Warriors Replay vs Suns 2-12-18

Warriors Replay
Monday, February 12th

In case you missed Warriors vs Suns, check out the Warriors Replay.


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This is to abroad the voice of the Golden State boy years and you're listening to the lawyers replay on 957. The game. Well crowd this Jerry for the lawyers won't let go luckily for all stars who are heading off to offset those critics we get the all star festivities. They're give their all star jerseys from the hometown fans that's always fun things. Lawyers will be starting the same starting five they do normally with the exception very much greased up late tonight. Without left finger problem all break. Cast we will replace him. Joining Kevin Durant. That happens to be a place to have specific theory Phoenix outfielder TJ ward dragon vendors Tyson Chandler the battery that can make you feel. Josh actually it helped her create great it is that they be that guy is is that the Beaufort. A newcomer to the Phoenix squad five if you will have to plot Marbury and the outstanding 2001. Josh Jackson for those involved ice Kubel the Bay Area. Might note that he. That it will look at wrapped in Napa. And went to high school with Justin Siena to class there. That's eighteen and 39 energy throughout who replaced Earl Watson just three games into the season. 03. And it's. He blowout opening night if I could make it came a couple of games later opening tip. Patrol while the lawyers who were wearing their sleep jerseys with the white letters like that with the backside sun it will be traditional home whites or for not sat down heavily bet they'll. Layup off a feed for gas we. Peyton gets it to the far side and we nuclear TJ ward back to make notes inside in France Rucker you scored. Ford would like to get off to a good start. If the best record at the fallen behind by pamphlets record your really aspires to Terry Dixon and off the gas we want toward Reno yeah. And Jackson pulls out the rebounds. Actively one year now is flawed kids. Thrifty sample they'd write him good camera with a tip that's so good that theory about foreign hand off to carry. Three three over all ray drives it stepped around it their way up. Reaching up with a right arm nice group wild recast the big giant images. We have played one that hit a ball tonight they would evolve their sideline. Get to the jacksons. Terrorism runs hurry through a jailer screen patent families floater up but yet that was too easy. Last recorders against Antonio warriors were pretty good. They need to take gas the first quoting here tonight carry the ball stops teeth. Over does that that's straight out of seventeen off the back rim high heavier graphite tape right where they had the TJ ward. What's on the brakes come to middle goes hard to these tapes looked it up over Iran itself would go good with Julio with the defensive rebound. One terrible look look the lopsided Kevin Durant. To ran out the jaws comes on the right bulls over the right elbow pulls up but fires it up but not good that's that's tip goes awry at Chandler runs down the board. And that floppy ears his numbers over the front of his base sixty devil outside his Jackson. Jackson the chance. Looses blowing in the wind there genders of laws that. Sounds awards warned. Baseline moves on cast these sprays it to the broken circle over the south of Jackson left. Really provide a shattered an air ball rabbi to Julia. They're gonna on the shot clock violation David Guthrie barking out and CJ Watson are all working tonight under the watchful high of money McCutcheon. Was here after talking to the warriors after shootaround. Meeting about. It but. That he gave Washington. Wanted to get lots of stuff. Those who loses the quiet storm period of all White Sox played tough to girls and fired up but good for the job right away. And we're excited for. CJ Watson for those who don't know what faith do you leaks on the lawyers to give up later made a nice career. Nice young man with the joke yeah. Patent on the right side Germany he fender Bender crashes trouble goes up or whatever good he got out of the process. That's really what the fountains. It's now been due to the strike. Anderson starting at Saturn recent days because camp that was. We've heard. These are the power forward position tonight misses the free throw. Six to four. Oilers down to. Right side Perry at intervals not paid double without low light switch for track players stepped back over Jackson also want to let it. But they came out of without fire it began to get Santonio did did we hear it here first two shots. We'll see about trading buckets that they are legal. Chandler. Here is hit the ball toward left side of this why can't the blondes are rant CN that you overhear those blocks they buy can't speak as it was going out of out to carry ticks and possibly to extract. Perry pulls up the transition three Volvo good. Patent defense you rebound that's really bites not I've got to bounce off patent. You can't afford to go back to Golden State. Jackson diving before try to save him far away. Good now it's. They asked what rules went off to fall and handed Kevin ray drive the forehead more bounce. This town is stilts. Representing up before tonight played jobs that. Pop the top of the key feet missed the jumper over the that he checked Peyton gets toward early office decides or dribbles. Think if they don't want little overtaking spot a straight left wing knocked it down. Nine this six Phoenix. Suns. Hitting their first three that I had to try. Beat Kathy Kathy wait to rant. Try to get out the clutches of war goes baseline out of bounds with Juliet once you're behind his back fact that KP but it does not fully back on the floor. Is it great thought but. The rant what we established. The war war the old stadium was the coming out of bounds and therefore we want to. 96 Phoenix. Overpaid it's his first three shots in the game. Residents 21 of six. Patent dribble drive Family Guy get to the revenue easy layup for L repaid. And the way your defense or so far the early going they're down by fox. Gas unitary theory left side dribbles. Vendors get the ball was not right side to rant off the street to ran ads rule fires away and hit the sixteenth quarter. Chandler too late to come out and his staff. And its eleventh day. Patent life size again I don't normally ISIS' has stripped by Carrie it's out of bounds you've heard. Elf repaid inscribed despaired. It's sixteen on the shot clock. Here's as a basket while that is where the ability of the vendors want to we'll get to the war up and down like shivers up and look good to very high near the readout warriors down operate. Very front court bounce bathcasting steps they'll shoot over Bender too strong. Jam with a rebound lawyers are poor people have with the floor Whiteside all the way at Jackson flop like Clay Johnson played my football team was standing up the left baseline and it will be Phoenix ball. Would eighteen issues to clay Thompson gets the first block of the night for gold states. Eight seal the shot clock make the throw idiots get to the war. Otherwise court crossover. Aspects of that left side throws to bases almost don't buy curry could handle it and it goes out events. About 658 to go. If the first quarter of flight will take it right now the lawyers radio network presented by winds down efficient ways of the war. I thought there. Quiet storm. Beaumont C lots of Floyd down levity is hate it six figures of models watching a lot of other anecdotes speaker. And the coaching staff didn't go Adonal they let the players. Decide what. Is gonna happen tonight. So the players were running the huddle off Israel for patent outside and he is five but. For five top of the key jumpers for Peyton it's thirteen eight Peyton has eleven of the thirteen. My goodness. That's due to Wal-Mart tonight. Direct catches. Rotates to Terry Terry gasoline had dobbs not not beautiful feet by hurry up but Julia what they've done. Thirteen to ten. That's not Sam McKee is at the stores do. So people write offs. Let's can't hide most pass to Chandler back to basket. Third he'll drop off the wars it's not Iran force of the bad shot missed it wide left hates the rebound out the champ was. No look defender for three at stuff that they'll get and the rebound with Julia. Perry surveyed the floor. Looks like basically tapped to dribbles down late leads to hurt but still yet to the white corporate there live for. Always have that big game at thirteen. At their first triple that I may. I'm self guided by Iran Chamblee is the banter that is desperate go to that we travel. Stepping right now what people quickly and Perry. Tim McKee will commit to bill coming off a very good performance against San Antonio. They tried to get. I'm pretty good knowledge into the game but. Who's not there at time. Alex Len has. Check in for Tyson Chandler's land. Maybe after the all star survey after the trade deadline with by the maybe that would get the start. Really trying to work other young players carry out the straight free ball for the white that the keynote good patent grabbed the rebounds. Hi this is actually paint balls there ways and let with a nasty street nice period for Buffett to south at that without help for me. Belfort Peyton did not wait for the screen so Alex Len had this break out of that hated pulls me to try to get there at time and he could sold out quicken up. So he runs in the period. And it's not with the ballot Carol. It now it's nasty out and like he stressed the young man from Sacramento. And also Daniel we'll check it besides. Good shooters. We've gained. It's knowledgeable Virginia commonwealth. Carried out at your side through a double screen feeds over to Mickey Mickey hand off to rant now back to Perry for three wide open biscuit. And the readout walls that Chris Perry is over for right now. Off to a slow start walls they can't miss. It brings back the date eight that deep three straight on all my goodness he is six for six. That's his second three at that was about 25 poisoned water. Sixteenth at thirteen sons to rant but that's crosscourt Currie baseline they get now one drivel. Lob into the deep balls they strip with all the ballots on Oprah today. Offered patent. Hasn't missed a shot with seven minutes Diaz fourteen point one assists and five rebounds. It's coming off his only game as a sophomore he was eight of thirteen from the field. Would nine assists exports in nineteen points a loss to Denver. Free throw it up for no good. And so it the seventh time all year long that he Sani multiple. Three point gain. Any more than 13 point shot. For the folks know land aren't happy about them at the McKie misses both recruit lawyers do that like three. Rebounds as the son Chris and cells to attack the basket to our lab. All thrown on the far side toward toward now with a triple. It took over the game you'll spot up three in the last week an air ball is grabbed by Chris back this game you'll feel real load for another one. This was so good he gets now hostile to the rebound. That is the weight balance on adaptable to hades. For eighteen to go to court to grant left can't dribble down the lane floats at up man. Gaither now what the. Time out. It's T believe what I wanted trio of the rocky moment for Alex land as they walk off the floor. Alpert patent 636 draft of the suns are one for a while. The lawyers radio network presented by went down the official way. Back in Oakland son tap the ball. And they lead by 116. To fifty Nick Young is jacket for the warriors would. I agree it's now McKie ran victory. Any of the ball land land handoff to pay their rent Natalie goes up at scar. Where they had no look look forward JaVale Wiki. He is seven the first seven he has sixty of the eighteen points. For the sides Alpert Peyton cannot be stopped here the first quarter. Kevin Randolph but Curry's three feet curry curry double clutches cosa authority yet now it debris a couple of short rebound may. Lawyers doubt three states. Circles medal. Feeds out to Chris patent dropped the ball retreated now try to fight it now they like Chris down low with the worries which all over the floor. And now beaten up just got to find the key feet it deep outlines. In the troubles arose out Mandy is fouled look. We CJ Washington with the ball. I Kevin Durant. And land but those the free throw line. As mentioned sixteen at ET. Know for me. It's mostly eighteen to fifteen and 1950s. Like it's a free throw. Well Philips lighting is bringing even more excitement to the lawyers buzzer beaters this year for every last second shot. Philips lighting will be giving away a few personal wireless like it to one lucky warrior fan to read the excitement of the game to their home. Register and check out all the great buzzer beating shots of ways dot com slash fourth with a line. Alex Lowe and his two sons lead by five carry the ball drifting like these to ramp. Rotates a job because now he takes it massacre. Hurry up the street double feeds deep deep is that bad downturn over. Picked up Mike Daniels now goes over to warrant stripping the ball at the red save as he was going out of bounds stake beyond. That's it that's fair fight it now could possibly get back young off the street. Won't suit feeds Durant standing disapprove of the town logo at the court. Shot clock you can't jury bar at market the past dribbles the race like cruises to the right side looked nasty at Dallas. Yeah now blocked off his route and now. But marquis skirts. Mean now made decided that it and they contract with the that's got great 61 on drafted player 2016. Texas Tech if this account and analysts view. Feed the cat the about her very Smart Nightline takes to stop the key up from the east street beat you real real battling my way. Difficult anyway or it's not that let the ball landed. Ray Whiteside hit it to Jackson Jackson's return game is cutting off the that thereby you know now back over a great sadness the angels made it actually rates would make it drives not yet go to that trouble and I feel like right now. Operatives carried out a psychic to Wear the purple grape all. First victim that I was furious five drives. Scott Jackson for the ball. Triples the road and outside to right cross court if it over the correct strictly to regain the bubble that retreat where your defense for the war. Active here in the latter stages of the first quarter as Krstic is jumper that will not fall to rant got the rebound. Iran. Jogging down the right way come march to the middle office green close to perfectly matches then it goes out of bounds. And a foul. Now it's not Phoenix. So lay down their lobbying for easy shots. Vows not Josh Jackson. And they're gonna get me. Two shots. While he shoots wolf Wannstedt second station identification. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Zack gets breakthrough for me he has goodness the person. He was coming off back to back games during the seven of eight from the free throw line. What I want twentieth. First lead for Golden State in this case. Luckiest person purples and the white uniform the Phoenix Suns may slide dropped about Iran nowhere to go. Feet doubt glad you real Hillary goes up got pushed by McKee. And Alex Len. We'll head back to the free throw line to goal. Land on the free throw line. Steve Kerr when he beat it feels deceived the lawyers play their best basketball. Number I just told the that we need to be you know some point. It's like last year we lost five out of seven. In late February and came back in blue barge hauled off. Following that stretch and you out of Lou it's also weighing in on personal gain back up stretch against Philadelphia when we went on one achievable I think it's bad. From the point or do you could always lobbying and Brito violin as wants this to Perry gets the ball the front court to McKee there rant rant. Back to curry six to dribble one hander awfully good for very right side of the fact that he thankful that the data fully redeploy. Final 58 seconds of the court's great taste like Corey terrible economic Eagles approachable a shot of that and Alex land with a done. Ball gets away McKee about it securities. Dirt road it's on very good now. I'll break out the lights night after rant there needs him about to turn against the triple threat. Makes that ripped through now waiting holding the better hurry hurry that up high in the years of military hit the deck. And the rebound goes to lightly down the Jackson Jackson goes all the way it goes. They like Kevin Durant they're gonna go on a bill. Wow what a lot like babies that yet and I hear about. And I don't know now the cool thing I apples on the way out. I think they. Yeah there's that mental thing. All of the other way out but he hit it hard off the glass I think we get it it hit the lab they thought. Before got their very go to get clobbered in Oklahoma he saved it out if they port it ran it if ran him accountable. Wait for McKie. Rant to the streets sixties that it's important that prevailed. Why. Five boys Ricky. Great with ten seconds. Revels in the circle over to Jackson's. Jackson retreat he gobbles 14 seconds three seconds ago crossover dribble bulls over the ran stripped the ball very. It popped. Atlanta had heard very analyst. That I target. Hair. Two months. And they'll want to. Lawyers 2524. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by wait staff evacuate. The warriors. Doctor gave some great play by play for lawyers leading by one. And. Stepped Perry finally got going late. The quarter Chris with five point to force this seventh prohibit the ranks to lead the lawyers that story. Overpaid it's done all the big numbers tonight in Phoenix he has sixteen. I'll look there 24 he is Avant for seven from the floor. Is averaging a career high if you go for its percentage three percentage and scoring be here. Awfully tremendous guard. Steve Perry doing something a little different tonight including the players on the huddle tonight. My sense is he's trying to get that eight different voice in there. Is to try to shake things up there with a word or have a team that's mentally tired at this point Shaun Livingston will start this second quarter Libya and stuff. What Ryder quality that dinosaur lineup. Nick Young is going to be in there which played Johnson. He is now it's David lasts. Lately it's been a very effective line of the back. Game against that Tony was his first Big Apple way back get there. Great off the screen with led diving to the greatest under at the ball and drive it's up against. So let's back got out. Driving bucket there by God's grace that is that it's a big contracts is a huge game for him getting some played down. With the older injuries to get now pressured up top bike race. Chess master plates up to guard Mike Jackson played well they do west back to Blake give it go to the ramp it's blocked the way the loose ball. Picked up by Chris. Rail ticket down the far sideline freaks you bill. That was kicked might get down and they'll learn their because the shot clock and stage. At seventy. Jackson we'll put the ball. Great as a chest pass to Daniels a game of retreat back over to grace. Crossover dribble to the right and it marks aren't likely to us. Stubble he did Josh Jackson that they corner three that doesn't go live to that out. Young stepped in to grab the ball for gold didn't keep John Livingston lawyers down by I want. Young with the ball the light sides about the great starts and we'll before tonight. Slightly yuck the tick off the dribble phrased it fired jumper good. They've got a rare player. There's much better leading and tripling its taking it read any atop a standstill expert. Gray. I'm violently disagree not very big but has quit. Yeah it is. A street violence. It's not a lot like gave him last minute mark chaotic Baltic now. Josh green is listed at 61. David was he here in the back cuts in us now foul. They look at the replay and it wasn't back. On the hand and now they are Melissa. Get a good angle. I grew up here. Always demonstrative in their support. Got a producer and associate producer down the other at the table one looking up recipes the other is. Trolling you two free throw for grade. No good secular love the way. Is it. 2827. With territory Florida golf. For the first half of play Olympics it'll bring the ball up. Leaves the ball but that's for Johnson just nasty doubts directly in the middle of fourth rose slightly to David West. West skipped across court to young young goes up against now Mike Josh Jackson that could be reached out. That's Jackson comes over it's not to negotiate freon. Says yeah. Mess you. So young we'll shoot three. That's very civil lawyers are focused going in the break at this idea. Get back to play their brand. One official added that disastrous for us again you show up at a robot that moved her pictures were losing its own news and everybody. Just China. To file a little bit emotional little. I think we. To our intensity and a focus images petition these still on both ends of floor. Josh Jackson we'll sit down now dissect it found. TJ ward came back and spend your back in the area well so young hits off worry of the warriors lead by force their largest lead of the game. 3140. Down it. Great for the past five post event. Edgar Killen. Lands. Fleets reward you come up not fit to hand off. DJ or back to level level the looking at data about deflected by the way. Shot clock ready for the suns. Rated bonds it leading boldly goes dark side that you. Jurors looked for grade can't get a jump shot clock hit three Daniels and it doesn't know o'clock. Now those numbers down flights I'm so right. The fans alone. My get this wow. Like snobs that just. A nightmare. Regain heels. And out they doubt that dropped the pass out of bounds. Over the years and I. Like clay stunned by that let this happen. We have seen at this race. Alex let's jump that says street accountable guard Graham's life Thompson. Great tried to dribble it and enjoyed good quickness and for me goes down the left side is a lot can't scores. You've got five points. 3129. Lawyers leave. Night or two ago. First Jeff Young with a all the stops at Thompson trailed by gale street west that it tripled the October 14 what. David west was quoted in newspaper article about his outstanding year from the field that I just know where to shoot. He gets to his boss. This brings out like side. Double flights off the glass look good. Loose ball grabbed by a break it down concrete costs to look like we're covering all the way they'll look for political qualities that backup job David West symbols in the land fouled him. And west with a fadeaway bank shots second crown land. Practical cause and only cast become and young in he did now the sit down. Cause now late in games and Sanford won't really. That. The best game ever played the seat goes. 3329 approachable of the west it's not a top rate is up jumper on the way back quite so good. And vendor please. Grade. Grade out my peace. Milk does a lot with a successfully. Meet standards vendors have land stolen by west lasted a long. What quality that great plastic cap relief that. The off. And 83 outfits that timeout herpes. 847 to go before after a lawyer 35 times toy gun upbeat let it get beat Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down if that's the way. 3540. Denying the warriors lead the suns. Time out through my pre was handling this time out untenable blowing right to left on your radio down. Certainly the players available huddles that I patent activities that the best player on the floor. Sixty point seven of seven shooting. Tyson Chandler's return him to the office mate sizzle to the key and outside dangles not afraid to fire go over McCaw. He's got the boy your lead in half. In the suns' recent losses Santonio foods. They tied their worst loss in franchise history great Popovich was his assistant coaches who have coaching and actually blast beat gas beat great. Thread that needle asked about. Lap it will wipe my two sons. And it goes right the football late today it. Degree of difficulty on that path incredibly high wage and twelve assists out dribble drive by Peyton gets the rim again. Eight debate. 181 apple whites for L for a patent. Please give the top of the key of the baseline looks like Walter Payton does. Particularly down the field Sampson now pulls up double clutches tablet. 3934. Warriors lead by five. They kept it near side gets over today. Still for all the way it's up and it's no good. Paul's large size can't forget the lyrics to pull up jumper by two on too strong and Tyson Chandler. Will it. Read that thirty guys 34 to. Acquire second at turtle released to get it to the way for patent. Now boarded up as playtime sit at this. Word. Exaggeration. Warriors lead by aids. Yours may spit. Are we love sites out. Traveled the world golf retailer goes up the final lap goes up may have scored it at camp they're barking for now that he should have gotten. We've all voted down the lights the reason behind the back we're gonna board if possible the west last. At the high schools what some movement of the weeks I can't beat him up get the ball. Feet of leases in the way from where. Triples the right wing skip that to a phone lookup because of that flight data to other. Actor but following an aggressive move Beckett who is that job. 4436. These eight otherwise signs paid speeches like this can't lay up those who have been against now in the process. Knowledge travel. Traveled ball at that night turn over other zones. Chandler not arguing the call. Curry in Thompson now. Guess we will sit in their rant returns. Call at least in the last round out the 51 lead by eight with my fifty you know. Fewer than half seventeen points for the warriors majority last backdoor cut victory lap can't lay up right gamble a Perry gets a lay up the boys got their first double digit lead the public got tests. Off the street by Chandler throws up topped advancers standard triples in bounce pass to Jackson. Once Joseph got it over to taped statement shivers with a move them the last member note Devin Booker to bus itself. Patent Galilee shelf that they're his first miss other game. He's eight of nine rebound curry period transition office green don't look good look off a three ball the right way it felt good. Rebound deflected rabbi better believe warrant down the Whiteside like TJ ward back to the ranch house institutes of baseline jumper short book caught with a rebound. And war is over six. Limited to the comic called to do rant to ramp that most left side. Looks at finds across square feet to west from fifteen feet too strong on the weak side board Jackson's got it. For. The Phoenix us. Jackson flop for Chandler running down the lane he goes up and jammed it. 4638. Ball gets away. And here's comes little is that. Get it to the rant. Ran with a waiting your guns. Last fall at her curls he delivered to. To the length of the gridlock that we might get your who recovered quickly. All right well like she over the Jacksonville drive that she does a floater that never had a chance over get a direct Perry takes the other Waco mark writes about golf goes like Chandler throws down to the ramp threats that. The book won't you let it fly. Off a confidence building walls right now for the second year pro and at 49 if there. He's got seven boys did behind that it supports gun. Hate to create a circle picked up the group. Looked at the champ Peyton Walter who left his camera the lights that if you look at now the ball knocked away that goes out event. Last part of that life. West we'll sit down. A couple of loonie comes in Andre Iguodala. Checked back into movies film rival on the floor every warrior has played. Here half the number one jailer has got they'll see he's got cut on it. Left wrist. Stuff we use here Jack to get to hesitate to take a good job of while you're sounding so it's an air ball. And that's what could be. Turn over number ten on the sides Josh Jackson having a nightmare for to have equality. Between he had warned there one for fourteen combined curry right side trip to outlook don't look back. Jack kissed it off the glass and the lawyers haven't had high gear now they leave like thirteen. Jury has nine. Eight directing traffic. Flipped the ball to Jackson Jackson here way back to pace Jackson woke up through. Think you'll live within its patent muscles layout curry takes the shots up played good in a row. Twenty points for Alfred paid. Outside hurry up and take that chance or. The end one. For those not the way and it's no good worn by the rebound. Not that the that they doubt like to Bob Lilly and the ball goes you get ballots for out for those two trailer to go back to work. At Camden area. It's now obvious as 53 to forty. And it's. Now. As far as I think my upper Chandler who's landed in looting was giving help for Perry but. That left Chandler wide open he'd go right to the rim. Terry gets valve outside. Like Peyton. Really am troubled carrier in the second quarter. Peyton is now I have to hit the floor though for Phoenix he has to quality of their forty to wrap this up the shooting night for 31 time out of the floor. 245 left in the Shaq at 5342 warriors the lawyers radio network presented by we stop these situations the war. 5342. Lawyers lead by eleven were upstairs in the cyber policy broadcast Booth. Protect your company's home court. The worry now that time I'm happy the court. And all through the book long played well. Back and forth glossed over right Hank goes by Jackson pull up from fifteen I hit now. After much thought. As naive boy did he is tied with the three other lawyer players would globally. And if anything feel that this first happened afterwards on getting some confidence back he went into the nasty streak like gambler. Grimacing with his right elbow can't with a lot knocked way by looney it was a with a plan. We've had twelve for nineteen in this decade older. Coming up would have to have Marcy Davis. As all the stories plus a part of my conversation with the lawyers. Passes to Bruce Frazier android you're on your grungy father was the super Wikipedia her sudden out of nowhere and I don't know I was. I was there the Frazier was acknowledge. You're results that pays for the round vastly better Natalie mark he's Chris goes out got blocked by the river there was help there kabob movie picks the second. 5542. Lawyers to tend to go before the break. He's very set the strike. Hails from Sacramento. First breakthroughs. Good. He screws courses part of the the end result of their trade of Isiah Thomas. Second free throw no good looney with a rebound. Sacramento initially drafted him and then traded him. The Phoenix to get dallas' rant to live and after the call on the we screened violating the cardinals hard drives and over Chandler could no good. But it's good to see of taking a ball aggressively to renewables guilty that you know off the screen. Whiteside who together rainfall not to waste doorway of the top pick that up because it's Traficant deflected Perry gets to curry takes a shot got fouled off the back grip top of the key. Now they're saying no shot. Saying that ballot before Perry saying wait a minute. Third foul on tape. That will bring in grave backed the suns' lineup. And lots of down. At what cost still only their right arm of the net street by Chandler it was a nasty back screen it caught never saw it coming. Looney steps out get the ball me about from the red dress takes the handoff back pressured by award dribbles down thieves over the movie but it was too far broke him. Grant thought it was coming to the rim and that's the fourth quarter turnovers. That we haven't said that while. Too little too little recorder here. Might be the first. It's great feats of top sports hesitation dribble the Second World War war with a jumper he finally gets one to fall his first bucket. He's one for eight. It's 5545. Lawyers look at jury office Greek cup aren't left curry stops double clutched his hands off they get down that eight to go for half that. Contrary dribble drive in traffic album the pass that's going to be. The second down the last two minutes. And those who either way. The sun's franchise once a very proud franchise. Cotton Fitzsimmons took over when I was in Phoenix in 1988. Traded for Kevin Johnson the former cal bears time 55 wins conference files thirteen consecutive playoff first. 20102. The playoffs again. Hold real worry between the first round exit onto a great event for more playoff seasons ago Mike did Tony seventeen postseason trip to nineteen years. Ward trips to the graphics files 9293. They won the west who lost to Michael Jordan in the bulls but. It's in hard times branch does he get down makes one missed the second since he's just forty spots them. At the warriors lead by eleven. Great lob against the candidate went one too many times the well. Lou Reed actively curry has looked like it bounced back to Nick Young stepped into a triple and it's not bad bounces. Oh good. And pioneer the rebound a young legs of Josh Jackson. Jackson deaf ears I thought long distance it's short in the rebound to the ran. Rant will dribble them with 38 seconds to a chance to for want Perry sees it he catches he fired at a hurry. Four seconds ago before half time. 5945. Perry has whoa now. Sounds really not that two for one spot. Players let grave we'll all of those six to down to their side. I'll snaps. Champ champ their way toward the jets shot clock is that the board cut off nicely slightly dribble drive leads back. Finally blocked the way Ford gets it back that shot an air ball stepped forward deflected any doubt about. Lawyers. Had to ice it can't they say you went off of curry. The competitive nature of Tyson Chandler right there. Is really upset. Or was frustrated of the blocked out by leaps that the second shot with the bad won't worry winded down here. Ten seconds ago we get down to carry out of the key Perry dribbles it takes a floater tough but good for five seconds ago. Now a technical foul called on the suns. It's not just Jackson. Delta TJ ward. Curry started over four. And six of eight cents. Curry at the free throw line. This was a tight game after one of the lawyers led by one but they have blown it open here. You dissect it cooler than that free throw makes it 6245. So that's at five seconds left. Crystal rolling green in the back court Chris running the baseline throw a great great circles up to make port to the three point line takes a three left wing it's okay. Good how you found and were at the right here at Oakland. 6245. The wife of the 25 to eleven run. In the last seven minutes it forties jackets Archie gave us has have to part of my conversation with the lawyers assisted Bruce Frazier all coming your way. All the lawyers radio network at this if you're lucky that I lucky where the warriors shot. 6245. Of the break Tivoli taps Geithner side. Our policy. A broadcast Booth protect your companies don't court. Lawyers with a seventeen point lead at the right. In a game where Steve Perry is coaching staff have been laying the players. Run the huddles during that time out to make sense is that Steve wants to get it differed voice in there you'll hear I'm sure complete explanation. Coming up but our post game show when RC Davis will be running back the speaker pressed efforts. In all of its glory. Over patent and reached in his second game of the Phoenix out at this point point night killing nine of 10-Q the sense that the ball. Over the the second half we're up by seventeenth. Chandler turned it has blocked installed like Klay Thompson a whistle weight prevent a foul. Who's done. Zaza Pachulia picked to be found. Suns get. First possession near 14 o'clock it'll throw in the paint paint stops that may turn to choose he's kind of a lot of poorly to. Yes ten field goals and rest of the suns have ten combined. Fury of the ball. Throw for derail the right way to rant. Wait resides out wheels off the pick the allied south bass sounds like good they can't go off Catholic Church closed it up over Chandler accompanied. Overcast beginning to start to nitrate log green is out. That they still left finger. Tonight brown suit on the bench. Helping out the coaches tonight you'll provide better the right side that does ago test me with a re Downey canceled all the Kevin Durant. To rant. Often other street by Pachulia throws up Topper gassed beat Caspian to the facility here. Now dribbles not Jackson muscles his way in peace with Julia behind the back back to gas up with a white handled good. He got fouled by Jackson and that'll be the third. The rookie. And only to ask me to the free throw line. Cast via the strength. Secretary talked about the recent struggles lawyers. You talk advises a sense of desperation and energy that can get us out of their little folk. I was very since. Everything's relative hooded. We hold ourselves hostage and in order to win another championship we have to be. After we got out to the lawyers got their largest lead of the game 6647. Kids forty to go in the third. Jackson will be vendor. Benders. He did traffic got the ball inside the warnings missed the layup Chandler were ever read down ever put back. Tyson Chandler feeding at the rim. Wolf crude rant nobody got to go look out right. I felt all right thanks to the release live it down. Defensive breakdown of the outside their 68 to 49 the school. Jumper up to now fight it's patent no good that dissect it this may get the rebounds police tonight fury was Fat Albert. On the drive. Leading this shooting. They're gonna give you shots even though it's backwards to the basket. It's their ruling the was trying to shoot without kind of forced him to turn around. Hate that the line in his first went on the way that's good. On the sides opened the season. Losing one to 44 to 76. And a home game deport. Earl Watson was fired at two games later as the head coach and then just the other night game netstat. Losing the San Antonio. Won 29. 281. Crap like that's not the other. Good and its seventh eighth at 51. It's evident that self start. And it looks like he may be routes without them this time out brought you by your Bay Area lucky California Stewart looked at California. Where the warriors shot. Seventy to 51 the way usually by nineteen at that that's happened to we have. Pool. Length of the floor drive future out all the time outs of the ball. Attacking the basket to ride Jackson that event tickets and topped the chancellor Chandler wonderful back to Jackson Jackson family close enough no good rebound curry Jackson now want to hand it. From the floor curry. Dribbles maids and flyers it took three out of there. 7351. Period now where they've seen. Snipes 45 to go in the third. Very conferees that's not a off the street he now runs it throws out all those awards up top that Jackson. Jackson wants to score takes it right side throws a water against no good again fortunately with a revamped. Outlet jury that's nasty cats because that's how god would give it back. Actually Katy for that does he couldn't handle that goes out of bounds. I'm happy to at a question brought to the amount Mike's pizza what are outline about might be to dot com. It's at the Weekend Warriors box warriors feel acts or you can sit meeting fails him Roy. And lawyers dot com where and how realistic and your thoughts and I what are your thoughts on the players running the huddle tonight for head coach speaker. What a two point lead for the lawyers Warren travels in the days or. Maybe just not done enough they'll call. And now he gets attack from the right side there's scant Milford freedom good manager fights redoubt out about jobs not. And we'll be sun ball. In that. Lawyers box on Twitter warriors feel I search employee. TI MR what you wish dot com. To enhance las relent until it bites I've done now excellent balance in his house that was often leading the fast break again. Third fallow land. So the suns turned over for the thirteenth time Moyer threw only five turnovers on what the worst team we get forcing turnovers. Perry with a handle. Jury. High post is Gaza. Gaza the top shows the ball doesn't shoot puts it on the deck and they call for travel. Counts and not happy with the and have to look at the people like you look. Looked like he traveled with and. Q what they saw their patent. Drivel again goes up and jump ball dive or jump ball. But. It's not his supervisor revision of money McCutcheon at half time easier tonight. Met with the way before. He has got a big job to. Today. It's great they have been doing it at that went the tip way to victory on the right. It's not a new players out for three it's that good that's out with a rebound might very last night. Very waits. Spread the pool. Dribbles then your roster right hand it to like three times takes that jumper opt out. That's is that there. Wally for Perry 7551. Lawyers. Vendor in the white way once dribble rotates to land. Shot clock at night in the states and goes up strip was sort of vowed to get a beyond that. Accounts. Send our. Get well wishes to Al McCoy the legendary voice of the Phoenix Suns is not here tonight John bloom. Filling in at his stance. Now a little bit cold under the weather didn't wanna. Make it worse by flying here. Consumed. The CEO we head down in the valley of the sun. Free throws up they'll get so upset about my land wave kicks in on email he's losing the game on league pass. In the Davidson North Carolina just down the street from Davidson county. Full full lawyer Fred Hansel. So yes if you're not a bit chilly with a bull. Might we didn't win what easily by 23 rattled the pie weights now. Visible through left can't dribbles down relate to the Olympic gold cup back home. Daniel was isolated out there and that's really not a great matchup for any pick to disperse found. And so. To the end the ranch here we're about communication. So did not get help for Daniels there. With 64. Million mismatch against that seven foot wingspan. Of KP you missed the free throw lend more clear to pay. What they wanted to the fast break points favorite Golden State tonight. Eight directing traffic right side that Daniel's active faith left wing defender back to think again. State between the circles. Screen set by land Peyton gets a back seat in the war is wide open for life. 7554. Currently five minutes gone by the third passes to Kathy Kathy for three no good very offensively. Put that on the jacket wrapped. Jumped up and then all of a sudden the lights went out Alex them was right behind him. Good recovery time. So I'm going left to right here in the third quarter. Hate news triples on the baseline comes out. Bounce pass defender rotation the war. High post to land Lands' End Sam was now of the direct kind of back in one. For the found. We requested night where and how pre listening and what's your thoughts. About the players running the huddle tonight cast we will go out and get Dallas comes in. Action was caught with a right wrist sprain will not be back. In this game. Jumper in the flyers side by then you're no good Warrick gets the rebound toward toward right Amylin. He's got back to back buckets for the suns. Lead is at 21 for Golden State has been as high as 25. Thompson right wing dribbles in. Pump fake Daniels to the Juliet now back to clay back disaster baseline Lowell left. Pass to Randall uplink. Direct crosscourt that very very base like those inside throws out they get now he wants to dribbles in optical finger roll that up though good champions around those goods rebound ticket now. For the third drive put the ball. 7956. Feet with a bomb far away. Accepted you to jump shots up but too strong floor with a tip maniac and very down low and all the sudden ward had six points. After three point she's been out here. Missing some shots he's now 414. Flight announced it takes a hands off to the right baseline heal troubled runner that's up for good life. They now it's double figures there warrior they get there it's 8158. Golden State. After the first quarter this gave it all. Warriors. Scandals back door play on Clay Johnson scores. Kim scurried up the full. Her approaches that's not very cut through it's not one dribble handoff Klay Thompson. Thompson backs up of the right wing hatchet to fade away over vendor it's no good patent got the rebound and that's his eighth board of the night. Lord of the phycor for patent. Feeds out to gain it back to patent a beautiful backdoor pass to ward who scores of Steve Kerr wanted time out. Defense getting a little lax there for the lawyers at the 81 this 62. Work 5060 golf here in the third. Lawyers radio network presented by winds down these situations toward. 8162. Lawyers were port 56 to go if the third. It's not validly warrior players have been handling the huddles if you're his coach example of the players we have voices tonight. Different look at their house wait for the ball curry played for three op Ed good plays. Not stellar triple. His second triple of the game lawyers up slightly C eighty towards the sixty news. Suffered to date. So athletes for Alex lions. Skate off the streets. Those baseline grows over this game feels he has a three look staff top fitted out period got the rebound. Carried out takes to the front court very staff head fake dribble drive hand golfer repeat. Knocked out of bounds find a new son but no. CJ Washington says. It's going to be out Alex woods if that won't like Glenn McGee. He heard that campaign. And mark a feeling. Ground. That he never got close to that patent. The ball show without that gain of yet another three look at shortly about the rant rant had to get now open momentarily announced it. In the dribbled back to avoid the eighth. To ram runs me through Mickey screen takes a middle road to McGee big east has come back you get it and TV does tap a circle. Hold the ball high Peyton crowds and tried to get under the fifth shot clock hit five. Being Klay Thompson he'll stay in the hills you know here. It's not that their worst defense of rating in franchise history. And the lawyers are shooting 58 point 3%. From the floor tonight. Alex led with a ball hit off the war. War pass back out if they hate waiting. Off the screen the violin Peyton crossover dribble with five issue goes up beds found. Peyton back. To cavalry troops. Curry gets his third found. Hate the line issue for Q. What little dog competition you're going out click Sampson had picked out last game and he ends outside. The old gentleman's wager on who you get worked out this year. It's been a lot of fun thing remotely true goodness the rim and finish strong I think he's overwhelmingly put a lot of vest while list. And she muscle between my least you know 45 dunks so not too worried. They count and not worried about Payton hit the second miss the first. And 8660 repaid with 25. Of the 63 the one bright light for Phoenix tonight. Threw the ball. It's Kevin Durant. The rays come to our left side dribbles it leads back to wolf valid topic. One Goliath chancellor three point line. Right about eight and nine from the floor. 45 point lead for the lawyers. Jeff Jackson for San Jose seasons in the KRT lion. As they should let David West. Coach at least once a week. CN makes listening. On the radio app that Michigan Celtics beat the coaching staff might be outages. Free throw them good for her 8860. Threes were part of our Twitter question where and how are you listening. The players like the house tonight Jackson with a lob it almost went in Durant got the rebound 8863 Perry catches. Steps in the traffic troubles not Jackson battling floats at up it's no good. Tip the way and it's ground by Alec land. Land that Daniel's game oath. Bounced past the trailers that Jackson go to hopefully he says. They have done that in LA Gary the other hand they hops depth Mike Gallagher that traveled east south west of the floor of my crew. Rookie Josh Jackson JYT know your personnel. He went right to McGee. And details that no. Here's curry at the line he makes too. That he and his father Dell. Will be tied for third all time in father son scoring. With a record Brent Barry. 26383. Points by the here. Jury with another free throw and they are tied so Dell stepped carry. Out tied with Rick and Brent Barry. Neitzel warrior theory of matchup to. Jackson the ball to Daniel Daniel right side. Backs up guarded by Gadhafi rose to Jackson can't initiate lawyers plead not easy to sixty very. Dribbling. In Chris naturally by young and he did Dallas got it Andre. Time outside. You won't want to go and at the warriors lead by 29 near the third. Nike to this 63 this time out front you buy your Bay Area lucky California stores lucky California. Where the warriors shot. 9263. I'd say it it's a little love. Viewers to watch very much greatly they'll huddle in the antibodies got a suit on foot foot down that's where. He's got that good but we'll get a good look at the stat sheet Dell. Give them medical board. I don't use before. 9263. The far away game goes at it from the suns' bench. Old friends Tyrone Corbin on that bench for the south of the great guys in the NBA. Very solid player and his date dangles off the dribble likes jumper in the corner makes a diving team. 65. Currie. If we. Good golf I get away. 9465. All four or win. Jackson entry pass play. Let them live life miserable. Not great by Mickey was golfer found. Lot kick save us against San Jose about the work the night shift. That's is also insanity posting on our flagship station staff 95 points of the game. We drove by Alex landing is good it. Second free flow of goods. 9467. More years it's been. The lawyers gave for a long time. Vanessa was gonna keep me home at. Keeps it class volley game. That's for you the board its future is very fickle the game. Ego gets the good it was sold tumbling down was Daniel's neck on the walks up the wrong time. Alex led with a the fountain. An email to avoid. Got county may have RO YE. And what you're Santa. Mike is. Like town Steve's leg the players call in the huddle. Let me emblem flying. It's a nice thank you you definitely to get get a different look it it's different vibe. Mix it up a little bit because obviously we've seen this go war and everybody recruitment for Mickey makes one think it's too. 9667. Against late night Whitley. Civil drive. I'd like break without making life that was that the follow the rats got the rebound JP on the breakout pass to young stepped it to a three. 45 seconds to go on the corner of third eighteen point lead that for the lawyers. Chris did Jackson. Jackson goes up man's story that dribble to the right handed Kevin Durant slap to homes and frustration. That quality. Let Jackson get to that right yet derail the ball in the fairway. Waiting out with twenty seconds to go eleven on the shot clock dad Durant stepped up the make work line. Making his move to turn the ball over. Unforced errors there ninety turnovers for the Dunn's. Fifth turn over age this circle. Only black mark against the into the water. Great home run the clock down in the zone shot clock turned off what you're don't have a down again. Grade middle of the awaits rally excellent screens a great hit the accelerator drives it holds up quite handled given Al flag right there. Got it down four point one to go jury takes that they torched shops and lets it fly at the back Graham and we'll start the fourth. Would the lawyers leading by 28 baggy this 71. Twelve minutes left here oracle the defending champ beat Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wing stuff efficient ways. The oil. Thank you guys 71. The lawyers leading. Through my great diagrams of plays very sitting down in the odds are probably won't sit. Stadium in the fourth quarter. So we'll have to wait till the game at Portland where the likelihood. Half the area. Nine rebounds for stepped very Wallach with double them. Livingston young. Looney. Nasty and west. Of the old state. Lilly get the ball lovely good make dribbles to the rim does not let that happen often rebel with a writing and for Obama only. And the lawyers have to have the set you bark at 1136 ago. All thrown into the box seriously that we got there Jackson. Not the way by west Jackson gets it back missed the lay up. This and I can't end soon enough for judge Jackson. Let's keep the ball a young you know quickly left side that's before it got three more break that down. Three of four outside the arc he's got wolf wolf. 10470. Juan Williams. And lest you think that. With the lawyers. Maybe a Buddhist ward drives and get it was sort of found until today. Think that. Lawyers would win their twelfth straight against the suns. The lawyers would have to win. Starting play tonight they'd have to win the season series by sweeping it nine years in a row. To get. We even close of tying up the all time series the all time series it's 137. 99 favoring the suns. Lot of only each there for years by the sounds of little ways free throw by award is good. We'll for the 73. Livingston gets the ball a young young rotates to west. West now would it holds the right hand hand off what makes it Livingston back to west give ago. Gobbled up it's not cast three straight out birth parade got. Uptown. And we'll look knocked down a free. And her calf fee. That's going to be his first three since early December. It only take it three since December 14 and missed the ball. 10773. Livingston. The ball upside pass down the young. You know with a jumper that's open. Time outside. At fourteen to golf. Angel needed 3610 and I did 73. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down. It feels way toward. It. Calls. Season ticket holders who wanted to know it just means they're going to be of the C resident at halftime shows for the foreseeable future. So early we we wanted to jump to. Operate the best we could. That's chip for hours or as head of marketing and sales who is leaving us. And out of the way they're buying red and a new units axles Belfort patent takes David West off the dribble scores one all night this 75. Now. We wouldn't leave but you bet accept the position and we'll start immediately as the new team president of the Florida Marlins. That actually gradually chip Nick Young for three of the last night that's a good read out west put back to reward for David Le. That's great opportunity for for chip. And the warriors lost is the Marlins game. We wish him nothing but success of that and justice truth Fleischer. Work with and for chip hours these last few years jumper by Reid is up but don't get themselves. 111 to 75. And after it came down this morning Nikki unless I listen handoff young quarter free up the way that won't go Rudy go hand benefits grabs now by. War or throw into the head to reach back toward good to have stepped morality to the Tolbert can't get the ball. Rebound goes to west. Livingston walk in depth. Download free was a rookie out of Miami of war. And I Kathy got freeway. Second round pick of the sun we'll read. Slash your 32 pick ticket overall. We'll all ACC. The center. Last year with a her game. Most of my war I'll look at it rather well. Reid is 66200 intent now twenty years of age Jared doubly down. 32 years of age. Nice breeze and limit your out of Boston now San Diego again. Love sport. Time. About the lawyers what thirteenth this 75. Two franchises have some. Great. Match ups ruined. His words that Don Nelson says coast. Lou these steps in low trap heat Kathy can't speak to the tape stopped double it up yoga but got out from behind. We had a couple of 140 you know 135. Games in this building. Steve Nash of the sun spots meals for the warriors. Some really entertaining games. Of course back in the playoffs in the early nineties Chris Webber that behind the back drive a dump over Charles Barkley. It's not a lot to sweep that series three. Webber would hold out and franchise. Setback for years. What 1475. Throws. For gas and Kathy starting tonight fourteen points and jumper right veteran it's up to the midwest snatches the rebound. And lastly bring the ball up themselves. Lou engineer's side just past Olympics. Rightly vcast casting. Jumped half a world class not the way by awarded picked up by re that the tenth turn over the players have to. A great number for them on the night. It's what's happening lazy state misfired rebounds Warrick scored for the white hands feet. One step to go. Or we'll head the board was tomorrow take out the trail blazers on Wednesday that for the all star break young's shop athletics. Outcast last. Last night dribbles opt out what his shot and good forgave the laugh. Steve Kerr played the players available huddles tonight terabyte you there was Don Nelson how do you. Nelson another update go to and drop them now David West now living western collided with a warning that it goes down. Many nights Don Nelson will be on the bench it. Allowing assistant coaches to run the show. To Gregg Popovich did next couple nights go for Santonio. When they were playing the Phoenix Suns. He missed coach Becky handle. For patent coming over he's got. Twenty plus games to make his mark here is a free agent in the off season. It and yet it's what feeds eight. That's a season high one shot at a career high Livingston office. Relaxed out just right to have 118 at 99. Eight and the deathly deathly straight Jeff left that revolve doesn't fall. Only cast me as the rebound brings up. Inside the little limited experience right here goes a little bit. Offended by Peyton gets the outlet from a deadly patent accelerates overshot the ribs locked by west going to be a jump ball. Peyton is the first time we scored his much outside the District of Columbia. Scored 27. At Washington's scored thirty per night at Washington. After the bomb went fourteen of his first double figure game December 27 against you song. Outside comes in gives the club would be a great movies that night. That's not what the tabloids unlike many teams they really don't have a lot of young guys which would look ma not be able to come back Ian. It's basically veterans after that. We'll be deemed it yields down at Santa Cruz won't link goes. To the right side of the recent credit throughout jumper over Jackson is smooth and quiet and yeah. Once twice this Saturday night everybody has scored for the warriors tonight. 650 to go. In the countdown. Kate Snow outside jumpers up another chance to get the rebound. In route to the 25 consecutive win what's going 120. Young bouncing over the drivel feet west west crosscourt Kathy Kathy drives right. Asked if Julie it's 5 o'clock here comes out left. Spinning baseline off now throws up top deflected the backcourt it's gonna be shocked by. Great Kim's campaign to sit down with 29 points. Rob Phil Jackson joined the stream. In the city won't work it out as dry. Get after tonight. All that far away. Jackson now Madrid's. It's starting his second can't they can't track nobody throws the ball. Defensive that your rotates. To read read crossover dribble fires with eighteen off the back room after the rebound Joseph wants it dealt with this win who gets the win. With the players handling little. I guess of Luke didn't get the 39 men. Good lead to 51 of the head coach will be the ball left Zach. Shot clock hit five gone goes to work on great journey planet with a just off the program. Redone rapped down my dentist. Answer it's. Josh Jackson Jackson accelerate knocked away and the readout that loose ball goes to his outside Gaza to Livingston. Jackson to go live right Yates got over the counter subway. 444 it goes deeper golf with down about one play to 79. I'm always radio network presented lightweight stuff. That you ways or you. We'll do the ball for 44 to go. Closely watched what he did 79. There are largely the game 41 points. Would they stay above forty that would be the second forty point loss for the suns is that a week. While. You're down to choose soccer takes the handoff fourteenth water around it down break it down. 2279. Gray ran across the locals. That's it for you saw tonight that play them in on Wednesday night to see him there before all star break schedules. Delhi still with a very very backs up on the valves. To vent their vendors in south south south lost it was a little now. Mentioned the warriors besides playing in the in the playoffs in the early nineties it's good. Okay. We'll play by Webber. Barkley would end up get over fifty though in game three to win that series. We've elected not to doubt we'll great opener for three at least two strong performance to go. In this game. I agree it now. On the ballots is thousands zone waits. Can't pass backup job done very high posted it yet. You know. Want to answerable to the right. Now lights and drive it long for all the way up. Clicked off the rim three down the great great he goes up blocked by Andre who then strip the ball away it takes up the floor takes migrate all the less. You don't think the large side brutal warrior that. Brings it back up to up to can't. It's lively including his time move it could be enough to. Making the the gunman down from. Through this town. What's what 1879. Warriors with the the advantage here. Yeah it was forty when the agree with a shot blockers out about from the word. The pin was sixty on the shot clock. On the far away. Well past middle still finally catch the on the accelerating change direction gets to the pay closer look at. How fiery. The way you do all the wind they've won ten in a row now. Doubted their children. Authorities. ESPN's stats first rookie to lead his team is scoring during a ten game win streak since Wilt Chamberlain. With 5960 warriors. Philadelphia warriors can't be Ellis seventeen guys TC high at the free throw quick hits 145. This 79. Jackson's status reverts and comes up at scored over McKee Knight moved. My Janet Jackson on the baseline. Did Albert up that far away. I'm about sealed. All pro series ID itself. Entry pass down the McGee's. Yep that's casting. Casts doubles not afraid leans in she's right over the top of that stuff but don't you recap the readout to a NASA billiards. The warriors leading by. You know forty. Six what's not carry by Jared Dudley. And we will hesitation dribble there. Turned over. Can't go off they wait to cast resolute. Jake you know put says they'll provide you right. Speakers coaching isn't all exit than those without knowing what to do it became missed the shot three died young kids in the course of Friedel good. And defended tipped the rebound every. Bounce pass to Jackson flies at Berkeley build. Super shot X is on the NBA apple Ecuador. Love the curious mix it up getting the players involved tonight. BCD. That was at midnight five point seven against the West Coast of the keys baby and rebuild marina. JaVale McGee has about job hand off to ya. Young pulled. Sixteen and it's 147 bit. Eighty threes. Not so good the boys get it back. For the Detroit Ford ago. Diligently at San Jose. He loves it when we have. You'll grant 66 of the broadcast that the degree to Florida if he was the right side. Jab step into a jumper for JaVale that's a good read the report. Many have left some have stayed here and or the little boy is leading 147 to 83. Jackson looked toward earth rotates down to great. This flyers up 354 seconds ago. Reflective listening on NBA league pass supported by Ericsson. As new voices in the huddle have never heard from. I think that's what I see David. That if they let them. Now Kathleen Kathleen based life. We were about eighteen. Once when he dived 83 at this really does. This night is for a long long time. Cast your worries her eyes are these days. It's a rebound off they shout words that didn't cross the timeline. You don't want to give up now had it was a rough time line and then we'll be back. Nineteen points ten rebounds for only Kathy had this game just what the doctor ordered it. Building game. For Golden State.