Warriors Replay vs Denver 12-23-17

Warriors Replay
Saturday, December 23rd

In case you missed the Warriors 96 to 81 loss against Denver, check out the Warriors Replay.


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Well lawyers tonight they got Denver and that their vertical other half of very if these pieces there without Paul Millsap these. Very but of course the warrior injury story. Much more severe than that Wilson Chandler the battered in its tenth year out of default. Start to the small forged by years gone by BM BA had numerous players from the ball. Not so much anymore jailer averaging. A total of nine point eight point tonight shooting 42 for Japanese coming off 811 point eleven rebound effort. Last night it for the 68225. Out. He is thirty years of age. Makes it probably will start alongside acquired last year that deal with Wharton for use if they're just. And that the six elevenths plot only part of the formally Brothers averaging just shy of seven points 57% the field only 39%. From. The free throw line down the hill yelled at the very talented young Serbian extensive fifty in his third year he is averaging sixteen point. Can't rebounds four point 5% shooting 51%. From the field 39 outs that the market 86 at the stripe. Two other talented young players the Canadians for pitched their Jamal Murray played college ball at dot he still only twenty years of age in his second year. Averaging fifty points that night and he is a dead eye shooter theory carries out Michigan State like a lot of former Spartan. Kind of why that you play in the league had good growth. Sixty voice tonight 48% from the field 38 from the strike 78 from the line. And he averages for his fifth as well he looked out seventy. Gave every bit back seventeen game. If you return for an early season shoulder injury on November the seventh team. Warriors guard Kevin Durant. Along with they find ways Jordan fell right down to have to applaud their way to start hopefully. Countless late Tuesday that people would treat the town across the front white letters wife who broke the fact that. Yet for wearing hold wiped out the world with live coverage outlined to go all the back blue letters and gold letters saying that it's across the front. Opening tip patrolled by Golden State they're going right to left on your radio dial here tonight. Actor but gone with the ball flight to cutter Kevin Durant Natalie docudrama green white the key. Left wing look off behind the back dribble get to the made bounced past the other side to bail shows the ball off the Fremont five issued flyers don't play it very carefully to open the story that I. Very gliding down the far side past the hare told the ball is right here. Just didn't throw the hash mark. Pairs look to float it down guilty chances Terry to faces guarded by the very much you to over the top of aim and scores. Just slip that one through. Easily. Effortlessly. 45 seconds did tell the ball to the range. Michael gauntlet gone on the bounced the brave mind started by a lovely lovely takes a swipe at the ball three months left foot pivot if discreet and Klay Thompson looked for an advantage does it get it now clay fires to the way but probably a good closeout perfect man. Pulpit like clay step back off the dribble fake and it's a great itself but no good at Chandler with a rebound behind the back. Got it over the Murray. Back it jailer. They play catch Yokich comes up top you'll take a readout on the way it's no good regatta like great fun fouled by a marine you rated to him inadvertently. And then helped her in my up. That means to do it. Where can throw me in the back court. Well but it grew late arriving ground at 530 start always through some people off the course of the holiday time as well lots to do. Kevin Durant with the ball flights clay Thompson straight up jumper on the weight right. Rattled it popped out globally one hand the rebound. Built dribbled up he's a good ball handler for a big man and a pretty good master full to downstairs to yell if you heard the shots up over felt so good deflected a wave of Bob's got it. I'm the white sidelight to the ranch. With the dribble left mantra will put the backside hit them very dropped a double double team shoots over that short. At Chandler with the board for them to Denver to a thirteen to go first quarter of life. It's great to gain. Points that out globally. Couples enhance off the hairs here is comes to the right. Retreat with the white can't dribble. Still waiting gets to picks that sets his feet lets it fly the three ball no good of Wellfleet. Got hurt and he is behind the play your country in my green by about four feet book mama cause downstairs the belt lawyers lost their advantage and belt travel. But builds it up by about four it did not get it done. And slowly Joseph Downey Hertz up the because he walked right over to the bench. And his lefty and I think he dislocated finger because the way. They're athletic trainer. And they Amber's got the call time out to get this addressed and they will. Three to the score warriors not daft night 47 to go the first we'll take a break up the lawyers radio network presented by wait staff because she wins the war. Joey brother why Garrett did JT or those leaders three officials tonight. Great to start guy 47 Denver had to call a timeout if you're the basic wobbly dislocated a finger but he is heading back. Odds of the war. Rodriguez now upgrade my great returns last night speaker thought that was very important. Great to have. Dream on back after this absence from any he brings and energy to the game and otherwise was lacking both he and Andre you know coming off. Injury and illness. We needed both of them. Glumly as. Two fingers taped together on its left him so hopefully he is okay. Six cats from Chandler he's outside the Arctic to dribble in frozen Marie topic he came all the way and it's good Denver out tap for very. You have to be able to. Keep that up with a very easily dangerous shooter now he's lurking behind macaw macaw have to wait. They count to the bring the ball off pass it back to clay to bail the green green. Just ask you who ran the ran down the middle loft the ball turn over warriors Marie. Has numbers now four out to left side Chandler all the way goes up jacket I pray god that. The way the public to a first there's no loose ball found its wolf that Chandler and brave my grade. What did he say. Just disrupted the fast break it to the advantage away from the nuggets. It's timing on his blocks is exquisite. Call. Across the town. Logo great jab of the people who work all they had to change warship last night to tonight from the red true warrior. Logo to the town local play taps to get the shot it up off the rim though good in rebounder Marie Marie. Comes to the far wings can't off the Harris back to Marie but deflected out of bounds likely Townsend. He anticipated the pass and knocked it away. Lawyers at six scoreless possessions four of which have resulted in this shots. 43 Denver's. Chandler. To Marie Marie high post got the open field which Terry to basis and a three looks decide to go elsewhere picked up the group. Looking at by the chancellor of the luckily it takes to come right now but the key. Draws to now they both go away so Chandler launch is that it's a great. Drain money KD got confused. Seven straight now for the nuggets to lead by four. Jordan bell the rookie organs start to the pastor straight month. Bill gets tablet he falls to the outside to the rant. Waits in the screen is set now they'll releases catches rotates to drama white corner three for grandma that doesn't fall and Marie with a rebound. Very mild the only makes so far for Golden State Harris Terry like court shovel the wildly baseline no where to go through it away half that anticipated instilled a path. People call middle of floor last week Iran he'll fire away off the program that goes and Horry got a body that Townshend and kept him off the glass. Marie goes to the quarter there's Chandler Chandler lets it go that up but no good and all the sudden the game. Being played a warrior like snakes. Fremont green. Pete Townshend of the right way. Clay will work it up the left side ball goes to ran at the elbow jumper traffic short rebound loose and if Chandler up with a for the white clad nugget. 73 Denver. 730 left in the first. It's inside joke it sealed off re MI and over the tap me for Marie and you know could table the score low laughed. It's 93 Denver. Speaker wants to talk it over. The lawyers will call time they've managed only three points in the first four minutes at 44 seconds we'll take the break Stanford Golden State three. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by when stuff. The official way of the war. Kaiser Permanente scoreboard as of three is Charlotte Milwaukee 85 at Charlotte eighty Juan in the fourth Indiana 92. At Brooklyn 84 at 123 runs the now thirteen to three run for the pacers. Start or play taps and the ball after the timeout for the lawyers felt as if they'd both left side guarded by Leo we've just heard that you doberman not sit down. It's capped that scoring possession. By possession seven minutes ago just inside of them. That it suitable outside Yokich. Rose downstairs to well while we got to bide your rant. Wants to go right answer will come middle stops now nowhere to go behind the back group like the grapevine heard over here go straight month lob bail. Don't get why. And it's night that's seven. Weighted down by two that was nasty. Globally. Looked at the parents there is down the lane his NASA flight did not the way and they'll pick it up now on the break lost the ball picked it up. My stuff to look late to the corner because they'll drive based like goes up over Yelp it gets harder. I am last piece of Bryant could not get and I went six for Golden State has denied they gave up. We are five seconds away from the halfway point. Public got this guilty of staff of the key dribbles the far away stop that locates Marie off the streets. Marie waits waits waits at now looked at high post geo pitched. You know respect the basket turning dribble out wide in terrible Terry fadeaway jumpers got shot in and out rebound their rent. Iran with a ball. Surveys the floor feeds fell middle who dribbled over the drama. Grapevine takes its middle. Backdoor cuts JD gets the layup chance it won't go but it was a little foul on Chamblee. And Kevin Durant hits to the free throw line. And the lawyers have called Oakland home for four decades that's why they're probably. Paying tribute to the town would this year slate statement that they should be apartment by Nike supports the deficits now. With a new of the town jerseys available to any warriors team store location that mind their boy you're stuck out. I'm not sure they if you order a low wave dot com right now if you get in time for the maybe. As they might be worth term with Jack. But there are thirteen stores they're warrior team stores located now all over the Bay Area Seton go to warriors dot com final location near you. And get that last set it stocking stuffer for the warrior fan in your life. Maybe it says Kevin Durant town Jersey Katie is hit two free trip. The level of dive lawyers who will do their effectively to the captive. Second chance he'll pitch a jab faked a handoff turned left ventricle to decide if that over that to the way up that now McMurray. Ford. Has checked in version of the terrible drive at a whatsoever Fallon he's that you do. This first town along tell us he will port without a head band. If you were to head dance tonight going. The sand has been. Here is to bomb Marie on the free throw line. But. This burn. Seventh pick of the 2016 ground. Political thought he had 20152006. Feet. First team all SEC break my great gets a breather he's out of Greig at Dallas in. Murray the orange bill Rapp. In Kitchener Ontario. One of two in the free throw line here it's eleven to ten lawyers that app. Started Demi career marine missed his first seventeen shots fell down the lane from Durant missed the layup and the rebound. The grabbed in this by a Lyles. Former Utah Jazz players kicked him. With that tonight tree lines fall inside. Public good ball fake strip for the play by Iran now bale lost it backed up wildly they'll feed Harris cab late one hander no good they fight for the rebounds wildly again fresh clock for Denver. Barton doesn't waste time. Launches a free gap vote good. At bell with the board and the ball and get to the KD. Ranked in the front court whites I adapted it to Korea the way it up but no good. Marie bounces up the pulled and the rebound orders up one or 45 to go in the first. CNET. Nine scoreless possessions in the first five minutes of the game. Downstairs ball goes the box Lyle were cannot plate out to turn it drops to go that's the way I. Kevin Durant. And. Today that I have now wired up block that shot. He's averaging over to ignite the warriors lead the MBA in that category. Kevin Durant his defense. Continues to get better. Not stagnant he's not who we is a lot you still like them that who that player is it. Not in PDs case he's getting better while to a three steps down may have nailed it right off the year bounce. Buried it and Deborah takes a two point lead thirteen to eleven. While very smooth release that time. If you get doubt to the ranch to ram would force another tactic to jumper that hit down. Nicely gave a thirteen. 350 our camera made a quarter number one's. Spartan. The Lyles back to Barton helped out on the screen by a lovely dribbles it to Harris hairs retreats to the middle. There is backed up they get down low a former budget. In his way he drives left off a streak comes to the base like to stop the other way is to go Lyles and now he stepped on the baseline. They had hairs and that's not about so if you have 335 to go first quarter life as the first damn someone would step at a bouts with the ball. Tonight you are when it. Country is now in the back. Contact RC Davis. And words that now for your growth during it with a ball. On the valves to bell. There rant this rose grate away the a young man who would disrupt the duly noted that the call about a young young made that he would bring it to backfire missive Val. With the office subordinated now cutting inside young. Good makeup dot the other Red Hook that up operate. Nice groove like that yeah. Lawyers go back out to fight to fifteenth the thirteenth but that Blake kept alive from the activity of Jordan bell. It's act three minutes remaining in the first quarter Harris. Faces up with a terrible couldn't shake the golf ball into the far side the greats now. Support Barton off a lovely screen part leaves his seat locate the Ares who gets open on the light side that's a situation like Gary Harris for the advantage another three. For the nuggets. Denver's three of seven from distance Golden State one of seventh. At the ranch to bring the ball up. Grant them down the near side goes last drop of ballot up the bill good the foul beyond Craig. And I'll put Kevin Durant. To the free throw line. If you're wondering about Torrey Craig he is only the second NBA player to come from USC. Upstate. That's not a campus in northern Los Angeles that's in South Carolina. And undrafted in 2014. They really like to be placed party gets after people on defense. And he's been playing more. Lately off the bench for dead bird Becky start a couple of games and played more. For the nuggets until their traffic. But. Last year for the reason main bullets in the Australian and BL. It was the MB LD that the players the Ares I XX 250. Kevin Durant makes one makes two. And it's seventeen this sixteen KD just like he always does. Yes export duties that category gets a one quarter eight the next six thing it's six and look around moments that he's got. What do you point to go to carry middle. Washington a viable when he gets a left shoulder flip flopping gift and a state team this seventeen Denver you'll be back out there and booty out for the first time. Here comes young dribbles gaps that did great fake shot she already carefully be missed that and the read out what the Lyles who entities Yokich. Easily on the floor of the first time now Michael that the belief. Terry Lyles left in horrible death to report click so what launches a police misfired that was sort of now down low. At this will go against Golden State. Already cast B picks up the found. Fourteen fallible team before the minute 58 to go in the court. JT or. Directs Denver to throw the ball in on the 880 sideline below the hash mark. It's enough to out. Depart the former Portland trailblazers street by he'll pitch count dribbles it throws out guilty joke is open Pickett's buffet jumpers off the front rim off the glass and no good. Gas through the rebound Kevin Durant. The ran off the screen comes down the middle right hand hook shot felt good Lyles as it endeavor wants to run south pass in traffic get dangerous one. But Barton corral that gets to the Craig now afraid just fired at the break. Regatta goes to KD. Hard off the glass takes the right side. Holds up with a minute 48 to go to court can't be in the middle. Jeffrey brings it to the far side Pete Iran. The rest draws loud and now we get the defense of three as a result. And it's not Yokich who was in no man's land and not guarding anybody. Sometimes I think lawyers tended to look in this in this current. Group of lawyers then went to remind greens on the floor they tend to look for Kevin erratically Temps a lot efficient double faults are full ray players skipped the Rana. Regular season and the finals MVP and he hits the technical free throw. So that I think that they need to get that look for their own little bit more than than they do but that's just me. Including the cast beats Daffy downstairs with Iran and it's not about to turn off. Rooms trying to seal off Lyles down there. Heard over and over for on Golden State Denver has to say. Worked at a eighteen with a minute thirteen to go first quarter Playboy or shooting only 33%. The field damper and around 36 point eight. It's a tough back to back both teams played last night 7 o'clock or later at 530 start tonight you're not gonna hit a crisp fourth quarter that scenario part. With your head fakes doubles goes up. Passes to Bayside Yokich bearish awfully good Yokich was wide open on the left baseline. And played eighteen Denver. You can now they. Here's gas beyond the far side dribbles and I'd get it's got to eat it now filter in the quarter gambling little clip of the right hand shortfall lose the calf. We might forecast with a rebound. Don't deduct up to KD 35 seconds bounced nasty get Dow thirty seconds to go hill shoot itself but no good and the rebound alliance. We've should get the ball back Philip about. Six seconds to change depending on how deep Deborah. Well on this clock stamp the team found again been barred more stuff like that the logo with the dribble will Barton waiting down. Right hand left hand. Left hand weights become left to the center before it started while Williams was shot clock if you we've got to go bulls got the job for south and at the back Iron Man is tipped off but it applied to amber about your that's Lyles or correct. Cast lead on the left side with four seconds with three. Crossover dribble go Smartphone to lop off a classic. What point six development water beautiful blue bike after a while back for all the way down there and misses to the rise. So called day we'll go to the bench down by two. At the end that wanted desperately to. All the states want a second tour actually upcoming. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff if there's two ways toward. What they do twice Denver with a lead at the end of want to after games ever brought to about mountain Mike's pizza. And where to go through a sluggish first quarter should be 33%. Denver tapped to lead you to Wally. Just that as crisp as you apply. Hours before turnovers. Except who that way. But no one stat that will tell you what's going on Kevin Durant. Has seven points to pace the warriors. Eight points critical Leo it's great together. TJ Jackson not Twitter at warriors much for your Felix's needlessly all the way to work TJ. Drive safe work well. It's their replies and three steals over around Leesburg will slots if you believe demand. These nights they average almost nightly game Phillips now the equally troopers say yeah it's got to wait it now a top and add great picked his pocket Padre whether feel that if you want one bounce pass Kathleen could. Embed slam that tied the game. Baghdad boards deals. Andre Iguodala. With a nice play part pick if not Theo could double clutched the foul line outside the home. Holyoke if they sell player. Fiercely Sampson. Triple suppliers that would Fremont street west to get the Allen can't be heated now between the circles. Looking for taps at the night nearby great west gets its Lago doesn't speak not to opt out get foot jumper at that too. Were flat at 44. Great example of the using of Zeke got there I go in they come back out to where you were before. Spartan the Lyles he fakes dribbles into trouble. Picks up the dribble locate Barton outside groups with Mike Green and get down Lyles gets achieved over Andrei right side triple let's go west with a rebound. And a foul on west will. Give the ball back that day every few. Yokich got hit the jobs. And the inside out. For Denver. Great throws it into. Yeah this looks for the backup file Lyle withdrew about play that purposely. Yokich downturns it faces and Lyles goes all the way outside to get the ball not guarded by West Coast which pulls up jumper on the way not the cowboys drew laughter. His jumper looks a lot better than what it he did need you to on. It's very smooth. 4644. Denver which I don't remember it looking at smooth that you talk slates out to the jumper he had what a lot they'll both of play what back to back buckets. And we're data 46. Played a minute 48. Of the second quarter important to the right side. Retreats guided by west looks for entry passes by DO pitch. He's at the right box. Shows the ball looks about the death comes middle travel go call loose balls go by for in my field over 53 in my hand off the clay at this to turn over. Also number five has come Gregg with a beautiful passage side and the lay up is awfully good Bible week Beasley. Use the inside hand on the levs at the bucket. That protected from anyone tried jalla to 2846. The nuggets lead. It now with a ball. You can get their twelfth straight wood trim on the clay takes of allied topics like getting it to its own right now. Dislike that the first three buckets for clay. All here in the second quarter over for the first he's three of three in the second. That's 28 fart. Lyles good make terrible draft shoot the floater out of one Nokia but there's yup it's right on the doorstep to tip within. Do you ever get a point where they want now 3028 tree in my grade math stolen away by Barton. Partly to break the other way it goes around Cathy flipped about those good though lake Wasilla found Tony Brothers decided they can't be. King that she got into big boys. Second team now on go to stay hey I know we're way over due stations I apologize. We don't even hear our C news makes an executive decision. On the fly and that's why he gets paid the big books. Well important free throw line with the Padilla. Martin talked about his role with them. This guy who's who Libyan leader I've got to change the pace of the game isn't there a score of course regardless burned a lot of energy. Play hard every game of our teammates above me please. And just do he has to do to of this team makes. Both free throws and now it's ivory is now on the go beating David blasted his left hand layup but gambling that scores over young pitcher at 3230 game. This group leading flights news. Madness my apartment now Leo it's great it's in the wild wings he veto this doorway by west 43 steal mystic let's wait Johnson throws it right back. As royal bank for awhile back it down get that the Barton Barton outside the arc is to ask you might get down and the shot clock was skating team. Chandler. Will champion. Yokich goes out so damn we're going really small here. We Lyles she gambler. Easily Barton. And gray. 67 guys out there right now here's 1000 small town were gonna outlast them over to Bart. If you can't reject my crease bounced NAFTA lie military bases and buyers won't go rebound dribbled. Eight and to go first after a month. Cast lead dribble hand off the announced it sounds simple to downstairs to west. Labels got away that down away he knows when asked him middle draws a crowd feeds like small stake terrible drive off the west out that dream about Whiteside ivory white cooler clay. Buyers away at the three ball won't go after the offensive rebounds conflict about it after the goes up but it block the way Martin comes up with a I was almost a spectacular sequence Barton behind the backs. Shoveled the Lyles trailing he'll take the three back guy in this deflected run down wife gambler for Denver. Chandler for the nuggets to Bart. 730 to go Deborah do good make my court and down the lane and play but green knocked it away that's an offensive back. How on Wilfork who were blaring out Andre mind. Through my grave right there to deny it will Barton. It now walked it up Michael Malone up off the Denver bench very good coach very good defensive coach. Really helping this club my belly is now might play Thompson he pulls up but traffic shot short and Gregg pulls down the rebound. Amber wants to push tempo here seventh and Miguel first half 3230 nuggets. Barton. Waiting dribbling one on one goes Whiteside the chancellor back depart. Martin trying to probe the defense of west be Lyles Lyles those cards may have to handoff to the cutter Chandler blocked quite. Get that off but those fall apart anyways they have low last. And gold they will call time 3430. Denver with a four point lead. Lawyers will talk it over 651 to go this jacket. The pathetic Chevy Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wings down. The official wings of the warriors. 651 Miguel in the first half. Read that ignite feed the thirteenth favoring Denver flights now since. Three of ten from the field poll for outside the arc. McCaw. Two west now west indeed west turtle jump over the white get back Arabic sport and pulled them. 3430 Denver 635 to go in the second Morton will stop it from the nuggets bench. Wait who shiver move my young stumbles Roosevelt up errors down the lake goes off at it and it got fouled. Harrison the beautiful blue. Thirteenth Alan Goldstein is vows not David West. That's going to be his first found. But it's about Paul Millsap left wrist. Ligament injury and Emmanuel moody and the right ankle sprains pulled out for tonight's game. That night to hunt for Denver to leave by 7373670. Miguel. In the first down on a west passes to young young the look on the same spots of the clear up what's ideal feet down the three of my great. Remodel expert got it to Randy why don't put that put two hand slam for TV. Big gavel laid off the job. Got open and threw it down. It's the lights out important dribbled off result of what goes like the look on what golf wants to bush takes. The lake does not. They've got fouled. We have very good driving all the way if that's what we do that's what's gonna do hit the ball go up the flag. Give it to Rivet here at the open floor. He's athletic enough to do it. Now it's at Stanford have one who's making it two point game we have steps that we did this score it would Yokich. And Jordan now. Yeah. I felt course. Right now what the downtown at least we get a little all the injuries he now leads all rookies and field goal. Percentage she qualifies and blocked shots. Per game. Bell. Currently shooting at 72%. From the floor in Guinea one point one block to catch him prove. He's. Benefiting from all the attention through guys like erratically jobs. Free throw different gone two point game. Very penetrate its flights Chandler he'll drive down off BellSouth classic. West was waiting for me in the middle he drifted ever so slightly to his left and they Houston home. We'll call the ball mill wolf war. Rant flashes through the cardinals the right wing white base like doubled he blasted traffic goes up off the plastic get it to gambler defensive rebound. 515 to go in the first down. Chandler waits throws it down the okay. Spears out there Randy is bumps about a bounce great feat by you know it gets it up tap they Harrison dribbles happened bales of Brady. Seven point lead for the nuggets who have outscored the lawyers. Well there's three from the three point line 4235. Stealth approach for director rant wasn't looking and it goes right out of bounds right by here. Alabama's. Step carry out the warriors match tonight in street clothes good side. Now warming up before the last two games in. Well you if you could have seen the scrutiny even today early game on a Saturday during the holidays. People watching staff warmup lewis' remarkable here's Erik takes all the way to the rack puts it up over belts and a good and it found. And we'll put Harris to the free throw line. They'll gets his first. Now call on the night against him. He talked about how he. Learned that dunk the ball by doing cap rate I think this through. My freshman year could dump it off. My conferences and the is sort of America's enemies aren't always going to Volvo covers the. Three migrate noted David West to sit down. Convenience to game tonight for both coaches to see what combinations work and who's got the energy. Tonight. To really contribute and go over the top 4435. Devers got the largest lead of the game right now is scored the last Abbott. KBP fell down the lane met by globally over a dream like goes quarter three up but those good young pitcher of the rebound. Players are now one of nine from distance still these stats batted down with its retrieved. Primary. It's a TO crisscross tour to get the Chandler Chandler run off alive by KB. Shot clock and eight chancellor while wants to around direct hit the rim aunt does this. It's an eleven point lead for Denver. And that ever right now has scored the last nine. The lead 4635. For twelve to go first apple take the break up the defending champ beat Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by wait staff efficient ways. The warriors. And there's no holiday tradition quiet like the lawyer for the cavaliers. On Christmas gave beyond warrior ground for the big tip off all fans that it didn't get a white out teacher power buy Clorox. Your fear my place to go two ways to act out well then start 11:30. AM three games. Open your presents that spanned the years that day with a Kevin Durant very bond briefly catch after the snap out. Joseph provide Fremont they'll goods like that about my bell not the worst play in the world wide bell when you consider this any time we do that. If you can't get the ball and you're not gonna about to keep the other team getting it fast break. Perhaps early office here Murray thought that they heresy scissor off globally and Harris Terry did fires and rattles all the jumper. The young guards were damp circuit TV to excel eleven straight down for the nuggets and lately to my thirteen. We need a bucket in the worst way now. To direct currently Whiteside gets bumped held it up off the rim to fight very much tipped over. Slapped away by Yokich rabbis Durant raschke likely to have to double clutched to operate hopefully in three short spell higher the air fumbled the rebound. Got it back BT its now with a bad ass. And it deflected away off but he's Sheehan. And along the baseline. Old steak getting. A chance there rebelled. Hurriedly. Through that had second chance points eleven to favored by damper. Marie beats globally very thick sand up beyond the arc waiting now guarded by it now. Pete the bluntly he goes in throws out guilty to get it right tonight fake fake stakes. Dribbles left. Spin middle valves that's the cutting Champloo layup though good rebounds while we have a shot clock buzzer goes off it did not hear the -- damper jumping up but now think that ball hit the rim. Michael Malone now protest and so that gives me an indication. That the ball was glass only. We need to get everybody moving the ball now I agree if it's now very much read guy that the thirteen. Assists for Golden State on three feet through my left side. Rotation opt out there's plate after the jump precept of free is no good Marie steps it will rebound the old state shooting 35%. From the field. Yelp get champ off Harris Harris left side double. National black golf look at the bright Kuwait Jordan built with a red hammer this down. What the white man. And I get the crowd here at oracle simply get rally around now at 4837. Stanford. And the ground making some noise here the first down for the first time. Yeah okay hi host. Left jab dribble get the ball down a very deep accept out of my very much about flyby fell victim left it takes that jumper itself make good day. To ball very quickly quiet the crowd. It's fifteen to 37 Denver. Remind directing traffic glides to the right speed to get down very waits. You can't just no way to wait. You know pops out gets the ball direct quick move out Chandler written into a double team step back jumper the rim won't go at the nuggets of wall off. The warriors on the glass of bubbly able to gather this. Marie fixable bounced past the cutting hairs down the lane skipped it over straight month that won't fall. Loose rebounds bell locates doubts that batted away from him but out of bounds on the near sideline. Minutes what he had to go before halftime. I can't remember the last time the way through this close to half and only 37 points. Klay Thompson left side drama downstairs to the rant rant back the basket. Waits for play claim makes his gut not open to direct goes to work Terry to shoot over Chadwick. Woods nothing you can do about that fifty to 39 Champloo defended that perfectly. But Cady this chat right over the top of them. Marie it's as a globally nasty oh pitched two good passing big band that's what Michael Malone has to work with Marie get the ball a hands off now. Takes the far side to hear it looks real good denied by itself. Marie gross GOP juggling five issues that raise Jeffrey stuff but nobody gets now. Pipe dream mod JT or now feels the stare. Doctor in my green and they will review it deceit that two or three. Golden State's. Low for the season. Is 41 against Memphis. Last happened that December. 20 so that we had 41 points the other night against. We grid is. Thirty die right now 46 point eight to go for. In Memphis will bring that out they play the slowest pace in the NBA did do it against the Denver. That. Something altogether different TT short period Mike Green having a very civil conversation about it. Free throw by Marie first when it's good it's 51 to 39. Re spins the ball back very active. The young guard. He hit the second men may have room with a three so we will give one more. Every seventeen and fifteen. Which is due pretty sound right it would consider they've gone a check of the season without all bills that. Tonight for Oklahoma City for the fifth best record in the Western Conference and Marie it's all three it's 5339. Lawyers down like fourteenth here. And it's quiet and Oracle's ranch. Great to bill I'm about globally cross over to the right hander ran high steps it down the lane excused it off the other is that the backboard it's out of bounds to ramp. Looking at JT or as he hoped for a foul but no. Sixteen to Denver run. Bears with seven period of robbery at five minutes Marie with the ball. Tell the left side chipped over dream by quickly to get two for one won't get the shot lights out to get the rebound. Never had the phallic if you would see if they'll use it. Not pocket fifty game clock it twentieth chain Andre it now holds his right fist up in the air. Elvis that a from the far wing here comes three mile screen. They will switch all over the four ball goes to ramp baseline drive goes right to the river scores with a dog would eight point six ago. 5341. Jam it to the front court five seconds with four Chandler. Dribbles out Bell's group that hands spans go to our fans didn't get it off that's kind of what kind of counted. It didn't go either way at the warriors after work to do it happened over Q. They trail damper 5341. RC Davis and the lawyers have to have report coming up next at the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network. Presented by winds down the official waves off the warrior. We'll say the first half was that that what the warriors wanted to blow out. Is. Real fully under estimating fees forty what voice that ties the a season low for maybe half it is the lowest scoring. First half so far this year for. Golden State and 41 points let's close with 47 at Boston on the over the sixteenth they're shooting one of eleven from the three point line that's 9%. They're season low for that 46 point three against Washington that's way back and act over a 27. And they trail by as many as fourteen down by twelve as we get ready to start half over two things. Denver has the ball. To open half numbers to they're going out this basket. At the north then. I'll oracle. They Cary Harris takes up to up. Marie off the screen by pulling back Theo could choke. Now probably denied at 5 o'clock. Deflected it saved it feeds straight my beautiful mastery might go through it throws out hitting the trail for eighth. In and out rebound tip the graphite now. Out of that the rookie comes my snaps at twelfth make dribble drive downstairs straight month while they conflict goes up left and it is. Now to open up over two. Couple think their Jordan bell again keeping the play alive and they play taps of the left handed asked. Off the dribble. To re mind. Automated feed from clay Thompson. Last at least two clubs that Golden State in Denver at 43 in the third day you might that I expect that. Would the kind of firepower that's now on the floor for gold sea with Currie apple will seat 5344. After the three point like jumper by you can stop site is up again it. Yeah PT has fourteen very crisp seven of twelve shooting night. Kevin Durant dampening your side underhand scoop the belt battle jolt the corner look got got that out threw it up anyway it goes off the glass is slowly ramp them up. We've mail accelerated with that dribble through in the quarry gap to the rim and he will shoot two. Eleven wins in a row the lawyers. Leading the Western Conference right now. And it worked people back it to the line it still blows out that no Shaun Livingston of course most of Currie. Speaker said earlier this week on the out the arc he expects that about two weeks for everybody to get back built. Made the first missed the Sackett. It's 5545. Simply leave for Denver flop on the run before lovely couldn't catch it well rebound elusive belt comes back what that. It traffic deflected it softened his office harris' leg and out of bounds. Good flop by bill. Probably does want the ball hit at some point he takes up tap with a touch it and bring it to rant on the bounce to Fremont Greek. Shows the ball of globally. Wait for Iran to curl double back to three month far side Thompson dribbling it goes all the way often under out the rim rolled down percolate down to. For example of the beautiful drive. 5547. Late ninety seconds that changed. While worried look caught gan flights over the street at two nice growth. Areas bump Friday have Bob equate to about colts couldn't get it now drives not belt goes up and rejected by bell. Not at about at Denver maintained possession. All be thrown by Chandler on the far side against the warriors protecting the basket doing very well very well. Without a true file on the floor. Chandler park corner Marie he's open to to overlook a lot of stuff like. A screen but globally. Freedom Marie and it's 5847. Denver. Here's the call off the scribe by bell rotates to drain money is three on the way to wide right and the rebound the Yokich you know it will dribble it out. Yokich. Makes eye contact with Marie get the switch fast because downstairs and Marie gets it back DO PC of its. It most skipped it over the areas areas for three it's up man over the fact for. And out of play. When you could just so Smart he looked it. Birds is bring your smaller guy over here. They'll have to think about doubling me it will be able to find an open guy but parents just couldn't find the range of a shot. Very Smart play 5847. Desert. I've seen that game slowing down getting it to point where it's gonna. Pay off for play taps at feet to ram the far side from the Denver bastards and faces. Katie wants to guilt bells looked the picnics that kept out mastery of my great people like Jordan they'll leads to write about to a layup low life. At 5849. Lawyers down by single digits here. Nice way to go in the third Chandler rotates to Marie makes a mess get that they Harris. Drive fell spins out bale plays like well make drops that can't shake him. Marie get to the outside they are here to make slippery it's way too strong. We've got Kevin Durant great for the timeline pulls up but calling long distance that's no good off the back room implement that that's the way by KD blue formal look off. And a fresh plot for the warriors provide grief into middle politically tapped the ball they live by three ball off but no good free buy a ticket home. Hello. I've never. Lawyers Cilic energy. And it still it still light here at the third quarter and they have. Awakened oracle that BA that they want Debra leading by several we'll take the break 847 to go in the third. Be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network breach at a flyweight stuff if it's a way. The warriors. 5851847. To go last time it was a seven point lead for Denver. 533 of the first half that it's little bought for the jam out what you're trying to come back. Theories you could flip that Emery off the screen very open and stepped out from eighteen doesn't get a lovely office of rebound. Fell down a player Toll Brothers says he had help on his way to floor. And calls personal on Golden State. Torn belt it's bound over to. First team ballot Golden State. Relative a replay of the street Tony Brothers as if you would expect them to. It to Gary Harris. Ericsson the drivel but we've like Klay Thompson had trouble gets it back if they court. Left it comes to their sideline now passed a wildly gets away from sale goes up a three month. Bottom looked wobbly fights his way through it and bank that it low right. Keep it low laps sixty to 51817. To go in the third. But coffee three months. Straight month waiting holds that one hand he BKB. Taps it flares out left can't get free three month over the Iraqis opened fire for three missed it faulty thing rabbi berg. Marie gliding or Smith Chamblee Taylor watches the very flies fly you could get that out and hands off the hairs parents two triples. Yokich inside wildly public rotates down Aires open it to three from the right wing is so good. Kevin Durant with the ball the far side brings it Mittal would remind why corner Klay Thompson Harris right there. Clay wonderful to a double team he straight month crosscourt to cook off takes a base like feet bail out the three month. Dribbles in foul line lobbed her belt tipped it back loose ball very much topic plywood to strip Blake gets it back just what. I dropped it hit the side of the board hit the shot clock violation of gold's safe master of two or three shots there and nobody want to shoot the ball. So the turnover gives little back. To Denver leading by nine. Golden State is one of seventeen. Outside the arc. Five point 9% shooting from three. Glumly stumbles get sabathia could back the lovely bit both left sides. Smith left interval bell steals it from him being frame by frame my picks up the middle growth lightweight like snapped at Pratt dug up it goes up what candidate. Played taps than ballot double figures. Sixty to fifty through this war warriors hit him bad break for. Marie pulls up we'll make the LP field it's back to Murray won't suit goes left baseline. Rotate stuff just goes to Chandler it's a three out the way feel good rebound battle. Over brave mind you look for early office here. Exit lightweight dribbles like Yelp it's they're having lost the ball the way up tipped it away now goes up lefthanded this is now. Traffic had yelled it's come away with a Golden State was great chances right there. It's still dampers sixty. Ankle the state 53 Marie off the street takes it three months due to The Who won't go out to the readout Marie hostile to it nobody guards him. Three warrior standing there fifteen footer goat good you're ranked gets the rebound. The. Ran for the near sideline. Three mile of the streets entry in my release gets the best show what taps and he's awfully fired the three no good chip down by bell. But this will be out about the far wing. And it will be Deborah ball stepped carry up off the bench the lawyers tearing. Clawing his teammates. Three minutes now the lawyers have. Not scored. Still only down by seven so. Each passing minute time running out here in the third. Here is yelled get back to that bell comes middle wrapped up rejected by Iran yup it gets it back. To Nantes lost those 23 wild to a quarter report. I might play well I've got the backlog for the lawyers who now have eight blocks. That I. Most knowledgeable. Smart side door and throw to downstairs to drama after in my left box up to opt out that they'll fire birth rate that's no good now the rebound. Now thrust toward the drama that Thompson. Dribbles around it pulls up from the foul line it's no good tipped out by great mother will Barton right there. Sixty to 53 lawyers doubt seven Chandler wide open lopsided transition that the revolve good. Time now lawyers. Down by 10450. That eagle the third. The defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by winds down the efficient ways of the warriors. Well the lawyers are one of nineteen. From the three point line that's five point three. Percent and they have missed eighteen in a row. Great much grief all put the game with a three. And it's everybody Kevin Durant opened for play taps open night Iguodala young of this. Three as well. We'll get to energy you'll agree about real bad right now Casey get the ball like that dribbles not Chamblee hit the rev up the other white man. You do OK I am not gonna let you stabbing of the perimeter I was gonna get right around you and settle things that way. Terry Lyles dribble handoff to hear back to Lyles left side. Countered you just gotta buy the land. You know you flip flops like in triple in the middle of the restricted area opt out while tool with burglary ram ram misplayed Thompson with the defensive rebound. To suggest master rant. Dribble drive audio it's tanked about the way people Iguodala to the rim outside can't be left wing parade no good. Nineteen straight misses for the warriors were distance 6355. Denver as the rebound goes to Chandler. Tries to pin down over here but here it goes away and you'll be dribbles up job. With that the Barton Barton off the screen stops that. Passes to the rightly there's lefthander will middle church to have the ski jumper got good re got tipped whereby you'll be saved by Chandler like it's NAFTA. Three up three warriors play takes if they don't spit ball knocked away. Clay retrieved it or you overran it varies as it strives not to grant out backed up waiting for help. Airs we'll staff called the warrior bench. Twelve turnovers for Golden State's feeding its ideals its hands off Taylor look out lay up good at it now Dutch balun Vickiel. Young and eightieth Dallas didn't have their signals straight. We've just seen the boys got that done by keep the and a little burst of energy and now that has just. Aired this kind. Ushered out of the building. Steep dirt gonna go deeper now to the rotation detail that he's gonna come out. Don't really get played Townsend. From the word go with a more traditional look. We'll have Mickey gas leaked Iran would be get Dallas and beyond. Pretty big line up the Golden State. Recruit good for Chandler three point play an eleven point lead. 6650. That lawyers down with the ball he get down. I can't. Over to the rant Iran waits screened by McGee the key releases to ramp rotate over to Egypt now waits shoots and mrs. lawyers who won the where 21. That group rate four point 8%. Here's part thriving in dishing out Lyles wont to Lyles and that the board might from the warrior bet she gets to the captain Chandler. Chandler waits office grief takes it deep three straight on sliced it off rebound Lyles they get fouled. Before he went up the fouls on the floor. 318 fouls on the warriors. Two Honda. Denver fouls on Caspian that he used the word. You know kitchen Harris now. The huge win for Denver. We still plenty of time we still over fifteen minutes to go in this game. Here's part spartans out caskets in the Wembley and lost the ball champ that figure again. Loose ball Andre the break tapes of bill goes all the way it makes a bad pass at port in the Steve Martin rolling heads of wobbly who never gave back. With the jets his Kathy Kathy and nick yelled foul wildly on the pass. He's bent over at navy dislocated a finger. On his left hand in the first half and now he's walking over he needs to get out the game in likable old goes up for him. Take a look at the finger. And likeable to gonna burn another time out second time tonight they've had either a timeout because of plum les finger. 6655. With a score 243 to go with a third on the defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network lawyers are down. We'll present a bye wing staff the official waves of the warriors. It's. Took eleven point lead for Denver they have left by as many as fourteen. Words have outscored the red it's the paid 32 did what he said. They've been outscored eighteen to three from the three point line. And that's been the difference in the game. Lawyers who wanted one they want from this is guilty back in there is wildly had to go to the locker room Lyles dribbled down the way she took over at apple rim rolled down. 6855. Dead bird. Staff they will look like maybe a rally. From the lawyers Kevin Durant dribbles right down the lane left side goes up the score. Kevin Durant with a basket. Davies started take the ball the rim he has seventeen to face the warriors. The leading scorer on the floor apartment with a dribble lost it retrieves it right for referee Ron Garretson Barton. Take young off the screen. Tries by young gets pushed by young lay up good and young. Didn't fight over the screen and McGee went out to get yelled it's because they don't want you could just be free. And and young pushed. Barton who makes the free throw three point play and it's a fourteen point Kimberly. Lawyers need to find a way to rally here's two lives to go the course that they can do to ramp. Bouncing back at fort Dixon left side the young young buyers for Maria satellite goes quietly there are days. There it is. After fourteen. Straight. Misses the lawyers history. It's ever they want the sixty. Ward gets up captain Terry Lyles drives on the geek not off Kurds drop step nowhere to go quite Chandler left corner. Well what would your rants of tapioca similar way. You'll get ripped the ball through it shoots over you get now that the Mac guy or mystery around by Kathy Kathy from the far side. Except the dribble. He did did your rant to rant. Back to cast the deflected out about all we lasted just turn over warriors. And it's dangerous pass there will Barton was in the. Essay laying. And Denver has the full Yokich attacking the basket to our left gave the ball off now. It's Chandler Chandler from Craig. Barton Barton takes it. Outside with Chandler while while they give me an exchange does porn shoots over eat at Dallas could get to three got a good shot long rebound Andre hot very often running. Gambling to the rim could. But there. In the Reuters joints inside the life but. But did they get a staff here. Seven they won 6240. Cents its ability scores. Out that's their way. Yelled bitch navigate you'll be explored his dad left can't dribble. Passes to the court grey cup captain Lyle's stakes dribble drive just over water banked at home. Words can't give momentum of they're not idiots that 7362. Denver Kevin Durant. Ms. Norwood to wait three seconds to go like that different that I haven't changed between the two clocks. To rant garnered by great good defender. On the right side and ran hold them off now dribbles get ball hits the allied troops over Chandler for a rim though good. Loose ball cast we tried to say that it's off Lyles the Golden State will have it with six seconds to go in the quarter to bail which he has to make himself. Up off the deck and you're comes plate times in the coming. Sampson Mahan Rickie out. To give the shooter had there. Final play. Of the third tour. With Denver bench energized right now. He is now. Looking for Durant goes up top the youngest at five seconds young stacks up Bob Barton takes a three off the dribble to back Karen bass. We got happy about it with the third. All the lawyers with twelve minutes left their winning streak is on the line. Down 7362. Denver. I'll be defending champion Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wait staff the official way of the warriors. Golden State TV 38%. Of failed as part of your game December brought to buy about that might need it in about months before shotgun. Voyager Q of 23. From beyond the arc. Eight point 7%. They are 24. Of 45. For insanity on the shooting over 50% without the art but eight point seven via. And they've been all night wide open some contested. Cylinder themselves not to have off the dribble any kind of victory is not going it tonight. Tough night tough back to back less than 24 hours from the game last night young with a jumper to open the fourth quarter tablet you have to put them good they're young it's. 25 the floor. Rebounded them for a lovely back out the locker room itself snag for him. Murray had the dribble pass crosscourt yards with a steel plate capacity like young with a breakaway stripped by court pick goes out about. Try to go for his signature jam. It's been a low energy night very reminiscent to the game against Memphis couple nights ago. I'm reading it now cruise to western right elbow inside the drain money put that up high got held and a foul. In the year Kyrie areas. Target chuckle from the crowd. Think he grabbed me. And fans right near one over. Thanks mice. You Dow rose in the young big core pressured by Barton's every defense they're pretty good tonight Michael's a really good coach young clients Thompson Thompson turns Wade's. Now backs up with a dribble Keith west west that both left sides want dribble. Waiting Ron Amadon young with two on the clock got to go spend the corners you can waive those three issues cited Ford's. And another 242. Shot clock violation Todd Golden State. As cutesy period shakes his head and hands it but that's just walks back to the bench. Boxer Mike Brown for a moment. 7360. T Denver fifteen turnovers for Golden State tonight. All the Marines Lyles. Hairs back to Marie office to revive what was very comes riddled. But now the brakes bounce pass to Lyle shot clock today. Trying to drive out played two dribbles up after Bart. Accept now drives Hathaway goes up we've got those who officially by young Luther all the tap to buzzer sounded taps of bathcasting at Dallas. On the money upgrade their pro layup and gets a ribbon knocked away Lyles gets it. Over the worry oh boy Golden State them out of two other best. Passes a that I could play thousand. From anybody rather. Have beaten clay hairy feet the cutting board and yet it's reflective related they have low rise. Fremont green with a deflection. Came right back to Barton. The warriors who should have been down. 7364. Now down by thirteen. It now that you're my every three months traveling three point line he went out to. Went to buy two defensive backs up. Looks for west shelf that the West Coast. Writes that western outskirts it shoots over normally that's a miss lawyer's office. Not getting open right now rebound goes to Denver Marreese transition very cypriots deep girl's diaper right now. If this 7862. 951. To go at the warriors are in deep trouble. On the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by week's Dow futures who wins the warriors. But today's the fifth anniversary of the first game in Santa Cruz in the evil within the and Santa Cruz warriors. Separately. After the 2012. Lawyers here. It 2017. Out broke down seventeenth David West the Connecticut played taps and deflected pass to take it to the right base like cut off by wildly baseline drive feeding Cass be right through his hands turnover numbers sixteen. Hi pastoral breaks. You're worried very drives in scoop all the way they'll get a readout taps of lawyers trying to get out run you. Tab so we'll take the graphic gore bulls up dumped it in deep the west west to a man like move flip that operate at a crawl over it dropped blue. 7864. Warriors coming out with dad out shooting 36 point 1% that would be a season alone. For Golden State important diploma fumbling one dribble but the thing here Harris gavel away to the cap goes left side scored. Tumbling down takes the hit. And it goes to the floor with a bucket. West gets his third personal. League. Nuggets. Showcasing the young lakes of Harrison and buries. They have had. Pretty good night tonight. Airs this free throw. Miss it if combined for 29 points tonight way that the eighty for Denver Denver leading by sixty. I agree get out they town quick release drilling off the jumper go that rebounds blocked or deflected out of out Golden State would get it back. Still 846 to go but a sixteen point deficit. In the game with a lawyers have not been slipping 40% from the field and they're not indelible. Digits percentage wise. Outside the three point line he could now looks for help feet west west fumbled it picked up by great minds. Fresh clock plenty of time feeds down to dabbling left ten though that he got found. Plate Sampson will head to the free throw line. And clay makes this. This will be number 1000. Of his career he makes it. I'm sure he doesn't care about that he'd much rather have the words believe he does make it's there's a thousand made the race for played thousands in an NBA career. Think he'll relish that only if the warriors don't want to win. Third quarter in Phoenix. All timberwolves 6443. They make both its eighty to 66 years. Minnesota wind Denver needs to win the state to back for the war lovely fumbles a pass out of out of areas turnover. And here's what's diplomacy AF my bet that too hard. Lake township. Stripped loose ball a very much downstairs they get now. One dribble handoff Westphal make layup while the rim no good tipped out. Of it now they won't shoot at by public. Morton livable. Whiteside a Lyles fifth of the Wellesley. It took to dribble the three point line now handoff marine cradled the ball leapt to an air ball looks like that he hit Dallas got away from a values out of bound to go straight on the bright. And golf great wolf make won't Utecht got it out to clay it's a great guy like I said. That they're afraid I have quite a couple of that I thought I. A lawyer finally getting the ball we'll put off their transition break plate captive now wait a 386. Straight. Reached giant data barrels before portly it's eighty did 69 the debt relief down to eleven it was 754 to go. They defend against the Golden State Warriors radio network presented by wind stop the official way. Well the way till this day was down by sixty they've got a 211. They've. Had nineteen wins is he trailing by fifty or more since 201415. At double while the FB eight. Great my kicks that trail Lyle Nasser Al events. Reason sequentially but down wanna hear more looting earlier this year against Philly down. Ten or more they want 47 times second best in the NBA at that time here. Ground trying to bring up the energy of the building Chandler won here at the about the Bart Bart wait. Rush street by guilt if you could now switch that might very much great bond goes down nobody's everybody stopped about a play goes down wild we'll score. The period through my face down on the floor. All the time out. Speaker that JT or Ronnie Garretson Toll Brothers trying to get some satisfaction. Yokich elbow strain above right in the face. Of the bad too with great bond hit him in the face then you'll get hit him back. Right across the mouth and and you'll get stock he thought was going to be a foul. Came all up the challenge of these bases now across that the foreheads. This straight my goes down on that elbow they had the time out. My astonishment over that. Lack of a call has a lot of him to miss the break so we'll keep it here. I mean that was that was not even close. To being. Borderline it was. Helpful she in. And remodel of the deck. It always could do this homestand seven games eleven days. They host the Utah Jazz on Wednesday December 27 first and the word will face the gas since the 2000. Seventeen Western Conference semi finals. Crowd seeing the replay can hear their reaction don't miss this playoff we've got a fair fight if you think it's. We've got calorie because one triple AT SW pressed one representative. Awaiting to hear you. Through my green and whiny here it's in chat in the ball thrown in the book gone 8269. Denver wiles of the bucket. Where's all the time math. Straight month rise by yelled it goes up stripped by you could could hand to go down advance to Golden State fourteen on the shot clock. Ask me will be the person to throw any inquires at the basket to our right. Two hands up up top we'll call it doesn't shoot dribble drive goes in this traffic it's horrible. Yeah but it did they have Lola beautiful blue Obama call. Ball thrown back it's off the glass and we appreciate all the way down before. Like now nephew of petroleum. Well it takes time to lobby Toll Brothers for a moment and all coaches do. Like five minutes of the fourth again at the eleventh like games. So what's the word would need a series of staff. Lyles of staff holds it needs snares parents refuse whites were the site might be free okay kids who fall Yokich privilege lost it goes down 35 tied it up just ball. Great console like. Removed. And a number of old version of warriors history through 23 point nine. Word yet. We have 29 who wants back at 2008. And they will. Remember that it was him that you know they think that. We're new war that was very much agree we'll jump but tipped that back the book off the gold they get their first down. Have a go at 6 o'clock the time line. Government bailouts when it got to buy GOP takes the Korea stuff whether crowded out Greg about hustled to the rebound but graphic it was Wilson Chandler. Not a bad look for Katie appalled that everything but go down. On the Whiteside Chandler with a double the waiting now popping out to the wing as there. Crowd chanting defense to be here that the background they don't need of brown hairs those this past quite like top civilians how we look back toward. Great job when I play. Who I think is an underrated defender he doesn't get nearly enough praise as a defender. He is infidels. No boon lock on to a guy he's no lockout doable for all of the ball. If you're watching hands on hips. Screened by casting no effect Whiteside director of middle throws the because he felt would hurt Doreen. Doesn't get it off of her room. Golden State down 30 lucky sevens from distance then grinned over either squeeze let's watch here with no other point lead. Born to veneer way. Accept free by Yokich Yokich with a catch. One dribble two dribble Andre my coach Smart back today. Taking that made shoveled inside Lyles that trouble to on the clock to it to fade away contested stability and made it trail Lyles we'll look. The upshot that and he'd be in very good defensive last year. And that gets the Denver bad just for a moment. It was a very tough Shia. 8471. Damper. The ramp it up like court draws a crowd picks of the drivel look it gasping. It deed goes up and get the balance you Lyles who live miles my particular words of that collision. Cast we get themselves to pre relied Q2. Speaker talked about why. All recast these gaps are so effective. It was cuts with a purpose in terms of speed you know Torres is cut. Exposed to. Nothing happens. He always cuts with a purpose hard. And it's usually right to rip where your putting the most pressure on the defense but what stands out on tape is a sense of timing on cuts. Gas we made the first free throw miss the second facility 8472. Please dad weld another clock showed five minutes ago. Part on the grounds for Lyle while flipping backside of this book gone to dribbles up the bar. They look for awhile to get Smart will grab my TV that backcourt got. Goes to Chandler masri was caught looking at the ball Chandler goes don't sit and the lead is fourteen. Just get the feeling it might not be the lawyers night tonight remind greens pass deflected. He held Smart gal we would have applauded the Randall and wrapped up around the waist by jailers. And Katie we'll get to. It wasn't a flagrant but boy it wasn't tense of Chandler grizzled veteran Kevin Durant to the free throw line. Get the warriors play out Monday on Christmas Day. Levin thirty of the pregame show high noon the with the tip offs or make you get here early. Young in and cast via. So Kevin Durant the strap first free through his truth dissect what the bad guy miss in the words making love to. Last two times down the floor. They're not getting closer it was eleven now thirteen Barton has the hands or. Start to see what to get what Lyle's guarded by McCall they like to match up wonderful to have double team GOP geo it's wonderful fireside. That Chandler three issued he's got to go step back just over young itself but no good joke it's got the rebound put back good low laps. Through my green was sealing off Yokich and nobody helped him out. Nobody else was off to the races in. You know you should reach out grab a pick and roll dream on lob inside the caught that pass deflected away. And the lawyers are losing faith here with 354 to go down 8873. Fares that's capital circle shelled out the Barton left corner Lyles they look for yolk it's guarded by young they doubled on the catch dribbles out of that. Froze at middle good assisted terrorists out apple logo. Shot clock at four. Hair pull out now lives pop and that's good and active theater right here time out lawyer's brief 32 to go the league goes to seventy. 98 is 73. And sound. Start to grab their coats and head out into the Bay Area night. Largest lead of the night for the nuggets will take the timeout the warriors radio network presented by wait staff because she wakes up the war. Dan how far to the question blasted by about in my feet to get about my feet to that job. Where and how are you listing this. Pre holiday eve bad also. What present are you looking forward to was written we do like to get. On the Christmas Day warriors with a ball Steve Perry's epic event. With a seventeen point Denver lead wiped out ninety days 73. Where is suffering through low energy three of 47 shooting night. Quinn cook with a ball. He's out there now with gas being in the Mickey fives cuts go back to Mickey Mickey at the box Teradata Celtic ball knocked away here is the state. Dampers got it. And this will be a huge win for the nuggets. In this regards. You're the rest of the teams in that pack in the Lester Gabbert standing they were looking at this game say not that that's an L for beverage yup it goes down awaited scores. Up a pass from Terry Lyles. You know it was 189. Rebounds four assists and nine of sixteen shooting. Cook on the valves to looney looney outside the arc left. Are outside the key left side one dribble the McKee McKee right elbow jumper data. 9275. Denver but he's first bucket. You got coming in their two games back of Portland for the eight spots. Here's part of the screen. Get to pick from Yelp it's. Terminates the wild wild for three left side they'll go to Cathy got the rebound. Lefevre we'll go to eighteen and fifty. Cook pulls up in transition not salad jeopardized staff likely because. Denver will go ahead by as game over New Orleans who was seventeen and sixty. And then Oklahoma City Thunder and never will be tied OEC winning today. Part NetApp logo. Right side of the hash marks get to TO could dribble handoff singer's tears down the lane silica no good with sort of back. This will allow Michael Malone to emptied his bench. And so. Denver who is. Right now they played fourteen. Home and nineteen. Rose. And that will. Start to. Even up for them. Though they still have a a monster trip coming up later in the season itself a seven game road coming up. Later in the year. Yokich will sit down for animals sit down. We easily checked back in. The Denver. The second free throw my heirs get 94 to 77. Very quiet here oracle which is not usually the case. Torre greatest comeback in jazz beat the right side figures. Handoff Deion throws the ball out about the hit the nuggets bench. Right where the coaching staffs sits. Have to turn over west until junior over there former warriors to coach. Ryan Bowen. And the great Bob Weiss. Played the MBA as a guarded for veteran warrior fans still remember Bob Weiss he came off the bench for Chicago. In the 1975. Western Conference finals against gold against Golden State. Which were ferrying crew would win that and seven wood while the great. Playoff series of Western Conference is truth Lyles dribbles I McKie gets a lay up as a result. Ninety. Six to 77. And the warriors getting beat soundly here than oracle and the eleven game win streak will come to wall off the word we'll try to get back on the winning ways against Cleveland. On Monday Jeff revive it he could tap of the circle. They put all the injuries in this sickness the ways and bad this play this back to back with the win streak and in Denver had to play it back to back as well what. I just think it might have caught up with the lawyers a little bit fat ass now does the backcourt. Worldwide Beasley antenna for Lyles and goes out of play. Are having a tough game last night with a LA after jumping out to a 23 point lead. Nick Young gets the ball coat on the valves to repeat. The heat here it looks birds over the past few clients Kokomo right sideline for equates for Lou defeats in. Shot clock is ticking clock Italy for Clooney goes baseline and he is bought it now like to recuperate. And that's. Listen to while alluding to the free throw line. Coming up on the post game show steep Curry's post game press cameras brought to buy Kiet Jim Barnett comes by they talk about this one a preview Monday's clash for the Cleveland. And Libby gets a free throw plus we'll look. Whenever scores tonight. And he has headed to the exits here. Makes Tamils who the dubbed loyalty high noon on Christmas Day movie it's both recruits. It never will walk it up with a shot clock jerk off and they will end this game. Gold state did not have the energy. In this game it early and it it it shell in this are reflecting in their shots. The lawyers will and then I would love their worst shooting performances ever from the three point line. And they go three of 27. Of the outfield I. And moved it down break 9681. And aggressive back to back wins her likable old ball club as they win that in Portland. And then live tonight here in Oakland.