter guard Michael. Back to our country wants gets the rim scores lefthander threw up body had a little help from now there but the lawyers get it. Shooting 76%. They lead by twelve baseline drive going up with a white can't finish can't believe he falls down at school. 4737. Points coming. Just about every possession here David West drives it champ goes up over yet of Merkel and scores exit 49 to 37. That town west and the shoulder in the the advance we couldn't use that length. And decides to block the shots. Were going to salute your side. It's about that they at least McDoogle uptown. The act of the facilitator triples to now if that we're definitely pick over the corner of their files to close out quite good now hurdle hands off the miles on a pick. Jumpers up though it's not doubt played without wrap my taps it backward bounce passed it to re about to Livingston the exit to the pay goes up so good. Wild sequence they're all save a bit weekend and what Livingston that tops of her three that's off the rim and wide to the right. Raptors haven't. Now miles we'll take about thirty footers that have put those good. Rebound battle toward its off of Toronto Raptors bench. What was the other way. You'll see out about their out the rest of State's second year pro he was the 27 pick. But the 2000 at sixteen draft. Three politically. College ball as well Livingston that you get down to remind reed that we'll floor Fremont five David last. Downstairs to town to town to work out vamp weekly it will shoot over the top of the event Barry says to. It's five abate in the floor. But delay of game. Of the warriors. It's 5137. When 957. Ago the first capital of the rockets. Atmosphere of the year candidates senators quiet. We'll stunt that the boys are not cooling off. How global top of the key backs up sheep's intestines to that slogan raptors shot selection. Last couple times down is probably not with Dwayne Casey wants will be suitable comes in the near way. With his backside in the Bentley took back about the love this bottle of that a pay her at baseline shoots over bad scores Floyd. Shop limited so good at that. And lawyers start the second quarter still right up there five of seven from the floor but lead by sixteen. 5337. At Toronto what the time out Fremont street comes over. As to shake hands with Drake is he leaves the floor we definitely typical state lawyers radio network presented by wait staff if situations. Of the war. Raptors the policy hackable thrown in the near way. Golden State leading. By sixty. After school shelves accurately through the wall so we'll get the first down. Brown checked his jacket fumbled it away with the foul play taps it drives that it's about my balance and not commit now. Did not get the dribble handoff right. Riley is Lorenzo brown fourth year pro out of your lasting up to it to a player. Side by. The raptors. 6589. Now 27 years eight. You know Berlin. Olympics to get to a town Livingston. One pass over to play taps a top three month greets open three up the way too strong and a redoubled we have a fouled get a beyond that. Toronto. As David Glass went flying horizontally. And that usually down an indication of what the normal thing that you've been would do. How's. See given the word will maintain possession why I told you prior cracks down appeared on them. That the rafters to the only NBA team not to have a player ever named three. It's something to learn here we usury you look at who won't go through the circles takes it by tonight beats the posted last sealed off Seattle today. But they should bounces on the back. Plea and drops away that the now both with David West to the free throw line. On Thursday January 25 Carl Anthony Downs Jimmy Butler. And the Minnesota Timberwolves got the warriors ground. This also be big debut of the warriors Chinese heritage uniforms all fans in attendance receiving employers T shirt courtesy. A PTV. Future verified official that is tonight at lawyers dot com. West on the strike he makes the first. David West has been so consistent this year in the 31. Of these 41 games he had shot 50% or better from the field. Not good for two consecutive back categories Dennett. True love. On the ticked that then hurdles not take it back and aggregate the data plan. Free throws get by west 5537. Lawyers have pushed it up to their biggest lead and I'm brown if you'll get to the top of now now part of my green. Shot clock today. See Jack of the street now works out west pulpit throw to attack. It's over the CJ miles strip like Clay Johnson tops it picked his pocket to exit middle class that they gorge strapped weights for straight month why did dream on won't you. Holds it waits Klay Thompson gets it back off the street my west started by a black elected to the baseline of facts about shoot the jumper that hit down. But you'll went down like yet bush might Shaquille O'Neal. 5737. And now Blake Casey all over Tony Brothers right now he is really high. Brown with a ball build on the floor throws with more excited now lawyers lead like totally here the first half. A black thinks it's destitute great Mike got a piece that Seattle with a rebound put back though good loose ball would like to come away with a down veneer way. Livingston weights and looks to feed the post over the chapel lobby at the west live feed it down with water up to opt out the pump fake dribble drive like clay. Staff's feet straight on at the poster bubble locked away picked up by get down on the baseline he's had trouble feeds look at the movies to get stiff back takes a white banner thing but good. Blown wide or shot Evanston but lawyers up twelve nothing run. Lead 59 to 37 miles files debris that's so good that goes right into the raptors managed. We went to Mark DeRosa check out the gate for Toronto they're scoring went to zero. And Derosa comeback kid down. Looney and the law. Did not get to the scorers table at time. So we get now have to back on the floor. Warriors going through they have five players seek urgent call time out it is up to. 731 to go the first half. 59. To 37 lawyers on the defending champ we don't see what you're radio. Network presented by wait staff because she wakes up the warriors. Well nothing want to put his belief that if he got 37 for the lawyers lawyers are shooting 72%. Sixteen assists and zero. Turnovers that's all part of your game so everything onto my mountain Mike's pizza order online account to my speed to knock down. Golden State with a ball going right to looked at your radio down Klay Thompson players looked out. Dribble drive bounce pass to left right baseline he fakes draws a crowd throws the ball away stolen by Seattle. Jack of go to the far side Derosa couldn't get the roads that builds up fans toward collapse can't slow motion move to the rim. 5930. Now name. We're pleased to wanting to wrote this to what they want with a 39 for Toronto. Look at tonight's capital local feet west west left hip feet there goes late I'm buildup again found Seattle haven't found too bad. A lay up. Curry out the bad right now giving a nice long rest. Speaker talked about the importance of three of my agreed to the warriors. Everybody's. Of those two tactful players that we. Because so many great things for us he gives us a heads that we otherwise you'll have we have very quiet. Step away KD Katie can get a little upset. But for the most part we don't spend a lot of time knowing history. We need chest thumping. Yelling right we need to. Like snaps in its smoke free throws the lawyers have 61 points on the board with 650 to go. It the first down. Credible 6139. It's 9 o'clock is open at the story got it down the left today. Bill when he ran at him with a rare few fits of laughter for the warriors in this first half gone down to last. Played great defense but there's playtime to the heat check three if there won't rebound goes to brown picked up the roads that. Drove accelerates behind the back but terrible fate that we'll fourteen footer. It got it down. And the raptors get back to back baskets for the first time we'll tell. At 61 to 44 Kerry getting very effective livingstone's jumpers the institute's over the top of ground. 63. The 44 and job at least it's gotten to a couple was spots here the first death travel tips at baseline those who revels floors. Crossover dribble that's kind of got around the car. We've lead to seventeen with 550 to go first half of blog about kind of the movie. Played town that. We need now. Losing to west west high close. Turns. Oman Kuwait look like without the couple teeth he lost the ball got it back faith that it would jump for it knocked it down of course he does because you play counts. It was catch the ball the bad ankle and knocked down the shot 6546. We usually play with eighteen of the first out dribble drive going topic it is DeRozan again. The roads it's got to 45. Speaker coming out to me. We're talking to Kevin Durant and stepped curry. All of whom have. Had a long last year David West who will drive up ballot choose cut off pizza cutter. Thompson dilute the movie lost to Canada to look calm look on dribbles it throws the west it's a jumper from the left waited to slash. David West not sit down. The lawyers are shooting 27. For 3773%. In this first down. Already was seventeen assists. Round panic the drivel. Today and Adobe Adobe fireside goes all the way and scores no. Mr. Lu was foul by Livingston. To follow these out there and talk last night game. In Milwaukee and talked about his ability now let's switch now he's he's dropped some weight there's a quicker defended. That's somebody go hello when the approvals from from last season from the it is hard for me into who was a different world team. Play taps and we'll sit down with eighteen points on seven of eleven shooting child Livingston. Pleased with six points at three rebounds Teri can back it directly back in. When you're leading by eighteen I don't know we played his college ball Indiana fairies too. Seventeen point lead for the warriors it led by as many as 22. Curry to the time line. Middle of fools. Surveys which for looting stepped around Utley almost collided dribble hand off to the ranch shot clock it's not a death. Those aren't the right weight the right elbow spin tank fire jumper a terrible and it's out of bounds. We look out. That's why it was an airport. Like Casey. Was that left hand afflicted disgust. And Courtney. Kirkland. Rant to the free throw line Kaiser Permanente scoreboard first quarter of Washington. Wizards leading 23. To eight. He had that one. Read through good. Action that would that right screen have now refreshments lets update that that's now third quarter 6146. Was it was Lina thought that that look right. By the way the game worthy thunder beat the awards were won the that it was good to see Steve Clifford back on the sideline and we cleared to return. On the health scare had severe headaches. And we wish him nothing but the best free throws are good for the rant sixty nines and fifty. If they had to Steven's salad and we've assisted for hanging in there it's if your head coach. The head coach of the hornets now watching this at the moment it's download pizza and Adobe not afraid to fire wide left rebound to rant. Ran hands of lawyers to flight 94 it's double or half curry fakes to trade my back to curry give it goes down the loonie. Rudy some balance unison thought otherwise rate might get the victory on the white way. Perry with a dribble back to the bucket takes the three atop what they'll victory goes terribly gap he's okay white with a faux. And they'll be on the practice for quite straight month it was sort of back. Three mile agreed. Not willing to surrender basket there. First round drama. Upcoming broadcast of Monday for thirty with a pregame show warriors. We'll take out the Cleveland Cavaliers. Martin Luther King holiday and it's a rematch for the game on Christmas Day. And though we with a free throw Tuesday another edition of beyond the arc and our flight station 95 points of the game that starts at 7 o'clock that Wednesday the way literate Chicago. Take down the doubles 4 o'clock with a pregame killed there. Another look at the good rookie allowing market. 6952. And they'll be makes both free throws very little ball Johncke gaveled right wing. Get to double streak comes middle pump fake field hasn't changed Fremont street gets it right side to Kevin Durant. 335 to go the half to ramp. Jab step it would triple threat spins. Rocks back awful lot like short rebound loose it wrapped by a fun gift. When Rudy had a hand out every Doug couldn't secure it. The road to get to back to a bucket he'll pull up top of the key jumper too strong rebound kept the ran down the Whiteside he wants to run. Three up three breaks of middle backdoor cut Jerry curry goes it puts on the breaks up how it's going to be out about it. And curry will shoot two. Stepping jury as to not recently. But his thoughts in the interest of holdings. Carolina Panthers. It's. It's not as soon. Have heard conservation group but if you. Just the reverse. The first thing. They show. Okay. Make. Not really say about it. And make. Periods both free throws but it's 7152. Raptors. With a ball ballots used with NAFTA like it is a public all falling about these David Lee back of what's gone. Derosa hit the deck help the fight very Obama called the Kevin Durant happily. Include what. But who ran a good program down. The food stamps through the floors of the ice. Of getting heckled by drink. You're an NBA player you're adult years. Gonna happen. 7152. We usually the roads involvement gave the crowd here at the ACC to cheer about the growth of our white Knight picked it up job. Right when the ball left to apply to back up top right white. Watching a bucket in Greenville who tumbled down. Download you to set the screen and the bucket for white light behind the street dribble drive on three month cutoff throws it in deepen that graphic ball fumbled football pick up for the warriors. The carry freon to. Overdue rant just happy to sit down with two hands and smiles at the warriors bits and secure backup before the war usually like what we want. Over the right now with thirteen three starters in double figures for the warriors who have dip down there a little bit of Islam was shooting 68 there's. It's been this eighties and seventies all. Right growth of a bad shot and good ball slapped up the last loose ball goes to play tempted to want to locate the play. Dribbled Derosa approach to the ranch to ramp up top the curry curry wore green belt goes down blades to block looks like the look you. Sit down. The lawyers right now with 75 points their season high. For a half this 78 they've done that three times at the raptors one another time out. 63 seconds to go before have done it seventy. 52. Lawyers that's now employers radio network presented by winds snapped the picture wings of the warrior. Minutes 43 to go in the half. I have a chance to get eighty points in the first half. We got that disgraced. Just frees. Them back now have a and thank the warriors. Here's. Antley check yet for two run them if possible little block of side note to rapidly to traffic backed up stuff about it's a three and it's no good rebound deflected out of bounds off the raptors. And we'll build warriors. Most points the warriors of school word. Itty first 1088. It's the second and looking back it. November 2 1981. West Coast records. The second MV seven now block that's not a sport can't let their. Greatest republic tap that there rants let that down. A 25 point lead for gold with date 77. Of 52. Unbelievable. To block it rapidly to jump hook the office after penetration by can't leave that up nicely 77 the 54. Americans get to the ranch with a minute ago. First chapter in my agree left side past the cutter inside play taps a beautiful backdoor cut it counts of Italy at the warriors. Have now a season high for points in the half was 79. And they have 21 assists in the first half they oblique passed away there right activate oblique. Might well kept with 45 seconds to go. The second quarter right now trips to the right elbow up top ably played tops of applause line pass was picked. Most insist it won't happen for gold see 28 against Denver back at 2050. With 21. On 31 buckets. She just absurd. Derosa left side they showed doubly Peta blocked up route three that's moved you at the rebound attempt to ramp. 48 seconds to go no chance for two for ones the lawyers can't get eighty points of the first champions. The ranch not apple logo. One of performance like Golden State to be 70%. From the field draft pick about the curry curry the foul line takes a one hander slash for the eleven point eight the gulf but lawyers have put up 81 points of the first half they lead and we want the to 54 Derosa. Cross it down at the far side get discreet to the baseline chipped over the rant no good while Jeff crap by little they say my god I have a half is over. One of the best offensive shows the warriors have. Ever put on their franchise history. 81 points in the first half shooting 71%. From the floor at 22 assists on 32 baskets and they leave the raptors at the break. 81 that. 2545. People at the air Candace edible throw it back to have to that would RC Davis. As the wind chill road trip it debuts on the defending champ big Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff the official wings of the warriors. It's back it's right until the lawyers and an unbelievable first sample of the best first half performances that they have. Ever hand. And the warriors. Putting up a total 81 points of the first down. And that 81 points a season high. The ball movement was exquisite. Forty to assist up 32 buckets. Dwight for played taps at fifteenth for Kevin to rest well for Fremont great group while green had eight assists in the first half. The lawyers surrendering 54 points rob didn't play that poorly Abby off that event they've played all right. Stepped curious first game back after this missing games where civil walking. And we six point 25 shootings Floyd Little bolder attacking the basket to our right bounce pass to the Julian applicable to Favre broke him. And they start. The second half with a turnover they have only one tour over the first. A lot right with a ball feed to barter rows and rows of look really good. In the first half now we'll watch it throws the ball down and called fake and a balance Zaza Pachulia DeRozan slow to get out. The pocket to the free throw line for two. Check it balance out. Flocking hits the free throw line. But that was justice a stunning first capital instinct walking back to the media reliant to walk back the with fans of the bacteria in the back concourse and there are rumblings of motion is sold my seats and in the can you believe that matter what's going on it's just an amazing. First after Goldstein there's one warrior camp behind the basket with thunder sticks tried to distract Ibaka. The solitary dubs created in the uniform. Didn't work the buckets holds 8156 twice executive. After over two Zaza Pachulia. Two jewels looked up. Find Klay Thompson will face over the wing extreme mockery freefall though good the rebound goes. Nobody gets it down down to the low life. On the near side it draws to bounce pass to balances shows the ball to the Julia feeds Ibaka rotates to the growth of between the circles. Dribble drive lights out of date goes up at traffic forced about the stuff that you tough shot. Like you rose it. Carry the ball ticked off the street applicable now the right baseline up chapter in my three weeks with curry left wing could catch fired victory doesn't get it. Has little bit low. Now mind affected the written the shop Parker. 45 to go in the third downs that's bound to has lost its out of bounds turnover on the raptors. Very quiet here at the ACC trim on green brings up the floor. Dribbles large gap on chopped up the way they'll they're not gonna give them shots. Which. Means incongruous too neat rows of play in the first half. It won't be thrown in my. The league's showcase them right nearby. A solid well. We have we have. Official timeout is too roses leading. So. You're gonna try to. Clean that up doing Casey working Courtney Kirkland here. Please athletic treated through younger Nazi. Centre court. Want to make sure that. Now the way your players were affected. And the courage to come over. Give him mouth guard would love to have a twelve yard. It's hardly hear it anyway it's always askew with happening now. Ninety on the shot clock at 37 to go here but there. We've leading 81 the 58. Applies when he's going to have a plate after the catch make Derosa knocked the ball away clay takes it lets not offered. Rush street lights us up loads up a bank shot like Houston home. Fully two points were played taps it. The way to their first marking the third tour. Derosa comes bills rose to a bucket. A bucket. Also life now he gets doubled back to right right dribbles middle pros and let's highs often Alaska is like the bounty is the Lance good though get a foul. It's not Toronto. And right. It's like got locked up with a straight line. And the foul called Toronto. Police up to only five jury with a ball far away. Perry who Clark's Nightline. Baca has tape pulls up tablet deep jumper got the could tell there that little little power dribble right before he went up got himself balanced square to the bucket. Not sit down. In the lawyers leap like 27 balance to this triples the far side picks up the dribble out to right. Like 2 o'clock o'clock this week the ball left side and you know we now finds Wright is pass deflected off the run to down right sideline. Pulls up pulls up pump fake feet now and it's no big deal is not good defense like Matsui for the Fallon will be goes down. That's I was leaning a little bit on that vertical sound defense looked like he gavel in the body and battle for us. I don't know we feel free throw line. Lawyers coming in here that back to back and a stunning first half. Didn't get to the hotel until about. 3 AM. Recruit good for him though we've. Just an amazing and no we now has he knew career high. In the free throws made and attempted. Fine fine. And he gets an excellent 66. Six they rookie out of Indiana born in London who do Jefferson City, Missouri at the end to pool. Curveball middle floor goes right side beat late tops one handful of birth is good. Plays ridiculous at times that that was one of leaning left off balance one hand floaters. Percolate out at 87 to sixty warriors. Clay is ten of fourteen from the floor 24 points Derosa tossed to a vocalists I've been accepted for it to the way good. Third jukebox it with a bucket. Yeah we'll point out Currie of the floor quickly throws to drama now to derail. Pastor Thompson told by white knights played bounce Matt and Adobe goes off. They chase down block balls down out of bounds. And economic cameraman apparently is located who ran fleet joined the fray now. He's 764. Straight month removable. In the floor. That's as far as accuracy through fast but fun for rent Altria might get to back. Doubles needs help beat the odds that's not fluff his own. Over valid juicy hurried it felt good balance choose to anaerobic. And over to the front door. Late due to drag street takes it to outside terminates at broad right way to write like downstairs got the balance shoes reachable throughout the ranch. Surveys shot clock and a penalty that's part of the base like goes up and dropped a foul Mike is still hard to the rim. That's. These people hurt this team now on the league's. Thousands of signs. That it's his fourth now. No action for the warriors bench right now. I'll choose from the free throw it's good. Raptors commit to the third. Highest scoring team league a 112 point two game. And the top ten only allowing one of three point seven its image before these are two of the three teams. In both the top ten in offensive rating and defense agree. At the Washington Wizards beat the other one. Rap is giving you the game very good against the west or 125 gets blasted a six nothing to ride to run right now. It to 21 point lead for the lawyers veritable feast with Julia. Whites acted to rant now back occurring at that office to foul it's not it's not that that's giving over five. A blocking foul Toll Brothers with a call. Would like Casey continues to work the officials here. But. He's got five but. In the words to make a move that the best is yet to roots of the ball. Ruth definitely want to have them play against found Tutsis who was cited him and Olympic with a lawyer refused to wrote it for three. It's down and the raptors on the loudspeaker worth the time out. You know look at the shot I believe they ruled that the two. It's 8768. Lawyers with 730 got to go to there will take the right. I'll be defending champion bill tsuboi yours radio network. Presented by wait staff efficient ways. Of the warriors. To the wild movie jumps in. Lawyers leading by about eighteen for the raptors have a way back with an eight helping one bit shocked by DeRozan rule book to. He has 29 points went down Flutie had to rant played catch at the front court threw my thumbs up job to get the ball and facilitate guarded by a bucket. Past lightweight there's TP flaring up jumper off on the wrist felt so good so flat for the rebound. And the crowd here they have nothing to cheer about. If the latter stages of the first half trying to. Will the raptors back in this game he roasted while the screen by ballot chooses to roads and those are both sides. Stuff like jobs that you suggested to go to the lake Wasilla left out. It's time clay Thompson. At times it's going. The officials. Petraeus said Derosa kicks out the foot on the jumper. Plus ten seconds now it throws it back to the free throw line yet again. At second double lawyers radio network. He championed the Golden State Warriors on TVF Kennedy once. And 5%. Free throw good for Derosa sent to wheel out the ladies already Nazis gave like game average of seven. Attempts. He has 31 points in the way you lead once 27 down the 78 year Fremont street goes I for the Whiteside drives on a bucket at scorers. It shot by three months. We're leading 89 to 7652. To go in the third quarter. 81 points in the first down. Our league ball goes too and an open up to after right. Right off the screen right. Rotate to a bucket. No black and put them on the next it's not played taps it takes get tested to won't get a loonie touched rebounds which could control what goes out of bounds to Toronto. Lou the jury were both there I don't think nobody knew that. Jury. Was still there and knocked a little harder weighed my foot curry with somebody else. Lights on us in the rose circles back off the bumps grew by bounces of the amount due is hold the ball fakes like I. What does not. Have a lawyer Steve Smith's. Right now. Starting to slip a little bit. 89. To seventy. Seed mark Zachary Perry fired for three got that one very puts it down the way back up like wanting. Very first three of the night he's got eleven points. Ninety to 72 lawyers to rows of mobile. Go teach shooting 68%. They were shooting in the eighties through the first after roses to block a working on clay township. Post defense for playing a bucket comes little white can't jump hook. Soccer ball rolling at Mike curry to Fremont street you'll want to freak. No good rebound balance shoes. Fremont to fly from distance to roads of the floor puts on the breaks pump they got to a bucket but a lot about Jews that it might remind. Why can't dribble through to the double teams doubles and was fouled out fast. At the fouls ringing out for Golden State they're now over the limit. So the raptors will be shooting for the rest of the quarter with 528 to go. Pack your book caught headed to the scorers table for the one. After never scoring at a high rate of 125 or more. A franchise record ninth time this year found to this. Clips of free throw it to forget. Only the warriors of scoreboard. 125. Plus. The raptors now tunis. Pretty solidly of late. Time double doubles with last night game. Seven points four rebounds and moment first reader was true second one miles away. And Toronto continues to and it's just a little bit closer now that the sixteen point lead. Sixteen to five last four minutes of the quarter plate Johnson. Well to the floor by Derosa bats were found roses slams down the basketball frustration. First ballot DeRozan. And the bomb blew the. He hurt trying to communicate. All through that period to derail Luisa discreet but fighting over the town was in though we shot clock is dead Haiti backs up what some room. Leak in history I don't think that's giving to lay down who becomes up now he gets street with five would dwarf the ranch aides to the ski jumper up no good. Long rebound a bucket. Play was just too slowly starting to kick it over to the roads that cross real for free throw out download history running down the lane. Had there road that passes crowd back in the game down it's a fourteen point it. 456 to go with a third. Third quarter always so important. The warriors have lost to Sam of them dying in the gains third I losses seven of them have occurred when teams have outscored them in the third the raptors are doing that preclude a good. Now to save it at that threw the ball on the balance. And will be. The old staple. Including the period. Very mouth or excuse takes across the court fight went out to movie. My side of golf in my agreed on the bench right now rant like to cross capable of winning guarded by a right. Spent time in takes that jumper off though good rebounds tipped away loose ball bucket the bucket down as the raptors look Buccaneers picked up at the twelfth or eleventh. The road to wait it discrete outside stumble through the dribble it out back goes travels local people out to as the flip was not put. Nobody bested her point blank range and the re done with myself. As always it's maybe free throw a ball through the park where there's periods of three miles away felt good rebound battle. We'll Jews in the ways of going told the 8278. Lawyers fortnight ago white goes in off balance those who have vested. Got to go wipe it away a foul before. Look gone. Mark Rosen has to be turned away from Courtney Kirkland. Were they currently giving a lot of rope here Derosa could've gotten a tactical. Like your roses. Worried about foul calls food raptors who shot forty free throws. And as we won we won its way to. Recoup my life is good. Well the warriors have have this tendency this year it had teams down big and they don't do about it and but the accelerator down due to the finish it off. And the raptors are back in the game. For a way to go in the third than nothing but time for Toronto circuit breaker it's good. 92 to 88 now they want for drama. For that is to go with a killer Perry to do ran. To make you know. Just connected the McComb with movies. The thought dribbled right cycles artillery and basket rebound until this gobbles up an otherwise. Please submit their last five shots. And Derosa put down the brakes guarded by nick yeah. Wrote it takes it to the baseline. With the rebels raises up with a jumper built good and a foul another found on Golden State. Nick Young with a touch foul Derosa goes the free throw line to shoot two. Lawyers have committed now nine fouls in the third quarter. It's seven in the first half. Remind green. And back the scores to. And DeRozan. Rattled from the free throw for the raptors. Retired euros in Jersey at some point in the years to come had she given honorary Rocky Cherry to put it on the free throw line here. This is where you spent most year career and subsidiary company. Second breakthrough for euros and even noble play good no good valid excuse got the rebound tied up my grandson found a. Very wanna jump ball with Toll Brothers says no wolf. It's a found. I think you're going from bad to worse here in the third quarter for goldfish. We're to come out very passive it's a size 43 mark of the third it's 821 to five bush. Were to run to the ballot to it is. We'll shoot. Makes for. Raptors Syria the third quarter. Have already taken four. Teen free throws this'll be number fifteen right now in a court. Recruit good. Who runs eleven uplift the lead is down to single digits 92 to eighty break curry off the street takes it far tonight. Dribbles novel way it goes up so good he brought with them. And curry will shoot recruits. Stiff period of the free throw line. Casey talked about what he seemed to the rafters this year due to help them have success. World we're just seeing a little bit. Won't play the blades. Have you Rhode affect me in addition basically every night we've got third told the getting. Defensively you're you're executing the things you wanna do. This would teams have a bigger role. Second free throw for Perry is good. As well as the first to the words flatly called the tide of the raptors here at the third it's 9483. When you're 328 to go. The Mark DeRosa has 34 points chase clavicle throws over to the wild ride. Not a valid juice left wing reverse pivot into a triple play good ball fake dribble then. Drew about three fifths. 85 this place is rocking. If you look forward staff it's loud down there at bats at triple what that little and that puts everybody back to their seats here at the ACC. 97 to 85. My goodness Kevin Durant. Shia who wrote that little left. In side roads up up next Jack it's good defenders Derosa right now fourteen definitely do he's got 36 points. Profits of show tonight here again at 9787. Weeks. We ran them down off the street by a small crossover dribble rate is up another three I don't want. Kevin Durant from downtown. Employer to admit that sent through bark with 230 to go the third quarter its 187. Eight T. Heavily white rose back down to this fourteen footer opted about if Mike Currie to themselves. Jury dribbles up at right elevates him takes approximately court strikes down after eight straight month to mark the past often indicate the maybe we'd get screens that now dribbles on about it takes about point seven footer he jackets off the back room they'll do. We'll share this with his nine rebounds of the affair. Picked it over to the roads adapt the way you wrote to crossover dribble to the left albums but it passes right wake up like a wide open three short rebound. I don't know the other baseline popped up DeRozan step that it was too. No good rebound the breakup with a lot of offensive rebound. Corey down the white way. Makes an overly terrible time curry goes out again. Through through through. It is to a town about 97 seconds to go in the third we got a ball game here at Toronto. Warrior 100 raptors 87 on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network. We did it by winds down the official waits while the war. What 37 to go here is the third tour. Warriors. Leading 187. And Sam Perry hits the free throw line going dead at the port city thing when he's on the floor and just try to stay patient stay aggressive take. Table assessment there and understanding. Who has the game moves on and thirty whatever minutes I'm out there that no videos to you much initial vote give much just play aggressive do doing you do have seen when you have that presence then that clinic is is going. The cyber policy broadcast from the very first recruitment. Through fourteen point 4955. Down six of six shooting so. We've lead by fifty to curry has 510287. That he wished that his deal may have leaked over the years that the bar DeRozan. He beat the raptors closed ballot choose to have picked third quarter on the glass. Takes a left side back celebrate life with his left children with double team coming five Seattle wide open for the layup. We're relate to the rotation of close to eighty but this Spacek was such. It was hard to make that rotation Fremont street between the circles picks up the dribble the jury. Perry now. Engineers that work at nine amply. Direct hits at the street curry goes down the lane handoff to the cost goes up takes the hit it storage over ballots units that's a tough shot for Patrick but gone. Protected the ball with a shoulder 104 to 89. Gone. First what it's a the game Derosa middle of floor. Lot of the ballots used right elbow shows the ball shoot the ball over great month short period dismay at the rebound. Gets its full stride felt best about golf down the lake gets fouled as he went hard rim CJ miles with a personal. Patrick McCoy had some free throw line. The Chinese heritage jerseys by Nike you've more than paid tribute to Bay Area culture. Design that honored devastation the lawyers we have basketball at the prosperity that we're doing today represent the bay. They eat Chinese heritage jerseys available online at lawyers dot com. After the call the free throw for what was good. On six starts to Wear to forward to it those guys. Stan Utley had two free throws here Goldstein has pushed the lead back to seventy little bit of breathing room thanks to a 92 run. 37 seconds to go with a rap is Bluetooth one they will CJ miles girl's life of freedom that's now finds the act of the activity of the bigs for Toronto very impressed with. Hurdle the act of ballot Judas. And play hard in the skill. The ball down the roses crouching over it discrete five miles guarded by Nick Young execs on the shot clock thirteen gave plot. Wrote the topic pump experience they have very tough to it's no good. Redoubt tipped away loose ball curry comes up list with five seconds that's got to battle over the back court. Very giving to the defensive glass his most underrated skills. That he rebounds. Well for his size. He's got five rebounds and seven assists. Theory averaging. Five rebounds tonight. The one he had a moment ago he saw the shot from the wing by balance she is is going to be short. Darted over to the far side to get it in stride. And knocks down the free throw here. 10789. And is excited as the crowd was a moment ago they. Gone quiet during this run again. Part because the rapids of the seven in a row curry it's two free throws one away ED nine. Faintly possible before once I could go underhand scoop slam career employee got all the way to pick up. Nicely though my Bentley because that many. At the end of three. The warriors. Lead one relate to eighty guide well but it's left to gather. On the defending champion Golden State Warriors radiate outward resentment by wind staff efficient way of the warden. After games every variety about bout that Mike's pizza order online about Mike's pizza dot com lawyers in the third quarter on eleven to two run. Weir shot eight of eighteen in the third Toronto was definitely want to think this their last day. We'll take a look better of the defense event and that the roads and I think he's got a little tired with the other corner he was really getting the third he's got 36 points. Raptors the ball right to look the ability radioed down there where black uniform who read true. A brutal if possible. Always moving always getting simply it would street were badly bruised left we'd see out of touch pass health pumped up as he gave out what all the lines down only throws the right way. At their family for three adopted them. That's the best wolf we'll put two wild pitches at all game. And it's 108. To 92 warriors played Johnson down the white side. Now the former UC labor with the offensive welcome to west now Olympics to Olympics. Waiting now through we've got two out nobody moved west and pop up it won't get the ball of clay. All the night can't leave the field say that they got the portal warriors try to force that tallied the break Whiteside they have lead at the three of transition it will fill it David West. With the rebound. It has to straight month periods what they doing Casey told me before the game he wants to get better at the second half of the year knocking down three point shots. Three by agree they'll put down the plate not turn to cases may have lead again active not the bullet. Even even with the warriors playing at this leveling. Raptors. Have some impressive pieces. They are playing some really advanced fuel. Only thrown in our way. Livingston nothing happening topping out Thompson's. So I couldn't go close. Time to retreat to the court left can't dribble drive it gets a slice the paint. Made up though good rebound loose bad the labor costs got the right baseline pulls up from six at knocked it down right at the box. Want tent that night he teach at forty to go in the game. We try to sweep the back to back to open the wind chill road trip which continues to Cleveland and Chicago CJ miles of downtown. Felt free. His first point of the game be it that's his first five shots. Speaker. It's simply going your calls the play Shaun Livingston. Far away. Waits. Now looking for Fremont middle floor tonight fast downstairs last. Over the hurdle with a white can't put the physical world off for a little handle the may have leaked copy exhilarated breaks it down the right side Seattle with a they get back to Bentley. Preach it to do willful. Terminates a lot but sniper hurdles knocked out of bounds on the golf. Shot clock is down to twelve. Com. More minutes in December January 20 minutes cat is part of that is the injury just after. Now Rosen the brutal balancing out the hold the ball waiting. Welcome to the near side triple handoff to pound pound write it down the lane. It's over for a while that snapshot had to adjust apart along offensive rebound put back. Active word goal through one of the things he does really well which is hit the glass. Through my rehab the ball in the front court had a career high eleven offensive rebounds the first and the warriors and raptors play. Western ball down low line. Turned to face is not brutal takes that jumper over that's good but. One of the twelve deny these salmon. Last. Career high fourteen rebounds ninety allegedly offered to blast lately like son it's. Waiting Greeks have been lost David last tried to break it down the privileged street by got to prove to be illegal street deterred if Booth at abilities to try to help. And that is illegal. Courtney Kirk over the golf. Casey will know what he did it again tonight it will hit Jack Garrity extended. Camping wider than the children Tenet who leave you moved to the right. He would stay there. We've been fine but I'm leaving at like Casey really upset. And so with the fans behind me. We love Islam that can't. All through the limits that he's attracted record by CJ miles dribbles takes it cross. Now the white side. Paul and the players have to be at the like court were to be over that questionable. Quickly counted down the Olympics of Livingston now. At the right box won't not to buy it now look too terrible raptors played very physically it would be deterred 52 or we'll let. Where Lazio will be offensive rebound one dribble off topic plates announces. Now clay stopped. Finds David West west I'm miles man like who goes up against round. David West hit points and rebounds. And west of the free throw line. Who was. But together and nice resonate for maybe consideration sixth man of the year though. Lou Williams putting up fifty last week. Certainly helped his cause. And lest it distract. You could make a case of David Weston as valuable as anybody off the bench. In the league free throws a footnote in Westwood ten points tonight hitting eleven minutes. This is the first 11297. He within 33 to go. In the game. Lessen the basket to Iraq. The dreaded thunder sticks around for the fourth floor of the free throws up the good violence. Thirteenth ninety sevenths and played three minutes of thirty seconds. The fourth for the raptors questions when we rose to get back on the field. You can go to Lou the ways that no answer. Two tonight fiercely for the bounce passes through if we make food database like Hillary but scored very quick little ball. Thirteenth at 99 Bentley was seven points. Livingston up the floor. Rose to west of the right baseline good food flat last fadeaway off over Seattle build good at hurdle cleared the badly. Rackers Buchanan even further down that they have pleaded traffic trouble people why don't prefer. I don't when. It back down that well with what thirteen to 101750. Years ago Steve Perry wants to talk it over. The but he can't beat Golden State Warriors radio network recently why wait staff who officially. Called the war. And a 52 ago. The lawyers lead 113 one O line get the raptors like credit it's a very good team well coached Michael link basically down to how did my talented athletes of all the floor. To look on them they ran out to apple logo. And it's group is playing with a lot of energy here the fourth quarters there's. He was points allowed at any. Border these years of raptors who have won six the first leap in the second police evident there probably 24 point four in the fourth quarter. Iran and whatnot that with him and sent my victories that Beckett. That people with west west takes down the lane floater up though good list if the rebound. Lose him when he gets to it wears. It kept Toronto mentally listing. Growth ahead got the CJ miles drive zip lock my directive violence grab my fiasco. Yeah that will bring it back outside. The bounce to now out drives oddly enough it differently to. The best driving team to be associated. Doing it well here in 54 points in the paint and make real wild weekend. Arena last. Now the wake up bush still powerful rebound loose most Ronald badly the other way. Flop it's glancing back at play. Now they love for the and eight point lead for the warriors. She's her what to foul called me get a Kevin Durant fired at three. Good wild with a rebound. The free comprise what was was left out now. Or the falcon on. I've got a portal. And a technical foul called on Steve Kerr. Toll Brothers who gave way Casey a trip now. At this release of the first half with Casey was little group calls keep your careers first a fraction of the night at 632 years ago. It's a five point game what thirteen don't wanna lay. At the lawyers around the World Series Toronto. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down its mission waves. Of the warrior. Note Steve. What CJ miles to the free throw line. Employees that are in trouble here. Miles from the free throw line. It was four point games twelve straight points for the raptors they're eight of eleven of the cooler the lawyers of this their last five their to a night. You're the fourth who. Seeker has more pleasant words for Tony Brothers here raptors who put pressure frequently with a ball drifted through with the drift. Reuters they're championship battlefield tested here at Toronto. And your son takes a little off mystery how did I can't wait ball absolutely. The rams low life whistled back now. News jostling and pushing it badly it's home picked up Derosa was it seventy to go you 36 points fourteen of 24 wheel flew. Lea Thompson has 44 point Kevin Durant what they want to hurry 73 much reach fourteen had to leave a lasting love it. Grant throws in the plates out homemaker from the back of the rose ability looting out. Clinton to run the ball to grant chased by sea octopus picked up the drivel like the basket feet straight mom with three Fremont over the corner like now for all they. Stripped it that way for a second shot my. Violation. Played Johnson thought again now. We need to talk to Tony Brothers years. And let's see what they're talking about here. We're incurred utility Brothers talking about and they're gonna review it. Because I think Tony Brothers ticked off now. I think what he's gonna review as to whether that it occurred before the shot clock violation. Toll Brothers who flew on the Hanson go back to Secaucus. Actually I would but I wouldn't mind getting a chance to listen to this one I hate to do that now the year but. So it isn't there yet check whether or not to foul and they're gonna take. Steve and Jack left front for the benefit if we gonna look at back into the office. Layer of few words to we'll talk about offensively just don't review brought to my reach central driver's seat with communication and collaboration experience for your bottom workforce. Reid sent to communicate collaborate and that connect. So they have ruled that the found peace after. We shot clock violations and so it will be Toronto ball was sick so free to go. The crowd was after the buzzer had sounded. Golden State looked like 27 in this game they played about a a perfect. First down. Could play any better at the first step could shooting better. But they took to pull off against the third at the raptors are bracket that would and we have a full day here Gupta rode it down the Whiteside. Can't go off to miles to dribble too badly hit leadoff for moving street by total program to back down believe she didn't look good to. It's. Two point yeah. Hurry down the likes to read it bill Hillary absolutely. Lose. It's trouble if the bird goes up this to bring back. Joseph badly here definitely. After that it's nice particularly here Derosa Natalie over to badly want to the preakness terrain is Louis picked up secretly want to get to the roads that kind of likely to announce that. Looking waiting street by brutal brutal goes the way to wrote with a that was shot clock lead to experience jumper Elaine good that directly at the rebound to. Get the stuff. Keeping the bounce back to include traffic of lords lord little white van with a beautiful fans like him with Iran if 150 you'll want a lot of the warriors go back up like what wanna play. CJ miles between the circles. Rose now the Bentley walked it up down in the crossover prevalent theory takes it last night pulled down and travel. Let's turn over. Warriors get the wolf back. We just slipped on the wet spot there. The things to worry is to go to this fourth quarter. The efficiency of Kevin Durant. The expected field goal percentage in the fourth quarter this year 62%. Hurried walk it up dampen your side throws the movie movie middle school. Tripled over the plate Johnson now doesn't make their hands off when he still dribbling by the Toronto that jumped up the straight line shot clock is dead place global data KD. With the catch bodied up by Seattle to hand check crossover dribble. Gasoline goes to three mile wide angle brave enough to get a handle long rebound goes to bed late rafters of the wall and he always good crowd here at the Air Canada Centre which is the client bolster standing down the far side. Here's the road to dribble again throws a kernel goes up the plot that was sort of foul. Now's not Kevin Durant. And the act of hurdles goes to the free throw line. With 470s. They go. Seeker is. Calling for. Fairness and efficiency and leave them here truth. I've got to Peru free throw line. Which aroused an impressive to stay the course in this game it just shows you kind of hear you this team has a free throws up for the good. Mutually five days a week of winning gastric casino resort if you the chance to win today's prize that pact would call autograph basketball. Ramp ransom to Wear seat for an upcoming games. In her lawyers dot com slash 25 days. Brutal they want to its dual one possession game with where fifteen to go 151. Well. Like PCPs debate we're watching his club very little ball takes the left side look past the loyalty to the rim strip. It's out of balance relative balance Toronto. And the foul go against CJ miles. Thank you apply a movie play big time crunch minutes here. Including his first trip to the free throw line 821 a bit of supply. Lawyers are two point one of 22 from the line. And movie. Hit the ball now from Courtney Kirkland. Free throws up and. You're the clutch shot thereby can bubble world flat left. What sort of minutes here for now. Since leaving Michael would think that there are cooler. Given how little they. After the Toronto took advantage second straight through it's not that algorithm that defied Reebok whose fault the roses it's out of bounds. The roses stepped out of bounds. And it's going to be Golden State ball. Erodes the mobile got techno slam the ball down but did not. He kept it down below the ways to be Atlantic go with the defeat. For old read ago crowd when the ground. Period of throwing it. Outside the Fremont greed. Fremont dribbles it goes out though good they'll let still loose ball goes to probably that the road to the rose that this Seattle theatrical were badly hit them glorious stuff let. Good morning okay. A 116. Going morning. Whiners to carry the ball. Off the street takes a break product Kerry Wood that dagger right there one late night T that 150. The crowd shaking their heads they can you believe him. May have leads. Office marine. Hurry get through Bentley you know left roses behind the street parade doesn't get it won't rebound believed to have that victory down the lights at night. Carried out now behind the back through a lot of roses dribbled right side of the roses album. Body bump Obama DeRozan he is frustrated right now. That's his fourth round David West will help make the viability will sit down with the another fine performance. C thirteen talent Toronto Raptors will call time. The acute dared go away warriors won ninety raptors 15311. The gulf. Here at the Air Canada Centre. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by weeks after official wings of the warriors. And it makes abilities here at Toronto warriors lead 19150. We've got three minutes and eleven seconds to go. Correction that was the fourteenth bounced around our monitor is a little slow and updated updated there at that time out lawyers out once he now. Buried a thrown in near sideline I posted David West last newscast back Norfolk hurry goes out of after the turnover. Comes at a bad time for the seventh turn over the life of the warriors fan believable. Great tip that'll wrap usually huge move over please look the other night out trying to beat the warriors. Heavily. Weighted cryptic befits I've got a little bit past the baseline he would traffic coming out of it is Seattle that he got fouled that. Like Kevin Durant that's the second team found. And the raptors to throw it with 254 ago. Miles. To the rose at the roads it off the street Paul and his deep down only goes up it's nothing. Lasted scored shocked by the roads that he's 38 and we've got a two point game with 240 to go. One he wants to have a team warriors very Movable Type of drivel that maybe it was greens seemed to double team. They have the last two weeks ago it can't last hole to them to. It awfully tough to walk with her and made that fired up a good percolate with a Fallon. And the lawyers to answering his maker for game maker here at Toronto. It's a four point lead to 21 ago. After Mitch standing. Try to see what's going. The roses. Takes it far sideline dribbles goes all the way it goes up. I'm game. We'll likely have a basket to wait to go to ball squirt away. Want what they want to 190. Very. This time line waits for Iran street able to rant selfless catches dribbles I've got to pull off foul line jumper married and had the lawyers answering the raptors for a layup were jump shot. That is fifty to go the game right down the rows it. Makes eye contact with myrtle gets the street drifting left out of my great month Derosa with a dribble. Takes it to but the key pulls up pump fake float seats over the Seattle he doesn't want the ball got the CJ miles to acquire for three got out like David. Last. He. Had three shots now for CJ miles was a lot of contact but it was there. You can't afford any hint of that and miles words doing what he's supposed to do goes down quickly as soon as he dealt with not to act. We got them. If we could not move to the court it's not the Rex who lit lately of the raptors assistant coach along with. We Casey. Yes I eighty sevens that it's you know miles first free throw good. This would be a disaster for the war receiver on the back of the back to back to have a 27 point lead. To have the kind of first camping out of whilst this is the Sackett. And leaned down grabbed their hands nervous and anxious. Hanging on for dear life. Third free throw missed that one of three for miles straight month players to carry it's what 23 don't want Wally. Perry checks blocked it to the front record with two seconds where. If you can't throw but the rants yeah the front and factory. During which ten on the shot clock tripping the light side wants to reference to fiddle with the traffic troubles VAR cite multiple one hander to back out of this. Would rebound Rackers hit that was. With a three we've got seventy seconds left the game as of right now Derosa also badly hit the street stepping around the family took a couple of flutter in and out rebound goes Derosa but back. A one minute and forty seconds ago but Warner's lead once more than we want to Washington. Hillary to the headlines lately you know kind of idea of Lee 54 seconds ago thirteen with a shot Blackberry drive of the accurate but NASA it's not that great month but wanted to Perry Perry makes. Pebble baseline hits the rams three. But I'll take go to the but what we have a foul. But over the foul fairly knowledgeable. And very face plants doubts more wide. Had battle footsteps very deliberate April. That's a tough call on Yahoo! portal. It was not Afflalo through the foul was made. He got the block plane. I've it will lower body Perry taking a long time getting up here. This Canadian crowd usually so collider who. We want the free throw line that's not. Like Perry released it in the. Got to look at his body. Simultaneously. It period. It's not gone 45 seconds to go with the warriors have. See that's not vocal against over the past. Movie get the scores they've. Done this for David West campus there ramp down giving instructions to Steve Kerr everybody's standing here. It's Iran took a very we'll get a sack get free throw. Raptors. At some time out from the warriors. Have to tell about the news he looked down to give Hillary free throw bad. Rebound though miles and I'm out here why don't they'll have a ball and it's yet still we. Even if they haven't led that since the 857 mark of the first quarter. Shaq against the wind you wandered back believes it's it's definitely very. We'll keep him here 123. To one that's 182. They have. Just. Credible here what's after that the second half. Perry landed hard on his skillful very similar to what happened did Kyle Lowry. And Lowry and out for a couple of games the raptors now. And the lawyers. Desperately need us now 44 point night ago. See what the way Casey will. We'll designed here. The lawyers have to find some ways. In Stanford wanted. Don't you won't get it up at some point of the hands of the Mark DeRosa. He has 42 points. Great bond great Kevin Durant the lovely Currie and Thompson for the warriors. They have police CI a Derosa. Got a hurdle and CJ miles. With the raptors they've created buckets of the last five minutes. Raptors will advance the ball a large sigh here we go. 44 point guide to golf now. What issues. Shot clock should be at 23. But it was a rebound. And couldn't frozen. There goes down 23. Make that adjustment. Miles to throw it to rose into the back who. We'll go back to Derosa. To ramp will start out guarding him street five miles curry had just erodes it picks up the dribble shoot over Kevin Durant. No good rebounds but bottom loading. The hands off victory in the backcourt where looting just went a rebound. Erica Hillary were down at 29 seconds ago period between the circles now my now wife was street Pete to rant rant with a jumper to the team. What I wanna. Point three ago but lawyers have a three point lead what 25 want Washington to about Toronto. Mac with a conclusion. Wolf we'll stay here as to what's going you. Raptors called let's not out there out of timeouts now. So they adaptable all the front court they have to get the ball it. At the lawyers or of that real great area leading by three has to win the do you decide the fab. You throughout too early you might get the situation we're guy might be taking a 3-D don't want that. But up three. Than math and the circumstances that show that. Usually at the way to go but with 21 point three that's a long time. And it would if you give down under ten seconds I think it's out. But. Right now we will point three wartime. Can work would let's see what the strategy will be. Put capital and I talked about that offensive efficiency of the fourth quarter now to update there with a bucket he's got 45. Township with 46. Curry would point to the raptors 42 for the roads and seventies and no we. Fourteen replied yeah. Rory saved by the left the floor up I think that's the wildly. The flea and yup the brutal the raptors wolf good very good tonight. Derosa petroleum here tonight everybody skating and I'd be happy to be if you look at that your quarter. We want point three. Why don't lawyers that's separate your growth we'll probably have to get the bully her out of timeouts. They could eight they oblique welcome to hurdle Perry denies that it definitely gets it right side wants to dribble the verbal back and badly out of thirteen seconds to CJ miles. Miles we'll make it tested grief felt good frame with a rebound wrestled it away what are we got up. All. For a jump ball court secretly want that job Toll Brothers well that Ralph what do we got. Eight point six to kill the clock that's all I know right now because of the pack it's a. Joseph cool week. And the circle to our left and this is dangerous because at a back table with that until we get the wide open three. It's go to be how old ant bit rate month jump in the circle to our left. Very no doubt that Jack may have leaked out that he's now miles to ramp up the roads that. Great mom might tap into the forest and typically it bounces. Welcome to be tapped it back to direct go to get to their credit bubble that pick up my portal. Look he had a deflected without a floor close call up like that. No I don't wolf would want a second ago. Oh. I think it will review this. Costs drop down to our left. The ball ended up about a bounce look at the rules Toronto Paul we will take a look. McCullough to review brought to my ring central. Privacy was communication and collaboration experience. Your mater workforce rate central to mitigate collaborate connect. Packets a caucus they're gonna take a long look at this to make sure they're exactly correct. It was like crazy play. And the three officials now. Confirm. Exactly 12 on the clock but again that's another big server to review. If you see how much time is he's actually left with a ball. Went out of bounds. It may be too Ronald ball with 4 time o'clock. On the got caught I believe that might go over to the warriors. The rule is going to be warriors basketball with three seconds to go home. It's a Golden State get the ball down and figured Steve Kerr. You have two timeouts left you Mike called a timeout he will. At that way he could advance the ball to the front door. To the warriors will have the ball and I'm out or warriors and they will advance the ball at some point to throw in the point two that you don't want about it for your overture from Euro basket. The cricket Rosen Kevin to rant. All stars of up to talk to each other about what's going on in this game but we'll appreciate it they're implicated in this. Want to 45142. Golden State. If the lawyers win. Holding off. Toronto in this furious comeback. To witness back to back getting it tonight for the sport gets 3 AM. It would be aggressive obviously they would look at say you know hey we shipped out of the gate to disclose. And that's something that we need to work on the second half of the season to put the pedal to the floor. And they keep games like this. This decade. But either way some huge plays down the stretch Currie was some big defensive rebounds. Kevin Durant with a huge jump shot three months greens doing what he does. Robot will throw audience. The near sideline. The roses in the back global guard Livingston. Three seconds left. Hurdle to frustrate my theory quite hard to stop this court fouled and legally buy deadly. 2.5 left to Drupal walked up and a chance to ice this year. Raptors are out of timeouts. Here's the roses in deadly trying to psych out curry would. Delicate words but think. The free throw line person's job away if not then. Curry missed two after that fall again you wonder that had something to do need to publicly released it well. 92 point six from the stripe for the season. The second free throw that is good and that is that what will be 721222. Point five to go. The rows of the baseball pass down the hurdle good catch. Mike cited may have leaked just around the lake that I think those good guys it's a free at the ball team he is over. The warriors hang out. Up 47 against a very game. Toronto Raptors club but have played really hard and really well the second half at the warriors would want 47. 21 that's what the fine.