Vince Cotroneo

Mychael Urban
Sunday, July 16th

Oakland Athletics play by play broadcaster, Vince Cotroneo, joined Mychael Urban and Guru for his weekly appearance on Inside The Bigs.


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The other hand identical score last night to the giants game although the result was quite different the a's get a walk off home run from Chris Davis maybe the bagels bigger story. Is the two home runs the first two home runs. For Matt Chapman the stud young third baseman. Malvo laughed Cy Young award winner. What an exciting game in here to talk about it. Good control nearly one of the voices Bay's baseball here on 957 again ventures are your favorite victory of the year. It's pretty close pretty close aboard Michael good morning you don't Beasley a dollar. We're doing real well man good to hear your voice and Markel. You know we're pleased that a lot are there area that's very nice sigh I just I actually begged him before the show events to not go there any insisted. Out of that area that fell. So Matt Chapman he he was struggling after he came back from from the mean infection. It's obviously it's kind of cleared up but you've got 174. I think. Going into yesterday. That these young guys are gonna have their ups and downs but before you came on vents were talking about that's. If you ended the season right now for the a's they wouldn't have a while Kurt spot number one number two I would deem the season a success. About you. I'm Gregory Michael because you're trying to identify. An extra people back at you can latch onto. The need. At CNET. Got a glimpse at Colorado were under an opportunity it's so bad guy. And certainly match I mean every player the team and and wind see how the young pitchers. But this thing together hiker in their epic right now out east elect made it cool it. And it's fun to watch and there are a bunch a guys at one together. For years in the minor league system so. A lot polite and I. I think you would notice that while that might. You can make a case that is that not developed a position player all. To rapid and developed since Eric Chavez. And watching like a match happened. Is embarking on I think it's extremely encouraging win multiple gold gloves. Exports also done how each swing the bat. You Lotto so if you look at what we saw leading up throwing and has tremendous power. And it for me at that on the air at check point. Because of the struggle that he showed it collapse straw is much nobody is really struggled and get news. Is had to eat up the club and other areas typically defensively scoring on the while it tripled and I wore some really perched. Speaking of encouraged when you watched any great pitcher release myself. I'm encouraged Vince and I'm just wondering. You know you're with the team every day do you get a sense that Sonny could remain here after the trading deadline or do you think. You know somebody's who's gonna come with a package to Wear the a's can't resist. I'm not a sleeker I have no idea that the conversation at two years ago which Sony when he was there in the league Cy Young. About an end and beginning of last season not a great start and Andy entered the forum. Note to Biloxi and sunny and and and took a melodic come back this year look there's a question and scouts have watched them for weeks now talking. Probably eight or nine starts where they're been what club that and at those gains and try to continue to do their due diligent. Maybe that congress is PH are operas. But the reality is he's not a control for two more years there is no urgency. On the east side to move him now say they are awkward note at tactic to talk about how to play. The White Sox got parking lot when they got the cups apple one which props. In their property. I'd support that comes away and I'm sure that it's an election and as mean or trigger. It would be frustrating and second after the seat belt what's this he did it go outside. Just because money out there are of course in the morning yet he would chancellor and he has proven that yet. Clear their lumps the injury the blasters that you like the great pretty close to 2000 to keep it. Bush years out of its control you know he's one of the voices Bay's baseball here on 957 the game you can follow him on Twitter Vince baseball I Michael Irvin. Joy in the studio with me courses Gerald Johnson to get there were urge into Rupp. Vince let me read off some names of guys that we've heard are on the trade block our might be moved by the a's Yonder Alonso of course Sonny gray. Ryan Madson Santiago Casilla is name I have not heard I'm a little bit puzzled by that and Sean Doolittle. Have you hurts Santiago is his name thrown out and if not why do you think that is. I haven't heard it yeah but the importance. You know he's like right now and haven't of the Euro on the deal there. They're both kept close successfully in the past that's why there would certainly be an interest from a team like the nationals are up there to look at health. I'm not surprised that you would mention that name and Egypt are we to another one. You can play multiple positions he's he's in about it look at years he's moving around offensively as well as he has in years. But in regard a lot don't you think the actual it's the 888. Eight first piece in this year. And that not at least to the point of inquiring about a lot of enabled approximate fuel. For whatever reason so. That should be the only hit me from the outside. What you need to respect and the elements certainly everybody open help our sunny great. That's a surprise that there's a lot of clubs out there. A Lotta Lotta people a lot of the experts from the outside it looked at the age is probably beat. Did not want seen that that has quote unquote try to eases the clubs need to take them over the top. That's when you look at Matt Joyce Lee in the off. Is that a by product of rod. I just don't let you know I would never second guess Melvin he just doesn't seem like a leadoff hitter to me. Well that's SharePoint and he certainly Roger Roberts sent it under 300 speaks to that I had called Matt George the accidental Bebop the that it. That's not a position that he really relish and there there's a challenge sometimes players would be the first guy. For whatever reason it looked uncomfortable. Coming off the field. Sensibly it got a good rating at a home game to start the game. But it took that credit and not resentment about 400 in June as a and he has. Eaten at the ball parties Errol some pitches and from me he would not a very good job and that spot apps that somebody that they true. Lead operator yet it initially these were opened and it side Raj date retreat center fielder at. And really need those things worked out to the way mediator hopes. Events forget about the numbers just just know. Give us the eyeball test. Marcus Ximian what are you seeing. Is anything wrong with that guy is he good to go I just I don't know what I'll watch him I I just again I try not to get caught up in the numbers it's hard not to. I know he hasn't he's missed a lot of time. But do you think he's right do you think he's good in their head do you think he's good physically. I I get so I do all those things are able cigarettes. No matter whether today's black state shortstop replace shortstop be somebody out our ten years for me. He's not an instinctual. Player at the position he. He's not a player when you watch went door or Korea or swear it just comes naturally then it's never come naturally Marcus. Add to its credit as we don't know is bus it is art and make itself or an idiot. I was somebody that can make a decision about markets Simien and I'm not but this is just guys talking. I would consider moving markets a wave music field and putting so plate strikes that are eagle. And get somebody held that position. And take advantage of markets is that bad at letting relaxed. Just catch the ball here in the outfield. And led it to it'd be the kind of operative force that he shot outside the last year. At that he's a debate. It's we've run out of time and I appreciate your time I got to hustle off to. To a previous engagement enjoy the rest your Sunday meant good times listen and you guys call these games for these youngsters and excitement in your voice is evident. I appreciated that a lot on a watch you know the battle continues.