Warriors again adjust to life without KD; Celtics in trouble; Jazz/Clippers should go the distance

Matt Steinmetz
Wednesday, April 19th

JD and Steiny talk Warriors/Blazers Game 2, if Durant could miss Game 3 and bounce around the other NBA Playoff series.


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Right John tickets and that's I nets are beyond the numbers podcast playoff edition has become the alive from ORACLE Arena. Before game news we're gonna try talked about what's going on with the warriors and then bounce around. Some games in progress will just let you know where things stand as we speak. And then won't get into some of the variables involved of what if this app that's what if that happens that sort of thing. Game two though warriors are up one know the try to go up 20 Kevin Durant not gonna play with a calf strain. Matt parts Shaun Livingston as well but the big ticket item here is to grant the warriors being very cautious. With TE and it sounds like game three even on Saturday night is not a lock. Well. I don't really have a problem talking about this a little before the game because it'll make it look. But we know we're talking about are we don't pay the terrain. Injury I think is a problem that's now compounded because believe it or not born sister. They acquired Matt boards to fill in for Kevin Durant remember they were gonna side Jose called Rome. They ended up cited Matt Barnes and now they don't have to rip or barn that's gonna put. Some pressure on Steve Kerr we know he likes to stay with I don't what got him there likes to dance with the one who brought on yet. But I think he's gonna have to try to do some things tonight that maybe he hasn't done before hasn't bought up hasn't thought of Livingston as a player usually plays pretty well against Portland because he's tall and their back court is small. You don't want it to be overly dramatic but this is the kind of thing that can change the momentum of the series. Dave really can't and and I think I am actually more surprised that map RT is it plain I figured Bard's can play through. The ankle and the foot sprain he's out of it east. May his career be it pop right and I think you know it it's 37 years old and having this be the reason that he was brought here. I'm actually surprised that he's not able to play in this game at least give the warriors out that it's got to show you that. He's really hurt he's really hurt or they're even concerned about want to make sure he's okay. If they have to play it longer let's say without the rain maybe keep both guys out what. This I think I think one of the things that. Is now the next thing to look for is what injured player comes back first to rip her ditch Barton's. Living stated feels like won't be gone for too long. I don't know about Saturday and the other thing is we're really gonna go. About Saturday until very closely Saturday that's just the way it goes in the post season. So. Right. I think this series just got a little more interstate. And now it's just gonna come down to. Series is this injury because JD out of Herbert Hubert that it would talk about when it happened specifically. Yeah it that question was asked and you know when it was asked it was real hot shots of what happened in the game. That was the answer in and I think you know there were couple people that went back in and tried to find it a specific play. It he played through it he was worked on though at what the third quarter. I think yes this urging massage him but he came back and it finished the game eliminated. It played very well 32 points aren't alike so this is a deal where. He got it worked on he played he finish the game did you get a Monday it it's like well we need to be careful with it. From the mortgage respect doesn't practice Tuesday it was an acute around I mean that was the great indicator. If you just look at how the warriors trying ballots these things if a guy doesn't practice or as a participated shootaround he almost never placed right on back to Stefan curry. Last lesson here blue White House situation dad as a as they stay home get some rest we'll see you and I yet exactly so I think it's a deal where. There's a lot of different. Things in play here. How does Andre Iguodala used moving forward I think gays in the foremost of importance because. Went out Livingston the warriors don't really have a back up point cover it right went out right. To rant they don't have a back power forward. As a somebody else is gonna have to likelier that makati and Clark are gonna play I put some somebody else is gonna have to play because the warriors need another bought. I think this is very good that the warriors restore user with dollar more more toward the end of the season. Because now he's able to place thirty plus minutes and if you get thirty plus minutes at a bigger dollar that's that's about as much as you're gonna get. Out of my wouldn't play with dollar Morton 35 minutes obviously this series is gonna try to turn on who who gets healthy. Who comes back quicker outlet jump around a couple series that are there midway. Cleveland they're up 20 in the Indiana Pacers any thoughts on on that series JD do you feel like. The cavaliers who have raised their level of play or you feel like they're just getting the benefit a player an eight seed in the east and that it's essentially the same team that was struggling lately year. I think they've they have a reason level play defensively they've raised their level play offensively and it has been pretty efficient. I think it's been pretty buttoned up and it's like aerial offensively throughout that the two games in India and it's not. By any means a great defensive team but I I don't think we've seen the level from the caps that he'd. Thought we were going to write at this point now it's been good enough to survive game line. They gained a little separation in in game two before getting that victory although it got a little tight down the stretch but the caps if prevail. But that series is about as expected I mean I feel like this is gonna be a slow build. For the cavs. And that they probably can win this series in five with their off and it's all right. So you know do you need your defense more on the road yet out they'll go against 34 DD and I think you probably can at the defendant higher level. To avoid that the unit due to series coming back to Cleveland for game five in the behavior in some trouble. Look Indiana. I am not a at and the rest of them away here I can take Ibrahim as far as the playoff team goes I think durables off. Now. What did you make what did you make of the Paul George situation in game one where he seemed to be. Upset with teammates CJ miles and never got the ball back on the final possession and he said you know I gotta shoot that ball. It was surprising that he was so can't honestly and he he essentially said why. He gave a very talk show oriented answer to it. Pretty that I really didn't mean he it was the what you're superstars got to take the shot I've got to make the shot he said he spoke to see him miles about it and look I can't even make that shot. That they should take the shock or make the playoffs and he said take this job that's terrible and that the preconceived mindset. It's maybe that's why so for fifteen in clutch situations. Over the past well you're. Clearly in the eighties he threw it to home and he wanted it back immediately and the whole plague you with. I wonder what's going on its head I mean I even make the shot at your mentality is one of the given up I don't really want to give it up it was super. I think he was a little surprised that it did it apple. Surprise that it double team well her a superstar player in an operation like I don't know gore I don't know but he. He just looked. Like he wasn't expecting that one time I don't know what I found it to be interesting it you know LeBron James was asked about it after the game of the projects like that's something we always do right so. Right and Italy. It was terrifying moment for the Indiana players or their staff quite frankly. Because they did not handle it well at all and I just you know it's funny because I. And we'll jump around and you talk clippers series. Two who made the game winning shot for the Utah Jazz it wasn't their best like right it was Joseph Johnson. Did the best match up I think sometimes you gotta go with the best match up and here's what always bothers me. There's no right answer to this question. What Michael Jordan pastor Steve Kerr and current rate the game winning shot in the NBA finals. That was a great decision is steep curve misses that shot you know what people would come down Jordan's wrote. It's can you not take that shot you know what that's because her had a wide open shot. Now the problem with a Paul George situation was. You didn't really give the he was to double team but he didn't make them pay with the past. You got double team the gave it to our relatively close to right so there was no advantage gained by throwing a pass that. Paul George. If he's used to be double team just make a pass it gives his team work an advantage that it did what do you think as it. I think it's an outside that's by the way our warriors beyond the numbers podcasts were bouncing around talking a lot about everything going on in the playoffs. And another series in the Eastern Conference. While it has leased on its Boston and Chicago. I mean I and I granted. I wasn't I around Boston all year as far as a playoff team goes I feel like they're a team it. You know if Isiah Thomas is your best player. In a playoff series that can be mitigated to a certain X games and teams could take it and I did not think that Chicago couples to take advantage of it. And then you look at everything else going on when Isiah Thomas personally and it's you know it's it's unfair to even. Criticized the Celtics relief right away when you look at that personal situation criticized Imus in any way tickets. Nobody knows. What the heck is going on with that the debt that his sister just suddenly and tragically in a car accident. Over the weekend before game once I just yet. He almost just can't really analyzed. And ID any validity or any reality to it. And I actually think the one thing that hasn't been discussed and it is this is affecting. Players other than Isaiah Thomas we know we we can't fathom how it's affecting Isiah Thomas. But if you're a teammate of Isiah Thomas took pictures it's awful. Because. It's it makes all his teammates think about well what if that happened to me how fortunate in my. And so I think that is obviously. A big part of this I just don't. And that the other part of it JD say that's just felt like the the Celtics with a tiger team. That is harder to beat the regular season and the playoffs because would you Ketchum. In the middle of an NBA season in ABA you maybe don't you play about a back to back to you just have one day off but he can. Look at the scouting report for 45 minutes to go out and play them. They do some things differently. They're not an overly talented team they they move the ball well day they. They do pass and putt well but they have Isiah Thomas the squirrelly there in the shot clock. But I just think that they're the type of team that if you play over seven game series. You're gonna realize that they're not there to. And that we see a player like Al Horford. We all love Al Horford but he's on the downside in his career I've been I don't even know how many years he has left. And then what you fight it out also treaty is your right the best player of the Boston Celtics is Isiah Thomas he's 59. That's part of the Chicago Bulls or Jimmy Butler to wait wait haven't I series the start they're bigger they're stronger. I think I think Boston's a lot of trouble because I think I don't think they're that talented and I just think. They didn't they did and Isiah Thomas has been dealt a tragic candidates. It's got to. It's gonna affect him but you can't think it won't. I think you bring up a great point as it pertains to use the rest of the players on the Celtics because it does make and it they're not gonna be of of sound mind even at not to the level. Of a promise obviously but it throws everybody off every bit longer and what's he feeling what's he thinking like you said how what I feel I just think any time you're. Fully committed to the game plan and task at hand any playoff series. Anybody can be and I just think the Celtics have been just they've been a little off me how does that look fine how he he I relatively normal but the rest of the team hasn't looked right they're not making shots they're out of sync. It just defensively they haven't been nearly as good as they they had. Vogue I again. Yet so far it. If this wind up losing this series what's in five or six games right I mean who's gonna I mean it's based on the life. It's yet to master its total to run with highway I've this is just that. This is in all circumstances beyond anyone's Cattrall on hold anybody accountable for now and I'm. I mean I. It's it's hard to talk about it is it's it's unfair it's tragic end. It's just basketball game at the end of the day and let's let's go back to the basketball ultimately you talk the clippers yeah there 11. The Utah Jazz one at the buzzer in game lauded that the clippers came back in freedom. 9991. To make it 11. You know I was watching the clippers last night and I think you're right I I don't think they can get it a a and the reason I say that is because. Because they had stretches during that game last night where they looked good and he should have enough to want it brought six it just happens they just. Happened to play well and click a little bit. It doesn't feel like it's coming from their game plan or their focus whether execution. They've got to handle it. They've got a lot of talent that team and some days they go out on the court and it shows that they're able to win a lot of games at their talent but. But do they Whittle lot of games with their execution with their smarts with the coaching with the strategy. I don't know I I'm. I am looking forward to the rest of that series though it's 11 will see it go bears coming back I think it's about this. Dwight Howard. Was criticized because. He never really got better in the NBA. I think Blake Griffin somewhat similar as he caught a lot better since he was in his second year for example. Well I think. As the injuries have piled up at different points in the last few years it. I think it's hampered his development it's also hampers atlantis' belittle but I mean he can still get out right down in. And get out on the break and run a little bit I still think he's quite the same level athletically. As he was three or four years ago he was just dominant. He also relies. Relies more on need to move to go to do that is. At witnesses and Alex at times there is an all want their legs that would push comes to job and I think that's where to your point. Maybe hasn't developed the skills as some of the apple of the season is diminished because I look at. There's times where you'll get the ball and it's he if he gets the ball that left block right. It it reminds me a lot of just distort back in history I used to think. I've given Charles Barkley almost in the same name Mikey would get the ball almost in the same spot right Barkley. 67 different things he picked you up and under right away and it stayed away it's been all kinds of things he basic guide ATM right. Like Griffin. As any any of that. Because he's got a a barrel right move especially right and only in Asia and either hook or jumper right tries to get bow right I guess there are. A lot of different things he can view from that. I vision that he wanted to pin position Ella. I know and that's why. When he obviously he's worked on his eighteenth voter and and it's a little bit out the three point range of people say why do you want Blake Griffin shoot an eighteen footer well you know why because he's not that efficient as post up player. And you don't want you can make that 1820 footer when he gets a good look at what you write and this is where I think it hurts the clippers gets a Golden State Warriors. We talked about this electorate in my agreed. Really. Has success against players that are limited skill wise. You need to be very skilled to score after in my grade at Blake Griffin's got there. And what Blake Griffin gets off straight by green is mostly from the athletic schism. It's right by just outsmart civil he played great position defense he scouts have so he knows he's covered with a barrel right. And I don't think it Blake Griffin is good enough player to really turn that around. And and make that match up. More favorable to him like for example LaMarcus Aldridge I felt I feel like over the last couple years has got a little better player gets straight mine injury. Not a lot. He doesn't dominate trailer group and. No he hasn't at this point I don't know if it's possible that he will do Doc Rivers comments this week about. If he was comparing the clippers to the old jazz teams. With Stockton Malone because it was the it was the question about rebuilding your you blow it up because they're pretty Sanwa clippers get it done this right. You know Paul's got to go and you got a trade play your baby yeah country Jordan guys are going to be free agents like this is the last two run. And Doc Rivers spoke about that jazz with Stockton to Malone as well what would you rather. Pat's day. The baseline let's say of being in a fifty win team Andy you try and hammer away at the other pieces. In an attempt to get over the hump that there was jazz teams eventually broke through and made an NBA finals but it was. More toward the end of Stockton and Malone's careers those guys were well into their thirties by the time they actually got through tough Western Conference. I don't know if it's fair to put Blake Griffin and horrible loans category. Karl Malone is somebody came into the league strong. But you developed moves. And he's also an MVP the unit that is exactly split but also for simply approve this foul shooting over the course of his career you stable throughout the Merle. He he was. Completely respectable by the end of his career. He had the barrel right move but he also can issue up later his career and gave a very good fourteen foot shooter that mid post Taipei area. So. Chris apologized stopping yet there's some similarities there. But I think Blake Griffin isn't close to the player that Karl Malone days and the years and nothing else that about the clippers. I don't think anybody thinks about this way the about it this way. They really the country jordin and Blake Griffin other. Are the heart and soul kind of weather team but the strength of their team. Leave it offensively. It scorers. On follows get the break couple foul shots couple jobs but. I don't think they're efficient enough score the ball. To win at all or even get by the Golden State Warriors they just. They just. What date yet is it. Comic off their profits it's more coming off some offensive rebounds. And plays like that I just I don't. I don't think they're good enough offensively. I I still think the clip. Is ultimately you know when in this series especially if go bears going to be in question I think it's going to be at night one now we you know what I like to just three games you don't I want what's that. If go mayor doesn't come back I wanna see the Utah Jazz win it right and if he does come back galaxy. Clippers would. We were gonna have a word and there's no way we're gonna get. They ended that conversation on this podcast out for enough for a few years and not know enough for a couple of years I noticed it jazz play the war I just want era I want to see something different I think sometimes the hype that comes with clippers warriors. It just never amounts to much so I wouldn't mind see like the way the jazz plant like a competitive they are I think they're well coached. And I think either way we're probably talking about a four or five game series. When they play the warriors I just wanna see how you outlooks that they're buttoned up than what's healthy and you'll leave earth team it adds a player and down the line potentially. Could give the warriors more of a run for their money. What do you make of us San Antonio Memphis and the satellite is dale well I mean he's sticking up for his team. He's taken up for his team and I I mean I I respect it and I really do you donate you know any time somebody shoots nineteen free throws. As co islander dating game two of that series. And it came panic gets away you're gonna have some frustrations. Ran off was frustrated I just think it's Tisdale knowing. His team's gonna go down this year rest and it's going to be quick. And he's just to meet this is for your coach in this team I think he's got to have their back. For future years if it's almost more about unity yes real I think I entered it and screws I agree anything like that. John tickets match time it's words beyond the numbers podcast here for 95 point seven the game is or years of blazers this series. Continuing or haven't you before game two. Of the warriors and the bullies. Let's finish up where it. You thought the hawks had a shot at that series they're down to nothing out of the wizards and yet they were they they look like they were pretty good shape. At one point or another both of those games yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if they went home and won a couple of games I really wouldn't and that's series one that the extent I think watching it still is the better team right but I'm actually not surprised. And if that series ended up going that deep but it just wrapping things up there and our company before the game. Patrick McCaw is in fact gonna start for the warriors in the Kevin Durant spot. Iguodala Ian Clarke they'll remain off the pitch is going to be extra guy because they're gonna have to play somebody else McCall obviously we'll start. But the warriors are gonna have to play Clark and applying to Michael Mac and it's gonna probably have to be him a little bit it as a back up for you think. I would think so I would think so yeah. They're recent three players JD and these are three players who were all in the rotation. Icy terrain and is a star the other two players are role players. This game in the series may have just gotten varied interest in especially if the risk status for game three is in question. Who who knows then. Art that's gonna do what John tickets and that's I'm its objectives on Saturdays in this week 9 AM until noon. And ID 570 capable will knock it down the line warriors beyond the numbers podcasts.