Vince Cotroneo

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 6th
Oakland Athletics play by play broadcaster, Vince Cotroneo, joined Mychael Urban and Guru for his weekly appearance on Inside The Bigs.

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Let's talk to rent control hear about it meant to draw O'Neal is one of the voices of days baseball normally joins us at 9:30. This morning he's got some to do at 930 so. Gracious enough to check in this early morning bits aria. Umar Michael welcome news Southern California. Chew you out there it's like pot. It is to be warmer today like on a plan like real red and up. Stop the presses Mike Trout is really really good. And today Mike Trout this rap act back act Bobble head there's rod. And giveaways in. If it might try to figure appointment to that Europe or. It's dutrow knew joins as you can follow him on Twitter at Vince baseball men's tour and I were just talking about young Chad tender and I was telling him that somebody. Kind of close to the situation I don't wanna say who was but. They told me that Chad banter has kind of exceeded. It's management's expectations they weren't high on that hi I'm Chad tender but he's so damn good he's forced their hand. What do what do you think this guy. I I agree he heard a thing about spring training and are looking at markets and a church of bread I was getting reps. You've been nice. Kyra Munoz do the same thing and there's lender who's not been a double play and it got a better job and they felt like. Maybe he was a little bit short. The threat Italy and unsettling Arctic reps in the outfield and he told me I did it took to detect per year or burst on a campus on my. Not afraid of it and suddenly circumstances present elders on the big league level all would field. He hit the ball go pretty far inaction and the ball Blair met at the best way to the oddity that it pretty high compliment epic for anybody at that put audio or use that kind of analogy because he just goes up there and he knows what to expect it to him. You look at a baseball family would add played in my early in that hat and experience did you see that in him in terms of his mindset and mental. Preparation and remaining he's is going to be pretty important back where this club but they eat the canned beer. Outback have put the outline a kind of a guy that really gives depth to your line up. And provide them up but they will be under lock in what about the placement field and just to you that you attribute. Vince I know were in the aero social media and what Matt Joyce said you know he was totally wrong and I just wonder you watch in the game are you shocked now they'd. You know when these players to have. He's back and forth which stands it is actually you know hot on tape or do we have sound too where they're didn't discipline for. Well not Europe you know like you said. Today's. Age of cell phone and so videos and wanted to be that person. Jack or somebody at a weak moment is that the people kind of relish which is not something I really. Get a kick out of that made a very significant mistake. Well what he's even though. It crossed a line as well would comment that he made him about a up about a Stanley in. You know an electric they've they've by it in the upper right to say anything they want which aren't they is that they have a right to salute. And he is reported an Ender in a former take it over the line and then after. So called out did happen at a cricket would certainly deeper darker and over. The exchange. Act and so on out and try to capture any athlete. And enact at a moment it's really use that that the top place would be for any professional athlete. Like a match sick yesterday Kurt try to let that burger higher quality media. And reluctant to open it up and I've wanted. Kidnapper orchard to bite you make your appointment this is my job and I work very hard that it. And then to have that kind of a circumstance occur. Put him in a tough spot and there's there's no getting around what he did was absolutely wrong and yet it was swept inaccurate. And a hopefully everybody moves on it and it. Possible some some boutique about it met George and turn the amount that. Brothers in the Bay Area. The voice she hears that events could try and you know he's one of the voices of a's baseball here on 957 the game follow him on Twitter. At Vince baseball Ventura and I were talking about the series interleague series Monday through Thursday at the home and home. Journal and we're asking audience what did you learn during that series if anything and for me it was too felt more. I was looking at the at things from a's perspective more than the giants' perspective. And if you ask me what I learned about days it would be there exactly who I thought they were they're young they're exciting they're athletic. They're talented they're. The game that they won like OK that's VA's that's these days at their best the games they lost it's like well. They're young and so they're going to lose some games are gonna make some mistakes. And so you kind of brought up those losses as being a product of being in the learning process where's the giants. I don't know if I learned anything I don't know I still don't know who the giants are it seemed like they don't know who the giants are because. They're saying that they expect to contend next year what did you see what's the biggest difference for you between those two teams beyond age you beyond the obvious. Rob the critical thing means. As you just just a way to thank you just mentioned about them. I think played out at the age of a long way to go there are some things they've got to learn each of these experiences. I play a part of war crowd in front of an act as a 40000 or thereabouts. It's something this club should should relish because the they're playing. Good baseball like eased into hoping it will over the course of time they're gonna get those crowd on a regular basis in her own ballpark and the quote is waiting for ninety series and that. That's an exciting time for your urinate player that I think. You see future with the age I think you see wonderment giant it seem to have gotten old. And hurry which which can happen to teams are the sole lot of count on that name regret made to bring as well. And you can't discount that but I think it's that you're looking at dispute means. The important work they're going to be in the next eighteen months mediate at the average terms of the possibilities but it execute. But possibilities in that or waiting or at each and everyday rights. Back at experience for young players and how they come through that out Hitler an app excel at a will determine that the game back at the right group movement court orders with a Rico situation. Vince speaking of future I haven't talked he says to trading deadline way down in sunny was went to New York. What were your top somewhat DA's receive back for Sonny gray. Well they are pretty adamant that they wanted a center fielder. And I don't want advocate Lori on had a vote 08 ball I'm excited that they ate a gamble on dust and dollar I'm excited that they took a gamble on. Gains were growing and there are risks absolutely would that. And talking with a member of the strange app about pallor and injury. Which was grotesque when it happened and as a Major League debut in late June. Appealing was because of the Whitney injury occurred at an impact injury. And the that candidate not did not split in the middle and actually tore away the ball it was easier to attach. Literally that night at a don't surgery make it app so moving sport the senses. That the recovery is going to be on course to be ready spring training that we we are but I'm not surgery now almost like you getting an oil change saturated O'Grady by percent. You dirty that situation re come back European ejection and he's been in the low to mid ninety's which is upping that people are. Out of UCLA so I think you're hurt by that detail just been outstanding. The age. Create yet misfire on. I think by Wednesday September of next year. One dollar dirty added pitch out of the of the Major League season but hey it's probably knock on the door AAA. Anchor brilliant pitching somewhere hopefully pitching effectively and let the other laid out the eight were where last place. Static originally got that and get in the kind of all that can help jump start rebuilding process. And Bosnia outplayed that it didn't come together until the morning straight yet so. Be it worked hard on that and may dad. If you're looking at eighty urinate and had a really hurt Lucent acre. And I think that's true that it would get yankees what do you make you'll Spain in any year. Act it would make your data mapped out static or anal without wade turned up boat. Vince you think the fact that Alonso didn't get traded is that mean the aids. Have him in the plans for next year because it if if you didn't get treated like I gotta I gotta believe they feel like they weren't offered what. They deserve fer younger. Maybe I'm not sure that you know that at ease the plant given you know edit an unbelievable year and all star opportunity in his home town and you know etiquette citizen in that regard it that battle. And this in the radiator moving forward battle in a big fat and get an opportunity that course in his. That is the David forced on the air now that rate rate were to leadership at that to happen organically with a young guys. Ward you have some veteran Internet that can keep the right way and I think that debate. Yarder but the reality is Michael the Yankees used nine tempers may not allowed not one up. So they know that they had they had in the air what I read it and like. Not it was a bit Wear from mark respect more were sitting let him battered short porch in right field watch the band you would have thought he would be in the perpich. Opportunity present at eight that it happened and I'm not sure there's another opportunity. Right now or an injury this year 300 Okajima like shops where they. Joseph Lowery like it David Abbott may have to deal. Currently may get the that the non waiver trade deadline as the July 31 deadline but. Make no mistake. Some trades care and and will happen up until I believe if you if you're on the roster by September by August 31 you you're eligible for post season play correct. Inside the organization metric even got that partly due out what happened. That here at Southern California would it does Rodriguez hitting it called out to two midway September but he result opened postseason. Gotcha all right Vince thank you so much free time after I know this is this is pushing it asking you to tweet the scheduling come on extra early we really do appreciate. I'm Vince take care that's been to Trujillo one of the voices raised baseball right here on 95 to seven the game.