Vinny Cerrato

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Former 49ers Front Office Executive joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Martellus Bennett's last minute signing with the Patriots, whether the 49ers should start Jimmy Garoppolo after the bye week, and whether we'll see Eric Reid or Carlos Hyde in a 49ers uniform next season. 


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Former front office executive for multi 49ers and Redskins didn't catch him now is the host. Vinny in Haney on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore is Vinny Cerrato would Jolo and lives on 957. The game many good morning how are yeah. And good morning to you guys much earlier out there haven't been here. A tat tat that's let me put a little vodka in our coffee but don't tell anyone outside of Muslims call us at. RI itself. We were just talking about the Martellus Bennett's situation dating seems a little bit suspicious what happened in Green Bay and then lo and behold here comes the New England Patriots is there anything to be concerned about here from a rules violations standpoint is it possible that the patriots in your opinion may have had some contacted Bennett that they shouldn't have. All agents always call. In Alameda agents doing their job they're talking yup they're quiet about half of talk that he's you know if my client gave you know one Q. They came up. Those kind of thing that made that happens all the time so you know if you think nothing. Is going on and something happens it definitely you know there's some behind the scenes stuff going on there's no question about. If a team that lets a player go because of injury in any services on another team's roster in immediately plays is there any recourse that first team can take for medical malfeasance. Not you know because didn't team. Arm. But it they had and sign a waiver you know on the shoulder or they're not all doctors aren't saying so what they've made him. Not pocket on on a typical what they're doctors other teams cut so amid the people at the physical and he's OK with that. You know then. There's nothing really that can that they can vote. Let's talk a little niners and giants this last week we saw two teams. Two teams X when an opposite direction saw two teams one under one hasn't won a game on the did giants' only won one. What would you do this in GM how would you handle a situation you have a New York with a guy seemed. Quit for the quit on the coach and not given it their all you see guys dean gains and not chasing not tackling. EC the niners on this side you see I'm still fighting you saw the way they're curious in the locker room. What is the biggest disconnect with these two teams. I think with the giants what you've got I mean dead donors come out and found him. Basically backed approach which means don't fire after the season. I think. You know with the giants are right I wanna keep looping now because I don't want I graphic 11 games like got a chance to. You know get a quarterback. So if I change maybe I hate on a couple games then I'm not picking nice so yeah I use in and quit dates. Anytime. That you're wondering. Should I get rid of the coach it might get rid approach the players will tell you. By their actions on the field and giant sections on the field is then not gonna play produced got. So. The giants don't fire him after this season let you know what I don't. I'm excited I mean they know that it'll rebuild the players know what's going on there OW. And you know so they're excited about that first went out first when an intelligent and don't count so that's exciting for him. And they're building something the other obviate a judge what pick certain port a playoff clash should I protect. You know to be admissible ballpark so that the total disappointment there was expectations. For the giants were high expectations for the miners extremely low. Former front office executive Vinny Cerrato would Joseph lowing dibs on 957 at the game what do you think the niners should do it quarterback position CJ Matt third has shown nothing but toughness while stepping in for Brian Hoyer who is an effective the beginning of the season. He has a monster game a career best against the giants granite it's the giants but it's still a big game and that's the opponent was put in front of them. He gets Kyle Shanahan is first when that now the team goes on the body and then there's a row over the Jimmy go Rob Lowe can get the start against the Seahawks coming off the by how do you think the team's handled this ride with bat third and see what they've got or see what they've got to grapple. I think they already know what they have what Butler London backwards it is not read pass good backup. And would grow up below on the range you don't go out and trained at second round pick it. Are we gonna happen AM and do all those things if you if you don't really like to guide Kyle liked him from when he within Cleveland you know for the draft that year. So now when you go Rob Lowe is ready so he can have success. When he starts. Then you play man that might get is after the body. We'll try to do that kind of did what coast LaMont and grout or a Smart guy and I would think that it gives them an opportunity. To. Put him in the offense get everybody used to love Barack alone to two receivers you know working with grout who looked up that would be a good time. You wouldn't make it particularly opponent depended they do have Seattle before going to Chicago would you. Maybe advocates for holding them off for all week herb owner Jess when he's ready put an end there. I would quite whenever he's ready. I want implement their because our team against. Seattle on the noted is that the letters that debate so. I don't I might get his copilot of the plight into. Turn it looked good saga about just in the mindset of these GM. If you were like you talked about the giants and also the niners. You want and as your ball players you do you understand you've seen them they're gonna play they're not gonna tank they're not going to go out they're gonna go out there and give them their maximum effort because they understand they got their name on it. They get cut this team another team wanna take my gonna watch that film. And knows what's at fourth quarter to see what the guys are doing so how do you go about taking it but GM wanted to lose these games and not mess this would get tired tactic how what is the message and how does he can beta two is coach. I'll let him you don't want to win I mean fewer competitive and you want went to economic Jerry's job bottle line also. So that the way that it happened is. You know what happens with the players is and you know what you got to play out Ron. And you're feeling good. The players there they're doing the extra Bernard morning lifting their stay up late watch in jail. I might you're not winning one your one and whatever like the giants. Now I should understand election I get up early now. Now they just show up 850. There doing nothing extra. And that. They're big they've failed at end but they hadn't mailed that economic they'll compete don't try hard but mentally they're not there or not they show our. As you know a team that ultra left coming you say that locker room. You stayed in the building. You know one year and winning building and has not been read our commitment Goodyear that we want to sit bought this red blood miners. I don't I think we won you know by eleven straight so I mean everybody's always feel good everybody happy. But when you're in the building where you're living a lot nobody looked at buddy a great look at down over the you know opening want a talk it's I don't and that's how it in New York. Any Serrano what Joseph lo and Dan's on 95 point seven the game to pending free agents for the niners safety Eric Reid bring back Carlos Hyde. How do you think John Lynch is gonna approach the future of those two will they be back with the team and and that's a quick follow up on Eric Reed do you think his hand them protests kneeling during the anthem is gonna be something that deep tracks some teams from signing him. Could. Could you know I I don't know you know what their owners are telling them that's the owners. Call. Armed with hi I'm McCain buybacks white and they're running back that it is starting to get up there until age I don't. You know London where you add in your rebuilt I don't. I don't see them and I would pay Qaeda and find your bottom back in Mohawk. Former front office executives about the 49ers in the Redskins catch him now is hosted Davidian Haney show on 105 point seven the fan in Baltimore any Serrano would Jolo Indians on 957. The game. Great stuff is always any it's always a pleasure catching up. Thank you so much free time and hopefully we can do it again soon. I don't care.