Warriors NBA Playoff Preview

Thursday, April 13th

Zakariah takes a look at the upcoming NBA playoffs.


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Welcome on and it is the exact or a podcast that name I do not like I think we might have a winner. On the suggestion I am Zach or I welcome into the podcast hope you're enjoying your day whenever it is that you consume. This podcast. But I got somebody to text in Joey starchy. From the 51 L and Oakland he said the bay to Z pod. And he spelled a lower case. Capital a lower case why so it's almost like it's that aid is the pod but it's the date is the pod. Is that good no yes or no maybe we'll vote on it. Again if you have suggestions I will send you something fantastic tickets autographed memorabilia. Something to improve your day if you come up with the name that I end up using. For the podcast right now it is deal does act podcast playoffs coming up. In the NBA who's not excited. To this whole year for the NBA not feel like when the playoffs are. I think I felt that the November 1. Which was the day after the season started. I think November 1 I said when is June coming. So that I can again we have to promote we are the home of the Golden State Warriors I've watched every game and I was. Latched on and focused on every second. But that's that I get paid to do this. We've been waiting for the playoffs start for a launch. The warriors they've locked it up they are the number one seed and they'll be playing. The blazers in the first round first the ball fantastic for the West Coast because I love Portland a bit in their it's great. A lot Damian Miller lusty gym column I love the matchup in general. They're still a very tough matchup for them and talk about a matchup of back quartz. It's just fun watching basketball and you don't normally get that when it's a one seed and eight seed you're getting it with the blazers and warriors so that's great. Now if you're warriors fan you're looking at this. A bunch of different angles first of all you're probably assuming you're getting out of the first round and the second round when you look at the second round. And yet the clippers in the jazz which of those two teams. Would you be more. Worried about you can tweet at me again I want suggestions for the podcast named do you like the day as the cast. With BA being capitalized in days it was like a disease do you like better yet some better ads exports on Twitter ZAK sports. And also assuming you get past Portland. Who do you want to face more. Out of the clippers and the jets. I think it's pretty obvious. You're on the clip. You all. The clippers mentally physically like I'm done with the star power on them there is nothing about the clippers that fears me even a smidgen. When it comes of the warriors playing them a playoff round. I think the answer is got to beat Utah. Plus I've been to Utah Salt Lake City. The altitude and that's a factor. Plus they play style that I think you would rather not play against Xavier Golden State. The clip is best chance at beating the warriors is a style but the warriors. I didn't. Like please can we run up and down and throw well you ensured a bunch of threes because guess what were the best at that. I mean it's the same thing is that about the rockets and we'll get to them they'll be playing the thunder. By the way how many people in Oklahoma City are going to the just. Downtrodden. Knowing that they can have James Harden. Russell Westbrook and Kevin. Three gods that you can make the argument could have been without Katie getting hurt. The top three finishers in BP. That doesn't make you puke I don't know what it is but. Would give them a little bit but it's the same be said about the rockets the rockets are best when they're running and gunning. But the problem as you're playing in the war is war better than you would that. And I feel similar about the clippers. And I think it's the dubs man. Got to enjoy the process and their work things that came up during the year. Little bit of turmoil here in the air some injuries here and there. One really big elephant in the room injury but for the most part. We go ahead and race the losing. For the first time ever after being the first team ever to win the most games in the regular season. The first team ever to blow up 31 lead in the finals can be go ahead and get to that point I can race that memory and get back to two years from now. When I was celebrating in downtown Oakland. Championship. I think that's what the majority of warriors fans have been doing even with the added intrigue of adding Kevin Durant. When it comes down to it. Whether it's a Western Conference finals match up with the rockets. What's worse I think most people would probably bet on the spurs but I don't know the spurs have not looked great. Rockets kind of have. Looked important work that series than any other series in the NBA playoffs how's that for hot. The defensive minded. Relatively old school even though they changed their style. San Antonio Spurs bores the running gun Mike Dee and Tony completely. Resurrected. As the rockets coach in James Horton passing the ball possible MVP. That's series is going to be great. That's fire and ice right there. But outside of those two teams if your worst and the only thing you're worried about projects. And who knows what path the caps are gonna take. But if I told you right now. The capsule not make the finals how many wars fans would say. Doctor Todd. 1% 2%. Even if I told the caps were making the finals comedy warriors fans would not take it there when the title. And I'm not saying based on being home I'm saying is when you genuinely feel about your ballclub. This is the warriors finals to lose. I did an interview in what some on the East Coast. And there were asked to be about the warriors are to us that look this is there finals to. If they let it will be the surprising thing of the best team and what I hope does not happen the Bay Area and what I would ask you. Do not under appreciate what you're watching. Because this team was so bad for so long and teams can go to stretches where there are so bad for so long that when they're good. And when you're in contention year in and year out. You're going to miss these times if you don't appreciate that now. Talked to would nix fan. Will browns fan. I'm going cross sports they're obviously. What I'm asking you to do was sit back and enjoy it enjoy the regular season enjoy the first round and George that your team is expected to win. It doesn't happen all the time on Twitter apps exports ZAK sports and draw the NBA playoffs everybody.