Warriors Replay vs Orlando 11-13-17

Warriors Replay
Monday, November 13th

In case you missed the Warriors 110-100 victory against Orlando, check out the commercial free Warriors Replay! 


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Jam up you're starting lineups in the lawyers add the bad to be for the first that they shared goals did what the last eight against Orlando. And the board game will start at the small forward position they've moved from guard to the three spot those again position as a basketball. And secure for out of France averaging nineteen point easily score the magic shoot 51%. From the field Eric Gordon the pride of archbishop very high school. Fourth year player out of Perry's so high flier but managing knocking down shots this year 55 point died from the field 55. We'll. 43. Outside the 3.5 last year Ishikawa. 40% outside the three. He is a stretch for them to their tried to make a bid to. And right now. Since they traded Serge Ibaka had been last year at the deadline that's a little bit of a different team. At the senator's platform where USC trojans it Vucevic. Yugoslav native. Now as seventy or seventeen points seven rebounds and that's happened though breezy down the last few years since that is what you sell for great start to the point guard position near the floppy haired dude. Out of Louisiana Lafayette. Fortier pearl. Bothered by a sore left hamstring. And the starting at the off guard Terrence Ross formerly of the Toronto Raptors were usually. Usual five sands curry listen replacing staff would Townsend green. But Julia and Iran magically the opening tip and there are. Blue rodeo Forbes with pinstripes for days waited outside court wide open misses a three of the trillions tipped the rebound to himself. Magical up to their best start in the last eight years. A quarter for example that this time a year ago. All the sounds sounds Gaza hold it down to Doran. Rand Paul Foster as verbal shots short rebound Vucevic. Players in the home whites of the Bay Bridge the senate circle blue numbers blue letters the backside patent goes all the way they drive goes up forceful. Those good Frank Wolf who want to call that you will not get a bad gas supply agreement close lasted not expertly out of bounds by parents Ross. Who's sporting a dark blue headbands. Magical white letters white numbers in the backside with a blue pinstripe. Uniform. Piping down. Beside me. On the short. Kevin Durant takes he had bounced off a screen by Zaza Steve Jobs that's that's that's the base like grab by Livingston. Rooted cigarettes get the break my wife is cool breeze got. For the first basket of the affair. Trade my greens were knocked it down breeze during the winning streak levels that believe in the last seven games. There for the Iraq. Let's dive right back with a jumper to bounces off the rim won't go through my great pulled it down takes its looks like court surveys of lobster for the random catches turns left shoulder seeded double team crosscourt feed start over and Ross whether it. As your first lawyer turnover of less than ninety seconds. If you just looked at Eric Gordon sets his feet left it's lie and splashes down in triple from the left ankle. And he dies a game at three. I'd pay to play 69 games and to give them. 166. Made threes as current recession big. What 32 of his first three years. It's a 48 quickly down together at driving all the way scored the last fairway out. Imagine you are committed to play what pace this year. Had to get the ball off the floor and you saw right there they get an easy shot out of that. Resolved by just throwing the ball ahead they tap the right way might they be in the right sides can best of Fremont opened fire at resident. Get a Gordon back on that. Trampoline he uses to get off the floor the pulled out the rebounds scoring now thrives in Detroit mob lofted stumbles rotates outside Ross Wolf take. Flyby three ball bounces go good rebound war. It's quickly though. They're gonna say offensive interference he grabbed the worry about the dogs. Trying to highlight reel. I'm all excited their first second. Grab the rim and then belted down. Playground yes it's NBA you know. But five warriors Levi awards replied I really love the way throw together the ramp to live now that he. Herbal solutions. Limited holds up jumper. First off warriors lead by great. An incident started eight previous times. From Golden State Warriors would Perry's flat out lost out FISA bill for routine that back the lost 318 you have to fly it up again. Across it's a good solid NBA players. Good defense here's what was up with free throws a bad pass. No one in particular nobody home loss lead out for Gordon that's a bad dancing had to hit it goes out of bounds as the match going left right and you radioed now we're trying for a breakaway. The ball turns over. 87 with scores. This into the far away. She played jobs and off the screen play back up jump pass for jobs not deflected away. Ball flying all over the floor living just pulled up baseline jumper a misses everything Ed Gordon pulled down the rebound 87 more years Gordon to the front court stopped off the dribble with a 388 scary games. What Courtney did this delicate confidence is there at some it has not been there in the past in the past you've never would try to shout like back. Like tap the plus side off the dribble in transition. Any bad blood supply side door and down the drain on one drivel bats that's your right to board turnover came out beautiful layup that done. Three turnovers for the warriors in the first four minutes scored off a street 54 snaps off before over as the truly with a revamped. Reminder walking out. Five plays after its early Whiteside gets open and misses of glory and Peyton was the rebound more issues to look for from Justin's case take this. Leave his feet that's a passport grass that sticks out the left corner we'll cannot play towns and throws outside the tapes. Snow in the Vucevic. Put full nice kid outside outside come back with a lot of shoulder movement and a magic scored seven straight believed while they eat. To read the the time line high screen role was outside goes all the way to grant with a driving white pants you've got perfect day. Inadvertently whacked or other ways back that ground than to say I'm sorry mate can now offer would refrain hits a fourteen footer. Would imagine what this simply getting the ball off the floor question. Getting good shots all five starters who scored Matsui a bad day. Right to employ game without violently since Steve Perry is disgusted want to back Paul was this guy what can I do. And sits down on the bench. Four turnovers in medical. Less than five minutes. But the lawyers get a wake up call right about five minutes ago before halftime. The ball within a certain. Cordoba far away Gordon Jeff Jeff drives out very much drawn to ground frozen foods which makes a nice catch. Now locates patent for a one hand watered down the lane that's a good frame out try to get a charge that wasn't called was Juliet clears the living set. He's a low left guarded by a loss takes a middle lost thing it'll got a Jack comes the foul line chiseled it toppled them got fouled. Latest addition to. Good time out. 635 to go first. Gloria take fourteenth and Orlando lead. The defending champion film's few more years radio network presented by weight stuff did you two waves come. A real estate now might four's Shaun Livingston headaches or via free throw line to shoot two free throws here. Frank Vogel talked about the impact of having Gary Gordon. The gulf war over three point shot dead definitely helps. First three years in this very pleased. I'm back at night club back home. Now he's very good. Among those thousands is creating you know more dried shrimp and go okay okay. Second free throw for Shaun Livingston is just like the first nothing but that had fourteen to twelve now warriors. Trailing by two. Eric Gordon worked double zero pastor pace to maybe the good tradition traditionally people Ross Ross comes a little. Itemize that's out terminates gives it back to move to pitch inside of ten on the shot clock go back down the ramp locate dating a doctor Ross. Deep three left wing off the river like down two with a rebound good rotations at town by the warriors dumps in the far away. They get Zaza with a mouse in the house who doesn't comes up to screen anyways so the magic adjust. Played Townsend mass desires knocked in three straight in my dream my back to the basket now he's worked on her crosscourt defiant TV three ball awful and no good heads now. Offensive rebound putback got. Three. Of the magic players all five starters for the warriors have been outscored. Stop playing. You could bird food should step down he'll fly from downtown that's awfully good. At seventeen to fourteen Orlando. Should include five of the seventy. Magic 307 outside the arc breaks down to catches downstairs a direct. Hopefully. Well the way up. Have visited former MVP hit that wide open. You look like play warriors trailed I want. Jay would it offers three holes Johnson on his fifth downside by Zaza crossover dribble takes a good job. Ready sat down with a great Jack got enough solutions limited great fake goes fit inside there. Three. Now again that's now. Orlando. Gold glove while the best the are they could be. Lead albeit a one point advantage we'll take the time about five minutes ago we are the first quarter and oracle. Lawyers eighteen magic 70000 pathetic Chevy Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff because she wins. Avoid. AT this seventy lawyers we have substitutes on the floor thousands of Baghdad to Andre Iguodala in for the first time Nick Young in his checked the end. And to bail McKeon before as well for the water shortage Iran and clay Thompson. Ball comes to Eric Gordon is out there afforded Payton who through chance captain seven. Gordon called for a clear out its live for a dunk to rain ended up finds backside Gordon. At the ranch here in the NBA. Greetings and citations. You put the ball back in the the play they're still talking we Randy Gordon at the other end. You can't do that on me yes again I will try again. Yeah yeah yeah. They get out it's actually he throws it high and hard and that's the fifth turnover of the year. Free get allies believe and the fifth tonight. In the game for the warriors. Man Ellis doubled their rent chants. Magic when that they're brought the basket to our life. When is it with the warriors is first quarter turnovers. Already with five. Simmons crossover dribble drives on the key stops nowhere to go caught on the baseline lob inside deflected up quite derailing goes in. He was dry did not get away for Vucevic and he did that. But Webb Wright a bit off the glass flew Jewish give them credit for the bus to be as savage. Mickey the clay township. Thompson now looking in finding Fedoruk guarded by 48. Qualified 48 takes marketable goes up with a lot can't go to block the way by Vucevic cleared out about a Payton Payton middle of floor. Driving a stopper had trouble with the dribble now comes back still has trouble with the dribble stumbles and he was helps. So says us. Eric Lewis. Young with a fallible bush and we're working very closely together to. Normally kestre Olmert gas through your guest tomorrow night a beyond the arc and 95 points of the game our flagship station. You're around for that 48 penetrate his throws out there which was wide open. Half of the key jumper and so far the match could outplayed at the warriors a lead by 321 to eighteen us. So Seth Curry tonight for Golden State. Cast via Linear way. Cassie Holden Holden waiting. And a lot of the Kevin Durant to grant doubled five young life sized golf make off the dribble phrased it to a triple a top that off. Too strong rebound reflective white descendants in strides have been down the left wing throws crosscourt. Stop by Shelvin Mack is just checked in at a 48 takes it giving up gamma laid around beyond it to the rim scores. Six straight down for the magic Steve Kerr wants a time out. 312 to go first court 438 seed Orlando will take a break. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by Wayne south efficient ways of going. But gold assay on the downside download. Five point deficit. And just put a weird game tonight just had that weird. Feel. And you could tell about curry just a different animal off their for Golden State. They leave his second chance points a category they never leading 40 and they trailer fast break points seventy. The warriors lead the NBA in fast break points by a double digit margins. Andre get down to bring the ball off the floor down the fairway fleets for Nick Young who steps out. Guarded by 48 out of Magee. Had gone gone through those behind the back for me though rim too hard with a push for the outside that's his first found. Only Brooklyn averages more than the lawyers four point 81 quarter turnovers. And they're right at that right now. The ran its own. Guess we screens for young young comes in gets the ball low because Andrea from the lawyers that screen by -- Andre up Jaffe casting a lot for McGee with a catch in the lay and and I remind got away with a shop off on Mac that time. It's toll free that's Wally. Lawyers is his coach Jerry apologies to very inching worried about step. Curry in the pregame shows hoosiers Opsound misses a free rebounded Iran to 35 to go first quarter warriors down by three. Vucevic for the first mr. Wren pulls up you to transition the rim rolls over the sold there drops away do the right words grab by Simmons. He'll take you up before waits for a drag stream flowing underneath this breeze partly was cast too with Simmons he had to the rim anyway. And goes up and score. Podcast we played that perfectly. Just could not. Get the lateral movement quick enough to. Stop the drive he had downed six of the dribble. Teach for young young has come way away from the basket good defense by four day exactly get down skiing down. Now moving on board shot clock hit five got to go dump it inside the jazz beat her issued scored about how. We have bounced about how Shelvin Mack was starting at Cathy as your right over the top of them store. The lawyers for us to coach Jerry college used to very interesting word in describing the effective step Drury in the coaches show the pregame show. He says it. That's MS of one of gravity but had fools the attention of pulls off every one to him or at least in his direction. Which leaves a lot of the warriors opened with Seattle way to operate without that Grand Prix for no good chip Dow fights break month go to cast we go back. Let's go to full Duckett had a blocked by the rim he elbow with a ball. Got a over in the near where it. Simmons takes to the front court boils down to 45 police to. Civic with a terrible outside rotates to 48. Between the legs of the triple twice raises up doesn't shoot goes to right wing boards should pump fake thrives on drama stops at traffic rotate to be both those output down a travel. JaVale McGee was right here closing out to have the album does not have much of an offensive game he's only averaging. Four points a contest never been much of a score. That's the fourth turn over four Orlando. If you get down the drain Montrae month. With the ball with a bounce pass back gone through the right way to reach x.'s screen caps the Bayside goes all the way for the reverse that one knocked away loose ball before game. 48 takes its war on three. Flats side to Shelvin Mack who. Doors the basal like comes out to the right corner tourism Bayside again comes left side Pete did for diablo gets open and scores a driving layup. 27 to 42. Orlando. Andre get down on the final minute of the first quarter directing traffic. Waiting young flashes through ball goes to begin at the high post which move by JaVale still blue dog good tipped away by JaVale like very McCaffrey who pushes the show up who. About five feet away and it's up there. 4724. Warriors down by three. Simmons entry passport working on Nick Young spin back the box she's a fadeaway jumper played good Eric Norwood a beautiful move. Gordon already with the aid of the 29 for the magic. Very Marjorie. On top of the logo. Have pressured by Gordon gray Armando driven with a right hand unexpected. Taking the right wing Ron Amadon who was fired just great it's. Magically gathered to Steve Kirk jones' club the final ten seconds they have found again. Making the move is 77 stops at Bob's over young good job freeze up it's no good if by the elbow stayed out of record 48 package should sacrifice here it's no good. At the quarter is over. Wires down by three of the other one. Orlando 29 Golden State twice. 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And for more convenient Smith who has created a designated drop off because area and high commodity. After the final buzzer request in writing heads into the zone. He'll be out none fast break in notes. Then after games ever brought Cuba mound my kids are good about my future that's down forty your feet to right now. A few games. Volume seller right now. Find the magic would voices in the warriors tonight eight knows that very tonight out with the wife. I can do to. When you see our first arrival of mold buckets on the floor of the warriors part of the 2015 championship supply fears of break it down south to rotate out the west west finds it better wide open if they feel it's all right Doug good to. I had a game at 29. Also part of your game simply Eric Gordon giving back the debate he's played well so far eight points and three rebounds. Johnson Simmons was the troll foot shot in the late in out rebound goes to David West outlet deal. Young's down the right way. And by Speights who steps out to help out west gives it to a cunning play township retreats the right way. Once gas used to back the west west inside for dreamliner and remind this time the jump in the past was too high into arguments. Turnover numbers six. Shelvin Mack he's bounced around land you saw flying home near Orlando flip side the cheers Ross. Jonathan Simmons. Sleep easy throws it out of bounds. While. There have been some. Weird dance tonight. They're gold snorkel. Climbing through. Andre Iguodala down the fairway on its feet west west side about diablo. Outside like jabs and left would bring a different way. Lawyers have retaken the lead 32 to 29 and so forth we've changed we've had two jobs. Also three sevens are young trying to fight over the street is fouled look. Young foul. I just found. Now it's gone sure young missing women I was just trying to heal the screens guy kept me off the second value. First for the team. Ross was just movie album gets it back shoots a floater or the White Sox wish. A shot by Terrence Ross 3231. Lawyers of points. We played ninety. Three seconds of the second quarter. Young of the ball was right my bad Deion loads up about 28 for very short rebound those. To west to the left side right sideline his fast break my back it up almost fell over in the backcourt good saving the other gets hit back straight month. Well athletically that was how the big west to make it. All the offensive was to fly a and David West just love the pick and he was wide open back from baseline through a lot. Just over Andre nothing there a loose ball foul diablo over the back of last. Second chance points so far usually got the warriors category. 1820. Favorite Golden State. Pinpoints thirteen to four favoring the lawyers though we know mofaz is contagious liver. West of the ball lights on downstairs to Fremont. Price played Johnson goes they've got pushed from behind by sort of sentiment has yet your body that of foul play coastal migration to. Plus write out 102 station identification on the Golden State Warriors. Radio networks. Plates now city its feel free throw. Play hit a full read. Earlier tonight. As things hits you overalls were that played doubts about. As to hide Reggie Miller for the eighth longest streak in NBA history. 68 straight game with a three point shots. Magic get his take the free throw warriors if you can play there they get 3631. Save lives trying to penetrate come off like played out both face it's a runner that's a good remote got bumped. So remote to lying to shoot two. Take coach Steve Kerr talked about his affection Amanda became known here at the faith as smoke buckets love movies when. In my experience just huge heart wonderful. Teammate and guys just be ready every game we played them like once every three games. The other two games that he didn't play never complain just smiled and worked and third day and that we would play him he usually makes horrified buckets and I would say over the course of two years. When I was just from coaching he'd he'd probably want personally want us to continue. I makes two free throws for Orlando which is their prize homes from sixteen years. It's 3633. Warriors while fast nearby. Obviously it's closer than plus. Comes out to very much flat demand side good jobs and cut off by Ross and his overhead you missed it short and diablo defensive rebound. That's good job over the three years. Solid match drifting toward a lot based on. Dribbles out along the baseline feeds him until take the floor debate site stops skipped an outside of loss deep three left wing nothing but bad. For the former raptor. And he is tied the game a 36. Pack your book called getting up off the bench. Both teams for a guy from beyond the RC a dollar trip on bring it straight month comes middle back Andre. Andre one on one shoots over mole off the dribble and listed it goes over the backboard and it is bought a half the backboard. Along with a guide wires it's got there. Philly is stuck there Shelvin Mack tried to shoot off he can't do it. And you try to get some apparatus. Get it down. Here comes the broad. Is scared Gordon off the bench. Kind of go off the top of the backwards into the race. There's Becky Jumbo. Takes the broom and knocks the ball back in the line. What was listed as a Gerald Green put the cupcake in the back of the rim and let it never have done that and blew out the company. I was the. Federated dubbed the all time most major debris that's why why we'll try to relive glory your trademark gray with a hot shots basket goes like the ball unfortunately motive not play for the warriors have lost we'll take you to the front court. Lost backs up he'll shoot the three of that stuff that was partially blocked that they filed last. Grab by Johnson Johnson down the right sideline the west were tied at 36. Last fight play indeed one step throws about the dreamliner makes a great save at mid court. Goes Andrei Padre. With the ball there's so I get to screens finds young Gotti indeed sped away from the state. Nicely done it's 3836. Young's gas Savvis. Shelvin Mack clean dinghies over Andre short rebound gave USDA cleared Andre. Iguodala off the floor pros for drama drama handoff on draped. To the right side young Paul makes devastated takes that to no good test fire a great honor. I just got Jeff down young trying to get to a dad. Patrol and it's out of bounds off young who doesn't face plant right club the scorers table and they will be Orlando ball. Young we'll sit down would 2009. Minutes. Great love gets a breather. Here comes Kevin Durant if that's what call. Imagine. Another half court play your break vocal forehead coach at Indiana very successful where the pacers. Back. He's down Ross who stumbled through the rubble shoots over David West to knock it down. There are flaws has denied reports. 38 all the schools. Seven of the nine is here in the second quarter last. They both left sides one dribble locates you get down they exchanged on her back to guarded by beyond both those TV. Casey capitalist circles you to go first. Heard it got to ride over job considering there is nothing to get days. Back down the far side below the hash mark out feel ball. Takes it back outside to restore life to the hash mark with a dribble he stayed straight quick look those up. Now momma momma came underneath than what they are up draws the foul. You'll be apple libel we come back 638 to go. First half warriors. Leading forty just 38 over the magic the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient ways. Most face down the free throw line did shoot a pair of today that the weighs 2072018. Season is presented by Kaiser. Permanente. First free throw the man from house buckets in school. Zach along the way as you well. We're tied at forty. It's 36 to go. Her sexuality to back on the floor night's start to warriors their Ford Ford is its previous eight replacing step very. Kevin Durant. I was by Floyd gave the ball deflected back towards. Direct takes normally and stop can't look at people like going nowhere. Turn over number eight and space for the ball battle lost to accelerate down boy and his staff deflected nearby last. Volleyball by location to himself. Ahmanson takes cross downstairs shoot over here bounces twice doesn't go straight to rebound and overtake. Hair flopping in the wind speeds outside does this case it's been digest reaches a runner over here let's stop and give. Most states now has six it magically by Jews. It terminates got to think JD now the right way. Greg garnered by Gordon less tangible Kati Kim's little she's a one hander though good. Yes but Gordon's right there to grab a for the blue plaid magic Gary Gordon the front court stops a box of three. This fires of the rant has the weak side board of the new way he goes to the timeline. Wade's house passes to Wes downstairs we'll take good pump fake guys. We're down at 42. Quickly the other way for the. Instead they've just breeze in and out rebound the way. Graham looks quietly up the floor gets screened by last sounds of bombs and eighteenth where. They feel like he's trying to get some relief here he got eight points and Frank Vogel wants to. About right now. The warriors lead by 24442. Ward fifty got to go before the break will be defending Jackie Golden State Warriors radio network we butterfly waves now. Backdoor cold warriors leading 4442. Match with a ball. There advancing left or right. They look the high post master boot to this. It's dribbles Phillies for a fourth day and drive ride out the bomb Modi is on the floor first time at four game initiate Tivoli game with a running. Jump shot to tie the game with 44. Television has the ball. Please for Durant pops out off the street by lady Katie goes all the way leaning heavy falls out of bounds tumbles over a photographer. Apparently he's OK the photon is okay. Well he's on foreign aid is second direct line to shoot two we'll tell us where and how you're listening. That's part of our Twitter question today brought to my mountain Mike's pizza what you do and why you're listening to lawyers radio. It hit me up on Twitter and warriors by exporters feel it's a semi email to avoid CIA OR OY 8 PM warriors got kind. Come on bar regulation of the job Gelbard to Tucson. Dowdy old Pueblo. He's watching Natalie passes streaming us on serious accent thank you so much far. Appreciate the effort. Two free throws good for KD five to get such pieces go Duff. 4644. CBS. Tent first warrior they'll figure. After he scored toward that he's the first. Back to the viability drives on him down oil goes up. But it didn't film that didn't work the way Mike Doran says rip it out of his arm PDF the floor. Back to board crossover dribble crossover step back jumper on the leg. And I hit a world wide array of maybe 4844. And there is those disgusted but we did two run out. Maybe the ball alive tonight. Those who have little utility of George Graham pulls down the rebound maybe high stepped into the port holds off maids people at least in all the way. From the magic. Deal won't always tended to be the best thing before. Our goal feels like home again tonight. Winfrey 48 to go with a sports former lawyers radio network presented by went down efficient way and avoid. Go right now the match goes back at those they're getting a little taste of the lawyers have done this. Grapple winning streak dates and that and the second quarter. Play much better than the way they started the game. And they carried out in the third quarter where they have outscored their post like twelve and a half points in the six game winning streak. Safe with a ball that they are waiting to. Right by the ORACLE Arena site gets the four game middle. I think he's free won't go Kathy hustled to rebound direct call to get the ball down the right sideline to stop for the far away want to scream when he comes up for the screen. Story goes away for the street Pete did silently did pump fake gold cup. Good job for the air. And Iran has either scored or assisted on the last ten points for the lawyers for gave Rafa lies download. Lane he goes these valve on a passed by Caspian got a little too look closer company. Fourth team foul on the warriors inside out for the magic who every team back. Simmons in the fourth game of Jezebel and I'm always pass deflected grabbed by Bluetooth which one dribble got it over the Jacqueline Simmons Simmons. Satellite slow motion why can't move up playing good any got fouled by a bond movie now slipping and falling down the baseline. On a way as well as Eric Gordon he's OK boy that was dangerous. Right there. Edge for a man wanted. Blood coming up at halftime we know Steve was always. Open and honest about how he's doing. The unmistakable voice of David West part of the conversation I had with him plus RC Davis and all the stories around the association. One usually fifteen to 46 after the bucket by Simmons Cathy. This victory in my greens back in play Townsend has returned as well. Here's Simmons a former. I am six points in the last two years averaging over fifteen off the bench this year. Or I'll keep it straight month rebound the ball. After the free throw it through the cylinder. It's just if you 47 more usually by five including herbal snuff out one terrible fee Doran Durant traveling the three point line backs they. Back kid down take some. Well it's not that it is Dan Quayle would pay down about where it's actually eight. All star cast to walk through we'll. Karzai the basket to our laps and throws it very much chance hostility since he wheels to the Pedro who ran. Kept around 48 back to Sean wide open fourteenth put are falcons often driven off the glass and does not fall you know war. Karzai's Simmons got the division before yeah. Dribbles the Valdez Lucic whose gobbled up again it's gifted the flyers dies at seventy miles begged. I'd drive cut off by. I bought this ball. Bluetooth as you're right back with a JIMF. Get down. First magic players double figures CNV 115240. Guy do we leave this story. Three months due to grant ran. Why didn't come imovie in defense trouble throws and outside it plays out down the back just to make football club reloaded it's just very effective role play. Life goes up okay. Rebounds skipped over the pay. Human trafficking and after the terrible taste in the paper rose to seven. Best of fourteen and a quarter slides almost grief had just like that that magic come back this time we're tied at fifty series. Nice night. If you go to bird dog got myself ready to play for free that's the letters to the offensive rebounds. He crashed outside the warriors will recess. John lobs with the wind the far side of the surf the ranchers and patients less tangible good did to a double team that was about bio for Peyton before that. Our team found the magic first title for patent. Terrence Ross back in the game. Offensive rebounds a game usually favor the other team. This game at seventy favoring towards. Levy's advice towns this draws a crowd looking straight month. Drives I'm Ross gets double pass deflected bantered over for the night time of the half. Ross the other way wide open Gordon right side greet mr. Clooney with a good box out gets the rebound back the drama. Now the final 68 seconds Fremont front porch to the ladies' open first 48 and misses that airport with a rebound. There for a legal avenue. Free rides places you want to throw the ball. Downstairs and looked out the lots of routine that you directed the ball midair over added Gordon we have a album for that. It was spectacular play that we traditionally means nothing ever happened. Thousand Olympics in his second. Full blown when head coach of the match against abuse there's a danger of trying to ask Eric Gordon. Did do too much in some ways you know but and I want him to push the envelope. And wants things for prayer and if for all of our guys is you know to look you know this is just to make sure we're all playing team basketball. We all have to try to well. Our game. Really game by contributing to us to win basketball that's just what six or you represents me towards the end of the season when you plant and. Ratings surge of vodka in Toronto or McCain their stretch for Bluetooth which hits two free throws ten nothing run for the magic. Maybe Christie 4052. Forty seconds left living symbol balls. Waiting drifting to the right side he's played down to double the Jamont Jamont can upload a white. Let me today as well. He's already played thirteen minutes tonight. Simmons up the floor. Far away is balance afternoon. Go to bed. That's that are inside Gordon finger rolled up but they. Slicing the weak side he's got ten points and of the 56 for the magic who lead wife gave final possession of the half when they feel chicken cross the timeline neither team looked out of here. Let me sit with a durable got to buy overstate direct comes up flashes through ball inside the great my game unopposed upload. Record was four point seven that golf is ahead. Vernon good mood today it's seven to pass block walls get to back loss from midcourt. Good off the glass. No word yet either. 56 dog those depth coverage tonight for the lawyers and a magic are battling them here at oracle coming up and tapped out part of our conversation. Live warriors forward David West RC Davis all the scores coming your life on the defending champ big Golden State Warriors radio network Ford died at 56 is presented by weight stuff efficient ways the war. Both teams on the floor getting where the start of the third quarter were tied at 56 after Bryant. Lawyers playing without step curry tonight and so resume play with. The five to go for the game with Julia Johnson. Levin senator placing curry along with Doran a dream on grief. Season high twelve points in the first aftershocks he's got the ball far side is Juli it's your head down to plays out just sounds of what it. We'll watch Terry did flotilla. And the lawyers wee devices. Play now in double figures he has dad. Just under way third quarter smash into the saved by the open the game Lucic just tapped Eric Gordon Gordon. Now outside the arcade Lucic. Gordon just sit back. Gordon drifting one dribble fight Lucic who fired enjoy a rainbow three it's a break rebound Livingston the far away crosscourt to derail. Where it takes the right way off the screen. Passover plate Johnson troubled by a rosty sounds out for a layup inside Gordon was there just put back Hijab to a through a four point lead. Quarters of outscored their post like twelve point five a during the six game winning streak boots of the misfires Gordon with a offensive rebounds. Got an over the four game. Takes a handoff from Goodrich after a high post mass return of Jesus which got pushed him. Foul by Shaun Livingston that's to be his third. Taken out twitters to Wear and what to do it tonight Torre is to adapt. This K kids. Headed to the Nikhil lounging Concord. Brad is if Arkansas walking the dogs room nights now want. PC Brett dives in Rhode Island. Janzen. Down San Jose. Kevin's at home in the browse home of John list of Peoria Illinois in truth it's the first child in Napa and he's playing golf. If he's listening while playing NBA team and. Breakthrough is good for Vucevic. Sixtieth 58 but are you playing as the warriors that's. Clemson comes middle. Alicia looks at the right side. Blake sounds of bombs out. Sounds just outside the archive by Lucic why did she takes it down the way shovels in the far away stole my boss lost foul by drew in my in the back court. And Ross was trying to. Get the ball out of his hand Ford came on found first found very much. Talley says driving home. In the rainforest go inside did check out the rest the game of pop's. You're locked in on the game tonight. 48 place gets repaid. I hope rests solely about what was to publish it we'll take the far side ways of two to the L ball pull up jumper over pilfered the that's John look he's the guy a season high fourteen it's 62 to 58. The warriors lead by four again. Looking collapse prone to oppose scored high post turns and faces and shoots over JD it's a back iron mix. We're the worst of the match was an airport will be able to stand up and try a little too hard tonight playing at home. Trademark green writes I'd love Dan dribble. On the right way dumped it down to the rant rant turns and shoots it's not always go low post got over overpaid. The warriors getting their rhythm going down. They lead by six Mason the other way dribbles and not grant throws the trailers Vucevic for a three listed YY clay Thompson gathers today. Johnson. Marsh side throws near way betray money spins away from Al for taking faulted the ranch. Frame on the dive through the bucket gets the massive void for game missed the layup trade my body got fouled. 48 takes the ball flight forced to watch for three missed just one rebound both just care about a bounce in the near away. At Golden State won't get it back. Before 58. The first half. The warriors led there by eight feet now. Largest lead for either team dream my dream low life power move on Eric Gordon float to laughter. Bush got high grade eight point lead that time out Frank Vogel. How one could see a repeat of the previous six. Third quarters against Golden State that at ten to push for the warriors to open the half. 6658. Lawyers I've tapped. I'd be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down the official way. Playback GM here at oracle tend to want to open they have the warriors have forged an eight point lead. Time is the largest lead of the night Eric Gordon with a ball. Outside one for hopeful that the loss missed. Quickly by dream my dream cast of hoosiers can always be out there a little bit more intense now. A disease that's event. If you miserable helper patent database like pop that doesn't fall in the Julia rebounds against the ball back the very month. Fremont on the deck he played Johnson nosedive curry tonight. Tops of the Juliet Juliet to Livingston. Tend to run a bucket to meet everybody tread might get creative side flow could take away from Gordon lady there. First double digit lead of the night. 6858. Alfred paid. Dribbles and throws and outside the route to the one dribble before day four day off with three deep three on the way swish. Ford game with a bucket. 68 this 61. Fourteen is a cheer from France. We actually did score in 1948 and I haven't rambled moma life sized holes it's a jumper over. It's that was wide right Gordon circles back to get it. He's eight rebounds throws Taguchi did she stepped down left wing midrange jumper doesn't build the truly with a rebound. Seven point lead for the warriors it sounds now with eight boards tonight. Through my great. I've lied to the local comes to the right side like history gets free pizza size for a limited to cut off by bush Richfield turn and shoot over no good rebound slapped around by Gordon does not stop with the pressure on. It goes down about. Last year the magic word. 29 in the league office and this team this year there in the top ten draft back door double locks off the window at goody got fouled by Derek for. I again. Offer a baseline out of bounds. A simple back screen produces a layup for Golden State. Clay Johnson set the screen so they have to be cognizant of him and Ross just a step slow coming over. Frank Vogel looks out like a man that probably talked about that play at shoot around and says he told we told we're just got free throws good. 7161. Lawyers back up the tent flares and salmon and eleven from the field to score held for tape. Rose to Gordon Gordon comes right backs have guarded by dream back to paste made quick throughout Livingston now pushed off a little. Separation with a bush often gave enough from the bank get a shot. Slow laughs. 7163. Just wish to move the limits of just to the ranch to Randolph street by the Julia grant crossover dribble out Ross that Olivia goes all the way. Kevin Durant got nineteenth may try to hurry the play double dribbled. And turn them over. Nineteen points five boards five assists for Cady. Seven of the nineteen in the quarter. I'm loving sit down and their way for the tenth more relief to draft history yet another great thirst for. We're poised Lance Bass hits by Bluetooth. Jackpot for remaining fifteen anything below fourteen of resets to fourteen. Side out for the warriors on the near sideline and we like to say here in the summer. Policy broadcast Booth B 880 sat on. The other one. Far and from our viewpoint will be the team's sideline. Hillenbrand with a ball off the screen throws down shares of Fremont doubled out who live east of the play first foray at any. Now this third triple overnight from the warriors lead by thirteen. 68 straight games per play making a three. Tied Reggie Miller earlier that night before this streak. In NBA history here's Eric Gordon. Off the street troubles at the trouble for the microwave petrified JD was foul by Gordon in the back for a second foul on board was second on the magic. Gold seal want to throw an end. Behind the player hate delegation check out tonight item of the game at two warriors champions hat for only fifteen dollars is exclusive. Offer is only available while supplies last so don't wait get your item of the game tonight the warriors dot com. 553 to your third. Let Lisa becomes a little. Slim to crossover drew a lot Tate and takes sides on the way I've got foul play overpaid and it's almost treat to. The folks have checked did offer of email won't get to them in a moment. Colonel John in Union City listing on 95 points in the game the Bay Area sports station and we pause ten seconds for station identification. On the Golden State Warriors. Radio network. Trademark green elf. And Andre Iguodala eons. Davis. Thanking Jesse go with a girlfriend sounds mostly in right down games are played here. Salmonella is regularly sound felt there was six tonight 7863. Free throws good for Shaun Livingston who had sixteen points tonight. Warriors shot fifty. Jonathan Phillips back on the floor for Orlando to boost its girls to a double team lost contact the foul. All bundled stay. Shaun Livingston gets his fourth foul on the field comes in. The combined movie and who'll sit down. John Lilly said. We'll sit down on. Time to answer Gaza as well. 48 Johnson and Robert Jackson emailed to avoid TI tomorrow YE a Reuters dot com he's there Roma's California. The board game to Vucevic guarded by yellow and a mismatch it's dropped seven of power move operating in over and they can't. How much they could do that would we take great job of keeping the ball high at that time though allowing it into a strip situation during a middle before. Calls overcome unloaded. The pick of the release loaded down Broadway to the red hand off goes deep south who backs up doesn't shoot feeds played Johnson with 7 o'clock get tested to go good. At Gucci which every event. Hate flying down the right side. Stops in shambles back up after the if you if you hands off the fourth Gordon jump love officer for the Pope goes into it shakes it's a back and miss and he's now two for his last eight. From the field. They township turtles into a double team throws a pass away seventh got a breakaway young wheel drive Jason download them lots of goals. Hey Steve Kirk all the time. Seventy eighths to 67 the lawyers lead is. Now I mean there are Sunni leaders leave lab at. I'm an old C lawyers radio network presented by wait staff efficient ways of the warriors. With the outstanding glorious Danny is an NBC sports Bay Area do most popular team in the world plays right here in our. Backyard. You need when podcasts and on NBC's fourth period dot com. Coverage follow us on FaceBook Twitter Earnest Graham always the other thing or use anything NBC sports Bay Area. Sometimes an idea is so great it's timeless takes a wheel for example thousands of years old on the design is still as perfect as ever. My Kaiser Permanente and we have our own timeless ideas. The best way to stay healthy is to not get sick in the first place. That's why we focus so much on prevention we're number one and screenings for breast cancer and for controlling high blood pressure because by cashing in managing conditions early we haven't. Had a chance healthy future and Kaiser Permanente rise and surprise visit TV dot org. 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Andre catches Padres over two young young on the wide side bounce pass to load the shot clock at ten. Clooney turns and spends the based on Vucevic. Comes out the last quarter and Andre got through 5 o'clock comes little handoff to cast we feel shoot a floater in traffic rolls off forever. And ripped away by Vucevic. Go look for Andre. And golf now paid gets to four games left side three doesn't go Orlando now six of 22. From distance. We're second only to three point shooting coming in Kevin Durant pulls up off the screen jumper back guy or miss and circling back to getting this four day. Right hand speed and pace. Hayden dribbles Jersey's shoots over the vile movie that was not a good shot rebound against BP get Dolly develop in the front court. Goes hard out Peyton pulls out a way goes up and take your world. Eighty to 671. Basket of the night for Andre is. That basket have little intense weather. Left side four days 48 gets pushed by Durant did the red unhappy with the call by. Kerry's alleged it. Tells the referee who wears number fifty ID or no longer my favorite celebs keep. Three point seven to go third court. Simmons we'll toss in Orlando. Shelvin Mack. Get the ball bounce pass to 48 who leans in throws out there's Vucevic right angles to no good civil tidy or can't get the rebound against the ducks. Dodgers right the middle of floor Andre. Down the white decided to do grant to rant now. Clients young young topside takes a Korea top the no good defensive rebound the Simmons who spent a wake up and down the lights I like he goes accelerates marks the eighth. The market goes up Vista but got fouled in the process. My goodness captain Simmons what they don't overdrive about a step beyond. Half court nobody stop the ball and he has put it but the gear shift happens and you're right oh. And he heard those free throws. Frank Vogel head coach of the magic simply have to live event now. That I really didn't go one given time mindset and it's a cliche but you know we've. The build something that our guys feel good about and do we made some progress through the second part of this event of the season last year. This change in our style of clothing to better fit the Williams did plays and on the monitor the area does it goes from those changes are gonna. Paid dividends this year and they have so far 85 start their best start. Since 200920102. Free throws good format war is nothing love a direct the movie flop against I was scored in the movie just takes one giant step to the rim and slammed it down for his first basket of the night. 8269. Max goes slightly before game four gig comes to the wayside this Israeli get fouled hard by get down. As for gay went around the Caspian gas three expecting. Someone there to wall off the help but there was nobody home. For me. It's two shots. One day at the free throw line. A war of words in the game between Cleveland and New York that you Kaiser Permanente scoreboard. Cavaliers were 43 points the fourth court. 04010148. Slides on two free throws here it's 8270 ones. We've still lead by eleven down. And 48 to go third quarter. The viability. To Andre Iguodala Andre back to Loney. Indeed stop digits over toward with a lot dad though big tip without goes to another did miss that. As it rolled off to a righted for gay with a revamped. Pac twelve players reports tonight for game approvals in draws contact score to put it and say no bucket. And download. Outside was the first. Lawyers no doubt cousins and Sacramento Kings lost to Washington did tonight 110 and ID to. Milwaukee with a good home win over Memphis. 110103. Both of those features seven cents. More yea its the first return. Atlanta. Lost to the world's most of school. Games are so we've played by delegates all the scored the post game show. Philadelphia leading the LA clippers down at staples 66 to sixty in the third early fourth quarter and at Portland 93 Denver 77 we almost gave it to Denver Portland. And you talk Minnesota those that they clippers because you will be meaningful games two more free throws for the magic. Make an 827348. Doing the honors this time they're 1515 the law lawyers the half court set Andre gets passed. Takes a shot. Kathy and I felt very. Was from casting. Shot and gassed beat and shot the your board. Ford slides of the freak out if he won't gulf one hitting the rebound was the only reason for Rodriguez now I'm Maria before. Passes so they cycling might get three of Lowe got foul by Simmons. Boy usually by twelve and brave monitor the free throw line. Pray about the free throw line. Beyond the arc is tomorrow night 7 o'clock hour. Dime on 95 points of the game got a great show for it tonight all recast we will join us to talk about his transition to the lawyers and growing up played basketball and Israel won't hear from Brad brown the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Who says the past is to gain. We'll also hear from. He voiced the Brooklyn nets and you've heard of other assignments are made eagle will be our guest Fremont hits the first this the second the album with a rebound. Will be the second this mortar shell immaculate front sports. Feeds outside this service is free to back up just over the back. Guarded by looting nothing bared down estimates of drama movie stops that you it's a bad shot off a remote goes good defense by Yvonne had dashed through the rebound degree green the front court takes too far elbow. Waiting every treats and get the ball and they Keon. Young wolf. Taken up job minutes to go in the third boy usually by thirteen all the dream Montrae month for the past gets it back inside deluding who gets up way out. Grandma stapled up play. In this tie up for the past that stage where they got back into. Bad movie. While load the opportunistic sabres goes up we'll hook shot over. Already cast we are running well first events it's 8875. After death bucket. And Jonathan Symonds off the bench as he Levin. Young fades in the far corner to get Dow with a ball. Nasty flashes through Andre still dribbling middle causes low number and misfired long rebound taken by Gordon. 25 seconds to go we'll make sure the warriors got a two for one of those they read down. If you look Susie. 32 differential. Golden State doesn't have vowed to give needed does Orlando was killed when back it's too far away high street will be out. Right side got about a seventeen lost the ball to fluctuate from behind by Dre my that Jack Cusack gets. On the shot clock we have a jump ball. Mickey I live Justin's seventh. Because how big big yummy foods that bag. Side may have the young makes your head. They get whose shoulders. Well or because. As the here whose fault tipped off by young tipped by loading knights played Andre Andre with two seconds crosscourt beyond please don't let it doesn't get. Name. Supposedly she outlived Beckett gave young suffered this sees something else other than the bucket. They couldn't get it released its time for the lawyers and their six game winning streak have outscored their opponents by twelve point five in the third and they outscored them. The magic by thirteen in the third quarter 30 June 19 and early 8875. Has died before. Heidi defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient way. Last six games toys have outscored their opponents by twelve point five points in that third quarter. 32 nights he was out tonight and they lead 8875. At least that's the fourth quarter all part of your game some are brought to you by about my pizza. The Obama might pizza dive down and order your pizza right now you'll have a list that the post game show. Plus this did her press staffer Jim Barnett will stop by and they share his thoughts of the game Marcy gave us back to wrap it up. Because she's nickname tonight. This C efficacy you'll get to Casper. Ghostly good. Film's most major back on the fourth floor whether it's Obama to Mac and back we'll take it across the big court struck. Let us drive through a series of passes and Simmons as of the ball Whiteside Alston three mrs. Kathy players. 6 boards for all morning. Pray love of the timeline to play down some on the right way. Thompson throws for last three album his defender west over the shoulder Kasten noted particular grab my most weeks off the jewel races is Terrence Ross who pulled back to back. Backlog stands for both Tim did the Bayside he'd be humble be album goes over the mechanical like move it goes live off the back we have to. And got boundless well. Kathy pics of the found his third. Hispanics this must be Jumbo jets for three point line. The Republicans come. Granted. Great back to 2000. Seven. Sam picked that profession to. Free throw Nokia first visit that I for a led the warriors the ball is out of towns in the tree in my back that played down the T jumper off the rim three down hit for decades rabbi Joseph Simpson's. The moves off of screens euros fifty wins trip down about my Andre. Andre says hit seventh in the jazz. Kathy says it's off the magic. Simmons says he got thousands keep Kurds. Trying to find a replay. If you have a shot clock vs. For all the silly shot clock hit twelve. I'm Michelle match. After the whistle now we have we have an offensive foul on his back beyond the. Preamble would be offensive balance turn over. But. He's already been seven years he's only 25 years they. Still blows me away it was definitely just teenagers and I think this kid been around forever they're like 47 years old. Play itself. Out after drama. He's durable. Left side of the middle hands off a nasty nasty foul by a man. Known to be offered to crown. Formerly through wrapping around. Shelvin Mack but back to back found whom we can ask me. Turnovers here at the magic have a chance to make clear about the initial hit fight back then. Gas we reacted. Look for that. Most states. Dribbles and off the leg of lawsuits gives it back I was inside option under no good molded rebounds verify what has. I'm very proud Galen Weston now they go to those to those two guys who will not back away from each other. You very physical. Guys. Most things better. Back down the other end. David West won't back down from anybody. On the planet. Or just pick a planet. But if it's like gonna be is not who did. And chuckle about their for a moment. Collision between two large she was a little frustrating yes. Thought he had a bus hit the west and away from 8877. Warriors. Jan fifteen to go the game play thousands squeezes it throws out their last built my. I'm up but here. One of the best in the association. Head knocking down shots of the Bayside the second move at all usually by thirteen. Shelvin Mack. During the baseline yet again in just its descendants. Simmons. Capital circle these space page turns and shoots over doublespeak Baghdad look good slots and about five diablo I and it will go to gold said. 950 to go. To rebound and 4129. Favorite the warriors. And they've got Dallas turnovers down some LA to get more shots than Orlando. Always a big Steve Kerr wants to see. Flight after flight that he. It's been back to a West Street. Family goes plays back to David hill's big day the jumper comes they'll throw to play baseline jumper for play. The latest fifteenth and Orlando calls another ten out there the warriors have hit that magical thirtieth this sport and they need that he'd do 77 wood died thirty to go. I'll be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds Daffy situation. The wars. And oracle landed with a ball player who recently died thirty ego. Magic go right to left on your radio down here and ask them per team. Voice of the fifteen point lead their largest of the night. State of the ball dribble hand off down a job it's immature almost trapped above cash takes a bit. I most of we have had gone to Ross Ross we re both believe they'll go. David West she's having a great start for the fourth quarter pulled down the rebound. And Andre Iguodala wolf. Start to play six board for west Iguodala. So far hash mark for the Orlando edged up to drain on five west west opened up the TJ it's a back iron medicine Seattle bowl runs down the board. Bouncing the ball. Promote buckets comes a left side off the screen and look for low fives in the rules. We're back descendants. Drives us to ask these kids out here comes bill. Forces up a bad shot shortly now just plus about operate mom. Lawyer says. Thirty assists tense times. This year they're eight more of the previous now. Today's. Diablo. Gelman nationality that was so weird collision and the pain inside David West for the fouled out there stop playing and his first thirteen Sam Carter Steve Kerr though the lawyers have got the thirty plus assists. 123. Of them and that's an indication of what you want to establish when he came deeper why did. Get the lawyers were one of the worst passing teams in terms of number of fans per game when. Here now made its dearly love events. Some of why won't the shot clock debate takes a look at a pay goes by without without that sport it is determined to get to the company does. 9279. More years 815 to delegate. Those Stefan curry tonight and play sound of the ball. Rose slightly different mind frame on reverse pivot into a triple threat shoots over faces great sadness to diablo games clear for Orlando. Sustained far from over. Simmons two dribbles the fast track for. I've done Andre goes up north south fault reflected the right decisions. 7000 people shoot SP album was wide open spaces for gold medal back as soon as he tries inside township goes out the shot no good. Holding the rebound hi it's David West. Good now throw ahead betrayed my sails over his dad goes out of bounds. Fourteenth turnover that I for the warriors so. A very good number and especially after winning star. Ask me out and Cady ahead. Everything's a little bit harder without Jeff McMurray had the calamity that he has his pension. Hack off the best. Oklahoma Lacey Simpson goes flotilla reach shore and the rebound falls to David Westin. Now has eight rebounds on the night very much grief what Ortiz to ramp look at. We love sports but maybe. 9479. Pulls up shoots over out right quick release. Nice play by way of stiffer rebound threw himself. Becomes Katie down the quiet side. Maybe that's great month straight three bounces up. There's seven Braylon. Lead by seventy. Did fall another ten. He's the company guy who. More years we'll take the right got to thank Jimmy Golden State Warriors Rory field. Because I wake up. Great my Green Bay plus 44 the second half and only fourteen minutes. ID seven deadly dive the school. Was expecting you to go. Willy Nelson clock issues for Gary's love Steve. Scored the exclusive his first quarter had seventeen points but we didn't shoot seventy at Brookfield. Zoo said Ted points three of fourteen the field. And they have the ball now with. An eighteen point deficit to make up. PS seven pro life here oracle listening Ed glad you're doing that. It's 8740 FM it's out of oracle which rich. Low ride these out high left to Gore's aspires three and we have eight foul at this school beyond. Orlando. Futures picks up his first. Intraday listened tonight's. Warriors spots where you feel acts. Peter from free about listening in his Honda on Sirius XM's. But the base of Mount Shasta. No buckets for low budgets tonight here's your Mike green is best to flood in this captive so they'll reset here is between seven to go. Mo did have one but he's one of fun. Lisa Jackson from Boise have serious excess. So is postponing sleep until the end of the game appreciate that plays out and now will help make this a shot off the about the guy fought just by west couldn't fallen Ross we'll run down head down to writes I like he goes Orlando was lawyers. A 9779. Why so goes around playing you know help. Whatsoever and that dump prepared for office. Seven day 81. First points of the second half full. He had now. Lob for west the baseline and holds a high looks at ways to retreats. Three sets here. Was he first gutter for the week JD goes baseline hook it up top the list of great Bob low basket get free to shoot got to go Whiteside who ran motel but Soria got for no good. West offensive rebound. Fresh clock it's ten board the other night six in the quarter that brave my. Did that very bad straight. 181. Three by agreed. That you guys chat about direct hit the ball complements 181 about mass grave on what is the floor. At this one is. Now firmly in control. Like Golden State straight love got one way points you Doran 41 of the won't do tonight at 513 to go they lead by 41 votes required to three hits it high right foods unit. Trey in my greens so now you would soy and one year time out. Got out. There about three of five breeze tonight in the wind streak he has now third and he loved ones before. From distance. Doing it would everything else the Fremont. I'm out five minutes ago warriors lead 10284. The defending champ you go through lawyers radio network presented by winds that he visual way. Toward. Quote the great job you lose patent. You forgot rated recruit the slogan there's no come playoff coach like to play a lot of guys. And you look at the problems throughout people who will most likely who can put you every black blue room and does not know when you look at all. We left what club to quote we will. John Lewis a wide support for everybody get bits is played down talk the about speed reload you've got this Johnson's. A right to the rim and moody slipped down the baseline from the gulf. Reset your lives output cut is out there for the lawyers couldn't see him getting someone now. Shelvin Mack has the ball for four Orlando it was soon found Durant. The found because he wanted to get off the floor making those coming in. Their guns. Only Caspian for clay Thompson. Like cook's second year pro out of duke got drafted. It 2015. Was from playing for Santa Cruz played five games for Dallas played for the world's a year ago. And very well for exactly so far this year spears both make our anyway you know we're young no good movie. Defensive rebound but caught out there as well to round out the fine. Young down the right way. It's a far side. McCaw penetrate salute really is correct at 5 PM on Shelvin Mack be jumbos Speights Arron Afflalo. Making an appearance here. Orlando the veteran also burial result again. Clear that they had a real high hopes for. After being the fifth pick in the 2015 drafted this year they declined his fourth year option. We'll see if creation at the end these. Clooney with a ball Whiteside drives up beyond both those five back to the quarter cup opt out what's gone he's open set to speak fires away it's no good. And most patrons down the rebound. There's only spins away for trouble down the late spoof who nicely done. As though you're a beautiful move that transition there at twelve for 864 years with 350 line. Young's. Start his career in Washington was Gilbert Arenas was the starting point guard the wizards look off dribbles in closer gasping he stumbles and try to make the catch that's out of bounds. Turn over number sixteen for the warriors. Lead by eighteen. They Workman like victory tonight for gold stayed in the game they play without encourage. It's a world don't fly on Wednesday heading to Boston hotel near the beautiful after the I don't believe today. All 488 the school. Three played ago. Jacksonville Florida. Get it over and make young movie with a screen the young avoids that. Accept shoots over his own real life drive free office program so good at BMO with a rebound. Max we'll take in the front court tries to accelerate cost like young takes a middle. Lot of the apple not fully by young life back to back Mac dribble drive looks for a handoff feeds over the course there's Arron Afflalo schizophrenia and it's up and get the roll of quarter. So now believes thirteen. With 245 Miguel. 104 that he won't swallow at his best years scoring. For Orlando fear tackle race here night. Joseph provide thought it was not quite good but. Nasty custody as a starter rolled out on the shoulder and that is basket interference in the ball back to. Jazz beat out your ailment he is through the Twin Towers look here would you buy a movie and JaVale McGee. Up before dampen your way backwards. Backed out of the mobile plus side there's old it was not the deck immediately. Now look for an entry gas goes through the legs of making either via a vote later today and that's one way to get the entry pass done. Erroneously wealth is going on the floor now believe down we laugh it. Here's. Both bouncing the ball fees over Leon young goes baseline goes upwards yeah blocked by B album young it to death. And I found. Orlando continues air road trip they will head for Portland. So are now within a Phoenix and Denver back to back even though that's not as bad as that LA. Get her back to back here at Oakland Denver back to back it's still not easy. Denver who had been resting. Won that game. Last time out from. Orlando free throw good food young that stops the run for the magic acts 120. Well five daddy three year we're 205 to go. Second free throw that's just. 10693. Mac will pick the ball up for the match. So if I felt like way. So you wait heart bypass the cost. Throws to diablo diablo high post cold did hold the shot clock inside ten. Loosen up to make scored back to Shelvin Matt Diaz face off penetration ball deflected rabbi most basic. Fade away baseline game by remote doesn't go and we get a fight to the rebound movie of diablo the foul beyond. Combined they'll be inside out for the magic with a minute 41 to go. But he had to say. Yes Tim Curry didn't play but this Orlando team did impress enough I think they've got a real shot at being at. Solid Eastern Conference playoff team this year Shelvin Mack behind this grade three is good. Don't look now we have a tabloid game would 96 seconds to go. After much thought to repeat. The coast. Over to a golf we'll call waiting down bounce pass to moving inside posts. Absolutely terrible time most states. Throws a pass over cook cook was 7 o'clock. On the board that's guarded by a vote dribbles little bounce pass to Loney at a beauty of old roof of little block Clooney gets it back with a 12 lead slides over jumper. The white baseball. Very easily get a good jump ball 10896. His score. Five to go to his job by Louis go to friends of mine they shoot at 1 o'clock. Most grades downtown breeze straight. Shot that like it was 2015. Look. Near win with a dribble skipped over to young young shows the ball fakes and fires jumpers out though good straight to the rebounds. For the Mac. But we had to swallow it takes a dribble take the three that's moved you the most followed around event. We need to as they would save 1 o'clock here if the they do in the situation you don't be taking shots with fifteen seconds on the shot clock. Look on boys up 910 lead thank you know. To make easy foul by mole for some reason. Just shoved him. Mode. Not sure what that was about. We'll get pro life issue. Couple of free throws with 26 point forty you know. First it's overdue bales good. To a player who hasn't scored tragically cook and scored back to cough up to two lawyers when scored four Orlando. Everybody who's played his sport. Second straight over to bail front rimmed glass and good. And out once hit the 99 final 45 seconds. Some have left many escapees Tillman Mac is bound by cook. Yeah public guys will floor right now at the big guys that you did you know they're being aggressive with a foul. You talk about who has no idea. Orlando and cook for the lawyers that they can I had to. Forgive them Olympic coach played for his professional life was only. Is trying to make people see what he could do so maybe at the end of the year he gets contract with the fact that we've Orlando maybe somewhere else. With a little over anxious reached him Mac this is the first freak show set to love the way in the match could hit the century mark. It's 110 to 100 warriors will run an out now with 22 to go but we'll get it across that. I'm line and most aides have got tried scrapbook. But avoids the trap he gets a big court. He always played foremost based duhalde's above loaded. Ride you wanna oracle and cheered boys who now wants evidence alone and they sweep the homestand. And I don't know where you've got just what Boston. Thursday night. Without step very honest effort very Bobble head night lawyers would want to have the 100. Over the magic they go to eleven and the three Orlando dropped to eight in six.