Warriors Replay vs Memphis 12-30-17

Warriors Replay
Saturday, December 30th

In case you missed the Warriors 141-128 victory against Memphis, check out the Warriors Replay!


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This is to abroad the voice of the Golden State boy years and you're listening to the lawyers replay on 957. The game. So that this group the Eagles that's still looking for bargains Villa Brooks at the small forward spot to Michael Green high energy player. And a good players active power forward position. He is guy that is really live the latter in the NBA circles racked its 2012 averaging nine point over six rebounds Marcus all of a pivot with Tyreke Evans having a great here and Andrew Erickson. In the backcourt opening tip controlled by the lawyers are very with a possession to drink my three straight months outside the tee shot try to get a palpable did that. And it's out of bounds Tyreke Evans was there every month on again it. Like gallon and they give her dramatics the three officials. And I decide. Home offices coffee. Fares for the ball on the bounce the sole this'll jury to face his chest pass over to the far side. I think Harrison offered take down the lane slow motion move Nokia but Julia had to rebound. Lead three miles down the floor right down the middle looking back were bounced directly over over. For your for the first basket of the game. There's too flexible the road so take it middle set his feet let that go with the three point got bound society here there's not a underhand to carry. Hurry up the pool. Great to between the circles. With the dribble client out of Whiteside played south pass. We'll get through my left ankle parade. Why don't they start for golden state of the first minute and eight seconds and there where they're comfortable wave it's now yours. Find this little pistol whipped location. Over on the far away got the Tyreke Evans that it's in the middle of the books. Back to Evans he'll take the three it's not the way it's a good they're again. Over the shoulder drops ovaries at the very quick rifle that's down the straight month active step up. JP bigger step up off the bat balls looked to about 1047 to go first corner Gary back at the lawyers not to upset enough they. The defending champ beat Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wooden staff these situations. The warriors. Let back in here and oracle recorder flying seven and up the start for Goldman today and Harris in the Farina left or right when the grisly. Grizzlies in the white home uniform. Powder blue down the side. Dark numbers dark letters up front is solely yet. Turned guided by the to elect can't dribble for on the clock got to go lost but for Obama went by without second thought that Jack. As can be a Shia ball would point to. On the shot clock. There's really nothing members can do other biggest sole tipping it in. Any possession by bet this will be a shot clock violation. His goal was to really tell for the circle to our right. So this does not the shot goes up and by Michael Green. And it would be shot clock violation. What's he got possession. It's going to be violations. Within the shot clock violation it turn over. Three bubble floating in the near sideline. JP Baker's staff with the hit her head coach for the green is taking over with David Tisdale was line of fire. Perry has the ball the far side it's it's very regional politics at three. A very. War is not snapped into place. Straight up triple for staff Tyreke Evans terminates the drivel Pete Jim Michael breathe. Dribbled right side shoots over late deficit they have buried. First bucket of the night for Memphis. Michael Green averaging over and I played taps in this communicate through Fremont who wrote it out about he thought clay was cutting back door. Clay was given for the handoff. Turnover number one for Golden State that cost him the ball game last night against Charlotte Brooks. Lives Ericsson Ericsson. Lobby this old battle by particularly on the catch. He spent years there. At nine years 32 years of age. Heirs of the ball little on the ballots got it to Michael greens. Like going to Tyreke Evans the former heat drives it's a free one flight data writes I got to lay up. Nobody even near death of for the sport played taps that catches the ball the flight we're required to wait Harry don't worry over brought. At the warriors trade. 34 at two years you haven't at the other end goes in staff goes up wall blocked flew Paul Evans. Find the open man it's areas in the white wings which would agree. Thirteen this Abbott's. Lawyers leading by six. The ranch as best apps that open three again married and I don't want this one about to happen lucky. Got your back breeze percolate down to that sixteenth this seven. We haven't nine point illegally yet to play four minutes. Tyreke Evans left side flop because sole victim role this topic goes up strict yelled at got back. We got played thousands. It's his first now he's coming over to. Talked in the bickered about that dramatic down there good to see trade back and healthy keep all the muscles. Abdominal muscle here early in the season. The game and had to leave the gate. Last week. They received word to athletes have started nine for nine he started two for two tonight's marquee sold its first three room. GB baker staff of 38 year old in her head coach Blake. College basketball or can stay in the facilities. The seventh birdie record that belonged to add NBA head coach for you with the head coach for fifteen years. Two free throws for Marcus will make it sixty denied boy here. Kevin Durant throws with Julia I post back to the ranch deep into the yet you think pushed out of bath like to Michael Green. And that's why the whistle blew the foul call made I don't think that the chat they won't. So it's going to be. And near sideline entry pass heard direct. On her very little floor. They count it curls the right side that will put that downstairs that I felt wide open got a lot can't lay up. He was looking for somebody to pass do. But their books where Wi-Fi and what was that there was nobody home Ericsson dribbles it throws out to fill up brief remark console. Memphis trying to keep it close here down by six to eighteen it's well. Given that ran on the vast Lutui at the left elbow looked up to up the drama green won't shoot. We expert jobs takes the handoff looked for your grandkids stand out period raffle go back to work. Now Thompson players for the Whiteside makes it to dribble and others worry it's a rounded out. Mark is so we'll read out of the outlet to Harrison. Yours is far side. It was not very if enough to Marcus though he'll drive head Bob got the foul shots on the rim rolled down we'll get continuation. And hit the the free throw line. Marcus soul with a bucket. Fired David there's deals that go to November 27. Grizzlies were seven at twelve they have gone for twelve cents. And yours mark console with a a chance to make it it a one possession game he does. Lawyers led ten nothing of that eighteen to fifteen and this'll the last eight points for Memphis. Grizzlies play at filled slowest pace in relief lawyers its fastest ran a hand off the jobs. Found that goes to the right sideline pass to Graham up (%expletive) KD he's open for three fires away that there. What they want the fifteenth lawyers are five of their first six outside the arc is Tyreke Evans. Dribbles and I've played taps and makes a nice moving news. The inside hand. In his momentum to protect the ball. And the cut the advanced to four again. Perry Smith of the dribble 5000 up low life. NASA comes middle console. Can't golf played Johnson back is out that bad passes this election it's a great feel like console console in transition. Speeds over Brooks no looked at to Michael Green in the quarter is three does it go curry snatches the rebound. He wants to run behind the back with a dribble comes from the right side bulk buyers and no call dribbles on Evans to come back the left sideline feeds straight month one dribble back this staff. Deep three left ankle for a rim glasses though good. Marcus all the rebounds got to Abbott's. And the tools to make it for Memphis in deep ball still likely to absolutely. Can't control it goes out of bounds baseline right. Grizzlies eleven and 24 on the season. 128 and eight. Italy knows that the spurs are hovering right there at 25 and eleven. Brooks Will Johnson baseline right. Leading. Up to now goes to market sill hill drive. But two we had no good guys they'll rebound putback. This oldest have allowed that right arm and helped Matsui at bay couldn't get through it to what they want that nineteen. Grapevine that both left side of the dictate the bounce pass outside he'll finish to the right and it's good enough I'll watch this old got a lot out of ahead. And it's outside chance for it and want. Nice job by its disaster IE has to make the soul mate. When he shades over defensively your doubles the pastor this case Kevin Durant and that time he did make event. When he read in nineteen. All five starters have scored the words are shooting 75%. Memphis at 58%. Three point play freeze a five point warrior at least one reported ninety. Tyreke Evans of the ball down and your side face like come off likely taps. Evans will come middle off the screen to the bucket handoff to solve those lap band related in low rise. Good to rank game there between those two. And when he 42 when he wants Gasol with twelve of the 21 years curry dribbled flag is still gets to the rim pitfalls for the program but dropped for. Jury now with seven points. You're to have that in the open floor of like jury. Has over the marked his soul marked his soul from downtown buried a three and a half the profits of show that these two teams of Malia. 464452. Of the gulf in the first quarter. Julia and off the taps it off the screen read that's good for flying. Late taps of with a third triple of the tour. 2924. Taps has got nine delete the lawyers. Tyreke Evans and over. Wait to throws to Marcus old fellow with the far away Brooke's expenses they have through screens. Dribbles out with two years if that's the right side jumpers a fire mark no good regard go to Zaza. Very up the heart of the defense stepped around the sole. Makes impasse that is that's not good catch but Julia based I'd like to go over go for explorers. Shows it myself to the warrior reds. Is now strong he is a Golden State backed up by seven. Mike Gravel off the benefits not the speed. But before about self again for curry played eight straight batters to open his. First game back Tyreke Evans rack back into it to operate speaker calls time 3126. For eleven Miguel hit the first quarter of life. And voice of a five point lead on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wings' stuff the official wings of the warriors. Ways that the ball like Olympic going your radio down here in the first quarter they only 3146. For eleven to go in the first quarter. Example evidences that twelve buckets he is now casting doubt that there rant. And Mickey on the floor for Golden State. And it's directly hard right base like double throw the ball way right to cope we submit to accelerate likely to have that surprised it was his quickness and he finishes. With a white hand. OB seventy they gave his team finished the third drill marketed Tyreke Evans out there with a Memphis Grizzlies. Malaysia the ball cast me holding waiting for your rant rant one dribble foul line jumper. Kevin Durant. Without what just caught it and there is no stopping bad it's too high with the art thieves get close to them. Grizzlies snap the ball Evans picked the rule snaps of the right elbow shoots over you get out to their ball they go right to brigade. Kept over the ran a transition. Crosscourt to play taps taps at what's on the net pulp fiction anyway not to happen no good. Rebounds two degree is in games as the third to Tyreke Evans go to our Mickey blocked his ass look into the hands of Kobe. Similar to opt out. Passes over it. And I every can't go bisons played his college ball there is only used Evans. With the dribble drives them at Heathrow to tap seventh open male fighter for three and it's good. We're tired she made 3331. Way easily by two. We'll stay. Word their town jerseys the logo at center court says that now with the Oakland three. Blue fields seeing lawyers in gold it comes to get down penetrating one hander up off the rim a bit. Rebound goes to games as the third grizzlies have a ball Tyreke Evans that after the gate. Evans. Makes that behind the back nice moves still control the dribble. Rose to the matter up after round Hortons opened his foul line jumper doesn't go home recasting of the rebound outlet they get now he is now. Saps the three point line. Wasted flying to rant rant outside Dixon's jumper over Simmons no good Evans with the rebound we're still up to with a minute 45 ago. In the first quarter play long lead pass deflected away from. And it's directives of baseball outlet that taps it sounds of off the dribble shoot at seven. It's not just got for free for the quarter at the warriors play 3630. Juan. Like for Delphi the outside the arc over one inside the arc. 3631. Golden State. Evidence to suggest below the hash mark got to march. Just outside the arc lights go recent with leading the race takes to the right side get the screen drives it goes up but scored they can't this cavity inside and and again the young man is. Surprises the warriors with quickness he's twenty years old. 64 but only a 170 pounds. Clears up three Katie bulls last sixteen footer on the way to much. Well mark and try to get back get a good defensive stance could that. And it's a five point warriors Lee. Seventh wave hit the screen behind the screens dribble. Takes it outside hands often and asks with sure hands off to Evans Evans off the pick by Davis rotates to an open Simmons. He takes that jumper it knocks down another. Three he's got to hit points in his first four minutes on the floor tonight. 3836. One year in Arizona here's played taps it early firing its job job. Have you been. A godsend for the warriors here in this quarter he has five of seven. The lawyer's league forty to 36 another forty point quarter for Golden State. With the ball and the middle of floor behind the back. Come through upside drives them he gets to the captives go to divide to bail was going in either way eight point two laps to go first with the with the lawyers. Can come up with here with a two point lead. They look and they'll think this guy thinking. That 3830. Says that this actually found that if your him to rant dribbles hard Martin goes all the way and flipped it up with no good. And rebound without him. But you shout what now accounted it was after the buzzer and they'll want to hear it oracle forty to thirty employers not to fight to. Second quarter action of coming the defending champ we don't think warriors radio network freeze why wait staff to push away. The warriors. Forty to 38 at the end of one. Lawyers who have their night forty point quarter of the season. Shooting 69 point 6% Memphis got 65%. From the field plates absolute fourteen markets sold fifteen. Lawyers have fourteen assists on sixteen buckets. Memphis will have to start the second quarter going up against Livingston's dream mine green west in its allies and they Keon. You know weeks in the to a great first quarter prevent it gets the ball the far side got him Mario Chalmers Chalmers. In these bills goes to and it's backed up Taft the cement cement now afraid to fire back dire miss and west will step in for the rebound. Please let me sit down the right side he'll feed young he'll fire misses everything. And the rebound or Rowell who by Ichiro Barton. Seventh with a ball that writes that side. We're back in the past the corner and is now. Filthy was supposed to Mark Martin wants to go to work three month comes in drops that goes up band listed. Rebound last. The fortieth 38. Get Dallas now. Surveys before coming down the 880 sideline keep straight my green straight month. Goes up Taft got it over the young young off the dribble jumpers get with the two. Whiteside who used to step outside the paint. And make Miguel makes it 42 to 38. Old stadium. Memphis flag for 78 points in the first quarter Morton buried the jumper it's forty to forty down and now the lawyers. What they've. Violation on the inbounds pass. What's happened a few times too many this year. Memphis will get the ball back. Yes they've Davis. Your side if Chalmers of former Miami Heat player Chalmers baseline handoff to Davis trip that was sort of ballots not Fremont green. With 78 points combined in the first quarter tacked the most in the first quarter this season Cleveland and Washington. Accomplish the same back in November 3 it. Not they'd Davis. Fear mongering with a tactical. Handed out by trade Canucks who is can't get half courtroom I was on the baseline. Standing right next to nick do you Kurt and along with Mike Callahan. It's very management half court calls the T. I'm a military month saying he says that hey why is David shooting. He never had time to gather and go up. And. The drama out got a point there Davis will hit the free throw after. The technical was made. My two homers. It was through a free throw to give Memphis the lead and he does 4342. Left. I'd break it down. We struggled last few games the field as abilities to do dances to the front court pick to bills waiting for drama on the bounce straight month. Get it inside the west west three purple ball knocked away. Livings to get that back seventh to shoot. Off the street limited baseline jumper around and out the ball's tipped in cement able to run it down seventy hit the gas fields down the left side flying down the lane. That pass deflected away by Nick Young. Hired the air patrol Martin grabbed them with fourteen issues. Barton that the Chalmers. And the grateful we said here Chalmers crossover dribble dribble Cy Young was sort of now. Haniyeh. Aside out from Memphis. Grizzlies commit 22 point eight valves per game second most in the league. Right now they've committed to. It over quarter two minutes of play. And it's with a ball dribbles the far side plot that Davis goes out what that god it was sort of back now. Now three of us mini Jack did the might get you period. He's been throwing out the game. No matter how old. It's a lot attempt what he said that. Confidence up pretty good. They love to write down with no food laughter. Good night 45 to go in the first half Chalmers hit the free throw. 4442. Yeah. He'd heard trying to give an explanation dramatic split. And it's and stand outside the war because of the free room. Now as we have replaced. Free mind. They've listened to free throw in the group loses this. Cashing in this whole segment now on the future goes nose to nose would David West. So much for. Less confrontational both sides you three years as we get the rebound off the free throw miss. This is it to Livingston Livingston quickly down the lights what's his shoulder in the Chalmers back today goes bills goes up got sound good at. And walk. John Olympics that assess the situation. And I am pretty sure he thought you felt like getting go hard the bucket will probably get a get a bounce goal here. If they're gonna wanna take control this game and sure enough to homered for the found. And levees to the bucket. And a chance to tie the game right here the plot thickens and oracle after Ahman green is gone free throw front rim. We're all around and drive through. If the rim knew who was shooting. The ocean on. Grizzlies global jobless takes a look at drivel over the Simpsons which started by young. So that's off the screen chased by young backs up she's the three it's awfully good. And they guys that try to get a hand up on that somewhere. 4845. The scored thirteen points for Kobe Simmons. Livingston has. Livingston. Waits of five young young dribble drives trip down the west left goes up got Ralph Wilson to. And now the lawyers with. Step Korea's first game back you're gonna have to try to win this. Without three migrated Steve Kerr likes to call the heartbeat. Of the game here last July Kobe submitted by the way two way contract with the grids. And the twelve to thirteen points he has right now in seven minutes. Is doubtful. Then his previous career high of six. Please for the Memphis hustle. Of the geely. Signed the group as a freeagent. On July the first one of two for west of the lawyers are down by two in the fights and in this half. Three minutes golf life read change here or fourth quarter number two. And this fact delegate balance sheets over the over the Jaffna. Livingston got the rebound. He looks early office shocked no doubt it's the screen comes middle flipped over to David West rocks back into a jumper it's good we're tied again. Out of 48. The warriors try to get them. Energy going here we haven't had much the last five quarters and change here. It's almost a Simmons. Cement outside the the way down to drill Martin drove Martin is fired it up over to ask me that news. Fifteen to 48 Barton just okay I'm I'm as this will go up let's go up would be. They baseline here locally it's hinted to another. Jumpers turning more completely around that tied the game at fifty for the forthcoming very. Easy it was capable team. Fifty points apiece with 757. To go with a first down and was placed net with two homers. Davis comes up screen experts homer leave me now live make that word ago beat a passive cipher and it's too bad it is out there Martin. He takes the shot no good rebound and it's no good rebound well. Last night levees that. Livingston dam the little floor they'll let wordy Bob makes that did make that to rattle. So sit back out now. JP better staffed gulf of other crap out for the grew. 728 to go before. What is leading by 25250. Of the let me get beat Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by wait staff they think the waves of the war. 5257. Point eight to go for half that don't forget that they Chinese heritage securities by god keep you more than pay tribute. To me area culture designed dollar detonation. Represents with the Chinese heritage jerseys employers not cops. Dribble drive by burial chopper down that sad about it rebounded. Like the update Davis and put back glow left tied the game with 52. 710 to go before halftime David West handoff beyond. Young high post feed it down. At this very physical they will clutching grabbing. You have to fight your way through a little bit. He had Dallas tries to make the move and Chalmers helped them off the ground. Now prudent Marseille by the way as downcast. Back over to Livingston pulls up from eight Avago offer remote good tip their pride gave it lasts. Last flow left Jack great position warrior backed up by 25452. 640 Miguel. Second quarter. I've hosts. We'll come over to Mark Martin the Chalmers homers we'll prepare for the white course. Commerce backed up full faith based remark he was held by eleventh that profound. Some severe side now I believe. Fourteenth balance Golden State. Papers goes out Chalmers goes out Evan. Come back you won't bark is sold out there was Martin. Harrison and and it's. It's young Livingston Durant lasted Johnson. Pairs of miserable feet console console since the screen with some of the ballots going to be out Livingston. If you could did not see the market sold hip check Livingston if they hear through. And living through various through that call. On the screen Marcus all EM market so we used his right hip that just. Bob Livingston right ending years that was illegal street. Here affairs and so that they emphasize to be enough food wider than shoulder win. He set the screen and a few years why did your shoulder your base that's where you are you can expand your movement and that's exactly what if so. Very killed him. Nick Young to sit down there if that makes one of two and we have one point game warriors now. Perry can work off the ball this configuration with limited it to them to victory reflected back to show on backups after early buyers away. Between two defenders they can't step towards the outside that somehow very got he's got hit points. 5753. Lawyers. It just out of that different. Energy warriors looked differ with step on the school. Like gravity going his way airs at the top of the key left wing. Evan still the dad who sold the bus tour and I played taps played double or who submitted to go over it and mapped out talent that he has. Turning white children over a double team any knock it down seventeen the first dad passed quickly announces. Goes out of bounds. Deflected that way behind Memphis and will be lawyers falls. Perry walks down slowly as always I'll start Escude who wrote it. Johnson curls up staff catches and fires I've always stated that off the rim Nokia. And to Michael Green underhand the rebound the Tyreke Evans. Six down the lights that those missiles that pump fake dribble five west and wac football falling out about. Javelin up at 45 Durant but was down by Brooks he's got ten to shoot. To and it's at that time line Evans off the screen takes a three over last itself but no goods in strike to rant. To grant takes its last record. Looked at by a glimpse of why leg levees the good senator stamp goes up but got found by Tyreke Evans John Livingston his legs look really good tonight. So Ryan and he is moving really well. Right now. Brad talked about the impending return this death jury he did so after the game last night. Very excited enough. So he's our leader he's a point guard he's kind of Rosa showed there's so. Definitely I'm assuming you know we have so many quick scores first because of his movement is three point shooting four. Isn't so we'll have to be another team different team. That we're excited about the I'm excited he is complete game and you lose him so I think two's anxious. Lebanese its first free throw makes it 58 to 55 is second. If the. Ways of four point lead. Tyreke Evans with a ball for baptists. Grizzlies the first CA second round opponent warriors. 2015. In the playoff to Michael reach outside to upward of good to ramp with a rebound got an up the jury. That was apparently different grizzly team capable of now why don't put that should they gravity of everyone going in that period that's now left alone. 6155. Tyreke about business went diving to the hole with a tip in. If Jim Michael Green. We usually by pool with the pace to weigh your pace here now theory behind the back of the disaster. Perry street for like curry gets open Whiteside married February. What club event. But. What's in back of my salmon. The activity level for the warriors really coming up. It's very has gotten back on the floor. On the far away. Brooks as a with a terrible the valve to mark the silver reversed an evident to a triple threat takes the job for no good Livingston snatches the rebound. John looks up. Under hand the ball the TV and now going down the years I was curry we have whistle found. Teacher who the fouls. That was off the ball we didn't see it but either way. Some two shots for the warriors because the group that were aware limit 125 push for the employers. Powell's on the rookie duo Brooks and Currie walks to the strap. Curry's first free throws you. Jury now with debt free throw. And is tied for her reassure. The ninth most free throws made in warriors history 2133. They're tied for ninth he makes this will then. Yes and now he's dad the mobilized by 2134. Pass in the gag would that great rainbow jumper for a short 6657. When you leave by nine. You're comes Evans to the gap scooped up so good there's another rebound for to Michael Green goes back up strong and scores. It is. Works of art he has high motor curry behind the back with dribble made it to a three Whiteside those good. Wolf since I've brought to grab by two Michael Green. Now over Evans Evans. Pete Brooks of the white face light penetrates to Michael Breed down lately it's like evidently. Around the block Jordan bell GAAP net with the Evans chipped it out about the near side. Spell out there was with Julia and that there rant so basically. Jordan bell replacing. Remind green in this configuration. Clay Thompson. Just mass in this outside handoff back and clay back decides not to ovals then stripped out of bounds in the war your fault. Speaker of the play called. Kobe Simmons to come in Harrison to sit down for Memphis. Perry will thrown in your side of the basket to our left holding waiting. About it in the Zaza a tap to click now to file fake off the dribble feeds into valve valve Terry dispute over good solid got fouled. Bell didn't want issued initially but then. Get free. Just enough. And they'll shoot to now on Gaza Pachulia. Talking strategy here is they'll get the ball. Take free throws. And makes the first. Fouls on Marcus soul that his second. They'll hit ball. And for the first time since it was deadly about the boys have a ten point lead again pursued in ninth with a 68 B nine. I was a little anxious there attitudes of the war. Evans. Which is twice as much. If all the balls. He's Tyreke Evans upside down in deep to Michael Green overplayed taps and missed it. Rebound to ramp back away from it picked up by Julia back to needy streaky data Whiteside chest pass over to carry curry fakes and dribbled across the foul line. To the rant to ramp back to curry of the Bayside comes in dribbled left wing but Julia. No match for food laced with a very vocal. Go like this mess and Hillary would go. Left school or triple so they want fifteen I warriors. Brooks dribble drive because of that to the rivets were little right hand. Theory is risky out there eleven boyz the second quarter ET the game three of the last win. Valley cities have laid back up the floor. If you can't afford village up but I put down the countless times. They why didn't want it or pulled up thirteen point lead with a bid 54 to go with a second. Profound as Phil Brooks trying to make it because left. When it's going to be a hold of a warrior. It will get us to a time now. Made it forty they go Perry won Iowa point seven of nine shooting five of seven outside the arc of the lawyers not to app. By thirteen out the defending champ big Golden State Warriors radio network present I buy a wings' stuff the official wings of the warriors. 7460. Watts warriors leading buys flirty coming up and have to have the head coach Steve Kerr who recently. Went over to see how the chase that are progressing its Everett has yet. To see the scope of this project and his two to try to figure out like. How does how does somebody actually put this together and then follow through on it and it's such a massive project in yet know every detail is taken care of roads its both free throws for the grizzlies got for the now at 7460. Worry. If 45 ago curry would point one points. Out to get to let quarterback or Al. To dad Lionel. Jordan now what that's done. They'll come up with that she's probably getting him more minutes in the second after in my grave he's jacked it. Earlier this ethical or didn't really see woody did didn't do much whatever was brought to. Dribbles up the ramp. It's rapid growth over to Michael Green up to opt Evans back to Brooks shot clock of six. This old get to from thirteenth flipped it up what 1 am attitude. Mark console. But he's got nineteen in the first half period of belt down and that's not why go for the ball flying around for the Golden State Warriors. 78 to 65 of the warriors want these third closest. We've got a minute to go the first half. Lawyers have tied their season high in the first half 78 at Orlando go recently tried to attack like jury that Brookfield. Tablet fight it. Now and the ball goes the plate Johnson principal at the back of the time line. Right to left side. Dribbles in step did not that tough but those good. Tyreke Evans with a with 34 seconds to go he wants to drive up the Juliet gambling figure rolled it up and AM. He does best way is lead by eleven curry. Thought about two for ones asked attempted to now it's only the fifth. Turn over but the lawyers had no reason to hurry there. That differential of just a few seconds. Oh. Comes happens to walk up. The reassessed drew migrates to lean that we'll witnesses five though he hasn't played last night 45. For example between the circle late for missiles shot clock debate. Evans off the screen guard by the randomness which rose slightly to Brooke she was to drive pulls up the paint why are there ain't no good read that's what they. Third. Florida ballot couple of late blocked two of the first half but very but the one. It has electrified the crowd here want to avoid through his return to the floor it just fourteen minutes seven of nine shooting five of seven. Outside the arc lawyers 78 grizzlies 67. Have a that would have to have a conversation I have with speaker let's Marcy Davis and all the scores. On the warriors have to have update the Golden State Warriors radio network breach bye wing stuff efficient way. Toward for the lawyers Levi 1178. To 67 they tied their season high for points to that happens they welcome back step Currie weird. Get exactly the start of half number to enable your fans every Wednesday be sure to Wear your warrior gear your local Peet's Coffee bar get a small coffee your key. For only one dollar all season long. His employers dot com slash. Deployed to outside their cyber policy broadcast Booth learn entire radio group legendary to outside engineer Lee Jones that man alum brown. Associate producer James Kincaid senior. Radio producer RC Davis. Receive one hand the ball. What a low point for stepped curry in the first half fourteen quickly tap that Raymond green want to eat connected. From the game nineteen points for Marc Gasol from Memphis Tyreke Evans as they handled the start at number two. Place kept with missile opt out they exchange downstairs to Michael Green got free backed it goes up its output though good that I've bite that's that's terrific patrolled by curry. Jury out there with the ramp Thompson with Julie and bell. They'll taking dry months spot theory where the ball feeds does not dribble handoff Thompson back to Currie. Here comes out Zachary reject discrete steps in fifteen footer got another one. Very it's now that. Time off missing eleven games with his legs are fresh. And his mind is clear. Evans off the screen. Comes to the foul line beat mark this old takes the jump from the left elbow and he's been out fire all night eight to stand for good soul he's got what they won't points. He'd nail the jumper very Smart side killed stops. Misdirected. My Harrison. First team now first personal now on tires. Nine on both teams right now taps it gets weekend tees they'll put double clutches of buried the left elbow jumper. I think he was surprised he was so wide open. Did okay that we hear to be shot CD 260 downplays got sixty console for three left ankle that's good. And the second half starting the way the first half began. We jumped up ten nothing but after that everybody in the chapters Kevin Durant with a ball to ran. If you block the theory he felt it takes that great it's great. That Perry and another cripple his sixth outside game at JP Baker's staff what this time out. 8572. Warriors. And Terry picking up where he left off in the second quarter. I'm the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network breach at a lightweight stuff the official wings the warriors. 8572. Of the key out playback it would agree is. With the ball they're shooting at the basket at the north end of oracle here in half number two. Hi poster Michael Green very left with him a flip the ball off the dribble too good so who flyers did have that the other three. He has 444 from beyond the arc. And he has made that ten point game lawyers 85 grizzlies 75. Curry cavalier way. Left can't pass to bell handed back to carry between the circles guarded by Kobe similar to a great first half and was deflected the ball out of bounds. The old state maintains. And Memphis bench as a warrior players to it would. Former head coach a longtime warriors it's a coach he's Smart. So Nick Van Exel over there at Joseph Boylan who was with curry and mark Jackson's death. Pachulia. Hit the ball we had doubts over the belt they'll lock box with you've got to go ball stripped away and turn over missile was Simmons Simmons. Read what this livable backed up on the white sidelined. Hands off to console those lovely haven't they haven't started my theory. Now off the street Evans hesitate curable so loudly that effort made to keep his old. Iran Imus was all of Michael grade myself what killed Michael great get that back its course. Low right. That would be the there blocked for Jordan fell in this game. Perry with a ball boy or leave it down the single digits Terri snapped it off quite like it's again. Rory. 8877. Very. Within 73 of the night. Tyreke Evans behind the screen now a part of life Juliet. Tried to back him up for a typical growth over the top this demos fractured his foul by curry. Second foul on Currie. His dad delicate moment gathered for both news tonight watching. Across the way. You know Saudi very. That was just here to Charlotte. And redoing them. Lawyers lived up in LA on Friday. That's with a horse will be. It's a little bit of each other in the next few days. Evans former white savvy about 3 o'clock dribble drive handoff inside their tip Michael Green again with superb position right at the rim. At ladies' day at CD 879. Kevin Doran. The Randolph of the Julia street Iran pulls up with a circle past is still up court this place Thomson Bob Dole called loose ball. Those two Tyreke Evans. Evans this transition this and that goes up and that's the way up at the rebound deflected Hillary run. Run it down period behind them back to who ran the rank crossover dribble get baseline seat belt. Put Jordan though. 870 that warriors. Kevin Durant reaching out getting that assessed. Simmons of the timeline when your starter shot 71%. In the first death this whole ball. Holding waiting clients in the from the white way he steps out. Come with a with a dribble have with the right sideline to Michael Greenwood and rated triple jump with a buzzer sounding Atlanta applauded slabs up with the rebound his seventh. Obama is complete jobs on the handle flights either ran off the street over desire to dribble drive that's what goes up but got now like to Michael Green they got tangled up. It's not sour warhead to distract. Lifestyles like it's very issue with laws right now detective station identification. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Well the last time the warriors. Relatively moderate break him back up last time Memphis allowed 78 points. You know first app was against Golden State back on March 24 2000 at ten we've would go on to win that game once when he who wants him. Brandan Wright checks in now for the war authority previously the former warrior. And the free throw fights that's. Or for good night eight to seven lead 730 to go in the third. And why there was no injury throughout his career. On Evans the marquee sold anyway I stepped out artist like Jordan felt. If you can't possibly go recently Simmons way to fight this little handoff to the food to water down the whites I've often off the glass and it's good. But Kobe cement continue to play this kind of rate. Can clean up the image to attract that much longer curry picabo belt but that's that's not flotation of the play what I worry no good. Rebound pulled down by the group is. The workouts and it's who's connected now. Place that you might this'll turn the corner laughs I've blocked the way I felt. Shooting they're gonna give them the upper floor and it's report you left side it's good. 9284. Please read my age hurry down the Whiteside. Makes him. Lost to defending triple not to be left wing does that the foul line hold the ball looking back. Shortcut to curry got a layup that best fit guys go rebound again. How old Perry can't believe you miss that layup inside of the beautiful backdoor gun. Or we will get up. It's going to be near sideline inbounds pass for the lawyers Currie head down walks over the sidelines. If the ball quick shift masterful example Thompson of the right side of those that would jumper profit in out of the one hand the rebound. And that. Now that your way through and John clay Thompson wrote these missile while offline lives up to opt out after like the way it's up Brandon white Lance that that's. Jordan now. Very good activity here that that was too. Step in this off that drive by and watch this old. I think two people. Completely accurate ball to the wire time to man passes for two Hispanic TV. Rant that got nine point waiting now. Street by not stuffy it's not cut down the middle a lot of. It's Lampard Jordan they'll. You've got eight points. Three of grief to a team shooting. The lawyers back up by sand. Tyreke get that double wide swing states it would jumper fell to manage that but it was good Evans for a three. That's 9487. Grizzlies he thinks yes close enough. Curry good head fake it might as sole penetrates over the ramp up to up the plate now that. Double clutch over McCurry writes I court released about. Eight down eight outfit suffering he he has 32. Welcome back step very. Tyreke Evans with the triple. Maybe Jordan bells doubles look outlined under him NAFTA seventies over the fired off the program Iran wants to around takes the rebound accelerates to the paid. Those rights act that taps another three doesn't get it and ran it right with a defensive rebounds. Now leads Evans down the left wing he's back to Iran hold them off the left can't she up with a polite good. But Julie with a rebound directive to Whiteside to announce that he's open set his feet and adopt but there. I'll lawyers that hit at fit graybar. At JP records that have no choice but to acknowledge that there but this time out. What voting set to go with a third. Warriors 100 grizzlies 87. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network through that plywood stuff because you weigh. The warriors. Step Perry right out 32. Point to play too bad at the port. Tees Jack. He's eight of ten for three feet eight makes this season High Court to hold the NBA record for most recently gave what thirteen. Marcus still pumped after the Griffey they're attacking the basket for a leftist steel cast we had a group was picked by console. It's 187. Warriors for 25 eagle the third I tear Roy the cyber policy broadcast Booth. JaVale McGee sneaking up to the scores today. Last check it here. Terry was gassed beat the rant from Trulia and Egypt down period to 42 miss I don't think it will deploy more than third. Gas to get the victory at the lights up off the street buys Gaza. It's the lightweight double feeds outside it traffic backed victory period reflecting get dissolved math off for the fight just as. Hopefully 8079. Of eleven for assistance. Paerson dribble drive and they get down approach to Brandon wide wonderful way outside to the backboard and goes that's the turnover of the group. Right now by Mario film is full pats looked out of granite white sand. With two wheeled off the floor JaVale McGee. It's not only do what thirteen point 5053. Of three shooting eight rebounds and six assists. I can't be real tone setter. For the lawyers. Now jumper up snapped it up but don't feel biker rebound goes there's. Just a different vibe of the building tonight the last night and day cares so little bald white stuff. Harrison with a group Ericsson goes behind the screen takes the free felt good Perry got the rebound. Save that falling down. Now let's give them slowly. Everybody held their breath for little second eat it now it goes both baseline roads up McCaffery he still put three ball ops though yet. If flatly he won't go console will rebound and he picked himself up off the floor. This'll lead to have a new way we're told Albert deficit with a dribble bounce pass capital mainly over McKee let's I won't go. Pan through the rebound gas we use coming off with great day looks well it's evolved over the rant rant loads up what three left side. All hall any good now goes up that took the rebound off he was found. Could see his right arm moving his left arm with the hill. We have a 103 points with. Just an increase this to go to work very sits down with the crowd reaction. 35 points. Twelve of 69 of twelve outside the arc with four rebounds to reassess. Just cool racing. Here comes Kevin Durant. To rant. Picks up the drivel ups that may lead to a long they'll take the job where there is. First points of the second half and 105 to 87 the lawyers leading by eighteen that's their largest. Advantage in the game snagged it. Real control this one Harrison faced with little things like get the fact the bread of life now she'll look up stuff. Got to Mario Chalmers weaving his way throws it up time off the glass that's good. Homer for the bucket to get down only to ramp up apart tonight he gets up close up the shot they'll call it's not about to. The group. We've heard. So compelling and he got bumped little life. Harrison comes off the street to the tape makes those opposite traffic over that he's no good breadth of rights. If the rebound to himself he's always at best great wingspan and is open for three left ankle buried him. Which fuel sloppy here at 1205 baggy to. Hit 58 to go. Third quarter play. It was a ran off a screen down blades powered his way and he was gonna get a foul call if it was. And not going to be denied them giving himself to the free throw line there is no. Doubt about that. Who words did very very well. Without stiff carrier Shaun Livingston. It's been expected to be honest with you buy it for us as players we believe in ourselves we are game. All we obviously have other great players. Him going down. Calls to avoid. I think good fatigue and coaches. Sure of some of those some of those holes not necessarily shooting Griffith park and execute and get the job done and didn't win. Over the Randy heard of that move there second street there was good. And it was the first 10792. Lead for the awards in 45 to fill in the third. Mario Chalmers looked can't beat it and it's helped white ankle previous cabinet NS knocked down number one. He's three for three biamby are the grizzlies are quality team. From distance at 10 sevens at 95 to rant. Feeds off the tee down the late last chance because nobody got out process but. They'll be down we'll shoot recruit. Down now for our Twitter question with a minute thirty go in the third party by mountain Mike's pizza yeah he feats online about the mics. Pizza dot com. When you look forward to the new year. The years or. Where and how it's always good to way to get to let us know what you're doing. One is hit the up front were warriors want to Wear it feel like sending email to him only TI MRO line. At least that now. To film he cashes in for two of the strike 10995. Players are fifty to sixty. From that location. And it's for the bulls out faster here are the two hand football town to drill more exact figures until they got last. Capital he left wing backs up part of like Desiree. It was a shot clock down to three NAFTA did the job for no good loose rebound goes to Nick Young who was fouled with. By Martin from behind we'll hold in the guilt or walk down the take a couple free throws. Jeff Perry backed remind green got ejected in the second quarter. The lawyers though writing the energy and the attention they Currie gets mainly read by fourteen. They control most of the night. For free throw for young believe it. Nick Young in his eleven year at a USC. First 44 games. Tickets to two more shots ten times in the last eleven without staff staff because seventh time. It's cool free throws we'll eleven and 95 yards down. Its final minute of the third. Very severe way with a triple life crisis in the streets or whether we'll switch it so much heat starting Harrison Harrison groping go to the right side. Please Dick go up got to block by making enough now. Ailment he's not happy nick you've heard this felt the wrath of the warriors tonight. 51 point one ago. In the court. We are talking about how the war is debatable whether it's opening victory when you are throwing. At least two all stars on the floor every game I mean they're even during the stretch about staff Katie enclave in there. As pretty good players right in and when you have star players to user defined role players. One of two free throws for Harrison makes it low level of 96 Floyd Little ball and get out through the court penetrate it's nice to rate goes up we've got now. Kevin Durant to the front. Kaiser Permanente schools were right now. Half dammit Denver Nuggets 61 the Philadelphia 58. Fourth quarter of salt lake city of that jazz. Clinging to a one point lead over Cleveland 93 diving team. At first we know if you. Not a good night for the Western Conference the three. Other matchup from the east and west lost all three. It's the fourth straight possession for the lawyers ending up with a foul line. Kevin Durant gets two more gold stated scored nineteen points of free throw line and words just now getting up for the third quarter and 113 96. John Hurt plays catch the seventh simplest. One dribble bounce pass to Brandon white a job they looked for which side action right what's on the next drive that goes up to stupid nice move by Brandon. With a few guys that might be as long as JaVale McGee there. We'll score 113 9840 seconds to go. Evidently able with the breakdown of this court shot clock differential left the second. Heat your team without a gift to ramp a local company. Repeat for the white sidelines back to bad apples appropriate down the lake. At 150 ago. Kevin Durant. This night that the defensive systems don't respond to that court go to the white. I felt good. Have a quarterly flow over. We'll start support for the lawyers navigate eighteen point lead 116 bit by the extent curry had 35 through three quarters. He's come back game like old warriors radio network presented by winds down Patricia waves all the lawyers. Time now for the game summary brought to climb mountain Mike's pizza order online about Mike's pizza dot com. Lawyers who have. A season high 116. Through three previous I would want him and a blowout win against Chicago. Curry has 28 points the last fifteen minutes of court ten. 35 Q3 denying the reason he has made ties him with Jamie Willard. For the NBA season high of any one player in the game we still level quarters ago not sure what. The plan to offer curry though. Terms of minutes here before we get now little false start the fourth quarter. Fracas between the right place to find loved the bar at the hash marks up the data David West hit both left sides. Davis won hands looked up to outfit down the pacifier so good at the rebound the Mark Martin with Davis out there for. The great. Simmons. As well Simmons. And also kill him Brooks. Dribble drive Chalmers goes up though that the update Davis will go with a chip Reid out west. West to get Dallas Caspian Livingston and downs. For Golden State Livingston downstairs Kathy sealed off the fan base there. You feel about Kobe civet the gap for lay it at 118 that 98. At the warriors have a forty point lead. Here's secure Kerr would like nothing better that that the warriors to get out to about thirty point lead. He's deaf night will be done. Chalmers with a shiver move takes it down the lake goes up blocks like athletes. Don't work we'll go back to the baseline beat this night gave us ghosting of the Bayside battled by Kathy. At the warriors fifth blocked shot of the night. We were given two shots out of the fouls on the catch. Three medics. Wow you've heard David West. If it was to see a lot of calls. A lot of gyms and other NBA career. He was disagreement Alan and I I thought he got down against the announcement I think that no questions about. But. I did not think he was gathered in catching in the shooting motion. Like he was badly before he caught the second recruit nobody made the birds with 118 the 99. Charlotte based it will take it up satellite sidelined him little spiked late jump to. Have to put them on the deck down blade came off their captain and missed the funny shot the rebound the mark. Calmer Santa flights radical recently euros gets his way into reverse layup nicely. Bobby Simmons has been really aggressive tonight 118 to 1017. Teed off the bench in twenty minutes. Rodriguez now just pass over the levee that. Two west crosscourt fatigue and now he's opened. And lots of the free although good west tip their right to cast you won't shoot one dribble out the Livingston nobody get down now about the clay Thompson has simmered down his back. Faces up Terry did you shoot over the top over the think so but if you about a fifth of the 64 at that moment. If they found that 67 makes it one point 101 that plays got 21 point. Brooks out of their way to drive sarcastic holds a baltics will jumper go that David's right there's dissident. The update Davis had signs. Is a big kid. 611237. Announce. That the freshman rookie. Rebounding record. To be blocked record words the spartans. It's 64 blocks as a freshman for instance they goodness. Drafted by Boston but acquired a draft night trade. Future first. 121 a reward yourself sign out after the ballot done. I sit down here comes played taps it definitely miss the lay out west this could not get paid with with a rebound. They lay up for flight wasn't easy layups that they listed traffic it and the rats that we've found masks while penetration Chalmers. Memphis likes to play at a slow paced by got today off the bench Chalmers and Simmons one Iran they wanted to go. We'll be Simmons this so this is always a place first shooter is odd place for big guy Adelaide I think there's always plays for guys were really quite. Especially with the ball. Brooks your live outside. The golfers back to Brooks left and tripled comfortable coming gavel later Wasilla and cast you want an offensive now. That's going to be two shots for the Braves. And Brooks led to distract. It would grant. Now on the floor right now. We drove by. Brooks is. It was eighteen. War with five starters in double figures the only one who has not it's very money Medigap. What play it 104. Wheel to Purdue will Brooks of what people organ. Five point guy for him David West middle or left wing of the tax policy is now compete for most of that is that the west. Now client Livingston. Livingston to Thompson who connected the office great great I have to side by. Can't let all played half the right if that's that's not likely Thompson is fourth assist of the night. Lawyers have 33 assists. John Albert entry pass to Davis Davis working a staff of one dribble pump job got the news. Martin Iran a driving bank shot overcast we simply give. Likely she won most successful teams kind of trading baskets right now. At least of the ball low right back to advance down to the pay fadeaway jumper often know that over Chalmers west will be offensive rebounds. And shop for fresh plot for Golden State. Lincecum are the lights went on the likes being the basement spin back fadeaway jumper GAAP. They've white's shoulder gun loving. The. The double spin move that time. Won't I'm not the way. And it would be Memphis bowl. Played four minutes and two seconds. The fourth quarter Livingston now what nine. Chalmers looked at leveling the Brooks. Just tossed it looks out. To mourn back it's Olmert they go pick a little trouble. Albert with the dribble beat downstairs court reversed it. Faces up my Livingston left hander will spit of the double team lost the ball got to back off and again peek at Dallas with a feel safe to play playback Andre Andre want triple. Birdied that your staff has three time out for those that I've won here. Try to get as well the play through this down a flight via updates Davis slides in for a dunk off a screen a role at Steve occurred at lightly at all peak all the time around. Lawyers up by eighteen won 26 to one Boeing 770. The golf. I'm the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network reason why would stop the official wings of the warrior. What play 61 way employers would leave it. We have a time out Jordan belt over the ramp ticket the joint apps and west of who have access. Rant about masks to clay. Word with seventy may read what office he's a nice to have that. Dribbles it beats out west downstairs to fell right through here affected athletes plagued there's that jumper off the board no good rebound save the five point. My Davis safe on out looking to get the ball deflected attempt to opt out there ramp up dangle free it's not the way short walk rebounds and eight these steps that he has that up all. The other for Jordan fell. Michael great console happens that would that Davis for the grid. Direct opposite they get now if you ask me and the smell of that nasty it's tough to look at the bell west ramp towards. Root vegetables was downstairs. To the box journey to Michael Green. Strip like now the way draft pick that up he wants to go. Takes it right that it made is that matter out here and on about my market's sole. Torre's loosely LB to kidnap and way home from work. New year he's looking forward to borders basketball that's on lawyers box on Twitter. We'll have exited not that it appears that the basket to our life I've played enough demand cut to the bell fell off down the west of the high posts. Bill mr. Goddard television that low left organized citizens baseline jumper on the field I don't get shipped out by just don't want to help fight to buy the green. It's him shall we should live down the right wing rebels and bring it back outside. Tyreke Evans she'd bark is still hoping to head off to Michael Green using your body to protect this delay a want to vote goes per person score. Keep it's getting better and better every year twelve points. Want 28 to once again. The ranch rotates to west diesel wood from two on the left side that Gary Bismarck the sole fingertips for rebounds. Hats off to the youngsters service. My baseline Tyreke Evans go to block let's look now. And. The Evans to shoot. Julia Jackson cheese here at the game. Two inches from the battle. And. Mike at Phoenix's. Is school for the new year to get back home for the bay. Happy new year to our hope you appreciate that. Pre July have a dispute over the plate down to get a Bobble head night. Shows he can shoot score at celebrate like that with a player of the week Monday January China play Bobble head night that's right people on the first 101000. For the warriors host after receiving a collector's edition Bobble head courtesy of lucky California. Here to get to where your dot she's made that play well one of two. From the line for Tyreke Evans won 28 to one. No doubt going over there were the team pre season without that the huge deal but. Few company deal. Is that there every offseason. They'll get the ball me about them the right way up to opted to ramp they'll we'll screen now taxable greed for Katie back to play like interval we've denial Brooks. We didn't stepped out jumper up no good get sold the flight to the rebalance evans' wife their five minutes ago we did have a satellite. Headed straight to Michael Green up tapped the seventh floor shoot back over to Evans as its now with the boys leading by seventeenth take that's great it's good enough. I'd show up Levinson. That's the potential four point play. A chance to cut the lead down the thirteenth. Sean had his hand out. In front. And took his eye off that it's ever so slightly at diary that was pulled right through. And now we're going to look at it that picture to free the skull and review brought to buy rate set field. Privacy was communication collaboration experience for your motto workforce we're in central communicate collaborate. And act. It is a three. Now what 28 to 114 the chance for four point play that brings stepped hurried back off the bat. By the way Hillary the first player. You get to 35 points. In three quarters in under 25 minutes this year. It has come back home. Last I thought it rough here recruit no good and it's been remarkable. Revamp the ranch hands off hurt Hillary down the left side dribbled baseline has deflected off with the wife of the rant he hits the jumper profitable. Gold was killed a 130 points. Before 35 to go. Is this one's. Tyreke Evans got a fight that's up with to step back jump you're still good vehicles would like to give the red coming out the back. And they go to foul Marcus old. Mike we out for the gritty of this. 62 games over the last three seasons. Wanting to be here. Referee had. Advance to protect that John the second round playoff series against the warriors they ran the ball. Like court is outside shots up the foul line he's very wonderful to go forward until I was fifteen. Just like that believe that Casey. Four minutes ago. Group with a ball Simmons girls on the left lane. We've watched the film that post at the foul line we're just threw right hander pulled back to back to back center baseline drop step. Past the quarter rotation set that up tapped Evans a three ball good for Tyreke Evans. Evans shooting that three at a very high number for himself this year forty point. He's got twenty points. Fury visible bell fell catches good matches that's not want to book goes up got down on your soul and what you should do. Zaza on the free throw line doesn't talk about what the strength of the warriors is their versatility. Shown in the recent. Nineteen stretch without staff. You can stream that runs from. Through. You'll just share basic notebook resentments or do we have flown through powerful ally announcement. Person his first goal from guys. Credence which is wonderful through backwards the owners are Smart answers here yeah. Afternoon where. The different groups and beautiful. First recruit good grief that's on Nick Young Jim Vick like Johnson to sit down I clay just another clay and I want to a point eight. Made field goals viable and distance five assists in just another stellar the defense of them. The chili gets to recruit he's got a seventeen point eight rebounds six assists appeared on. That'll always be what 304170. Tyreke Evans gets the ball a console console with a true. After the British Tyreke Evans. Have a way to start by draft that guard about Julie albums which dribble drive Evans to the cup minutes off the classic. What 304119. If there's now three point lead at one point this ball game with the lawyers have controlled it around. To grant to curry. Fury carefully got yourself back. You want flammable around and it's. Why aren't they fill that bill why. It worked very wise but. AP three for the warriors. Defeated five Brooks with a jumper no good if the way it out of bounds off of derailed war's very downloads hit threes in the game though when you believe it's him or. That night. So why are they here at the lawyers Lee plays he had they briefly what about. Has that movie ends. Just like that. He was gone. What 371 night teen boy it would lead over defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down its picture way. The wars. It. Steve Perry deputies best lawyers with a ball 13719245. Ago. After the call which Nick Young JaVale McGee Jordan available recast these young with a free the left side note good. And the rebel pools down via the draft who's out there just recalled again. We're cal star Jennifer NBA points like here at oracle. Simmons. The update Davis and is not afraid to fire southeast PGA office blasted Jordan bell with a rebound. 37 to 190. Perry now with ten breeze. Nobody at the NBA has made board that night theme in his career with Taylor Moore priests and asked me giddy up down leg shackles down for only. And you've got kids were three point line. And they show you how. Curry has been outside the arc he has nine career games we released ten threes. JR Smith the clay Thompson are tied for second. With three to recruit good for gas we had the lawyers with a 139. Boy. And similar to bring it up. Feeding and it's. Got down the raft was moved up the middle off balance jumper good. Ram would remove. Debris have got to see of play well on the whole floor. Ghastly that you were dealt with Dunleavy got now and you'll know distract. Lawyers season high is in. Jeopardy right now they score a 143 on the river 44. In that game against Chicago the words yet she's not go to very content you don't wanna play it now. They're play grateful now free throw good for bell makes of 1411. Point one itself. They have a chance to set this season. Second breakthrough Nokia. And rebound the bread of life it is terrible a rapid fitness dribbled the ball off ramp he ought to go down about space limelight. He actually given up the floor and they didn't see him. Throughout Pelosi wants. Laughter healed slowly roll. Gauntlet in this way to go to the young was cruel offer to balance through but he. Steve Jackson asked what are lawyers bucks warriors deal lacks. He is relaxing poolside any sense photographic proof. From Perth Australia. Is doing the call as well. Off. Or 41 of the most lawyers ever scored against the grizzlies. Franchise. In their history grabbed double teamed up job. Your status dishing out Martin for three writes I doubt it derailed Martin buried. 141124. The previous record with a 138. That Seattle SuperSonics on the on the grid back in April of 1998. And Alice deal by the green is and it's got inside weren't the rabbit rabbit birds again with a right hand. Steve Kerr is allowed to go in this please. Voters applies to see. We'll talk like gas speak to bell. Golden State goes back down the road he gets out of California for the first Abbott three weeks jumper Obama on a good. Tuesday they'll fly to Dallas Wednesday take out the mavs and then that matchup with the Houston Rockets. And finish the trip Saturday in LA against the clippers now. Dribble to the trouble wanted to simply turn over here comes seven sloppiness and a dog. And this game can't end soon enough for speaker. Nineteen seconds to go slumped 41148. Warriors we'll follow. Bring it up and it just ride it out. We can't beat goes over gets a hug from Yankee pitcher staff I believe they work. Together. In Houston and and mom and dad lives. Very good welcome back. Well. She waited in a huge way 38 points at 26 minutes. 38 points on thirteen of seventeen shooting ten of thirteen. The aptly art. No player in the NBA is made for the nine. Inning game this year. Four rebounds three assists. And the warriors get a win over the group 141 who won 28.