Warriors Replay vs Memphis 12-20-17

Warriors Replay
Wednesday, December 20th

In case you missed the Warriors 97-84 victory against Memphis, check out the Warriors Replay! 


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Little Hayward will start to veiled like he was Kevin Durant. Rookie Jordan battle weight but gets another start for Golden State along with Clay Johnson but you still love you Michael Green market so Andrew. Ferry accident Tyreke Evans hit that terrible throw the ball off. Fetuses to bite mark chaotic areas that tonight and the powder blue clad the grizzlies with the tip of mechanical and laughter right. The ball on the far side Tyreke Evans Canada. Brooks about fast downstairs so this'll. It still comes with a huge over McGee often a good ball tipped away by two Michael Green knocked out about to touch it lasted going to be Quinn cook. And to Michael Green hostels Memphis into a second possession. Memphis with powder blue jerseys and shorts gold and blue down the side with. Dark blue numbers and then the dark blue letters below the number on the back of the Jersey. It's still catches. Polls that waits Percival threw the he wants triple quiet for us why don't but the upside triple is good and yet nobody here. And Memphis takes the first bucket away from the old days. Where is the home life to the Bay Bridge at the center circle blue field goal range. Blue numbers letters to the backside Iran have to Jeffs asked to go back to Katie noble or left side laid down to take over the boxes would be cross courts yet. To Rampage right double triple teams these ballot traffic stop all the way and here come the grids. The far away it's Tyreke Evans. Evans now since the hairs in the quarter there's rose again his jumper that damage short had to rappel down the rebound. To two former Oregon players who played last year for the ducks going head to head. And it's bail guarded by Brooks the right box bell flights that are McGee reaches back with a white ghetto life. Or about eight feet is definitely good to have break that shot go from the warriors bench. Not exactly a shot that they could do real work done but boy he had nice judgment. Relative. Andrea Harris at with a pass to crystal back to Harrison he'll make left can't dribble off the streets past the quarter Evans run off the line by found that the console. Why don't put it very Samantha Reeves though good. But he tipped the rebound the bell. Bill on the bounce to the Randle right sideline. Terminate the dribble kit Clayton option to obstacles that McGee wants the street gets a street he gets double. Wait to turn out that Pete McKee download Jabil could have gone for lamp instead drove as fast as deflected off the shoulder Johnson that grabbed by Evans former king. Evans finds his soul he's open for three straight itself would get. Marc Gasol. Scored only twelve threes. In his first eight years of his career last year. He flipped the switch 108 made 362. Down grizzlies with two buckets ovaries. Now pastor to ramp gab what not to waste so much of Michael great. He had brought which couldn't handle the the dribble. After sponsors back to evidence Grasso rod hook goes to the battle lines lighting. Wading throws downstairs open is greed get topic it's a lay up as a result of scores. 821 for the grid to start the game speaker brown stuff off the bench. Clapped his hands the futures indicate that hey let's go. Kevin Durant with a middle. Wait kind of by the rookie Brooks gives up this little Heath Thompson now speaker wanted time out they couldn't get the offense going and with two album was shot clock you'll all the time out. That fourteen to go the first eight to start for Memphis on the lawyers radio network presented by I would stop. Official wings of the war years. Very lawyer turned over to beat they've taken only one shot. Wall Memphis has taken 682 grizzlies night fourteen to go in the first place after the put the ball to play. A few McKee back or cut by clay faith into a job for itself and good. He leads the league it catchy cute shots. If we catch if she makes like this. Right now makes eight to pool. All of them it's still throw to back it off the street coming to the F right side. Whatever is pulled the drug was Tyreke Evans slates looks at five diesel and blocked Evans. Bob the shot clock down the key to the right elbow the right base like driving if he did to Michael read off the ball picked up quite Blake Johnson have to look down the left sideline. But pulls up rhythm dribble jumper it's apple ravens though good. Marcus all the rebounds that look Africa. Eight for the count. Harrison dribbles the bark side Evans now part of Michael ghost missile back to Harrison Harrison office. Which sets his feet and buried that purple that's the third triple for the grizzlies get the first four minutes they they lead by seven now. Eleven before. Look at the bounce to bell they'll turn to him on the ripped through its Val why he's former duck teammate Brooks. It's going to be a site out for Golden State. Ranch will. But the ball on the flight. And humid tonight got a Zaza Pachulia bobbled it sounds and off the about pulls up to dribble shoot go anywhere. Played down that Jennifer and Antoine. He's try to get the ball on my hand off to the ran out of the inbounds play football defenders. Ran with the rants it would. Clay his team on his progression. Music is pivot foot turned it almost certain there is nobody between him and the basket. Five point lead. Now with Saddam brought to that his jacket the rookie recruit good at eleven to seven game Evans were the one hand. Which passed the right wing to Brooks. Judy Baker's staff. Second time in his coaching career if your head coach. All those whose sole job it filters to faith wants to go one terrible. Might have traveled takes that jumper off a bad angle no good to Michael Green with the offensive rebound gobbled up the box rotates out the Brooks who fired over Evan. Grizzlies last in the league at pace was slow the game down years. To Michael's grief gives up the dribbles by Kevin he's three left wing back dire ms. Brooks little rebound to be a crowd Brooks with a hand. And other backup bell picked up his third foul. I checked that. It's his second down we toured the stat monitor with the balls down wanted in the have Brooks for two. Now it looks like they've given one of those bounced it to Michael Green. And now either would two I was wondering like JB Vickers depth downloading it play out there. Brooks to sit down. Look for the ball choirs Nightline that Johnson the bell failed because took off the street by Tbilisi cook. I stepped down the lane rotate to the ramp buyers the jumper up with the goods now the offensive rebound quickly tapped it downstairs to rant why. Beautiful pass by play at the warriors took up the deficit from seven to two. Have a suitable far away but submitted with a verbal. Right hand basket that that you're side and it's this jacket for the first time tonight. It's still get to Terry to Houston this is the last baseline. Grants doubles with a rebound. Now Linear way Katie way to get discrete pulls up it's a three pointer at its still good but he's tapped the rebound but at the table layered rabbits not doing barbecue awfully. You'll who sold a book with Blake Bob and Michael. It's called goes down on the way he would have won only. He's still on hands in the am. Struggling now becomes do is create Wear tonight at eleven. Wage with a seven nothing explosion. 644 to go in the first quarter. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down these situations of the war. Jack any eleven. In the contest and the grizzlies snap the ball mark console is okay he went down Libby filled out off greatly. Checked all the moving parts it is okay console gets his looks at the circle. Those were far away. Got an out Chalmers burial golfer on the floor of the first down this old mrs. ball's spotted out deflected now. And it's grab device Chalmers who buries it top Zachary. In the grizzlies continue to hit from long distance their four of seven outside the arc. You're the first school. And lead by three coat with a ball. It's it to Durant now likely to out and played double clutches fires away at that to put on the lines got. And it's now fourteen to thirteen. Playoffs who have very quick start right now at nine point it was a little now on we've looked at the other end. Mario Chalmers is night here I can't the 6290. Pounds took a big key to sit down. We'll pause and looting becoming and they want. Actually put gonna be more aggressive than passing up some shots and they wanted to take those shots. All thrown in. To and it's and it's middle of Florida Harrison dumped in high post got to console. It sold its apartheid Chalmers for the next passes side goes right out about right by everybody and turn over. And that'll be the third on Memphis in the quarter warriors with breathing at those right off the bat. We'll see he's either gotten off to great starts in the first quarter of the have been slow burn. Ran the ball to bell near what the Thompson Thompson. Pulls through dribbles leads in bounce pass to Lee takes the return pass now speak to cutting off decent defense stepped down BMI to turn it over. So you at 533 to go in the first quarter as the first down civil would step out of bounds of the ball. Tonight you're away. Here's Louisiana they could of left or right. Off the street jumped five most goes it's still got it over the near way and it's what. Dump the downstairs this'll checked the clock goes to work the right spot. Pizza cutter it's Harrison one dribble get to the upside is Martin with a jumper it's up but good for Ralph Martin. The third year six foot ten pro out of LSU thing to sixteen to thirteen Memphis 505 to go first quarter like Kevin Durant to looney. Looney waits for Clay Johnson is held momentarily got kind of fights through the Cathy ball goes to the rank got a buyers that you liked the matchup comes middle on the golf shots up those good bit of alcohol before. Like Aaron Smith. Fourteen found Memphis they don't give Kevin jobs we can't who's trying to climb up off the bench. Prices to. Now with a catch up now to dribble back to work not skating look at why did work to hand client. Lawyers are down while wall. Jordan built continues. To excel as a massive NASA's second assist the courts. Missile system to mark Martin's pressured by itself. Writes I got this Chalmers looked for an entry that's in the Al east is still got to office. This'll doubled on the catch tripled on the yet. Over the top that Joseph homer in the far away. So we're back to fix it tested for he would want to look at an airport rabbi wounded or killed look gauntlet Johnson knocked out of his hand down about. I garrison. And what we're totally killed in the border Nick Young will take off the slats and jacket. He's got the slats that she's featured in the captured. Takes awhile now he's great for the. Like Johnson to sit down nine point six. He played his normal routine. And now their Mac McLemore another former king comes in. Guard Nick Young. On the predictable to rant that right in the hands of looney picked up on the side by Martin Martin wants to go the satellite strip let's Ralf all the time. Now. They're polar region now. And in. They're gonna say that Martin was gathered in going to the rim. He was gathered against. That's what started it double. You get the line that she too if you don't remember them back the more he was the seventh pick of the 2013. Draft out of Kansas 6595. Fan. Last year averaged eight point two game shooting 43% at 38 from distance this year six point two game. And 31% from its. Going down. Points first recruit good second went up and that's good as well. Morton gives Memphis a three point lead. Far weighing Nick Young with a bull gives it to bail middle looking at apple logo. Dribbled over the McCall he's on the 880 sidelined lobbed it to your rant low left crosscourt skip beyond young. Dribble drive that's like two defenders not to waste definitely open for sixteen off the rim build good and he sold it offensive rebound. It to them a deer shot the ball skipped the far corner Macklin or is there he buries another triple. Their fifth of the corner it's 21 to fifteen. Memphis leading by six book off the street to the foul line takes that jumper they are on the rim know that's locked up the last five bell. Memphis gets it they have numbers magical horse stumbles and. Balls and the moth ball for a foul that happened about five seconds. Lori found. Gone. Bumped. Mac McLemore was his right hand just ever so slightly. Them Mac will work fifteen more fuel into the face. Looked like there was contact the and since two years than. Whistle blows that war after the and it's Johnson to Jones. Homer to former Miami Heat. We guard takes it looked noble with the dribble through downstairs get to back from Morton won the Mac more quick release and a splash from the left lane. And then Memphis Grizzlies are on fire. For a distance. Six that stand the you're in the first quarter. And they lead by knives will be thwarted fifty largest lead of the exit Neverland Ranch that still buy back the more. He's got eight to wand what would then it goes yet tried to. Overpaid. Lawyers don't go after the ball it's rotated to Martin who travels on the cancel my home state. Very lucky there were just kind of stared at the flawed kids and it's got two words. Six turnovers. For Golden State. Want to get Kevin Durant protecting the rim that you get credit for a block there but he challenged maximum more. And made him think about that don't. Told they would give it to fifty seconds remaining in the first court. Memphis shooting much. Higher percentage from street in the to get the lawyers just kind of standing around now it's a breakaway MacBook or fly different stuff and state paragraph to call another time out. Low energy quarter for Golden State. They trailed by 112650. That badly Chevy Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff if the two wings of the warrior. Memphis with a season high six threes made in a quarter. And they lead by eleven right now. 26 this approximately 616. They reviewed Klay Thompson shot from before and that's now a three instead of the two words and made their first three attempt Ben Macklin. Work. The last eight points for Memphis at 55 seconds that we need to break down it another senate first court boxes since it's changed now. We're down by ten to rant with a ball. Takes up the right sideline throws the far side beyond. Always liked. You know that are coming years can make you feel good on the left side there it goes face like gets there it goes up got found. Now on the update Davis who was just check it. Will Boston seconds per station identification. On the Golden State Warriors. Radio networks. Radio home of the NBA champions Golden State Warriors. I'm sick. Rant makes the first recruit. Update Davis. Mentioned is just checked in for Memphis. 611237. Announcement at Michigan State was a stick around traffic of Boston became overnight. A draft night trade that crap TV it will free throws in so ballots. 26 to eighteen wheelers down by. Medical board already pointed 55 seconds pulls up lovely. Rosen up top to homer of the call there shot clock and they reject discreet coast appalachians overload. Out about the viability. From the big block there. That's Golden State's second block of the night. Iran has credit for one. Magical more growth in the Davis handoff to back the more three in the block. Natural or we'll stop the heat pump fake goes up over Clooney good defense like by loose balls juggled around again Memphis was a loose ball battles. Company your sights Olmert was that a buck fifty to go before the end of the court. Great snappy feeling really good about themselves right about now. The they gave the name was changed the played it back or back to Davis wide open wide disparate dots and nobody home with a weak side. To a point lead now for Memphis 48 to eighteen. Kevin rank great crossover dribble it's definitely two defenders goes deluding got valve on the catch. And it can bond movie we will head to the free throw line to shoot two. Including on the line. Kevin Durant and working through shooting struggles the other night Adam. Feeling good coming into this one. I gotta have so many bad shooting nights and I know that you know. It makes for good basis for better or wherever I got better tonight knowing that I fought through it that it makes shots down the stretch. And so look half an enormous amount next game that I ended this game world shoot the ball so. You know as the possession by possession game and try to gain confidence every time I settled there from the world. Loonie slides home to and it's 28 to wanting with a minute 45 to go. First quarter plus. While Williams worked hard now to Albert guarded by McCaw left went downstairs halfway through art what could they get to Davis that dropped out of bad. Don't with a high. Hard. Access times. Tough to catch. Cost growth of right wing yup and the ability. Looks left feet left Caspian may want to rant at the last but he might just wake rosling. Takes a pass the box leaned back right miserable skins and wires that they sign up for good. Right shoulder. He's got the grizzlies lead that six and he has eight of the police to the lawyers Dahmer's collide because in the Chalmers. Obviously. And play alongside Dwyane Wade. And picks up the phone call. That is the worth team now on golden Stater expert blasted it two hours takes advance. Those type most. To Mark Martin turns out casting one of the MacBook or MacBook or back up to up the Martin. Warrant less tangible family leads back though good tipped away by Iran run down quietly knocked that about five Morton and the lawyers will get the ball. That this continues to show good also here for a team that won only nine games. Really doing a nice job. We're down at six now see that they can do here a cough again rightly pass to young again the loonie and again looks like Kathy. Jeff we tried to dribble mil this time to ramp pops up top takes the ball with thirty seconds to go sliding left wing into a double team shoots over the rim no good ball loose. Happy about double that. That's who's just gave him the ball tipped around it came right back to home. Lawyers doubt Eiffel. Seventeen seconds to go in the quarters in executive James differential. Homered right in between the legs. Grasso we're not we've ever caught jumpers got a back yet make a movie on the slipped jumpers still dribble and gets to the page to the rim goes up invested heavily. Rebound Davis goes down about fluff book off. With point one the golf. Whomever go back to our pregame show on this date in NBA history the only way you can score here's a tip. No controlled shots and he's just what do you want got to hang it from the rim. Keep anybody from to be involved wrote him a jump hook up was gonna count either way and that's the end of the core. Of Golden State. Outscored it points up turnovers in the first quarter eleven bit too but they closed on six nothing want. In the final 89 seconds and they trail by four Memphis 28 Golden State when he pool. I'll lawyers radio network presented by when stuff is if you wings of the warriors. Start the second quarter points off turnovers 811 minutes of floor favoring deficit and adjusted it during that our break. Memphis 28 Golden State 44 party your games every brought to bad mouth to Mike's pizza for the mountain Mike's pizza dot com for your pizza needs. Fast break points 100 favoring Memphis. Lawyers up close down us six nothing on the final 89. The cut the lead to four we'll see how they do here. On the far weighing only gas beat dribbles up top the Nick Young you know Terry hill fired three ball short. And medical war back for the rebound McAuliffe jobs against the west and young to start the second for Golden State. With the dribble Tyreke Evans having a real big season for Memphis comes to the right wing. Got to the adapt. And it's got to Davis gets the handoff back his jumper from the right side that doesn't fall at after McCall with a rebound he looked ahead and throws ahead beyond. Young down the left wing bounced masked data David West looking for weeks like that it's like Thompson gets a left hand layup coming from the right corner to the other side of the room. Lawyers have for the last eight points. Yours and it sets his feet three ball no good ball stepped out and again the greatest gift to Pittsburgh Tyreke Evans inside the update Davis. We got to listen Rea a travel. AB picker staff up on the bench former warrior. Assistant former lawyer head coach one of the great guys in the association keys mark. That Memphis match. Can't catch up with him with a game. Nick van axles down there us Bob Bender. Only suggest we throw for west of the update gave this album from behind. Rays have lost seven a day. And lost their last seven on the road they're three and nine away from the FedEx form they beat the warriors earlier in the season down there rather handle. McCain was not close if you remember. Seth Curry and Kevin to rappel down a ejected in the game. Third ballot davis' he has to sit down. With a ball played just got the western side to cast. Definitely want to his staff walked away and get those out of password it's a little slow getting into this game more and just knocked it away. Michael green is back in there. Replacing Davis high energy hard working guy had a glass walled left with five issue faked a handoff turned to. Takes the top of the key jumper top the rim no good. The rebel pulled down a traffic by mark. Over Evans Evans sliding driving goes all the way it goes up like cat deck those good readout and has slowed white he scores. And it's thirty to 46 Memphis. FitzGerald to play on here now that's a foul. And Evans took the ball the rim flee towns. Right sideline throws too young young up atop the west west beloved would fit that hold the ball his right hand cross court pass was batted away but. It was a hold on the play. I'm Memphis. Speaker leaned back in his chair on the bench. When the time. Welcome to the it's like Johnson. Ticket he'd found Memphis light a fire until. All the glory. 48 feet away for the played through it makes a one point game Memphis thirty Golden State's leadoff. It's not about race. Yes that's in the fire during Tyreke Evans on the far side. Between this is particularly the dribble great the foul line. Hands off the mark back the diaries. For overlooking pearl all the defense goes to Michael Green downstairs and it's hands off deflected rabbi Martin leaned back at scored low lights. 3229. Lawyers. Bringing up the floor and put on the breaks Paul lob the west west turned to face looking flat cutter against played taps again awful. What what stepped up from the baseline it's awfully good to have got seventy right now. 3231. Green is matched only by about the ball in the front door. Always kid take the lead here tonight the first we'll call waiting drifting like throws attempted downstairs caffeine wide open reverse layup. I like Johnson maybe only half briefly. At the baseline. Hit those fifteen built for a lot of the wiretap their first lead the. He's very 32 would not afford to go before halftime and it's not about her rapist on the lawyers radio network presented by wait staff efficient way award. 54 run for the lawyers and more minutes to 45 seconds in their first lead of the night Memphis with a wall there attacking the basket to our right. Tyreke Evans goes behind the backs. Harrison has almost all by McCaw Evans gets it right side to to Michael green is very short look off of back. I grabbed the rebound. 843 to go first down. Fleet like the left on your radio down to west inside handoff to athletes government up. We'll hopefully have more usually 3532. Evans. Here way. What sort of balance young got tied up with the Ares it's gonna be on Nick Young. Memphis going without my colleague junior note Chandler Parsons he has a night off for the rest. Landed like this out and sell the sideline as well. Up John Brooks who had to sit down with two valves over the markets sold. The dangerous Marcus soul skilled big man skipped this year haven't tested that traffic wrap my guess solve the world's first hit it goes up. Guys that scores. Wow. Is still getting it done right there. Might have. Exchange the pivot foot. Like Johnson made the right cited job recovered it's. That. Where folklore and have a twenty point now he has yet to advance 3834. Clark quarter. Muscle drive by Hairston doubled falling out of bounds got to the way Evans won't you but it's still well luck dangled triple its true. And it makes a one point gain Golden State. Leading 3830 cents. Seven and a half ago. For example play against them over if possible the likely throws that we can't. They way you look quickly now they wanna get double play like comes up and grabbed the ball from gas waits and it just takes about thirty Porter got up up up flying. Terrorists have with a foul. Penalty Harrison knew how far away clay Watson came up to slap the bottle right elbow. Wow. And so three shots and I was way off target because of the contact. Since clay to the free throw line. Maybe bigger stamp that says the what happens when that grizzlies sent us off during a game. We're not a breakneck team right but we do have to play with a threat. In those quarters have been and we don't play with us. You know whether it's attacking the basket whether it's run early whether it's at home you know we get stuck. And that's when teams can just lock in on things you know these guys are good defensively. And they know your you know your tendencies those things. Javy bigger stamp move the second damaged your career has been throughout the interim job plays it all three now. Clay township 883. Of three and four of four shooting has 43 points. And now the far side dribble drive buyers to get over that time again is to dissolve. Farther around the left side his three no good Kathy hold off its side. He in the two Michael Green tonight out. I'm gonna bring it across the time line. Because comes middle now you're left. Throws middle back to west of golf been down for jobs at times he comes up Dixon handoff drop to ground his staff block the lakers still had to flee to Ericsson the cookies back. Harrison stepped around a bit. Our team that's young and young with a foul. See if they're gonna give you shots. They will. I was gathered. Now Harrison had saliva Shih Tzu. Ericsson that the free throw line in the lawyers have Wal-Mart of rapidly down the Wal-Mart maybe playmakers program. It honors an average of our committee were making a positive impact. You can do your part by submitting nominations and lawyers dot com slash Wal-Mart. That's lawyers dot com. So I won't. Carrie Samantha strike. Makes the second miss the first. 4138. Warriors 642 to go wasted that lead at all the first quarter cook with a dribble. Middle floor bouncy bouncy and feet west of the bounce back backdoor cut flights after it goes up they. 4330. Eighths. 25 point half for flights NASA and we still six minutes to go here in the second quarter Evans jumper off the program west. With a rebound. The grizzlies are settling here in the second quarter the shaft laid down to catch it launches slippery no good. I've Jack they'll call Cooke left that role goes to the back court to get it he's got a fresh Watson though her only young. Played Tampa and first missed that it was a heat check and Mina real live heat Jack. West makes a dribble handoff looks we're gonna goes that instead of tap the code. The dribbles it throws the west wide open goes up we would like to Michael greatest golfer of south and west come away holding his chest and his left shoulder. And he isn't paying right here. And back up top. Grimacing. Nice look nearby cooked. He went up. Michael green is. Very. Interesting player. It's follow through let their arms got tangled I think that's where westerns you actually paying their. Michael read the player I think if you ask coaches around the league as they get we look that. Works hard. Gets better it's free throw line. Wasn't. No big. As that sentiment. It's good for Michael Green it has been great for David went throughout his career is back guys rose Borough. That block the end of the night my goodness. Whole building the analog to applause in the deleted tie that game but they've listed. My watch. If the second free throw ante in the first at 4530. Lawyers and their largest lead of the quarter in the game. There's some global lobbed it downstairs this'll. Work it out west like answerable weights help middle strip fly west but it away but left the field that the but most of it they can't beat. Gasping now wait it to back the code. Good it it from last. Waits and they tried to reset it draws the crowds kids in the paint goes about bats that we had to go away by harris' parents involved and now by west in the back who. 518 left. Grizzlies at twelve returning players from a year ago. But maybe who wanted to were finding out that is the most important. Is now with a and that's Mike Conley junior. In the itself for the lawyers George bell getting ready coming cast you'll sit down. Rebellion against the pound. Periods and and haven't we been thrown in the back court. James and it's the third. It's coming now from Memphis Evans ticket not to facilitate the foul line jumper and nailed it over west not much David could do without one. 4540. Templates now for the sole. It's seven minutes of the second quarter felt the ball wide interval. Those aren't the ovals Dobson. Reverses the play that could collapse act Iraqis don't put it took three and money. 4840. Kevin Durant balance double figures we Levitt. Evans dribble drive get the gap and collides with bell they both go down in a now on the pants. They found go to. And. Cell phone book. Look at the ground. Heiress of the Johnson Evans. Thirty to twelve run for the lawyers. 45 Evans goes it throws up missile left wing steps Middleton leave his feet no look pass to Harrison doesn't shoot. With 5 o'clock show that over to Evans hit fake dribble drive get to the corner jumper all the way up by and it's no good grant got. 443 to golf. In the half TD with a dribble front court crossover right hand. Roads over the shoulder the west west of the near wind looks and waits and feeds. Bell filled ball the box got to do rant he goes baseline one dribble for cutter nobody cares who will take that shot at an air ball. We've had a great off with a series going near to the final two sets. Evans but behind the back of the dribble pump faked got to dissolve zapped his feet left to live nothing there and then balance Thomson collide on the rebound. And it goes out of bounds to Memphis again. But how tough this year it's been for Memphis. Chicago would the airwaves tonight. Tina was three and twenties they now have more wins in the grizzlies. Terrorists in the near way. My debit between the circles. Evans Idaho's diesel back to add it to get in the street won't shoot. He drives out west puts on the breaks them back the last dance fans nothing near the quiet demand wide open for a layup inside and that Tennessee State period of like that at all. All the time out. 4842. Warriors 341 to go before like I'll be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient way all the way. Floyd on the Michael taps and he's watching his son the lakers and after lakers look big way tonight. They've got golf in Houston Rockets in Houston is still the lawyers was like they gave the game on the rockets and what's been. Fourteen games that you did did he had a chance to do that. Is that what the rockets winning streak was at fourteen. We got the chance to move forward. Not giving him definitely get random response. To her applicants who. Bobble head night Bobble head at them. Championship celebration holding the Georgian flag around the issue. Now the ball the lawyers are attacking the basket to our left late jobs in nine attempts to equal to downstairs to build grass courts if he can't beat the court it's to ramp he'll fire. Three ball often they'll get tip to that your quarterback McCaw. It's like Johnson won dribbles downstairs the bell back out to have a flaw he's opening fire on the program and want and so with a rebound. Have to like the ball movement though and at sequence. The best ways have behind the screen avatar the three almost hurt can't speak slowly so part off the glass but costs doubled to gather over the rant. To ramp sprinted down the middle throws the telecast over the short about back to KD eighteenth flurries but good. Fifty to 42. Checking with our panel of doctors now about as part of the as the balls good off the glass this year. That was rocket. Evans inside and his golf expert who sold them. I'd buy Balladur and gas beat Kathy puts on the breaks the front court goes left side lamb can't touch pass to the rant. As little booklet ounces. Johnson waits rejects the street now spins back through built it takes to the right sidelines beats the quarter cast inside the film actually buy a Mac McLemore. Which could help from the top. It goes out of bounds baseline laughter that's where it will throw him on the near side of the basket to Marla. 220 left in. Half number one warriors leading by feet Israel buys many Stan. Gassed beat the cutting you ran into trouble seatbelt over the gone he's open right side triple often no good. Tipped off by Kathy batted down what the what did down picks up the drill teams caffeine inside look at. We're all very. Ten point lead for the warriors. Inside two minutes ago. It word over to. And Vince Foster Brooks out fast so abide belies golfer now coming from behind. And removes fuel education on. Post entry passing is mark facility needed that the force that there he could have thrown to the top from would have gotten it inside. But now with a hand around the waist of console called the found. Marcus sort of free throw line. First free throws up a good. Upton now for both teams. Marcus all former all star. High school teammate of warriors executive Johnny. West. In Memphis together in in in every sense of the word that we sold from Spain and mark missiles from Spain. The group did a lot growing up in Memphis they consider. In there as a man feet 5244. Lawyers up they cast mates got to book gone to head off the ramp to rant puffed out bounce pass in traffic turnover. Three two behind the back pass Mac award goes to the soul who's looking forgot that gets it from Jordan bell who will pick up his third down. And that Gasol back to the free throw line fell acknowledging the fact that an active speaker. Wants him to run the floor more. I've always been very close. You can anybody who didn't have a TV person. I don't know you were self. You better. Solidarity. Activities. And on the game. I watched film there's so. It's been visited. Marcus old. Piling up points here from the free throw line. To strip down and hitting both on both tripped it about fourteen points and that's the lawyerly down the six. Is they get half of the Memphis free throws here's the first death callable. It's casting pressured by Brooks that matters tap detergent tooth over apple corps they'll put down. Says only eleven season high 47 and a half for Johnson. 5446. Chalmers with a feed the books Brooks Terri to shoot over Iran itself but yet put another three for the rookie for organ his second. And Memphis eight of nineteen. From distance here and half number one. The lead for Golden State is 50 call. Struggles twice beat glue to glue the outside the arc just look at the basket get to the ramp. Grant had trouble with two Michael Green picked up the drivel needs help handoff Thompson back to cape be open to right wing. During those six of the Lovett he's got fifty. 5649. Warriors down the file 37. Great we'll try to go quickly here to get it to 41 you would suspect. They really don't like to play fast at all the so we'll check the slot. Left blocks pulled this the right hand surveys the four feet to cutting back for more whose wide open they get the lay up down below. 23 point toward ago the warrior rotations. Off their double team a little bit. So there. But it's still very crafty final fourteen tickets to ram available to apple logo. Waiting waiting Grey's still haven't found it gives directed the street from caffeine keeps. Taps taps of with four seconds with three trips to debate site takes a tough jumper no good. And we flown we've got trapped by Memphis as the buzzer Sam. First quarter like to have and at the end of seventy point second quarter. The lead all scorers with 27 of the first down lawyers that the six grizzly 51 RC Davis. Warriors have to coming up and then he can't beat Golden State Warriors radio network we I would Steffi that you wait. War. A step Perry was reevaluated the other day back yesterday in the exit that they renew slightly in the in one week that would. But it did December 26 that he witnessed the next. Fourteenth before being reevaluated once again the way to take their time with that the particular injury. Keynote speaker today. Talked about step Curry's. Days in a good day today was you know with them. With Steve Nash and Q and did a lot of good stuff any look like he's moving pretty well so good time. Terrorism moment in San Diego a year ago pre season right knew the warriors were in a special place. Practiced it ended and it UC San Diego and it looked at once side. And it Jerry west was talking to Steve her while they were both watching. That theory Clayton to get shots that once then looked over my children to the court behind. And I thought Kevin Durant. Mean. Tutored by Steve Nash had a pearl off of screens will Woodward that you. I thought oh my goodness we're like them Q what world business. And the lawyers world the last couple years at least 5651 at the right. Over the Memphis Grizzlies. Through the entire first quarter quickly tab story. Twelve shooting 27 points in the first half of his season high. For play. In the half. And fact the yet upgraded one of his makes you have originally. Ruled eight to an eighteen to 23. Employers in the first half of the outscored from the three point line. I count 24 to twelve. Grizzlies have made eight the warriors have made four. Don't steal the ball going at the basket to our right that this can happen Quinn took we'll take you across town like that Johnson the Mickey out of bill. Katie. Quick release off foot jumper it's a bit of Brooks back for the rebound. Golden State shooting. 58%. In the first 1045%. For the grid to console. It's at the Tyreke Evans Evans over four kids scoring half number one is still working out Thompson on the switch drop the ground they rotate to Harrison. Three on the clock got to go fix it gets tested to overcoat and it's no good. JaVale McGee hustled to the rebounds. And throws crosscourt to Kevin Durant. Rant change direction pics of that you'll just have to cook left wing breaks the middle of the right hand dribbled to the near sideline he goes to back to the center of the Florida given the ranch. The ran off a screen doubled my expelled bell inside but he can't stop. We're JaVale McGee. 5851. Again. Get another assist rebel that's number four on the ninth Brooks as a path. Hands off it's not often handed to Michael Green and they turn over. Lawyers were bush. Won't play a little quicker than they did the first now. Cook gets the ball McGee Nikita bell and Brooks is worked out teammate all over him like sideline the coach cooks now waiting. Screen is at cook's bounces back outside feet story. Your rant iso in the middle way towns in the way. Maybe drifting left crossover dribble it Billick jumper and at the back iron miss Brooks holds up well for the readout. And it's able to hear us. Brooks waiting. To happen over to console. Lot packed full count the last couple of games. Brooks catches the right side that from Harrison goes baseline pulls out troops over belt bounces high off the road to grant wrestled the rebound away from greed get the ball took. Gliding down into the front court feeds now on the belt fell outside the right spots back up to optical. Cook waiting for Iran or tapped it crossover dribble dribble drive by cook often under off the glass won't go mark console. Clear to Evans still 5851 warriors nice way to go in the third missile middle of the floor. Slide that over Evans Evans off the street holds off cook with a right arm backs up to the Jeffords spent the off the rim. It Tyreke Evans is over five. Late Johnson of the rebound. And the ball before a court takes the right side to the elbow stops and shoots over Harrison no good Harrison album again got him on the back to the free throw line. Mention Brooks in the pac twelve last year's actual player of the year. Hoping ducks of that. Final four clicks announced that the strike. Free through is up the good times and did not play at Washington state of the type of talent that Brooks and bill had. In order. Clayton Johnson. Each passing year use. Who your alumni a lot to cheer for its full free throws he has made 990. Day free throws in his career than us we'll be. Number 1060. To 51 again. Marcus soul feast to Michael Green. Please get 49 now for the game. Looked at the book's not closed this'll. Three is never never. It's always loved interval office put turnover Thompson found the backcourt by Evans and now the second team found great. Good now Mike Evans that snapped desperate. Lawyers with zero fast break points in the game. Thirteen for Memphis. That's as when Memphis as that their tactics. The last five years the way they only to look for an officer rebuffed the most part usually they don't think is get back on the though the ball fewer side dribble to the trouble trouble that into eternal. Number ten I Golden State. Nine point lead for the warriors sixtieth 51. The right side. They're exit. Delivers the ball is sold to answer at all it's always with the Michael Green. Undrafted player out of Alabama Harrison filled out the name. Gives up all goes to Tyreke Evans now diesel makes that very terrible stomach he's been done him fade away to is nothing that little bit long rebound. The quickly down to the hatch won for the grisly bad break to middle he's open pass to Magee instead Africa. Looks at feet to rant rant I'd like to Michael Green shot clock at the end Haiti drives in lob for Mickey lay up low like. As soon as Kevin Durant put the ball up but definitely defender shifted his way. At the ransacked and assist give Golden State their largest lead of the game and TV pictures that once time. 6251806. To go in the third on the warriors radio network presented by wind staff the picture waves of the war. Not Smart online stores it the eighth wonder of the world. Grizzlies with a ball the near sideline. We will give our stations a chance to identify themselves as time for it. Sure you know. With the on. Happy that they're hearing worry basketball we know we Tyreke Evans of the ball flies. Two dribbles got over to mark is still backed Evans. On the lifetime you'll stop through middle Michael Green. Looks ball fakes six on the clock outside of Brooksville driver and it cooked in the troubled locked away by bell looks category one. Look right down the middle opera reggae catches broke the back outside grant office fingertips about about. And give an idea a little credit that pass was way too far from the you'll get the turnover but. The first pass of the second pass. Block outs Castro homers to dissolve his jumper no good tip rebound there's took grabbing another one and it's automatically times. 6251. On the bounce to rant was held by two Michael Green and that's about. TV that your staff begs to disagree that you would expect. And the legendary NBA coach Bernie Baker's step third ballot to Michael green is battling with Iran. Rant with a kept right on the hash marks. Leaves makeover weight for taps at Thompson off screen by McKee clay intervals into a pack now currently dip under handle left hand on the rail won't go. And the rebound Evans throws at the Brooks. Brooks will bring it back out size them. Drying up McKee he's the deterrent there. Evans is the ice cold that I get to the soul now Brooks Brooks not afraid to fire his threes doubly good that's his third triple. And triples have resulted in all nine of his points 6254. Usually by. Tonight Brooke is gonna be nice solid NBA players. McKee watching directed double team grant that good old two triples I haven't spent on him that it was seven that she gives the ball to the rant. Directed Streep for belt Roosevelt wonderful out the code that's deflected to body matches that App Store by Abbott to blow it goes up and lays it up and AM. Like tough shot might Tyreke Evans at the first make of the night. Kevin Durant was there to defend 6256 direct able to McGee opt out cookies open it rhythm it's a three minutes. Well good. Give lawyers a nine point lead back 6556. That's his first walked into the night. Joseph homered off the street has those guys who approach you still feel drive by in the key pieces of Michael great goes up but he got fouled hard. To be helped up by Kevin Iran album that my dad. Michael Rigas the free throw libel laws right now ten seconds station identification. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. He championed this Golden State Warriors. You hit Kennedy wants. Michael green is free throws up and give latest knowledge Paula Alabama. How bad it's pretty soon numbers. Forgive players in the inlet. With the Sonics and other teams Derek compete. Who bought him a perfect yet. Compliant the legendary army legendary within this. The end and Haywood heel Bruno went to the scene Taylor in the same town codes recruit good for my ovaries. 6558. Memphis seven nothing once in a minute 12 and the foul on the bruises bell on Thompson. Try to make an exchange in the right sideline. And by that might be. They Taylor I mean they had they are plaid jackets that word. It's beautiful people. Built out hands off Iran. Worse yet teasing Kathy melt them quickly counted on the right side of the downstairs to bail itself while they. Got off to the bucks goes drop step goes up bank shot good. My goodness corn belt worked very hard for them pocket his first of the night 6758. Off the street lights out back toward throat is sold everything going through your soul. Near side Chalmers hit the path of the soul back so. Wrote to you Michael read that Chalmers will try and lack of staff they get the bullet is so small they ripped it through doubled since the double team rotate ball. Scholarship brought to life at that wobbly port second shot clock violation. Veteran fans remember that TRE done very good defender. For years came out of Alabama. Ricky king Bob Johnson. Antonio McDyess. Was taken one hit behind Jill Smith back in 1985. With a terrible cook it to the plate Johnson. But trails through we're forget what growth plates out of the dribble to the elbow stops bounce pass to bell five to shoot down ago. They'll listen to the clock growth of Africa he sees it flyers have a jumper to no good it gets older rebound. For forty to go third 6758. When you're leading by nine. Let's iMac more crossover dribble get them to a Potomac to the sole right side. Brooks gets it now clients to solve it for two Michael regal. I know it goes up a second to have had bested a traffic but there'll that would let them. This plot got the break Durant drove to the delta flyer for afraid that if we get it off the program. Rita pulled down by outer blue flag briefly to homer every match is still goes up but he has surrounded by white jerseys and now. With fourteen and ago. Gerald Paulson Ottawa forgot about Mo Williams recently. Officially retired against. Robert Horry. Some big shots mr. 6758. Has sold its first break room. I'm pretty sure our Friday night we'll talk about NBA players for Missouri with. Just it. And did what did. If a squirrel. It looked at it. In self with the breed new life it's both and it's 67 to sixty. Mark Russell have a five from the strike. Young with a more applicable warrior lead it's out of the ramp would go to try to win their tenth that are roe V. Dribbles left. The crowd gets the Bayside beach for bill will bookmark them that with a stripped from behind the ball juggle ability to their -- Whitewater. But those good but the the rebound couldn't control it it's off the fingertips and on the baseline. 347. To go the grisly start to feel more confident here. We get this quarter. The first six points of the second get charmer with a head Bob on a collision with the bomb. And that's a film called. And we call reached in a profound ones and he comes casting. That's we will check in. Bill would sit down. That's three fouls. We had a great game because it forces. Chalmers hit you between the circles. I'm the attacks down from three point like asked the sole. They have the switch to this or try to downstairs on the cloth these Jim lowland. Martin missed that don't forget about the process it. Cassie gets his first ballot night. Mark is still talked about the key to slowing down Golden State pace always. When it was physical to be aggressive on affordable for. Over the war and Napoli not allowing them to go out appointment in no way right fielder through all line which he's. Just normal because they didn't make a lot of threes of these official and on the highlights. But you know they've got a lot of up and points. I'm as a war because you beautiful. Drug mart makes the first free throw it deep Kirk all the time out 6761. What are some six in the third on the Golden State Warriors radio network. I'm out here to their question is born goes back to the free throw line brought to that mountain Mike's pizza. Not likely to die down to latter question what's your sense that that's up to a Bobble head night what's your favorite as apple wouldn't tell us where and how. Are you listening tonight. Lawyers with a ball cast we have. At the free throw with this by more 6761. Golden State looney Terry to faces one dribble hand off to rent doubled to actually look. Got chosen for a doctor. But. Movie. He flying in the air. You can answer of what you can hit me up on boy your thoughts we feel acts where you can send me an email. At Timberlake CIA MR OYE. At lawyers dot com. Answers. Many as we can all the years two mile movie hits the free throw line. First one for good volleys up the good but how could finally the other night he was in double figures. Plus minus most of that game. We're here thirteen of thirteen. From the stripe tonight. Missed second free throw for movies here. 6960. Want lawyers to lead by eight feet left by as many as eleven they trailed by as many as ten. Reid's guy this game with a 31 lead change. That was in the second quarter. Martin with a ball outside the arc goes up tapped and is now the missiles with the farm when the Chalmers charmer with a dribble backed up by the violently beat crystal skull. By about golf because doubles with a dribble hand picked it up in it was a the sideline it's not a bad notes. On the plaza a couple of moments tonight where. Boy you really thought Geary goes to have a chance to really be something spectacular as. Full time he's been unable to hang out the ball. That's why are weighing picking up the dribble goes to homered to distilled. 6961. Always somebody calmer dribbled down the baseline pizza and cutting a snapple or no good offensive rebounds look back why can't this. Good but they're in a wave it away it's offensive now. Cleared out would then elbow. Kind of a play that and probably. Twenty years ago. Certainly thirty years ago that would not have been called off a file but it is in today's game. That's threw the ball. Golden State attacking the south basket here and local Flutie with a dribble. He's over director rants I believe you would NS it was a little blocking found. He'd be going down. TV slow to get out helped up by young. And casting. Let the free throw line and his comes over pats on the of the testing it. My bad. Can direct the free throw line. First Julie in the Viles is listening wall making rum balls. Tonight. Like it to a new round of applause from our our crew is here with the but I did bring them peanut butter balls tonight ran the free throw line for food you know for some of the things once you seventy. 61. That was sent an email to employees at. We exact job. Most of the employers box warriors feel acts. It's still low left jab steps they left with a comes back that a little flip for the white and I have a real world golf. Rebound deflected movies got him off your head down but you're side. Lawyers up IP TV loads up corporate off the dribble can't find the raids hit two homers hit traffic now accelerate telecasts and it's who runs it beyond. Backs it up throw stuff out this old ball sake. Trip by the Rand is we've made his move and console falls down. Free throws now for the sole. Words are over the limit. He can't checks in on Twitter and so is his favorite zag Zell moment was last year when he hit a long two and start destruct like curry. And that one very long. Straight out there. Nobody gets old rolls down throwing stuff up like got that free throw really. Very skilled player though for years a lot you were saying that DeMarcus Cousins was the best and handling I'll always cities and maybe the most talented but for. Long won their last two years of the market sold it right there was any blame. And I mean anything. At five spots Steve listening won't wrapping presents and hacking Steve. Well I'll wanna. Go to up to let it snow. Thanks deep into this holiday in the scheme the power. Dissolved its double Frito seven point lead now the lawyer 7063 book blossoms that. Throws the loonie downstairs to rant rant. Jurors and looks the basket from the white wings hold formal white hands shot clock it's at a stand still holding still hold. Looking quite literally dropped a movie picks it up cute and hot angels though good rebound console. This'll floated down the right sideline Rondell White Chalmers on started for a moment but chooses to sit back and out of play the way misses likes to play they looked for. I loaded pistol he gets his. Backup job that Joseph where he's opened mrs. football time of the year. Shoveled the rebound Whiteside to Iran who have been caught doing a good job was last in the second half grant Howard didn't block the way loose ball picked up while the grizzlies. Warriors up seven baklava or those imports is a bad shot no good tipped in by important and it's going to be offensive foul. Morton with a push from behind. Again you're. Sometimes that the the actions of what clearly too. The reactions of another you'll cook to pass to Mickey a moment go too far. Mickey turns the ball over that one back or just to make the right decision. Try to. Powers weigh in overcast beat hands. That did not work. Dust into the home tonight checking in on the eve mile Tivoli TI MR YE if word got out. Let's get home and ID five point seven. Doing dishes and to our flagship. Station either Richmond lots of rhythm of weeknight basketball we all. Let's call to review right now as Kate FitzGerald has put on the headset to talk to the folks in the glare of billboards and Secaucus New Jersey it's presented by rinks and grab a seamless communication and collaboration experience for your modern workforce were in central. Communicate collaborate and connect. Don't get the lawyers to back in action this starting a stretch of four games in six days. The Golden State. And on Christmas Cleveland by the way plays. Tomorrow night and then they don't play again until Christmas. Where are we playing three games in four nights. Actually three games in. Three and a half because it's a noontime start. Now. As called officials' time out. This sound reason. Oh it looks like Kevin Durant leaving. Employers athletic trainers grew younger put man on the job. Santa clauses serious check in early before he gets ready for his big ideas. Right down below us here. When people over here that are false. Little more energy getting involved it. Leads all I can get. Seven to 63 here at 52 seconds to go in the third quarter. Orders slipped paste like 29 points and played down from sixty with Kevin Durant. The grizzlies eighteen for Martha sold seven rebounds four assists for solid ten prevent Mac for more eight of those coming. In one little burst. It'll call will hit the free throw line to ram apparently and no longer. Bleeding in the call yet. His chance and to the scores. Her thoughts about boys getting into a more favorable part of the schedule actually I guess the bleeding has now let's stop by Durant. So we'll boggle the free throw line and assume that they ticket to Ray Allen who Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr likes this part of the schedule. Look at the schedule every year. Think if we can get through this stretch and good position as being great. It's definitely it kids. Stressed it was just him. But we have to take advantage of it now. We're starting a seven game home stand. Seven games and what ten days. Fewer side. We hit stuff happens once recruited for football 7163. Dribble drive like Tyreke Evans data Whiteside. May god Thompson stupid converts for his second who. At 7165. The grizzlies hang around here. With the lawyers doubt five players though curry go to remind those sounds. As a young catchers of capital upside. Have the worst way. 7465. That is really good now also mr. Mike Downey junior out for the grizzlies. Otherwise it's camouflaged. To secular change differential between the two blocks were down eleven point five on the the game clock. Tyreke Evans out of my Leo slipped back to back about full of laughter we'll drab white it floater off the rim tip the way haven't got back he was coming from out of Ralph. We got to go and I don't know if you re established. Quick hitter tablet will play. Tough to gauge the word we'll take a nine point lead to the fourth quarter. They're on top of that facility for 65 on the defending champion don't stable lawyers radio network. Presented by wing staff because she waves on the warriors. We've got the fourth quarter of the ways lady bind 974. X 65. Dodger games ever brought to my mountain Mike's pizza. Like to tell you the mountain Mike's pizza. Order online right there you have your pizza delivered in time. For the most gay June. Here Arce gave us run down some of the highlights of tonight's game. 7465. Or Twitter question also brought about. Favorites of animals last few years so Clark's late night which were played Johnson grizzlies at may ninth raced only three. Cynthia the first quarter the lawyers still without any fast break points whatsoever. Left side to almost reversed direction comes in fort that was shot short. Rebound deflected away grabbed by young young wood Johnson but caught Caspian west. Against. Anthony Davis is out there for the green is giving the sole operator Chalmers flexible on the hands of Caspian puts him right in the hands of coach JB baker stamps and go through through banking. Real Martin's out there. Then Maclin more. And Tyreke Evans the only starter here's play taps and dribble to the trouble. Ripped away from him and stolen charred over have a warriors grizzlies to a three two left side Maclin more catches. Buyers away three ball logo. Lake township with taxable to rebound. We took fourteen turnovers gassed beat. Right baseline to the bucks skipped it left ankle but Sampson left corner young. He's open he fires get by the way to roll Morton folds of rebound high. Takes it cross the timeline for Memphis. It's for Evans Evans averages over eighteen and I crossover dribble out weeds in David West goes up blocked wild west lap. I doubt that rooms. Golden State whether sixteen blocked of the night. Lawyers leading the league in blocks eight point six. Historical place. We're in the Washington bullets with a new poll of this dosage cover up for the white sides give it to two for evidence of 7467. Goldstein lead down to seven ports. Played ninety seconds. Of the fourth quarter as of right now we'll call the ball. Bounce pass to west holds at the left hand Pete Townsend off a double screened all fake now takes off the dribble air molding young got it. What we have here. We have a technical foul called on Clay Johnson Johnson thought I got here and so. Immediately market at staff supply. Sometimes a veteran official will let them feel the play end and then. All the technical. I guess they didn't. You really know. All right then and there to golden seal up the early in the free throw by Evans is good it makes this six point game. And closed its Monty is the other hand you feel. On the shot clock addled state yeah. Good because that might you know get the ball to well let's greet my last last night off the dribble jump shots off the rim at all. Slam for both gone. 7668. More years. Evans over the years I've put Barton. Evans guarded by another former king Kathy takes a bit frozen out more wide open glove side and they also three point shot. Lawyers did not get over to that sideline he's got two points. 7671. Look on your way handoff to Johnson. 939 ago. In the game to announce it down the west west holding. The ivy gave us off of his right leg comes a lot can't let her days as wide shoulders come together. Using every ounce of your experience Avant with a flurry gets up a good. Years gone by he would seek give him that shot all day this year he's at 42% beyond the arc. 7870. Pool. Asked to play touted downstairs caffeine inside. Lasers is good ball blew by the warriors and all the sudden both teams. We're getting easy points offensive flow. Haven't jumped up between the circles plus overlaps in. Once to go wobbled off beat to jumpers a drive right on young grows up for the prayer and I mean a prayer deflected by Westwood grab by Chalmers shot clock at 5 AM Memphis small. Wouldn't amount to. Well. Where a young official parents with this morning I thought Memphis called time out that he called a foul instead. And looks like you'll go against Golden State. Leave it's on Nicki on. Chalmers dossier of evidence. They reset the shot clock. Jeff Evans with the Evans with a jumper took three it's no good. They fight for the rebound more and got a handguns while the bought about a Goldstein we'll get it back. Where is going left to right and your radio down. Thanking all those folks role Leonid chips and in the give some sort. I leave you vulnerable thinking of that. It's an all the YouTube's. Links that on their favorite dance now moment last to a cutting flights out inside off felt so good tip like gas it's just like gasping he got not to that jacket picks a profound. But. Equally Ford ago. Including the one in Boston where he agreed. Cannon slept like he was right no horse. Probably my favorite level right there. Here's gasp at the free throw line you'll get a couple of chances here. Nick wants us to talk more about. Bam a great disease driving home to Alabama listening experience XM ABC. Maybe maybe it's a point that we'll do we'll give the other half of the state chance we will Auburn players well. Coach Sonny Smith. John is it's our it's our effort of the night it's asking its two recruitment and 82 to 74 warriors. It's our effort of the night listening on his his phone because of the neighborhoods power out. Powerful back back toward triple says fouled by young on the drive. Nick Young. Picks up his third down and that is. Second team found on Golden State. With the ball Lanier weighing him. Throw him by Evans the homers. Would be for Mac towards Memphis going with regards Morten in the sole goal was kicked. We've was young cast be Thompson's call. And west which he regards and Cathy west. John Roberts as a between the circles. From the side out more catches rotates this old. Waits for Evans who comes out takes the handoff gives up to dribble the back aboard real o'clock got to go to exits off its destitute. Balls off the rim rolls and Chalmers right spot he falls down gets the pass over the backboard. Bob they live by three ball no good and they yelled corralled the rebounds for Golden State 8274. Lawyers said the 44 to go off but that ballot ghastly as Chalmers went flying away. We Klay Thompson earlier in the game had a dunk. They looked over south of affiliate they have some sort of informal. Not a monastery wager on who's gonna get more done this year. Tyreke Evans v.s Markus Wolf lights out of the keep looking like Caspian is let back into them. Gobbled up jobs Evans shot clock hit six and haven't traveled he did establish the pivot foot. And through little shuffle up just turned the ball over. Voice and an eight point lead Steve Kerr will also timeout. Seven point six to go in the game. Warriors lead by eight on the defending champ the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wind stopped efficient ways toward. The banks. 8274. The score. Lawyers leading by eight we have seventy a seven. That is why six seconds to go in this game it was different after the game the spin the grizzlies outscored the way from Greece. 3318. The warriors outscored Memphis in the paint 34 it's one week and the grizzlies have eighteen fast break point to the lawyers have zero. But gold states still leading by two it's been cavalier game with the last yourself the way they are tonight. Cast the other stuff holds the ball waiting for flights off this struggle against second McEnroe clay writes that though he has point nine points. Goes to the right way pump fake and where to go takes a shot anyway stepped through it though good just don't worry about. Kicked about Evans on both the break Evans drives it out west finger roll that up though good to prime Morton does good rebound loose Barton blasted touch and it's gonna be gold stable. This came out they were the team would more fight they got to every loose ball they got. Everything. Early. Lawyers suggested as the game progressed we'll go off looked over beyond beyond the tops. And the far wing young got overcast it's. Passes to west Palm Bay one triple family squeezed between the better they'll goods rebound tip though that slapped it back and it's rabbi here isn't. Inside is drive inside we're Harrison blocked the way that they kept up with the ball young guy on the floor wing cross over dribble left hand. Step back over to act the more good break it down. Donald was talking about about this that you gave that what's fair that players like that it was recovered back that the school believes his team. Oracle making noise right now. It was inevitable that we gavel upside growth this won't get to Richard dance. Evans back the soul good we'll make stepped around west down away strip like Kathy Kathy what this field he wants to go rent it that'll shoveled it to ounces. Johnson multiple gun by Evans bounced past the farce I'd look long wrestled through it but got found in the process Glen MacNow. Now when Memphis beat the warriors back on October 21 111 2101 Goldstein at 32 desperate would negate but. That Kerry played a game that's that's the difference that they. Talk about tonight and then. But still even even without staff you'd think that. At some poor. The word who have gotten. A break somewhere. They got to get to breeder he's gonna sit down. Because backing. The Kevin ran effective rather to rant left side work and I guess all those baseline the soul slapped and it knocked it off the leg of Canadian to turn over. Number sixteen of light for Golden State. Still a ten point lead for the lawyers see Alec. Trying to close this one out Chalmers come up nicely but I'm a gonna get the ball is still feel that at 45 footer it's dropped straight down McCaskey. First to pick it up McCaw well taken up and start the offense off the screen by west stops at the foul line chess master rant loads up but three of right. But does not fall Evans with a rebound almost elbowed his teammate Marcus all the face inadvertently. It takes to the front court. JD one of eight. Beyond the arc Evans. Left sideline to homered Natalie Harrison Harrison goes to dribble on Caspian we have something we have the defense of three. Don't like Kevin Durant. Bill will replace. Caspian. On the soul takes a free throw. On the defense fluid. Who sold it that he's now nine of nine from the free throw line is for fourteen from the field. But gave the free throw line as a lot and get nineteen points. Now Billy with them and make substitutions 8475. When you're leading by nine they trailed in the first Mike Spann is a little ball. I'm about to Evans Qwikster why baseline drive goes up a belt made of Jesus shots rebound outside protected by KP back here by young. Infallible they are side by garrison. And the lawyers protecting the basket that blocked the over eight on the night. Is she shy of their average. Ward Belmont it got away with a Fallon Evans. But then on the the second when that was all ball watch him caught getting in there than not the way first. He Mikey credit for that upon further review as we like to say about JP Baker's staff has been teed up. And FitzGerald calls the T if your staff being blocked. Knowingly lie. Keith Smart. Or for employers assistant head coach. Given the ran at the free throw line that take the technical free throw Barry's staff to give Golden State at ten point media. 8575. With. 451 Miguel. Grizzlies at eighteen is his lawyers have 23. On thirty buckets. Well gone new willful. TV play that grisly case young. Next up. Three point line often screened by bill. Those violently youngster it's out of bounds with five of us know it's not about to save it. Got to west tilt drive goes up got fouled like this all about what the white David West. Saved that possession right there. Marcus hall looks west to the free throw like he couldn't catch up with a second ballot Gasol. And west to distract. And says he's playing better he was while he was asked him are you playing better than last year. Just more culpable there's just no way what was charted two. Group teachers who are just personnel just vehicles and normal rule. Have a good time it would amount. It's the first free throw. Have a good time manager for Jordan bell. Second straight through no good is still high in the air and the grizzlies on time out there missile secured the rebound. Boy asleep by eleven with 434. Ago try to close one out. Of the defending champ we go through what your radio network these why wouldn't that be that way the war. 8675. This tour. 434 to go. And the warriors try to close this out they lead by eleven. Tyreke Evans with the ball. To mark his film out here it's. Wait for trauma come across this sold to pin down for. The ball that is fools don't abide Jordan bell he anticipated the play it makes this deal. At the seventeenth turn over for the group's. Rant to bell bell handoff play to bounces back in there back to TV right side he's open he fired. Cypriot dagger right they're the ones who need my fourteen. Their largest lead. In this captive trying to get the win and over again in a world. All of his soul. Working. Iran turns drop step falls down throws an epic goes hand and he's got a chance worth three point one. Mark console. Using the foot worked there that. Has made his game so dangerous. Grizzlies have lost seven. Seven and roll on the wrong. Even after losing a tough game to Boston they have a lead. One we wanted nine right now the numbers for the soul words of the united 77. Free throws off the rim of the way around. It. Kevin Durant takes the front court our side we'll call. The west back to TV screen by belt double. Faster belts bell inside the west great bat path that will lay up from west wo lap. That you want 77. Let's say it Jordan Belle. Looks like early sample size looks like he's going to have a lot of assist in this league. Paerson throat consult the box console. Turns doubles been through it rotates to Harrison downstairs gets inside to Michael free nowhere to go. Outside they have is that the three nothing bears locked up a glass white green grabbed by bell. Fell backward NAFTA Weston Terry keeps to itself. Sounds of the west in the form. When he goes to the ranch. Pressured by two Michael Green it gets dealt with the street for KD KV rotates right core they're both gonna stop but so good. Rebound. Degree Chalmers peaceful calm behind him. Nice move takes the baseline seat belt and circles outside. Leaving the fox this'll. These missiles about the fact that golfers golfers won't suffer through the left wing it this way. 91 to eighty speakers is let's go play. Want them to walk the ball before they can help them. Durant across the logo fades lasted cuts off him last look for a better any better looks right beads inside belt goes back door got out quite Chalmers. Jordan bell will go to the strike. They'll freeware of the cyber policy broadcast Booth right now. We've had missed only three free throws tonight they'll try to. Korea Friday on December 22 the warriors host the Los Angeles Lakers played them the second time this week. On that in Friday's monthly indices were clear nobody gets but your card. Or find that you think it's that we've done now. KB understands that the defense down bill it's double recruits having at 93 to eighty. Punt series in I've grabbed the former. Shelf. Player. Respectful standout. All thrown to the baseline. With a theory to doctor hunter come through jump hook over Billy got on the place in the Mount Snow good rebound and applaud the ramp. Takes it up down only KP all the way. You're now seeing that. JB Baker's staff that this event is an anti Hayes. And Harrison goes inside. Shot no good the pluses out of balance fell last. And it took in the air along with damion Jones gonna give little one here. We cast we come back again. Nick Young last. Few rants Thompson. We've never sits on the floor who's gonna come out we'll call the call we'll sit down. Because if we could do you get over there. Fall through. The outer wings hunter's hands off and the jumper off and it's no good. Yes now. The readout homer with a jumper. Fallon Damien jolt to the side out from Memphis warriors their first found the last two minutes. Heiress of the Johnson and it's in the seventies played the first time Simmons who lob not the way fight gave me chills carriers to grab that that's Kobe Simmons. And he gets the ball on the far sideline. It's felt with a time out with a knee. And now with a move. Harrison almost does this look organized Jaffe five we shoot dribble drive floats at up I felt good tip of the free download says Bradley gets the rebound scores. Golden bears the crowd cheer that B 582. Neither side cook in no hurry throws to bail fell back because. And dribble spin waste becomes the right side feeds Belleville not Kuwait. Loose ball belt wrestled it back throw to cast cast the inside for Jones and grabbed slots back. And senator is also out there succeed rookie out of you set. All to. Get on the right side he shoots it bounces up high on the floor. Goes dead and 97 to 82 war. Golden State trying to get 200. Points. This season high twelve straight 49 seconds left and slash from the right side for hunter. Exit 9784. Cook will bring it up. Down that he away 42 seconds to go and might be radically be the last possession of the lawyers. Pulls up foul line jumper that's no good game you joke to rebound back outside casting doubt that bell with cutters could prevent. And just knocked to the war. And it down about golf is bad that it's going to be Memphis ball. They may have given them a bit of foul call there. They said the bloc happened before way before the contact. That that. Paerson has a front court for doing at the basket to our left the final eighteen seconds. We two tickets to zero lead in the best of three series this year round of the shepherd of good gash through the rebound for the warriors twelve games of. Role but getting to a hundred. Live up to age hopefully we'll get their ten straight win into the fourth franchise today. Straight wins. In five. Straight season. But he's 784. Warriors get the way it.