Warriors Replay vs Hornets 12-6-17

Warriors Replay
Wednesday, December 6th

In case you missed the Warriors 101-87 victory against the Hornets, check out the Warriors Replay! 


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Charlotte hornets with a record of the night at first either 83 years sometimes they're wearing their heel uniform who Dwight Howard Marvin Williams Michael Keith Gilchrist that. That but two would Kemba Walker. Public gets Kevin Durant Jordan's builds us up to get flights out and went to a fault but it just goes to the doubts of his chilly with a handle the Durant takes those behind the street for three missed that and the rebound the kid Gilchrist. When it snapped a four game losing streak with a win against Orlando two nights ago walker. Pete Williams sister over the Howard Howard of the truly old foes Howard's kids out of dropped him off balance wipe it off the last couple they'll rebound deflected and its plant that's my Marvin Williams. Howard and Williams with Julia it won't play for the Atlanta Hawks one. Time another. Led to a just eligible like download it to middle of the floor count Asta L they'll turn to wait for plates out the cash to acquire. Right side triple off the program off the glass and snatched by walking. Walker down before away. Comes to the middle floor. To the foul line. Line now to cut down only the runner by Marvin Williams a short nobody scored your the first minute of play now with the rebound for the warriors and the rookie Morgan State and it gets the ball tapped to direct flights I think to a politically taps. It's a terrible thieves out of them like that's true that's just like that I'm about to play with him getting handed there. He deflected away. We are at zero and zero. Mike Allen ending Piccard and CJ Washington Prius issues like talent better officials hailed the Philadelphia area. Want your kids what you start by directing a lot but for Williams guard Mike Cook. Past the far side goes to kick Gilchrist just out with two shot clock with seven of walker again back downstairs the Williams. Apple to want her dribbles dabble late fumble that lost it close enough they'll do it with Juliet clears the rebound got to keep the south massive traffic itself captain Thompson leaves open it read about Kerry's flip triple. In the background when he is warrior fans here at Charlotte. So maybe jury fans who have become bored and it. He then that's it made a lot of new gold at ground Williams left wing downstairs but to back to the basket shoots over plates now sits outside in and out there rant got the rebound. But. Ran to the flyweight class sport that's still about walker my whole turnover leads to a breakaway layup for walker. Read to the store that cross court pass you'd better have some zip on it. Yeah that there never played out with. To tell middle left side those who wait for the way he pops up once that the key. Over the top cast to cook who drives why walker goes through first block. Why Howard can't golf Thompson in the quarters with retreated it's no good as that was believed to have not away from him live it up why walker is the final four fell pulled down over the William. With a jumper that's the good tips doubt rabbis outside. For the match but if the ankle break your adulthood Johnson. Holds up well for the streets and goes to cook but why exactly who ran directly aren't likely to shot clock gets to keep these white wings to get tested but never. Think that it's gone up by 52 warriors who. When it come against Warren won't fly giving up 106. Walker's double bass deflected off the hands of our right to the two drives. Laughter powered inside and found that the tax. Hornets are playing fast through their paces it won't walk one point one that hit the links. Profits of rating is down we'll four point one that's for 100 possessions defense of rating and 104.3. Just want your privilege a lot for Howard and Howard grabbed it and Hank sitting at long Ryan. Howard took his time didn't curry it was not that there. Supply corps school. What he's unbelievable terrain with a veteran cast to Belmont and announced. I'm Marvin leads. All time series between these two teams 47 at 27 the warriors have won the last six. Cook the ball to uptown handoff to cook. Exit middle between the circles clients to Randy thought would love side come away and he slides home up three point shot. CD as. All eight point 6000000005. Of the eight. For the words after the the other three Howard at the box cutter inside layup back towards Marvin Williams who gets a bucket at say the six points. We did some good. From the weak side to land the ball middle of what goes to the left which. Thompson catches dribbles off the street apple Fries cooked the coal fired up stick to dribble take to do program off the glass smoke good. Howard the walker. Walker penetrate cyclist throws and outside to the to resolve would for a three and he says that. To grant got the rebound. Hornets are three of died from the field. Took to the front cool. Seats to win. Ran now look what you're slow to react to grant one on one but two victims of the screen shot clock that. Threes or to left the whistle and it's time outs tinker with to talk it over. Did like dance that. Seventy Wally died eagle for a score lawyers eight point six somebody pathetic Chevy Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down because you wings. Oh the warriors. Lawyers and the hornets would. Seven's warning not to go in the first quarter. Kurtz of the curry had treat that as bad as it could have been but. We'll try to get that sound bites you is to answer. Minutes. Words out of town outside as a Pachulia had that shoulder look at during the break his shoulders bothering him as the white shoulder and he went to the locker room. We're not that we'll try to get them since we can't. Butler cabin walls failed ideas jacket LP attempts at drilling rights act carried the white elbow jumper at the time out. Well won't play for the warriors. Ten to six the score walker with a ball. He towered up Jaffe Kidd Gilchrist now the Williams now back with a walker walker terminates admirable feat but to. But tube off the street by Barbara Williams against which all goes to Howard you drive on the east into it all fake drop step. Dishes off the Kidd Gilchrist and that jumpers suffered yet I'm a few all of it. A jumper it's have a set Shia they've knocked it down either way. Instead they ran off the street to our website rotates over to cook took won't shoot free to back up top the tops tops of the Woodrow. Waiting left side goes all the way the paint blobs to McKee with a kept quiet Belfast basket dribble drive by cook back over to know that particular goes out. It's. But settled action by Dan Nelson shot created must be taken. Case there. When the chance to realize that these before giving an open gigantic deficit goes all the we have slow motion move to get right to make you need to get that badly here but from bell. On the white legs. Who will survey the floor feeds direct guarded by walker they jobless took up top easel for the launches a three it's not a waste no good. Read about the Williams. These Kidd Gilchrist dampened your sidelines. It Gilchrist those white base like them to the other side quick release other reverse layup nicely done and beat the key to the punch there that ties the game at ten. Answer halfway point the first quarter McKie the ball in the curried goat drink my green. They'll both go on maybe they'll put to eat tonight he's going to the locker room. Klay Thompson started by Williams on the bounce to the ranch Brandeis who left side double fines cookies open right side refer to look back. Hacked it down because there's been lighting it up down at Santa Cruz and he buried once there they get thirteen to ten. It's kind of take a little of the pressure off as quickly getting that jumper there's walker goes with a layup though good rebound Howard Foote back is good. Opted so we're not put a body at Dwight Howard. Howard with a look back to ramp drives up power goes off balance of the truth lots of foul of it and it's rant that you free throws. Quick decisive move by Kevin Durant. Let's go back and that. Listen to it suits speaker of the curry injury nothing is bad at that scene. I think golf all things considered good news just. Hopefully it will be. Believe so few weeks in the we'll be back yeah yeah it's not. About. Serious things that's our first question will be careful. There's life after the boot you know that. Ring it's the first free throw fourteenth at twelve. Cook your belt to sit down with two guys got to start tonight speaker goes with his arm around but the and quickly signed it's OK to shoot anything. Near freezing. A check against only chance we and three get down. To rant it's both free throws the way usually by reaching the end seventh to keep its well walker off the screen pull up jumpers a good athlete with the rebound. Shoveled the ball over to keep the oddly guilt drives I hit eucharist fades it fires it's up for the white sciatica may Pique at feeling right now. Buried that have very difficult shot Kevin left turning it will motion and not eat out a little fade away. From the left way seventeenth the clone your towel with a jumper. Ill advised to ramp with a defensive rebounds takes it wants a time line top of the key three out the way it's not bad bill good Howard defensive rebound he wants to leave the plane flight down the middle. Now to ask the right where it goes. Out of bank town of finance. It's gonna say at Charlotte home if you record but. The ruling that the speaker of the off the bench. Two books wants it. And let our. Our system over the Barbara. Walker opt out walker right sides. Penetrates two Williams left wing can field obviously it removable drive podcast for the running with a right hand though that he fights for the offensive rebound fish is up to have to leave for three that's so good at Kevin Durant back for the board for the white flag Golden State Warriors victims lights out. There. Eight were different uniform now while the whole wide world. Dark Cathy at several feet outside the rams wide open for a three wide angle triple is good lawyers seven nothing more on the to lead by eight lead its loan. Kevin Durant as well but that's Wally walker stacks up who should get tested very clearly gassed the limbs rebound. Not the way and it's with ballot JaVale McGee is the hatch is the arm of Dwight Howard. He picked up his first. Second the warriors. Play taps and out Shaun Livingston it's the home Livingston more than likely would've started tonight at Patrick because often available. Sweet girl lights haven't looked at the point guard of the fringe group and so that's why we both at home. Howard with a won't be about frank Kaminsky locate the two with two days to take 23 it's a good cast into the boards and direct to bring it up. He'd be up the street by McGee takes applicable now security is now the baseline the better we'll visit slightly to the very high level of theater no good ball to fluctuate Kaminsky got. Michael Carter Williams is also check it now. For the hornets in the power gets freed us up with locked away by an athlete can't get Dallas got a handle the ball. His defense while the lawyers that after ran cross over the right in states with allies pulls up from fourteen that's not the way it good but they're ranked apple roll. 22 that's well. At the warriors without Currie and without Roy bunt green you know without a caught and they leave bites to handle the hornets one time. 30 wanna go first quarter play 212 Golden State. I'll be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by when stuff these situations on the warrior. Linked up to me that three of over the gulf now has in a 380 consecutive regular season game 4 August 3 point streak in NBA history if passed. Michael Adams. Useful for the united 79 games Michael out of course. Another team played with them. I don't want to acknowledge. And Hartford public high schools and Hartford Connecticut. Ninth zero run for the warriors all Kevin Durant they recently to the twelfth real one to go here in the first quarter report it to the ball was near sideline but to both office. We will fly to Detroit right after the game played assistants. On Friday and then the longest road trip of the season will be over. Michael Carter Williams of the ball former rookie of the year got to commit ski. What do lamb now but the truth here we lamb has shifted the team sells for contested yank any knock it down from right in the face of Kevin Durant. Twenty to fourteen. When we. Ran at top of local high close to David West different rotation tonight for speaker obviously. McCurry entry on out he gave Dallas takes a handoff they give the streets outside. It's no good deflected by power grab by Carter Williams. Slam of the front court. Crossover dribble baseline stumbles that gets to the ribbon schools. Back to back buckets. For the hornets. Look into the off the street beat west of the fruits wanna won't choose to live by our all the way to the top let's go over the white camera on earth right around the white hour. And the words are backed up by eight now. It has left the first Detroit outside Europe the Specter and senator. The great location great view commits few notable outside the market looks like attitude. To put too but to actually from the screens stop your rookie to over the Kamensky. He went up to live by the ramp stick to folder itself but those who have fought reflected an eager to Allah pulled capital rebound stepped into the front courts south pass inside for Kathy. Get away by Carter Williams. And we've had with what she. Howard we'll sit down. And Cody Zeller. Brother Tyler brother yeah. It's like to see if she want to cut his treatment fumbling in the field. I think that would be. And then maybe have little wars governments. Least of the ball. The lab strains constantly terrain with a ball the right way. Waits crossover dribble up the base my heart goes up right. What exit of the beloved dad can't let that ran driving baseline it just awfully elated they have lawyers back up my caddy is sixteen. Of the 46. But to locate slam high post Kaminsky. Reverse pivot into the dribble I'm Kathy stops and out to Carter Williams and those dates change Carter Williams given a twenty footer. This fires. Rebound with two back to Carter Williams over to the two double back to Carter Williams stepped to the rim missed a layup hit it quite seller. Woolley 618 Zeller active around the rim that. Let him. Just a little fatigue is now about who wins back to shore of the whites not by the hash marks and at least it waits for casting. Drawn to ground feet Kathy he's a football faked out dribble drive by Kathy stripped by Carter Williams it's out of bounds. Last touched by the horns. Oh it's forty point three to go the quarter nine on the shot clocks. At least able to wants to the far side of the basket to our last. Chance to cast is tyrannical white way direct pressure by the two at the ranch with Saddam the jet drives it to a crowd shoots out a yelled this is it the rebound. Wrestled away by Zeller. Florida took the ball left to right they go on your radio down. Carter Williams leaving his way to the pitch over the right hander no good it was with the falcons will be on local state. Beating thirteenth down a little foul quarter. And in essence keeps the hornets a two for one hole goes to the fans could bubbly will come and. Towns on west moving in who will come out. It's going to be pivotal rant was at the council speaker. We will. The ramp being the major scores so far it's gonna Bible next to rescue the 21 point sixty you know. In the corner. But to actually took that outside the lamb lamb league's cellar way shot clock turned off. Lawyers don't have a foul to give here. Lamp dribble and right trouble for that logo right and left him why can't crossover left. Meeting left elbow guard by west they try to get him on the sideline as fast as to what might levity falls down. So while most of its normal bricks that jumper at the buzzer sounds of a quarter and she's fun. Livingston had a steal. And he just slipped and fell with the lawyers will take at eight point lead that at the end of want 26 to eighteen here at Charlotte. Lawyers radio network presented by wait staff these situations. The warriors. Factory. Gate simmered Iraqi grandma might beat a good about my speech that dot com and ordered pizza right now hey. I had the finance. Lawyers. Leading by ten of 26 to eight seed at the end. And who want. Kevin Durant six of now. Eight from the field of sixty point threats to the lawyers. Are shooting war up twelve. Months that's happened to your left shoulder soreness is unlikely. To return to. To tonight's game to Campbell warriors win this game tonight with four of their rotation players not refused to permit this. Onto their machine simply Currie and remodeling. Get ready for the second quarter. Kemba Walker talked blow up a hornet's feet deep to right here shipped this year. Got change our approach you know we've we've yet have chatted over with martian around the globe Kelly today. The courses they post clintons that they it was great that place in the united work experience we haven't. In doing that test all of us I don't know which we just have to be better for south have to post today you know got to go to medical she's got there was intensity. Each and every play and it's simply more investment. And the hornets we'll have the ball to start the second quarter. We took three turnovers hornets yet to be at one. And it looked jumper off offload dribble drive they're like fake in the rookie first tablet seeding them is no good. They've taken. This is the judge young it was Thompson you get now look into the west for the warriors and he is now on the left wing. Got a bike admits he waits for west allied with love Zeller oh Wasilla and the fouls Hillary dvds progress albeit ever so slightly. Michael Carter William frank Kaminsky Kirilenko he celery when they get checked in for. The hornets right now. They can now Florida State drafted by the pelicans than last year's draft and traded on draft night for frank Jackson's. Along the catcher's play taps that his jumper fading left that's been good and make it looks at the readout execs haven't 221 pounds. 42 years of age. Lamb drives on clay sheets of bad Chad Bogut tipped away tapped in the rebound. It was not a good lease the cubs play. Cross over the rights guarded by Kaczynski the west lob inside to get to outfit called make those sixty little quick spin related news. Ten point lead get for the lawyers 28 to eighteen not three with a bucket. Guarding Williams does Elliott Sadler. To vacant chance past events keep the ball moved by the hornets here's Carter Williams driving got to get Dallas goes up and squeezes it between free yet Dallas and west. We get the shot that make home nice move. He's so much better when he's getting to the real. It now the west back to work I'm at least have wide open put off launch off the street by Nikki gun. And the lawyers executing their offense perfectly. It was sad this is not twelve but it's so far. There assist numbers will probably doubts at night. Without Korean drama is. Obviously probably some more iso for Kiki as we've seen to mark Kaminsky double team and he's hurt. He felt Downey my rolled an ankle you're slammed the baseline the runner gets up it's no good rebounds Allard. Stellar feats outside Carter Williams jazz that fastow that salary he's in traffic goes up blocked by west loose ball much of a bath warriors will give it. Commit tees walking. Asked the bed she's going right to the locker room. He's not even waiting for an initial diagnosis he knows what's going out. And that's good that result our limping a little bit. It means what that looks like is that commits he wants he added a new tape job and hopefully that's just the keys for him. Tap out call while the hornet's dad I want to go before captain out lawyers 34 that's Wally on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by way of staff Pete Fisher waits while the war. The Golden State. We have a time out they have believed it felt 35. One of these you're the first down. Ten don't want to go spectacle of the ways 2072018. Season presented by Kaiser Permanente. For a few minutes he was a lot for me rolled his right ankle. Much like would. Have carried at the other night at that he was he had the ball. Kaiser Permanente score board games underway. End of three in Cleveland Sacramento. 78 Cleveland 73. Snack wrap LTT what's that Revis played taps will bring it up. Except for your beliefs that now we're. Livingston. Look that cigar by Lance bounced nasty to now turn to patient look for weak side action Thompson pops up for both inside the west not seller data guilt free on the clock west. Drop step right can't let often no good could be that might Zeller he pulled down the rebound. Ford it's what would normally be their road to. Groups like gets the tee you'll numbers white letters. On the right side slammed quadruple its Carter Williams they give move in the free and it's way too strong hard up that last rebound west. Nick Young had the dribble at trouble controlling it doubted the west out of town to. Tops of white society is now on the right side lines of tap tap of the keys to David last handoff that. Clay girls' trip to the right drives on the right side but nasty yup he's up top called make. Takes the three off the dribble and sit down. That joke for downtown. At the lawyers take a thirteen point lead their largest of the half. 33 it's wanna Carter Williams got free of side I think that's still laps that layup. Like like right weed out lawyers slippage that the yachts Bob thank faith that you took that break. I want profile white flag out now for that god back to back triples at the lawyers up and eat that late run that lead by sixteen. You could tell young was confident that when he showed the ball. Oh my goodness he held it high. That was like Al Jefferson at the box that foam quake just hold that up there. It took the triple a buried the three. 36 slowly lawyers will take the time out. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff. The efficient ways of the lawyers. Here at Charlotte warriors four of six shooting in the second quarter hornets want seventh meant scoring 126. It was tied at six a moment ago before Nick Young champion and get back to back threes. And he has that Al Jefferson put the ball off but it's colder like a statue. Paul place. And knocks down the triple on the far side of that at the warrior bench. Exploding. 36 to one he gold assay without curry without group of long way to go at 845 no second quarter but a great start. Cody Zeller would. Very steel if so far side hands off with a certain certainly Jeremy latitudes get tested pseudo good young with a rebound. Golden State's defense of this first haven't been really good. Hornets are ten and 3727%. From the field he is now. Can't go off the taps taps and we'll be looking wading bounced past got two that David West. And the optical player on the light side. Tapes that they site YouTube reseller it's nothing but the bottom of it at any point system heckler in the water. Saying if three to 38 at 18. We usually by eighteen. Although it right side. Balkans checked in the first app is that those who write Livingston got the ball real want to get Dow up another block quite Zeller chipped up piloted that that doesn't go. Who's fallen afoul of exit. Alan Carter Williams back. Jordan balances were too. Marvin Williams in Campbell walker in Stephen Silas handling things for the hornets tonight he actually had experience. As a head coach les campus here and then horrible year they have a they wanna weeks navigate through. They lock out here they were seven and 59. Worst year percentage wise him coarsely. Succeed in life and it's a victory. And 72 right now badcaps we've kind of lost it rabbi out right click away why can't slam for you get down. It's at twenty point lead for the warriors was Avant well he read a golf. In the first half. Walker. Who Williams. Weighted down and they go off line the ragweed plant crops overlooked it drives up though goes up man scored over now quick release bell tried to get the block that that. It's forty that's Wally to cook. Quickly the fly toward the staff to about walker they liked the matchup collate all of it dribbles they cited the trouble podcast about goes off at. Is that jab while the room. Explain the way lamb with transitions for the hornets 645 this vast right to the chance to be good now that lamp outlet. Kessler writes and that your feet slipped out of his hand there what it could hit Andre right that chest. Other scores with Kaiser Permanente school work Chicago. Who won only three games they've needed the and it was 733. B golf. In Indiana 89 the 79. And Atlanta and eight point lead on Orlando the Orlando would knights won't ago. 8678. Cooked I've been here way cook your belt to win games. Cook couldn't get the switch so you wasted. Fired the ball to play taps and they'll call that hits the streets that was five clay draws two seeds are falling out of bouncing it is now he's definitely. MI a little bastard who had no chance to keep an event. Successfully thwarted you know speakers in substance scorers table. I it's at that turned the ball over it to their last four possessions they have three. Turnovers in the last four. Down eighteen. Walker who flunked almost as many pick and rolls as hard and speeds over those Barbara Williams on the white side it's off the remote that is three look he was open. Couldn't get at the ball lottery get now it transition his calf batted down by Walker's turnover warriors land the walker he goes wiped out the heart of the defense trip why not break and it turned over Andre gets the steal this book three young it transition three it's off the remote bit of land with the rebound. Still forty to 22 lawyers with 550 to go. Second quarter. Elie able was sort of now bill Fallon Howard in the paint. Jordan Hill. First found rookie second team found it. Hornets have team counts. If Dallas out Klay Thompson now. Kevin to rein in these net sixty points a little weak gasoline Alex Phillips and offensive foul it's Howard cleared out I'm ballots Nobel. I'm getting great position Howard it's it's in the event that the finale of turnover. It's. Fifth turnover in the quarters. For the hornets took livable. Peace bell fell outside the key in the left side distance from the three point line drove into the tablet which he turned to face of slide the ball over the Catholic he drives up Marvin Williams stops will flip no good Howard back to the rebound under an outlet to the two glides down the right way. With a triple waits for Howard that's set up shop the rookie bell they go instead of up to lamb's. Lamb looking Howard in the paint now bounces out lamp next to the far side guarded by young driver client stumbles in the paint it's overcast it's not that they'll call Howard missed the tip to that again that goes right to grant. The ran a transition finds cook what quarter worry it's at 4 o'clock. Forty story that's Wally to cook with his second bucket of a half. The warriors with the lead again. Huge. Periods walker dribble drive goes up over cal got the block readout saved by casting but it goes out of bounds to the hornets. Jordan bell with the region. Cooked with six points. So points at fifteen to two run. Steve you're sitting on the scorers table very relaxed right now. You might. Seem but you know he has nothing but empathy for Steve Clifford. Steve has gone through exactly what all. He Clifford got who they lobbied for Howard it hit the rebel the past for both to their brake issues beyond nothing going right. War the war that's your young goes up got fouled hard by Howard got some who floor at young we'll shoot recruits. Power gets his third down. It's not that that left shoulder injury are likely to come back. Nick Young by the way last five games eight of thirteen from districts. She needs to recruit series to a brief tonight admits he sprained right ankle which as we've mentioned that you. Went to the locker I thought I'd like you re taped but he's doubtful to return power to sit down. He's got 3000 that fell by. I'm young. And the second breakthrough for young is nobody missed the boat. For 35 to go second quarter 4342. Walker street to rural Marvin Williams Al salary sits in the retreat for walker walker fire side into the cake you'll you're still think privilege feeds of the killer with a on the deck and off of the two backup taxes Hillary's open more fire moved tonight Kathy struck by home. A break right to the rant he leads to look good pass to Clark goes down about. And the lawyers now. Another turnover that's number six in the hands. Right now to get the call from speakers at the stores to. Come back for idiots timeout here before. Thank you get there walker playing catch with stellar dribbles to the two teams left side comes middle. Far when he got to Marvin Williams he steps into time ago no good slots and about my cellar way against the warriors defense has been stifling. And there. Paying attention that these deals here in the first half of the defense event fortitude and white Horford sat. At the warriors lead by 214320. On the lawyers radio network presented by would step efficient ways of the warrior. Our CD was canceled the source of the company halftime. As well it's. More information coming your way. Find out who through Cleveland Cleveland has taken the lead down. Sacramento 9189. Fortitude shooting two of sixteen. It's in this quarter 12%. Gold seal the wall tacky the basket to our lap belt dribble handoff to rant rant the foul line awful wonderful and it's often good. My goodness. That. It's not fair. But. Walker as the ball. It's the far side the Williams and off the walker. Trouncing of the triple. Kemba Walker one of simple were you execute Gilchrist he shot way short Williamson rebound. But to get it back to Williams will likely now does similar data between the two dribbles it lost the ball so why it out of his hands. Took over and over six goes to Catholic PD the right Kate dean. With the dribble. Now to the right court goes to play taps at ease off putting flyers have buried at triple. But what this grave the league right now is 26. Per gold its day. 48 the 22. To fifty that ago and a half now at Dravid scored a foul. And what key the four run down a bow. Walker with a bucket he went down hard with the foul line. Cast beginning the first world. Coming and we have to ask him. That was kind of one of the reasons why it wanted to go there was too. Grow up. And colleges and experience where their roots. Pressure on the not so not to mess ups. Johnny last leaderboard back every station will be out the arts and the halftime regardless the walker 4845. Lawyers not top. It danceable album Whiteside who ran up top captain stumbles like to do. Williams wall on the deck picked up by the rant. Durant shot clock hit two right side takes a three offered triple short and Marvin Williams of the rebound toward hand off the walker. Then walker. Who fraught with. Six Whiteside Pope goes into it reads too strong. Rebound loose sellers got it ran out before the two fires that hit the parade Steve Kerr wanted time out. Six nothing first by the hornets. At the warriors we'll talk it over what they're ranked warriors 48. Hornet's 28 to eighteen to go before half up the Golden State Warriors radio network. We're back. And you lose journalist. Warriors we. The wife wanting 4848. But two would that the rays. Have before. You hit that. Bill ward it has scored more than four points they're shooting 26 point 5% for the half. From the backcourt pressure on Golden State and now the food to the ramp. And Haiti through regular ball awful lot tonight. Guarded by Kate you'll first of all the west I'm about to eat it now straddling the three point line envelope way slowly brings a little miserable decently and was fouled on the kids like it you'll Christians that the way and and he's not happy. I. Third act now on kids eucharist. And fourteenth best side out to rant to west racquet Katie down the lane wasn't as an officer found last quarterly history. Turn oversight of metal that provoked easier the second quarter. What's keeping it below twenty for the for example. Walker's life the life. Back to a country seller when they catch of that dog. Cellar with a nice Canada hornets get something to cheer about here there and eight athlete wants. To 48 authority. When they get about two years took for the ball. It's getting any plots in the second quarter comeback play stepped out three all go to the white side but quick release and a splash. The splash brother he snapped their T want her stomach no look goes over the head with a beautiful were hurt by David Lance. Walker report. So therein. If you want 32. Kevin Durant pestered by kids you Christie two point 6911 seconds here. Those aren't left side pulls up from seventy to rattle that off the remote unit seller got the rebound over the want. Politically their best basketball that half white now walker roughest prefix of three and they open. We had to expect this to their better than what we've shown you the first half 5135. And the final minute. Of the half. Fifty seconds to go play Townshend of the ball the right side. We'll. We'll go away they hit the ball the western state it's added a number of forestalled by the proof that exactly that Dow rose to the ran it goes up related they have low laugh when a wetland drink. And it's beautiful assist your rant validate seeing. 53. 35 jump through outside Africa. Walker with a another three of the hornets are heating up here. Of hornets. Scored sixteen points in the last couple minutes after having only 22. To that point 18 seconds to go the half. 72 team differential between the two clock to get down Wall Street for the rant. Rank him right after he backs Andre. Andre looks and its fires away with a three it's up but no good got a good possessions walker the rebound five seconds to go down the far away walker dribbles out West Coast all the way through the rim throws up so good he did download and rebound the half is over the warriors. And one point lead by one. Six they'll take 815 point lead to the locker room. 5338. Brett the break coming up RC Davis all the scores around the association. And more of our conversation. With Johnny west on the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff the official weigh all the warrior. Over at the lawyers radio network is presented by wakes up the official lays the Golden State Warriors give your crew of game day ready by stuffing files or other 46. Bay Area locations or. Line and we stopped dot com when snapped yes and it. Goes to lawyers and that little hornet that regulators like the third quarter of 53 to 38 weekly by fifteen they have left bias. Eats at 26 warriors without step curry straight month greens Patrick McCaw announced that up but to be unlikely to come back. For the hornets without it coached these leopard it's hard to stay focused you did your head coach Stevens I'll. It's tough obviously could not be here is something that weighs on all of us. So to that kind of puts that to the side and get your preparation and think about Golden State and other problems that they cause it's it's kind of tough but. You know that's part of the job and he was he wouldn't want it to be any other way and I got to do my best to fill in the shoes and keep this ship afloat while he's gone. Florida will have the first possession of the third quarter its Kemba Walker who started to heat up down the stretch in deep it goes our popular topic off balance off last look good Howard listed wired to the rights. Read though the warriors Kevin Durant got it in the front court battle tested belt tough tough they'll get the ball back bounce pass to David West. Last bolt hit waiting shuffled over to the ranch you drive a lot from tee and it's up but you know keep these ads won't eat suit. And the warriors lead 5538. Walker at the time line directing traffic. The street by Howard walker staff rotates to Williams near sides of the two back to williams' deadly guild layoffs. For the better sense. At the hornets have won all night long right there. With little feeling you know 5540. To ran off the street double team takes a three anyway back our missile bit of a heat check and walker pulls down the rebound. Walker back and forth guarding love starting slight hesitation feeds over to Williams back to walker. Now guarded by bill they doubled Williams right down Broadway to the rim lay up good that he. Well. Walker orchestrating thinks he is becoming a factor in this game really quickly. Were you don't get his second foul and it's. William the chance. The three point play here he hits that. So now the globes he leaves doubt that twelve of them much more manageable suffer for the war and its 5543. Hours continue to get. The dolphins the only used what we want the seven was doing back the second quarter that's as likely to announce that knocked away by walker but to pick that up on the glide. Kidd Gilchrist high off the would go to good tip by west grabbed my to rant thanks Cleveland team that last chance pass over to cook. So and now Steve Kerr was time. To exploit way to go home. In the third quarter we'll take a break 55. Of 43 warriors that we defending champion don't say lawyers radio network creature that's why wouldn't stop these situations. On the war. But going back to the 307 mark of the first apathy 41 to seven run for don't want 5543. Warriors hit 43 to go third quarter. And it warrior fans that you have what it takes to challenge a warriors player on your home court. Go to lawyers dot com slash home court to learn more. Gold hit the ball the front court TV will throw the enquirer sidelined. Would cook now Thompson and west. True you went through locker room after the first few minutes with the sore right to a lawyer really thank them right now. West comes out gets the ball hand off the right to rant stands down the lane two to fade away over Kidd Gilchrist nothing but a over the net. 57 the 42 the rants. The bucket and 24 points there but two with a bull. Yorkers to think good defender but it's hard to get that John Walker. Our flexible rotation particular Chris tribe time now goes up my belt stuff away but comes up with a loose ball. Wing cook crossing midcourt through most of the circle and the far side comes back to the right side pull a foul line jumper range but often yes. But I can't eight points. Which is always great to see a guy get an opportunity and play well the opportunities guarding. One of the best in the east Kemba Walker is three off the remote good Durant has the rebound. Graham looks like feats playtime with the catch the had more cash markets a couple of drag street feeds over to west takes a rhythm dribble jumper and he knocked out one down. And the lawyers with a quick six. And they lead 61 the 43. Walker that was too plodding white teeth kicked Gilchrist acutely eighteen footer and he's not that. It's cute you increased. Is likely now both Google editions they had that. Berkeley hornets is neither got much of the scored to ram full flight Kidd Gilchrist and found most out of it too hard. Asking these first tee now Charlotte that secondhand. In the eighth clueless league when it comes the threat do you make a mistake. If haunts you for years especially when you're in the lottery and up top of the lottery. Cook right baseline. Leases feet bounce pass to build good can't rotate stick KP he still put birth rate and he buried it they left Iran why. I'd open up the tab of the C 6445. To rat with 27 points it's 41 minutes. We get a thirty to go in the third can give most of that stuff away by ballot blocked out of bounds bill got whacked in the face through the process. Gordon Bell. Protecting the rim that time 829 to go third Hershey of the shot clock. But soon the walker circles off the street jumpers good at what level warning event. Jumped out on top of the hornets money in the end that one. Look like 26. Now lead by seventy. Blanket is low life. Iso Katie left to dribble off one leg jumpers short tipped by west chipped out and grab by the two. To put them over the walker clients Williams of the white Knight while. Howard for a dunk and a now. Who directed the now. That's going to be his first trying to challenge love. Our goes to the free throw line where he is. Struggled this year 48%. That's below his 56 point four. Career average. Howard is at. Benefits here in the. Journalists and put. Jackson released one reason why their defense of rating is better this year to rank catches in the back court as a tool to pressure Bravo wanted to cook looks relieved that. Now the Whiteside ego but. Excited with two way contract it's great insurance at the point guard spot. For the warriors. To a waiting waiting for taps. That comes up top catches chased by the two and its travel allotment option to pressure by the two. And turn over. Steve Kurt trying to get his club energized to fall for them. It's okay to leave fourteen. At twelve point lead a moment ago I forget to close the hornets have been since the early going it forces of the second quarter to balance those water goes up. Got him up for the year build a hard foul walker will come back. Home cheap too. We've been saddled free throw attempts in this game. It's walker hits to distract me too. Marvin Williams talked about the job that. Coach Stephen Silas did the other night in the win over Orlando. I was awesome seems really easy to over the national tour and obviously. Bruno muscles and other planes out of coaching. Him being a cause for so long Jordan has to be done it didn't seem comfortable racing just miners are normal regular airports. Stephen Silas. A lot of leeway it would Dan Nelson was coach in the ways that Nelson nurtured those coaches let them get their voice your. Lot of different things that most coaches would look at that helps silence in progress on him now for Steve who ran the front for the walker may want to 6451. It's worth directed to hand off from western Red Cross over from last night goes the baseline. Pull up jumper off the rim but how high. I of the year the tip though good west of the rebound the KD. The cuts we've week's effort to radically taps of your side now offer street still treat my that you can't want to ran ran off with nick my last fight them. Conflict with the with the pass shot clock it and they'll get it can't go off the hook left side it's a three it's off the remote good and Howard had four rebounds for the hornets walker takes a hands off stumbled with a drug lowers its that goes up ball knocked away like taps has gotten off the turnovers Thompson Whiteside KD KV bounce pass to west Catholic. That's true fan. And slammed a little elevation sensation. For David West. And it's 66. To 51 of the warriors up by fifteen again. Last the left side of that fast break in the lane up after Williams he wasn't ready go to office and it goes down about. Stephen sounds walked back to who wanted to mention. Staring at the floor. Helpless feeling when the club turned the ball over. That's an unforced errors there. Could provable. He heard those that feel that the students are. Triples now walker and off the belt looks imply it's tough to begin with tee ball over knocks the ball back. They five evade has thirteen points that it was not very good Dallas in and queen cooked we'll sit down. The lawyers twenty minutes with two misses eight points and three rebounds. It now plates now off the screen. Players left drives on Dwight Howard goes the base like feet to belt villain traffic up top there's KP did give the free stuff but. In and out and powerful example rebounds. Two of the Whiteside. Staffs of the hatch talked back to our troubles not less local should move down belatedly got found. Questions that you on the arm of tribute to shout out against his jail McKee helped off the vets takes it off his inhaler he wants to the scores table. Only Caspian is there as well. Probably hornet's ranked fourth in the poet's points off turnovers fourteen point nine. Tied for second was Chicago in a couple of second chance points at ten point three. They allowed only seven point five fast break with the game on the first half the warriors will lose no second chance points. Only four points off turnovers. In this third Rory what they do have a limit fast break points as the one category. They're beating Charlotte. With that free throw by Howard he makes his second missed the first 6652. Golden State fired 39 to go in the third. It's only caffeine on Rodriguez now. Like fumble for the local. People who Florida with white wings six. Opponents across the bond to. Who ran the ball left hand holds the shot clock is very got to go take a while but he wasn't looking at data about deflected by the hornets. Says that you can but he's got a call for help but military football. And it will be gold's safe. Who. It failed again set the screen that says look on the pick and roll. Twelfth lawyer turnover that the hornets do have only catches for five points. 51 mile to the third 6652. Warriors. Walker. Jumped left over to the suit please let all the way Howard gets us at the box goes up over. Over McGee no good fight for the rebound save the gulf of wait times at its out of bounds Charlotte we'll get a fresh 24 off a hostile way our. And now. What's he was that they recently shot clock deliberately checking the clock issues you might challenge him. To a picnic you can go to stores to it would. In the habitat for the shot plots against. Reset inadvertently students out of line is. Walker that sausage balls that hit the rim in the shop play our opportunity to Howard goes over to you got now. They'll repeat council which when he did that deep but has that kind of position that's really looked like you. You wanted to go. Make him. It's worked hard on the free throw line. See that silence talk about what makes the words such unique opponent. There. This in place they have guys who. Oakland lineup salute hated dollar. Clay and dream. Kevin Durant and Nick Young on the floor now basically perimeter players. They ought since you. Second free throw by Howard is good answer was the first and 665412. Point lead against the Golden State. It down on the balance. It can't be too but he Kevin Durant who ran the ball waiting now. Client place now got away from which to shoot down that don't want to got shot on water and it's around them down for play. 6854443. Yards aggravated. Third quarter flight here that spectrum center uptown show. Content can fields this season Howard's double team now on the DoubleTree. Kevin Durant. Thanks to fit for a little. And the warriors are already over the limit in Charlotte would only one team found twelve to thirteen to seven favoring. The home team. Now the last game. At Charlotte played here they shot forty. Free throws. The fourteen. For the match. Howard could recruit to opens that now. Howard has simply did do that on normal night because again the game plan is built to make the easy. Make you earn from the free throw. Right now and so little bit of a streaky. As he gets pulled. These last five free throws it 6856. Release candidate well placed now to the ball. Vicki to the ran iso and white way chance to have fun kid you'll for a few would make them based my hero. Rose depth tonight definitely it and what level like Kevin Durant. Left kids' youth groups like he was bailed on the floor they will happen in the hour. Turn left no good read that Durant Greg comes the other way at their core drifting wind picks up his dribble he's the key running the floor trying to. They play a good break JaVale McGee. Back to back. Buckets for the warriors have their replies sixty. And it's not about. For the hornets 356 to yell at the third will take the bright Golden State simply do Charlotte fifty cents up the warriors radio network. Presented by what exactly crucial way its own way. 356. And the warriors. Lead. Leaving. My sixteen counts of B two BDC Kevin Durant guests wanting. Point. And go back to active speakers at the word he could be better control of their emotions look. Posed. For championship team you know we're going to be. Poison got excuse out there we're getting way too emotional myself included got to do a better job of that too but got it shows. Some stories when things aren't going away and stop worrying about everything else just worry about it. Hornets the ball back it deflate that with you it's normal it's not popular knicks knocked down a forty footer quick bucket or Charlotte. Doing have a time out. Stevens announced what it too we'll try to get him built that lead to the 5050 ruling was seven went down into the red eyes readable crippled middle drop to take ground. Pete to Andre he's opened it really doesn't fall and keep you grew its hands off the rebound to. The team crossover dribble Catherine stops it takes it off balance shot outfit. With two back to back up its. Seventy twos 62 ram but you know off the street locked up like daily hampers that through with a right hand. JaVale McGee. This jumping up catching it made no doubt about that when powered off for ourselves richer water dribbled to the paint goes outside Kidd Gilchrist to look up quite a key. Says it that I. I hear Walker Cup title of what little. Let's walk over to the duke makes dribble drive skipped it over the case you'll Crist are inside the jumpers off it okay rebound but still you got fouled by you know. You know to reach him. So we for the sixty. Having the granite mill but he. A little frustrated you. 245 northern third. Where Chevy eleven blocks in this game tonight. Fortis would read it seemed like the first reflect. The key that's insanity is he you'd Dallas got to him. Jordan tells the athletes Kevin who ran against him. My looney in and the key to sit down with two minutes the second to seven before. 61. Wouldn't sit near wages of grants to rent the movie. Movie looks gassed we need to not by walker feet ghastly anyway we'll sit down stairs delivered to Livingston now trying to work out ramblings on the floor the first tablet would sit Terry shoots over mrs. Everything. Seller got the rebound but to. Take it a bit poor. But to repeat that please similar magnitude falling down with the get down off delegates at missed the layup fall wreckage shakes out the walker. Over the lamb opened brief. This is that kestre. The defensive rebound. And not back. Did he get down quickly the flights were cross over real well I. At the back all the way left and no good and he dropped that found aggressive to the rim by three is now. True beyond Graham is. It's not give again. Virginia commonwealth. 65290. Pounds 24 years of me. You know. That's the truth Andre. To a fine up to succeed to leave me alone three. From distance and now old one. From the free throw line to want to go third quarters of my thirteen they have let the entire way. Second for accuracy. Kemba Walker dance with the dribble for Charlotte. Far away Graham from Wilson to grant. The lamp want to institute shows the ball moves like Kathy seats it tested too and. But to try to get his offensive game in the gear here in the third quarter. It's WellPoint warriors leave while police looked for Durant hands off saluted and said. Yes he's come up calling for the ball like guard of the walker. Cast these seats to grant shot clock at 83 with the T ball all over again to two weeks he would read those based night shoots over the top look good but to golfers found. With two good very aggressive all night long. Getting up in the body likely to have an anti Iran Pakistan. And now enhances. Too much. TD to the strength. The cyber policy want to cast Booth here. In the Charlotte protect your company's home court. Recruit like Pete he is awfully good. At the white basketball camp power by under armour Kevin it's not looking at country day school of Santa Rosa December 26 to 29 ward dean Witter. Break camp such great chance for young lawyer stands 8750. Words dot com slash guests. To recruit good for TV seventy sevens 63 wards. But to Dixon had nothing to free him. Right now with two feels like he can't even live. With two men seventh. That point the moment you'll now he's got 5077. To 66. To eleven point lead to the lawyers to rant to Cathy Cathy wait for traffic. Cleared and flew alone to clutter it's up a good for only can't speak. 79 to 66. Final 55 seconds and look for. Ways to control the well it's threatening Zeller family traveled local with the bad water off balance he got hurt rebound movies I want to worry about against the African shaped up the TV. TV gambling to every bit the layup with two with a rebound Zeller simply help these splits bracket Dobson of the he was heard behind the play live they've been walking slowly. At defense to give back as soon as the ball ship it had little boy was often roaming fees still bad don't read so the easier it that you try to make the move. But. Kevin Durant open from seventeenth bank giant best tip my lamp got to go with a walker 45 seconds to go in the political world will hold for a bucket down by whoever they can get it down the single digits and the last time it was down the single digits was the first half. Kemba Walker with a between the circles. Seller of the screen walker worker family Elvis let's lowers his dad made back fifty fluttered basket and Kathy with three seconds was too. We'll shoot it from the backcourt benefits go. It's no good and the water is over and the lawyers will start the fourth quarter was an eleven point advantage 7960. And over Charlotte. I'll be defending champion don't see what your radio network reach to them why would stuff efficient way of the award. I'm every game summary brought about bout that might be thinking about my stick to blacked out for more information Kevin Durant right down half a season high banks 31 points is second thirty point game of the season. I rebounds eight it's this way she's 49%. At they've held the hornets to 34%. For the field speaker though without step carrier Charlotte the boys have to adjust their play moving forward. I don't want our players healthy. My biggest takeaways. About this stuff. One trip home here. You know put people in this game. So I I feel about I think big picture wise over these couple weeks opportunity. To get better. Have no respect you more. Efficient and more besides we've played so we've got to look at it and that as fact that opportunity but first daughters just. Feel bad for them. Well first thought now is. Worthwhile when they gave me leave Iowa. We. Where he developed tell that young was delivered to tomorrow. Word we'll have time to recoup in Detroit that they healthy bodies and maybe try to get. With Julia you know the rate of unhealthy for Detroit and Notre Dame I would love to play that game and that's his home now. Right now to do with dance for the first possession. Of the fourth quarter but. It's about captain Nick Young. Over the Olympics. Livingston Whiteside claim running the floor takes that jumper missed it but two with a rebound. Hornets could do that NASA's single digits right here. Last time. Snapped him forty for the second year walkers took three atop band rattled but did that fall likely snaps at the offensive rebound past Olympics but we sit back to play. Players off the screen of the elbow all put off the dribble fairly good job for. 81 with 68 Claes got seventy. Yet now it denies the bounce pass away and that's to back to help out lockers getting heavy minutes here tonight. That's 28. Minutes to form. The exact county tax second half let the ball backed away by David West and it is popular in the ball picked up by McKeon. Livingston was this. Slides west west. Dribble hand off the clay Thompson Thompson downstairs looked at why health related in. And the lawyers go back up by 1583. To 68. Both teams have. Three T timeouts remaining here in the fourth quarter watered drifting. It's little little far away that the granted he buried at triple. 83 to 71. The flight school. Late Sampson. Extended his consecutive games streak with a priest earlier tonight passes to David West. West holds a lot that you now he is now working out but to beat the shot clock Andres got to go down poles not takes that jumper over to the short got its own rebound shot over the young. A young fates dribble drive beyond fades jumpers not so good enough alcohol. And then Kemba Walker. Through beyond Graham is. Steve it's Alice trying to find decaffeinated granite played just a total of five minutes since November the seventh. And he played six minutes in the game here tonight. Some like she had to do it got to find who's gonna work until it gets a big government floors were. Good chunk of the night that many forms were doing that. Young with a free throw. Have a shot of the big school board here too guys wearing jerseys while the detailed characters see in the other with a lead right pictures. Two great shoes and played your job. The second free throw you on the basket. It's 85 to 71. Young off the bench with a eight. Warts. Walker comes to the anyway. Rotates to grant it deep to Howard back on the floor Howard who looked out wedge shot clock if Tim Howard I showed tears with a jump hook and can't fit in from the right box. 573. Howard a double figures as fourteen point 42 shootings though let it. Seed went west this post left side folds of Weight Watchers traffic school lab plates up to fix thrives on Howard stepped back jumpers side of the last deflected out of bounds. Last night Clavet natural Dwight Howard Dennis he he gives you snow that rim protected David West had to catch up but not able. Whose talent was there. Let's now 8573. Of these is well lamb just industry for the lightly it's enough now Carter Williams wouldn't the bounce to towered powered double skip that to blame for the last well. What are the clothes attic now. It's like our. I have had backed away my last shot block that works well for Golden State young pulls out these awful but did not fire. Let's rights ID get Dallack Netflix announced it posting up walker territories like builds up over a double team without that remote good rebound wrestled away by lamb. Wiped out the heart of the defense that operated out Pete Walker who dribbles in nordic you know concept static class work to Carter Williams. Down a lamb hit fake euros. Stats in Houston school. Got out lawyers within 35 to go build it up like yeah. 8575. We've rated network presented by wait staff efficiently. Spirit Charlotte the warriors right now and we. Didn't bite Campbell we have 835. Big you know you look at that. We're heading out to Detroit forward. Of the home for four decades that's whether Bradley paid tribute to the town. Would this year's slate statements addition uniformed like Nike contract probably hadn't informed that he could support the doubt. In style with the teams that found Jersey. Available in these warriors team store locations. I said we've got cards. Says shorts while he dies at seventy favour of the it weighs about twelve blocks. And is now in the play with Klay Thompson. Over the Kevin Durant leaves him the ball a lot tonight Durant was a season high tying 31. Out pass to Andre Iguodala. Andre over the plate after the whistle it's going to be another operative now on the screen. The second time tonight next who's been. David West. Walker who wanted. Half of the single digits instead forty for the second tour ram the land of philanthropy Whiteside go to war one dribble like Carter Williams back the lamb. Lamb crossover dribble down the late to the cops I. I offer a window goes in and out fought tipped around volleyball slapped out of bounds by Howard in the way it will give it. We get it back we've seen in the time. A lot to thwart T happened November 19 in the game it will. To walk that line van. 857. Decline Sam looked at the old. Usually get down leaflets two backs up tough little contrary limit flights flights out of another way excellent and other illegal screen this wolf like a vile movie. The warriors. Timing is off of that straight. Walker has the balls yet another try for the war to get at the single digits walker pick and roll. Rotates to ram ram gavel away shoots a one hander it's too strong to rant offensive rebounds as he had Howard fighting force he'd be up the floor down the whites that we're trying to ram euros steps in floats at up they'll get rebound hours. On the deck for lamb. Or it's spread the floor here with two minutes and scored table laying on the ovals over the walker walker backs up. Between the surface wipes out of the Carter Williams Carter Williams retreat down the Howard. Howard right box they doubled on the catch anything that Carter Williams up top walker he's open for three. And the first to have it over to quarters. It's a single digit gain eighty. December the eighth and we've got 645. Ago. Very good now they handle this down. Client. Leading up to. Who dribbled. We expert who rant pops out he is now Whiteside night shot clock to find it got to go to feed your ram with three in the block rocks back at what jumpers off of our live you get doubt what flipped out couldn't get at the fall victim walker walker hesitation dribble hand off that side lay up good. But how far. Since he was wide open at best another layup lamp fired an office last good screen it's worked out that he will not yet in a movie players over the Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson. Dribble drive much Carter Williams made the fifteenth mortar round that down personally got the suitors wolf nineteen for attempts at 8778. When it. Turn of events. It was. Implausible and impossible. To believe that Carter Williams is going to miss about the lamp life but he did that. And walker struggles of troubled stripped whistle and walker gets bailed out with a palpable. And Mike Allen noon. We'll listen. Cody Zeller who left these street he won't return. From the salary Kamensky you'll again during the game. Lawyers and it's their own shares of injury. He delegates now all walkers. At the free throw liable plus ten seconds station identification. On the Golden State Warriors. Radio that's for. For Deon Grant checks out Carter Williams checks out. With two in. Marvin Williams Marvin Gaye Williams checked in and say they did that to move the singer. Draw your own conclusion. Recruit good for water. 8780. We've got 545. Ago. Andre Iguodala. Directing traffic waved and blew me away. Expert Kevin Durant high post catches back to the basket. Looks for young young cutting fakes and flyers over Walker's move. Using young decides against Campbell walker that damage young news he rocked back walker could not give that you shot eighty guy baby. 8518. To go wash their flights that put to bed for Howard it's still my little the end of fountain. It looked like looney have pulled the chair. I'm Howard in that hour was this kind of off balance there. You'll be youth. Holds absentee ballot Goldstein walked through the ball. It's his choice of street goes to Marvin Williams Williams in the hour. Moved down we'll be spent on him drop step look JC travel good defense like the club police force the turnover. That's where you could tell where the miles of 32000. Plus minutes on our. It's when he tried to make offensive moves on the defense today in its presence is still viable for Carol. He runs. The place where he could dive to the room you know lovers. He tipped dunks. It's not. Obligated. More effective offensive presence young ticket not the loonie rotates to the ran him on the shot clock to. Playtime to fire the way Harry that triple from the left leg. Klay Thompson makes it 9280. What 443 to go made buckets that time. Like play platoon tried to get it right back missed it you get down over the rebound. Three three who play trailer but Andre right to look up Coast Guard got fat. Out at a fifth offer flat Drake at Dallas he's going to light that chance for a three point play. Rodriguez now hard to the room but. The found. And again Kidd Gilchrist. Very good Dallas. Seven points and seven rebounds while the way Kevin Durant without defensive rebound now with a triple double 31 points. Ten rebounds and ten assists. It's not about next man up how about that. And it's. Decided that they have seen and now. We get now hits the free throw the warriors lead by fifteen for thirty months of the Arctic blast. Into the night eight stepping run for the warriors walker. Dribbles diluted GAAP client offered under by young lay up good for example walker. 95 to 824 ET think you know. Testified to a thirteen point game I don't know why people would. It's announces outside. It was the cash war goes to court double team the past walked out of bounds with two we've been really good tonight. That's. Using his life as well as we've never seen. It now put in the play shot clock at ten. Two steps below the hash mark on the far away. We salute the top Saudi kinky threesome now looney catches answered right back Andre. Andre was seventh. With six waits for TV he establishes left link back to the basket turned middle recruit. Crude got fouled like Kidd Gilchrist. Two shots for your rant played taps it wants to be more. Just at three point threats. Still be confused. If revenue room up three point line. That's the most successful marketers though it's slow what's going to be. My plate as you know. Seeded or political and bill that's. Recruit good for the Randy yeah. A season high about 32 points in 9682. The school. This night career triple double. First this year second in these warriors career. The second recruitment. 97 to eighty soon. Walker that's it for the purple teal clad its. Forests. And people would start. Right side think you'll reflect a little just wanna eat this fires to south why you doubt would go to walker. Walker drives go globally is closed up room. Me and again dropped back. Beyond that. So the warriors but. Her Twitter questions tonight I want to climb mountain Mike's pizza for the mountain might be tonight counts. Let's be honest I want to be honest. Did you think the warriors without drew mongering without curry and without book gone. Do you think they were gonna win tonight tell us where and how we always like to hear that. Did you think the lawyers threw him play like this tonight in the game. Against the hornets. Answered via Twitter winners like Lindsay Alexis every game veil of Tivoli TI am. Hawaii and lawyers that can't. Recruit one of two for walker. Season high assists for granny was the announcement Townshend who wouldn't get found. Foolish climb Marvin Williams. Birth. Is now include the. The play. You know. Two man. Lob it quickly taps. Thompson them slept through to Lou the and they might Iran. But why available. Watches weak side and others make those himself. Shot clock hits them rockets that rockers have rocks into a jumper it's up again at the value of keeping that triple threat position Jo white the air by Kevin Durant. Because I feel great Kidd Gilchrist had the honor the fact. But he could still put metal floor dribble connecting them just enough space here's walker to the rim why in water. No goods powered you'll fight for the rebound and it can be found a way. Nick Young colts defense. And that's. With the inside now and salute the. First ballot beyond what he's found faulty from fourteenth Faust. 303 to go sixteen point lead for Golden State. When an effort tonight for the lawyers Howard whether it's the Marvin. But the waves to the 22. Dribbles he lobbed it over the head of Howard was looking it goes to them. Time out. 256 to go lawyers that he got hornets 83 on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down. Patricia Williams who weren't. Done. 256 to go Maggie dad 83. Season scorer on our Twitter questions tonight were you concerned about this wouldn't. Think the way we'll play this way I would now step very without Patrick what's going up three month created for most of the night without. With Julia. Jazz says he wasn't terribly great to have marched with the cook starts tonight Janet of course hails from Santa cruise. And Howard. Radio name as renegades who were driver listing and round rock Texas. Mam or drag safe to answer the wheel there. That Gotti 32 fisted ago. Now the right sideline to get our hands of we're trying to close out a win and be the third time whether it's secretly started road trip I don't feel like Graham saves it back on the floor boutique rather go to Andre he's opened fakes the three down the lane passes out at the ready to open for three missed it. Rebounding it now fresh clot to rent loads up another three left wing missed it and the reap rabbit Carter Williams. Carter Williams. And CW. It's evolved to mock bomb quickly down the the boxes jumper office building up like Johnny O'Bryant the third since Stephen Silas is simply the Mets down steep drew looks at that those who say cynical attack about the new. Too old Abigail we'll take the break. You Durant the fifteenth player warriors as your record multiple triple doubles with a franchise. As he has 35 points eleven rebounds Genesis. Lawyers up sixty we'll take a break of lawyers radio network. O'Neal checked it out Twitter at lawyer bucks warriors deal that still thought it would be a tighter game tonight that we'll. What was driving from double of the Hercules to see Bob for dinner Thelma Woodson high as he drives it. Weighs 99 hornets 83 to wolf I think you'll cook his jacket out of Nick Young. He's been to feed the loonie at the box slowly dribble hand off to the cells. Think you'll cook for the paint five living in traffic great catch a lay up a little right but Obama. 99 B 85. Connie O'Brien of the game and it LSU. Islam Milwaukee 2014. Dribbles in step back jumper over Rudy Napoli bearded stick it out the weeks' time. They're beyond Graham of another bucket. His point. College of Virginia commonwealth was undrafted in 2015. Click over to young he'll launch it for the lights on that's a good down the final eighty seconds of the game. Hornets addict. Some have stayed summit last year and the Specter and senator. And optical drive Carter Williams goes baseline gets the don't. Makes you won't want to eighty salmon. With a minute flat left but how about those Golden State Warriors tonight no step during the three month greens. No that's your book off. Zaza Pachulia played the first four minutes at the Eagles locker room. They control this game from start to finish casting gambling show them the right in with the buzzer sounding Bill Smith. Loose ball vanity of the year is grabbed by at stake it got up the floor right wing jumper by Maltese a good shooter the rebound goes to Jordan bell. We'd love to shoot one more time. We'll fans here in Charlotte did not get a chance to see their hometown heroes that very play for the warriors but they did see Kevin Durant put on quite a show tonight at the warriors. We'll get a big win. And the shop by young though good fourteen seconds to go. Front court Johnny O'Bryant will dribble it out. And the Golden State Warriors for the third time under head coach Steve Kurt. We'll begin a road trip. For the record of flag and hole. And they do it in big Jack fashion here. In Charlotte. With a 101 that's 87 when it's.