Warriors Dance Team

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Amira and Katie from the Warriors Dance Team joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to promote the Warriors Golden Ball Tour and to play a game of "Which Is It?"


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Amir ansari and terrible I know for how you do let me amplify yet Katie how are you I'm doing well I think yeah from the warriors dance team joining Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven the icu brought Larry with you know we've gotten and how you know this everyone referred him is that thousands of sons and that. How about that now. Miller you've been with the team this your seventh season crack Katie this is your second app lets start with you you were just in China with the team what was that experience like. It is unbelievable all just to be able to see the presence that the warriors hold it in and completely different country is under out and the fans are my guys they like crazy for the warriors and to be able to bring warriors grounds. There was phenomenal I'm not only do they go crazy for the players but even people like Lawrence who works on moyers TV because he's in the promotional videos that are seen in China. So he's in truth he was treated like as a rock star himself. Yes I mean Andrea Andrea on the street like Iraq sacked. There there would ditto what you want to take pictures with you would suffer how was it would you Freel was it meet its brands as well forget. That you're really did they'd come up to you in just hug yell and every single person wanting to page and then there's a lot of fun Portugal to mill when you're there. It's chickens. I saw you once again. I panicked a little luck. I get married and I announced I I had. And each. And yeah Apple Mac Donald I wonder I don't know France and eighties every now and I didn't know how many users had no it's not ask dongle for beauty adventure that I know that in his friends and out of a mirror this is your seventh year with the team granddaddy back in the studio thank you for having me have you grown bored with the slash Brothers. I have not yeah you surprisingly he's it's never know moment annoyance. It's been great and how are not a pundit tell you you're in Phoenix before what my life now we traded how that works out. Yeah. Then they. Today I traded admin and send an it's an amazing ride with seven seasons and then. It's just been progressively getting better Sabha on. And right now we're gonna talk about the golden victory ball yet in just a moment and putt you remember this from last time we do and we have a new game oh yeah. I did is going to be hosting this one tip at all about the rules and he's gonna lay out these so please pay attention I don't mind did take it away ladies did say it's very important that when you come into our house that we treat you with this bag dean you don't make any friendly but the same time it can't just be. And easy appears that we saw her hold your feet to the fire a little bit but we want hits with too much sports trivia thing for you wouldn't feel comfortable. So we thought we would go with something more in your milieu it are you to both professional dancers and we say hi we are apparently. Professional dancers you should know a fair deal about predicts percent right. One and only have one would only know what he's always a question. Just without any further until I welcome to this edition of which is did Stephen if you would play. My family's here. But we will bother sound effects begin our budget is us if we don't have. Hey are you ready to play which is fit. We are ready and ominous lead off a list of these items one of the time and you have to decide whether it's a dance. An athlete's name or nickname at time four boats you. So all I'll read something off to dance an athlete that came about Joseph I have fifteen. Items here. How do you think he's young lady should be a little this appears to be your most work you have ever put my rounds. Oh I know I. He's say hey yeah why you know there. Just think it's his fifteen what do we expect this standard to be pleased to intelligent young laid off of the senate relatively I'm gonna go over under nine and a half I think they get. And play the overall. Under dips pretty tough haters yeah. He's doesn't agree that's what you guys did I say now. And the winner on the overturn AMA's welcome to witch is dead again it's a dance and athletes nicknamed. Or votes are you ready the end ready my you can you can talk to each other by the answer first up is. Somebody is it a dance an athlete's name. Or is it. Some ladies and. What makes it noon handling it well I'm tired and when you notice did I answer do we. Hopefully this. Again. They thought they love it yeah. They're pulling any. Yeah that's right that's right ladies on how exactly is it. Please don't mix is loving father love mud and Lovato is today there's an athlete's name or nickname or bow. I'm Richie Valens. That would be love love love Obama this is. This is why. Love. We're even now how you can it is their. But yeah it's just a damn. Duke Virginia and president coming on the lottery yeah. Ladies and gentlemen and ladies if you want it now walk in the park you'd gone to the game. What I guides yeah. Like the exact numbers. I was on the night the club. Yeah we've got that we did not have a bid to have and detonate name. 30 lead astray again Jim less. I think club president dance an athlete's name or nickname or boasts a Juba. Do landed just I do under the pressure big name or nickname. Here we go. I can't. This is which is good but the lawyers dance team. I can't athletes make him both did you get the C country of origin. She says. Both nicks fault of course has. Until the last five for five this is unbelievable. I'm Bob are we doing the Catholic tonight we'll. All I saw this one girl in the camera. Yeah yeah and convincing a nine cents. Tuesday nickname. Oh it's no moma. The mom that. Mambo yes about. No. Yeah. Maybe now she leads the Droid X one which is. In fact mum bow which is as we know it's a dance another nicknames and we will continue to. What about. The road block then around the yeah that goes around my house floor. Myself and Justin dance are you sure he's done a defensive line of furniture. Line seven and won three more video over got a couple more years maybe so we have. Part in this I'm good how about this round we're doing the wrong. As a Disney and athletes make me more isn't phone does Sidney and Justin name. Not advance you guys don't do that. And they give yeah yeah bad bag and you get the right now. It's yeah. Like yeah you shouldn't have done it and now it's the wrong. All it's the run. Not a dance moves want to come down behind we do in the Condo. That gives you it was so what is the Condo is a good dance movies and athletes they gamers it. Well both Afghanistan and made and athletes they. Couple more ladies are getting to the end here I don't wanna learn just need one more silver hammer. Dance athletes nickname or is it my. Seizes it and I. CD and then listen. I was like good. I Oakland's. Nicknamed. Laid off okay. Yeah. Yeah yeah. That's actually how you play either. Yeah yeah. And I come down. Exactly live news. So we know that. Condo is not a dance move but what does Nene Nene back yeah lead dance almost there. Hey this could be it's kind of busy eating he's there it. This is an all look at him yeah. And a piano on Wednesday I'm free daily I know you're both mundane day to day basis. Yeah. They think it's both yeah. And Katie have what. Oh yeah. Of course Nene Hilario a great time. Okay. Now that's a pretty I don't yeah. Don't even need all fifteen cats yeah. Beat the bookie finally gets one right congratulations you're. Anyway. Again I pretty hot and cold and the Big Three ball toward a now lane on us. I.s so we've got and the chase to present this giant golden ball that is spinning around the cheese was cheese and so. And their lawyers are mommy and change the seat stays as was trying to win a multi between now and Saturday. Warriors dot com people check it out thank you decay heat thank you to a mirror thing John. No matter cashing out over we'll see you out at oracle is usually game we get set for the start of the season.