Warren Moon

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Warren Moon (Former NFL Quarterback) to discuss Doug Baldwin’s and Jimmy Graham’s skillsets, Eddie Lacy’s recovery, and preview 49ers/Seahawks week 2.  


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Spring and warned on the hall of Famer conducted Jonas is the niners are gone up to us entry link to play. Seattle on Sunday joint top in by taking on the at the end liked and 95 point seven again sir thank you for your time and at timetables are great offensive line coach when it seems like the last couple years even talking about this incessantly how they just don't have the pieces and in early injury George Payne at left tackle assert. What what what's going out this offensive line because Russell Wilson was running for his life and got pounded us. Yeah it was a record. Ashore about two lines currently producing a lot of in week one. Actually go to play a whole lot return to start short followed and they have an emotional blow up the trees he's been a lot more blitzes a lot more stuff to try. I think you saw a lot of not a really good lightly. Sealed. Utley did because available on inflation front guys stupid. I'm trying to get used to playing one another and that's more important or tropical Latin haven't challenge that they put the communication particularly triple I have ultra. As far as Norton block and every situation every type stuff articles practical on June 2. To really get down and its movement that we're going to that period right note structure your windows. And get used to it one of. And Russell had always been so good at being able to escape you know he's so calm in the pocket and I just jump a sudden movement he's able to avoid it but on Sunday there were times with the inside Russia Daniels. Or he just could not so updated so we saw Russell obviously play the raiders in the late August. He's tremor reached down to lay tool eighties a father now. Where is he physically after last year when he had those two injuries in the first three games in the high ankle sprained right away that a a sprained knee ligament in other injury as well. Where's he at physically right now do you think more. I didn't. Gershon and then his whole career you know two days that is the way you know. Winamp through rehab and its policies and got and so they'll. Being released only true streamline down as far as who is training in yet so much excess weight off bodies so loudly in a lot more explosive. But he roots of the currencies and then. The other outstanding trees trees and it's unfortunate that of the first game ethical like all that pressure that goes I really feel like and steal the election one of the diocese and beverages because of the command the heavily altered each other tell Padilla as the round you might at all compatible because try to break give them no amount of time that you need to I think he's gonna have an excellent season. It is hormone hall of Famer joining us on the afterlife with pop and bowed to here in 95 point seven game he works as Steve are able on the Seahawks radio network we had your partner on when the Seahawks came to Oakland that lets pre season game. And I just marveling at it dubbed Baldwin's route running ability how he can just at top speed. Warren just you know paying changes rowdy can run you know post corner and out is is is ability changed direction. At top speed I don't know of anybody in the NFL is better what what what do you see from Doug Baldwin in it's either guy. That Russell really looks to when he's got to get it in a tough third down as you look in 891 you think. You have built to an excellent to have communication and trust well where he's going to be an. And Russell cannot always depend on that in a lecture circuit. Don't have become very very good route he's worked very hard and it's been here. Yeah of the great ability. To change directional. I'll like Antonio Brown or. Horry. From junior to vote. That's what excuse does so great so ought to cover when you. You could rerun pulled spew one directional so to step off for a most viewed as a backs can't cover that that that's you know you do lose do you know excellent hands it was. A big guy played a lot bigger than what he has because. You have agreed. Leaping ability and church ball away from but he would a lot of small guys used we can't do that so. That's what Easter in the Webber's it was obviously you were tremendously art. I have a lot of pride in those two planes that chip on the shoulder because you wouldn't. And a contract a couple of years ago and he's the go to guy and number 89. Conversely on asking that number 88 Jimmy Graham the former New Orleans saint great. Now his third year in Seattle and just watching the game at Lambeau last week or it just seemed again. As though they just Nat or Nat Nat together Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. There was one back shoulder the outside at Russell threw beautifully Graham just flat out dropped it. They try to go to him a couple of times in the back of the end zone and you know Jimmy Graham was able to make it work for the undersized quarterback in New Orleans obviously the great Drew Brees. Why is Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham especially in the red zone. Just not able to get it done consistently lower. Note that that acutely aware though that also notre spring and Russell Lugar is not used to throwing bad balls you have like the program balls and and when you sort Jimmy's sometime in the red zone you have to throw what I call eight period that ball where you're trying to throw the ball high and await the deeper to back. The most quarterbacks aren't used to form a ball. Oh wait troubled receiver remote they're trying to pull the ball to receive social Brussels and use them all the ball higher and in Berkeley where Jameer and go open yeah did make some tackle miraculous play a ball to conduct would you have billions do. Russell's gonna have more trust that you can do that in their Jimmy's gonna make the platform. Eventually got to build more took over completely in 20 peculiar that your game on Sunday. There was some balls elections should mention cause. And popular ones when the Google where you look at some doctors against that wasn't called but. I think he's got to step up his game he's played pretty well he's been here we've got to step up more than but he didn't last week. Warned John Snyder peca or debris and Eddie lacy the offseason and hopefully make come to bell cow and Arnold Thomas roles to Thomas Rawls is still up there he. Didn't play against Green Bay. This came Chris Carson came out of nowhere had an impressive thirty yard run as Chris Carson gonna be that guy until Thomas rolls his Ross gets back cool what's gonna go along with his back to war. Workers at Thomas Rawls will be back glad to its rate from what I understand. So you're gonna get his opportunity to go along with the Clinton if he's not completely open yet the offseason ankle surgery. Are you able labored and haven't explosiveness back yet on the season goal call it medical continues to deal. And then Chris Carson is crucial world look pre season ago the video companies can pour rookies started the game basically on Sunday the formation that they were. Don't usually ball appeared in the ball game it will go to. When he gets to a book and baked at one cut a hole like about rocker Drupal you can also crystal ball about actual build decent job blah and so. Well rookie I just don't usually go. That complete terms of the ball game but it. She's ago that they really can rely on your policy to allow more remote rookies will. He says seventh round draft pick only four players were taken after him in the draft at Oklahoma State's he looks like a player Chris Carson great to hall of Famer or moan. Joining us on the at the delight with pop and bunting here 95 point seven a game you know after you went to Edmonton lit up the CF failure joined the NFL and the Oilers in the early eighties. So you just missed the steel curtain in Pittsburgh wanted to struck an earlier. This may be the best defense I've seen in the NFL. Sensed the steel curtain. Better than Tampa Bay's better than. Baltimore's of all the defense as you've seen in the last thirty plus years playing in broadcasting you get to watch this. Great Seattle legion of boom of the fraud and wag your writer just raid inside linebackers where do you rank. This defense is a defense that all the once you've seen. That's throughout your years. It had to be right there are considered such a long period of time you know a litigant in Utah bears team that you know dominate at that one particular year they were really great defense. Other than billion. In the last long disputed as far as consistency. Later to a real cute the church when they had grown grounded Clyde Simmons would review what is so Joyner at all. I thought they were very deacons to he can't get broke up after a couple years prepared defense continued to you know Richie playing at a high level. We let the league in in the sport margin. Four years of a role to last year I'll have to get finished burden that we bells because a lot of injuries and our second period. On the go deeper into line but all the emotional pregame this year and we average estimate we have another great feature to run like we do in 2013. On the Super Bowl also is gonna take that. There is keen to get back to mr. Obama think these guys are hard to do it or they could still go to leave. In our own we think it is defense we think cover three you know 3-D four under maybe cover one you know there are times in the middle in Maine under. At that you're watching you play at the end of the Eric is Thomas got hurt a lot more Maine and ending game in Atlanta ball. Was that just a match up thing against Aaron Rodgers could use scene of so much wanna give a different look it. This Seahawks played a lot more demanded action remember them ever playing more. You know you look who's here rod is such a picture or American. Politics. You know those totaled up also. Against our received so like most of the quarterbacks won't joke logo will be impatient. But Aron would demand in the hands to. Keep possession of the football and that's why they're wrong pew for so long they had 81 plays against those that. They did a great job of converting on third down because there was a tumor deeper in some sort little bit more may have just we couldn't dump old ball often in the need to make. No more via an accurate passer and hope we got the pressure. We need to get two on but we didn't get as much pressure on him like inept as we do them first. And that's what they've allowed him to keep those change movement. And keep our altered so you also are altered testicle parties church and and they don't party members the other day it might not be a football. This would be turn to when you give them some rest on the sidelines they come back on the steel. Restaurant they can really give you slider on the football but because of Iran feels so much destruction that being the first game. And and nobody really played that much up and take a look at students like. The hall of Famer or Mona part of the Seahawks are broadcast team as a seahawk for a couple of years and obviously great players university. Of Washington getting maturity for the niners this Seahawks up its entry link date you played in the old Kingdome. And is it seemed like a silly question in a dome stadium has to be louder than outdoor stadium right let. The way they constructed century length and there's always you know rumblings about them. You know pomp and sound banking and is there anyway you could say century link field Warren. Is louder. Then McCain. On certain David Bentley is. I have been out there that trust sparked some level bit nervous from start to true bullet though are wary Karadzic. And now we've already been measure of it would from earth wicca. Equipment as far as the amount of noise and salvage the template can generate so or outdoor stadium that are allowed there ever been in. Both indoor stadiums. They can be loud as well rubio Kingdome promote concrete particularly ugly out there and and so at the door please down here you don't much or an outdoor stadium this crowd at an amazing double. Bring an interview that football and that's why they're record has been so good while at at centrally conspiracy. Internal error started. I still haven't splitting headache from my children it's inevitable. You let the raiders that was one of the greatest performances of the 409 yards on tape our five. Touchdowns in a war was forty or whatever it here. A foot putt but with the. Although though the clarity from the government that gave him. You know when you get to be older I'm sure Tom Brady to absolutely everybody talks about age whatever you don't use them to right so you just want to show people that. You know you still can't play of the game are you would be out here and yeah I do happen to be a certain age group or neglect but regain my age matter. Using only matters you know play well it was like Tom did play well the other side now be Irsay and Mitch you might be done because it's forty years old. But in basic two years ago beat by Kansas City in Kansas City and came back and most of global figures I would not out Australia. Now aren't a lot of the great quarterbacking years of votes that in any seven years age 41 forgot forty years of age more and threw for over 3600 yards. Sir thank you so much for your time have a great call on Sunday until Steve your partner we say hi. Okay great program mile and a truly concerned. Classic.