Warriors Ready To Face Jazz; Rockets Look Better Than Spurs; Cavs Coming Around

Matt Steinmetz
Tuesday, May 2nd

JD & Steiny preview the Western Conference Semifinals between the Warriors and the Utah Jazz, discuss what's next for the L.A. Clippers and handicap the Warriors road to a championship with just eight teams remaining in the playoffs.


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Are just tickets and that's dime that's beyond the numbers podcast for 95 point seven game work habits you from ORACLE Arena prior to. Game one of the warriors and the Utah Jazz the Western Conference in my files ready to go. And the warriors who only know their opponent it seemed like a month. In between the first round in the second round now the warriors known it's going to be a series mats and it's. Different styles and and the warriors. Keep that pace up then and the jazz score enough pain with gold Wednesday. You know it's funny because I think that's a logical thing to look for if the game gets up and down obviously the wars have an advantage. Everybody seems to assume that if the games and half court. Then you taught and there aren't sure about that. And I'm really not sure about that because then you're put in the Golden State Warriors defense. You've given them a chance to set up and play defense and a half court against you talked a team that sometimes has trouble scoring so. Look there's no doubt you tall would rather keep the possessions. Limited. But just because they do that they still have to do a lot of other things to beat the warriors one night. Take it even a step further I mean I think it that the jazz they run a lot. Plays that wind up in isolation blatant shot clock five seconds on the shot clock Gordon Hayward trying to make a play. Joseph johnsons tried to make a play. To score the basketball if those plays inducted turnovers. If those plays in depth in their shots. To meet that. Gets the warriors out in transition. Missed shots and turn over those of the number two day you know wanted two things that can get out of the break and I think. Defensively the warriors will be able to force enough of those to where. They're going to be fine I think overall in terms of pace of the going to be games where it's. It's ugly in parts of games were it's ugly it's slow their owls in the jazz or image as a one of the best defensive teams in the week. So they're gonna have stretches where they're able to slow the warriors down. But over the long hall of a series. I just six of those bad snap that's gonna allow the warriors to really get out some run. Yeah and you for the two players who do a lot of the scoring for you to on the first round Gordon Hayward and Joseph Johnson. It's kind of player right in the warriors wheel house because they have. Tons of players that can defend the wing weather extreme on whether it's clay Thompson. Whether it's living stint whether to it with dollar now whether it's Matt Barnes. So they're gonna throw a lot of bodies at Joseph Johnson and Gordon Hayward of those guys don't score I don't see how you talk and win the series. But yet the warriors are going to be able to throw a lot of defenders out of it's going to be hard for him to score efficiently over the course of the series it's one of those things that if they can do it. Those the kind of things that happened on the way to an upset but they're gonna need Hayward and Gergen Joseph Johnson to score. And that's a strength of the warriors their defense at those spots. John tickets and next time it's beyond the numbers podcast for 95 point seven the game as well cavity before the warriors get things started against the Utah Jazz. Game one of the Western Conference semi finals Kevin Durant back full go. That's the other areas this match up were I look at the jazz. And I start to wonder who'd they have. That can guard camp and the ran and he almost has to be Gordon Hayward right I mean Hayward packed and that's the only get really matches up physically with the race. Yeah I would say maybe GO Ingles a little bit. But. I was on with. Our old friend OC Sean O'Donnell in Utah he was asking me. The kind of things are thought they needed to happen and that's another when he said. Who you think gives the jazz the best chance to defend during and I thought about it and I said well. This is about Gordon Hayward. How do you beat the Golden State Warriors well Gordon Hayward can outplay Kevin Durant. Can he do that. I don't know it's going to be really hard I think within the realm of possibility. But he's gonna have to put together. 45 really good games but then again so is George Hill he's gonna have to play well favors is gonna have to give themselves that. Go bears got they they need a lot of things to go right. For them the win. And one of them is Gordon Hayward it's got to be better at the end of the series I think it Kevin Durant. While and I and that's that's just sucked and I don't frankly see happening going to be tough but you know what is coordinate orders are. Because you superstar but he's gonna get he's already paid like one is gonna get paid like one hand whether it's in Salt Lake City with the jazz or whether it's with other team so I always felt like. If you have a star then it. A star shouldn't be protected. A star should be able to defend anybody and so to rant has made that leap to where he's gonna try to defend anybody. Hey Gordon Hayward. This is this is a big series for you I mean what's a big payday to talk about maybe goes a boss that if you doesn't stay in Utah. Mean this time when you make your money and yeah we'll see what happens but I think that's one of the things got to happen. These look up the Dow on the or the roster means a he's the only guy Andy Heyward is the only guys it. Should match up with Kevin Durant and I get you used you mentioned Ingles briefly. Now the clippers at different times Ingles who's on Chris Paul in pick and roll it didn't really work out too well. Ingles is solid defender but he's also I think it exploit of the center. Like I like Ingles but I don't think he's. Any kind of defensive stopper I don't think that he he's one of these players that I don't think it does anything great. But he's pretty solid other than maybe shoot the three yes shoot the three you obviously tale let him alone out there. But. He's another one I mean he's going to be matched up a lot of time to Vegas and I screen roll against her if he was Stewart gets Chris Paul he's probably gonna do it Perry. The what player who I guess isn't gonna match up with Durant who was the player that I thought might eat. Who would be a trailer files but he's not play him very much for him that you seem like he's in the rotation. I don't think favors can guard him now. Hum I don't think go bear can guard him obviously on the perimeter like during a place. So I think it's got to be Hayward Jim Johnson probably play him a little although let's. That's a tough matchup for him to which is why the warriors have big advantages all over the court. How much of an impact do you think gritty feel there can be in this series and he was he'd virtually no impact whether he was out of the lineup or even when he was in the line up. In the clippers' jazz series of it that you could make a case that jazz play better went out. Is is that something that you see. Being able to be carried. Already in this theories wanting the lawyers are great is get the matchups they want to. Go bears a great rim protector so what does that mean we'll leave doors to try to get him out from under the basket and I think get him on the perimeter. Then they have an advantage Jimmy think about it we're talking about co payers at the defensive player of the year candidate one of the best defenders in the league. And rim protector. But if you can get him out on the high screen and roll and now all of a sudden he's matched up with the perimeter player. He goes from one of the best defensive players Italy to somebody's gonna struggle you give you a little chance out there. He's probably better a lot of big man but it's still put me Jimenez worked position defensively. So the warriors can do that that right there's gonna mitigate would go Bayer can do and I think what I think the warriors are got a place mall most of the time and go bears in the line I can. Because they can't play favors and go paired together nor did they do that really what it'll play right warriors. So I think the best case scenario for you to all would be you play go bear wins Oz and maybe when west is in when Mickey's name. But went straight month it's senator. Maybe even David West or when David West is then go favours it's better. You would put favors senator went when the warriors go small yet try and have fevers yet score on the block because I don't. Know. No scope here complain that game do you think trademark green can defend Rudy go bear which may or may have to be done outer may occur. The game and I think he I think he can't be go bare for all the things that he does. You wouldn't categorize him disease skilled offensive player with moves or support ago. And yet they run a lot of the swap gain and that that type of thing but the warriors that they can mitigate lot. Just by the way they defended and there are some floors and god what did anatomy I I do think that the warriors are in a spot where. Openers a tough at the co payers the Catholic and I think the jazz would wanna play the game goes small just because he's such an aptly. Well and that's what we're gonna find out. Mean he's not going to be able to make trade in my agree payable low blow is they don't Islamic faith errors is slow to what favors does have some steal near the basket he knows he's got some moves. Now go peer. Might be able to dominate on the glass and that's I mean that's the one area or I think the jazz could give the warriors problems if you're telling me. That they're gonna limit the possessions. And then they're gonna partly limiting it to the possessions with dominating the glass and not allowing. The warriors to get out on the break by getting second chance points themselves. Well that limits the worst possessions even more. That's where I could see two warriors. Maybe running a little trouble you tolerance twenty off the clock Hayward takes a shot he misses go bear rebound kicked back out to George Hill. They're gonna use another twenty if that happens a lot. That's not the way the wars what things to go it's. Not though I still think when you boil it down the warriors of people that make enough shots and also to fans need to Wear. Even if there are stretches of the series that are like I think he'll be stretches that's your of the series where. The warrior particular read about it to answer our planet dominate among glass I think the one thing though that it always comes down to with the warriors. Is the superior shot making ability to keep and other struggle at times. Overall they're gonna make enough shots and I think this is also a series that you mentioned earlier this is a series where. The warriors defense can almost do it for them that they could have a sub par offensive series. And still beat the jazz 9580. Or 9994. If they asked you have to Ebert. Yes and that's what the Jaswant obviously that's the kind of game they wanna get the wars in two but again that's where the wars have always been under rated. You know this day a lot of people don't wanna get credit for their defense but. They are T I the clippers locked up you talk at a few points in that series where I was looking at the floor second man you're talking a score. I think those times are going to be more frequent against the warriors. When they can just throw it would dollar and and green now there. If they came. If they can find a line up that can kind of suffocate you taught then I'll see you talk to when this year. Steve Kerr not coaching in game one and it sounds as if beaten the word is he's out essentially definitely at this point. He could be back but the warriors are moving forward if he's not coming back injury and greens at that. Monday's practice that that's just the easiest mentality for. If speakers around glitzy for this series. Or for parts of a conference finals series do you think that that. Will take its coal. On this team I guess Michael Brown ran out there between now and the end line. You've beaten the championship. Do you think that the warriors having Steve career then noticeable negative impact though auto. That it'll be noticeable. And the noticeably negative I guess I should say and the reason I say that is because it does sell like. The only time he's not going to be coaching the team is store in the games. Seems like he's around seems like it was a practice. Obviously watched some of the games. Against Portland in the locker room. So he's in total and complete communication with the staff it's just really those two and a half hours from tip off to the final four. And even then he's gonna get to see the coach's halftime of those games so. Sure something could come up with three minutes ago at a in a tied game and Mike Brown. Once the run JaVale McGee at point guard or something I'm joking but I don't think it's gonna make a big difference for the Golden State Warriors. On tickets and next time it's beyond the numbers podcast for 95 points after the game everything warriors and in BA let's look at some of the other series. But I wanna go back to the team that the jazz eliminated first off because the the warriors and clippers. The rivalry that never really was like yes they played in the playoffs in 2014. Are to believe that was. Three years ago and now. I'm mark Jackson's final game with the Golden State Warriors they hire Steve currently championship and in here they go to the finals game seven of their favorite. Akin to win it this year the warriors. What happens to the clippers now because they eat played very well they forced game seven in this set that we talked about last week it would be. It would just be so clipper of them to fight like active force a game seven and then not oil well in games. They were never really in gain. Now I mean. It's too bad know a lot of people are gonna rip the clippers for the last three or four years they never really. We're healthy in the post season now obviously Blake Griffin is injury prone and Chris Paul's been banged up I think Chris Paul's gotta get there. I mean I just think if your star player you have to look at this thing realistically. And the Golden State Warriors are gonna have this team essentially for the next three of five years most likely. So Chris balking go back and sign with a Los Angeles and it can be oil can make all that money. But they're gonna win the only time the only chance that any team's gonna have to beat the warriors is. If another super team comes along he's got to go to heat if I'm Chris Paul and go to San Antonio. I mean that they can knock on Cleveland believer and I realize. That would involve given up a lot of money he may not do that but that's somebody's gonna have to do to beat the warriors I don't see any other way. What do you think that that you think that that will be the trend now that the warriors and looked at almost are sad and mean star players it. You know joined each other that it's not like this and do things that the warriors in the latest installment of the index what they did but I but do you see other star players. I guess countering that by trying to put together their. Own super team yes I think they have to admit I really think they have to Alec Paul George for example a huge ball George. But Paul George. He might wanna think about going to a team that's already won fifty games. I don't know who that team is off the top my head on with Jimmy Butler how about Blake Griffin to Indiana's Paul George to the clippers. Think that really changes much. You know idea I would like to see the Blake Griffin go to Oklahoma City. You think OK I like to see it right. Westbrook Ingrid. Limit what Westbrook able to view I think you limits at less than Kevin Durant. Because you can throw the ball in the low post and it's part of your profits. And entering or it is. A scorer first and foremost I don't think Griffin to score he can score. But it would just be a different look to for for Oklahoma City. Air and one more player down there who knows they can be pretty good but urges. I mean you can get. You've got to put three stars together beat the warriors. Now Chris pollen coli Lander let's say he goes to sandy Tony you mentioned that. I'm watching Houston and San Antonio and LaMarcus Aldridge went there what's happened Marcus Aldridge looks like he can't even in that series. With the style that the rockets are spread out and shoot the three. The spurs have a whole lot of older players. That are on the down side in and they also have a lot of younger players. Day. Really aren't quite ready to be impact plan require islanders terrific but I guess sort of say is what they really. Other than quietly if it leads a lot of minutes gave at least 2070. Not natively in 2011. And I think about it Parker I got you know we have got David Lee. They got out assault and the rockets ran them out and LaMarcus Aldridge is quietly been only ten years ten years LaMarcus Aldridge has been in the league he plays like an old man. He doesn't have many he has an average elevation so. They look old and they're they're. They look very old I accuse you go when that series and I usually don't like to jump to a big conclusion after one game by it. That's. You know that's the way the NBA's go and I mean nothing is Chris Paul does San Antonio. I still think their player away. As inaccurate as he has. And that's kind of what I'm getting now when you look at. LaMarcus Aldridge Jimmy if you have got to be number three if it's if it's great numbers yes it's crisp ball and it's coli Leonard. And it's LaMarcus Aldridge is that even enough I don't know. I don't know. John Dickinson next time it's words beyond the numbers podcast for five point seven McCain I'm with yet at the rockets. They're gonna win that series I think the dispersal make adjustments now that it's gonna be for borrower for one. Type of the series and the rockets did drop to reinforce the regular sees the San Antonio so I still think that's probably six game series. But the rockets while I mean you'll get a thing we saw in the Boston Washington series and we saw this. Yesterday last night in the rockets spurs series to make a 1000003 pointers. It marijuana she did you're gonna you're gonna probably win that game the Celtics. An incredible turnaround and that team basically because they hit it on threes and the rockets were just. On fires start that game against San Antonio. As simple as a maker mislead sometimes. Definitely that's why the lawyers have the advantage. Because they can make more of their shots and any other team in the league. And they can stop other teams from making those shots more than any other team Italy. That's basically what it comes down to that's why the warriors of the favorites for the prohibitive favorites. A title like the Cleveland looks like they're getting a little bit better but they still have a ways ago defensively but maybe by the time they get to the finals will be. A team that can challenge the warriors but right now. I don't see you tall order more than a game and I don't see Houston win more than two games against the wars. Yet I think Houston it'll be tough for and even when more than one game just because for whatever why do you think the rockets have had so much trouble. Against the warriors making threes they had the one game where they made a bunch. That was the game and oracle. Early December 1 game they won that season series but the other games ahead. The warriors did a terrific job defending the three pointer or was just tonight where the rockets were offered me the rockets last night. It's not like they were taken great shots. Everyone it was going to end and I think the warriors have played the rockets on nights were none of those shots going. I think part of it is that the wars have a player that can defend James Harden by himself and that's Klay Thompson. At doesn't mean hardens gonna have a bad night but the worst go to the sucking on James Harden as much as other teams and off to help point James Harden as much as other teams. And that allows them to get back at the shooters so you have a player Klay Thompson who can make. James Harden the volume shooter and then you have all their three point shooters were taken. Little bit tougher threes than they normally are and I think that's that's one of the reasons. I think. John tickets and SI want to ask you about Cleveland is beyond the numbers podcast because we mentioned Cleveland. Cleveland looks like they're getting it together we ball that is similar thought they. Handle Toronto won game one line it just looks like there. It looks like they're going to be in a position I don't think Toronto is. Gonna give them much of a run in this series. I don't love what I've seen from Washington or Boston overall since come on an airplane better. As this they're playing better now than they were the first couple games against Chicago. It's look at likely what's going to be the team out of the east and adding more and more by the today. Excel and I never really thought it. Is going to be anybody but there in my figured they were gonna get it together and even if they didn't. Totally get it together they're still better than every other team in the in the east so as long as they can hold serve. I think there really play just get the finals. And where they get the finals they think they can beat the wars but you look at Toronto. I don't like they can do it Boston's a fun team but I only they can beat Cleveland Washington there yet. I just can't see anybody bottom lines like hits it would have beaten Cleveland can't see anybody beat the warriors and I think that's he's gonna end up in the NBA finals again. Now what the heck of a lot of fun if that's the way it plays out our we'll talk more about Cleveland. As things continue throughout the playoffs in the borders obviously is they get ready. To face the Utah Jazz warriors beyond the numbers podcast John tickets and that's that that's for 95 cent in the game.