Warriors Replay vs Hornets 12-29-17

Warriors Replay
Friday, December 29th

In case you missed the Warriors 111-100 loss to Charlotte, check out the Warriors Replay! 


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This is to abroad the voice of the Golden State boy years and you're listening to the lawyers replay on 957. The game. Lawyers will start drive cafeteria robots played together directly after John Livingston is therefore. Little road uniform that Charlotte hornets. Would the white letters of blue numbers in the backs that they went to tip. Michael Kidd Gilchrist while the Barbara Williams Dwight Howard that that to the former blazer Kemba Walker. And but to get the first shot tap that keeps you were living securely from the left side anti. Two nothing or it leave it. That's according to profit front white letter word query there. Throwback securities one of the the state in the star in the Bay Area until you reach out to respond to get that up Jeff is given direct. Lights like got laid down he's up for free. Why not just now hit a three hit the these straight games and it's the third longest streak in NBA history and he passes gala barrels. And now that's the size does not out for birth kid Gilbert from the rhythm dribble jumper over drama that that's what. From the bars. And now the words read Charles Lee Livingston often cavity Airways can't opulent up Pachulia. One dribble down reverses them back to the White Plains by looking through the field votes. Limited Alex cross over little things walker down the baseline she's right over the now for the nothing particularly. New about that one. Five forward lawyers not that markedly from the Jeffs asked to do. More hash mark lob to Howard. With a quick dribbles out with his left fielder that this really has been based life. What can't jump hook up the firm grip there rant that Iran wants to go out that the rate monitor up beauty and affected a lot and boy effort to bring about grave. That was recently looking great for Golden State. Seven before the count walk through the year drought goes off the back where robots left it down. Jumbled overloaded that down the right sides holes at the circle terminate weights and five straight month. Top of the key way to adapt the same spot same shot favorite. Get back pray for clay and that can fool relief for the lawyers. Hours of home whites tonight. Walk around the street picked up the durable peace with two left leg got to kick Gilchrist to Howard down of the two to make game without. You go makes like double plus fired the first shot they'll go to with a little now it's on John Livingston. Charlotte coming in twelve to twenty see their third in the Southeast Division. It's their worst thirty board game record that theory and it's 242014. To it. And they. Really lost a number of opportunities to win games earlier this year album home floor. They are tied with the knicks for the fewest road games played at fourteen. There to have with the knicks the fewest road wins with him the field on the line makes one missed the second topped out that's not a drama. Very much like towards leaving looking likely to have to pass the hot hand and it's great rove replied it's a lot elbow to. And make it well the fly. Nice to run eight of the nine coming from clay. But to get to the far away Thompson right front of this. Trying to shadow with two of the Bayside does so successfully the two tries to with the jumper flights off the rim. Redoubt fought for and it's not who corralled it got to the rant rant just have to play shift anyway just tested three at that there won't rebound but it is. Okay he deserved heat check here to do gliding laugh these grafts worked advances from a markedly improved sales out of that. Gave one of the road trip for Charlotte. They will crisscross. No war against the next few days. We'll head down to Los Angeles. It back up the Sacramento and back down to LA. They'll be an LA outs Friday with the lawyers get bigger plates now for the jumpers like site up they go again. Like captain for the first five he's got hit in the corner to other fourteen. For Golden State's. Kemba Walker or pulls up comes right off the screen shoots that jumper Japanese keep Jason let. At the three for walker and it's fourteen Dave Livingston possible down the right wing walker weighty or there. Lavished it with his backside at the walker to urge you to over the top but knocked it down what it should know Thabeet gets a lot of spots of the floor. He can make that shot without worry about walker the challenge now with Juliet not to the backcourt. I'll wait for Kemba Walker good answers out that 68 lawyers walker takes another year to the baseline throw to tap the Howard. They let him shoot the top of the key jumper Dwight Howard nailed it. Sixteenth it's ten point coming fast and furious in the first four minutes to ramp down the right side throws to limit that. Livingston now that dork got thrown away what Williams with a steel. Walker has it doesn't push they'll wait for a trailer and it's Kidd Gilchrist right gambling pilgrim. Walker I think deep that the lawyers as well sixteenth it's well we'll stay leading by four. Direct cross over right side behind the back in it that they had that dream on the left leg. There's like six of body glove got shortly downloads those little legs of Howard picked up by Howard. He comes back the other way. Over to walkers like the New Yorkers goes then plowed through the make it back out at draws and now. And he will head to the free throw line. One lawyers have Zaza Pachulia out there he talked about the importance of not to be site out there like it given shots. You like this means businesses live in the heat here and here is not that talking about the importance of sunscreens. Walker sixty about the bass before when he doubled in the league gets the ball Marvin Williams are likely to keep Gilchrist off the dribble jumper prohibits off the rim direct hand that. Pixel readout up the floor across the time line. Looked at downstairs to play taps off they got kemba Walker's step back off the dribble jump shot doesn't go programme mr. Marvin Williams as. Clyde walker. It was a black teachers underneath his heels Jersey take the left side he's open for free why are actually too strong Pachulia. Pulls down the rebound that's going to be his sports club the cats just realized penetrate to loft the ball turn over left over to like Golden State. Flights out of the team schaeuble the Howard Howard that leads to defenders late today. The boy's transition defense hasn't been very good in the hornets take advantage six nothing run. And they've got the advantage to two. Ran it. Mean he served. It's the right up to history now that it's not that must pass let me step outside to play at this story at stop and there. About 98 for tap that. We'll usually by fine. 618 left in the quarter. Watch your backs up groceries to expect until ballots not the Charlotte bad. One of their assistant coaches who takes up big Stephens Alice wasn't saying anything but Mark Davis there are enough. And that was an injury tech there. It took time out of twelve to fourteen to go in the first. That was tailored just to bed do the other two officials. Nineteen the fourteenth the lawyers lead by five Bobby defending champion don't feel lawyers radio network presented by wind staff particularly. Toward. It's nineteen to fourteen the warriors lead by five Kevin Durant the free throw line. To shoot the technical foul the Charlotte bad six field goals for plates have to eat for the warriors only six field goals for the hornets well. Six vehicles are playing a fairly normal game play is. Thirteen points of the what he'd count the ways to rant hit the free throw. Kick Gilchrist opposite the walker walker with a catch. Outside the three point line slightly to the right to tap the key. Ask them over to the team shot clock at 52 got to go to a slightly to kick Gilchrist blocked by brave lot. Get a clear shot clock violations. Or at 3 o'clock grave with a grim project. Los Angeles Lakers had a team meeting. For tonight's game oracle so I'm the last 24 hours it hasn't helped their start to the game. The first seventeen lakers three. 555 to go. In the first quarter here John limited to dance off to great body wide open. All they did take the free lifted and Howard defensive rebound began the second towards Kemba Walker takes the handoff growth ahead of the team left wing. He stick to middle off the streets got the Marvin Williams downstairs to Howard reverse pivot in with triple threat one dribble out to the two shot clock. Down to seventh with his back the power he's wide open it's wide Dan. With a slam. We weren't doing their best keeping pace here with a lawyer scoring line. The drop off for sure I would come from Campbell walker comes off the floor Whiteside to rant why didn't let. 22 to 65 yet they go. First quarter of life. Kemba Walker behind the back of the dribble. Waiting now for its right side kick your birth right baseline that our. Howard one on one opportunities crossover dribble go to Byrd throws it off it's good and got flowers. Acrobatic move forward Dwight Howard. Yeah from the free throw line down. If you want. Over it tomorrow night and others late night want to buy GTE of the lawyers will be worried that town jerseys tomorrow night. Marcus all the Memphis Grizzlies which are the warriors ground as the 5:30 PM special weekend start time get your spot that you have we've not cut. I don't to tackle but like puff pieces. Marco missiles. Have a descent a lot more lyrical. Hey guys good. He's just flat out good. He's been one of the best centers in this league for most of his career talented. Are. Howard's free throw wide left freak out if you factor because his jacket Livingston sitting down he did now in her dream on as. As usual with Julia had lofted Kevin Durant behind the street here in Whiteside. Drop the crowd fades into the jumper that's up but they'll get rebounds tips that's grabbed by a land falling down about got the flu walker. Walker to Kaczynski Nowitzki finished with a on the deck approach to what do these open in the corner for three and it rattled down predict with two nice creation there. My friend commit tee off the dribble 42 to what they want the score and the warriors lead down to one. Florida through shooting 60%. From the floor get Dallas back the basket. Started by Kaminsky it's hot streak to Durant throws to put Julia the Julia five issues take the jumpers off the back Graham. That would have better possessions for the lawyers to rebound the walkers. Offered doubt Linear way. Flakes are above the law crossover dribble it out at bats awful it could be. Part of ball good defense by Patrick. 357 to go in the first we'll reply. Yeah. Nick young and Jordan belt come man. That's not the Philly it was get a right. I played Thompson we'll sit down thirteen points and eight minutes five of seven cute. It. The two exhaustive. Rotate to Kaminsky back to the two with another three this one's no good. And I treated now with a rebound prohibit the ramp down the right side backs up into his three takes that shot no good got foul by the two. And the two mile. He's walking away. From. The scene of the crime. Go for it tomorrow night 530 with the start tonight. Here or go to special start time. NIC Batum. Talked about the boy Islamic success without step Currie. Does the dirty we BC news. Old. Woman plunges down the MVP MVPs down these to death rules those wondering BP's. And that's the prison in this that this team and Katie in and reminded us the game. There's that because German background is too great team. He is. First two free throws for Kevin Durant. Derailed it. One more. Hate the the season. Averaging. Wanting six point shooting 50% if he would be the 88 those tracking it all three at this trip. It's 45 when one boy. 340 to go first quarter but two plays get the walker walker good creator off the dribble makes the right side those who do. If you look Vatican that he good club makes destined for its too bad stuff but good for frank Kaminsky. Nice move like Kaminsky. As the ran up in the air flying by 4543. Book lost feet to get down on through the dribbled out of the away with it the Mickey out. Yelled wait outcast rebel young cuts off him and now street for the rant. Red pick to head off rebel throws the court of law is open watches it and that's it. And the rebound the lamb. Lamb gliding through the middle of the two. Walker takes a fast and quickly get to the land they go down to our power back to the basket working on the rookie bell. He has done a beautiful roof goes back reaches back we'll go right handed slam that down Howard looks cry any gays. So far tonight. And we are tied at 25. And the board exploits that made so far that ran. I'm glad double team Heath Bell fell provoked into little floater up and no good rebound goes goes back to lamb lamb. To spreads out down the right place goes to walker fault they triple draft watchers through time ago shorts just out direct guy. We've will be a slow motion that time there Rancho accelerates now the way flops like Nowitzki he saved it but it glanced up without crowds. We'll stake it did back when we come back teeth when he went to go in the first court time 45. The lawyers radio network present I wouldn't doubt it that you ways the wars. Right now let's pause ten seconds station. Defecation and hold the phone mobile phones were knocked them. It was an ambitious ploy by year. Chronicle. Well we are events here Nick Young yet to be about quick release of the movement. Re down Marvin Williams got so the Florida Michael Hartley whose district in the first time. And CW it's a path back to submit about past that he stole away bite it down. Andre waits intro to bounce pass to abilities particular in Jeremy lamb who lived up whether it. Lamb have to transition stops adopted the three off the program off the glass of good Jordan bell land for Golden State. The rant but it is Nokia was our baseline cute to water up off now good tipped around five words of the blast in the rebound goes. Atlantic the outlet from Kaminsky. Slam the front court slide Carter Williams is Kaminsky back to Carter Williams head off inside. If the double shot spin move is now played good effort. Johnny O'Bryant. It's the clock at the hornets Napoli. Where it's at their first lead of the night when he 725. To rant. Go hard left baseline inside and no good commenced either rebound. And it's he can back the other way. Nowitzki off the screen just pizza cutter but it was picked by get down. Lawyers won the first meeting 101 to 87 back on December the sixth. Without some very bad night period to sprain the ankle two nights previous. Final moments in the world. Slam off the screen bile rise apart at the bell who just wrapped it up let Betty get that shot off. Deflected a way to Kaminsky found the lanes cupid got played good he got back out. And the hornets are to open things up on the warriors. Kaminsky chance Vernand one. Greg Kaminsky. Hired by. With the youth gathering and being TV did this interview to the combined last year. He is the any that there were pretty funny very funny. He asked one of the unsuspecting. Players coming into the draft what his favorite pick up line. Jordan bell Sabatini hit up the ramp back the bell fell one dribble shoot over us right back down fourteenth floor. That's the kind of shots that. If Jordan bill starts to learn how to hit. And he is going to be it's extremely valuable. Players as we roster right side slam Jeffords not rap about and they'll rebound got to the ranch. If he's gonna get a lot of all the mid range jumpers and a whistle it's going to be an offensive balance in the end nick you know block. First I young. And that's a turnover. Number four. Or is going to love deriving your radio down. And we're number one and the first half Atlantic City middle forty seconds ago. Differences by the chief leave it to block lawyers he'll never found again. O'Brien's quick move like yup that's what's left dance golf look so good chipped in on the baseline. It did Mike Kirby Graham who's checked it the first time ramp with a tip direct suppliers like sides now by Graham threw the lawful way. But others say notre. It's. Accurate throw it by Kevin ran. 32 point seven hornets. Speaker likes to do in these situations never leaving me. Possession the chance. Thompson comes in M gonna sit down. He threw played golf directed wrote it. Screened for clay bill comes out get the ball makes the dribble hand off goes all the way up he's found O'Bryant frown salmon bell hits the free Carolina she too. Bryant was. Really overplaying that tab hoping to cut off to ram whats he got also built in advantage of that. And while he shoots free throws with paused in seconds station identification. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. In the Golden State Warriors team TVF Kennedy once. 5%. First recruit good 3228. So now the defense of substitutions command. To place top systemic we will extra rest. And they bring in coupon looney. Now than other free throw that. Three point to fill in the Ford Carter Williams that's not the way for him beyond the Alamo growing up fast on board. Either way. And the words over. We'll Charlotte has a three point lead after one of 32 bit to want the united hornets. Finish the quarter shooting 53 point eight from the floor on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network breach but wait staff. Officially so the way. Then outbreak gave severed brought few glad mounted lights keeps a good about my speech that got we have another. Engagement. Potential here and or. We'll. They do this seems like almost every night. Hockey low bit rate is not and Diaz is the official word. All part of your game summary order online amount might speak to that job lawyers trailing the hornet's thirty to 49 at the end of one. As we wanted to treat 53 point 8% with sixteen other 32 in the paint. They definitely the golf course with thirteen is 500 NBA game needs here at three now in ninety straight games third longest in NBA history David West for the Jack that goes around and around the rabbit down a fitting top of looked to for David left. Make it 3231. Charl. Michael Carter Williams Dan Kaminsky. There was O'Brien here beyond ram it land jumper blocked that lands a good read out west. Baseball national party get down. It now out there during my three young. Thompson and last last holding it. Tablet heat from it is now looking for who they can't find it goes to great line straight month. With the dribble two daughters play even better inside by two defenders grabbed it can't Florida. Ran like Carter Williams ran into each other. Clay gets a lay up 3332. Our belief between the surface. Growth of the right wing the land down a few minutes he's back to Carter Williams. Drives not like captain looked it up and did not draw iron. Rebound west got the pretty much grief Whiteside played stopped and plopped itself but those good off the program off the glass. And slammed. Corralled it seriously bodies left leg dribbles to the right euros stepped down the lake goes up and look today. Jeremy lamb with a bucket. 3433. Carol. They want green half that. Makes it throws it downstairs for like half of the collective soul like Carter Williams. Up ahead. Currently out grandeur of staff goes I've got foul play get now although what it's good. And it's gonna go over the line for a three point play. Very beyond Graham at the lifer and add 1652. Or ninety balance. Which then base. What was his nickname college of Virginia commonwealth will the freight train. To tamp all Atlantic conference player missed the free throw. Little league world university games back to 2013. He's now with a ball to rebound get physically taps the west west Andre are not very much drama. Right side looks for got to play again it goes up got fouled by a lamb claimed she too. Klay Thompson to be a free throw line. It's not about him and ran. Chance to beat deep and it's a player of the year. I think you're. If not deeply. You don't think it's it's really raised right when. Defense all the experts. It's that thing. Which is which is a person who always like it was possible. News reports that support. And obviously. It weighs. In my screen the reigning defensive player of the year vote casting a little vote there. Encouragement toward. Kevin Durant free throw put lights up to invade that second miss the first words out to you. Kaminsky what it spins and she's over flights up why bright tipped by west rabbi drama. Straight month dribbling into traffic gets fouled. Like Carter Williams. And that'll be the. Second team now. Phoenix leading Sacramento at half staff 55 to 46. Dick young wolf footers that line. Flop did nobody get down. That's right to the head like captain on the deck picked up by Kamensky throws to Carter Williams Carter Williams changed direction comes to the right goes up but stores. The cart away the very tough shot and Norfleet by four against 3834. Fremont green beer wing out of the young young people west back the basket puffed up to Fremont wonderfully young good ball make stepped in for it to a topic. Nice jab by Mickey. Showed the ball. We'll. For the fourth don't want to get out Jefferson type of both make. As lamb laughter ovals the far side Kaminsky. It's got to ramp Graham goes to right the runs in the Kaminsky. Shot clock at seventh. All the land of the far away waiting now coming middle theories land he wants to go shoot over stream all little fadeaway bank shots the banks battle for the rebound loose. And now it's going to be. Who's going to be asked of me Carol. Frank commits he gets golf but now he's not very happy about it. Rather demonstrative. It's first down. Thirteen found. Words dammit there's now by two very much green. Why exactly taps beetle with deep due to toughen them it is now six to hand looked Gloria at sixteen points. Plant that dribble the front court fight Carter Williams to give a free he'll throw it downstairs O'Brien attorney for the jump looked nothing there drink lots snatched the rebound. What you need to get a burst going here ball on the west he feels awful quiet emblazoned in that tie the game at 38. But the warriors. Taking advantage of transition that to commit fifth of the Carter Williams he's wide open for three for our great glass of Coca. Words get the rebound via last. Thompson's. Right negotiate through traffic speeds over the drama back to play of right wing wide open to dump the puck up bottom that. Percolate down to. I'm amazed that the war that didn't chase him out there and Stephen Silas is equally amazed at all the data out. 730 to the golf. In the second tour Moyer forty aboard a 38 of these many can't be film's few lawyers radio network recently violin staff it's situation. All of the oil. Fortieth 38 lawyers lead by 2730 years ago. In the first apple Blake give Roy would you and our cyber policy blog again there. And here's Campbell locker room about past that he that he left side. Fake the fake it everybody rides away from the these wide open for a twenty footer and buried it. Everybody what was the daughter. It's. It was miscommunication there that forty look at the after the great month. Of weak side action through the west to the right elbow. Back to dream up jobs with a Catholic south. We'll go to a jumper over walker good. And that's the eight the fifth in the first half. For Fremont graves at 4240 warriors bully boys percolate down to walker after O'Brien right down the laid nobody homey. Too many of those in the first half. The voyage to 44 the forty in the face through my head the ball slipped out of it and give it he steals to Walker's three I want people over the last goes up. Watch those who have now we've got Matthew what's wrong. Playable seemed to. Speaker talked about the unique skill set the IQ a very much green you know he's he's always. Hovering you know right around a triple double because he's just over Sunnis are. So leading to suspend for reason we've got shooters around him so a lot of screens away from the ball. While he's handling it he reads plays so well you know he reads. You're what's happening on the floor he's one of the few guys who I could probably put at any position. Offensively and he would know the play from every position those guys would have to think about it and so Rezko had no clue if they were in a different spot but he he knows every spot he knows all the where all the pieces on the chess board aren't. He's throwing is because rebounding and this is a defense and he's an unorthodox. Devastating player. And coach Steve Kurt two free throws the Atlantic to 4442. With levee to bring the ball up. Brings it to the middle Kerry monolith set down the best out Jordan delegate there. He looked lost greens for jobs that. Tough to catch his wide open eighteen footer straight up bounced twice cooperate though good Howard pulled down the rebound. Or they'll get to taste Dwight Howard Jeff Nowitzki still doubt the triple draft the right side yells up off the glass got was wild west. It now Nowitzki will shoot two. I commit tees having himself and effective. Second quarter here. First found lasted deep down over three. Two shots for. Franken Netscape. Nice to permanent date scoreboard the only leverage jumped ahead seventeen to read opened the game. They lead the lakers like that he will be flat at thirty it effected. Also still under way third words Sacramento Phoenix that seven point lead 55. 48 minutes he missed the first missed the second and we're still at 44 we too careless it's 07 to go. Second quarter line. Let me to bubble watch as Kevin Randy just yet to act yet rated for them out of Oklahoma flawless basketball Q cells left side approach to the rants. It's great for KP it doubled to belt Melville west without. That made David West tied the game with 44. Why forty remaining in the second walker down the beard sidelined with a group her grenades. Yet to do with two slobs don't like now. Did it for our felt took it away dribble it out what to both the revenue. Blocked by the red that it did not give ups elevation Nowitzki last night but to apply to go to the lives of over Durant. And who worked outlooks. Now at 46 Golden State wheat pool. Once continue to capable of really getting good shots 52 point six. The board Kevin Durant off the dribble great bowl right side short bell kit did Howard tipped it away from him and yet that it was too. Speaker Ralph and that I just want to watch it is Nowitzki had traffic at the ball not the way it is now. Premium for long. Copies of the personal. Yes I out or the upside down 43 team. Do but in the Campbell wandered. Walker behind the back of your book goes through our screen that's why west lost the ball picked up Mike Kidd Gilchrist to Dwight Howard open where it done right it program. We're keeping it was so good. This little stretch it out of fury and investing at times here in the first down. And the hornets have done a nice job of scheming against Golden State to grant it to the job. On the screen Kevin Durant dabbled into trouble connected jumper but it over scapegoat for a 4846. When you're down by two. Walker county that ripples from the law or 23 left in the first half walker holds off wet feasible to do. Food gap that Howard they've doubled our sales that they've had stalled by a car. But the last time the break your rant. While the west over his head that goes out of Lance and I climactic turn over their warriors. Wanna play best path to follow. Got this deal for Howard and one motioned to the steps over the years found Kevin Durant. To about jobs guarded by bell wasn't through streets of the word reflection to do now hands off his Gilchrist who drives not they'll shoot over. We'll fade away jumper good from Michael's New Yorkers. Time out for Golden State fifteen to 46. Fourthly by 4354. To go the first half of the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by woods Daffy situation. The war. And. 354 to go in the second quarter fifty to 46 Charlotte down Africa reflective. Not too bad about my pizza. Or outline about my thesis dot com. The last that we have to actually end it what did you get for Christmas I grew up that we animal what you've answered that I did not get it. I've met the when I get for Christmas what are you looking forward to the new year where and how idealistic and lawyers want to flatter over the room with a eighteen footer itself but no good. Kicked Gilchrist Hillary got Kemba Walker accelerates like what's not to love doubles. Back to the dribble V towers. For the route maps will be doubled he's on the yet. Just throws it plots were skipped into the crowd over the head of Marvin Williams what art got a question here tonight blades that kind of word plot we have. The elects not looters have meetings and ultimately TI AMR OYE and we've done now. In places where now you're seeing what's different dresses we look forward to renew. Heard about greed at the lives those up I've played tough durable that throws out Kevin Durant with the Yankees all but it'll fire Harry. Lawyer for them why. Golden State now for eight forget that fortitude to examine. Campbell want. Hi freer exchange of Korea. Walker GAAP definitely jumper over bell wait few strong. Rebound grandma out let me get now he's got three operate penetrate field they have lost the ball down about often and it kicked Gilchrist to Golden State. What made me with ninety in the chat line. Janet got a book of hundred things where you're fit to go by any move forward by Bob born. Rodriguez Dallas to Austin played out drove upside paid dearly jumper to open if the way and it grabs like Kemba Walker. Walker looked like cool off the street by Howard Howard's. Roles and walker throws the other side of this you are willing to Marvin Williams back to the suit. The two blob for Howard deflected away by bill nice job it Gilchrist travelled little ball with a lot quite play out that we golfer now. It feels right we'll. Interpretations are always free of charge. Nobody tip to step Booth when it may look like it. A traveling with the drag one foot. Lisa Jackson any bailed out warrior blanket. Not a. We'll figure out that they were at if you keep you from the other night Justin said Rick on the radio we got for Christmas but I Gary might eat. Synagogue green stamp that the new bio. But the but. That is awesome at it off. This often. He'd give me a tip of the hat my foot story here recruits. Let's get one. Two free throws particular that you want to leave a void step people adapt it to drag battling. Who threw it up bell deflected away Kidd Gilchrist as it for the hornets are right way to walker stepped around remind you to quick free it's awfully. I tipped away from Howard juggled Bell's say get deflected rabbi Marvin Williams who walker. Has the green light shoots another race Howard rebounds plus make. Goes up for that thought it got down. Then. It. They get one last few real blast that pouring on to the new business. And Maggie the warrior Doug a squeaker to a that this week here's gone out and five cents. But. Fortunately for Maggie that is more. Eight warriors radio record. He couldn't. If we powered that's for free throw. They have has got to beat headphones are nice listening to. To me that you brief periods of free throw by Howard good. 5249. Schools. Spores data the first port through my green left side holding waiting waiting as we get hurt. Kevin Durant autopsy Goodell lawyers doubt my theory is true for good just of this first downs after the hornets finally got believe Kevin Durant left wing. Lots to do it Joplin it's up but no goods fell flights readout can't act rabbit at Marvin Williams their spirit and Al Kidd Gilchrist of the other anxious. Penetrating williams' trailer hit the ball walker jump stop took up over three above lake was sort of foul. Kemba Walker will hit the free throw line. Yet. Replied to keep. It's weird. Weird blocks are sending email. Feels that Salinas out. But they won't Hoover drop what's got power to not 1460. And Salinas. My affiliates that two new warriors. Let's not for Christmas pre filled while walker okay. Sam gusto period book he's listening on league pass audio at Kentucky. Ranked American. Walker's second free throw good. 5349. Against the war its credit they get the ball to the rim which is something a lot of teams have not been able to do against Golden State's issue. If you get down to every other week rant with a plate out to have to reject the screen goes left elbow politics. Himself bell takes a hands off looks at the ranch out of the data about your rants. Not to the baseline and it. Jordan why is going to get the ball that's the champ turn over the half but the lawyers. Or it's just a moment of scored fifteen off those turnovers. The two. Look at Barbara Williams openness to through the half hour. Howard gifted back walker goes up has now made it changes shot down wolf slow lane and a foul trademark green got in on the line. He goes down wants the ball and the bounce on Charlotte. Fourteen council wrote in the backcourt. 56 point night ago. Andre get down. I was near waded through in my agreed that another plate down. I'm always moving without the ball Pete Jordan belt ally topped. They go back that Jacqueline felt but working out. Knocked it down again 5351. She politely. Hornets haven't made a bucket the last three minutes but they still lead by two walker about our tree he scored from the free throw line. Walker back to the record like guarded by the Rand think what hit the ball what power they throw that Santa Barbara Williams Bob Beckel were very much so good tip though good loose ball Howard. Goes up strip like Labonte who. He hit Dallas got 44 seconds ago but they're like little worry about what. Laid down what you look. Look what they were expected to go live on three of the big play threat. Or who sound like horrible for the first time tonight. Campbell walking between the rate. Did the right elbow. Backed up guarded by the rookie Jordan they'll three seconds infected walkers got a go cross over into the three jumpers got good go good about their. And the first Japanese over. The warriors and the hornets. Part time at 53 coming up our have to report. We will be your first year was great with the bears and Jack didn't. My tail all the guys man I've still keep in touch guys believe them isolate them later part of what Lazio was staff. Anthony Morrow. Although. You know made it. That is the interim head coach that you are more Stephen Silas that yet to catch up with him RC gave it we'll catch you up with all the NBA scores. Worked out of 53 on the warriors radio network presented by wind staff efficient way. All of the lawyers. Side that are showing the warrior defense is heating up throughout those games tonight there were kind of 53. First portable or iChat fourteen of 26. The second quarterback goes down to eight for 22. The less you have to make a lot less of them. And they did that have a field goal on the last street before the first half however they took fifteen free throw attempts. And made seven. That kept them level would Goldstein you started third quarter warriors for the ball attacking the basket you are right Shaun Livingston of jobs are about walker. Just have to tap tap to guarded by Dwight Howard on the switch drives in draws too little to bounce pass to drink Marbury. In my brief five to shoot Terry that you do over Marvin Williams no good at the rebound to nick but to. Teal clad hornets in transition and walker off the screen rotates to kick Gilchrist of Marvin Williams back to walker it's. Walker has not back to buff step back jumper good. Intelligent move there by Kemba Walker with Matsui on him now throw ahead does that not apply Livingston the warriors quickly attacking again. Julius comes across the sound like the drama left way. They look at five Livingston fractured why walker. Walker with his body up to about three in my gets passed levee to right side to ramp. Off the street Jeffords a back remiss in direct. Continues to struggle from the field at least three of ten. Lawyers now 5553. Played in this for the third quarter. Kidd Gilchrist backed up on the dribble drive this space the floor correctly get the ball with you back to keep Gilchrist goes up with. Draft pick up a note that in these one off his left shoulder and a rebound goes to dream I agree. Does the board he's got eight this institute voice. Ramallah to time about. Haven't ran very. Slowly walking. Gingerly for the lawyer mentioned he's just now getting to have Courtney. Has put advance we'll take the break. 5553. And the lawyers down by two of the Charlotte on the Golden State Warriors radio network present by winds down efficient ways the warriors. Played back again and play taps it just hit a bucket and worked out of 55. Allied jumper by snaps it stimulates outside the cyber policy. Broadcast Booth Howard gets the ball the left wing Howard doubled it's it's of the too but do spot up three slide in home. Every time the warriors are ready and boys through to get it stop make a run but let's go back with a bucket. Livingston to Pachulia. Lawyers and grizzlies tomorrow night 530 with the tip like snap to snap the key jumper don't get Pachulia with a nasty screen. Hornets going for five. Getting up Kidd Gilchrist Walker's draft. Wall goes to William that a platoon. With two with a wife sidekick Gilchrist is okay apparently. Howard gets it. Nine issue drive dug that up ball locked away picked up by Iran. Throws the lovely to look at that one out to pull up jumper is often the back remiss as tipped out of bounds. Don't get me over the back up but Julia. Consecutive down. Kevin Durant back out there tweaked his ankle. Stepping on the foot of nick but to. We're down by three. Walker finds that currently put too. Look past the link to Marvin Williams could make she's just loner. Off the glass smoke good Kidd Gilchrist of the to go walker opened three out the way in and out of the curious with the rebound walker to a nine now the pool here's the Randy transition pre bought back Rick Smith and Marvin Williams defensive rebounds got the walker right side of the two. Do right by the way your best. Throws the high post our. Howard handoff walker Howard screamed for walker of walker goes normally and yells and draw the foul. I'm Zaza Pachulia. Not to look back to back balance. Kemba Walker on the line. They're working night win. We've that I will be their third heat them up for December which tied him for the franchise record. For wins in December. Nine it won't without Jeff Perry. Good feedback from. Andrews tomorrow. Walker's first recruit good. These second one as well Caroline has denied their largest lead of the game which it. Five point ways look my ninth through Leon snaps with the ball feed through my green. Let's Agilent that they had more liberties to the baseline bounced Matthews that's out of athletes apps that. Shot clock as well play wants to go wide intervals makes got 2000. Thompson run in the words that's now opened with five hits the jumper it's. On the back rim bounced twice to no good. Howard clears the walker. White link that Williams like quarter to kick Gilchrist off the dribble jumper over three months in and out with Julia the rebound sixty to 55. Here's the hornets lead crossover dribble to rant pull up off the dribble jumper and no good he continued legal drama out squat about the ran downstairs we'll make it to the I am on the baseline low life. Kevin Durant it's his third assist of the night. The lawyers right now shooting 42%. From the floor. Yeah foot to the former blazer. Now the white side feet towered Howard takes its when he learned that stuff like. Dwight Howard Judy that would cap and it's at the 6257. Or it's Lee lawyers are two of the hand from the floor. In the second half the two year fees for staff to turn over number twelve walk period transition now might remind green. And that's his second over the team's fourth now believe. In my in the school board. There keep that. Yeah and how much energy in the building tonight. While group with you look at the about you're side with two pulls up eighteen foot straight that would do. He's a streaky shooter he gets it going. It knocked down some shots he is live at seven tonight with thirteen points 6457. Trademark green up job. Proposal far waigel at least levees that work it out walker speaks of like a prominent private spaceflight goes over their head with the gun. Went right around Kemba Walker that's done. Nick the to the mayor's done. Luckily pulls up buyers retreat back William bill good drama agreed that the rebound his dad wrote to the ran ahead of the field a team. Slam. It's a one possession game but the hornets fall. I wrote. Sixty fours 61. Lawyers down by three of the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff efficient ways the warriors. 6461. That. Lawyers now by three but start to get some things going before the attack about golf by Stephen Silas. It's 47 to go in the third Howard gets the ball stuff like that the circle must revise Gaza. That that's a quick chance to all my love to do them any way rotates to kick Guilford rhythm dribble jump shot I think. Kick Gilchrist with a bucket. He's got nine points on four of nine shooting. Which to get that we year's release to it. Played Dobson rifling through to rant rant gliding through street drivel that office put its off Marvin Williams would say goodbye Kemba Walker. Got to the tune out walker gets it back announced it's exactly the truth the Marvin Williams. Sounds emotions that you see shots tonight it's free hand off power goes out layoff is good and I found. At the lawyers a step slow on every rotation out that way and it turns out to be and they have one chance. I Howard patent. And here in double doubles. 685. Hit nineteen we if you. Six players. Averaging twelve point rebound double double fifteen points twelve rebounds varied the free through here. And shallots get a eight point lead that's their largest of the night eighteen points now for Dwight Howard. We six rebounds. Fremont green in the near way with the dribble. Beep to rant rant at the elbow strip that still while walker walker leads a break from reality for the trailing but teamed up Howard but that's Williams they don't get a shot. But zoom forward walkers that three other Whiteside that's no good although hornets had not there they moved to properly direct that dampen their way. He'll pull off from AT and it's not knowing it's around and out yet though good rebound was put to grab it still sixty died at 61 that as favoring Charlotte. The two seed decides to kick Gilchrist who was album they catch likely Townsend and now for the rest of the quarter five minutes and 29 seconds. Every now on you'll stay will put the hornets to the free throw line. Right now applause to a second station identification. On the Golden State Warriors radio network. He championed the Golden State Warriors HT VF Kennedy once. 5%. Free throw Mike picked Gilchrist is no good ivory get Dallas comes in Jordan they'll company. Remind green elf with Julia Allen. Imperiled Brian would this. Attempt to playing in its 500 NBA game. The second free throw is good it's a nine point lead the we're Charlotte. Seventy to 61. He did now likely to have to Terri did fires just break up there were play. They count to ten at seventeenth before he's got 24 points. Seventy to 63. Walker in Bill Murray. For the ORACLE Arena side beat the two girls look now live rattle foot jumper puts it that fall. Flights out of looking for a mass dribbles up the floor wiped out the hard drive I kicked up with the pass deflected it down about soft Kaminsky. Thank Golden State maintains control. 455 left in the court. Rants. Throw it if we get down throw it in Iran currently held by the two. Of those deliveries to. Jeff NAFTA bell won't shoot back to the ran off the dribble shoot over Howard that up for Giffords gave me. This network and adding that gave the ball well tonight but that we'll look really smooth. Five of fifteen. And we're thrilled by Bob. Walker to left off the street moguls jumper. So good rebound Howard now available state that's on clay Thompson but. In the hazard it. And Howard to distract. Dwight Howard worked on his body in the offseason losing. Twenty pounds there weren't. You better go through the room grew so there's been a lot of it's not like who grew its former parent can within that group forms. I'm pretty good speed. But this. The suit for. Everywhere. Who would say. So a very healthy. Two free throws for Howard makes it 72 to 65 he's got when he points I go. Flight down to the far away that his career I feel free throws attempted thirty guys in this building we'll play for Orlando lake capital right side the last group but now for the rebound. Ford had nothing to do. With two. Waits the streams come to build off that screen is back to work past those kick and it will be Carol bomb because now in their well. Replacing Livingston who we'll call bell. Durant get Dallas at times. Batum holes it gets to its feet but the fact of it is. Come flatley has feet frozen out back. Never ever joke video of the ball unless you have a place to you know something to do. They'll hope that you have to wish. Day you have to make here without suitable they toothless court. Bruce the bell bell have lost to the ranch direct comes right feedback to bail off another look at the good guys around Nowitzki got the room. The boy's battle low moments like that that night that I love stop. Charlotte suited for 45%. Thirty of their 72 in the bay towers gifted doubtful that the two might Babbitt too wide open wheel layup. Back to work up by the tube all eyes were on Howard. At 7467. Hornets had fifteen this is their last game they have. Toy right now spell well all the math there ramp it down a bath and that's the fourteenth turnover. Or Golden State and they got the young man. Security staff talking about the possibilities here. They haven't aged now opted it will give them some energy costs. It is now vice Avant. You hands and let me backdoor lob to Howard goes out may have missed the layup inside film as the rebound. We can't leave this that ran his transition Pete looked lost and gone nowhere to go consumers use their Durant. Now Cathy young eagle would yell fire away. Rivaldo good camp good I felt it yet now outfit to read his three toughest. Seven people were seventy sea island gathered there transcript you have down. We will bury the triple. Walker Cup down the lane put down a break people would do stripped out of bounds. The Rand lasted just. It's true beyond. Graham the check back in. Grammy of the two well. It's Alice. Your body knows the play call your shot the basket to our left lands to walker walker almost spelled out get it back middle groups the right way. Graham has it. Offline Howard's screen Graham comes baseline throws left wing and lamb is wide open no good champ all by our. Right tap on the doorstep. 7670. With 245 to go in the third the warriors trailing here. And their usual third quarter magic not in evidence here tonight. Andrei get down. Middle four triples to Belle felt look beyond young that we can look on the golf stuff off the screen by get down to drivel. Rotates to bell McCord felt great to back up to apple want to shoot have to shoot a gun away barely got program. And the ball goes to commit to either walker walker pool that is feeble voice the golf. Hostel that. Walker off the pick lawyers with so walker guarded by itself can't get off the step back goes to grant Graham throws to our. Howard at the right elbow sound too that your bloody get down takes it inside it was to a foul on Andre in the region. Howard is four of six tonight from the free throw line. He'll shoot two more right here. Already the fortitude. 76 point tower misses the free throw. The average wolf for the give up. Whoa six. Second free throw by Howard is up again. So right now they seven point Sheryl Lee. In the words of the working uphill all night long. McCaw has that near side give bill off the story. Hasbro won't shoot Roosevelt Belle looks for Durant one dribble to KB 10 o'clock Katie has it right side Howard's building up but now. Here comes direct killing bill stepped down the belted make wonderful skip it outside the young have to take it shot 801 o'clock and it. Rabbi Howard today air ball. The shot clock violation crowd wanted to go after the ball was throwing weight she. Again the way you're struggling to get shots up. You can land the ball. Leave office revised our land thriving in bill goes up double clutched a good tip that they would live right hand. Nice tip nine point lead for Charlotte. Matching their largest of the game. 797058. Seconds to go in the third quarter fell. Feet to get down they get now outside New York. Very rotates to the ran the ran. Come right off of the costs three double that NAFTA like the ghost of a common cause with war young make flyby three ball. And I got this yard advantage by a third they're gonna take a look at it. Might not hold up for the three. Slam of the ball near way. Office created by Howard comes little data lanes. It's a bad shot over Jordan bell mobility you now have the rebound bouquets to ran the backward down the 45 seconds of your rant. Little becoming humans outside. And come over on top of the warriors logo. The state of California with the star of the Bay Area that old logo of the sleepy Floyd Dave. Lee was huge the you have to laugh goes down left I've got up so that was sort of found. Katie the free throw line. In Durant talked about. His belief that he would actually get better. I don't I don't know exactly power play the last few veterans to smallest of although it was just. Thought the future is she grown that would be satisfy. Right and divisions is. It came so continue to sit well I'll get close to where I was would be. Of course the first free throw good for Durant young Al Andrea bond in. For defense. Ten point four on the clock for Charlotte. This to try to cut the lead down. The fun. Granted that. 7974. Ramp athlete now here come glam slam the front court. Got a by itself crossover dribble to apathy jump around the way at the back where of this Durant got the rebound a deck of the shot off. As the buzzer sounds and we've got twelve more minutes left that oracle. And the lawyers have work to do track it gave you a great homestand seventy 74. Sharon out adaptable but it's not that oracle the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down because you weigh on the war. Seventy dived 75. Is the score when we love Hewitt said the guys if before they cases McKeon. 22 or three. And it's those. Now a four point game. Always like when you score in the plot them. Always thought. Orders data they're going at the basket that north metaphorically here in the fourth quarter with Goldstein has worked today. Down by force Kaminsky the kind of glam slam driving game goes up rejected by west for the foul on the drive. Let's see who's gonna get that call Mark Davis for the league's best with a call. And it's that we Audrey get down. So lamb has some free throw line. Can you Kaiser permanent dates go we're still going out down at the staples the only corporate to a ten point lead 8272. 206 to go in the third. Eighteen seconds left. In Sacramento and it looks likely to live there want him to world war. Lamb. Makes one of you we missed the first made the second. With eighty to 75 Charlotte the Charlotte loses this game they're gonna look back at. Eleven missed free throws here's west with a ball down low level bank got a yeah. It's now what you think Dwight Howard is five of the eight and it's been to his wife were show Lance girls to have the circle won't you. Retreats. Got the Howard Howard working out west why can't dribble it throws down. Wrote Jimmy Carter Williams over to grant his jumpers not the program to build good. I corralled by Edith now. He is now up to the your sideline that Johnson. Johnson throws the west west build or for the white hair. Looks burka that NAFTA collected by Howard get beat it by Howard tipped my lamp battered Ford like Graham and it goes out of bounds to the warriors. But because Charlotte never possessed the ball the shot clock never looked at Golden State Dallas eight seconds. To get a look. Fremont greed out there in the third quarter at three assistant for rebounds. Ball that you get down quick hit. Here I'm grateful dropped slightly long distance missed it up there in the Carter Williams the former rookie of the year for Philadelphia. Gets the rebound. Start the sequence for the past Kaminsky. Lamb comes off ice cream goes to Carter Williams getting plenty of room now he thrives on drama goes downstairs to our. Howard chase after the hit the ball the corner beef Graham what goes reverse layup put scorers but crosscourt pass by Howard leads to a back cut and I'll lay out. That should not have happened 8277. Sharyl. If Howard granted it is to have a good game. Here you gave drama green up to up feet west west awful want dribble spinning through. Knocking down a little over the right game. David West is now the crease. If the Charlotte beat beds inside. Reportedly for the war that we played two minutes before ports lamp off Howard K want to get down through it again. Wrote it it was. Well she's out of the game ram random drive by drama which Carter Williams of the dribble. Moving nicely Johnson off balance one yet well there are no good and strong left before the play play some stuff that little deep young well look like the young grabbed it. Lady yet to revive wide open this debris like get to forget now layup good slot while I am very much goes back up but flew to fill up like Nowitzki. Warheads. Survive there lamb. Penetrate dot Nowitzki itself but it took three and it's no good revamp our goes right through them. The ram run off the line dribble drive goes up blocked him out with a little foul. Foul calls or 188 favoring the road team but. Not them with a found on our young again. They're milligrams. The library and hitting a long leash here from mark. News. Hall come in for Nikki. 8279. And Graham. But she makes the first street north 8370. Second what Adelaide it's good. Takes a lot of energy to work from behind all night long. That's who schooled student dumb golf. Record backward by Carter Williams is a good defenders. Office place but not get that back in the gulf of great. Williams went down. Not sure he got murdered up to 8480 want to write about got thirteen is says. Now fourteen for example. They updated the staff. We'll finally quadruple he's now our jump got right elbow banker op Ed good. Carter Williams at provide got tangled up he but I have that. And there are some stairs to the players going out Dow closed 8681. Five point lead that. For the want a straight line right box. Kind of like Nowitzki jumbled up not that Thompson needed now interior Matt's last. But west can't do it you look at the Howard the book because this story build good Nowitzki with a good feeling defensive rebound. Through my dreams career high is sixty use it more importantly the ways he's a staff down by plywood a fourteen to go. Slam doubles over the events here. Nowitzki guarded by Johnson with his backside into obscurity you so running flip shop but it's up a good. Part is that that was bluntly about what that Jefferies casters like an up there 8881. Kaminsky that would. For about a staff slaves. Point guard here as Nancy get down on goals by lamb lamb goes up it lays that is easier golf time. All the lawyers were right there. Down 8480 wanted but six point to the hurry for the hornets and at that nine point lead for Charlotte 746. Ago. In the fourth quarter of the pathetic you think you'll see what your radio network presented by wind stuff. If issue wings of the warriors. Let go through the gauntlet down out there down 1981. And they are heading toward it trouble right AMOCO the body is now up to optically to have to back very. It throughout the drama. Remind waiting downstairs last working on Howard goes up walked the walked out of now for the worst turnover. Let's turn over number sixteen. That. For the game. It's quite here oracle acquired most that I commit usable stuff. Looking for anything free to through our. Now it's at the walker walker picked up the dribble and gets it to Dwight Howard Howard working out very bottom right hand terrible. Howard doubled have to like it goes right commits get deep three from the right angles off let's go Jim and ski from way downtown. Makes it that B 381 that's the first double digit lead of the game for either team. Straight month great feat the last seventy Fuller itself but no walker with a rebound. Here come the hornets go the other way. Walker currently shifts that sort of land. Lamb waved admits he threw. It to the dribble throws than our our worker west. House. Look at triple shot clock hit five people land and it's up against the hornets have done this on my long they've but the weeks that and that's a great NASA's out of that may lead by fourteenth. ID 581 west left elbow jumper missed skipped out might get down ramped graphic back ram. And the hornets got the energy they had the gap that's their bet she's up. And into this one Jasper Howard's own label clients up with a that great line straight month now that last last. Dribbles it deep deep down that snaps that the three of those good for my effort for the at that Hillary. Re about what's not to be denied fair. 9583. Even silence of flopped about the flight school. It's your pick go to war that replaces the liberty to outfit that featured. No word ago shot up the firm red rebound ram goes up straitjacket that's the way it by the David left behind Erica great mind. Takes the ball the front court that Thompson makes it fires that braves giving short redoubt right to our. Howard had a double double. As well worn it's when they do that we'll widely is that what goes in you you might get journalists they feel a little bit. Walkers they did throw down. And Howard with a jumper. Op client the year Thompson pulls down the rebound outlet that great about Warner's slow run all of my red mud goes in strip while walker gets it back. Spent away from walker who steals it and save that one motion that Howard whose. Although the open floor by David West just a spectacular hustle play were Campbell walker of the Charlotte hornets. He stayed with it took it away from great migraine and then say it as it was going out of bounds. And it. You will be a sign out for. The hornets. Just before half court. Here's walker. All star a year ago high post to our pressured by Jordan bellows champions. Walker gets it back cowards at the streak at the switch jumper by walker topic. Oh lead that. Is 1497. To 83 Livingston that provide very. What does the hornets were well schooled they're ready for the warriors tonight to rant contested jumpers but that temporary or KP. Eleven point game with four and a half ago still time. Margin of error razor thin walker. Waits these commits to. Shows the ball reverse pivot and flipped it to the zoo but to sit through my right elbow. Those Nowitzki that he was miserable that a rookie guard advisory apple faithful think Wasilla now Kate he found about the second both make. And now would commit to the free throw line. If the united tell you about the out of the game of the nation checked out tonight item in the game get 50% off select warriors new era. Free throw collection hath. This exclusive offer is only available while supplies last await future out of the game to out of warriors the story tonight now. For the could have threw some of the Jumbotron earliest. Kaminsky to get too down. Teammate nick YouTube. And its not booked solid down the warriors. Most of your team better get assisting them in the other way to pay so. Editors found them on the big return the thing about the we've been talking about we put it to fall one game powerful instrument. Compete in Houston Kansas State in Washington because it's so good it. And it didn't reigning champ Jessica. The thing to rest of them try to create something. That he had both would do checked back in so it was like to opposite in my agree the front court Durant turned to shoot stuff now a fifth. Ballot three pointer with two boys that block hit frail in his momentum carried that they gave the maybe it would knock it down a chance for four point flying. There's still 406 to go. And we know the lawyers could make up nine points of it in a minute and change. And Kevin Durant hit his free throw that's exactly what it will be. On nine point game. 9989. Durant. Would 26 point given 27. And the warriors. There's still. Most of 72 run for Golden State. Crowds big games for it with a ball Whiteside walker as the great office screaming knock it down it gets it right back just like that. That's the pressure right nearby Kemba Walker. Walker now would totaled thirteen point straight month read dribble drive down the lane left if they dropped classic. Yet getting the point might not be the problem for the warriors. Somehow. Getting the staff give me. Florida seven flawlessly there fugitive walker satellite that overthrew about the air ball Howard gets jumbled live side of that dog. Michael Kidd Gilchrist it was slam it down towards got the stop they want it because this the shot was so badly shot by. Walker. Is that the lapels. Dwight Howard down here's Livingston driving on walker. Creates not jackets have found walker in now at least over the line. Well for daddy to have the hornets who called time out. 313 to go on a vodka the lawyers radio network. Back at oracle freed thirteen to go hornets lead they change. They have a double walker hit a three data to a moment ago. And so now it's 105. To 92. For its leading by thirteen with 313 to go. And free throw for child will leave that up again. 849 left out staples which guys are Burnett they scoreboard LA clippers not double Los Angeles Lakers 101 to 86. Dwight Howard as evidence systems gave tonight show and that is tied his career high. Two free throws for Livingston players Downey lab at 307 ago. Nothing but staff now would you the walker. Not the right hash mark beat our Howard's got 45 points work and upgrade Bob ball knocked away. Howard's been delayed for very much athleticism Guilford tees off when he takes that jumper giving no good. Long rebound over the gulf war and frantically tap to grab the exit left side. Clients through in my grade. Drama comes to the right weight can't go off to rant doubled back that very much through in my lob that I've probably could not the way by the long arm of the two who bat the ball a walker. And with two and a half ago. It's very tough right now for the warriors. Walker puts on the breaks. Between the circles that are much clock down to just squeeze it. Walker gets his looks kind of like Graham on durables and shoots over trail by a topic get rattled at home Campbell walker. Now five of sixteen for sixteen points it's 107 the night before. Where did you get some shots up here with 203. To go your rant. Trail while but do feature in my dream but down the lane closed up again. It did with the ball pressure out walker to get this. Move a little bit quicker. Skies ahead valid for the night voyage data level than than a decade ago. Flights out. They double T walker made toward its go to Howard Howard it was to 5 o'clock they get so far side Kidd Gilchrist. Off the dribble jumper goes good offensive rebound Howard and a fresh clock for the hornets. Dwight Howard's been really good tonight. 45 points twelve rebounds that's evidence this. He catch it at the clock started violently to. Sizable let's go baseline into a double seamstress whistle found. And that sense as scurried toward the exits tonight. Howard who has been. But he sounds like tonight's vital maintenance to distract warriors. Had a chance to go up by three games over the rockets with a win tonight. That to be satisfied. More than likely with a two game lead. Speaker has to time out. Howard his whole free throws speaker will use while those right now 1099 B six hornets won 42 to go on the lawyers radio network. Went on I 96 minutes late to to go. So far the hornets to play well the toughest schedules in the league. Television crews as it is the toughest. So far the association. But. They've only played this will be their fifty throw game they play play home games that got broke games killer. Maybe this will be digging in the count propels them to win some of those games. They have winnable road games on this trip back clippers at. Sack and know that lakers but this was swamp they didn't count there by thirteen minutes way to go Livingston the loonie Thelma law and beyond. Right side young with a dribble down the bell bell. Of tap young I'll take take to dribble takes a very high in the air act remiss. Tip rebound and goes to Marvin Williams seemed like every 5050 ball tonight since gone the Charlotte they've had the energy they've had the bounce and was. Starting off on the road trip. But to near side. Russa Howard Howard Weil while we'll lose. Why hand your book comes middle snag goes up yet Flutie with a shoulder shelled on Howard that time. That's out here for the hornets. For me. Will benefit from this diploma too early to tell them. Two and twelve of the road. Stephen Silas of the takeover team midstream without any. Fanfare just a phone call one day hey coaches that doesn't feel alone here to go lie. And Bannister did LaMont. You know that's the clippers back on the sidelines of Temps in the NBA's better. We view on the sideline coach Howard hits the free throws to make 111 to 96. And the weighs just didn't have the energy much very similar to the Denver game we saw here at home very very strange word to. You have energy of a hole for a while loading drive probably had scored over Marvin Williams. Nice bucket to make it 111 the 9835. Seconds ago. The two teams will split the season series. And for the hornets. Facing the lawyers that are record now all time only 28 at 28. We'll snapped a streak of seven straight losses the travel on Dwight Howard. We try to make the move the three point line. Which have lost seven straight to the lawyers. Seventeen seconds abilities to baseline she's a high floater off Atlantic up again. 111 to 100 that's going to be your final tonight Kemba Walker will take you across the timeline. And the shower hornets number Oakland and again a huge road win as they beat the defending champions. In a very sour. We have got to move there we their spirits and they start it in West Coast road trip.