Wanda Durant and Pamela McGee w/Gianna Franco

Gianna Franco
Friday, May 11th
Wanda Durant and Pamela McGee join Gianna Franco for a special Mother's Day Podcast

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She is your biggest man the one who will tell you like it is the one person in your life who will always be there for you. And the one you can count on we were talking about bombs high and Gionta Frankel in honor of mother's state. Today we celebrate two moms who plots very different paths but did have one thing in common they race future NBA stars. My first cast Pamela McGee. Although I'm an Olympic gold medalists a hall of fame of best things I ever did was give life to JaVale McGee and money McGee's that. An accomplished athlete herself Pamela was the second overall pick in the 1997. WNBA draft. She played in the week for two years before moving on to coach Sheen. Where her team won a championship in 2003. She is also an Olympian winning a gold medal in in 1984 games how could you juggle that with parents why and I'm one of up. First. NBA and WNBA moms or mothers that actually you know if that is that's the real experience because Jabil has really been around the game. When I had to bill are two came back to Europe with me and so we'd eventually get heated nine months was on the sideline with a mini. In your in European league at the side of being too and we get such a surreal experience the other day. I was riding with him on the team bus and I thought oh Monica and my life has become full circle. I mean because when I played he would run up and down the aisles and our team buses and all the players loved him. Venus single mom in Flint, Michigan was an easy. Often trying to balance the demanding career wasn't easy either. And she was raising two very athletic and talented children often reliant on her own mother for support. You know as mothers I tell people would despite you we won't he is who are honestly they represent integrity. You know we want them to understand and appreciate the hard work it we'd laid from his grandmother. They cleaned toilets for about 25 an hour and a host spoke in his life that was my bank well you know so we give on a rest in peace mommy my mother Diane McGhee. And you know we raise kids now with ailments now pregnant is the constitution. Of the United States. But then you need to understand is the constitution of die in McGhee outweighs the constitution. Of the United States. And your grandmother always stated she would not raise a liar a thief or criminal you understand. Obviously he got that down that. And you hear her voice you know she was the single mother that raised four children Oliver graduated from congressman the stance the Ph.D. he did an honorable. But my father died at the age of 35 and refuse her the strength and all that I have as a single mother she was my resource and I hope enough pass that down to my children we have the moment that you knew JaVale was special that he was an indeed something great with a basket which he obviously grew up in that environment. Got to I was joking and and you know JaVale is always been like he was I mean you know we had first job in its second outburst now is give you like the floor plan in his ankle he always says what is that the used so easy on her. You'll allow me to do that sparkle. Even this is the Brothers ironically my daughter start dunking before he'd be away. Yes you did don't you not think at fourteen what he started ducking as me now that it had its right we know I don't for you to know you didn't. It is thought they edit a sibling rivalry but we love it. Pamela McGee made history when both her son and daughter were drafted in the NBA and the WNBA. JaVale McKee and Amani. EC for the big keys basketball. Is a family business. I'm just X ecstatically proud of both problem. I mean the money and you know she gets upset I was thrilled as she got the president's award at the University of Texas that at that her number one senior. At the university Texas about a 50000 student got a 32 on the eighth ET and I tell that because. Being traveling not try to encourage mothers that you have to make sure. That you have a supplemental education program for your children we can no longer if you're a public education you can no longer the penal public education educate that you. You you are entitled as a mother to inform them that you will be educated regardless. As well they're both very creative people and I'm extremely proud of them just because not only you know it is different when you got children and make a million on millionaire. So what I'll try to keep them home well. Because I try to tell them when the creator blessed the to have this wonderful life the more he gives us the more we bowed down and recognize and walking speed of humility. And try to plants these to give back to go one that's fortunate and fortunately. They've both learned it comes to bill is very committed to giving back and I just love that about his character and just. What he he commits to mean he carping Obama have to do this so I hope that I did some been in net growing up just his resiliency. You know. He he stays acted at the gate and just continue stitches be their thing not all Utah means that no matter what I do our category and I'm always be at the table hokey grind and I can only control what I can control. And I love that about him and so that's why I think now I'm just the first way they they hit it. You know on what you want as a mother no matter how much money they made com which you just want them understand that we're blessed. To be a blitz absolutely. When my good things about JaVale watch him play is his energy like when he comes on the core I feel like it just lights of oracle because he's so much fun to watch out there. Do you how being a mom like in the stands especially during the playoffs with the you know so much intensity and. And you know when they do interviews me you know on his show me on the sideline I try not to get into those because. All is the colts or I'm looking at the game I'm intense like all right. He's he's doing best substitution as go into the culture Mon did I get into the mother motels and nice docked at all. Did you don't think Peggy RK eighty and how long it'll premiere team. Thought talked NK ED I talked to a clay and I talked to. Eager Dow let's not talk to all those guys that say guys I know you've got to green but this group of guys this special. And so you can't come to the table like a guillotine this is a legendary team I've been on legendary team. Yeah I was on an college team you know or players are habit bear. Their uniforms retired at the university Southern California. Muscles there and Cheryl Miller and Cynthia Cooper who are world class athlete absolutely came to the game not trying to make sure they understand is never give up its way. You know you know on a lot of teens are trying to play small ball I try to tell them John wounds that we do what we do strength we gotta top of food chain we got. Who world championships they come for so when you walk on the court you keep your flag plus twenty. You know we did go and stay well always we own a court is close to winning we want you to know. I've been this. Let teams know we are the world defending champions. You cannot be on the court with them because this is legendary thing you a lot of talk or. The regular season that they sort of just kind of floated through a little bit because you know they knew they understanding they knew they are gonna make the playoffs I'll tell you from a player perspective. It was such short off season it was yes and and I don't think as a professional player as though leaked layer as the legendary player. I don't think the thing is under Spain. 82 games is Al Gore earning. To be a professional at this level it's a grind not only to your body but it travel and just the mentality every day you got to get out there. And you're not you that the premier teams who they come after us even teams that aren't that good they basically you know nobody can quantify motion. And it's OK to maintain you'll swank and be who you are we not all apologize for being great. Could this a great team this is not teen is the great team they set the bar I mean every team is common for them and it's obvious tenure seen teens getting better and better and better because they seem that the lawyers have done and what they're doing. They had a great white sharks I think you know we we identify we recruiting is the OK at that got beat it to have to be seen. Then there's a shark beneath the glee like show. Tell you what was the hardest thing about being listing on the they get there one moment you can remember if he had any advice for any moms out there raising two kids to be very successful as a single mom with an and you know crazy career. But not always talks mean if you tell this spring and autumn moon could. This is an I don't know mama there. And Annie Alex and constantly course is why you don't being pat in a pay phone is still political influence we think I'm gonna get a mop. And you know not until people day we can't control with the round but we always put forth our best effort and what I've told both my children if you know. You left it out on the court. And you do all that you can do winning games over pitch in another rebound and dribbled the ball arcane Reba. But not an explained that when you try to be a pro now has people like when he got to college and you wanna be approach means we get paid to do it yeah. I think it and I don't get upset. If you you know if you don't if you get a good bet you do all you can do not let the down low I'll work kind of day bomber energy and my best one. I go to sleep at night I locked in offer but you know wanna give it to a championship game I think this was not a didn't wait loan. I just wish I shot some more free throws. And I just wish that you know how do you smoke party out and man work output in a work and I left it all out there on the court. We called a black mark the sanctuary. Pummel reference to sanctuary and I've become a two bit the sanctuary you better come over to fight this will be a war. And I'm not I'm not all problems are just mobile war. So couldn't to a seven game series that's detail people. Not about basketball everybody can play either. And the Sunday. I'm no you are. How about the will wing. What act every exact data that you know you're not supposed to be in quote we know you desire to be on the core Whitney on left. Top public key. Topic of food chain we don't apologize get a top would have food chain. Must not that. Think it is the truth don't we that universe in Nevada he mom. You know what I'm not coach wants to know how to walk put McGee on the back of my Jersey drop what it like a mob beat a large feel little feet. Don't wanna back your Jersey and name gets out tail coach box. You are not ready to put that name on the back you know Jared the call. And then you know how do you know when you rate at which name would back new Jersey's gotten our net cash tag momma knows bats. But at the tooth start I know our bedtime stories I remember we don't use the work. Every day at 6 AM before games start at six thing and I'm not going to go kimonos opinion thick failed before school started. And so leases enabling guests target recruiting on college coaching and a high mogae you guy you'd be a pretend you name. Think you'll get it you buy mom the coaches that I indicate potential I'm not working out the day and I. And you look at what the potential give up a bit. Of a Eddie had you by golly I don't know mama mama she's different. You and I and I think motivating I mean I think again every every mom wants what's best for their child. Got my children are gifts. I mean big gift and you know JaVale any money are physically gift. To bill when the basketball bats got together despite he had just physically is the gift from the create. The stuff you. Just so far ahead in game two when I started you know I'm just trying to maintain and it just this target he millionaire children home. So you Ali I know one I don't care p.s. Three championships six championships that big OUT. Whatever you gotta come home to me you know they take the garbage. Pick up the garbage you money. There's your children no matter whether they bounce a basketball and can't steal mama and not not part of height on the blog there. I'm not play and I'm your mother. Itself is so when I'm getting two of them on a big column and you hear of beta but not big name. It would be when I'm him who can not really. You know in this thing you know middle and he now when you owe me something. Now we're gold why mom why would the mama you're doing Hamlet now when when that in your mom is both the drop. Ani brain age having now. Everything. Not the closure my mom I need you now. It's so true so true and might throw. But I. I love being a mother I really do love it with a passion what do you think about dean have a professional athlete in this generation of social media. How I don't know that the hole in the open field I mean it's a lot it's a lot for not carry that out on to handle in right that I really don't think. Understand. With this Twitter how people in high themselves. Enemy in the tee and faith and cruelty. Rain coming cool thing. Did not decent American. Respectful you have home training there's some things that you just don't do. But I that we have allows social media to not have what I crop. But it's called manners they quorum and they say some scenes that the people at the end of the day are still people. They're still young mean you know they're steel have a life outside of basketball and they have a person they of people. And I think sometimes they think because they're multimillionaire. Because they played a professional game that you have the right in the audacity to say and cool beans. You know just the cool thing meaning you not to get personal. Wind the things that happened to Kevin Durant. OK see our we took that personal with Kevin Durant wrote the checks. Okay feat wasn't even a legitimate. Means to Kevin Durant the city. The mother economy is among my parents and an I mean as though they say isn't cool paint on the scene that we we forget it. You know what they do it but that by that organization. Is sometimes whether it's good or bad we have arm and whether they date date tray you'll whatever. You know what people built pillars or organization. We have to respect them because they respected too he's always been ultimate professional. And I just love Katie another woman and do you ever catch yourself trying to refrain from responding to some of the senate because there there is a lack of etiquette when it comes to social media everyone feels like they have always has its summit axis now that he's player and a celebrity you know obviously. We had issues on the mother of that com until my thumb we make decisions it's always will be hated in the game. We don't have hate economic meaning move and our motto is a family will always have hated because paid his keep with hungry in case haters keep with humble. Good that we. I thought I know what we bring back another trophy to limit what you have to say after that I know what you don't think exactly. 2.3 Wii hardware not happy talk. How quickly thwarts. But they Google new baby Google me. I know everything's relative thing is goal will be maybe we from a historical are governing I don't talk about just global mean global. Are they get a Flint, Michigan tell me about JaVale jet like charity are you involved and that yet has definitely. On meet you know Jabil has been so committed to also. He's always been watering them so when he started jog like he wanted to go he still goes over to Africa. He's always been this. Person with his with his foundation that to give back. It's not they evolve to make sure no children drink a lot of water and then just from those the standpoint of his hometown has toxic watt and now that's a scary that was just come out like one of those universal being and I asked him how does that happen mean. And mrs. In America rant and you know and was so deep about the crisis in Flint, Michigan is. Is that the fact is that you know when you sell a house you can meet with bella how without saying bit paint within the walls. But what happens we can live without who that you cannot live without water and when you're water source has made him. It's just that that situation and we still are dealing with that I'm on the committee to to help change the situation our water spew toxic influence machines. Now we're looking at people that change that the pipes through the house. But now we're looking at infrastructure they're talking about two billion dollars to change the infrastructure of the city. So we still we want you got the steal don't forget about our fight was still in Flint, Michigan fighting for clean water for our children which still trying to put up at the family an endowment fund. But these children that we don't know what kind of. After effects as far as their mid to held as far as their acting did make. Continue with this are we don't know what the side effects are going to be related to admit exposure so we try to put up an endowment. ODs children will at least have some extra support in coup in from from now won't. Well good for you guys doing something to change and it and we have for your home not on the list now. Well born and raised in this we produced so many per capita professional athlete in any other city in the country I can't even name all of them. And we could I drag my until during mass suicide and how we I mean I kind of liked that try quit Fagen are Detroit in Michigan that would put draped on his opponents well. And what it ad do you think about JaVale album. God you that I'm I'm not being biased but I must fund has always been and are to speak he's Ali as so. You know we spoke with an 88 do you would have resulted in active child so what I need to do is giving piano the piano upright piano but pick a piano lessons. Well do your music are you just into hyper Goldie music to music has always been an outlet for him. But he has taken it to another couple. I I mean he knew we had a good Donna's mother and I try to take my thumb his mother's I would like is me. Know his music. It's really really good that he's I have like eight songs on mop lately I mean is really. It's got here by Pierre Woods put the name I don't like where the title. You have written that down. Pierre is his ought to Alter ego. So he created an Alter ego because he's an artist. And so I in which happens to all of those whose basketball players. No wanna take you serious about art so you are with the do you back pseudonym wall off Iago. But it taking treat treat teacher black artists and those that he's the bat cooperate he could do artist. Within about our multi dimensional. And I've always taught my kids that you have to be multi dimensional because we only one basketball stops you've still got a pool like the native is the music has always been without it. You know and also I've made sure he stay in his music he was like his piano teacher say he was the best. Piano player she's ever talk well you know and so on his music has always been his outlet to help him calm down this lot of free time he played basketball. And so that doesn't always been is outlet and so this. You know that's what he does what cell. You know to keep him you know comment after he works out it you know at the distress that the big gains he used that the count himself back. And so now I site while it is really good news piece there by year's phone. I 290 and that in IIT and yet I think should just downloaded a Gaza have listened to asked this I what I did alma media really give put it in the car you'll enjoy it and it's it's got a range of Andris for people my age young people. Via a little bit like Rey gate bead on you got a little. He wants on I think it's kind of wretched and ratchet did you know become our crew. I'll have a lot of my drive home today so you are life coach as well how to people find you and tell me little doubt about all you can always pick me up right now. I'm I'm on my emancipated or discard moments before women. And it's caught on ER ministries. And so what what is that have not been working for 25 years my best friend he runs they own nonprofit in on the monotonous the house of Flint, Michigan. But whatever I was at home he would always say PO could talk to my one income talking. Al Andrea X is not any I got problems with anyone except. You always say Pam come home talk to my people and fit well. You know what you want me to study says what people need to understand to fight addiction just like you're champion. In basketball world they need to noting he gets thing championship dropped it changed a lot. And so on I worked there for like fifteen years and my mom got sick he civil Pam come home and be my executive mod the deputy director. It's our work with that population for years. And so not created my own ministry for women and basically you know if you had in AAA. I'd go to a meeting. If I'm alcoholic all over the world but I'd go if I'm not my host. Go if you know I would 200 big divorce what do you go if we just went to our Rafik. Tornado whole war. We need to play traumatic thing to happen if Andy if the campaign I think I don't Q are going to be art of life. At twelve step program for women. It's just to say look I mean I was married at 25 years whatever you that your husband left you. Controlled how my life backed it. Please and with the economist support me to just like back. You know as I've created twelve step program for people to come together and just. I had drug addict just need the help you transition. To re purpose my life. You know I've got to get really armament he is finally got grown left the house and out in the net there. In my life run around about the bug gains and arm when we took it car. When they finally with you know adults and and I mean I had this whole life when he went to college you know we knew when you have a professional athlete people on the stated it is another part time job think that you know stop. Assuming that our keys to wake up one day become a professional athlete. You know that people who sacrifice when you have a as mothers and I'm awful parliament the professional back what we've sacrificed a lot for the negate the sometimes I know me. I I had it's didn't eat sometime the paint a you travel I know sometimes win we have to go. You don't go a few trips since they opening the whatever I was talking it down while mom and I think. Pitchers is that an NBA and now people are calling you asking if only she says. I don't care and being debated by no fish dinner with in a project out front there. I mean everything in perspective no they don't understand we wake up one day become a professional athlete. Somebody sacrifice my mother sacrificed for me Oliver children. She was my backbone you know before she passed. A way she was the backbone and she helped me raise JaVale. Whenever I had a goal a true whenever I had appointment when Iraq had. Someplace where I had to go speak Maki take Jameer you just brings the blue. And you not miss my mom she was just the strong African American female that really set a standard in how to make sure. My children remember her because it's not really about me is about her legacy. What she sacrificed for they are only in the NBA they are only in the WNBA. Because my mother Diane McGee set the standard and build a bridge for me back to walk across the now my children are coming behind me. I think people know I mean maybe you realize it especially as mostly the sacrifice that has gone into it you know it's again it's not just. You're just trying to keep a roof over your family as those trying to support their dreams and goals and when you see something special in your children. You wanna just give as much about his possibly he wanted to Foster that just see it grow and. Helping. Transform. Mothers the professional basketball players if you're so I want to be an accountant and yes I want to be an attorney. So we sacrifice to make sure they reach those dream has just that in eight. You biblical court of mother and chow we just want this child that age do better than what you do it and then take it to the next level. And that's just every month that that's just something in us this being Nate in you know people don't understand is that the same. Neuropathy in your gut is the same neuropathy in your brain so when your mother tells used she actually knows what he's talking about. I'd tell my hip and I know when you when you get upset that I told you so I'm just made up my mother and a woman as did. I think you'll get along lied so much better when you just say that's my mother and that will mothers do I'm just so blessed to have her as my mother. Because no check out is successful without a strong woman. I've never seen. You have to have a strong limited and everybody who's successful they would tell you they are only there because they had a strong mother. That late prostate before heart and not film off queens who got in the league would do whatever I though you will be all right and only a month. You know with the mothers of professional basketball players on the national secretary. And possibly supporting each other because you know this is a really sometimes it can be a blessing and a curse I claimant is a blessed. You know but you know we are antsy sometimes a a predators that come in our sons on every level when people don't understand an in this lifestyle. People many times athletes they'll go broke. Because. They don't know they go broke because we got so many predators in the in the ocean it's trying to take from and then it. You know. And so we just with the will of the professional basketball players we just putting together a sisterhood. An a membership of women who wanna come together and support them in this beautiful life now and the blessing that god has given has no matter how old they are they are still your babies. Which hustle and Madonna. It makes yeah. Your mail in my you can not call me baby on the radio I'm thirty has not the devalue will be I'll be eighty UB fifty you'll still be my baby. I couldn't live the life that I love and have a career and raise my four or outside without him so athletes on this Mother's Day yes that's appreciate moms for everything that they do and not only that anybody in my voice call your mother. Millennial call your mug that. SA mom I'm not did not forget to call you sometimes but I love you I appreciate you and I know that I am nothing without too. And I thank you for all the things that she done for me. I told my molded it so much. Because I really I am who I am because the dying in McGee the Mother's Day I'm just celebrating my my beautiful beautiful gifts from god my children. And just my mother. Recipes mommy Diane in key and I am nothing without her she's always would mean spears. And JaVale is nothing in the money is nothing without her prayers and just the lifestyle and her constitution. How we should live and I. That is beautiful and I think that that is how Lee and Pamela I think he's so much for hanging out with me I really enjoyed this conversation and worries much about you and JaVale and a money I feel a little bit more empowered just as a young you know having a young son myself and just to support him with his feature in steps here so thank you and thank you. We're having me on 95 point seven bell mobile shootout. Other dodi's they will do on the mother ship navy he's a bit. As for my next guess he might know her as the real MVP. Want to Duran whose son gave for that name when he thanked her during his NBA MVP speech in 2014. Her life would later be depicted in the made for TV movie their real MVP which premiered on lifetime do you little bit Dougherty here I don't think I'm strange but I Adori. Well what Obama thank you thank. I think that Joseph Priscilla are going back and forth with all the emails because I've really really wanted to have an opportunity to talk with you. First of all I saw a movie the lifetime movie was produced by Queen Latifah was that's real having a movie made about your life. What but it really it it was the real work out a lot. And I couldn't we my life. On their journey on a little bit it was chaired. What home. Are we want to order call 80 I was excited about it. Not quite cold. Order lacked certain. There were not but it got light was still alive. And you've done so much since then I need you more than just can and Anthony's mom you're also an entrepreneur philanthropist and a motivational speaker. A lot of that is the focus towards single moms and basically the life you lived. Yeah yeah it did not think on that time. I'm not there of course my mom. But I don't think outside of it. Are clogged the outside and let it. Really yet and boy who are at stake it got out what a doubt that up out there it. What acute heart and not one you're about. Yeah I can make that is that would not all of them. Leading but are they lead guard my life. Credible. Our electronic devices are a lot including what in the spirit of what these. There mob or it or let it blow that out there what they are good. Not the beat them so. It's great dispute is that idea of the day in my life. It is what I don't market but are weren't. Any of raising your kids USA young mom and I think they did such a great job in the movie talking about this diet when my favorite moments is you know here. Working a full time job and then you're learning to do hair and you're doing here at your house basically just to put food on the table. Now the brilliant part what about mom I think. That it will yank it one. That we condoning but. As we look inside it it is. The thing up I mean it's any more. And in this part because appliance wanna. Snapping out but there would not work outside the other tribe ahead. Is there and I had it pretty well what do the dictator is bad. Without up our apartment at all well. In a reply there the fighting. Some pretty big if they are needed in some say they wanted to well. It was typical they were content I didn't know how. We won and they get and how to make you know how they were quite a bit but in orbit for. Between the they didn't act between the Portland are created and directed. Toward the. We did you know Kevin was special that he is currently that's about it could take him to hear the highest level which he's achieved. Or I don't. Well good luck where we're actually on the beat him in what they want but when it outlaws secular. I think the way that they that they get a lot. Crime is a security. That would allow myself to. We currently. It it would never been on the back that was not a body that are not in that. That a little high in the college. Without it well I don't need that he. I could go to is PA didn't let it get caught on you know. Clay is not but in all MarketWatch all he liked clay it would it would it would wipe out on the grant date in. But you've gone very well and it so bad that. They could call back into yeah it would go to college. Content into a guy that was all about or would be it could Condit but that I was about college in. Maintaining. That the college did it will be excited to go to wrap up its. So in part for you not to push anything because he still wanted to feel like a kid basically. What I mean I didn't want the crowd I won't question out there who are here and our goal. Oh but I knew what they are the goal what does it began at eleven year old. The crow was. Robert not there at end is so ordered them to that question in any saying it is so I think. It sort. Put them out. Who while not lessened a bit over the congress. It came up well. And then we'll see. That but there it was congress. Because that is one of the college years old order is yet. So watching your children succeed is obviously one of the biggest dreams a parent can have described to me at the moment when Kevin when the championship. And also finals MVP what was that like for you. Are bigoted in any number of art or. You have salary you're it's their fault we're not grant is. He goes about its at this look at look at these. Because I wanna hit the bill that it is you work for a bad thing work a forty years. Keep at it very lonely and I wanted to hit. Rest is all about one that those that statement to let debate with our beat because that was it would cripple the end that you did you did this. As deep product is now in their but the quality is celebrated social accomplished. As well as a bomb. That would Opel all the surely did that are needed is opal well. I'll call it gets done it and not go there ups and downs and I'd vote but yet guard. Who could that point they thought the courting an adult and I knocked out of their competence upbeat excited wouldn't pop out but you know. It really with the best moments the final and did when he and candid exchange that right after the game. Yes it meant so much in the because about one and they have been given to say. And it went a lap a while it's yet when she is but what about the about being angry at the finals it was about dedicated it up on me and a lot of political liked. Avant rock folk and dedicated itself. Adapt that is. I'd it's still in a single mom. Help children learn to let it correct that theory and it being dedicated income data on eight and a cat and even though. We decided he wanted to get look at basketball layup well it was of what is good good trying to. It was exciting for a hero who wasn't always easy silicon and yet there are covered under the current there. He wanted to create that was our didn't let it. Sore I knew exactly what was picked equate it never quit because he. Below didn't look well and I think that the war. Four. Aaron and help. Feel that in their children if they spoke with dedicate itself out. Well we're so happy Kevin decided to make that choice to come out to California to be part of the Golden State Warriors but of course I know that decision with very difficult for him. Because having that relationship and I history has that Casey in the time he spent there. How do you fill as a mom with. So much access to players and celebrities nowadays a social media and fans. How do you deal with that and he offered him any sort of words of advice when he has to kind of challenge all of that that has to be difficult. I think emblem is difficult because I'm Gunner. Saying it that the game is do they are. Let me dead if they opt out of the whole thing and they are. But there are out there who he is the job. And I think there have been can't do that well at whatever. Not all personal way it would never. Hold something go out whatever the president spoke to begin at that perhaps the celebrity. They cut it by. If you. Life. What is life. Brave boy wouldn't it is disappointing comic insult we all have. I that you. It will live that would have put out is why would be out if ever. And low deck is saying that out they aren't well which you put out. You don't have to worry about it in the local. Everybody's not all of they are also well. He moved it back up the about it they'll pick if he could either people who. We don't have personal impact he is 88 life. It is somewhat calmly rolled up in the economist fly right over. Quickly alienated the out of they'll so he went out. They say insists that they can get that response you know like their whole point is huge hopefully have them respond back it. Sometimes I think being nicer. People should probably mind that. I don't think there want it when I got to be backstage. With 97 game after the raid. Last year had a chance to chat with cat and he was so kind and generous with his time. And humble and very cool and I think a lot to go with you raising such a good. What banking sector and several women is because there's an odd they've added people. Say. Did that mom and I think yeah album that so it though it character quality is what is he had a young. Exactly they've Emma it has built all followed. Well I'm very content field in the bad that you can't. Maybe it did at the community. Yet it packed and loud that it didn't particular kind of thought the mother come out they needed it from out of it call it. Is it. I'm kinda taken a fact is like is Mike I'm like wow. Now bird or and I'm grateful amounts late as. What the well I'll bet on it to be in my how would you know. Welcome our public. But I have. I bought my. A little odd that it was I did what they choose their back coal. He actually are able Obama. And also lack of the heat in your soul. And so I'll. Gained little. I look at is that good or out or eating a bit of the final there what are our. You were on the Wendy Williams channel I saw the episode. I ran my favorite moment he asked to buy your life changed your answer was my you know granted I just have more expensive she. I was jealous you got to be honest you can't. All right that's how about the fact elaborate a little nervous at choate. If what you. And that's why you know I have this channel but like your heart it. I'm quote didn't hit it is it that believe that it signed up all that they come out better. Wanted. Let. There is that started is that Spain art this is the levity there he has in the platform they get whom he ought. Called leader real is did he ever lead in late July you know that is called the little. Called immediately so I spoke. I pray it it was. All the and outlook lactic is like it and yeah packed it in my life is happy he's my life element conduct locked up possibly. In note that. I have to always grateful for the lack of LA. Absolutely I have a motto it's called dean candy diva which is you know being a woman would be that the unfulfilled and fearless life. I mean he and Petraeus do you have eight can't do diva moments right here despite this is this is what it's all about. Yes we wouldn't out. It will ma to. Can't the least either toward the street so to eat it out and it it was it was their client. All my shoulder. What he wanted to release. That would leave whether it though that I wouldn't understand their lives back. At the moment that he's got what it is purposeful it's not yet. What is the liberty. That I haven't. Because the mark is not the things that are made to require but it about a lot that. By this but they're able not quit on themselves is there's still. In depth of our democracy and life. I love that thank you for that. I had a four year old little boy the son he just started playing baseball every time he gets on base he gave me thumbs up can't imagine if he succeeds with what average Raymond avenue he takes and makes it here at the level like they can do it or Anthony did. What that would feel like as a dog eating just that very moment. And watching him HS I can describe the feeling of how excited I can't shed those moments with him let alone what could happen in the future. And that they would that was is that those moments it's the future moment. You have the same exact diluted net. As a advocates say there aren't always the debate no matter what. Right and I don't let them all night. That's like nobody is it that repeating here that that. They invest it best it is a pity that the forgo all first they didn't it. But it was needed their. It's a delicate. They describe it I I hope I'm due to right now hasn't figured out under the wing and all of that mommy thing about it. He's my first on China and it's it's an adventure and I'm his Mother's Day when I wish you happy Mother's Day thinks he's so much one for taking time to speak with me truly chili in my pleasure I've been. Dying to speak with you because Vasily admire everything you're doing for moms out there to motivate us. And seemed you know how single moms with their future and just to be better women and people and raise good children in the society. What they used so much and pat pat but then you would call you one bit. That law it is now and adequate. So today recently at the women in our lives he gave birth to ask you raced as teargas on and of course love does do sickened and happy Mother's Day mom. My mom Herman you've given me so much and there's so much truth to the sane you're never tools to meet your mother. I wanna see thinking to my guest panel at the key and wanted to rant and think he's all of you for taking time out to listen to this special podcast. I'm Jana Franken OpenId fax seven became.