Warriors Replay vs Lakers 12-22-17

Warriors Replay
Friday, December 22nd

In case you missed the Warriors 113-106 victory against the Lakers, check out the Warriors Replay


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What lawyers wearing. They're throwback uniforms. But before it would look good in both of those. State of California to start debate why would lawyers across the front blew lettered blue numbers go back tonight. We'll say it is a traveling purple. Gold letters white numbers on the back with gold down the Satterfield he you know. What you'll clinical Ingram with the ball up stuff. Throw tonight most of it through Baltic getting it done tonight former warrior. The champ which you Wear you down with the anchor goes to four for the shot and he's already got a tip today. Go to bar with a right hand most guys put. That particularly dry heat down with a left him for it might bring you back on the floor from our rights like those left scored through that ramp and he. Hi rods Labonte had to read a while people. Or at BP's slipped unmolested to the corner and not down a three finger with a ball throws the bar way. Out of there. Apple fall fast forward Mike Doran lakers at turtle were directed at Israeli taps. And off the right side down dribbles it goes it doubles but off the glass if you nice group likewise. But my point the way they lead by Parikh. Ball rookie out UCLA. Group Bogut street left to advance over Ingram be screened for Ingram twice in your is that up job growth over the ball kind of like the rain. He takes it three it's not that good right. All the issues that you get better in recent days. At double figures there. Fourth straight game first time in his rookie season to rant with a ball the right way. Melt them the first green get the maps from the rant stumbles it's NAFTA added now by wolf rabbi found that you've heard it to a three at depth so good to help us. That's what's up go. Score. Jordan valid way sag itself that time. Neighborhood yet another birds ball drifting through the movie but it's great it's so rightly be called global. Well wolf both now. Guarded like now to fast but inside by loose what he had fouled by three bond agreements cannot conflict. Though Bluetooth with the free throw line. After play with the lawyers after Bogut has played one time here and oracle. That was last November 29. My team. I was playing against the words not here. So after play with the work that just the wind so he's never played here before. It's the first time we played here. Whose role that it. That's been playing with the way he did play you wouldn't want you to read through. One of two who's made this jackets at this it now that I've confused you about it your vote against to get the job growth capital rebounded the the ball well ahead. At NASA over Abrams man as it would likely to have. South of where that. Lawyers ups at the sixth time that thrives on it of the balance they have double clutched massive size it's at the purple car I have to turn over and little boys who think it was tipped it that you see down. That's up boys throughout the or John Gibbons got worse giving them do. Mall dampen your design. We'll play golf. Luke Walton standing wanted all twelve globe via the state of California. It's the Baltic cruise who withdrew from the Laker bench of the vote them all global with a jumper that made the back iron fisted grip my Greek capital revamp. Straight month Whiteside to ramp Whitewater goes to town and his jumper CNN now open look for life. Rebound the truth. Food the pulls up spice things were on the ground to both the best days are behind the street given group takes the streets. This did rebounds Paul Wolfe both back to it from those baseline outplay the other day. And role for a layup down on mental breakdown there for the warriors and today it's definitely put electric. Straight month greater three white Jersey there and nobody would after the re back galloped out. Dribbles over to its Iran feeds him the right here a bounce back. No street for tops and flared up job at wide open takes it to instead of the three Vista and who's but grabbed the rebound. I was surprised you so why else would do for the ball to fall and I'm glad we'll caught nicely fights in history. Ingram gets the ball lovely. Up tapped exclude but not afraid of quiet about 48 footer glanced off the back rim though good belt patrolled the rebounds to grant. The ranch got left off the street pull off for fourteen right. Leiter thank god now find one that. So maybe we'll think we'll begin with the first school. Lakers attacked the basket to our life. After five but that goes out snap straight my great that night it exclude that started he has got and they went. Strip I was very stop asking client. McCaw the Whiteside makes good herky jerky move to the Pedro detailed fantastic guests bill. One dribble yet that over to Iran. The ramp here side's loss dropped back the belt belt would not withdraw. Got the rebound. Figure the other way back to the rant don't let the left hand wants to offload yeah. Picked up quite ready yet to throw that goes out of bounds baseline right. 98 to score. Fourteen of the shot clock what begins again uptown. Whose loved waits for the cutters call we'll go back devoted night playing world on fire Caldwell Pope to pull over correlated to have that night. Well designed play. Judging by Luke Walton. It might be a player who still boys. The racket ball to drive us back up to graduate verbal battle late bounce that fell off another double lots of good grandmother. With the rebounds balls down they get the baseline it's down about. Andrew Bogut made build tree tee shot. Something that Bogut did so well when he was here. Bad results. Lakers get the only be I want. Boy won the first two between these two club full and overtime both an ally. Ball throws to solve it outside kind of like very much. But that wonderful hook the ball they Ingram. Wait now laughter. Skip away picks it up throws down the Bogut bogus now we'll jump hook to get to air ball flight that small ball hopefully later today. Bogut got the air all walks throwing it to your rant rant Lola. Keep your mind what the time out if all goes to Thompson. Thompson back to bring in my dream my dribble drive writes I have a club like quarter like it's that magnate the year goes. Out of malice. To. The warriors. And that will be a time out with 631 ago. In the first quarter flight wired down by 3129. Be it I think you have to go through warriors radio network presented by wouldn't doubt these visual way. What. Back at oracle warriors trailed by rates well look nine. Earlier tonight that we've used in another big night for James Harden but to no avail believed was right with 63 Austin on the wing cross the Rangers definitely. Reagan in the air this dog that's not nice for things that can't build on let's take one bloody fight till 113. Rivers who appeared in the second half and a career high 35 days left. Lives even political on the clippers radio network the clippers beat the rockets flew back to back 51 point I expert. James Harden. Rich guys do that it's Kobe Bryant did it in 074 game road trip migrate it should grant the Java wonderful it looked upward. Editorial focus for the last six games has been fantastic. He is this dialed in just. Twelve elevenths will say this lovely fall back it looked to the triple throat a lot of golf I hope it's quite. The baseline. May have hit down the baseline and slam it down. Players had a pretty well look at that that and X through he stepped on his ladder to the oval with a higher than most Cubans. It's like snapped the ball make stepped over that at the Dallas stuff like play for the lawyers get it right back it's fourteen to thirteen. Out of his first night's it's that there's three of thirteen incidents ball ministries that do advance them so good tip Bible good. And it's still ram with a rebound directly out of the white way. Grand acquired left interval massive by the bills get to the gauntlet on a town that wraps it did break while he felt would be quiet big. They've got the lawyers reply to sixteen to fourteen. Your mother far away. Triples out bell pulled them off we'll have drivel the other give the ball will dance that was called wolf well. Want to move back to anchor good pressure on the golf ball the ball inside going for a guy who put away by grey spot picked up 5 o'clock pick up the warriors. But the patrolled rightful cause drifting in these bell. They'll over the drama. Whiteside two directory expert cutter might click now to go to finance played takes an outside crossover durable clay wires that jumper to a footnote. Rebound melted dissident grabbed Mike who's a who's who wants to run lead the bright side stepped down happily lost the ball turn over. Now he fouled straight month read it frustration as a result. Luke Walton. Over and complain about what you thought was a call. I listened to a news. Great Bob Greene who sit down and upgraded our good battling the flu the last couple of days he killed him. Call we'll bring it out. Rusty in the time line directly traffic. To get down to come near wigand's green for directorate. Pops out and get another screen rebel lakers switching all over the board direct crossover dribble down the lane up scope of the but yeah. Offenders. Haven't they already do that or alarm this squeeze it between two defenders and makes it 1814 game. Ball hit the streak is a free pass code that block final call but we'll all be whistled for now. So to the free throw line goes. Alonso ball he is the rookie out of UCLA. And we'll watch right now two seconds station identification on the Golden State Warriors radio network. Free throw by balls no good Nick Young comes in. And play taps and the sit down. Set it free throw fly ball off the mark ranked fifth three back. Eighteen. Fourteen warriors TD of the tabloid screen by the LTD with the dribble drove to a get now holds that tied to advance weights now. Drives our fault it's overcast you McAfee didn't think the best company goes out of bad. Poison their third first quarter turnover. From LA has four. Half court sat. Defended by the lawyers young with a ball a young regarding ball rather. It's that the Vance natively handle all sets his feet by the hash mark that the way it's not like there's no delegate map but it it is three point shot now. Mary that is to eighteen is 71. Point lead for Golden State gas we've looked to be get down he is now odds apple logo. High post to the ranch to rank catches turns and faces. Weights and looking for someone won't locked away lawyers know what to do 5 o'clock direct gotta go he's got to get three goes off at. The three good either why. And it's one we want the seventy how nice is it to have Kevin Durant with the played start to break down false that it's the same spot same shot same result. This three ball makes a one point game again what we want Wally. Lots of wall now has nine points. Right according to Dow. Down the white way Mike Brown of the talk the speaker about stuff that you get Dallas picked up the dribble feeds itself. The rookie from organs. To supply side knocked out of his hand finances and it's a time out now for LA to fifty to go the first what they want what they warriors of the one point lead. They have a ten game winning streak on the line tonight and first place in the west is now the line. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. Lawyers want want Los Angeles Wally. 250 left in the first six different players scored for LA wall leading with nine Kevin Durant who has twelve month five. Five let's. Shooting tonight for the warriors. Both teams go back to the floor. Tell you that. Way to win tonight he would win the season series and also did tell you that. And says group warriors lead the real big points 5850 halftime. We're the end with fifteen gave me chills thirteen points. And Jarrett jolt starting eleven. This first is the eighteenth at NASA by he is now. Reagan was shot clock violation of these young try to wind it down. And the lawyers not sharp coming out the town out. Ads out there will fall apart. Clarkson and Ingram so regards to boards for Luke Walton. Ball between the surface. BA going much for position LaSalle false drives not believe mrs. observers spotted off the glass plate get down a ghastly to direct the ramp down on the job takes six or download gets out goes up. And you'll shoot two. We'll Smart play at the other end by Audrey get down yet Larry Nance on his back. And he couldn't get the re about to was he did they have got a hand on it he slapped the boy advances hand. And it gets it off the glass to a team making the run it down about that. That's just a Smart one. And the free throw line to rant. First looked good eight lawyer Fred good warmup with the warriors that's right as an American Express card member. You can get into the arena extra early before the crowd you offering your American Express card to any gate. Thirty minutes before the gates open on December 23 that's tomorrow and help your team get pumped up for tip off. Against the Denver terms of law. Kevin Durant hits both free throws fully briefed Wally. Lawyers to operate. Anti post at the three point line flipped it back to Clark it's Clarkson makes with the rebels. If I alluded to jump pilot is Clarkson locks up to a jumper got it down or Lou did a great job of Clark who just can't just about daylight. That buried the jumper. When he briefly Judy is now to cast as we wait dribbles to the right side. Mix it up hats off to the right back to cast we give and go cast you'll want a floater that's an air ball because Smith was their fifth ripped it out. Rose to the right side part the rookie of Villanova six far weighs in her. Figure puts it on the deck drives not casting goes all the way around that tour. That's he would Wear them step for step with that stopped halfway to the goal. When he wore forty re definitely believe. We'll be pressured by dancing at the off the young. Young didn't rant on the far away ran double team that may slightly at now one dribble it trouble have to shoot a fade away not got off the rebuilt. Rebound the Clarkson. Clark is right side to bull back to Clarkson in rhythm of three but it's no good young with the defensive rebound. On the timeline minute due to go the cooler to ran. What's movie downstairs looney look Keith McCants does so have to go out toward the white cooler to get it. Two dribbles left him throws up after rant. The rant about NAFTA young you'll pump maker lost the ball the way up turnover can't with a to Paul Wolfe wrote that they had that that's awfully had a heart goes to the ramp. Looks like Jaffe dribble drive spin it's not can't but have enough blood there at the bill later 4544. Warriors with a seven lead TH of this quarter. The one point advantage with 44 seconds ago in the first Clarkson. Clarkson left side. Clarkson Drupal did throw the wild circuit shot good to rent with a rebound. There were it takes to debate court. Direct him down the left side about NAFTA cats be cats we have traffic get used to get that would put put this bill Daley sat up with a heart. The rebound for a job. That's me last two to have that would impeccable full. Finished wants to that these young to have to be after the first picked up through the site. Brewer checks in his first appearance sporting purple headband. To guard Kevin Durant would capture. Not most favorable thing he's ever done is create. Jump ball slapped back the Dallas not true hold at the logo with 12 differential between the two clocks both teams have found against Lowe found game. He's now at big courts with the terrible. Now the seventh the shot clock young try to get freaked him that he get down it goes right inside movie goes up but got fouled by hard. 3.2 to go. You're Nick Young do exactly what he wanted to do it. Finally drafted really got to come out that this way. Lou the issue to. Earn our cyber policy broadcast Booth other great crowd on hand here and oracle. And Lou these free throw you might have heard it. Landed a little bit hard. Off the back. At that every shot has been soft money. Free throw them soft release candidate and you'll more wiggle room around soon bouncing around a little bit. Ralph and open. Dropped so significantly. All kinds of talk about who's gonna guard who in the final 3.2 the first quarter. Looney three dribbles Fortier bull's eyes that you'll follow through. Rattles them opt out rebound back. About a bucket tough road ahead for Clarkson was escorted he had foul play it now right at the time line with what point read ago in the first again. Knowing what the situation it. Wars communicated during their free throws by a loony we have looked down to give. Andre did it in the way that that there be no chance for this dust it off. Here's bird thrown in mid tour. Lakers. That's a hit for Clarkson makes a catch IDR. I've got a piece of that. And it landed way short. At the warriors have a three point lead at the end of 147. To 24 hours technical Iraq's upcoming Roth would. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by week's done efficient way the war. What examined 44 and they'll want to go available only for a fifth down eleven bucket here. Spoiled here where do you would look at that camera tape man AF. That's that would be really concerned about if the weight to throw out of this thirty at night. There's no problem. Lead by three at the end of wiretapping game Democrat to run out to Mike because of about my thesis. Dot com. Kevin Durant with fourteen points up 5052022. Of computing and had two rebounds through my breathe. In seven minutes with three points three rebounds and two assists. Kevin Walker. Took a hit in their game tonight would force Charlotte's Corey do a great Rick Bedell who covers the hornets the Charlotte Observer. Walker was observed my position hand has reportedly did not have a concussion but they'll be reevaluated. Now. Now. Because he don't know Vick comes up. Symptoms the next day is next few hours. We hope he feels. Floyd will have a war the court like that love does your radio value of the oracle on this Friday night. Happy holidays to one at all Blake now they're monitoring today it now a young in west opened the second quarter. Young with a catch looked far away pressure by brewers really gives off the dribble in the heat out west will come all the way out to get it. Straddling the three point line hands back the young launches at three. Young football fans up there this guy. About that. Like you like that's got thirty to 44 warriors lead by 6 o'clock to one out what would last got it over the heart heart. He's done a bouncer Randall Randall bullet shattered shaft goes out throws up a wild shot there was help there rebounds and blocked it out about last touched by west of the lawyers. And LA had the ball with four point eight on the shot clock. Part would brewer Randall. Clarkson. At whose book. Who's the player got to the corners that's not great like goes up led Banco home. You're about what we're steal that examined it didn't pay office who's been made it Pittsburgh thirty to 46. He's leading scorer for the lakers. This season's. First basket of the night. Andre Iguodala. Entry pass to west the right spots Randall guarding here. West looks to make of that Lott did that very much not nasty to now over to play its authority at toughen up manner no good. Clapped out my western half of the first throws down the drain my boy it will reset he could now wobble with who's locked into a jumper off the dribble left off the program. And Clarkson gathered in the rebounds lives before a court schaeuble political nobody home look out I don't. Transition defense before that damper Golden State and it's a two point game thirty to 48 lawyers not to up. Young takes a quick shot the left side that is good. We Vicki gold. What's he gets one villain. He thinks that next desert got to go ahead. Just get that act now for the bolts pars. These random we'll be back to heart behind the street they'll reset the streets after the team they'll throw it instead of brewer who dropped the ball retreat to. Come back to the right sideline to Randall he's got one speed. That's bull rushing to basket goes out scripted now by Westin revolution to. Randall to the free throw line. Steve Kerr talked about where the warriors are at this point of the season. This is amazing given the injuries that we've had given the the journey we've been on for four years now are actually really longer four years from either. You know 67 for staff play her you know at the beginning of this Ron Davis is it's a long haul and and when you've had the success that we've had the last couple years it's pretty easy I think to let your guard down. Makes one of two wrangled ritualized excellent of this three months got a lawyer exemplary crosscourt skip the down. Johnson on the light side dribbles a part to cradled the ball and definitely it off but line. Played Townsend under control. Yet the defenders say. Weighs about 530 Fort Lee night Clarkson now we've got hit from behind uncle who fought for in my. Outlook he get what they want want was play out after playing golf would be required to have. Wiretap their largest. Of the first half an eight point advantage 47 point night that authorities want to go before half. The warriors radio network preakness my weight down because the way. The war. But clay Drake gave the warriors with 37 when he nightly with bagged 31 ago. In the second quarter fourteen to five run for the jobs over. Three minutes and sixteen seconds of clock time. Time out for a lot of sadness that over at the lakers now have the ball. Wore gold states they've by the left the floor. Fear though war. Luke Walton school. We're back and actually listen to 44 hours from now 530 to the tip back to back home back in. Earlier start time 530. In Denver Bob watts per game field. It just doesn't Randall falls down a ball squirt away Clark to get it back to the half court down the lane she's that the shot did he could play good now grabbed by three months three. Straight month. Waiting waiting stacks up looks to the right feeds to taps and circle to the right way play always movie. On the bouncy is now stripped out of bounds and not the way for him blanket TVs golf world boats and their right. Well wolf both they have brewer listed as coming back on the call wolf hope is back out there. Did you doubt you may have cost it's not good based on the dribble is throws it's out of bounds to LA it. Lawyers say the lakers to like that it now looked down a pass deflected away from the get Dallas. Will be LA ball. 37 point nine lawyers. Randall Hamlet if this works. And it. Word we'll double him down and looked it up job part the fault we'll we'll seven on the shot clock yes master random distinctively like he doesn't everyday. A week if not today. 3732. Week at the five. In nappy player who warrior paste it here. Your side Johnson Johnson waiting. It's it did relied green entry after Weston it's not the way it's going away from him partly to rappel down the left wing. He drives not three mile lead to its feet by it's called wolf what. We're at three looked at does that delves slap down and up now who pollute wolf about them over the back for the balance whose but if you. And second. And. Found most bombs and check it old today. We'd sit down on it now likely to sit down you. Average it knows that Lloyd. Andrei. And keeping short leash on his minutes tonight the well we'll. Keep out there. It's that maybe. His place for a lot green will handle left him not to look. Through the legs of the triple backed up deliberately killed over the young young one dribble entry pass to left left to block leaped back. Why can't our little. It'll catch foul shots up so good at David West for the fans like prove but to itself to the strike. Drew about green has learned he's back out there Wheeler he can't always push yourself through an injury bruises. On the spot where you have to grow up Lola. Ordered Busch Stewart would disarm its own division we go to vote for years. Pertinent to withdraw us troops are you see some. It's loaded up so long so you can have more real slow shot to get a little. Since nobody. My body it took a lot of attention. Certainly I think if you break him back you know the beauty of breaking it ceases not a bad thing last made the first missed the second. 3832. Warriors. All the far away Caldwell Pope wanted mrs. rebound drama. Straight month crossing that tort. It's a violent side wiped out one way left Stanley have rolled up program. Through my body at that Randall. Come back the other way back up west of the round if I got about. For the better and it goes back to LA and they found the thinking went off his shirt. Should be warriors ball. No game may have only that is not that is operating. Kidnapping lakers Paul Wolfe wrote in. To them on LA's way Randall faced drive goes dead dogs Nick Young. Started to take the charge that this guy out the way. Randall with a lot of that that's two points right there that should not going to LA. Like them. The that the David West west. Bodied up nightly body acquiring the west for his client got crowd. Round them Randall they've got up the door. A little bit of. Like you guys see each other at the mark of the first down with numbers now remember you from. Time now 706 to go first half golden gate forty Los Angeles birdied four. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down because she wakes up toward. Franken. Oracle's 706. To go the first half wore usually forty that 34. Speaker talked about steep that they were the guys nominated. This year for the hall of fame. I think he's kind of represented the modern. Style of play because of what Mike and Tony did with them in terms of the surrounding him with. The three point shooting that was kind of the end of the hero win and yes two big guys on the floor so you know exchange things all the sudden he got he got one big guy and then three other shooters and floral and it was the perfect time for a guy like Steve who capacities and finished with a that can shoot two. So he's in many ways do you sort of ushered in what seemed now to have them and then James Harden and others. Free throws get by David West yet found another drive evocative makes 41347. Point lead get for gold states. They flip by as many as eight Clarkson goes that slot why west loose ball and look cause couldn't security it's out of bounds to LA. No possession rules of the shot clock we'll stay at twelve. Instead of resent it. David West with a all of block there. Antsy third warrior block it the half they see the category Randall stepped out and it travels naive Chad's death. Got to the triple threat and forgot the one part of triple threat as establishing and keeping them. And that's what it. Can't move that who would. Look knowledgeable with jobs because of that size capsule upsides bit back the right here. Over the cast the only ghastly on the floor get up to up the great white got west guarded this to have Mike who's the and opt out coasted to re bond for three it's no good ball tipped it grabbed who's put down what it. Google wants to push Whiteside heart is why don't we here at triple that does not go west with the board and hands it back. The drama. Remodel the floor 4134. Downstairs Bastille. But that's the west. Let out a shout why Bart Bart shut that means is that what I have the same way that it. Good call and Randle goes down scores at the other end. Not that they've is to show that the thing play. First of all Kathy got pushed by park and then harper can't look back out west as well. Steve Perry is not happy gulp it down about 605 to go first half 4136. Lawyers lea black viva the warriors radio network. 4136. Lawyers up 5605. To go. In the first half applied. Active in the area for David West coming. Now west cast need to rant and we'll Cong. After five for Golden State they're going right to looked at your radio down there shooting at the north end of oracle. Here's half number one issue for the Laker bench have the ability to western wall in right center off. Start to sequence of the street by doubt they'll get the best. Looks Burke got a doesn't make it that now one one church lost the handle feed cats we flew it carrier passed by bell system can't speak for wolf. Loader from five and the lawyers to back up by samples. Ball high as the ride in the front scored off a moving screen by Randall matches there fat. Mean he just can reach back with these candidates Canon. Yet going backwards. That comes. Who's good personally can't forget that it. Advanced and who's put out there. The answer salute. Bottom of the same name Larry see here. Very key player in the NBA for a long time Phoenix police. You're toward available. Front court dates have been when mr. feet west west of the most now I think is way it turned flipped it out Maria properly. It rolled down. David West. Is getting a little tired of being banged around it's that he's he's doing the spanking now. Ingram on the floor for LA guarded by west takes about the baseline toward shifted over to golf wolf though with a three from the right ankle there's Nancy that's. The quiet dog was apple but the ball. Here's the random porn site Google's got whacked by Nancy Jack boot up my cubicle giving him. The fourteenth now. They will give you. Won't say exactly is it the nightclub with them accurately give him shots. Exit ramp into the free throw line. And speaking of triple Branson and learning how to use your critical warriors basketball camp hour by and there are. It's coming tired horse middle school example. January 2 through five. It's four day winter break camp session a great chance for young warrior fans ages seven to fifty special session. Filling up fast sign up to that warriors dot com slash can't you never know every now then. The surprise guest. From the warriors organization to free throws for TV. The warriors have a nine point lead that their biggest of the a fair if he is 71 ball off the screen left his feet that know what to do throws it over to anger anger drives of that Durant. With the dribble the outline its graphic had to pick it up data over to. Part of who's on the far side they take the shot and hit it the Rory. Off ballots now all was right there cat let it go at the last second because. It wasn't a very good luck. And who's going into it. He isn't impressive. 4739. Fell between the circles on the right side on the bounce to the ranch to ranch. He's back waits looks for matters nothing happening AD while what with the group. Left interval we've got lost all the way out and that was sort of found. And Ingram is down on all fours. Might have. They can hit to the midsection. He's grabbing. We'll shorts hands on hips. He is in pain is accurate drives up. So now. In between three Jews. You might have gotten hit me a little lakers. Free throws up a good program. It's. Something to be drivable. Brewer comes. And finger gets the chance to recover. Iran now with seventeen of the first to have an eighteen hits the second free for a it is. 493910. Point lead for the lawyers balls cutters called wolf hello doubles guys that dance spectacle wolf we'll. These fear pushes back on Kathy got Kathy. Backing up and the rebound loose off the open Jack goes to the ran very near the warriors called wolf well with wide open. Oh for five outside the arc west of the doubt Kathy Kathy. Look good afternoon with the fact. The basket. And the way flea bites while 5139. Definitely ball that it jammed home like whose book flying in it would be. We signed. It to get a body on who's who's got things. Here's the rant rant loads up but deep very it's a lot of ram their Jordan felt like if they had why have a doors down from the boys get it right back. 5341. We'll call will make up all the back war. Small plot that they scored well but lost to history it's going to be illegal street wild west about played it right here on fourth of turnovers. He got there were this quick is still eat it over the tap the screen that there was not enough proof malaria dance. This at this period that what he's still thrive. Any club book on it definitely goes very. Good job on the ball boy got a nice round of applause to play taps it was checked in the game at the time. It is now back if there was Beltre M call. Bill was just asked to play taps taps one he would beat his ran the light way. Now the left side goes to buckle eyes open for three. Off the back rim high in the year pulled down by ball 5341 lawyers to fit the laughed ordered operative. All looked up the race about three strides beyond this court roast Ingram was recovered the ball to advance its side it makes it. Wonderful shot off balance but it was way after it was. First virtual now. Now. Well make the most people. And that. News. Now to Italy over the limit walls trees down the court might now with a lot of pressure on him off the screen now working out now. He is that still apply now bills got it now wants to go down the lake. Take a lot but still. According ball in favor of Florida to help the little ball. Applewhite threw. War head store. Duckett handle. 5541. The lakers want to about we'll take one as well. We've dedicated Golden State Warriors radio network. 5541. Got dark out right now goldfish stuff that sort of fell. Dealers version. 232 laps. The second quarter. Well because it's time now. The lawyers hello Louis defending. Treatment is definitely feasible that the jumper and nails and another three that's his fourth of the hand. He has four for four from three. And it is now over four inside the arc 5544. For about greed of stuff. It's it to the right way to get down. Andres staff to keep supposed to streamline straight month. Left can't dribble lot of heart takes a middle turns off balance shot operate without the good cop shop for three in my grade. Or is lead by thirteen. Lot's got five points heart with a ball like side. Downstairs goes to Nancy is good position not to count them but turned to do a double team pass goes the other side to toothless beak of the middle throws out the ball good. Closed out by bale who's the pump fake takes a terrible takes a three off that mr. rebound tip my Johnson got his bell throwing at Doran. Grant Waite practically able up way. Clay left Bayside stops that pop that up and now the rim no good. Vance corralled the rebound for LA we've Ev3 seconds to go it does that it poor. Lawyers up thirteen fall lobbed thousands Nancy turns drop step throws enough though good tips of the rebound drama. As to rant was that sprawling on the before our society get now the white way. Back up to abdicate d.s deficit to a triple Israeli no good to help us. Three bounce back the Katie don't throw it that way there's Thompson makes live my step kids were Tim thank you very much. That the united 44. Jordan now get fat boy alive. Like this if they get out attempted six rebounds rebel. Ball stepped it up with a ski jumper too strong now with a rebound can't go off the green about 45 seconds to go and hand. They keep YouTube for one year direct catches goes downstairs to bill Heath why don't we hit that dot this has got to go rebounds but that's good little rock band. Now we'll try to be delivered at that he does she does go. 6144. Easier much. Easier here this after. Policy broadcast from wolf that it was shot clock 42 which is why it is try to wind that can't of that goes Greece. Acre part of my belt and they'll album warriors that I found negative so that won't. Hurt them but when it does you reset the shot clock. So it's delegating it to 41 now the words we get the ball back with maybe a second or two. And the ball throw back to anchor bill before guarded by Iran shot clock it's Dan. It lost its well into the far side. Playing with a triple down eight seconds five the shot clock comes over the right side down the street down to the shot clock goes all the way at throws a pass and get a violation. All male football cycle like that. Take your drivel led to a violation. And now they get checked the clock. Should be at one point guy you know 1 point 9 o'clock they recess bell wrote it. Rant circles in the backcourt takes two dribbles from midcourt good. Look grim note. I see David NetApp data that's coming your way that the warriors against seventeen point lead to the locker room. There wrapped up 61 though 44 Kevin Durant within eighteen point half. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network freeze why wait staff the fish away. The warriors. We've got the second half with a seventeen point Golden State lead 61 to 44 actively to outside their cyber policy broadcast Booth. And our entire group. But sordid various. Festive colors tonight. While some. Lawyers at the ball left to right they go. Through my great gift to go over to look Obama called the far side Jeff Kasten ramp loads up a three to outside it's off the program. And that it is no good to rebound goes to a life. Lakers held off for Hugh in Houston they've got off them rockets who wants to get that I love it's actually you batted away by Ingram goes out of bounds. It deepened my belt to deny that that's. You loan. While Santa will be their twelfth win of the year Boyer for their eleventh straight victory. They want ten or more. Succession it's five consecutive years or the fourth franchise to do so. KV with the ball. It's not the bell bell misses the lay up it goes in and out what Jordan built kidnapped by bucket last of the game's fault transition. Fires away at the free it's no good off the reverend could we get the rebound. You can't possibly Ingram on the far side. Apple left with a call wolf hope behind the screen for three opted out Fremont green grabbed the rebound but I did the control right. Waves look off threw for taps it zaps them upside launches in misses a jumper still 6144. He played a minute seven. Of the second half over the escorting her now drives it goes up high up that last little bit Bogut right there hurt to have. And gets his second. Chance because no way was there to get a body on him anyway today. 6146. Again. L blankets that they ran. The rant five posted through my green. Back over to see the KB for three right side that's good nor I have not sit down and the lawyers pushed the lead to eighteen. The bounce who's with us for Ingram why can't verbal holds adopted downstairs hall will hold. Fractured viable cost almost pulled crossover dribble goes up over fell. Can't find the range to migrate my grab my macaw macaw transition of whites like JD makes it all the way it looked over attempts at least nobody fires off. Where pocket. At the lawyers have all put down but more importantly that the lakers wanted to find out. 6746. Like to have a valid board he points. The lawyers believe that the Golden State Warriors radio network breach why wait staff efficient way warrior. Two minutes of one sack get it through the second half. And warriors lead by one wants 67 to 46 by the way up from Portland to Denver Nuggets will see out here tomorrow 98 to 530 start. The picked up back to back for both feet. Never playing at Portland. Never has sixty points. In the hate. Sixty in the bullets. Portland tonight. 9375. Deborah would briefly seven to go there. And both those teams started the night would wreck the sixtieth fifty. LA with a ball. They're going at the basket to our left. Paul makes them family dishes up shop called wolf we'll drive family goes up Medicaid shouted still got the ball well directed and great level bowl there. But really tough shot called willful. 6748. PP. To apple logo picked applicable Walt good night Michael Wolff also goes out of that. Very crisp afternoon. There. Rant about the put down the dribble. She felt like devil lake goes out and power is layup but it'll work whose who got a hand out the shot. Bill it still able to get it done Jordan down with twelve points and eight rebounds in the plus nineteen. Plus plus we have a time out acre fumbled the ball in the right here in the over. 6948. Lawyers. Remind greed get the ball back with you over the randomly about sliding down the right way calls not a life get the ball to ramp middle school. Iran is looking looking and waiting my job to stop the flights. Dribble toward the baseline got off to get the backup staffers Iran. Ran down crosscourt skipped over the very much jumped after the fact rebel one basket they got through Michael Woolfolk was how little people might remind. Everybody really. Russert did he knew we had a chance there. Home early in the bars side by Edgar ball that good to see Bogut back and oracle. Baltic Sea about. Well it was a screen inside his free agent Leon season. Planes lesson of the game of Alford plea the last alternative to anchor who got album they can't quite ram. And the inside out towards LA. There rant that too dispersed now. Second team found. Low free throw Lowe found games sixteen. Seventies for coastal. Digger to Bogut back bigger threat get a running start come up my bills list. Bigger most of the 101. Runs at about battling over double team to the trouble trouble waiting knocked away fell on the bright white that very much takes have been allowed to camp floater go. I'm very. Shows that are bad for the LA dead beat them by itself they want 48. They get clear that I for Golden State's double or triple the baseline road to snuff out the vote. Focus Ingram was wide open didn't choose whose legacy goes wild library about political wolf wolf loose. Now by Townsend on a collision. Could be shots for Caldwell Pope not Opel to a mutual situation right now. And I think that give them a DY. And cannot leave the state of California. In fact we are told what those who tell the lakers severity Mata it's here. In his left side. And you'll. Yet they get. Right to review line they were little. Breaks out there yet to Wear it all the time. And we'll look to the curriculum so he he actually he had his day. It's Southern California with the lakers went to Houston. And they gave up. Yesterday to the teeth rant by itself. Still that's not a doubt Michael Wolf we'll put this deal leads whose book on the breakaway go to a plot five. That's jab at Tampa there's a foul ball. They're old battles whose movements of the free throw line. Ford stations and an ID so let's get through that ten seconds. The Golden State Warriors radio network. First recruit good for Kouzmanoff. 21 point wore your lead they kind of opened it up here. Started to toward the end of the second quarter. Ticket free throw good. Who's what has to appointee of the third. Los Angeles players double figures. Grant waits in the wings beat the bell fell dribbles to the foul line. Right side that Johnson Johnson wage bill screens off the street quick release off the front rim off at last look good truthful holds a rebound high. And wait for traffic is clear now we'll bring it up. It's a move cross over left can't stop rotates the ball ball waist drives not Klay Thompson goes up but that's back to vote down the river good. Night's drawing kick my. Lots of ball. It's 7153. And as a brother played overseas. Debated and playing for the US dollar UCLA but now playing in Lithuania have walked like very much grief goes out of them. Ingram deflected there clearly have to travel overseas. I'm so I should. I applaud. The rebels drove it. We hope that it worked out for them. Lucy story of the ball left can't dribble downstairs the belt wide open well I can't slam court bell. 7353. For those who made owners get out of the tree by the all the publicity around. That has not been themselves due to a jump hook up good turn left over after you're writing. Every year there's a couple of guys to. Come up with a drafted and people were surprised at just how good we are we've got two of them on the mortgage that I could move for the lakers to bail for the lawyers. Both a double figures that time out for Golden State 7355632. To golf is the third corner. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network breach at the byways and staff these situations. The war. Jordan bell fourteen points nine rebounds fell seven of the eleventh before he has a plus sixty. Now who's who would twelve points four of eight before he got nine rebounds. Crews right now as a minus sixteen for those two essentially been playing against each other. All night long believe it's AT 7355. Plus mine is discovered tricky thing this to gauge if they keep. When you get enough games played I think he waited with certain combinations. If you weighed against the the standard on your team. On the team you play for. Didn't actually go night in night out with the ramp with the wall by the golden years psychologically to out. Johnson left yet durable gets to the paid double by took off won't shoot 5 o'clock bell at the foul line ball they gobbled it drives up Bogut right hander. No good a whistle and tibia foul. I'm voted out to break for the warriors are point nine on the shot clock. And your mom was attempting a tip of the far side. Toward bill heads to the free throw line for two. They'll talk about how he learned he hadn't done I think this through. Look for us we're the dump it off. Our conference's. Story of America's enemies harmful. All those numbers. Clearly the cap reasons were second recruit good. What it slightly for the lawyers 75 defeat by the score spelled out what a career high tying sixteen. Fall off the screen goes right size accept guarded by doing it feeds that group. He's checked album gone shoots over the top of the mystic falls shipped out by bail at Townsend got. Thompson played today at court chest pass over to the ranch in rhythm for three atop the rim and we'll do what the rebound. On the deck the ball ball with they had those to call wolf smokes gets in the Sagal I would want dribble pass the ball gets it back spin luckily Townsend nice move. Won't shoot out the ball stepped around Fremont down the laid off another and a whistle it's going to be a blocking now. And Jordan bell. Ball with a summary solved as he goes over the top of bell and it goes down. Now. Shaken up a little bit. All that's the free throw line issue to. All toughness of up to the point guards he looked to when he was growing yeah we're a little bit. Obviously. Plus plus plus. So many guys that are you know do rod then. Of course model my game after you know on my side and get rebounds you know final yards always but if that's your best work handed something you. Well that's a double double sixteen points ten rebounds he goes to the bad she's got four fouls above looting replaces him free throw a no good Jews but had a hand on Everett who they might get Dow up and picked up the album off. Remind greens sitting down as well Andre gets it up now for McCaw lob to direct got a viable with back. Two double skip past old by Caldwell Pope Paul Wolfe both on the go family left can't finish. 7558. Wall making one or two from the stripe. Caught comes little. These levee at the high post to turn and face guarded by Randall who's in now Thompson gets it he's guarded by Randall. And now announced it will feed loony but cutters to ramp off balance to a bad angle goes up though good and the rebound kicked out goes over the coos we'll move those gavel away then scored with a right hand. But. Speaker looked down out. The lead with with wants 23 is now fifteen. 75 to sixty will take the break going to be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network. 447. Left in the third quarter. Angle to the lead of 75 is sixties. Speaker calling it time after a run by LA which was twelve awards it three minutes and 21 seconds. That was following a warrior when he free flow of. So fifteen point lead for the warriors. Looney and eat it Dallas. And without the way up. Andre Iguodala clicked after taps off the street got little. Takes it right out of Randle those art goes to base that puts up a break Buffett built nowhere to go throw that up after the race. This job I Randall this thing you know his feet. Periods drag crossover spin hanky acquired from candidates down the program it rolled around fielder dropped through. The lakers defended that really well but given the ranch Kevin Durant. 77 to sixty. Randall gets his back to the basket they doubled on the catch it's time Randall crafted dribble out of it does surveying her. Near wing anger. Cut off by young they took away the drive with a right here. Now we have got to lay left bumps in the young head Bob was a little fast. I'm very good now suggests to. Scott to rescue that that call to be made them every single drive. For awhile ago earlier in the third. Don't forget tomorrow night five. Thirty. With the tip 5 o'clock for game showed talent it's an odd that they receive before. Home home back to back weekly loves to play for hours on a consistent basis of words that a number of times this year second free throw by. It was just. 7760. To a that we get a real early start time my Christmas Day twelve noon 1130 with a pregame show. What he's up fifteen again they led by as many as 43 looney takes to the right wing and feeds to grant the post rank him middle shoots over ball goes down. And draft picks himself up rebound lowly took it away looting would it. He figured out fresh clock for Golden State. I've read on the near side gets up to Africa rant rant while waiting now holding shot clock gets out of thirteen feet to get dally it now NASA ill advised. Who's but with the state. Who's with Dixon up the left sideline. It's an over Randall now back to Guzman he goes baseline lead back to whistle a crown. Kevin Durant call for the found the lakers are slowly surely willing their way. Back within striking distance here. Walton talked about who's good. Good apps you for the lakers to close games would. It's part of the challenge you today you know. God a team full of guys all play well trying to figure out which one insulin. Who's obviously gives us the an offensive threats about force brought Kuwaiti Super Bowl making big plays he's always in Nextel series. Who's the missed the first free throws second one is good. That's 7763. Re setting the lawyer lineup to ramp looney Iguodala cast he's now along with the chaos. Iran with 315 to go on the court. We'll keep reloading. Feeds on the left that post writes that left at triple takes advantage of the Bayside it was the last of the foul lobbed a ball call for bush. That'll be three. First round. I'll ball second on the team. Rant to get down he makes a quick move on whose book goes up and it rejected whose role with a slot pick who would come away with a who's what five call wolf both fired the three no good that you will rebound. Young going the other way. Takes it won't make it over the without giving go not to reply whose book Ingram stepped. Around alluded to get the ball bigger wiped out a little pulls up growth over the toothless step back off the dribble worry is good. My goodness. And here comes loss they have to have them with big ones after the warriors led by 43 at eighteen to six run. More LA is now. Dion. Tawdry little pool. Feed them about the aftermath rant about the way Randall saved it over the far away if you put three want lob ball directed the ball up but they have. It's 7768. Steep curve that play. Four straight turnovers for Golden State. Durant. The middle on Ingram. Off the durable goods big steps in the jab good enough now. Boy the boy is being that the worst way. Kevin Durant working hard to get that show off. Lakers period. Alex Caruso. It's now walloped an accident in them undrafted rookie 2016. Late last few of the Oklahoma City who. But. Then those that he would recruit good reports like twelve point lead eighty to 68. Bruce Willis. Man city fans Premier League action whose district drive by young walk them down booty get down like a pretty wide. Nicely done that down. We'll be better breaks the lawyers who have with victory on the sidelines. Whose wild one goes in gets bumped by young what's who have found. And the foul call from the. Lopsided early now would. Almost dead even fourteen I Goldstein thirteen lawsuits. It was started to get up for the way your bed and sat down. If you were. Sad is that women used to the other night he didn't despite it's 616 free throw. Didn't have Kabul well who's their third. Appearance and book wolf that. Outshot the rockets and outplayed them horses when seven to 191000. Nicely for the twelfth. Two free throws Giffords who's moved. We now have the one he had ten game young. It's an overloading data ghastly ghastly to verbal back over to KD KV left baseline gets off like Guzman though golf. Shot off career rebound goes to ramp up. Who were re routed them that there will be done little drive simple rush's basket blocked listened to be a jump ball leapt out of my. What's Randall start going down hill. He is not going to be denied Philly to post about the bucket. WellPoint the quarter for food before LA twelve point warrior Lee. Mutual rearranging the people around the free throw line that it's not from the backcourt by Randall on the tip of the jump ball will be in LA has. Whose looks could kill right now if this list guard violently. Stepped around movie passes to Randle ran affiliate traffic goes up blocked by Jeffrey Rangel wants to go again. Loose ball picked up by god denied by ball it goes got a good shot. Violate. The lakers work. Some of the plot that may be needed to get shot up. And they'd never hit the rim. Rant went up but denied it in bigger. The ball never got to derivatives to young began to Matthew Clark studied it now. Popular. Chant warriors actually grew. Were too nasty to greens were able to the right hand kind of like rooted downstairs and he fumbled the pass Terry did you fit. Read the 1480 for the seventy final 47 point. All of the third. It proved that time line. Also play. Joseph Stafford put on the breaks wily. Old warriors logo. State of California this dock of the bay area of the workers moved block lettering it would come left out of my big you know. Pulls up but takes that jumper over with three and knocked it down. Three seconds of the shot about five point nine gave blocked out directly down the right side goes to the way takes a three off the dribble. I am at camp and the lawyers will have to be satisfied with a twelve point lead to start the fourth quarter. Offset is making a push fully scored thirteen to eight minutes and eight seconds. And the warriors try to close out their eleventh consecutive victory the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by woods got the official wings. All of the wars. And the bridge step your game never brought you back about Mike speak to go to bound flights before it died down. 8472. Warriors. Who's cool it's Wally. Poorly to ten rebounds we'll Santas to pace there at ten. Wall has 1512. Of those from three point shots is 45. Outside the arc and one of six inside. He won't put words Kevin Durant police deployed in successfully captured fourteen. Gordon Bell sixteen points and ten rebounds as sixteenth. He career high tying 64. All parties. Well Mike the pizza. Game summary. And elsewhere red devils who are different from how much it's time now for reflection to. To get a lawyer tried to where you feel like it's immediate relatively TI MRY. Yi and we sat down. The question that I Wear and how are you listening we always were low and also what's love to hear how they plan. If you have left to do. For the holidays. Through my free will pick up full court I whose. You were getting ready to throw the ball and avoid going left to right here in the second half on your radio down. In the backcourt Clark to get them over the Caruso. Ruth fill up the floor. And the truth. Who's good. We'll look for part picked up the dribble goes back Russo Russo. I'm left her Renee writes I shoot the shot clock Khatsava got to go back to Padre about takes about thirty quarter to they're going out about. Good defense while the warriors. Russo mark Randall. Clarkson and the whose mood for LA get ballots cast the announces green and last for the warriors Thompson catches like yet. Drew my guard Mike Russo nasty nasty deflected away turnover. That is number thirteen out Golden State in transition driving yet there's hardly let him go he missed the layup put nobody blocks out Randall. And he'd get that it. But. You know a couple of different levels. He used to add to the warriors 8474. Gasping. Lobbed down. The three months. Out of west western allied jumper that short. Whose boat pulls it off the rim hands Russo Russo back because we'll. Who put to the right side. What's Randall downstairs dog instead that Clarkson over the gruesome horrible draft throws up Taft who's looked aides to a three and knocked it down. And believe me is single digits. 8477. The warriors now have work to do here in the fourth quarter. In the front did that go back to back David questionable. But now she's downstairs to remind the gutter west why don't put your hands on. Landlords Russo got caught but it may get Dallas very. Nobody sweat. 8677. The schools. Drew two picks up the dribble hand off to. Food was terrible. So Randle Randle shows the ball west back to whose was whose without scruples in back shortcut through saw handoff rattled blocked my grandmother was sort of foul. Now is Audrey why agreed. Article this week it if you would about scheme about him. The tension between officials and and players in the NBA who got a lot of rejection plot technicals. So far. Figure out a way to communicate better between the two sides Randall. It's the first and hit the second is 8679. Warriors lead by salmon it. It's controlled the game with almost exactly the way easily. First two games down in LA both went to overtime. He get down bill before roasted Thompson tops of the west west pollsters wait stallion that was so. So that was happening in the paint that did not look right. Clark who look now. Cast we try to make it cut. He was hailed the. First deep now on LA wants gold senior backward very much greed get the job. Turns inciting it now overplayed by heart the way trying to force the ball in whose club to break goes over the left handed over spray bottle. You leave the above the right side of her about that hey. And I hope will be a way but he left but left to the vet today that the 8681. Actually shaft Mike who believe this valley of the Wasilla and now tonight whose room for a whole. There are no excuse me get yet remote place. Whose work turned his body his dream I was there. Made it beautiful left him banks out on the break. That looked like a foul watching you re likely tabs in the far hash marks wasted west trends of the screen but. He could practice mr. Russo was holding. His first and LA quickly with three teams down that's good news for the boys have been achieved for it goes very well play. He's now wants to get through the play lined up correctly of this Nightline Alabama he's on the Palestinian side that they floated up to up to west. Left her hands off to clay clay guarded by Randall facts upbeat west west. Now with a quick go over why can't flip those. We've battled hard but you want that she gave your heart goes all the way at strip 33. Before I let my drive not to let go well I guess. About a five points where life there or usually by seven. Clark who stopped to slap the job for a couple of good hits you right back for LA. 8883848. To go. He is now coming through. Looking unbelievable degree by degree. Revive growth path is right there Randall road. Lakers are not enough to warriors route to 552. Inside fight for the trouble Leila was saved by this hour it's off of library out of I've. Graded out of the block that bring about a with the Andre. Who flocked to the way. Those out of bounds and it will be LA ball. Paul Wolfe poke check back here. Or is at nine turnovers in the second half that I have their 1514. Points actually give the trouble. Versa. Waiting holdings rose Clark to get to open fifteen footer those good in the rebound goes to west. Let's agree or not getting any break doing here. With were left side township township for a jumper will be accepted through my equipment a minute ago rebound well wolf wolf there's little doubt the lake goes up and down. Those travel call vaults them back up to optical wolf hopefully. Eight victory. If that two point game with 805 they go. 8886. Green up the floor. Those inside her west off the fingertips it's Alabama. Apparently Los Angeles that's a few more fans did salmon we see blessed that we were all these people laughed at me. But they must go to I had. 8086. Lakers have the ball Clarkson who ran the Randall Dow takes it he really had not played well. 8988. Eight lead stage of the game of the first ones as a first down plays down to the white way. Bill. Out there lakers in the two words that you they're all over the floor right now Nick Young lives live look at the blocking problems. All you want an explanation. A boy will give it to him yet Russo got there late. When Leon was gathered aid going in. He slid over at the last second. And tried to make for good play. Luke Walton has words for for some money. Look over the Randy everybody agreed to sit down get down off checks out the book autopsy young to rant in west. Was seven point six ago. Young's free throw good. Way back out now down 9189. We've got double game here or pool. 41 that warmly. At the world war like you. We'll have a lot. Hands off the court to Clarkson family couple people who put away from I've got you to operate the rides Michael Woolfolk a definite goal didn't like her. Two points were both. And warriors lead by four. That's the kind of aggression the lawyers we'll see looking on hand to his first play of the game. He's like what they want better. Will it take to reach out. McCaw has set them I didn't think he goes with Cuba. The satellite parts of their Randall Randall. Reports on west. Think that the fleet is he could fly like Iraq Iran. It lost the ball not a fan of the effective tax but I think he's got the plot was good that security Oakley jam the figures well. I'm out. 656 ago we've got to give an oracle lawyers that he really wants it is like you're 89 of the defending champ beat Golden State Warriors radio network. Greek debt by woods down because the way toward. Trevor from the 650 cent Brooklyn while watching in the UT game. Good broadcast thank you for that. It was for the life can't put teams away. We have a a big lead especially with a back to back it beyond what most say you going to now that they are not at that point just yet this year. It's been that way. Years go by. And boy what. It's to the microphone cable from what baseline out the way down the shot clock four wheel fans the they have the ball. 656 to go to game warriors up 93 united led by 23. Ball left quarter call wolf wolf it's attempted three good defense outlasted south over the that thwarted it won't be supporting beams were shot clock for the cameras there and it's out of bounds. It because when David West roaches next more quickly. Young had direct communique is young we'll take the ball put it in the this play and takes it possibly to extract the last two dribbles to what's gone through the corner looks the basket he derail the lifetime TV. Lady that matters taps and they'll turn it over Randle missed it rebounds Clarkson Clarkson almost stumble with a dribble to the front portable Whiteside. We're Clarkson battle all too often that handle it gets inside fueled by Durant. At the ranch golfer found. Wendell and direct got hooked up Randle helped to walk. Around on TV. That is the second team found on the way your second personal wandering. Ingram it's possible only him holding on the far away flopped a random. Turns it faces one dribble takes a story itself and those good. How long rebound deflected away from parts of climate talks with Iran falls down of these tripping over Clarkson and Clark he gets golfer now for being in the wrong spot want to. And LA is over the limits of the final 619. Of the game the lawyers will be shooting free throw. Old stay with the way it could take over first place in the west. You have to wonder what the rockets is that they went fourteen in a row lost one game of the night in all the suddenly and a happy in the. You're 25. And six to live for free. Game at Portland is now done Denver with a seventeen point way. They're seventeen and fifteen I'd say that those spots ward. Eight in the west from 58 that's going to be. Back and forth all year long set to recruit to rant here. 9489. Lawyers not done. 613 left ball back to the gate guarded by McCall ball leave his feet after live Randall wonderful. He tells birds I'm left without the ball in the shot clock double team captain collectively don't get it up but the other night moved down related story. Roy played very good defense for about twenty seconds. Then Randle led to play the shot clock winding down. The 3.4 usually went to the law. Over the young. You could beat west of life. West right can't dribble get double fisted over the gobbled car picked it right down Broadway play. Thanks bad. But what's wrong. 96 annual. Way to go one way the ball falls good die young little did go to our fans on the river water around it rapper. Not shot. On a lot of English down it. As young made him shoot we're very bad angle. 9693. Paul has seventy. West great basketball locker Wasilla foul called wolf wolf called the virtual you can't believe. That's the global car collided shoot two. After because. It's the free throw line. He attributed his recent struggles and this conversation. For me I tried the game completely as so I found myself over thinking things sometimes as a player. They'll be young I think there's the biggest thing about right now about the but I think once I start the know find that balance of between you know play in my game and also they can gain find that balance between the two figures on you know. In the long run. He makes one of two from the free throw line does that what blotted it out. And 9793. Warriors did Zach five minutes ago. Com wolf pulled down the lane off valves loader on the back we have rabbit like kestre. It was worth going rabbit. They're ramps down there way KP scripting Whiteside pulls up for a jumper to put. Randall at eight rewards care if they were going to sweat it maybe wasn't here he was getting the straight. To let them has really done that the united 93. Loosely goes baseline and go to revert to. Crowd happy and no weak side help there for the warriors. Who's we've got 27 points. Less. Flights. She doubled up to who ran the ran back to west west downstairs because there was nothing to give up that last lap of the last wild west can't be gobbled up that's. Go to Atlanta Ohio every year the rebound. Randall both kids over the bowl. Wolf let this be finding out crossover dribble travels local goes up just a bad shot at that. 9997. Who ran down there way. 345. To go warriors took two years maybe between the circles. Fractured by Edgar. Drop the crowd that's guarded by Randall west will go away to Red Bulls up but that story at nose. At the rebound accused not great possession for the lawyers who know passing of that event. Think he'd get his staff here whose book. What can I captain down the lane strip all of those two Randle Randle its traffic in trouble blocked by Kathy back. Rueful the last dedicate the navy will push up the floor traffic is goes up but at whistle again deflected out of math or if we'll get it back with the team Q. We'd love to go now wholesale substitutions the warriors bill rate was read. Played taps at all no man. This win streak for the way for them AC. When you consider how many different calculations the warriors have the use of any particular time. Culminating in. Who went two nights ago over Memphis. They are down there taps were ball handlers. And loss and what the time out. 312 to go lawyers who have 82 point lead they had a 43 point advantage at one point but now. It's right down the wire against LA on the Golden State Warriors radio network. Three get a bye wing staff the official way toward. We'll warriors right now. In that dog violent loss at just 9997. Of the young the lakers. There are expectations. We'll be in the right spot buffalo refuse to watch out but we've up like 43. And corn belt check out the fourth row the third quarter orders were up nineteen them back down. There up to. And they'll throw the ball as. They slide right. Off flashes nears I cut through town of flashes. Here comes Kevin there ran up to apple wrote a chapter rant with a yet. Rant left can't dribble over the Dre Montrae bundled with the wall fired now he will look to Korea's short freak out that'd be your Vical will most likely toothless. And lost six could dire takes the lead here. 99. To 97. Balls fly away whose book off the dribble the job for those. Good rebound the ran ran wants to take you up to rant might spell sliding baseline white. Jordan bill blew up the coach swat team would wipe the floor again gathered quickly escalated they have. Wednesday backed up by four. Ball drives it now goes up one at bat away not to play ball good backside rebound MacLeod got the break my grade three up the floor was little blocking valve. Put your above the free throw line with 248 to go with John Caldwell Pope. Diplomas padding his chances there. Think it toward bill goes throughout his NBA career he's got to find out that. He runs the for a ticket to easy bucket. It's. History but green. First free throw on the way down close to 97. Wanted to apply. At one lead change the second at Philly to delete briefly. Had a couple of other opportunities to do so the second recruit good for grandma. 103 Maggie salad. All look far away. Right field goal redesigned the golf won't go we'll Jarrett who acquired the job we're definitely felt wolf wolf if you have to wait out rebound dribbled out the play but double breaker. Lawyers jab at about score quick fix. And they lead by April 5 diving seven of the defending champ beat Golden State Warriors radio network. Reads the Bible when I doubt if they feel wings of the war. Illegal say lawyers to wait tonight they go to the capital Lester got efforts Danny to play six in six. Houston Rockets have been there throughout the the season would there incredible started hats off to them. The voice to do it with a all these injuries. He announced a period. Iran missed a few games early on that shows you how deep this team is now the time out or fix them anyway because cut them off now top part of what drew my approach to Randall back the ball. Paul drive summary about that during my stop is to figure out the ball he felt but for Corey it's not the way it goes. We're defense sucked in and lobbed a ball now that's 42 points and that's his fifth three of the night. The coffee through my grade. Drama outside lap pass to bounce back toward the that's good fly notoriously 1072100. Minute forty to go ball fluff over triple bill. Lot inside the Randall Randall indeed this graphically this feat that not everything your wife gavel aide and another easy bucket for LA. 107102. Well golf brings it up. Crosses the court speed straight month very much sealed off to put down the lane. Stupid who felt good luck yet if no good rebound batted away a drop of more fabulous and it can be warrior volatile fresh clock with a way to go. Not a bad look quite brave mind. Be Fremont the petroleum. Who stepped Perry's job here a month of march at the basket to our right drama all the way to. Waiting looking nobody gets open finally bill the safety doubt gets an up down handoff direct grounded fly ball ball swiping at it. Once twice. Seventy in the shot clock now won't leave you ran for Randall. Iran pulls up off the dribble jumper top of the key in and out rebound goes to people who wants to bring up the floor drive. Circles outside I would remind approached him and gets it over being very economical lowers his head down the lake goes out but it's not the way you have got. Limited offensive rebound. Avoid this Selig got fouled by Paul who's going to give his blood bigs and durable good attitude great room. If that's not gulf of it to bang bang play in everybody's hustling. I think what we call was it to ram would that you would of fallen down on his own. Our group would from behind. It's simply be effective the balance of Kevin ring. Used to rant distract. Recruit good. 108102. Grant got a thirty point gave the I was seven rebounds and seven assists. And only one that turn over. Where is turned over sixteen times results before they report second recruit here. 10910250. Seconds to go. Lawyers up seventh hole through the front court ball leave his feet five mile wolf wolf block what Mike Thompson Randall got a capitalist circles you'll dribble. I don't get that back. Play during. Was the that was my miracle. Rim let's go back to. Whoever blocks of the night for Golden State there was a fallible for the last. Attempt. It's too loud in here to get the events welterweight for the word monitors Kevin Durant his second. Randall gets the first. 109103. Second recruit good five point game Randall's not a good night. Have been a positive impact for the lakers we want and derail the backcourt double team pulled to the book on governor sidelined the clay Thompson. Thirty seconds to go play picks up his dribble the telcos crosscourt that grandmother who try to rally in the navy. With 46 point that he killed Caldwell Pope. Smart player who was. Instructed thrown the lakers coaching staff and he did his job very much green to distract. He has made both of his free throws. Tonight. This first game back of that sore right shoulder slide when it. 76%. Each year from the free throw line for drama. Six point lead with 26 point nine McGill. Lakers are out of timeouts but they can't. Gather it's not what we will dissect it recruit good warriors up seven ball which drive goes in and they let him go only scores very much treated fairly quickly. Now after the ran in the corner he's bumped illegally by Randle. Threw in my want to get the ball and quickly 111 2106. Remind Ricans overeat you like to do the way it was lakers in the answer we'll chat with Luke Walton they are good friends. Walton was his coach. I think you're about see why you felt me but the so now wolf that drew mud going. Good basically back to fourth. We'll too great relationship. It's time for the lawyers free throw by Kevin Durant. Makes you want to well below sixty at the lakers credit they made the words were really hard in this and still battle over we will point five Miguel. But for free throws is good here by Iran makes it awfully tough grueling 113 10611. Point five life. Who's been down and yourself dribbles I agree leases bizcast batted in the air. Might revive the bill that's now. Great luxury we'll break it up lawyers won't have to do anything since taking profits now a lot of the lakers won't found and they won't get the final word in and. And now Luke Walton wanted to Jordan bell above self thing. That's sold out. The final score and we want thirteen to 106. World. They had ticket to a belt so obviously it was one. Issued in the friendship. Had kids to be coaching staff and the players at the word wolf what the season series yet again against Lou lost that this lakers. They're down have won the first three games in the series yet.