Warriors Eye Durant's Return, Rest Green & Iguodala in Phoenix

Matt Steinmetz
Wednesday, April 5th

JD and Steiny discuss Kevin Durant's likely return Saturday vs. New Orleans, how the Warriors will adjust their rotation with Durant back in the fold and why the team is resting Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala in Phoenix.


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I just tickets and that's dime it's beyond the numbers podcasts for 95 points at the became a more haven't seen it before warriors face off. Against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the season it's winding down back it back for the warriors they'll be in Phoenix. And a couple of days off before three home games to close out the season. Boarders facing the delicate Saturday in Utah's here on Monday. And the lakers to close it out before the postseason begins and the warriors are. Hottest team in the NBA and Kevin Durant all signs still Matt pointing toward a return for PT Saturday against the war. Once I was thinking about this JT. How the warriors have going from the lowest of lows that night in Washington. In early march to. A great place right now I think. When you stop and think about what Kevin Durant got hurt in Washington and what he was thinking about. In the wake of that injury thought his season was over he would come to terms with that he said in his own mind. And to go from that point where you thought you work or play anymore this season to. Coming back with a couple games to go your team is rolling you're still the number one seed and you still have championship aspirations and still the favorite. He's got to be on cloud nine it's got to be feel like it always playing with house money he's got to be great frame of mind. I think that he's gonna be. Very good when he comes back I think. What I think is gonna happen JD is that the warriors are gonna play. Better now than they played with terrain it before the injury. Just because he's now had a chance to watch this team for four to six weeks. And he's a Smart player and I think he's just gonna step right in its gonna be seamless and I think the wars are gonna be better than they were earlier in the season went. And one thing that dream on greens that after the game against the wizards on Sunday night he said that look the warriors got Kevin Durant to be Kevin Durant they don't want Ian. To feel like he's got it just come back in it in. To the way that they've been able to play without and they wanted to come back and be the star players he it is right it's gonna be interesting as far as how the minutes shake out how they tried ballots if in fact he returns on Saturday. Now here's what's coming up. To rants scheduled to play. You want two and three on three Thursday at the warriors facility and annie's gonna be reevaluate the team goes to Phoenix to ransacked you can go on the trip. Oh great that need to get to a couple of people that are gonna be going on the trip partly start to be more and in Phoenix coming up here. On the podcast but to rant oh come back the rest of the team's gonna have the day off except for those that are going to be in the 22 with a three up three games. It is he's gonna get if I waited at that point if all goes well he'd be in line to play on Saturday night. Can be very exciting. And I think that. Obviously speakers or he said he's put him right back in the starting line up which is what you would figure. And I think it terrain. It's. I don't think he's gonna come back and try to take the bull by the horns I just don't think that's the way to do I think he can I really straight mine green. Is right when he says they want to have moderate to be Kevin Durant but I don't think. They want to have moderate beat that rendering at right away. I think could be better for the wars if you eases back into the diameter. Because of these Kevin Durant right off the bat that is a stark contrast. To what they've got right now let's say they would be worse team. But that would make the adjustment of having him come back a little more. Stark were difficult. I'd victory it's Smart guy and he's gonna come back you can ease himself in. These last two or three games he's gonna play in the first round and I think by the second round. They'll be fully incorporated and the warriors feel like there completely whole again by do you think there's going to be an adjustment here. John Dickerson Matt Stein Mets warriors beyond the numbers podcast Kevin Correia its return. It's common likely Saturday at the latest Monday barring any kind of setback is the warriors are set to close out the c.'s meet in real likened those 2123 and three gates is that Steve Kurt going to be asking you to come out. The facility it has to paying a little bit with the dating now now I think we'll see Willie Green assistant coach. It's cursed like seven guys on the staff that are. That are just out of Turkey because it helps with work out to wreck happened bodies. It would they're trying to get guys you know to to feel like they're you know getting conditioning and in plain against some. Some real competition. While Luke Walton obviously played a lot last year when he was an assistant coach Jarron Collins I still see out there. Bang and a little bit so you head may have you know what the warriors have a a slew of young tight coaches. Who or players maybe not the professional level but they'll have enough bodies to throw out of I think Mac it you'll probably play if damion Jones is in. In the area help play I don't know what's singer cruises schedule is that a call obviously be in that game not sure what looney status is with the injury. But they don't find guys to play with Iran and now tell you what if you defendant Kevin Durant got to be very careful on Wednesday or Thursday. You don't wanna be that guy knows what he steps off now or something like that you know practice it that's always a funny thing that went up row. Is play in and a in summer league gamer picked up tight game you always have that dire to. Who's not a pro that once the show the pro that he's really good yeah placed you all don't need that. You don't need that. And it John Dick it's a match that its words beyond the numbers podcasts for 95 cent of the game no idea on minutes. Yet for to grant according to Steve Kerr. And they won't have an idea until he's cleared to play anchor gets the trainers the one thing we do knows he's going right into the starting line up. How do you think that shakes out I know we've discussed it I think on every podcaster gusted on NBA this week. We both think there will be a minor adjustment period but it's not the the warriors will be able to overcome in I would say three to five gains probably maximum. I would I would think something like that I'm not. Very concerned with how altering its gonna fear him. I would be more concerned with how the players are gonna respond whose minutes get decreased because Kevin Durant. Comes back what's gonna happen maybe to Matt Barnes who may get his minutes cut. Patrick McCaw he may be looking at essentially. Being out of the rotation now that the playoffs start. I think you're right on the money with that and I think even look at that the starting line up. For the game against Minnesota and work but the right before this right tips off at ORACLE Arena Matt Barnes is back in the storyline. Tonight in and I think a lot of that is obviously weakens share is it is a factor for the timberwolves but I think you. I think you nailed it when it comes to call. Because Steve Kerr said before the ball game. Then it. He really likes. The warriors rotation and what's developed. Since the ranch has gone down ways forests of with the red pattern yeah it should everything. And cost start a lot of gay rights so you could conceivably. Have my call who started a lot not play at all right to rant goes right back in and then they're still role for Matt Barnes. And everybody else though it you'd think parts minutes are going to cut. Preserve him a little bit for moments where they really think they need him during a post season run deceased at 37 years old. And and you know what with all due respect to claw. He's got a lot of opportunities. Rookie year he's a lot of minutes on this team. Which is just it took it should be a blessing for him to come onto a championship. Caliber team as a second round pick. Get some starts wintering and has been hurt he's gotten minutes all season long obviously he's been a role players who hasn't had huge minutes. But still he's got a great opportunity. You can make your case that this has this been a perfect year for him too because they've been able to get it minutes. Relatively low stakes because he's not gonna cost you gain because you have so many great players and now the playoffs are coming we don't have the role of the alliance. You can pick your spots with McCaw in the post season. Maybe would have a double digit lead late in the game more. Or maybe if you get off to a great start in the lead after one quarter 3518. Sure bring the call into place six minutes. To start that second quarter. When it's not make or break time but I think we look back on Patrick cause rookie year. While it's gonna stand nowadays as. You know a rookie of the year type of first year. I think it's really gonna go a long way toward allowing him to become the best player he cared for this particular organization. I think it's yours been extremely beneficial in the gravy and he's a guy that'll play in this summer league and he can eating in a lot of time there. And who knows exactly how this roster it'll look for the warriors next season and right it would. It would seem like it could at least as far as the bench players go it could be. Vastly different right and it that it was this season. The other part of this. With the rain coming back you know we we throw around the idea Matt Barnes as he did it is not a good fit I actually. I've never been a big fan Nat all right throughout his career and we've talked about that a lot in it you know my stance on him. I actually got his name up to you when when Sacramento. Had decided they were gonna wave them when they made it the DeMarcus Cousins straight in originally wasn't in the warriors plans they were gonna go. With Dodd with Jose hole arrows they cholera from the lakers who got bought out but I. Haven't Matt Barnes around is gonna wind at the end may be a blessing in its eyes. Out of this Kevin Durant injury to be honest because he. He really does fit. What the warriors like to do and it's not like you're gonna have to play him. Every game or it's in every game he. Haven't him as a filler in an emergency in a playoff game quite a lot out gave us. I think it's just an added benefit of blessing in disguise to come up this last month well and. I agree to and I think that if the warriors. Let's use a hypothetical here and say they. Bayside at 27 year old man towards that I think that's a problem because a 27 year old Matt Barnes would want playing time. But at 37 year old Matt Barnes he knows his role on this team he knows who the stars are he knows what he was brought in four. And I don't even think if he goes a gamer too without play and he's going to be a problem because he knows this might be his last chance to get a ring quite frankly now. That's one thing maybe the warriors thought about you what you think about Barnes. You don't really think of team guy that you think of a guy who will always have his teammates Barack put the bar is always somebody's been. Working to stay in the lead and so would you worked steadily a lot of times you think yourself worse because you have to do. It's up to survive but now boards is at a point where. He's. That's the quip that she's ever been to be a limited role player. And frankly if he's got to commit four to six minutes and eight. I trust him more now that I would have ever trusted him over the course of his career. I just look at San Antonio series or Cleveland NBA finals series hypothetical him and I they. Let's say. Kevin Durant picks up a couple of now circling top seeded you know when it an injury where you're gonna miss. You know let's say frequency goes out early in the game you don't know what he's coming back. Core or they suck that's in flocks or even that the power forward position dream on green you know asked to miss a team apart right. There's options and now that the warriors have they put a good dollar into a role where he's been effective. At any point in the power forward position. And that you have a lot of options aren't quite threaten parts able to do it if you really that is sure an emergency care and the point being. He kept quiet and it's now. You don't have to go to Patten caught up finals it's an eight ER right go get. You JR Smith they're okay now a month jumper LeBron James here you know get switched on the carrier you know have to worry about that. You got the veteran presence or. And isn't that really the warriors strength is they have multiple players like Matt Barnes. Archery with dollar is like Matt Barnes in that. If push comes to shove he can guard twos threes and fours and not get embarrassed. Rate mind green is another player they can throw lack. Actually defensively. And he can guard multiple positions Klay Thompson is six foot seven. You can guard multiple positions derail. Six foot 106 foot eleven whatever he is can guard multiple positions and that's very I think they have over every other team. Because when another team comes in here with a superstar. No matter which James Martin Matt Russell Westbrook the matter if it's Hawaii lettered. The warriors have multiple. Bodies. Multiple who can defend these players and that's why the warriors about success against Harden and Westbrook and Leonard. This is taking command animate numbers with numbers not just one guy. Plenty. John Dickinson next time it's beyond the numbers podcast for 95 point seven the gave over look at it. The warriors wrap it up the season heading toward the playoffs. Let me ask you this. Great on the warriors regular season. Assuming they finish the season five and oh or four wan meaning that last five games are Paramount a measure great Saturday the Soledad. Wouldn't colony plots right. I think there's. Some there's been mortality it's rice exit might went 68 games six Trent game's true but it's it's it's kind of crazy to say last year would have to be in a loss earlier I greatest. Yeah I get to Soledad I. It's a sol today it's funny I was joking when that a member of the warriors PR staff. Because of worries what they went 67. And fifteen years ago. Right when he won the NBA championship if you look at the warriors right now the F fourteen losses. And what I'm I'm just count them out five games last ride so. When you look at I I joke. Coming off that eight and thirteen IC you know and the worst have to go like him what the number was twelve and want our medical at least while the one I. Where they're at or in the worst Kirk is giving a worst per error at record. And while what you 881. Every game since then and I don't see more than one loss. On the docket. So this is it the very what they're gonna win at least maybe a good thing they did two years ago today. You know having it and they're gonna beat it number one seed right and it looked outweigh it. Get the rated the fold and you'll have dealt with significant adversity adversity. You lose them for a month we we always wonder what the team's minds it is or their thinks the team players about it we as fans. Don't quite yet worked don't know about. The warriors have won eleven straight they have five left to you think they're taking it to look now at all that they thought about it one iota. Well do we wanna go into the playoffs with a sixteen game winning streak. Do we not do we got to bear what do you think that's crossed anybody's mind. I don't go to I don't think it has all the low as just be talking right I would want. I want one boss someone. On the line I think not I don't comes back and I mean meets this is that becomes a little bit of it all Milosevic but. I look at maybe the Utah game. And meal warriors they get the box is Jack let's say beat Minnesota beat Phoenix. They win it because it's Alec gains to rain comes back in that game Utah comes in here at number one seed locked up officially did. You as a team can be pesky. Maybe the warriors are quite is engaged in game be it might be game the jets need for home court in the first round. He's an expert panel that is true and that's significant difference for the jazz have a great home court advantage. It Salt Lake City doubt their you know probably can play the clippers want Abbott vs not happen. So maybe that's it looked up there were lots as 101031. Habit that right. You run the lakers out a forty play him but he twenty minutes. A couple days for the so I don't think it's a big deal but I'll be I don't ever like happen. Long streaks. Don't get to a playoff I don't like the NFL like epidemic kicker have a Ali he's made it in right I don't want that. It's just now baseball you don't want to me you don't want your closer the other closers. Blown a save all year he's 44. Right. Now below one at the end of the regular season as long as prosecuting. This ticket. Just to get a lot of that stuff off the. Play I hear you what's what's the plan for the Phoenix game on Wednesday. For the Golden State Warriors that'll be a back to back game. Obviously play Minnesota on Tuesday has Steve Kerr talked at all about possibly resting players in Phoenix or from here on out. Yeah outrage about greed and Andre and dollar not gonna play in Phoenix and speaker it's there could be more added to add an injury popped up in the game. Against the timberwolves have to wait and see. As far as the team in Phoenix goes but I think it's interesting to rant is making that you're at right he's gonna work out and come back to that he's gonna go talk about the three up three. You want cute situations on Thursday Notre Dame on green no it would dollar dollar that's normal sure they second of the back to back against Phoenix. That's that's they've done that periodically all year I thought it was interesting the reasoning. Now that the training staff told Steve Kerr the tracking yelled software that they used at the Petit been up all those numbers student. They went to Steve or about a week ago he said and straight Monday tonight at some point. Windy it so they need it became you know curry said he didn't really want. Rest anybody five game stretch where they were playing all the sure great teams last week but find it day for a some wire to back the back. He talked to train mine mine. Agreed. But yeah out K I'm on board. So he's gonna say it but it it it's fascinating how the interaction between the coach in the trading staff were they go to him today. This guy here. So what about the final three home games. Do you think her will rest any of the players at home did he address that at all. I know Joseph Laker is on the record as saying he not a big fan of resting players. At ORACLE Arena. Victory dress that at all if not what your hunch on that. As far as the last three days they wanna get the full so I think I think they're gonna like guys. Normal minutes in the probably the first you the pelicans Damon right that you're talking about they use the Utah game as a playoff dress rehearsal there is ours to rant if that's the second game back ride him. I don't think they'll play a lot of minutes against the lakers. I think it might be a situation where they play the first half and maybe get a run. Eight starters when it first part the third quarter in the right at CNET and that you like cattle like a pre season games sure but I think. Blowouts guys are gonna take you see and maybe not come back in the game in his native the other team comes back and makes a run. The young guys and guys have to finish if we lose it make sure that you got might be the mindset of the warrior let it get smaller in this situation but. I think everybody's gonna play. All those last three games at all and barring injury adding if everybody's healthy is among core players for the warriors. I don't think anybody's gonna sit out because you've still got. Aides before true and if that weren't starts Saturday you've got Thursday Friday right eyes as days re not gonna see any action they get their points Sunday it would be a lock that they wouldn't do it. Maybe it would Ollie gets that day it needs it I just don't see the warriors get carried away with that. The final couple games they'll play him the limit the minutes of significantly how they decide are you even know which teams are gonna place Saturday. And which teams are gonna start the playoffs on Sunday. What television dictates the whole thing and I'll tell you I saw a copy that I obtained. Matt a copy of the map. Astor television schedule right so it's got all the slots after it's got every game or game Saturday and the times and the network right and there's four games Sunday game ones of the game ones or Saturday or Sunday. Became news in the next three days there all Monday Tuesday Wednesday that that next week you're the game threes are all. Thursday Friday Saturday. And then they get everything in line or goes every other day action for that following week as far as. You wanna have the most popular teams the teams get the best ratings in the big slots there is an ABC slot. Saturday 12:30 Pacific and Sunday 12:30 Pacific. The first two days to get. Probably cavs game one right warriors game one in one of those do and for whatever reason the cavs have been the number one choice Sunday's premiere slot over Saturday. And the and the cavs have received that both the year moves. I didn't speaker although the warriors a little bit of a slight. Yeah and I think they wanna the extra day of rest. And if you look at the warriors at that the 1230 game. It's Saturday against the pelicans and the rocket right that the tabs at the Sunday game the last couple years. The warriors by Sunday game if I do think I think there. Especially this year because at the re at and because of stroke struggled a little bit. I know I would receive trustees and as Sunday's bigger than Saturday I wouldn't be surprised yes I would've thought that. Last year melt through it is it didn't happen in India the first year. Go back two years ago on that wasn't surprised at the words brought the team nobody out or the ones he. Tablet but it is fascinating to see how they built the Dow. The route. The two months to where they have options they always can plug a game in on Saturday airs Sunday when they need you even if it's movement game one up. To say the next day yeah from the the next round and and they just spread it out longer as the series. But those aren't that's good for us on tickets and that's that's a beyond the numbers podcast. Another one in the books here for an ID five point seven a game.