Warriors Replay vs Spurs 4-14-18- Game 1

Warriors Replay
Saturday, April 14th

In case you missed Warriors vs Spurs Game 1, check out the Warriors Replay.


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This is to abroad the voice of the Golden State boy years and you're listening to the lawyers replay on 957. The game. Gave papers gave FitzGerald and erotic parents of the three officials tonight. Today. Partly because tonight what would you. The idea of what net present your game to bed at night over the years but today it's the playoffs sun streaming into the upper concourse that we're ready go to I. Report by the way the option that they feel spurt where they're role black. We dispersed across the front at the spur of the part of the logo. What are you. Matches it was reward global white paper to the loose circle outlined to go blue jumpers we'll let her back that ultimately you have. What Michael let's data entry is now the surprise starter there along with. JaVale McGee. And Eritrea while I agree the plate now down to come to the right side. He straight on out about character faces you right over the top of that it built missed the jumper and an exit with a revamped. Marie Gibbs about details at the spurs it absolutely. Bill Murray attacked the basket to our last. Screens that feels kind of late about what to prove it double rotates over that he would agree. What an awful lot like maybe. If that back up to up the Aldrich alters the bills 5 o'clock Avago bills during the quarter left baseline it's stupid goof off the republic around the the rebound around a particular market that line out of three point line crosscourt break. Downstairs to the key with that that jumped out KDD three left way. Short ample won't readout now standards of law leak out to Murray who dropped it out of bounds about the turnover for tell Leo. Well surprise start for JaVale McGee and I think he's going to be on LaMarcus Aldridge he started out. Matched up against him that was the opposite that. And that they're trying to counteract him averaging 27 points against the warriors this year. Through my agreed outside left wrote that not to be Randy got the circle got a library shoots right over the top of the it down motivated just a short let it be sure that if the back agreement now. They have been at seventy that's the first bucket in the playoffs. Erica very. Left that there was little Aldridge turned and looked bill's case to life now to back to Aldrich. Drives up McKee good people it's like to bail movies do well faltered still let it all return to outside to any great 4 o'clock. Doubles that ball's spotted double dribble shoot over navy at an air ball and that shot but bio. At least it put together a plot their hits over. The outside here at oracle to pelvic easily. Counteracting the markets off if you could get a shot off that's why he's been there. You know not billed as a great sides inside defender but he got to go there. McKee looking for Cady denied by Anderson that's your matchup for San Antonio on the ramp ball goes to flights out of working out Patty Mills takes a bit double team. Luke the eye passed could get to get down to the court betrayed by takes that free itself without good. Rebound goes to Burry it if it Santonio stilted I think. Night with a five to go first quarter on the top of the key catches fire and it. Could profit from them up at work. All of the rain with a dangerous that's a pretty good now it now it just across the record distracted Fremont street itself so I'm about to Katie Katie guided by bill. Spurs showed double A becomes middle terrible eight clerk. The ball's going to be at his pants with a grain boundaries and I think that would give it to make a lot of shots absolutely bills. Your side high degree of all bombs bills but at Bob gets it to Aldridge jumper up let's give Aldrich from the left Sam McKee that he was just in part too far in the lane. Could get out in time to get them tiger. Two professional storage going back at fort Durant. And Aldridge straight up lot the baby gotta buy build again I felt. Which is exactly towns who was a look back out after the fact she got that but now before that the whole. Opposite birds and that Marie will make up his first. Lot of teams are going to be holding on the warriors mentally prepared to keep moving debris for him to make cuts now hard. Get to Iran have a little office reply to bail out basket real wonderful Natalie thank you wolf definitely at the game. 64 warriors got out with a 55 to go before I control it not even. Near Truckee. That's built up as well. And a green with a dribble get to the bills bills up job guarded by Katie. Having built former saint Mary Gail being accused of burritos that ball hit the way. My very gratified to have it out to the ramp up the big game. So it. We applaud the efforts on the ground and it got about. Eighteenth Apple's war that break out of it what took time out. And we did it not to secede if it is you're in your comfort zone you're going to get a lot of easy baskets today four point two is this so far for Kevin Durant. Before lawyers will take the right gate thirty Juan Miguel. At the first corner it's the playoffs on the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by woods got the official way. The warrior. Fully upcoming broadcast the series we'll have gave two back to your door pool on the money down at 7 o'clock with a pregame show. At that the San Antonio for games three and for those of legal enforcement obviously. It through we Thursday 6 o'clock at bandit GPU we've got put me outside the April 22 at San Antonio and that's it well new start West Coast time. Along the network that's the only thing we you know that there will be at least four games in this series. Let's start for the warriors who fly like out of line. Without question here. Attention you know defensively except the Q Aldridge of shots and the interests of her. 84 Boyer to 845 to go first quarter Murray brings the ball for Antonio looked at to Aldridge now the bills he'll back up guided by McKee Aldridge brought to likely taps at the ball goes the other way to Marie now bill's fate left comes up to opt for the that Murray Napoli one after all the way back ambassador we've got grade it now. They can start and then they wanna get off to a good start you know they need this game today. Very important. And it's starting Albert with their best you've got to be adapter for my back or go to office blocked by Aldridge. And not the way trip out was expecting the best your skills and exit to the front court that was good time for a pop thing. Bills dribbles and a very back of upshot of the waste lives at home for the Tampa McKee. Eight to six lawyer's bills of about Meyer can't leave him alone this cute cute. Right out of the game. Very very streaky who lawyers that defended him well this year Kim and ran up to apple waits screen by McKee that it will pass deflected they each get to go to war. But I hope they agree that make your world little. That's a good omen here turnovers didn't and he's. But he has scored the last six for the warriors who lead by four bills double find Marie cruising the baseline. Throw the pass goes right the brigades are over and over three San Antonio there's got to get down to the front court. Yep that's the drama is that not down at the turn over for the warriors. Anderson come back the other way slow motion Lou there's always throws that really can't agree dribble drive back to Anderson while they goes out manned basket because they. Hustled back if they treat you schaeuble list. Change the game so far trip on the front court lob what he added he might Iran be to get Dallack ivory hand off that he goes up let's. Give bail out looking at that point of order the warriors lead to blow this say about his and we expect that volleys because out of got to finish the way. Aldridge. And it's off bills bills left him bounced left Aldridge right elbow jumper but that is about it now of gas. Great to that the courts strive. I'm very off the street Mike Vrabel. Looking feet straight month downstairs working robbery goes up grant sort of like over the now for the warriors that make you referred to pay up there with his first basket for a break my green. That's it nothing burst for gold of day. 146 warrior. Aldridge dribbled out McKie left elbow which is. Mac sided dual two dribbles by Maria the court won't shoot up the tab gets is with Natalie cute which goes up against. When you switch out there. Versions too quick for big. That chance you really. Pretty self player obviously for want to applicable which he goes up left get a look good guys they got fouled on the play hard foul off particularly on older. Let's see where he's heard is that finger incident you know wrist he's bent over underneath the basket to our right along the far side. He's holding one of his arms and I think it is shooting him again and hit hard there. Personally this left and it got its own rebound. And it's his right arm that he still. Only is speaker got a call timeouts that you failed to get a breather. And that you take a look at this before he shoots the free throws fourteen to eight. Warriors with believe we'll take this down about 54040 go the first quarter the lawyers who outscored the spurs well let's to a debate. The defending chip the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient way the war. Fourteen days the lawyer sat down with 544 to go first quarter. It farmer John proud of them failed again to Abdullah that celebration. Forget the boy's great. Weekly warriors and former job prizes including the grand prize to break before your tickets and access to a pregame shootaround fault clobbered John Elian in mr. Graham. Take out my using the hash tag. Your favorite notes dot recipe. And are lawyers dot com slash farmer John. Very Forbes in the new Kindle sleeve jacket percent to only by the way my it would be with sauerkraut. And brown mustard. The mine. And also Rudy Gay. If you know what. When he builds it Aldrich Mickey looks okay misses the first free throw no substitution for the warriors answered yet. It royal what you bought it gave wanna the 2018 playoff McKie gets the sack it CDS nine. Of the fifteen points for gold Wednesday. Bills with a ball between the circles throat uptown to the veteran Rudy Gay reverse pivot in the triple threat though low bounce pass Pete Aldridge missed most left side. Like inevitable backed down. Jack what it's definitely built up over the gate too strong and a few of the rebound wanna lecturing you don't have to double team. Aldridge from the Vietnam and Kevin Durant dribble drive goes up over to beltway at the offensive foul out here. They're gonna wipe the basket away. James Capers that I don't like to call you could see it started to materialize but I still would call this a blocking foul. I just think that took over this we're gonna play wouldn't 41 years old throughout their time. Angela wolf today it was close my thought I thought Katie might as they gathered the way up would accidentally gotten exactly. Bill's throat Aldrich eyes closed Aldridge. Dribble handoff to do though you know with the forty year old looked NAFTA Aldridge not the way turnover McGee picked it up Forsberg turnover circuit straight month break down the floor. Three outbreak that after the rant deflected off the camp and Rudy Gay and that is really care I mean absolutely careless writes I've built to know what gets a three at the other way it's good to. You know we've buried it in its fifteen to eleven. They make you pay for your turnovers that they may be better than any team in the league and there's no hurry here. If that decision about last ivory is now called up for the rampant Rudy gave him all the way out with them the half court. Can't make that then so be it now looks right. Now it's having trouble shaking bill's kept his right side off the dribble jumper per play this way for a shot at nearly. Eight minutes. And if so what's usable we see here and that would be like so wide you know. Aldridge had to go off the street to go live with this terrible. Working Durant those who want NAFTA Aldridge low light it. Makes life both Republicans blocked. Around the back workflow like Hugo please slowed down the fast break the racquet to the front door ripped holes up where you want a life. Your first warning about quarter. And it's what can you elaborate. Or village you can hear is war. The bills off the street. 42 footer back tired no good hated Dallas that the dam had trouble with the dribble just asked to derail the lights back crosscourt to McKee. Look experts like Dobson Walt goes to bring about the most got a budget though we re about why can't dribbled up the middle goes out shout about those good body got out rebound you know we. The other way Whiteside the bills takes over the rebel won't shoot the Aldridge to a corner decay opt out most of floor for three overplay feel good worry about. Abdul rants. Speaker. To make sure that you wanted to Atlantic gonna get it. No direct golf that the now about what three minutes to go public order to get the job do they gave the lawyers have a nine point. First quarterly that's why these 211. We did that again we go through lawyers radio network presented finally snapped effectuate. Of the warrior. Really want to go first quarter. And it takes 18 to eleven game. Lawyers lead by now. It's not about David West Livingston. Looney. And Iran but. This is a time worry substitution that. We haven't seen this in the first quarter that's for sure. How this all out there now for. The spurs' Tony Parker well here comes in over the ramp or not she'll be double that throws the whole way through and out of that. That's for the warriors down only got four turnovers to now match San Antonio could take care of the basketball. Think I brought up a fifteen point lead exactly. Marker though that might be playoffs or her console. Triple digit boldly you know we labs I've bounced mass this'll rotation gates gave a quarter over cookie Mary debris. Not a great three point shooting team but they've made a couple already today. They dropped from number one of the league of three point shooting all the way down to 26. Last saluting looting. Just it's not the hatch why don't take me about liked lot to it Durant to ramp turned shoot rabbits now before did not fit down. Weather expert gonna have to give help this fall's cart dot. Very Kevin Durant in the field thing. The game three point line. So a lot. To the elbow shoots over gave the last note that Durant offensive rebound. Lawyers to help with bird the 35% Judy green one of five shooting nine of eleven for all the other guys. And warned you before. To rant that cook cook bulls knocked out of the queue up to fly back good what. But their first playoff bucket what a great time for him to be aggressive and knocked out of those. 4414. Lawyers. Minute forty go in the court you know what I post is still really like what I feel the way the message that so far for its face like doppler which is to console. Console I can't dribble. Those outside Ginobili 5 o'clock to go with dribble drive to the rim right hand basket now that. Out rebound Doran if they hurry that got a five on floor. Maybe crosscourt Levy stiff vols up in the bay staff doubled it absolutely baseline won't shoot back over to Livingston with. 12 o'clock wants to run so please let it that now waiting lop of job direct catches guard by poor to get. Double lives because Brett Lawrie gets up but felt good enough how about Rudy Gay because David West at its acquisition. Of grants that. Hook up perfectly all of around the corner. It was right on minds a little bit short. But their defense has been super. And I loved the way the way David West weight should know when the last time down he took away his left hand he's a better he knows how to defeat him. Let visible role they have but it adds more to veneer sidelines of that down the west left him the ball and go off to rant and it gets out the way. Maybe those these multiple bodies doubled shoots over that to happen. Iran is six with a floor at lawyer's league like wow these planes into a vote of confidence. Final fifty seconds of the quarter it's a futile plea if that's down I've got deflected off my hand and that's all that's all up up by Rudy go off. They could trade you for one here can't live exit fees that equipment satellites activity elbow to the page spread that devoutly Catholic. Every thirty seconds to go on the border marker of the far away guided by lap markers backed up looking for Rudy Gay goes to Hugo please get navigate by the white Durant did down here drops that door to go over the that's what jumper for a week about the last eight. Being seconds ago the rant or breaking out. Feet. Kirk quickly off the bench. And Adrian double on Iran. Eric got Loney with a high street for Nady doubled by the Loney Loney struck by Ginobili three seconds two seconds to beltway personally get a quick hello yeah. As and the corners over. Isn't he amazing can be read that play. As soon as we'll be left of that mystery. He knew exactly where it was going. The lawyers lead by eleven at the end that want. Could mean more because five turnovers have resulted diet San Antonio sport points but all in all a good first quarter for the lawyers. They're up to half. Here and it one of the 2018. MBA playoffs. The defending champ we don't see it lawyers radio network. Presented by wait staff the official weights the war. Down now for games ever brought to buy about it might be to order online amount of Mike's pizza. Dot com lawyers start to bail but he cannot break it down up. They open up with a 28 to 71 quarter plays with Durant with the eleven that he would dive they help disperse the 35%. Shooting. Weight of outscored the spurs who may fourteenth to do with five turnover that resulted. It nine that. Spurs. Points to Roy along with Jim Barnett at that gave me some something ticket clean up a couple of turnovers here at bear but but all all I think a very good start of the war. The only negative thing will return to obviously. You know we came and hit two threes at last when. You know if they scored I think thirty to fourteen. At the end of his supporters Stadler slam level as a lot of difference there but. Just clean that up there pretty good shape I love their defense and in particular. About what you felt the heat yet. In that opening quarter on LaMarcus all of these to him right out. Want to see what's there were altered that. To a three ball fakes and that he didn't fight for any of them he waited. Patience for detail would be here and thought he Parker quite good battle. It's Parker kept up before them but they're way. Fokker back side if that's the case of below the foul line extended. Rotates to the middle off the street just over David West piety or off the river for a lot through the rebound with Livingston West Coast ant out. The mere sight line up that should not limit the battered over the plate Johnson. Three by green the ball knocked away from him by Rudy Gay gay which had no sleep barker missile. Jobless Burke's not subjected now you can see the wars are ready and yet I'm pushing the pace. They're throwing passes away at that while it's like yep no regret. A scary important as you pointed out the brigades showed him it doesn't wanna you wanna be fast but not hurry. Night night according job wouldn't last over the drink my great lob delivered to what he did not walk the ball office can't. Not the way Rudy Gay outlet to marker. Parker quickly attacked the basket goes up not to wait like look at data about. He could see what happens to him when your guard. And you used to that legacy you lose I have to step it makes all the difference in the world that years ago Tony well that would have been it and wonder you know we're right around them absolutely. Barker who tossed in points at the basket to our left. Rudy Gay. It's a project though we shoots an elbow jumper over Vermont. Nothing there Olympics that kicks off the ramp to 4817. Boy yours we played a minute so far here's the second livid that our movement up over devoutly that the way to go week. Able to get the ball off the glass. Letting those. Players play if you will or are. Us out rotates to burst out good shooter that's right Rob Johnson goes up at. Pop up make shots so good that felt good it was sold out its gonna be offensive in airfare it's those birds. What great mind great defense without Fallon. Yes but then. It was easy for Burke county went right around the lone defender. But that was silly and offensive basketball. Interference on the goal by yourself. In a grabbed it would that's right I've tried it yet it was his last. That's pretty cool the playground but not necessarily at the end yeah. Applicable. Goes to west west battle lines lead back to upward of good as a result made it change the Shia. Gay picked up the offensive board of barker here way. Still what 870s nobody scored yet in the second plastered against gates drive Uga brave lot about baskets sold layoff is good. Balance work and to single digit. How does sold 4890. Look like he's made here. Look at the ball loose. Needs west west survey tonight both look like looking downstairs for very hot very hot look over data created a half foul and went anchoring this could get out of the way. Notre about the victory contact. It runs right into it and overpowered you green tried to recover. But he had no chance there and Graeme on. Signing makes your plate elbow. Struggle that you're going. The iceberg right now. They bring to totally opposite with barker console him for geysers and the Pittsburgh. Provide green missed the free throw game of the rebound vacation. Now that age thirty that night T. She urged cabinet to the mystery through market with a ball. He's got the eighties that might drive cycles and it was sort of now of what the NAFTA did agree probably on cook but I thought he did pretty good job they're staying with. Yeah got it will lower. So we can take here that offered through the pair up off the bench is about a west of the time. And even more impressed with that the very top of it matching speakers. Sartorial splendor here Parker high screen you'll this'll marker pulls up eighty foot. Thirty it's what they want to warriors lead by we have night we did the first dance Fremont street lights out that's. Makes it reasonable to throw up at Fremont you'll want for downtown Portland this. Come all the way out the marker down the far away Antonio loves that shot. It was started school these 2%. Eighty diesel back game behind the screen Hillary after. Quick nothing burst with birdies the back in the game. 30 this morning thwarted outscored the warriors. Went home to three from beyond the arc. Look for the ball plea now denied by if they have publicly accessible Cuba. Let me speak yet to waste any data display dual layer hellfire Duckett. A story we've worked hard to get over it not that. Getting help very much he's struggling there that fact that would have picked me. Think. Stupor to fill form factor. Cruising the baseline south math Mark Warner gave with the on the deck to the one hand floaters but now the baseline like a lot these schools I don't know why in the that in this case from that quarter. To meet people 33 point six. Now cook the bulls up off the Yankees just so grateful for. A flow and knocked it down. I boot screen by being left out of lately I'd Parker 3546. Barker fires luckily that's the good west with a rebound go operate on. Could contest the shot. The work of art up there. Livingston that jobs jobs at dribbles up to up article ever done it goes by him he's a lot of black jerseys at the album that driver. With the personal and very growth up from. Or is it what it. Just threw up there just does gleefully. A day like Danny Green Patty Mills Tim. They shoot 35%. Of the threes attempted by this entire team yeah. 35% goes to do so when they're out there you got to guard that line. Cook will throw it in right by the spurs managed to remind great. Catches him all kinds of route they wanna issue but the key to remind though waits five west back the three month Fremont downstairs Leavitt that. I don't put perfume ad slam at great Bob that what's another time out what happened there there was history. I'm Livingston and two people jumped out of place Johnson. And so they if he gets voted sidestepped inside. No one has invented and good recognition the pressure. A guardian shooters 3226. Lawyers lead by 118 don't either go first out game one of the 2000 NBA. Playoffs. Before your radio that we're Rita finally stuff because the way toward. Boat chase that are opening of the fall 2019. At least scored two events in store. It put it lawyer games and concerts and theater boxes. Offered those attending events rabbit CD. An all inclusive dining experience and on site marquee wiped out more about chase that are theater boxes like going triple AG SW. And pricing option number one. Or go to chase that are dot com slash suites. Get right Geoff Barnett here in the playoffs game one. The first game of the entire NBA playoffs we're leading by 113746. Job they've Marines back on the floor I dribble if all the warrior bench kind of like threw bombs went up to its old dribble hand off to mills lawyers with bills. Now maybe trying to probe the deep definitely fits with that got him. Paul goes to Danny Green into it the re at the airport wrap Mike Vrabel agree. On the bench for San Antonio played better. And scoreboard in the starters that. Over the ran outlook on the Mets right down to respond greet outside left Mike Leavitt that's why don't put got hammered for a while I by fatty build. And that's now. He didn't see him coming otherwise he'd gone underneath. The easy side the right side of the board there got a basket by the got three point play possible. He was going up to duck and that takes a little bit longer yet and he thought it was all alone and I've got to earn two free throws. The spurs spent seven of sixteen from the floor the starters are 414. The start that could really feel about LaMarcus Aldridge. He's back in their Mike Brown gets up off the lawyer Betsy says the speaker AM you know what we might wanna get somebody. Long to guard him. And it could be candidate Randy quickly. You with this thing. The spurs bench. The scored eighteen point two starters had scored eight. Free throw line Livingston cash is one caches to. 3946. Warriors lead by thirteenth fourteenth. Was their largest advantage to the moment Patty Mills near sideline hit their Mike Thompson. Wheels off the street just after Murray wants to go leafs did overlook that it shot up though that it was sort of foul touched on her reach him. Get a pretty good job retreating and keeping it manned Marie in front of him. And that's when you don't wanna reach propensity that ball's exposed. And go for a little Steele think you can snap away spurs their first free throws that the game. Birds that's very good out there will be here fourteen and one cent I know. And they haven't won a road game. I kinda think when it was since. That weary and something via we've. On the road and since that they go on fifteen and sixteen since February 1. But I think that is so many of those games with defense faltered campus threat. Like you said to Marie makes both free throw it. And the war referees were letting them play they've they really are. Kevin direct to the time line. Now to get from the logo played taps it catches fire to it fit to play taps that is three for three so much better way. We've got have to put the ball before. You leave the MBA catching Q points per game over and and I know it's all very. But just handed that David West to the box they have baseline throws up off the owner and it's up but can't play better defense than that. My goodness I mean David west was all over this not long enough. I'd grade it now. Brings it right or left. Opt out Casey off the street by west to rant to eat it now hopefully three lob wedge it up but they'll good its first shot of the night. It's all the rebounds and minutes. Phil's. Off with double screen wants the ball gets it back atmosphere wing talk to Aldridge I sort of get out west triple cowboy you're double outfit mills he's double. Rotation this old way of scrambled all over the floor Danny Green hit to ask did read that up but three that kept them. Close kept them in the game. Five of nine from distance. I'm usual. And that's definitely out liar things you know that it's got plays through Kevin Durant rhythm dribble jumper that short and the rebound to Marie for the black lab this bird. This story here it feels pretty good about the first half crossover dribble bribery Ivanov likely now to fizzle hands off any green bet by the other greens that straight month. Marie with a terrible fit they'll affect Pete Aldridge kind of likely Johnson alters your strip where sort of Garretson that typically don't man makes the ball on play Thompson and look like all vault him. And I think Pittsburgh got a break there that was inaugurated. Defense we've moved in expose that ball. Not at all ball. Ronnie degrade officially been that way for years but Aldridge sold with all of the flailing arm flailing arms we will despair. And you've called it right. He anticipated he was already turning the wheel that was so. Free throw by Aldridge is good west who sit down with he him backing. All righty and honorably to launch of course it is not a great Gerald guess it gave me a technical first game ever played against him here as. Right like I said the great Darrel Garretson. Paula it was discovered I had 4135. Warriors I would have thrown you out for them. If you read off the street is. Double clutch McKee one dribble goes double offered to eke out a lot but a foul on Aldridge who couldn't climb the ladder high enough that knocked it away from prevail. Second balance Alter the words you've now won on the lose his sleeve it got a six point lead now two free throws by two finale was one of two. Coming to the line here tonight he's 73% on the year notes the playoffs nothing's going to be easy. The key hits the free throw. This season. So. Nine minutes on the floor. One of the the great things about speaker and one of the things that he it is. Coach used anecdotes such an outstanding job with the last few years is to use their personnel. And matching it up to the team in the match but hand. They're not afraid to move people around. They keep everybody. Ready for the situation the key plot it's too that he's got eleven points is Kevin Durant. Are tied. But the way or hives were little over bills marks so far he's been in BP in this game Aldridge left after a lot McGee shoots over the snapped a fair ball Padraig goes down to Lance got Durant quickly. We have before out that's not very strict five bills that data about the warriors with nineteen other plot cannot break it down we're looking for Balco. Try to get passed out there that'll jammed up from. He has what it felt him. And try to find somebody open court Marie just got back in sits down marker to come it now. Now the history of mine baseline jumper awfully good right time. Rudy Gay is bad for her and the boys are back up like double that he's not backing dad is from taking shots they'll. Rebates now 4535. Point leave without Parker I tree road game. Parker those flights I've lied to can't agree to enhance the Oval Office. Negate gotta fight it now 5 o'clock gave those cross court to barker at that point one quarter as a firm where this and the rebounds Aldridge of ballots that the warriors and it will go against JaVale McGee who wrapped a full recovery that. We're also got deep position here that he was inside but it is too close to the basket. And that's what happens like that with the ball rotates around here on the weak side is that good offensive rebounding team and it's something that he came to game. We'll have to be cut very confident that. Bolted to a fourteen pounds. Spurs throated game working life with what Aldrich Alford gets it offered to double opt not to bills navigate guard Mike Doran. What tangible book outlined lost the handle have to fight this fight at Dallas out of. Feel like seconds on the shot clock. Yeah they double team once and a while that's what dream on he had that kind of help McKeon Aldridge. So they're keeping him guessing absolutely mixing up those coverages. I hear it's an increase Danny Green closer the baseline to throw at him. You know we have some scorers table and they're gonna let the veteran in him that talks to Danny Green trying to find out who's supposed to guard. But it in the limelight for the warriors just to watch and Aldridge yeah accused terrorists. Can't go off you know we've behind the street bounced theft auto play like JaVale McGee and now they're gonna vomit. Here. Waved at three one shot clock. Data that will be workers now they reset to what they played that perfectly he instantly word yet. But he also got that ball with a nice deal. Adequately with when he didn't rant that you can't. Experts to have it built catches. Next up we're big court office green cross screen down only to the baseline roasted Goddard hit the back of the get down constantly. KP what they catch that. Might have been a risky fast but we opted out that he could run underneath. 4735. Warriors for that is to go first yeah. Just hopefully we'll play we've just got out climate. You they get entangled. How long has he been doing that forty years now what do you think that the about sixty XP or he's been doing a longer than that he had to rally gets made it into the they in Argentina the key was. Discipline to stay down on the club face my Aldridge Bryant got a smaller player there you know as you know we've so that was that up they. They got rookie of the year and it's the first free throw. And let appointee once again soon to be him if he makes the second. They give out this year and we've seen two guys that are age kids. Poster players for keeping themselves in shape. And she beat the game it's not read the ballot in forty years in the that you know we at that time. Effective. Effective for much ravens got the ball. But the 36. Now that that would attempt to date is passed slightly at bank job gets physical sport for fourth and eight point. At the way to back up like thirteen. Everything agreement that's the high risk. Ills. This into whispers. Of the heat you know. Go to that feeling about this for them more if Aldridge experts captured over for their story. That was. Released and who effectively got control. And both of them down. Those victory on every now and Iran to ramble. Needs now to my bills bills grounds out to the right mind to debate beat Andre open three lawsuits. His three playing for three point shooting throughout the playoffs Levitt they want for the warriors they've been the vice sixty. And save lives there's water or gold walker what but yeah double bass to build Ginobili did Rudy Gay left alone we advances. Were. He needed now with a rebound and upward bound to PD. It streaky KB that drain in my right Bob we'll watch that story a no go and the rebound to do with wage shorted why almost the slipped. Here is gay gay. Waiting. To bills to 35 left in the first half quarters at sixty. All reflect box working out with the they gobble altered throws it up out wide open marker or two to three fixed rate on off but little bits that fall reflected Rudy Gay as a gave baseline over a double team about the bad shot three about grandma had dropped around throwing it. At the top grade not great can't say that it's not that out of bounds. That need to do it all. Gets to the time out just hit singles you don't need to try to hit the home run every time. To eighteen they go you know it's great to have two departments. Want to go up the baseball. If you know it's an echo packet it would mean years by the strike 5236. Lawyers lead by sixteen over the spurs game one. The NBA playoffs are right here on the lawyers radio network. Present I went south they officially. Time now for our political action be giving up five what are lawyers box warriors be all exclusivity mail tip going. TI MR YE at lawyers dot com where it valueless if we always love to hear that. As well as well if you thought the series. He predicted the series. Always that's not quite sixty. With the way he could go six people were very objective. And the way they work the Portland trailblazers playoff game tonight he was sitting. You know seriously you liked the baseball over but it. I like that about McKie played twelve minutes now. The average fewer minutes than all the others that are averaged fourteen. He averaged only in the game this year minutes ago woods is flop but you're all the bills bills 5 most Aldrich 10 o'clock utility it has to do them good. Like to announce that defensive rebounds. They made operative volume shooter three they. Byrd should be 34 points in the field. Keep him out to facilitate the office takes an off night moved out growth over bills to get down get out Natalie thanks authored goes up but got lifted. For now it becomes up let me. You may have gotten a little confusion when Charlie horse and a and left and the left. I thought they had an easy lay up there with that he's 34 years old didn't and you don't quite get through this decreases as quickly. Lot of minutes on those wheels. And Aldridge picked up his third foul. With a bit of 45 to guilt the second quarter. This is the first treatment. Any reason or it's not being down now we have the bottom movie coming back here for your tail but you. Was altered sitting down and if they'd pick you for all the. Lou moving him that he gets to guard now the sole. I got the thing tweet from bear all of please can work the blazers didn't. Said Rudy Gay rebounds the second free throw this. No but I read it that would definitely I don't like you were looking I never listen. I can go home to get a feel about the result Whiteside if they'd agree. Any great backs up quality because all the way yet again it just this old slight side working out they get our sport to shoot down. Think you'll slipped by during the benefits of the bids but this field reads but it's not to constantly there's been lots of red. Won't always. Have. Finally got a break if you're over. This story. Was it difficult with short Patty Mills were released I've read those but. Six made threes. Counts program looked like like that out but came right back out war at the most but it's it's it's kept them. Within striking distance to ramp they can roll bulls up elbow jumper off the room the Danny Green again appreciate it O'Neal weirdly liked it needs. Forty we're expected to go vs 21. Lot here. But David I think that it. Bill's old law book. Off the street to this'll this'll Natalie left and it's up and no good. Typically I have to wrap my Iran. What. It will stop. One strike while the report line. Four and a half that it. And they gave plot it's sixteen point down the street by Lou drifting left Haiti double. Absolutely it yet rotate the town that I'll make me the baseline jumper though everybody get now back to KB for a flurry. I what four point. The first. There was nothing left on that shot clock and there that and mark here winning it. Well he makes three free throws here that's huge if they could stop them from scoring keep them in the backcourt for the most part in the last four point nine. To ran up the strive. But can he can give them eighteen point lead. It's the first 55 to thirty died here was to get 101000. Feet he's flying the Tampa. If you're projected in. Kayla on. A rainy off the up at Lakewood Washington the CL PNBA out. Since boys and how ever many games that takes. Ticket free throw for TV it's good 56394. Point got ago but I have to how about that rebound in the past by a very good now. Terrific he's let him. Nice because it plays tonight. They want for two and it was a three. At five boards of forces to ramp slide so all 35739. Picking up for the backcourt Smart. Gay bolt into the baseline. Circling back Patty Mills mills gets to make courts bulls up double team throws the gate gate for Felix on the way and a back. All know. About moody slipped on the way by Diane get beat two shots for Rudy Gay. That's a mistake by young player yet. And the warriors made mistakes at the end of the first quarter at the end of the second quarter. And also have to look to see whether or not that's now occurred. Before. The end of the half. I would think they're gonna take a look at the Calder view. As always our call under review and the conceived three pointer it was not a three point threat. Also review brought to my ring central rather seamless communication and collaboration experience for your modern workforce ring central to vindicate the lap. Rate and it connects. There's a way to defend that shot him and it's really unique that. Ron Adams talked with that same thing. To Kevin Durant securities now befitting a right handed shooter when he has time to run out with his left hand. And it turns his body away from the offensive player and so you actually careen around him. Because you know Rudy Gay is gonna stick out that rightly and hip. And what did he had no no way to make that shot you wouldn't worry about making shots he wanted to get contact that was remorse sure thing. Indeed he did not. So Gator walk up do the basket to our left with a point four on the clock please suggest it for. Boise Idaho. Checking it out Kevin Brown's email as car Petaluma. Talking about separation why risk free event wants to be reevaluated it weakened that we'll tell you whether or not. He played when he plays 57 the forty. It's great to see him move around get some shots out. You're gay the second free throw. Lawyers up by seventeen Archie gave it his all your half that expert to look at that the three other playoff games today coming up with. Mere moments second free throw good took throws in the literature and let me sit. I hit the rim. We'll recorders court get that they'd start the clock before Liberty City that touched him. I think Roddy here it's been noticed the same thing they're gonna replay it. And he could tell you that. Yes it's. Looking down there I believe we have a crew from Sacramento the line. As your migrate them that they only three of somebody from. Now playoff team to run the clock. Keep any sort of home teams sort of aspect out of the equation to where it. They have to break the warriors lead by 68 a great start for Golden State sixteen for Kevin Durant eleventh for a few bail would be at night for late Johnson. Get off the Mets for Rudy Gay. Lawyers 57 spurred forty watt. Have to opportunities coming your way next and third quarter of game one on the on the Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by wait staff efficient way all of the war. Second half about to begin 5741. Lawyers not top 562 of Roy to upside. Along with Jim Barnett who we are ready to kill. At this bird will have the first possession they're going left or right at your radio down. Third game want to 2018. NBA playoffs through the gates. Rotates to Danny Green leaves open for free and not sit down at this I played get Danny Green to look. Experts catch him with reporters that made seven and that's that's pretty the difference along with the warriors turnovers. Only one that nine outscored Golden State from beyond the arc boundary is Alabama that's right likely to have to goes out of bounds. And this happens that's starting out it very. Confidence building way. They were told that the 34%. Seventh when he in the first 4721. In the second. 3635. Free throw with three now. Rudy Gay off the street gets why don't with a jumper to outbreak yet of the spurt to get out and if executed perfectly here in the first forty seconds. And I believe data we will have it out to. You mid range jump shots extremely well he is now about nasty any greed but a lot more pressure on the ball here early we it was a little hole. That. I'm Marie. Is active first team now linked now to do it good job of preventing a heart. The second now he has created by is doing that. But the rant. Lobbed it to drink moderate amounts up to advance to play taps another whistle another foul they're grabbing the Jersey Klay Thompson it's not that not that art. And Smart he just keeps cutting cut art. A Moffett and called a foul me and he did this and you talk last game of the season Edwards finished around but it got to let it. And Klay Thompson. Pulled out his Jersey still aren't that. You detected backing in Parker in now Marie to sit down. Larry with freaked out the key catches the about the very much to the rant for rant bubble with dribble ballad trouble. Point gap rose over the Blake play on the light side fortitude baseline. Stops just over gay it's like one left tough shot for quite confident that many people can. Make that shot though it. I mean he had nowhere to go with a defender knows. Heard lawyers double figures boys up thirteen. Really gave me this surf. Rudy Gay working JaVale McGee on the switch back to buff takes that jumper to open yes. Rudy Gay off the vet she's a leading scorer for San Antonio he had fourteen points. They're 33 for three so far this little drilling on green boxes it's going to be a foul love Danny Green trying to. Fight through the screen. And I disagree with a call. He's trying to fight through the grapevine is fighting back and he's really committing to contact. We're so lucky about. And one of the things I've. Was gonna cast award today how are they going to handle adversity they haven't seen a wayward we'll give what you didn't see there was Danny Green. Put his hand around the head of three month. They taps it needs to be one dribble fourteen footer up the river built good read summer. So we'll see. It's the mid race here hurried back on the floor with talking the values returns. Marie stutter step drive to double team that shot goes athletic at all like get it had yet to miss what I shot. He's athletic that he died fifty the warrior elite gather a single digits. Very much agree again another ballot down Marie got. But holding on three get down he has 3000 a quarter stupid it's that three seconds and he has war for the game that night. But if they don't call that well. That's a turn over again you cannot just make an Ottoman past. Keep doing it kind of forcing him we're not there. Parker back in Maria outplayed tapped it gets old with takes it deep Maria topic. Caddie bill stumbled and fell down. And Gregg Popovich is really upset. We gave FitzGerald he's got that big court standing on the floor. And he talked about that play with Fremont street. And Danny and me and I think he's done about how Patty Mills and a lot of backside. 625951. To go either way whatever place Tebucky about my pretty upset about it of course I'm birdie. I did see what the bill is a third of the warriors radio network. I don't do that twelve point lead right now would be nice if he wanted to go in the third great top of his very upset with the vigils was that a big court. He's trying to bide a couple of calls here but he's still talking to Keith FitzGerald out there I'll let. Version already was fourteenth out you'd like to but it did not exactly. Where and how realistic that's a part of our Twitter question brought to buy about in my speech to what you're. Best prediction the series that would have been three time NBA coach of the year. People with and listen to him this if it plays to his advantage marker with a bull throws Aldridge. Outside the three point line. Lot doubt that that game working. Like jobs. Backed up that you agree drives like Kevin Durant double high pass game with a great jet shoots that theory itself but they'll good for offensive rebound battle for Andre. The starting five out there yet now and Nikki gave the call today. Nice way to go to direct comes up we get the ball. TV and the office through him a lot early on office greens. They just three short long rebounds wiped Aldridge and hands off of Parker Parker. It's easy way out and that the dribble to the foul line wide open jumpers short rebound tip by Mickey saved by get down though he's FitzGerald says that if the Bayside. Experts will get it back in the first week pool. One of seven shooting Parker's name. They've ramped up before that shot 40%. From. The first four shots. Fresh clot for Santonio. Lot of game left in twelve point then reward bills to toss it. All the Parker marker with a three Brothers were bad debt to Portland this. Durant out of ranked low that's to catch up or operate double clutches off the Glasgow good chip by making it tough but. It felt like yeah about five. I get that amyloid is lead by fourteen. That's your play the game that's your shot of the game that's incredible that he got that if I get this. Date under him out of the circle jumpers short it yet now the rebound warriors what did they get admirably office. Version of racquet at defensive posture there rant. Catches with retreat mine now it goes away from through about waves like Thompson through like the overstepped mystery over playing every pass through my dream on. Green backed the place where it's not upward not forward Danny Green and that's good. How efficiently candidates do. It's not 27 of 816 points. At the margin the lawyers have a disperse right now marker that bill built between the circles. Head fake dribble drive left out math offered to offered double watches over Mickey. Knock it down the net barely move them repeatedly this thing. Is that his arm out didn't bother all 6652. All of her now what ten through my great catches and watches that very afraid. But I keep great regret my grave. Okay. 68 act 52 lawyers San Antonio taking chances of you that all day long the fight for city. Bills altered bald faced little flatly he's got out what to bail. On the way by a body all third ballot mailed. By the way the putter question you idiot but warriors Boxee is give up that you au grad that. 66. To be emailed to boy it would not count out the email. Is it or liabilities listing that is tailgate party before it Jimmy buffet concert who had sent us. Parker lives at office street boosted the gay high low entry the Aldrich doubled on the yet dribbles out of a past issue it was 3 o'clock. Mr. rebound a deflected it straight month got it to KB. The little floor. Directorate to Whiteside. Off of there now fast Wiki Wiki foul by chaotic action that's good but JaVale McGee to the free throw line up a second foul. Of the game for Rudy. Games all day all day long and others have persisted in writing it down the floor and hit the defense of the spurs early and it's helped them. Bale will shoot two. The except for your defense talked about fans perhaps the farmer John first worked rip and tear on the warriors this playoff season. Rubber gorilla Sharon and win big. No word. We will. It was an important place in front like the general and Rio de war it's all reaction to that was with that rarity here today. It was tough. He's. Physical creature 7152. He's played sixteen minutes this season I was oneself. Is approaching that is best playoff game as a warrior probably miss playoff game ever. Parker with a ball rather the bills bills crossover dribble Natalie leave his feet grocery game crossover dribble three deflected a gay yet have blocked by making it out now. Our not to bail of gay we. That issue that Katz acted mail delivery gave us right up that if he made a mistake in so many players they think they should stand still a flat footed. And the man goes up and create contact if you give a little space and people up with a unique because when he knows that need to go up to withstand their because then. Your statute and it increased the contact. You go up and and challenged the shot. And that's mistake I think the crowd user I get hurt here it's obvious that very well talent got blocked the field. This is the first free throw out he's out of the game. Don't foul and vile movie feel dead. These players today is right that whole group. But we'll just run down the floor not been very much very very adamant thought he did he get Dallas played taps at about. Defensive responsibilities. Free throws. One of two for Rudy Gay it's 71536. With a three to go the third of the Russian movies and play the center position. Iran absolutely loony build a floor hands off Thompson tops it deep three off the rim. That to revamp the prince four whose checked it with gay Aldrich bills and getting three. For the good shooter out of which could stay right side it Danny Green. Any street retreats look for Aldridge can't make the past labor vs to the far away bills to durables. Both gates game now they find Aldridge got a buy it now we'll. With the warriors doubtful they do not altered throws a bat. Ass over Rudy Gay dad had deflected it out of I cannot believe he did not try to convert the shot inside the lane there. His favorite spot left side into the middle. Even the fadeaway jumper on the left but come that easy drive to finish. Period down just worker harm to the festivities so good at that very much grief. Dribbles up to apple watt their ran almost to steal data grant throws the ball left. Just threw away right from above Reagan now. And that is the eight to turn over until Wednesday night now and they are regarding the double team yeah there's no good and the bad. Having. Hills. Worked hard his career stack itself. Rose to hold her game first year we Santonio over the tough pass to Aldridge did now. But now of bringing out Golden State this will be the second ballot Kevin's rant heard a Petit. Soltys side. Now it's back in the it harmful. Anti war. Look forward to verbal forward to do agree. Gave blood to they teed NBA playoff and agreed not to wait like maybe. The baby's got the field wrote I'm very on the right want to vote goes up script like Danny Green who gets. Of course saying it's two bills to get a gig nosed it. Rebels that the trouble on the floor I get a kid throws inside that Danny Green Bethel layup off that the way okay got it. Want to get out but yeah. Home. What are. The firm on that placed him at both thin great. Defensive plays I don't know how green missed that play at point blank range from long ago at the break for the warriors there the great that's why Rudy Gay. And then the ball got tipped to the viability what did the deck twice the second daddy get the ball. I can't understand Rudy Gay movement in traffic like that he's going to come out unscathed I thought I thought he came over the back salute you found. First and that's not a while but I couldn't take. They were not yet scramble for the ball. Here's the job circle you are right tipped away by little. They played five great years at the chant warriors actually threw oracle very much the foul line. Shoot over that it bills fourteenth what this kid though we've got the rebound. Would've given them their biggest lead of the night when he. Rudy Gay catches outside the arc left with with five minutes ago the court gave that's all it's nice pass goes up Mandalay a docudrama with a fountain over the tap. And that's who put Aldridge of the free throw line first ballot remind green. Pretty remarkable way he plays absolutely that alters the free throw line. And not green it's taken this team members shots and Kevin Durant. Let the job. Like to have that those shots that there there there. If this merger saying okay your mind you've got to be yes exactly what their philosophy yes. Brit drugged by altered its deeper lots of time about five minutes to go at the third exactly 7154. Warriors that he wants copied many Jay Beagle still voice your radio network presented by wait staff is situated on the war. It is round wanted it more on at the way at least 7154. At this. This. Series continues down by the diet to update should the 2008 team playoff game to 730 that the tip 7 o'clock pregame show. All they had that jet that's receiving stressed that numbers playoff T shirt courtesy of food. Hawaii early as the first 5000 will also receive a commemorative plate council. Pitcher verified official playoff tickets got filled out and warriors got. Jeff like Jim Barnett the job done. Lawyers police that they want if he would go to HB 56%. Birds at 36 point five. Aldridge on the line if the effort to now he's got that second that you. He has Levitt points not worth it you. Say it recruit for the former real later it's true. Third year playing with a here. Eighties and adding that history being oh on Linux off the bed with movie you're ran through my life. Vermont writes I've backdoor basket gets to rant rant is that traffic shoots over Anderson. Four ramp up but dropped through. Player who would have thought that bat on the roster with C. Act carefully absolutely he went and got that. You know we crafty lefthander picked up that triple two at Boston scored Anderson they Pete Aldridge kind of likely now to play. Execute over the capital altered to his time and not that now Anderson back in place the first quarters when the animate their reports. Afterward. Looney that through a lot remodeled to guard Mike you know. Rose soft lob to the rank guarded by bill won't look now. I'll make triples and lost the ball goes off the glass at you know we can't. We're play of lawyers that 607357. Though we now that's Aldridge double digit Oakley outside. Altered if you like clockwork and I very much to our bills to fight for it by a couple of the way while the middle of four lap when the levees that. That is bad it may throw the bad baptists like it and it just tell what you say is following abouts. And reforms dampen their way of congested in the way it try to pass it it's Anderson makes his move. He says the football like look at that point four in the backcourt. That's bad though feet straight month driven out to play guilt choir for a very. I wouldn't want to look back and it it wouldn't give it another time out from San Antonio. Let's get their biggest lead of the night at nineteen. Point one in five to go the third quarter. Warriors 76 verse 57. The defending champion go to avoid your radio network presented by wait staff efficient way. The war. Look at as Jack city jazz guard B 880. We're high above the 880 sideline here at ORACLE Arena so like street to get the upper walkways that that those few that. Thank god that dad that they did the playoff game the playoffs are here campus. At work he's just please don't tell my boss them listen we will do that every. They can work on Saturday I guess so. Marks of foul out to. Scary the mail. More apt to play you know what brings enough for the half court mark Frankel. For Steele to go to get to back Adobe penetration all the way gets around Weston. Related to the right here. Byword forty years of age makes that over six can defend these two defenders from midcourt and gets to the race. At forty. Remarkable over the ranch near way guarded by Anderson looked through a half screen by west west against downstairs saluting. Legal the power move up over four listed at the rebound Anderson 7659. We're just happy to eagle the third. Anderson left wing for a lot downstairs all. Aldridge job will be active terrorist wolf flipped over build good will be held his ground I get the rebound and put his arms down they would get call for felt very Smart. That if you make cured. Kevin Durant. They can roll with the west can't pass on the floor who's gonna get a quick look try to get it down deflected out of bounds for blasted out and a break for Golden State ten on the shot clock. Well we've seen Durant tried to dribble threw a pass through the double team. Tonight several times he's got four turnovers you're trying to make the play but it's got to bring that ball up. A little higher he's taking down where everybody else is that there are side. Well that's why experts. The most part regarding the small guy trying to get fields rants pulls up eighteen footer. Lot partially by handers it's the ramp thought it was found Forbes tied up there at the whistle it's a foul on. And above lowly and nodding at that job pretty darn near did. But then column foul words. They had a man that protected the ball that's good call. Technical foul before the diet it's what I think. OK. If it hit the left arm. Worked at the free throw line. And for the Walt Frazier who. Grabbed the arm and then get to the ball you'd say well okay that's all well. Or finish the year strong last two games over ten and night. B 50% from the field he buried two free throws here to do choose. Elite doesn't shoot that well from the free throw line which is 67%. Which Iraq the last two games he was seven of fourteen from the field and it's playoff time. Some notes fifteen point lead for the lawyers Kevin derail the gets ripped it through in there he draws the foul on Anderson if it's determined. To get the foul call there he goes to the free throw line to get himself a couple of returns. Which in my want to get your thoughts and again we're we're from afar we don't have any insight now on this but what your thoughts on this whole quite literate thing here. I think it's very bizarre. Can only speculate I don't understand that I thought he would pop that great relationship I noticed Tony Parker 35 came back from. Quadriceps tendon surgery from last year which can in careers and he's been playing this year. Why did not have surgery and fought sets I have what the injury is but he's yet to play its very bewildering and the medical staff are being deployed. Grant has to recruits here he got forty point warriors up 7061. Spurt get it back to go way down the latest capital labs can't. Although they sell their flights didn't go and movie clears the Livingston. Let me suggest cast Cady gets around that to though we want and Erica. But get Avago. Protected the ball nicely on them worship that's their largest lead up. I team was 96 seconds to go with a third Ginobili. Hesitation to. Moved rocks at them with jumper back Graham ball tip rabbi Levin that comes out of that let it down the Whiteside. Look at that drives our throat the quarter that got the quote to back up after rant what Pittsburgh really try to get. If he had any drivel any yet crossover dribble like maybe three Volvo good rebound the west. West hold that outside the levees to the warriors will reset. Livingston weights and look for direct gone by Bert will be deterred the quarter right base like got back home the driving Anderson with a region Shaun Livingston will shoot two. 64 seconds to go with a pool. He's the reason John is that there down here in the opposite that he got a terrific rebound inside with it's all there we're there. Even the smallest guy came away with the ball. That makes it to the strive. Free throw is no good at listening new Vista as soon as he released. Derrick why it's gonna commit to finish the quarter Anderson to sit down there comes through mud green man Anderson had a tough sentence yet to score. The fact very top of this is being very. Strict with him. Limited benefit from that produced he felt white averaged over twenty game this year the Austin spurs in the Jean Lee. We played seven he gave the big club one of two the line for Libby to warriors have their first to twenty point lead of the game. 8161. White middle of floor. His first playoff appearance to boldly to dissolve doubled on the catch though we vacuous soul who viability with his left shoulder at the doubles the battery life down the lane aviation since courses. First playoff basket. 45 point seven ago running here at since stopped things momentarily. Yet clock issues. What are they doing restated from 467. The 46 team. Don't hit the wall to rant. It put shots quick moves out maps to load the 37 act all the quarterly dribbles over the tree in my dream my seat the plot fired that. Above the break free for three of my grave. Perfect driving. Won't that. And revived. You know it's he wanted to get that super wolf we've looked Ralph Leavitt did hit that that it's an offensive found. Now I just don't always reflect it let it sit down over the when a one point lead they can't even expand that before the quarter end. They'll take the last possession when he five point three seconds left. On the game clock like jab to come through for profits moving to sit down so we'll spread the rule was put down once nightly at the other thing here the ball. And get a good shot to rank guard Mike you know which you know we finished the first quarter with a steal and at three to ramp exit to the law that would tend to shoot 11 o'clock. Direct cross over Wade's left can't terrible pulls up from thirteen on the go missed it rebounds Iran rant want dribble from for a fiesta but good today. Eight was 3.4 to go for the quarter points up 23. A long jumper by forward to the airport walked up Bob there as well lawyers will take. Sixty foot. Champ the fourth quarter. Pretty comfortable now if you can breathe a little easier biggest lead of the night. That made the plays coming down the stretch. And the play that perfectly it's nice that they got that offensive rebound but the red could finish it with a little eight footer inside. For the five starters hit double figures weighs 86 verse 63 it's game one of the 2018 MBA playoffs all the lawyers radio network breach at flyweight staff the pitch away. Well the war. We'll take you can't have one week from the floor he of these third quarter they lead by 438663. For the five starters. It's double figures that you were read in that third quarter at seven drive 44 for Kevin Durant nineteen partly down to fifteen for JaVale McGee had twelve for remind Marie. All forty years gave Sally ride Cuba about to my feet to order online. Like he has done now. But it's different Jersey you're. But they believe. Leave Jersey walk or. It was it a warrior uniform tonight in whispers. About it finishing and a business. Comfortable lead here we'll see how they start but taking in the backcourt and the pressure. In line in line here those cabinet stance has not been New York Knick Jersey it would leave it terrorist group that is replete with very. Heavy. Thereby agreed uptown. Damn it to livingstone's games that shoots up most up right over the Tampa Derrick why. And it's up the good the lawyer's sleeve like 45. 8863. And profits that will be in a hurry now here's force apps act with a three. For reflected down. If accurate this year's sluggish at 39%. One of their better three point shooters. No question about Blake Johnson the through line through line. Outside the York waiting holding. And went out to kick it creek it beat it by four to three month rubles at the Olympics that five issue got to go back to remind her about what white guys back see the plot went stats catches fire that. But he jumper. They grizzled veteran. You could see that being very deliberate in their offense right after him recently. The clock is their front nightly to 66 they wanna avoid turnovers right now for sure. Are over early shots or not it. Forbes triples I'd play gambling you leaned back a little water it's no good and it was sort of found yen late Johnson. And making a FitzGerald where they where he. Clay maybe late whistle. Wait play must is that something. Wolf these elaborate. And derogatory. And I don't understand it these they're about eating Familia. He's not demonstrative. No I mean I'm I'm surprised he heard the fact exactly the. Well. If you had a war on would get the first McDougal the playoffs without it would not would be your last choice. And in fact that was one of my concerns to see how if it were little stressful. How the wars would handle adversity. From the officials have what they what would be your emotional outburst. And so I'm glad it's clay and not anybody else. Warped. At the technical free throw that he goes to shoot the second give what you looked awkward there are uncomfortable and missed it wide laugh yeah he tried to. Theme that when he. It's amazing you know you see that was waiting strawberry about with a rebound you've seen guys they're great shoot the F a perfect release three a moment ago. When it's time to think about it and they threw their mind you know confidence is an unbelievable thing. Fremont green Lola these flights out circles left fired that hit the story. Great 53 as a facilitator. I'm sit down with 42. At three bucks got seven boards seven assists lawyers are five of their last eight from three point range. Very stops it shoots over David West of that one hand release. And I think embodied canceling the event. Slew of your to good work. Asked to Livingston wants it down left court throws to west of the elbow last looking for something better. Downstairs to drain mop with a catcher bulls have backed up to optically. You'll make penetration thirteen footer no good works out of the board. And over the bills but 360 bad boys. On the right side swipe fees it's all wide open dabbling with the ducks beat her up off the bench all the time. And 9371. That's worked pretty good to get lost a little pick and roll. And they switch to David West takes his man and put. Could cannot catch up to the big thing that's like right down the middle playoffs are here. Lawyers not doubt why wait suicide forty lapped up the lawyers radio network presented by wait staff efficient way. First quarter five journal we looked at nine expert points at that time six turnovers. Or. The warriors and only two points scored off of turnovers. Like San Antonio and the rebounding numbers 38 point four favoring the warriors. Byrd gave it eleventh. Little league of rebounding on the regular season 44 point two today or minus fourteen. We'll rebounding numbers pretty remarkable what kills me is the word mister out of Cliff Richard they can sustain. Yet let's let you out if sustain it if you know Santonio is gonna go factors that go by looking at the tape but they're gonna figure out something else. Second chance points thirteenth zero paving the way. I was that that's remarkable. That was an area of concern coming at everybody agrees doubled. Cross court pass to David West tee shot counts around the field very gets a hold down discounts at the draft through. That's high school defense and no one saw the ball with your right through the lane at point blank range but once thought defensively stand and fall of the man amble here is. Four of the drive because still left hand layup Poppinga. The so those long arms to birdie quickly. It didn't get chance to react. And even at his age he averaged eight rebounds in this year. Let exit 37. It down the street bond. It boasts five plate up to all faith on four triples over the last. West to bring in my it's up to worry it's off the program to violently to wrap by west. Throw the ball way saved by Murray before went out maps of the ring at. That was worked out and the Marie collided with capers now jumper by courts fifty footer that opened. Thirteen points off turnovers. What do eight point lead for gold would stay within 47 to go through their own that it is today. Flights out of three ball lovely guy on gone looking for him. Well yeah. 45 points 83% overall and 83% five or six from three catch and shoot. All of them it's not about the soul for the Dallas birds. For the shooter no good to look at the rebound. Too low to hash mark now that's true my practice thus finishing desperate not the way by white lawyers won the gold standard. Afoul of the network by David West will also play Marie tried to advance. That gave inside the layup and was pulled through but we line. Like an update to mine in this very quickly yeah. It's going to be a little different for grand coach in the playoffs and regular season. We had was that stretch of fourteen straight games at double if it's 530. Nick Young on the floor for the first. Why. Makes west hits a jumper missed rebound Fremont deflected away from this gulf. It goes to put this old body got out and now we have with so what we got we're not foul on David West fight for position. In the lane. Experts who is a great answer you. Major threat to that your recollection because he's the other player that's active in the NBA they came over in the wind Leonard Patrick. But. It bounced it through my great. Fremont broad rights either play against girls why that can't think again like perhaps eleventh through thirteenth that's. About San Antonio the lawyers that hit the century mark with seven. But one week ago they lead wiped out 100 to 75 at this time out is why do you buy your Bay Area lucky California stores. Lucky California. Where the warriors shot. 100 this 75 at the 25 point oh boy years leave it. And we have 728. To go. Spurs have lost seven of their last few levity here at a work. 41 straight playoff season record of 47 of 35 about that. Jerry felt that they fit for over two decades is that down here 47 would see that down here. This first period was seventeen straight years but it went fifty or more games. It's. They're these integrating him number four overall 102 point four but it slipped. Precipitously just like the warriors have over the last six weeks both teams had not been playing. The kind of defense they were earlier in the year differently difference being the lawyers were a lot that it had nothing to play for right spurs had everything deployed yet. Wife on the light side goes up partially blocked by alluded to revive their for a and other defensive rebound. He's got eight boards then why is not intimidated is the at all hell no he's he's got a green light. Cook between the circles bounce bass inside the loonie great catch by lady a young corners great. Playoff stories sports and he wore your uniform. First sadly in the last may of 2012. With the clippers. They were getting swept by the spurs that year. Those shots it's not because foul lines hold that up to out Marie rhythm dribble back to worked out stepped out for three got out. Likely now. Fully able to his left arm of the year it. They're just too many mistakes like that fouling and three point shooter. We'll give you what a challenge a little bit which you do not want to get that here the ticket selling on. You don't do it it's it's instinct. I agree with you and they had some silly turnovers today. I think it would be really. But they ridiculous of up to to think that. But it just make you go from the way they were playing right to get through an unbelievable level of the game I think if this whole playoff. You want it they can get this started in this round is working their way back up to that and I think that's the stepped right where. Election future. Not without blame Rodriguez out I would say this again. All the mistakes have been covered by the tremendous topic today. Would you agree yeah I have their defense held and there you can lot of content to channel their defense that's been really give it a burden says that first actually out recant my statement -- guns. Makes all three it's one of 370 salmon there offences since it because it's. Jordan now on the floor first his first playoff appearance and could viability golfer travel outside world free 77. I'm luxury travel but it looked like he he he didn't move that. Using smaller and you'll right through all the left chasing down. And accurate pretty effective is once filed before they're going travel outside the murdered your first step yet. What you can get what you want the weight room. For the left hand to Appalachia to the right and it's up but yeah this kid is come along or tasks that ten points. Still still over half the fourth quarter yet the fly. Because. Outside first backed him up throats right wing of the young young Latino on the clock. Now it's master bale bale has to go 7 o'clock posting up Murray goes up band listed sadly deflected by Emery Taliban. OK I was organ not done the Washington Huskies there. Tim. Steve Perry's cleared the pinch very early in the playoff game. Six minutes ago. Comfortable like no. That's people. They only about two minutes ago we heard his jacket for Santonio. Lip lifted off the have been out with the jumpers though at the bird gets the rebound hands it over over. Hurry in the front court order to 44 buries slows down with a right camp floater are good. Livingston got the rebound he will we'll drift to the right side white will be in there. Dale middle of floor catches the pass locates them the waiting in Nick Young spinning away pervert sat down we'll lay it goes up to the rim has said it felt like every bound will be put back well I. What there what I've ever seen nick more than you think takes that jumper fate awaits but he made a nice little turn move and everybody is excited but it just rolled up program. And loading once again those kind of redoubt. Forbes backs up slowly with a dribble shoot to tap the key jumper this undrafted players getting better better. Yes that's him a quarter second year player. Who mystifying Alley that if you free food what was that shot cook. I'm the dribble up birds not people it makes them lay up good for John what makes he did double figures really lovable what have led by coach to facilitate that. And they'll help build his confidence. Blows out an 81 lawyers. Thirty Wallace is now the lawyers jumper by white that the plea yet. At the three Africa Bono to him were cook village of ritual or wrong. No good he could be in play makers of the story that's night's 10784. For twenty laps. Good bounce pass to looney picked a problem these straight up from seventy feet away and I get speaker of profit that that was beautiful. Good young players making. A correct plate made it look easy. Players have worked out that melting their careers are getting better. As they don't want that resting on what they were coming into the birds sealed off Nick Young with that gets him alone it's now. The most assists in the ways of had. In over a ball really. Well all really six weeks march the second at Atlanta 33. I he needed jolt will take office last. Checked in the first after the warriors and John what principles that counts of Johnson pretty good today about the five rebounds and. Not. The. Reassess. At the DoubleTree story. On the about Santonio with the ball or with a floater to strong they'll have stole away bio why. Forbes get to divert up to first grade reverend Glasgow good will be. The relative to what a five point lead for the war started vale has got to be more alert. Fell in the same since he got injured and hoping to get out of rhythm. One dribble cut off flat doubled to eight feet jolt crosscourt stole away what ray said why won't beat everybody to the river washing it down what's you name. We felt turnovers tonight. That's been the one thing. That is perfect effort for the warriors three wanted to go to goes off the street. Takes a three to have a ways off of that and rebound we all got blocked by the rim and try to jam it. And it's picked up by Marie Marie hi feel the family goes up to traffic blocked by jolts that come back the other way. Look for the free three took. Penetrate through without debate Courtney Jones we're a -- worries me is settled down here who recognizes that. Bounce pass to bell bell moved right way he wants to one on one. Lefthander will build roads cross court intercepted by alluding intended for Jones the shot clock it's three and movie takes a jumper off. No good that was one of the worst possession the word at all. All the years that vital game Weis. Retreats throws over avert the war. Forbes whether it's moves in not jealous off balance goes up it's blocked it was sort of found. Any jolted the bush. And the spurs. Five titles at 21 years yet they've never won back to back. But it shows you how hard it is think about how good Tim Duncan Parker you know we were for all those years yes never won its second. And they were really a rebound away from doing so. I think the lakers the only team in this. Decade to win back to back. Lakers. Miami at least this is that. Neither candidate. We're statistician might look that up Ford's policy but it. What a night 88 dated with that back then it was four years the growth that's right side Nick Young buyers for three it's operate every loose Davy Jones fight for goes to that debt. Grabs it passes both looked like the birds up from the steel he dribbled it out about but he had helped put the ball today. At the players on the events for coaching staff they don't want thousand wanna drag out. The last two plus minutes of the game at Miami one aim in this twelve to thirteen lakers in 09. In 2010. Think it's that there's three. Usher in the new belabor the line free throw out a way that up again. People would execs have made the rockets want to literally between there. Distance was active active late eighties lakers team before that but those two. For the lakers late eighties right before the pistons want to that's the only time that those great eighties Celtics lakers team went back to back off and never been. They never did not betting on an 808184. And 86. 109 that that he warriors at nineteen point lead to a long way to go for the lawyers to start thinking about that this is just game one the the first round shop like cook it deep build it Burt wolf with Dan. That a 53 to go hurry. We'll have off four sets his feet left it's lie no good Amy Jones will clear. Cook the far away. 2018. Playoffs underway. Now with a post ups step back jumper good awful walked away. Dell showed itself that we had not stay. Like to give up the bit to celebrate. 111 society. White that a free supplier to three rattled in and out. Off the board and that it is just that little long. That's a shot to patrol boats but for the ball of course well. We just. I think we're. Lot of good faith black belt based lineup there got out from behind oceans to the ability to go to my thicken the grand scheme of things. But the lawyers is a very good sign insidious. It's. That this is something they badly needed. To recast. It would've been. Pretty shaken to them psychologically I think about not played well today and probably with a law that that. I don't know what that was done how they would react that where were you think about it right now. They feel that they teach him which is going to be great the coaching staff is that they can go legit they go back and and children players on film tomorrow take. But this we've got some things we need to get better and that's a great time yes. She goes through the playoffs here hopefully hopefully the other camp I was said. Turn the whole switch on display of perfect game one of just the life billed as the first missed the second. Now it's virtual bright enough. Please decide this game. After. It was it down early Rickles he took control. Led by eleven at the end of one. Like the activity game and Damian Jones there. Contesting the entry pass and knocking anyway. You need jolted the features real good feature works out sketches circles up to Africa freedom good cook at the rebound with forty. Seven sect you know it gives that they let it be just these few these very large U. Look at four rebounds. Itself. Moving at six. Those two guys who had very good years and they're establishing their NBA careers took with a dribble drive got fouled by force. And they are the boat that they let their careers are done. Look at looting will look back at. Seventeen AT&T this is when. I got my break. Got your break just at that started that NBA career and in a big way free throws good. Both realized that they are in the play coming up most gave shuttle forget lab. Sample podium. Postgame guest is well let's get to dissect it do with what thirteen the nineties it's like curry would you frequently missed his first you know it's not for this to grow. That 90% plus your 5040. Navy down the QB this year. That is get it done any future way. For entry pass will hurt the very quick move out jolted dump him with a right hand only rap feud with the left them. First guy ever so I use that effectively. It was Oscar Robin. But you. Look at who created clones now. Support and and if you wanted decided. That my tickets but we'll dribble it down. And oval or walls. Game wore it goes to Golden State. The lawyers come out. And they take care of business they gave wad if they beat the San Antonio Spurs won thirteen that night these two.